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definition of the word archaic

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From Ancient Greek ἀρχαικός (arkhaikos), old-fashioned) from ἀρχαῖος (arkhaios), from the beginning, antiquated, ancient, old), from ἀρχή (arkhē), beginning, origin) from ἄρχω (arkhō), I am first).

archaic (comparative more archaic, superlative most archaic)


more archaic

most archaic

  1. Of or characterized by antiquity; old-fashioned, quaint, antiquated, as an archaic word or phrase.
    • 1848: James Russel Lowell, The Biglow Papers - A person familiar with the dialect of certain portions of Massachusetts will not fail to recognize, in ordinary discourse, many words now noted in English vocabularies as archaic, the greater part of which were in common use about the time of the King James translation of the Bible. Shakespeare stands less in need of a glossary to most New Englanders than to many a native of the Old Country.
    • 1887: Barcley V. Head, Historia Numorum A Manual Of Greek Numismatics - There is in the best archaic coin work [of the Greeks] ... a strength and a delicacy which are often wanting in the fully developed art of a later age.
  2. (of words) No longer in ordinary use, though still used occasionally to give a sense of antiquity.
    1898 Brann's compass of words, idioms and phrases harks back to the archaic and reaches forward to the futuristic.— William Cowper Brann, The Complete Works of Brann the Iconoclast, Volume 1.

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