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definition of the word abeyance

by the Wiktionnary

Old French abeance, expectation, longing; a Latin (ad) + baer, beer, to gape, to look with open mouth, to expect, French bayer, Late Latin badare to gape.



abeyance (plural abeyances)

  1. (law) Expectancy; condition of being undetermined.
    The proceeds of the estate shall be held in abeyance in an escrow account until the minor reaches age twenty-one.
    Note: When there is no person in existence in whom an inheritance (or a dignity) can vest, it is said to be in abeyance, that is, in expectation; the law considering it as always potentially existing, and ready to vest whenever a proper owner appears. Blackstone
  2. Suspension; temporary suppression.
    He kept his temper in abeyance for several moments, when he found out what she had done.
    Keeping the sympathies of love and admiration in a dormant state, or state of abeyance. -De Quincey
  3. (heraldry) Expectancy of a title, its right in existence but its exercise suspended.

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