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definition of the word afar

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Pref. a- (for on or of) + far.


  1. At, to, or from a great distance; far away; — often used with from preceding, or off following; as, he was seen from afar; I saw him afar off.
    • 2005, Parmenides, On nature. In: Plato, Sophist. Translation by Lesley Brown. 237b.
      And you, from this way of enquiry, must keep your thought afar.


  1. Afar (language).
  2. An Afar (person).


  1. very, immensely, ever so, highly,
  2. most
  1. afar þakklátur
  2. most grateful greatly
  1. thoroughly, all, widely
  2. a great
  1. afar margir
  2. a great many

Declension of afi
(singular) (plural)
(indefinite) (definite) (indefinite) (definite)
nominative afi afinn afar afarnir
accusative afa afann afa afana
dative afa afanum öfum öfunum
genitive afa afans afa afanna
Other words with the same declension

afar m.

  1. grandfathers, the (indefinite) nominative plural form of afi meaning "grandfather"

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  1. Afar (language)

This Swedish entry was created from the translations listed at Afar. It may be less reliable than other entries, and may be missing parts of speech or additional senses. Please also see afar in the Swedish Wiktionary. This notice will be removed when the entry is checked. (more information) May 2008

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