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Coined by Peter T. Daniels from the first four letters of the Arabic alphabet, a-b-j-d: أبجد (’ábjad). Compare Greek α,β,γ,δ...

abjad (plural abjads)

  1. (linguistics) A writing system, similar to a syllabary, in which there is one glyph (that is a symbol or letter) for each consonant or consonantal phoneme. Some languages that use abjads are Arabic, Hebrew, Persian, and Urdu. Abjads differ from syllabaries (such as the Japanese hiragana) in that the vowel quality of each letter is left unspecified, and must be inferred from context and grammar.


  1. alphabet (an ordered set of letters used in a language)

This Indonesian entry was created from the translations listed at alphabet. It may be less reliable than other entries, and may be missing parts of speech or additional senses. Please also see abjad in the Indonesian Wiktionary. This notice will be removed when the entry is checked. (more information) April 2008

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