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See also año



  1. (personal pronoun) I
  2. (possessive pronoun) my


  1. bee
  2. honey

ano m.

  1. name


  1. yes !


  1. yes

ano (plural anoj, accusative singular anon, accusative plural anojn)

  1. member (of a society or a group)


  1. Indicative present connegative form of anoa.
  2. Second-person singular imperative present form of anoa.
  3. Second-person singular imperative present connegative form of anoa.

ano m. (plural anos)

  1. year

ano m. (plural ani)

  1. anus

Japanese demonstratives (edit)
ko- so- a- do-
此れ (, kore)
this one
其れ (, sore)
that one
彼れ (, are)
that one over there
何れ (, dore)
which one?
此の (, kono)
(of) this
其の (, sono)
(of) that
彼の (, ano)
(of) that over there
何の (, dono)
(of) what?
んな (konna)
like this
んな (sonna)
like that
んな (anna)
like that over there
んな (donna)
how? what sort of?
此処 (, koko)
其処 (, soko)
彼処 (そこ*, asoko*)
over there
何処 (, doko)
此方 (ちら, kochira)
this way
其方 (ちら, sochira)
that way
彼方 (ちら, achira)
that way over there
何方 (ちら, dochira)
which way?
in this manner
in that manner
* (ā*)
in that (other) manner
如何 (, )
in what manner?
* irregular formation

ano (kanji 彼ノ, hiragana あの)

  1. (of) that over there

  • The hiragana spelling (あの) is preferred to the kanji spelling (彼ノ), which is rarely used.

ānō m.

  1. dative singular of anus#Latin
  2. ablative singular of anus#Latin

Akin to Latin anus.

ano m.

  1. grandfather
  2. ancestor

Proto-Germanic, akin to Old Norse án.


  1. without

From Latin annus (year).

ano m. (plural anos)

  1. year

Latin anus.

ano m. (plural anos)

ano m.

anos m.

  1. anus

  • Ah-nó

ano (interrogative pronoun)

  1. what?

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