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definition of the word affect

by the Wiktionnary

For verb 1: < Middle English affecten < Old French affecter < Latin affectare (to strive after a thing, aim to do, aspire to, pursue, imitate with dissimulation, feign; also, in pass., be attacked by disease); frequentative of afficere (to act upon, influence).

For verb 2: < Latin affectus, pp. of afficere (to act upon, influence, affect, attack with disease, lit. to do to) < ad (to) + facere (to make).

For noun: < Middle English affect < Latin affectus, adfectus (a state of mind or body produced by some (external) influence, esp. sympathy or love) < afficere (to act upon, influence); the affect as a verb.



affect (plural affects)

  1. (psychology) Emotion.
  2. (psychology) External display of emotion or mood.
    He seemed completely devoid of affect.

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