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definition of the word anime

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From Japanese アニメ anime, an abbreviation of アニメーション animēshon, from English animation.

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countable and uncountable; anime or animes

anime (countable and uncountable; plural anime or animes)

  1. (anime, uncountable) An artistic style used in Japanese animation that has also been adopted by some artists in America and other countries.
  2. (anime, countable) An animated work, usually from Japan, using this style.
    • 2005, Peter J. Katzenstein, A World of Regions, page 165,
      After three months of successful sales in manga form, it was made into an anime for television.
    • 2005, Joan D. Vinge, in The Year's Best Fantasy and Horror: Eighteenth Annual Collection, page cix,
      Usually the manga comes first, though it may be an offshoot of a novel, and an anime may be inspired by a video game.
    • 2006, Thomas LaMarre, in Japan After Japan (Tomiko Yoda & Harry D. Harootunian, eds.), page 363,
      These anime prepared the way for Otaku no video, a two-part Original Video Animation (OVA).

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