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definition of the word anointer

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anointer (plural anointers)

  1. One who anoints.
    • 1731, John Gill, "The Doctrine of the Trinity, ſtated and vindicated; in ſeveral Diſcourſes on that important Subject; reduced into the form of a Treatiſe", in A Collection of Sermons and Tracts by the Late Reverend and Learned John Gill, D.D., Volume III, George Keith (1778), page 34,
      “The Spirit of the Lord God is upon me, becauſe he hath anointed me, &c.” where it is eaſy to obſerve three divine perſons: the Anointer is the Spirit of the Lord; the anointed is the Meſſiah, the Word, the Lord Jeſus Chriſt: and beſides theſe, here is the Lord, or Jehovah, by whoſe Spirit he was anointed.
    • 1869, Charlotte Mary Yonge, Cameos from English History: from Rollo to Edward II, D. Appleton and Company, page 82,
      Aldred, Wulstan’s former Bishop, now Archbishop of York, was the anointer of both Harold and William the Conqueror.
    • 2007, Dan Hayden, Did God Write the Bible?, Crossway, ISBN 1-58134-834-7, page 121,
      The next writer to pen the pages of Israel’s history was the long-lived and notable Samuel, one of Israel’s greatest prophets and anointer of kings.
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