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definition of the word bargain

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bargain (plural bargains)

  1. An agreement between parties concerning the sale of property; or a contract by which one party binds himself to transfer the right to some property for a consideration, and the other party binds himself to receive the property and pay the consideration.
    A contract is a bargain that is legally binding. --w:Wharton.
  2. An agreement or stipulation; mutual pledge.
    And whon your honors mean to solemnize The bargain of your faith. --w:Shak.
  3. A purchase; also ( when not qualified), a gainful transaction; an advantageous purchase; as, to buy a thing at a bargain.
  4. The thing stipulated or purchased; also, anything bought cheap.
    She was too fond of her most filthy bargain. --w:Shak.
{Bargain and sale} (Law), a species of conveyance, by which the bargainor contracts to convey the lands to the bargainee, and becomes by such contract a trustee for and seized to the use of the bargainee. The statute then completes the purchase; i. e., the bargain vests the use, and the statute vests the possession. --w:Blackstone.
{Into the bargain}, over and above what is stipulated;besides.
{To sell bargains}, to make saucy (usually indelicate) repartees. [Obs.] --w:Swift.
{To strike a bargain}, to reach or ratify an agreement. ``A bargain was struck. --Macaulay.

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