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definition of the word armare

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armare (transitive)

  1. To arm.
  2. To cock, to load.
  3. To reinforce, to brace.
  4. To equip, to fit out, to rig.

infinitive armare
auxiliary verb avere gerund armando
present participle armante past participle armato
person singular plural
first second third first second third
indicative io tu lui/lei noi voi essi/esse
present armo armi arma armiamo armate armano
imperfect armavo armavi armava armavamo armavate armavano
past historic armai armasti armò armammo armaste armarono
future armerò armerai armerà armeremo armerete armeranno
conditional io tu lui/lei noi voi essi/esse
present armerei armeresti armerebbe armeremmo armereste armerebbero
subjunctive che io che tu che lui/che lei che noi che voi che essi/che esse
present armi armi armi armiamo armiate armino
imperfect armassi armassi armasse armassimo armaste armassero
imperative - tu lui/lei noi voi essi/esse
arma armi armiamo armate armino

armare (infinitive armar)

  1. first-person singular (yo) future subjunctive form of armar.
  2. third-person singular (él, ella, also used with usted?) future subjunctive form of armar.


  1. Comparative of arm

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