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definition of the word arbor

by the Wiktionnary

From Latin arbor (tree)


arbors or arbores

arbor (plural arbors or arbores)

  1. A shady sitting place, usually in a park or garden, and usually surrounded by climbing shrubs or vines and other vegetation.
  2. An axis or shaft supporting a rotating part on a lathe.
  3. A bar for supporting cutting tools.
  4. A spindle of a wheel.
  5. A grove of trees.

arbor (a tree)

arbor (genitive arbōris); f, third declension

  1. a tree
    • 29-19 BCVirgil, Aeneis, book X
      Interea genitor Tiberini ad fluminis undam / uulnera siccabat lymphis corpusque leuabat / arboris acclinis trunco
      Meantime, his father at Tiber's flowing stream bathed his wounds in the clear water and his body leant against the trunk of a tree.
  2. mast (of a ship)
  3. javelin, shaft of a javelin
  4. a gallows
  5. vocative singular of arbor

Number Singular Plural
nominative arbor arbōrēs
genitive arbōris arbōrum
dative arbōrī arbōribus
accusative arbōrem arbōrēs
ablative arbōre arbōribus
vocative arbor arbōrēs

arbor m., pl. arbori

  1. variant of arbore.
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