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definition of the word atomic

by the Wiktionnary

/əˈtɔm.ɪk/ /@"tOm.Ik/ ə'tŏm.ĭk
/əˈtɒm.ɪk/ /@"tQm.Ik/ ə'tŏm.ĭk
  • (GenAM)
/əˈtɑː.mɪk/ /@"tA:.mIk/ ə'tä.mĭk


  1. Of, or relating to atoms
    • A stream of atomic hydrogen is emitted
  2. Of, or employing nuclear energy or processes
    • We built a small atomic bomb in the garage
  3. Infinitesimally small
    • The hairs on a bedbug are almost atomic
  4. Unable to be split or made any smaller by chemical means
    • A bit is an atomic item of data

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