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definition of the word antipathy

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From Greek αντιπάθεια antipatheia, noun of state from αντιπαθές antipathes "opposed in feeling", from αντί-- anti- "against" + root of πάθος pathos "feeling".



antipathy (plural antipathies)

  1. Contrariety or opposition in feeling; settled aversion or dislike; repugnance; distaste.
    • Inveterate antipathies against particular nations, and passionate attachments to others, are to be avoided. --Washington.
  2. Natural contrariety; incompatibility; repugnancy of qualities; as, oil and water have antipathy.
    • A habit is generated of thinking that a natural antipathy exists between hope and reason. --I. Taylor.
    • Note: Antipathy is opposed to {sympathy}. It is followed by to, against, or between; also sometimes by for.

Hatred; aversion; dislike; disgust; distaste; enmity; ill will; repugnance; contrariety; opposition.

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