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definition of the word aura

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From Ancient Greek αὔρα (aura), breeze, soft wind) from ἀήρ (aēr), air).


auras or aurae

aura (plural auras or aurae)

  1. The distinctive atmosphere or quality associated with someone or something.
  2. An invisible force surrounding a living creature.
  3. An inner or special power/energy mentioned of in graphic novels (manga) Ex: In the Manga/Anime series Yu Yu Hakusho, the amount of power someone has is measured by their Aura
  4. The perceptual disturbance experienced by some migraine sufferers before a migraine headache.
  5. The telltale sensation experienced by some people with epilepsy before a seizure.

From earlier *atra < *arthra, borrowed from a Germanic language, compare Old Norse arðr.

aura (stem aur-*)

  1. plough

Latin aura.

aura (stem aur-*)

  1. aura

aura f. (plural auras)

  1. aura


  1. Third person singular simple future of avoir.

aura f. (plural aure)

  1. aura
  2. light breeze
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