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definition of the word abracadabra

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Magical word used in certain Gnostic writings, relation to Greek Abraxas, a Gnostic deity.

It may also be a corruption of the Aramaic term עַבְדָא כְּדַברָא, avda kedavra, which means, "what was said has been done"; or perhaps, ,עברא כדברא, avra kedavra; "what has said has come to pass." This may be the source of the Avada Kedavra killing curse in the Harry Potter books.

abracadabra (uncountable)

  1. Originally, a mystical word or collocation of letters written as in the figure. Worn on an amulet it was supposed to ward off fever.
  2. A supposedly 'magic' word associated with stage magic and conjuring.
    The magician waved his wand and said abracadabra before he pulled a rabbit out of the hat.
  3. A noun meaning "complicated technicalities" and similar (from Def #2)
    I don't know all the theoretical abracadabra about how it works, I'm only its pilot.
  4. A word used chiefly in jest to denote something without meaning; jargon.

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