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definition of the word been

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who said would #46: been will no them


  1. Past participle of be.

been n. (plural benen, diminutive beentje)

  1. (anatomy) leg, limb of a person, horse (other animals have poten) and certain objects (again many have poten)
    De benen van een passer. — The legs of a pair of compasses.
  2. (mathematics) side, leg
    De benen van een hoek. — The sides of an angle.

been n. (plural beenderen or benen, diminutive beentje, diminutive plural beentjes or beendertjes)

  1. bone, constituent part of a skeleton.
  2. (no plural) bone, the chalky material bones are made of


  1. bone, leg


  1. Past participle of be.
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