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definition of the word admonish

by the Wiktionnary

Middle English admonesten or admonissen, from Old French amonester (modern French admonester), from an unattested Late Latin or Vulgar Latin admonesstrare, from Latin admonēre, to remind, to warn; ad- + monēre, to warn. See premonition.

to admonish

Third person singular

Simple past

Past participle

Present participle

to admonish (third-person singular simple present admonishes, present participle admonishing, simple past and past participle admonished)

  1. To warn or notify of a fault; to reprove gently or kindly, but seriously; to exhort.
  2. To counsel against wrong practices; to caution or advise; to warn against danger or an offense; — followed by of, against, or a subordinate clause.
  3. To instruct or direct; to inform; to notify.

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