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definition of the word aristaa

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(index ar)

From the adjective arka +‎ -staa.


  1. (transitive, monopersonal) 3rd-pers. singular + partitive = to be sore.
    Jalkojani aristaa.
    My legs are sore.
  2. (transitive, + partitive) To be (very) careful with (sth because it's sore), handle (very) carefully (sth because it's sore).
    Hän aristi olkapäätään vielä kolme viikkoa pyöräonnettomuuden jälkeen.
    S/he was very careful with his/her shoulder as late as three weeks after the bike accident.
  3. (transitive, + partitive) To be shy/timid/bashful with (usually as a lasting feature of personality).

  • (to be shy/timid/bashful) Aristaa and its frequentative derivative aristella are very close in meaning and they can quite freely be used as synonyms, although aristaa tends to refer to the lasting feature of timidity and aristella tends to refer to a single moment where someone is shy.

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