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definition of the word artisanal

by the Wiktionnary

artisan +‎ -al

artisanal (not comparable)

  1. Of or involving artisans.
    • 1995, Richard A. Posner, Overcoming Law, Harvard University Press, page 46:
      "In addition, the artisanal mode of production promotes a stable cartel organization of industry by limiting output."
  2. Made by a skilled worker (an artisan), such as a specialty item. Often applied to foodstuffs.
    • 2007, Ruth Reichl, Gourmet (magazine), August 2007, Letter from the Editor, Page 18
      A sprinkle of aged artisanal soy sauce (my latest obsession) makes this simple dish seem like a feast.
  3. (Can we verify(+) this sense?) A person who makes dirty, hip hop beats. A producer.

artisan +‎ -al

artisanal m. (f. artisanale, m. plural artisanaux, f. plural artisanales)

  1. artisanal
  2. (often derogatory) makeshift
    • Leur logiciel de gestion de la clientèle, fait par un stagiaire, est très artisanal et sujet aux plantages.
      Their customer management software – developped by a trainee – is very makeshift and failure-prone.
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