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definition of the word ale

by the Wiktionnary

Old English ealu, cognate with Old Norse, Icelandic and Swedish öl, Danish, Faroese and Norwegian øl, Lithuanian alus a kind of beer, Finnish olut, Old Church Slavonic олъ (olŭ) ("beer"). Compare Irish ól, drink, drinking.


countable and uncountable; ales

ale (countable and uncountable; plural ales)

  1. An intoxicating liquor made from an infusion of malt by fermentation and the addition of a bitter, usually hops.
    Note: The word ale, in England and the United States, usually designates a heavier kind of fermented liquor, and the word beer a lighter kind. The word beer is also in common use as the generic name for all non-distilled malt liquors.
  2. A festival in English country places, so called from the liquor drunk.

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