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definition of the word and-

by the Wiktionnary

Proto-Germanic *and-, anþ(a)-, representive a combining form of and (and). Cognate with Middle Dutch ont- (Dutch ont-), Old High German ant- (German ant-, ent-), Old Norse and- (Swedish an-), Gothic 𐌰𐌽𐌳-.


  1. forming compounds words with the sense "against, opposing"; opposition
    andsaca (opponent, adversary)
  2. in return, back
    andswaru "answer, reply"
  3. facing, toward; completely, fully
    andweard "present time"
    andlang "entire, continuous"
    andweorc (substance, matter, cause); andleofen, andleofa (nourishment, sustenance)
  4. without
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