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definition of the word archon

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Greek άρχων ‘ruler’, a noun use of the present participle of άρχειν ‘to rule’.



archon (plural archons)

  1. a chief magistrate of ancient Athens
    • 1980: Hated by the archons of Athens for his fearless condemnation of municipal graft, he was hypocritically arraigned on a charge of corrupting Athenian youth. (Burgess, Earthly Powers)
  2. a ruler, head of state or other leader
    • 1922: But neither the midwife’s lore nor the caudlectures saved him from the archons of Sinn Fein and their noggin of hemlock. (Joyce, Ulysses)
  3. (gnosticism) a supernatural being subordinate to the Demiurge

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