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This list is a trimmed-down one of main shortcuts. There is also an exhaustive list and a generated list.

WT:-) Wiktionary:Bad jokes and other deleted nonsense
WT:ADMIN (WT:A) Wiktionary:Administrators
WT:AN Wiktionary:Announcements
WT:BOOK Wiktionary:Bookmarklets
WT:BP Wiktionary:Beer parlour
WT:CAT Special:Categories
WT:CFI Wiktionary:Criteria for inclusion
WT:COW Wiktionary:Collaboration of the week
WT:DR Wiktionary:Discussion rooms
WT:DW Wiktionary:Administrators/Dishwashing
WT:STYLE (WT:ELE) Wiktionary:Entry layout explained
WT:GP Wiktionary:Grease pit
WT:GPA Wiktionary:Grease pit archive
WT:ID Wiktionary:Information desk
WT:LOP Wiktionary:List of protologisms
WT:RA Wiktionary:Requested entries
WT:RFC Wiktionary:Requests for cleanup
WT:RFCA Wiktionary:Requests for cleanup/archive
WT:RFD Wiktionary:Requests for deletion
WT:RFDA Wiktionary:Requests for deletion/Archives
WT:RFV Wiktionary:Requests for verification
WT:RFVA Wiktionary:Requests for verification/archive
WT:RT Category:Request templates
WT:TAT Help:Tips and tricks
WT:TOW Wiktionary:Translations of the week
WT:TR Wiktionary:Tea room
WT:VIP Wiktionary:Vandalism in progress
WT:WARN Wiktionary:Warning
WT:WOD (WT:WOTD) Wiktionary:Word of the day
WT:SC This page, Wiktionary:Shortcuts
WT:WS (WT:WSI) List of Wikisaurus pages


“Shortcuts” in Wiktionary, derived from their counterparts in Wikipedia, are a specialized type of Redirection page that can be used to get to a commonly used Wiktionary reference page more quickly.

A Wiktionary shortcut can be be entered into the Wiktionary search box to quickly bring you to a reference page.
For example, you can type “WT:BP” into the search box and click the “Go” button to get to the Wiktionary:Beer parlour page, instead of having to type “Wiktionary:Beer parlour”.

Alternatively, you can use the shortcut in the URL (web address). For example, you are currently viewing the Wiktionary:Shortcut page in English. The URL is
You could get from here to the Wiktionary:Beer parlour page by replacing “Wiktionary:Shortcut” with “WT:BP” in the URL (web address) field (followed by “Enter”).

Shortcuts are presented in all capital letters (“All-Caps”), but the search box is case-insensitive. For example, in the search box, you can type “wt:bp” instead of “WT:BP”.

However, using the URL method typically requires that you match the capitalization of the shortcut.

You can add a “shortcut link box” in a shortcut destination page, in order to educate the users about the shortcuts available. A shortcut link box (the “shortcut template”) is added to the entry source (“Editing” page) using {{shortcut|WT:<x>}}.


{{shortcut|WT:WS}} renders as:

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