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definition of the word all_kidding_aside

by the Wiktionnary

all kidding aside

  1. (speech act, idiomatic) Used to attempt to make a serious point in a jocular conversation.
    • 1983 April 25, Steve Wozniak, letter to the editor, Infoworld,
      All kidding aside, I doubt we'll ever bomb Japan as long as [the Japanese] make Epson printers.
    • 2002, Anne McCaffrey, The Mark of Merlin,
      "All kidding aside, Carlysle . . ."
      "Carla," I corrected him automatically.
      "I'm too used to thinking of you as 'Carlysle' and male to change both at once . . . All kidding aside, it'd be better for you not to stay on here any longer than the storm."
    • 2009 February 19, Joe Biden, speech, The Good of the Nation,
      Max, just remember, when we call, I call, just say "Yes, Joe," okay? (Laughter.) All kidding aside, thanks for your great help in this, Max.

French: sans plaisanter

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