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definition of the word abolir

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  1. (transitive) to abolish

  • A distinction is drawn in legal usage between abolir and abroger, where the later requiring a formal action, and is used (for example) of laws, whereas abolition is an incidental effect of other actions, or is not performed by a legislative body.

  • This is a regular verb of the second conjugation, like finir, choisir, and most other verbs with infinitives ending in -ir. One salient feature of this conjugation is the repeated appearance of the infix -iss-.


  1. (transitive) to abolish

Latin abolere.

abolir (first-person singular present abolo, first-person singular preterite abolí, past participle abolido)

  1. (transitive) to abolish
  2. (transitive) to revoke

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