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definition of the word agitation

by the Wiktionnary

Latin agitatio: compare with French agitation.



agitation (plural agitations)

  1. The act of agitating, or the state of being agitated; the state of being moved with violence, or with irregular action; commotion.
    After a storm the sea is in agitation.
  2. A stirring up or arousing; disturbance of tranquillity; disturbance of mind which shows itself by physical excitement; perturbation.
    She causes great agitation within me.
  3. Excitement of public feeling by discussion, appeals, etc.
    the antislavery agitation
    labor agitation
    religious agitations —Prescott
  4. Examination or consideration of a subject in controversy, or of a plan proposed for adoption; earnest discussion; debate.
    a logical agitation of the matter —L'Estrange.
    the project now in agitation —Swift.

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