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definition of the word alfabeto

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  • IPA: /alfaˈbeto/
  • Hyphenation: al‧fa‧be‧to

alfabeto (plural alfabetoj, accusative singular alfabeton, accusative plural alfabetojn)

  1. (grammar) alphabet

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From Late Latin alphabētum < Ancient Greek αλφάβητος (alphabētos), from the first two letters of the Greek alphabet, alpha (Α) and beta (Β), from Phoenician aleph 𐤀 (ox) and beth 𐤁 (house), so called because they were pictograms of those objects.

  • IPA: /al.fa.ˈbɛ.to/
  • Hyphenation: al‧fà‧be‧to

alfabeto m. (plural alfabeti)

  1. alphabet

alfabeto m.

  1. alphabet.

alfabeto m. (plural alfabetos)

  1. alphabet


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