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definition of the word agaze

by the Wiktionnary

a- ("to") + gaze (look at something intently) of Scandinavian origin (compare Norwegian, Swedish dialectal gasa (to gape))

agaze (not comparable)


not comparable

none (absolute)

  1. (not attributive) Gazing.
    • 1883, David Christie Murray, Hearts, Oxford University, page 313
      The two who were left behind stood agaze at each other, listening to the creak of Carroll's footsteps on the stairs, to the jar of bolt and chain as the ...
    • 1904, Millicent Sutherland, Walter Crane, Wayfarer's Love: Contributions from Living Poets, Harvard University, page 66
      With mild eyes agaze, and lips ready to speak, ...
    • 1998, George Eliot, Daniel Deronda, Oxford University, page 532
      ... fathers and sons agaze at each other's haggardness, like groups from a hundred Hunger-towers turned out beneath the mid-day sun.
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