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These are the most frequently encountered specific epithets of plant species (if you read random English-language publications).


  • ‡ = synonym or obsolete
  • The ones with numbers after them are less common or important.
  • What is this list all about?
  • This list only includes plant species.
  • It is simplified compared to the other lists. Less common epithets are not included.


  1. vulgaris, vulgare
    e.g. Phaseolus vulgaris, Hordeum vulgare, Beta vulgaris, Calluna vulgaris, Sorghum vulgare
  2. sativa, sativum, sativus, sativas‡ (43)
    e.g. Pisum sativum, Cannabis sativa, Oryza sativa, Medicago sativa, Avena sativa
  3. officinalis, officinale
    e.g. Taraxacum officinale‡, Zingiber officinale, Rosmarinus officinalis, Salvia officinalis, Calendula officinalis
  4. alba, album, albus
    e.g. Chenopodium album, Quercus alba, Salix alba, Sinapis alba, Morus alba
  5. indica, indicum, indicus
    e.g. Mangifera indica, Azadirachta indica, Tamarindus indica, Sesamum indicum‡, Cannabis indica
  6. nigra, nigrum, niger
    e.g. Juglans nigra, Sambucus nigra, Piper nigrum, Hyoscyamus niger, Solanum nigrum
  7. canadensis, canadense
    e.g. Tsuga canadensis, Elodea canadensis, Sanguinaria canadensis, Cercis canadensis, Sambucus canadensis
  8. americana, americanum, americanus
    e.g. Ulmus americana, Fraxinus americana, Persea americana, Tilia americana, Phytolacca americana
  9. japonica, japonicum, japonicus
    e.g. Cryptomeria japonica, Camellia japonica, Lonicera japonica, Sophora japonica‡, Aucuba japonica
  10. communis, commune
    e.g. Ricinus communis, Juniperus communis, Phragmites communis‡, Pyrus communis, Myrtus communis
  11. esculenta, esculentum, esculentus
    e.g. Lycopersicon esculentum‡, Manihot esculenta, Colocasia esculenta, Fagopyrum esculentum, Hibiscus esculentus
  12. palustris, palustre
    e.g. Caltha palustris, Pinus palustris, Quercus palustris, Ledum palustre‡, Calla palustris
  13. arvensis, arvense
    e.g. Equisetum arvense, Cirsium arvense, Convolvulus arvensis, Anagallis arvensis, Mentha arvensis
  14. rubra, rubrum, ruber
    e.g. Acer rubrum, Quercus rubra, Festuca rubra, Alnus rubra, Morus rubra
  15. repens
    e.g. Trifolium repens, Agropyron repens‡, Ranunculus repens, Serenoa repens, Mitchella repens
  16. virginiana, virginianum
    e.g. Juniperus virginiana, Hamamelis virginiana, Prunus virginiana, Diospyros virginiana, Quercus virginiana
  17. purpurea, purpureum, purpureus
    e.g. Digitalis purpurea, Echinacea purpurea, Pennisetum purpureum, Sarracenia purpurea, Ipomoea purpurea
  18. latifolia, latifolium, latifolius
    e.g. Typha latifolia, Kalmia latifolia, Anogeissus latifolia, Sagittaria latifolia, Bassia latifolia
  19. pratensis, pratense
    e.g. Trifolium pratense, Poa pratensis, Phleum pratense, Festuca pratensis, Cardamine pratensis
  20. maritima, maritimus, maritimum
    e.g. Armeria maritima, Plantago maritima, Lobularia maritima, Ruppia maritima, Suaeda maritima
  21. annuus, annua, annuum
    e.g. Helianthus annuus, Capsicum annuum, Poa annua, Artemisia annua, Lunaria annua
  22. angustifolia, angustifolium, angustifolius
    e.g. Epilobium angustifolium, Typha angustifolia, Lavandula angustifolia, Elaeagnus angustifolia, Echinacea angustifolia
  23. mays
    e.g. Zea mays
  24. odorata, odoratum, odoratus
    e.g. Lathyrus odoratus, Viola odorata, Anthoxanthum odoratum, Asperula odorata‡, Nymphaea odorata
  25. occidentalis, occidentale
    e.g. Thuja occidentalis, Anacardium occidentale, Platanus occidentalis, Celtis occidentalis, Cephalanthus occidentalis
  26. tuberosum, tuberosa, tuberosus
    e.g. Solanum tuberosum, Helianthus tuberosus, Asclepias tuberosa, Phalaris tuberosa‡, Allium tuberosum
  27. sylvestris, sylvestre, sylvester
    e.g. Pinus sylvestris, Nicotiana sylvestris, Malus sylvestris, Malva sylvestris, Gymnema sylvestre
  28. sinensis, sinense
    e.g. Camellia sinensis, Citrus sinensis‡, Vigna sinensis‡, Miscanthus sinensis, Thea sinensis
  29. glauca, glaucum, glaucus
    e.g. Picea glauca, Nicotiana glauca, Pennisetum glaucum, Setaria glauca‡, Leucaena glauca
  30. oleracea, oleraceus, oleraceum
    e.g. Brassica oleracea, Portulaca oleracea, Spinacia oleracea, Sonchus oleraceus, Euterpe oleracea
  31. chinensis, chinense
    e.g. Juniperus chinensis, Simmondsia chinensis, Litchi chinensis, Actinidia chinensis, Callistephus chinensis
  32. alpina, alpinum, alpinus
    e.g. Poa alpina, Leontopodium alpinum‡, Arabis alpina, Aster alpinus, Ribes alpinum
  33. glabra, glabrum, glaber
    e.g. Glycyrrhiza glabra, Rhus glabra, Ulmus glabra, Pongamia glabra‡, Ilex glabra
  34. sempervirens
    e.g. Sequoia sempervirens, Buxus sempervirens, Cupressus sempervirens, Gelsemium sempervirens, Iberis sempervirens
  35. grandiflora, grandiflorus
    e.g. Magnolia grandiflora, Sesbania grandiflora, Portulaca grandiflora, Cryptostegia grandiflora, Carissa grandiflora
  36. racemosa, racemosus, racemosum
    e.g. Cimicifuga racemosa‡, Smilacina racemosa‡, Sambucus racemosa, Laguncularia racemosa, Asparagus racemosus
  37. gigantea, giganteum, giganteus
    e.g. Sequoiadendron giganteum, Sequoia gigantea‡, Calotropis gigantea, Carnegiea gigantea, Cereus giganteus
  38. europaea, europaeus, europaeum
    e.g. Olea europaea, Ulex europaeus, Euonymus europaeus, Trollius europaeus, Asarum europaeum
  39. spicata, spicatum, spicatus
    e.g. Mentha spicata, Myriophyllum spicatum, Distichlis spicata, Liatris spicata, Agropyron spicatum
  40. lutea, luteum, luteus
    e.g. Gentiana lutea, Lupinus luteus, Nuphar luteum, Betula lutea‡, Nuphar lutea
  41. sylvatica, sylvaticum, sylvaticus
    e.g. Fagus sylvatica, Nyssa sylvatica, Myosotis sylvatica, Brachypodium sylvaticum, Geranium sylvaticum
  42. rosea, roseus, roseum
    e.g. Catharanthus roseus, Vinca rosea‡, Althaea rosea‡, Alcea rosea, Rhodiola rosea
  43. australis, australe
    e.g. Phragmites australis, Agathis australis, Cordyline australis, Celtis australis, Baptisia australis
  44. perenne, perennis
    e.g. Lolium perenne, Bellis perennis, Mercurialis perennis, Linum perenne, Lupinus perennis
  45. speciosa, speciosum, speciosus
    e.g. Catalpa speciosa, Chaenomeles speciosa, Costus speciosus‡, Lagerstroemia speciosa, Sinningia speciosa
  46. arborea, arboreum, arboreus
    e.g. Gmelina arborea, Erica arborea, Gossypium arboreum, Oxydendrum arboreum, Rhododendron arboreum
  47. tinctoria, tinctorius, tinctorium
    e.g. Carthamus tinctorius, Isatis tinctoria, Indigofera tinctoria, Genista tinctoria, Anthemis tinctoria
  48. californica, californicum, californicus
    e.g. Eschscholzia californica, Umbellularia californica, Aesculus californica, Veratrum californicum, Artemisia californica
  49. tomentosa, tomentosum, tomentosus (92)
    e.g. Terminalia tomentosa‡, Paulownia tomentosa, Cerastium tomentosum, Carya tomentosa‡, Tilia tomentosa
  50. edulis, edule
    e.g. Pinus edulis, Catha edulis, Passiflora edulis, Sechium edule, Canna edulis


  1. spinosa, spinosus, spinosum
    e.g. Prunus spinosa, Capparis spinosa, Amaranthus spinosus, Aralia spinosa, Cleome spinosa
  2. dioica, dioicus, dioicum
    e.g. Urtica dioica, Bryonia dioica, Silene dioica, Aruncus dioicus, Gymnocladus dioica
  3. paniculata, paniculatus, paniculatum
    e.g. Phlox paniculata, Gypsophila paniculata, Koelreuteria paniculata, Hydrangea paniculata, Andrographis paniculata
  4. minor
    e.g. Lemna minor, Vinca minor, Sanguisorba minor, Phalaris minor, Rhinanthus minor
  5. orientalis, orientale
    e.g. Hyacinthus orientalis, Platanus orientalis, Papaver orientale, Helleborus orientalis, Thuja orientalis
  6. grandis, grande
    e.g. Tectona grandis, Abies grandis, Eucalyptus grandis, Citrus grandis‡, Pisonia grandis
  7. montana, montanum, montanus
    e.g. Arnica montana, Clematis montana, Satureja montana, Centaurea montana‡, Cercocarpus montanus
  8. hirsutum, hirsuta, hirsutus
    e.g. Gossypium hirsutum, Epilobium hirsutum, Lycopersicon hirsutum, Cardamine hirsuta, Vicia hirsuta
  9. maculatum, maculata, maculatus (95)
    e.g. Conium maculatum, Arum maculatum, Geranium maculatum, Lamium maculatum, Cicuta maculata
  10. maxima, maximum, maximus (74)
    e.g. Panicum maximum, Cucurbita maxima, Rhododendron maximum, Glyceria maxima, Chrysanthemum maximum
  11. graveolens
    e.g. Apium graveolens, Ruta graveolens, Anethum graveolens, Pelargonium graveolens, Peucedanum graveolens
  12. vera, verum, veris, verus (23)
    e.g. Aloe vera, Primula veris, Galium verum, Pistacia vera, Lavandula vera
  13. virginica, virginicus, virginicum
    e.g. Mertensia virginica, Chionanthus virginicus, Andropogon virginicus, Claytonia virginica, Lepidium virginicum
  14. excelsa, excelsum, excelsus
    e.g. Picea excelsa‡, Bertholletia excelsa, Araucaria excelsa‡, Ailanthus excelsa, Pinus excelsa
  15. lanceolata, lanceolatum, lanceolatus
    e.g. Plantago lanceolata, Cunninghamia lanceolata, Coreopsis lanceolata, Pentas lanceolata, Claytonia lanceolata
  16. coccinea, coccineus, coccineum
    e.g. Phaseolus coccineus, Quercus coccinea, Pyracantha coccinea, Chrysanthemum coccineum‡, Ixora coccinea
  17. tabacum
    e.g. Nicotiana tabacum
  18. crispus, crispum, crispa
    e.g. Rumex crispus, Petroselinum crispum, Potamogeton crispus, Alnus crispa‡, Solanum crispum
  19. radiata, radiatus, radiatum
    e.g. Pinus radiata, Vigna radiata, Phaseolus radiatus‡, Lycoris radiata, Eucalyptus radiata
  20. aestivum, aestivus (81)
    e.g. Triticum aestivum, Leucojum aestivum, Asphodelus aestivus (81)
  21. aquatica, aquaticum, aquaticus
    e.g. Zizania aquatica, Mentha aquatica, Nyssa aquatica, Ipomoea aquatica, Orontium aquaticum
  22. rotundifolia, rotundifolium, rotundifolius
    e.g. Drosera rotundifolia, Campanula rotundifolia, Vitis rotundifolia, Pyrola rotundifolia, Smilax rotundifolia
  23. faba
    e.g. Vicia faba
  24. scoparius, scoparium, scoparia
    e.g. Cytisus scoparius, Andropogon scoparius‡, Kochia scoparia‡, Leptospermum scoparium, Sarothamnus scoparius
  25. robusta, robustus, robustum
    e.g. Shorea robusta, Grevillea robusta, Coffea robusta‡, Eucalyptus robusta, Washingtonia robusta
  26. max
    e.g. Glycine max, Soja max‡, Phaseolus max‡ (33)
  27. nobilis, nobile
    e.g. Laurus nobilis, Anthemis nobilis‡, Chamaemelum nobile, Citrus nobilis‡, Hepatica nobilis
  28. macrophylla, macrophyllum, macrophyllus
    e.g. Hydrangea macrophylla, Swietenia macrophylla, Acer macrophyllum, Brunnera macrophylla, Podocarpus macrophyllus
  29. campestris, campestre
    e.g. Brassica campestris‡, Acer campestre, Ulmus campestris‡, Luzula campestris, Artemisia campestris
  30. heterophylla, heterophyllus, heterophyllum
    e.g. Tsuga heterophylla, Artocarpus heterophyllus, Araucaria heterophylla, Euphorbia heterophylla, Aconitum heterophyllum
  31. mollis, molle
    e.g. Alchemilla mollis, Schinus molle, Hamamelis mollis, Acanthus mollis, Bromus mollis
  32. alata, alatus, alatum
    e.g. Dioscorea alata, Nicotiana alata, Thunbergia alata, Euonymus alatus, Cassia alata
  33. bicolor
    e.g. Sorghum bicolor, Quercus bicolor, Lespedeza bicolor, Caladium bicolor, Grewia bicolor
  34. majus
    e.g. Antirrhinum majus, Tropaeolum majus, Chelidonium majus, Ammi majus, Conopodium majus
  35. menziesii
    e.g. Pseudotsuga menziesii, Arbutus menziesii, Tolmiea menziesii, Nemophila menziesii, Nothofagus menziesii
  36. biloba, bilobum (44)
    e.g. Ginkgo biloba, Ipomoea biloba‡ (87), Clarkia biloba (79), Lechenaultia biloba (48), Gastrolobium bilobum (44)
  37. persica, persicum
    e.g. Prunus persica, Salvadora persica, Cyclamen persicum, Parrotia persica, Veronica persica
  38. arundinacea, arundinaceum, arundinaceus
    e.g. Phalaris arundinacea, Festuca arundinacea, Maranta arundinacea, Bambusa arundinacea‡, Calamagrostis arundinacea
  39. pubescens
    e.g. Betula pubescens, Centrosema pubescens, Quercus pubescens, Cypripedium pubescens‡, Goodyera pubescens
  40. pinnata, pinnatum, pinnatus
    e.g. Pongamia pinnata, Azolla pinnata, Brachypodium pinnatum, Arenga pinnata, Garuga pinnata
  41. aureus, aurea, aureum
    e.g. Phaseolus aureus‡, Ribes aureum, Senecio aureus, Acrostichum aureum, Scindapsus aureus
  42. major
    e.g. Plantago major, Vinca major, Astrantia major, Melianthus major, Fothergilla major
  43. lanatus, lanata, lanatum
    e.g. Holcus lanatus, Digitalis lanata, Citrullus lanatus, Heracleum lanatum, Ceratoides lanata
  44. africana, africanum, africanus
    e.g. Pygeum africanum, Burkea africana, Kigelia africana, Agapanthus africanus, Afzelia africana
  45. cordata, cordatum, cordatus (32)
    e.g. Tilia cordata, Pontederia cordata, Houttuynia cordata, Macleaya cordata, Listera cordata
  46. cordifolia, cordifolius, cordifolium
    e.g. Adina cordifolia‡, Tiarella cordifolia, Tinospora cordifolia, Bergenia cordifolia‡, Rubia cordifolia
  47. fruticosa, fruticosus, fruticosum
    e.g. Potentilla fruticosa‡, Rubus fruticosus‡, Amorpha fruticosa, Phlomis fruticosa, Suaeda fruticosa
  48. cepa
    e.g. Allium cepa
  49. somniferum, somnifera
    e.g. Papaver somniferum, Withania somnifera, Physalis somnifera‡ (25)
  50. glomerata, glomeratus, glomeratum
    e.g. Dactylis glomerata, Ficus glomerata‡, Campanula glomerata, Halogeton glomeratus, Cerastium glomeratum


  1. regia
    e.g. Juglans regia, Delonix regia, Victoria regia‡, Roystonea regia, Poinciana regia
  2. nucifera, nuciferum (99)
    e.g. Cocos nucifera, Nelumbo nucifera, Torreya nucifera, Caryocar nuciferum (99), Taxus nucifera‡ (11)
  3. arabica, arabicus, arabicum
    e.g. Coffea arabica, Acacia arabica‡, Medicago arabica, Ornithogalum arabicum, Trigonella arabica
  4. juncea, junceum, junceus
    e.g. Brassica juncea, Crotalaria juncea, Spartium junceum, Chondrilla juncea, Solidago juncea
  5. thaliana, thalianum (13)
    e.g. Arabidopsis thaliana, Arabis thaliana‡ (18), Sisymbrium thalianum‡ (13)
  6. stricta, strictus, strictum
    e.g. Nardus stricta, Dendrocalamus strictus, Oxalis stricta‡, Carex stricta, Distichlis stricta
  7. carota
    e.g. Daucus carota
  8. glutinosa, glutinosum, glutinosus (87)
    e.g. Alnus glutinosa, Nicotiana glutinosa, Rehmannia glutinosa, Baccharis glutinosa, Salvia glutinosa
  9. acuminata, acuminatum, acuminatus
    e.g. Magnolia acuminata, Musa acuminata, Cola acuminata, Camptotheca acuminata, Santalum acuminatum
  10. vinifera
    e.g. Vitis vinifera, Raphia vinifera, Mauritia vinifera‡, Acrocomia vinifera‡ (71)
  11. erecta, erectum, erectus
    e.g. Tagetes erecta, Trillium erectum, Potentilla erecta, Bromus erectus, Sparganium erectum
  12. verticillata, verticillatum, verticillatus
    e.g. Hydrilla verticillata, Ilex verticillata, Coreopsis verticillata, Sciadopitys verticillata, Setaria verticillata
  13. parviflora, parviflorus
    e.g. Rubus parviflorus, Malva parviflora, Galinsoga parviflora, Lagerstroemia parviflora, Aesculus parviflora
  14. media, medium, medius (37)
    e.g. Stellaria media, Briza media, Campanula medium, Plantago media, Cycas media
  15. ovata, ovatum, ovatus
    e.g. Carya ovata, Plantago ovata, Vaccinium ovatum, Listera ovata‡, Lagurus ovatus
  16. umbellata, umbellatum, umbellatus
    e.g. Butomus umbellatus, Chimaphila umbellata, Ornithogalum umbellatum, Elaeagnus umbellata, Iberis umbellata
  17. abies
    e.g. Picea abies, Pinus abies
  18. brasiliensis, brasiliense
    e.g. Hevea brasiliensis, Calophyllum brasiliense, Myriophyllum brasiliense‡, Caryocar brasiliense, Imperata brasiliensis
  19. pumila, pumilum, pumilus
    e.g. Malus pumila, Ficus pumila, Ulmus pumila, Pinus pumila, Castanea pumila
  20. baccata, baccatum, baccatus
    e.g. Taxus baccata, Yucca baccata, Gaylussacia baccata, Malus baccata, Capsicum baccatum
  21. frutescens
    e.g. Capsicum frutescens, Perilla frutescens, Chrysanthemum frutescens‡, Iva frutescens, Borrichia frutescens
  22. spectabilis, spectabile
    e.g. Dicentra spectabilis, Sedum spectabile‡, Rubus spectabilis, Crotalaria spectabilis, Bougainvillea spectabilis
  23. procumbens
    e.g. Gaultheria procumbens, Harpagophytum procumbens, Tridax procumbens, Loiseleuria procumbens‡, Sagina procumbens
  24. pendula, pendulum, pendulus
    e.g. Betula pendula, Zebrina pendula‡, Anogeissus pendula, Carex pendula, Acacia pendula
  25. viridis, viride
    e.g. Veratrum viride, Setaria viridis, Amaranthus viridis, Alnus viridis, Mentha viridis
  26. domestica, domesticum, domesticus (30)
    e.g. Prunus domestica, Malus domestica‡, Nandina domestica, Curcuma domestica‡, Lansium domesticum
  27. reticulata, reticulatum, reticulatus
    e.g. Citrus reticulata, Iris reticulata, Annona reticulata, Salix reticulata, Celtis reticulata
  28. tridentata, tridentatum
    e.g. Artemisia tridentata, Larrea tridentata, Purshia tridentata, Potentilla tridentata‡, Covillea tridentata‡ (98)
  29. stramonium
    e.g. Datura stramonium
  30. caroliniana, carolinianum, carolinianus
    e.g. Carpinus caroliniana, Azolla caroliniana, Cabomba caroliniana, Prunus caroliniana, Geranium carolinianum
  31. florida, floridus, floridum
    e.g. Cornus florida, Calycanthus floridus, Weigela florida, Cercidium floridum, Gardenia florida
  32. villosa, villosum, villosus
    e.g. Vicia villosa, Dioscorea villosa, Sterculia villosa, Chrysopsis villosa, Grewia villosa
  33. albida, albidum, albidus
    e.g. Sassafras albidum, Acacia albida‡, Faidherbia albida, Erythronium albidum, Arabis albida
  34. hybrida, hybridum, hybridus
    e.g. Petunia hybrida‡, Trifolium hybridum, Amaranthus hybridus, Petasites hybridus, Rosa hybrida
  35. contorta, contortus, contortum (49)
    e.g. Pinus contorta, Heteropogon contortus, Pentacme contorta‡, Andropogon contortus‡, Aristida contorta (75)
  36. incana, incanum, incanus
    e.g. Alnus incana, Matthiola incana, Quercus incana, Solanum incanum, Veronica incana
  37. gracilis, gracile
    e.g. Bouteloua gracilis‡, Haplopappus gracilis‡, Deutzia gracilis, Stylosanthes gracilis‡, Koeleria gracilis
  38. macrocarpa, macrocarpus, macrocarpum
    e.g. Quercus macrocarpa, Cupressus macrocarpa, Phytelephas macrocarpa, Pseudotsuga macrocarpa, Pterocarpus macrocarpus
  39. strobus
    e.g. Pinus strobus
  40. mariana, marianum, marianus
    e.g. Picea mariana, Silybum marianum, Carduus marianus‡, Lyonia mariana, Chrysopsis mariana
  41. napus
    e.g. Brassica napus
  42. longifolia, longifolium, longifolius
    e.g. Pinus longifolia‡, Acacia longifolia, Mentha longifolia‡, Polyalthia longifolia, Veronica longifolia
  43. marina, marinum
    e.g. Zostera marina, Avicennia marina, Najas marina, Spergularia marina‡, Vigna marina
  44. palmatum, palmata, palmatus
    e.g. Acer palmatum, Rheum palmatum, Carludovica palmata, Kirengeshoma palmata, Lygodium palmatum
  45. rigida, rigidum, rigidus
    e.g. Pinus rigida, Lolium rigidum, Solidago rigida, Bromus rigidus, Hilaria rigida
  46. cylindrica, cylindricum
    e.g. Imperata cylindrica, Luffa cylindrica, Entandrophragma cylindricum, Aegilops cylindrica, Boehmeria cylindrica
  47. fragrans
    e.g. Myristica fragrans, Osmanthus fragrans, Dracaena fragrans, Vanilla fragrans‡, Viburnum fragrans
  48. peltatum, peltata, peltatus
    e.g. Podophyllum peltatum, Cecropia peltata, Pelargonium peltatum, Nymphoides peltata, Peltiphyllum peltatum
  49. serotina, serotinum, serotinus
    e.g. Prunus serotina, Pinus serotina, Lloydia serotina, Pyrus serotina‡, Phoradendron serotinum
  50. elegans
    e.g. Zinnia elegans, Chamaedorea elegans, Gypsophila elegans, Clarkia elegans‡, Salvia elegans


  1. aquilinum, aquilina
    e.g. Pteridium aquilinum, Pteris aquilina‡, Eupteris aquilina‡ (18)
  2. tremuloides
    e.g. Populus tremuloides
  3. papaya
    e.g. Carica papaya
  4. mexicana, mexicanum, mexicanus (71)
    e.g. Argemone mexicana, Zea mexicana, Euchlaena mexicana‡, Cedrela mexicana‡, Sambucus mexicana
  5. asiatica, asiaticum, asiaticus
    e.g. Centella asiatica, Striga asiatica, Ranunculus asiaticus, Barringtonia asiatica, Crinum asiaticum
  6. dactylon
    e.g. Cynodon dactylon, Panicum dactylon‡ (78), Capriola dactylon‡ (39)
  7. hypogaea
    e.g. Arachis hypogaea, Morisia hypogaea‡ (24)
  8. cristata, cristatum, cristatus
    e.g. Koeleria cristata‡, Cynosurus cristatus, Agropyron cristatum, Celosia cristata‡, Iris cristata
  9. officinarum
    e.g. Saccharum officinarum, Mandragora officinarum, Ceterach officinarum‡, Alpinia officinarum, Pilosella officinarum (90)
  10. helix
    e.g. Hedera helix, Salix helix (31)
  11. cinerea, cinereus, cinereum
    e.g. Juglans cinerea, Erica cinerea, Salix cinerea, Dichrostachys cinerea, Elymus cinereus
  12. saccharum
    e.g. Acer saccharum
  13. catechu
    e.g. Areca catechu, Acacia catechu, Mimosa catechu‡ (94)
  14. perforatum, perforata
    e.g. Hypericum perforatum, Matricaria perforata‡, Crassula perforata (47), Parmelia perforata‡ (42), Eupatorium perforatum‡ (37)
  15. scandens
    e.g. Celastrus scandens, Cobaea scandens, Philodendron scandens‡, Mikania scandens, Entada scandens
  16. hispida, hispidus, hispidum
    e.g. Benincasa hispida‡, Robinia hispida, Acalypha hispida, Medicago hispida‡, Leontodon hispidus
  17. procera, procerus, procerum
    e.g. Calotropis procera, Ulmus procera, Abies procera, Juniperus procera, Albizia procera
  18. floribunda, floribundum, floribundus
    e.g. Wisteria floribunda, Malus floribunda‡, Stephanotis floribunda‡, Pieris floribunda, Nuytsia floribunda
  19. elata, elatius, elatum, elatus
    e.g. Arrhenatherum elatius, Carex elata, Yucca elata, Delphinium elatum, Aralia elata
  20. robur
    e.g. Quercus robur, Banksia robur (50)
  21. capensis, capense
    e.g. Impatiens capensis, Plumbago capensis‡, Tecomaria capensis‡, Ficus capensis‡, Anchusa capensis
  22. hirta, hirtum, hirtus (77)
    e.g. Rudbeckia hirta, Euphorbia hirta, Brassica hirta‡, Clidemia hirta, Hyparrhenia hirta
  23. batatas, batata (50)
    e.g. Ipomoea batatas, Dioscorea batatas‡, Convolvulus batatas‡, Convolvulus batata‡ (50)
  24. caerulea, caeruleum
    e.g. Molinia caerulea, Passiflora caerulea, Polemonium caeruleum, Catananche caerulea, Houstonia caerulea
  25. belladonna
    e.g. Atropa belladonna, Amaryllis belladonna, Delphinium belladonna
  26. comosus, comosum, comosa
    e.g. Ananas comosus, Chlorophytum comosum, Hippocrepis comosa, Muscari comosum‡, Calligonum comosum
  27. foetida, foetidus, foetidum
    e.g. Symplocarpus foetidus, Helleborus foetidus, Passiflora foetida, Sterculia foetida, Rosa foetida
  28. trifoliata, trifoliatus, trifoliatum (94)
    e.g. Menyanthes trifoliata, Poncirus trifoliata‡, Ptelea trifoliata, Gillenia trifoliata‡, Derris trifoliata
  29. rugosa, rugosum, rugosus
    e.g. Rosa rugosa, Alnus rugosa‡, Eupatorium rugosum‡, Solidago rugosa, Ischaemum rugosum
  30. borealis, boreale
    e.g. Linnaea borealis, Quercus borealis‡, Clintonia borealis, Galium boreale, Trientalis borealis
  31. autumnale, autumnalis
    e.g. Colchicum autumnale, Helenium autumnale, Leontodon autumnalis‡, Scilla autumnalis‡, Mandragora autumnalis
  32. ponderosa
    e.g. Pinus ponderosa, Alphitonia ponderosa (49)
  33. papyrifera, papyrifer (51)
    e.g. Betula papyrifera, Broussonetia papyrifera, Edgeworthia papyrifera‡, Boswellia papyrifera, Fatsia papyrifera‡ (71)
  34. cereale
    e.g. Secale cereale
  35. microphylla, microphyllum, microphyllus
    e.g. Buxus microphylla, Cercidium microphyllum, Bursera microphylla, Azara microphylla, Pilea microphylla
  36. corniculatus, corniculata, corniculatum
    e.g. Lotus corniculatus, Oxalis corniculata, Aegiceras corniculatum, Trigonella corniculata‡, Glaucium corniculatum
  37. usitatissimum
    e.g. Linum usitatissimum
  38. millefolium
    e.g. Achillea millefolium, Chamaebatiaria millefolium, Hypolepis millefolium (41)
  39. arborescens
    e.g. Hydrangea arborescens, Caragana arborescens, Colutea arborescens, Heliotropium arborescens, Aloe arborescens
  40. radicans
    e.g. Campsis radicans, Rhus radicans‡, Toxicodendron radicans, Euonymus radicans‡, Bignonia radicans
  41. coronaria, coronarium, coronarius
    e.g. Philadelphus coronarius, Anemone coronaria, Lychnis coronaria‡, Chrysanthemum coronarium‡, Hedychium coronarium
  42. aculeata, aculeatus, aculeatum
    e.g. Parkinsonia aculeata, Ruscus aculeatus, Sesbania aculeata‡, Pereskia aculeata, Calonyction aculeatum
  43. argentea, argenteum, argenteus
    e.g. Celosia argentea, Shepherdia argentea, Crassula argentea‡, Bryum argenteum, Potentilla argentea
  44. pepo
    e.g. Cucurbita pepo
  45. aquifolium
    e.g. Ilex aquifolium, Mahonia aquifolium‡, Berberis aquifolium
  46. tricolor
    e.g. Viola tricolor, Amaranthus tricolor, Ipomoea tricolor, Convolvulus tricolor, Gilia tricolor
  47. verna, vernus, vernum, vernei
    e.g. Leucojum vernum, Crocus vernus, Gentiana verna, Erophila verna‡, Minuartia verna
  48. dentata, dentatum, dentatus
    e.g. Castanea dentata, Viburnum dentatum, Ligularia dentata, Quercus dentata, Elaeocarpus dentatus
  49. aspera, asper, asperum
    e.g. Achyranthes aspera, Sonchus asper, Smilax aspera, Streblus asper, Liatris aspera
  50. sanguinea, sanguineum, sanguineus
    e.g. Geranium sanguineum, Ribes sanguineum, Cornus sanguinea, Heuchera sanguinea, Rumex sanguineus


  1. cacao
    e.g. Theobroma cacao
  2. inermis, inerme
    e.g. Bromus inermis, Lawsonia inermis, Andira inermis, Clerodendrum inerme‡, Sideroxylon inerme
  3. stolonifera, stoloniferum
    e.g. Agrostis stolonifera, Cornus stolonifera‡, Saxifraga stolonifera, Phlox stolonifera, Limnobium stoloniferum‡ (90)
  4. italica, italicum, italicus (54)
    e.g. Setaria italica, Arum italicum, Helichrysum italicum, Panicum italicum‡, Anchusa italica
  5. pungens
    e.g. Picea pungens, Elaeagnus pungens, Pinus pungens, Arctostaphylos pungens, Triodia pungens
  6. religiosa, religiosum
    e.g. Ficus religiosa, Abies religiosa, Cochlospermum religiosum, Illicium religiosum‡, Crateva religiosa (67)
  7. barbata, barbatus, barbatum
    e.g. Dianthus barbatus, Avena barbata, Usnea barbata‡, Penstemon barbatus, Chloris barbata
  8. arenaria, arenarius, arenarium
    e.g. Ammophila arenaria, Elymus arenarius‡, Carex arenaria, Leymus arenarius, Phleum arenarium
  9. integrifolia, integrifolium, integrifolius
    e.g. Artocarpus integrifolia‡, Dryas integrifolia, Holoptelea integrifolia, Macadamia integrifolia, Banksia integrifolia
  10. longa, longum, longus, longii (41)
    e.g. Curcuma longa, Piper longum, Cyperus longus, Aristolochia longa‡ (72), Vitis longii‡ (41)
  11. splendens
    e.g. Salvia splendens, Hylocomium splendens, Fouquieria splendens, Euphorbia splendens‡, Vriesea splendens
  12. altissima, altissimum, altissimus (57)
    e.g. Ailanthus altissima, Solidago altissima‡, Sisymbrium altissimum, Mansonia altissima, Hemarthria altissima
  13. nitida, nitidum
    e.g. Cola nitida, Lonicera nitida‡, Avicennia nitida‡, Baphia nitida, Alnus nitida
  14. tulipifera
    e.g. Liriodendron tulipifera
  15. canescens
    e.g. Atriplex canescens, Amorpha canescens, Populus canescens, Corynephorus canescens, Carex canescens
  16. serrata, serratum, serratus
    e.g. Boswellia serrata, Zelkova serrata, Quercus serrata, Banksia serrata, Huperzia serrata
  17. distichum, disticha, distichus
    e.g. Taxodium distichum, Paspalum distichum, Cupressus disticha‡, Carex disticha, Oenocarpus distichus (80)
  18. plicata, plicatum, plicatus (91)
    e.g. Thuja plicata, Viburnum plicatum, Spathoglottis plicata, Galanthus plicatus (69), Parashorea plicata‡ (59)
  19. laevigata, laevigatum, laevigatus
    e.g. Celtis laevigata, Crataegus laevigata, Iris laevigata, Rosa laevigata, Leptospermum laevigatum
  20. perfoliatum, perfoliata, perfoliatus
    e.g. Eupatorium perfoliatum, Potamogeton perfoliatus, Montia perfoliata‡, Silphium perfoliatum, Claytonia perfoliata
  21. sp
    e.g. Tilapia sp‡, Erythrina sp‡, Vorticella sp‡, Epinephelus sp‡, Sebastes sp
  22. biflorus, biflora
    e.g. Dolichos biflorus‡, Cenchrus biflorus, Impatiens biflora‡, Viola biflora, Wedelia biflora
  23. grandiflorum
    e.g. Trillium grandiflorum, Jasminum grandiflorum, Erythronium grandiflorum, Linum grandiflorum, Epimedium grandiflorum
  24. sibirica, sibiricum, sibiricus
    e.g. Iris sibirica, Larix sibirica, Abies sibirica, Pinus sibirica, Leonurus sibiricus
  25. nutans
    e.g. Sorghastrum nutans, Carduus nutans, Pohlia nutans, Billbergia nutans, Silene nutans
  26. avellana
    e.g. Corylus avellana, Gevuina avellana (99)
  27. deltoides
    e.g. Populus deltoides, Dianthus deltoides, Oenothera deltoides
  28. abyssinica, abyssinicus (75), abyssinicum (43)
    e.g. Guizotia abyssinica, Hagenia abyssinica, Crambe abyssinica‡, Eragrostis abyssinica‡, Erythrina abyssinica
  29. uniflora, uniflorus
    e.g. Monotropa uniflora, Eugenia uniflora, Littorella uniflora‡, Moneses uniflora, Melica uniflora
  30. ciliata, ciliatum, ciliatus
    e.g. Toona ciliata, Populus ciliata, Lysimachia ciliata, Galinsoga ciliata‡, Mertensia ciliata
  31. pseudoacacia
    e.g. Robinia pseudoacacia
  32. flexuosa, flexuosus, flexuosum
    e.g. Deschampsia flexuosa, Mauritia flexuosa, Cymbopogon flexuosus, Agonis flexuosa, Cardamine flexuosa
  33. arietinum
    e.g. Cicer arietinum, Cypripedium arietinum
  34. halepensis, halepense
    e.g. Sorghum halepense, Pinus halepensis, Holcus halepensis‡ (70), Andropogon halepensis‡ (51)
  35. patula, patulum
    e.g. Tagetes patula, Pinus patula, Atriplex patula, Arctostaphylos patula, Hypericum patulum
  36. bulbosa, bulbosus, bulbosum
    e.g. Ranunculus bulbosus, Poa bulbosa, Hordeum bulbosum, Calypso bulbosa, Arethusa bulbosa
  37. aromatica, aromaticum, aromaticus
    e.g. Syzygium aromaticum, Rhus aromatica, Eugenia aromatica‡, Dryobalanops aromatica, Caryophyllus aromaticus
  38. acetosella
    e.g. Rumex acetosella, Oxalis acetosella, Hibiscus acetosella (92)
  39. humilis, humile
    e.g. Chamaerops humilis, Stylosanthes humilis, Rivina humilis, Salix humilis, Carex humilis
  40. sitchensis
    e.g. Picea sitchensis, Valeriana sitchensis, Salix sitchensis, Sorbus sitchensis, Romanzoffia sitchensis (45)
  41. balsamea
    e.g. Abies balsamea, Pinus balsamea‡ (56), Picea balsamea‡ (18)
  42. cannabinum, cannabinus, cannabina
    e.g. Hibiscus cannabinus, Apocynum cannabinum, Eupatorium cannabinum, Sesbania cannabina, Datisca cannabina
  43. variegata, variegatum, variegatus
    e.g. Bauhinia variegata, Codiaeum variegatum, Erythrina variegata, Equisetum variegatum, Aloe variegata
  44. negundo
    e.g. Acer negundo, Vitex negundo
  45. excelsior
    e.g. Fraxinus excelsior, Nicotiana excelsior (66)
  46. discolor
    e.g. Salix discolor, Rhoeo discolor‡, Holodiscus discolor, Cissus discolor‡, Berchemia discolor
  47. moschata, moschatum, moschatus
    e.g. Cucurbita moschata, Malva moschata, Rosa moschata, Abelmoschus moschatus, Centaurea moschata
  48. guineensis, guineense
    e.g. Elaeis guineensis, Syzygium guineense, Piper guineense, Erythrophleum guineense‡, Uapaca guineensis
  49. acaulis, acaule
    e.g. Silene acaulis, Cypripedium acaule, Gentiana acaulis, Carlina acaulis, Primula acaulis
  50. falcata, falcatum, falcatus
    e.g. Quercus falcata, Cyrtomium falcatum, Medicago falcata, Bupleurum falcatum, Dendrophthoe falcata


  1. glandulosa, glandulosum, glandulosus
    e.g. Prosopis glandulosa, Betula glandulosa, Ailanthus glandulosa‡, Potentilla glandulosa‡, Arctostaphylos glandulosa
  2. sericea, sericeus, sericeum
    e.g. Cornus sericea, Terminalia sericea, Pluchea sericea, Rosa sericea, Lespedeza sericea
  3. unguiculata, unguiculatus (31)
    e.g. Vigna unguiculata, Clarkia unguiculata, Barbula unguiculata (68), Dolichos unguiculatus‡ (31)
  4. reptans
    e.g. Ajuga reptans, Potentilla reptans, Polemonium reptans, Ipomoea reptans‡, Mazus reptans
  5. patens
    e.g. Spartina patens, Anemone patens‡, Physcomitrella patens, Hamelia patens, Salvia patens
  6. multiflorum
    e.g. Lolium multiflorum, Polygonatum multiflorum, Polygonum multiflorum‡, Jasminum multiflorum, Gelonium multiflorum‡ (69)
  7. lobata, lobatus (99), lobatum (58)
    e.g. Pueraria lobata‡, Urena lobata, Quercus lobata, Echinocystis lobata, Mina lobata
  8. taeda
    e.g. Pinus taeda
  9. divaricata, divaricatus, divaricatum
    e.g. Larrea divaricata, Phlox divaricata, Aster divaricatus‡, Tabernaemontana divaricata, Helianthus divaricatus
  10. decidua
    e.g. Larix decidua, Capparis decidua, Ilex decidua, Sodada decidua‡ (13)
  11. superba, superbum, superbus
    e.g. Gloriosa superba, Terminalia superba, Lilium superbum, Dianthus superbus, Butea superba
  12. zeylanicum, zeylanica, zeylanicus
    e.g. Cinnamomum zeylanicum‡, Plumbago zeylanica, Sphenoclea zeylanica, Capparis zeylanica, Sansevieria zeylanica
  13. intermedia, intermedium, intermedius (77)
    e.g. Forsythia intermedia, Drosera intermedia, Agropyron intermedium‡, Amsinckia intermedia‡, Utricularia intermedia
  14. pentandra, pentandrum (53), pentandrus (18)
    e.g. Ceiba pentandra, Tamarix pentandra‡, Salix pentandra, Bombax pentandrum‡ (53), Mitella pentandra (47)
  15. marginata, marginatus, marginatum
    e.g. Eucalyptus marginata, Euphorbia marginata, Dracaena marginata‡, Hyalomma marginatum‡, Banksia marginata
  16. syriaca, syriacus, syriacum
    e.g. Asclepias syriaca, Hibiscus syriacus, Origanum syriacum (95), Pyrus syriaca (66), Notobasis syriaca (62)
  17. quinquefolia, quinquefolius
    e.g. Parthenocissus quinquefolia, Panax quinquefolius, Anemone quinquefolia, Ampelopsis quinquefolia‡, Aralia quinquefolia‡ (67)
  18. pilosa, pilosus, pilosum
    e.g. Bidens pilosa, Phlox pilosa, Luzula pilosa, Genista pilosa, Aster pilosus
  19. brevifolia, brevifolius, brevifolium (96)
    e.g. Taxus brevifolia, Yucca brevifolia, Cedrus brevifolia‡, Scleropogon brevifolius, Cyperus brevifolius‡ (87)
  20. globulus
    e.g. Eucalyptus globulus
  21. canina, caninum, caninus (60)
    e.g. Rosa canina, Agrostis canina, Viola canina, Agropyron caninum‡, Elymus caninus (60)
  22. natans
    e.g. Trapa natans, Potamogeton natans, Salvinia natans, Ricciocarpus natans, Luronium natans
  23. pectinatus, pectinata, pectinatum (68)
    e.g. Potamogeton pectinatus‡, Spartina pectinata, Abies pectinata‡, Echinocereus pectinatus, Euryops pectinatus
  24. acris, acre, acer
    e.g. Ranunculus acris, Sedum acre, Pimenta acris‡, Erigeron acer, Erigeron acris (79)
  25. granatum
    e.g. Punica granatum, Xylocarpus granatum
  26. lupulus
    e.g. Humulus lupulus
  27. triloba, trilobum, trilobus
    e.g. Asimina triloba, Viburnum trilobum‡, Prunus triloba, Hepatica triloba‡, Phaseolus trilobus
  28. stellata, stellatum, stellatus (75)
    e.g. Magnolia stellata, Quercus stellata, Smilacina stellata‡, Nymphaea stellata‡, Silene stellata
  29. flava, flavum, flavus
    e.g. Glaucium flavum, Sarracenia flava, Thalictrum flavum, Hemerocallis flava‡, Linum flavum
  30. squarrosa, squarrosus, squarrosum
    e.g. Aegilops squarrosa‡, Juncus squarrosus, Grindelia squarrosa, Aphelandra squarrosa, Rhytidiadelphus squarrosus
  31. cernua, cernuum, cernuus
    e.g. Allium cernuum, Saururus cernuus, Saxifraga cernua, Flourensia cernua, Lycopodium cernuum
  32. dulcis, dulce
    e.g. Prunus dulcis, Eleocharis dulcis, Pithecellobium dulce, Scoparia dulcis, Spondias dulcis
  33. grandifolia, grandifolius (81)
    e.g. Fagus grandifolia, Frankenia grandifolia‡, Phaius grandifolius‡ (81), Tilia grandifolia‡ (49), Abuta grandifolia (44)
  34. pseudoplatanus
    e.g. Acer pseudoplatanus
  35. incarnata, incarnatum
    e.g. Passiflora incarnata, Trifolium incarnatum, Asclepias incarnata, Dactylorhiza incarnata, Allionia incarnata
  36. multiflora, multiflorus
    e.g. Rosa multiflora, Phaseolus multiflorus‡, Luzula multiflora, Mirabilis multiflora, Haemanthus multiflorus
  37. caespitosa, caespitosus, caespitosum
    e.g. Deschampsia caespitosa‡, Scirpus caespitosus‡, Oenothera caespitosa, Saxifraga caespitosa‡, Poa caespitosa
  38. obtusifolia, obtusifolius, obtusifolium
    e.g. Rumex obtusifolius, Cassia obtusifolia‡, Peperomia obtusifolia, Cecropia obtusifolia, Gnaphalium obtusifolium
  39. chrysogenum
    e.g. Penicillium chrysogenum
  40. viscosa, viscosum, viscosus
    e.g. Dodonaea viscosa, Rhododendron viscosum, Cleome viscosa, Polemonium viscosum, Inula viscosa
  41. lucida, lucidum, lucidus
    e.g. Ligustrum lucidum, Tagetes lucida, Salix lucida, Lyonia lucida, Halleria lucida
  42. punctata, punctatum, punctatus
    e.g. Monarda punctata, Lysimachia punctata, Polygonum punctatum‡, Liatris punctata, Anthoceros punctatus
  43. capitata, capitatum, capitatus
    e.g. Thymus capitatus, Lespedeza capitata, Gilia capitata, Butia capitata, Cornus capitata
  44. pulcherrima, pulcherrimum
    e.g. Euphorbia pulcherrima, Caesalpinia pulcherrima, Poinciana pulcherrima‡, Poinsettia pulcherrima‡, Dierama pulcherrimum
  45. biennis, bienne
    e.g. Oenothera biennis, Lunaria biennis‡, Crepis biennis, Linum bienne, Artemisia biennis
  46. canariensis, canariense
    e.g. Phoenix canariensis, Hedera canariensis, Phalaris canariensis, Pinus canariensis, Euphorbia canariensis
  47. urens
    e.g. Urtica urens, Caryota urens, Sterculia urens, Jatropha urens‡, Mucuna urens (97)
  48. mucronata, mucronatum, mucronatus
    e.g. Rhizophora mucronata, Taxodium mucronatum, Ziziphus mucronata, Pernettya mucronata‡, Nemopanthus mucronata
  49. melo
    e.g. Cucumis melo
  50. tenuifolia, tenuifolium, tenuifolius
    e.g. Alnus tenuifolia‡, Pittosporum tenuifolium, Tagetes tenuifolia, Asphodelus tenuifolius, Diplotaxis tenuifolia


  1. rapa, rapum‡ (48)
    e.g. Brassica rapa, Orobanche rapum‡ (48)
  2. carica
    e.g. Ficus carica, Papaya carica‡ (39)
  3. aucuparia, aucuparium‡ (32)
    e.g. Sorbus aucuparia, Pyrus aucuparia‡, Sapium aucuparium‡ (32)
  4. elliptica, ellipticum, ellipticus
    e.g. Garrya elliptica, Derris elliptica, Rubus ellipticus, Pyrola elliptica, Palaquium ellipticum
  5. herbacea, herbaceum
    e.g. Gossypium herbaceum, Salix herbacea, Salicornia herbacea‡, Smilax herbacea, Erythrina herbacea
  6. ciliaris, ciliare
    e.g. Cenchrus ciliaris, Digitaria ciliaris, Erica ciliaris, Pennisetum ciliare‡, Ptilidium ciliare
  7. calamus
    e.g. Acorus calamus
  8. limon, limonia, limonum, limonium (93)
    e.g. Citrus limon, Citrus limonum‡, Citrus limonia‡, Feronia limonia‡, Statice limonium (93)
  9. cuspidata, cuspidatum
    e.g. Taxus cuspidata, Polygonum cuspidatum‡, Sphagnum cuspidatum, Vossia cuspidata, Castanopsis cuspidata
  10. crassipes
    e.g. Eichhornia crassipes, Stellaria crassipes‡ (66), Pontederia crassipes‡ (33), Piaropus crassipes‡ (26)
  11. aristata, aristatum, aristatus (76)
    e.g. Pinus aristata, Berberis aristata, Gaillardia aristata, Aloe aristata, Dichanthium aristatum
  12. piperita, piperitum
    e.g. Mentha piperita, Zanthoxylum piperitum, Eucalyptus piperita, Drimys piperita (76)
  13. tectorum, tecta
    e.g. Bromus tectorum, Sempervivum tectorum, Crepis tectorum, Iris tectorum, Arundinaria tecta
  14. majalis
    e.g. Convallaria majalis, Dactylorhiza majalis, Rosa majalis (65)
  15. camara
    e.g. Lantana camara
  16. oleander
    e.g. Nerium oleander
  17. velutina, velutinus, velutinum
    e.g. Quercus velutina, Ceanothus velutinus, Fraxinus velutina, Miliusa velutina (90), Musa velutina (86)
  18. resinosa
    e.g. Pinus resinosa, Gaylussacia resinosa‡ (43), Scutellaria resinosa (29)
  19. styraciflua
    e.g. Liquidambar styraciflua
  20. virgatum, virgata, virgatus
    e.g. Panicum virgatum, Chloris virgata, Desmanthus virgatus, Lythrum virgatum, Paspalum virgatum (86)
  21. nana, nanus, nanum
    e.g. Betula nana, Zostera nana‡, Lupinus nanus, Eritrichium nanum, Amygdalus nana
  22. echinata, echinatus, echinatum
    e.g. Pinus echinata, Caesalpinia echinata, Cenchrus echinatus, Carex echinata, Echinops echinatus
  23. nivalis, nivale
    e.g. Galanthus nivalis, Saxifraga nivalis‡, Gentiana nivalis, Ranunculus nivalis, Podocarpus nivalis
  24. crenata, crenatum, crenatus (29)
    e.g. Ilex crenata, Fagus crenata, Castanea crenata, Ardisia crenata, Orobanche crenata
  25. tremula
    e.g. Populus tremula, Eragrostis tremula, Pteris tremula
  26. digitata, digitatus, digitatum (39)
    e.g. Adansonia digitata, Schefflera digitata, Carex digitata, Ipomoea digitata‡, Cucurbita digitata (83)
  27. cajan
    e.g. Cajanus cajan, Cytisus cajan‡ (46)
  28. pudica
    e.g. Mimosa pudica, Fritillaria pudica
  29. miliaceum, miliacea
    e.g. Panicum miliaceum, Oryzopsis miliacea, Zizaniopsis miliacea, Fimbristylis miliacea‡, Piptatherum miliaceum‡ (45)
  30. myrtillus
    e.g. Vaccinium myrtillus
  31. banksiana
    e.g. Pinus banksiana
  32. pallida, pallidum, pallidus (41)
    e.g. Iris pallida, Echinacea pallida, Impatiens pallida, Celtis pallida‡, Lycium pallidum
  33. peruviana, peruvianum, peruvianus
    e.g. Physalis peruviana, Lycopersicon peruvianum‡, Thevetia peruviana‡, Cereus peruvianus‡, Scilla peruviana
  34. caudatus, caudatum, caudata
    e.g. Amaranthus caudatus, Asarum caudatum, Adiantum caudatum, Aegilops caudata, Ornithogalum caudatum
  35. thunbergii, thunbergia
    e.g. Berberis thunbergii, Pinus thunbergii, Spiraea thunbergii, Machilus thunbergii, Lespedeza thunbergii
  36. regalis, regale
    e.g. Osmunda regalis, Lilium regale, Consolida regalis
  37. hortensis, hortense, hortensia
    e.g. Atriplex hortensis, Satureja hortensis, Majorana hortensis‡, Petroselinum hortense‡, Hydrangea hortensis
  38. alnifolia, alnifolium
    e.g. Amelanchier alnifolia, Clethra alnifolia, Viburnum alnifolium‡, Sorbus alnifolia, Rhamnus alnifolia
  39. amabilis, amabile
    e.g. Abies amabilis, Kolkwitzia amabilis‡, Cynoglossum amabile, Pseudolarix amabilis, Phalaenopsis amabilis
  40. laevis, laeve (45)
    e.g. Amelanchier laevis, Stokesia laevis, Quercus laevis, Aster laevis‡, Moluccella laevis
  41. dactylifera
    e.g. Phoenix dactylifera
  42. intybus
    e.g. Cichorium intybus
  43. subterraneum, subterranea
    e.g. Trifolium subterraneum, Voandzeia subterranea‡, Vigna subterranea, Glycine subterranea‡ (21)
  44. tenax
    e.g. Phormium tenax, Xerophyllum tenax, Grewia tenax, Iris tenax, Leptocarpus tenax (41)
  45. guajava
    e.g. Psidium guajava
  46. pulchella, pulchellum, pulchellus
    e.g. Gaillardia pulchella, Calopogon pulchellus‡, Clarkia pulchella, Indigofera pulchella‡, Erigeron pulchellus
  47. elastica, elasticus (92)
    e.g. Ficus elastica, Funtumia elastica, Castilloa elastica, Artocarpus elasticus (92), Siphonia elastica‡ (78)
  48. obtusa, obtusum
    e.g. Chamaecyparis obtusa, Rhododendron obtusum, Panicum obtusum, Woodsia obtusa, Shorea obtusa
  49. douglasii
    e.g. Limnanthes douglasii, Quercus douglasii, Crataegus douglasii, Pseudotsuga douglasii‡, Spiraea douglasii
  50. serrulata, serrulatum
    e.g. Prunus serrulata, Cleome serrulata‡, Alnus serrulata, Sabal serrulata‡, Photinia serrulata


  1. ginseng
    e.g. Panax ginseng
  2. corymbosum, corymbosa, corymbosus
    e.g. Vaccinium corymbosum, Oldenlandia corymbosa, Turbina corymbosa, Cassia corymbosa‡, Polycarpaea corymbosa
  3. peregrina, peregrinum, peregrinus
    e.g. Comptonia peregrina, Piptadenia peregrina‡, Tropaeolum peregrinum, Rubia peregrina, Anadenanthera peregrina
  4. aurantium
    e.g. Citrus aurantium, Scleroderma aurantium
  5. basilicum
    e.g. Ocimum basilicum
  6. leucocephala
    e.g. Leucaena leucocephala, Euphorbia leucocephala (46), Acacia leucocephala‡ (41)
  7. muricata, muricatus, muricatum
    e.g. Annona muricata, Pinus muricata, Solanum muricatum, Andropogon muricatus‡, Digera muricata
  8. hippocastanum
    e.g. Aesculus hippocastanum
  9. vesca
    e.g. Fragaria vesca, Castanea vesca
  10. nummularia, nummularium, nummularius (46)
    e.g. Lysimachia nummularia, Helianthemum nummularium, Atriplex nummularia, Ziziphus nummularia, Dioscorea nummularia (76)
  11. idaeus
    e.g. Rubus idaeus
  12. rustica, rusticus (32)
    e.g. Nicotiana rustica, Criocephalus rusticus‡ (32)
  13. sepium
    e.g. Gliricidia sepium, Calystegia sepium, Convolvulus sepium‡, Vicia sepium, Periploca sepium (85)
  14. guianensis, guianense
    e.g. Carapa guianensis, Stylosanthes guianensis, Couroupita guianensis, Uncaria guianensis, Dialium guianense
  15. tenuis, tenue (51)
    e.g. Agrostis tenuis‡, Juncus tenuis, Lotus tenuis, Calamus tenuis, Saxifraga tenuis‡ (53)
  16. aphylla, aphyllum, aphyllus (75)
    e.g. Tamarix aphylla, Capparis aphylla‡, Galax aphylla‡, Anabasis aphylla, Haloxylon aphyllum
  17. atropurpurea, atropurpureum, atropurpureus
    e.g. Macroptilium atropurpureum, Scabiosa atropurpurea‡, Euonymus atropurpureus, Angelica atropurpurea, Phaseolus atropurpureus
  18. fortunei
    e.g. Euonymus fortunei, Trachycarpus fortunei, Hosta fortunei‡, Cephalotaxus fortunei, Rhododendron fortunei
  19. melongena
    e.g. Solanum melongena
  20. striata, striatum, striatus (67)
    e.g. Lespedeza striata‡, Bletilla striata, Glyceria striata, Sisyrinchium striatum, Crotalaria striata
  21. lacustris, lacustre
    e.g. Scirpus lacustris‡, Schoenoplectus lacustris, Isoetes lacustris, Ribes lacustre, Carex lacustris
  22. capillaris, capillare
    e.g. Crepis capillaris, Agrostis capillaris, Panicum capillare, Artemisia capillaris, Carex capillaris
  23. culinaris, culinare‡ (40)
    e.g. Lens culinaris, Lens culinare‡ (40)
  24. hederacea, hederaceus
    e.g. Glechoma hederacea, Ipomoea hederacea, Nepeta hederacea‡, Viola hederacea, Glecoma hederacea
  25. uliginosum, uliginosus, uliginosa
    e.g. Vaccinium uliginosum, Lotus uliginosus‡, Gnaphalium uliginosum, Galium uliginosum, Randia uliginosa
  26. nilotica
    e.g. Acacia nilotica, Tamarix nilotica, Azolla nilotica (92), Mimosa nilotica‡ (76)
  27. ovina
    e.g. Festuca ovina
  28. fasciculatum, fasciculata, fasciculatus (53)
    e.g. Adenostoma fasciculatum, Eriogonum fasciculatum, Cassia fasciculata‡, Chamaecrista fasciculata, Paspalum fasciculatum
  29. littoralis, littorale
    e.g. Griselinia littoralis, Heritiera littoralis, Aeluropus littoralis, Atriplex littoralis, Glehnia littoralis
  30. bracteata, bracteatum, bracteatus
    e.g. Helichrysum bracteatum, Papaver bracteatum, Rosa bracteata, Tradescantia bracteata, Amphicarpaea bracteata
  31. fistula
    e.g. Cassia fistula, Acacia fistula‡ (38), Cathartocarpus fistula‡ (27)
  32. parthenium
    e.g. Tanacetum parthenium, Chrysanthemum parthenium‡, Pyrethrum parthenium‡, Matricaria parthenium‡ (67)
  33. alternifolia, alternifolius, alternifolium
    e.g. Melaleuca alternifolia, Cyperus alternifolius, Cornus alternifolia, Chrysosplenium alternifolium, Buddleja alternifolia (87)
  34. elatior
    e.g. Festuca elatior‡, Aspidistra elatior, Primula elatior, Ambrosia elatior‡, Avena elatior
  35. balsamifera, balsamiferum
    e.g. Populus balsamifera, Blumea balsamifera, Euphorbia balsamifera, Gossweilerodendron balsamiferum, Amyris balsamifera
  36. mungo, mungos (62)
    e.g. Phaseolus mungo‡, Vigna mungo, Ophiorrhiza mungos (62)
  37. methysticum
    e.g. Piper methysticum‡, Macropiper methysticum (43)
  38. pensylvanica, pensylvanicum, pensylvanicus (50)
    e.g. Myrica pensylvanica‡, Acer pensylvanicum, Polygonum pensylvanicum‡, Xanthium pensylvanicum‡, Carex pensylvanica
  39. compressa, compressus, compressum
    e.g. Poa compressa, Axonopus compressus, Opuntia compressa‡, Eleusine compressa‡, Cyperus compressus
  40. ilex
    e.g. Quercus ilex
  41. spontaneum
    e.g. Saccharum spontaneum, Hordeum spontaneum
  42. candidum, candida
    e.g. Lilium candidum, Cypripedium candidum, Tephrosia candida, Zephyranthes candida, Datura candida
  43. cardinalis, cardinale
    e.g. Lobelia cardinalis, Mimulus cardinalis‡, Delphinium cardinale, Rechsteineria cardinalis‡ (69), Gladiolus cardinalis (55)
  44. monogyna, monogynum (89), monogynus (86), monogynia‡ (22)
    e.g. Crataegus monogyna, Trianthema monogyna‡ (89), Physocarpus monogynus (86), Erythroxylum monogynum (42), Stackhousia monogyna (37)
  45. fulva, fulvus, fulvum
    e.g. Hemerocallis fulva, Ulmus fulva‡, Chrysopogon fulvus, Iris fulva, Arctophila fulva
  46. densiflora, densiflorus
    e.g. Pinus densiflora, Lithocarpus densiflorus‡, Asparagus densiflorus, Spiraea densiflora‡ (88), Lupinus densiflorus (74)
  47. nodosa, nodosus, nodosum
    e.g. Scrophularia nodosa, Potamogeton nodosus, Cymodocea nodosa, Brassavola nodosa, Sagina nodosa
  48. platanoides
    e.g. Acer platanoides, Cheirostemon platanoides‡ (26), Quercus platanoides‡ (14)
  49. auriculata, auriculatum (90)
    e.g. Cassia auriculata‡, Salvinia auriculata, Plumbago auriculata, Coreopsis auriculata, Hygrophila auriculata
  50. rostrata, rostratum, rostratus (56)
    e.g. Carex rostrata, Sesbania rostrata, Solanum rostratum, Eucalyptus rostrata‡, Corylus rostrata


  1. javanica, javanicum, javanicus (70)
    e.g. Bischofia javanica, Glycine javanica‡, Cassia javanica, Oenanthe javanica, Pueraria javanica
  2. barbadense, barbadensis
    e.g. Gossypium barbadense, Aloe barbadensis‡, Juniperus barbadensis (51), Coccoloba barbadensis (35)
  3. cornuta, cornuti, cornutus (44)
    e.g. Corylus cornuta, Viola cornuta, Ilex cornuta, Utricularia cornuta, Prunus cornuta
  4. fistulosa, fistulosum, fistulosus
    e.g. Monarda fistulosa, Allium fistulosum, Asphodelus fistulosus, Eupatorium fistulosum, Ipomoea fistulosa
  5. lasiocarpa, lasiocarpum, lasiocarpus (70)
    e.g. Abies lasiocarpa, Carex lasiocarpa, Lepidium lasiocarpum, Populus lasiocarpa (94), Campanula lasiocarpa (80)
  6. jasminoides
    e.g. Gardenia jasminoides, Trachelospermum jasminoides, Solanum jasminoides‡, Rhynchospermum jasminoides‡ (46)
  7. lunatus, lunatum (47)
    e.g. Phaseolus lunatus, Drepanocarpus lunatus‡ (53), Machaerium lunatum (47)
  8. linearis, lineare
    e.g. Chilopsis linearis, Dicranopteris linearis, Melampyrum lineare, Aspalathus linearis, Gleichenia linearis
  9. formosa, formosum, formosus
    e.g. Aquilegia formosa, Dicentra formosa, Leycesteria formosa, Pieris formosa, Clianthus formosus
  10. coracana, coracanus‡ (12)
    e.g. Eleusine coracana, Cynosurus coracanus‡ (12)
  11. laciniata, laciniatum, laciniatus
    e.g. Rudbeckia laciniata, Silphium laciniatum, Dentaria laciniata‡, Solanum laciniatum, Rubus laciniatus
  12. salicaria
    e.g. Lythrum salicaria
  13. pennsylvanica, pennsylvanicum, pennsylvanicus (17)
    e.g. Fraxinus pennsylvanica, Xanthium pennsylvanicum‡, Acer pennsylvanicum‡, Vaccinium pennsylvanicum‡ (66), Ranunculus pennsylvanicus‡ (17)
  14. betulus
    e.g. Carpinus betulus
  15. articulata, articulatus, articulatum
    e.g. Juncus articulatus, Tamarix articulata‡, Tetraclinis articulata, Anabasis articulata, Cyperus articulatus
  16. dilatatum, dilatata
    e.g. Paspalum dilatatum, Dryopteris dilatata, Quercus dilatata‡, Viburnum dilatatum, Habenaria dilatata
  17. rotundus, rotunda, rotundum (27)
    e.g. Cyperus rotundus, Kaempferia rotunda, Ilex rotunda (92), Aristolochia rotunda (86), Allium rotundum (27)
  18. aurantiaca, aurantiacum, aurantiacus
    e.g. Hieracium aurantiacum‡, Gynura aurantiaca, Mimulus aurantiacus‡, Diplacus aurantiacus, Alstroemeria aurantiaca
  19. cathartica, catharticum, catharticus
    e.g. Rhamnus cathartica, Linum catharticum, Allamanda cathartica, Bromus catharticus, Bridelia cathartica (60)
  20. diffusa, diffusum, diffusus
    e.g. Boerhavia diffusa, Turnera diffusa, Commelina diffusa, Centaurea diffusa, Lithodora diffusa
  21. triacanthos, triacanthus (73)
    e.g. Gleditsia triacanthos, Gleditschia triacanthos‡, Gleditsia triacanthus‡ (73)
  22. concolor
    e.g. Abies concolor, Lilium concolor (75), Hybanthus concolor (49), Paphiopedilum concolor (44), Aster concolor‡ (41)
  23. undulatum, undulata, undulatus
    e.g. Pittosporum undulatum, Trillium undulatum, Atrichum undulatum, Cirsium undulatum, Scapania undulata
  24. opulus
    e.g. Viburnum opulus
  25. triphyllum, triphylla, triphyllos (62)
    e.g. Arisaema triphyllum, Aloysia triphylla‡, Arum triphyllum‡, Achlys triphylla, Fuchsia triphylla (95)
  26. retusa, retusus, retusum (70)
    e.g. Ficus retusa, Bridelia retusa, Crotalaria retusa, Dalbergia retusa, Nitraria retusa
  27. frondosa, frondosum, frondosus (88)
    e.g. Butea frondosa‡, Bidens frondosa, Mussaenda frondosa, Gaylussacia frondosa, Hypericum frondosum
  28. decurrens
    e.g. Libocedrus decurrens‡, Calocedrus decurrens, Acacia decurrens, Boltonia decurrens (54), Jussiaea decurrens‡ (54)
  29. verrucosa, verrucosum, verrucosus (90)
    e.g. Betula verrucosa‡, Gasteria verrucosa‡, Crotalaria verrucosa, Trachylobium verrucosum‡ (97), Brassia verrucosa (82)
  30. drummondii
    e.g. Phlox drummondii, Dryas drummondii, Marsilea drummondii, Sapindus drummondii‡, Cornus drummondii
  31. minima, minimum, minimus
    e.g. Physalis minima, Rhynchosia minima, Myosurus minimus, Typha minima, Capsicum minimum
  32. amara, amarus
    e.g. Iberis amara, Quassia amara, Phyllanthus amarus, Albizia amara, Cardamine amara
  33. alterniflora
    e.g. Spartina alterniflora
  34. orellana
    e.g. Bixa orellana
  35. equisetifolia
    e.g. Casuarina equisetifolia
  36. crassifolia, crassifolium, crassifolius
    e.g. Byrsonima crassifolia, Maerua crassifolia, Bergenia crassifolia, Ulmus crassifolia, Pittosporum crassifolium
  37. ulmaria
    e.g. Filipendula ulmaria, Spiraea ulmaria
  38. fatua
    e.g. Avena fatua, Oryza fatua‡ (57), Myristica fatua (47)
  39. inflata, inflatum
    e.g. Lobelia inflata, Petunia inflata, Silene inflata‡, Eriogonum inflatum, Gymnocolea inflata
  40. utilis, utile
    e.g. Betula utilis, Entandrophragma utile, Prinsepia utilis, Lonchocarpus utilis‡, Brosimum utile
  41. trifida, trifidus, trifidum
    e.g. Ambrosia trifida, Dioscorea trifida, Juncus trifidus, Corallorhiza trifida, Galium trifidum
  42. tetragonolobus, tetragonoloba
    e.g. Psophocarpus tetragonolobus, Cyamopsis tetragonoloba, Lotus tetragonolobus, Cyanopsis tetragonoloba‡ (56)
  43. acetosa
    e.g. Rumex acetosa
  44. germanica, germanicum (15)
    e.g. Iris germanica, Mespilus germanica, Myricaria germanica, Gentianella germanica, Stachys germanica (88)
  45. lappa
    e.g. Arctium lappa, Saussurea lappa‡, Aplotaxis lappa‡ (29)
  46. microcarpa, microcarpus, microcarpum
    e.g. Ficus microcarpa, Nolina microcarpa, Asphodelus microcarpus‡, Citrus microcarpa, Oxycoccus microcarpus
  47. saxatile, saxatilis
    e.g. Alyssum saxatile‡, Galium saxatile, Aurinia saxatilis, Rubus saxatilis, Carex saxatilis
  48. versicolor
    e.g. Iris versicolor, Opuntia versicolor‡, Tachigalia versicolor‡, Albizia versicolor (94), Sorghum versicolor (60)
  49. monosperma
    e.g. Butea monosperma, Juniperus monosperma, Artemisia monosperma, Genista monosperma‡ (81), Retama monosperma (44)
  50. mutica, muticus, muticum
    e.g. Brachiaria mutica, Hyoscyamus muticus, Hilaria mutica, Apluda mutica, Cirsium muticum


  1. caryophyllus
    e.g. Dianthus caryophyllus, Eugenia caryophyllus
  2. absinthium
    e.g. Artemisia absinthium
  3. damascena
    e.g. Nigella damascena, Rosa damascena
  4. effusus, effusum, effusa (41)
    e.g. Juncus effusus, Milium effusum, Panicum effusum (69), Ulmus effusa‡ (41), Cladium effusum‡ (36)
  5. dumosa, dumosum, dumosus
    e.g. Quercus dumosa, Ambrosia dumosa, Franseria dumosa‡, Tsuga dumosa, Zygophyllum dumosum
  6. gallica, gallicum (92)
    e.g. Rosa gallica, Tamarix gallica, Silene gallica, Erucastrum gallicum (92), Filago gallica (46)
  7. thapsus, thapsi (49)
    e.g. Verbascum thapsus, Digitalis thapsi (49)
  8. laricina
    e.g. Larix laricina
  9. melanoxylon
    e.g. Acacia melanoxylon, Diospyros melanoxylon, Dalbergia melanoxylon
  10. cerifera
    e.g. Myrica cerifera‡, Copernicia cerifera‡, Benincasa cerifera‡, Euphorbia cerifera‡ (46), Corypha cerifera‡ (31)
  11. subulata, subulatum, subulatus
    e.g. Phlox subulata, Amomum subulatum, Sagina subulata, Sagittaria subulata, Aster subulatus
  12. saccharinum
    e.g. Acer saccharinum
  13. aviculare
    e.g. Polygonum aviculare, Solanum aviculare
  14. calycinum, calycina, calycinus (31)
    e.g. Hypericum calycinum, Kydia calycina, Bryophyllum calycinum‡, Ehrharta calycina, Brunfelsia calycina
  15. salicifolia, salicifolius, salicifolium
    e.g. Pyrus salicifolia, Spiraea salicifolia, Cotoneaster salicifolius, Baccharis salicifolia, Helianthus salicifolius
  16. polymorpha, polymorphum (73)
    e.g. Marchantia polymorpha, Medicago polymorpha, Metrosideros polymorpha, Angelica polymorpha, Bambusa polymorpha
  17. pedatum, pedata, pedatus
    e.g. Adiantum pedatum, Viola pedata, Cyclanthera pedata, Rubus pedatus, Telfairia pedata (91)
  18. terminalis
    e.g. Pachysandra terminalis, Cordyline terminalis‡, Dracaena terminalis‡, Acacia terminalis (59), Erica terminalis (40)
  19. decumbens
    e.g. Digitaria decumbens‡, Brachiaria decumbens, Sieglingia decumbens‡, Ledum decumbens‡, Danthonia decumbens
  20. petraea, petraeum (47)
    e.g. Quercus petraea, Isotoma petraea, Cardaminopsis petraea‡ (71), Arabis petraea‡ (69), Hornungia petraea (65)
  21. pusilla, pusillum, pusillus
    e.g. Hordeum pusillum, Potamogeton pusillus, Arceuthobium pusillum, Tofieldia pusilla, Blasia pusilla
  22. campanulatus, campanulata, campanulatum
    e.g. Spathodea campanulata, Enkianthus campanulatus, Amorphophallus campanulatus‡, Scilla campanulata‡, Rhododendron campanulatum
  23. ferruginea, ferrugineum, ferrugineus
    e.g. Rhododendron ferrugineum, Menziesia ferruginea‡, Digitalis ferruginea, Acacia ferruginea, Podocarpus ferrugineus
  24. nudicaulis, nudicaule
    e.g. Aralia nudicaulis, Papaver nudicaule, Delphinium nudicaule, Teesdalia nudicaulis, Mollugo nudicaulis (83)
  25. senegalensis, senegalense
    e.g. Khaya senegalensis, Annona senegalensis, Guiera senegalensis, Boscia senegalensis, Maytenus senegalensis
  26. acutifolia, acutifolius, acutifolium (73)
    e.g. Phaseolus acutifolius, Cassia acutifolia‡, Jacaranda acutifolia‡, Plumeria acutifolia‡, Asparagus acutifolius
  27. cyanus
    e.g. Centaurea cyanus
  28. graminea, gramineus, gramineum
    e.g. Acorus gramineus, Stellaria graminea, Potamogeton gramineus, Vicia graminea, Sagittaria graminea
  29. precatorius, precatoria
    e.g. Abrus precatorius, Euterpe precatoria
  30. mangle
    e.g. Rhizophora mangle
  31. suaveolens
    e.g. Hyptis suaveolens, Mentha suaveolens, Datura suaveolens‡, Brugmansia suaveolens, Nicotiana suaveolens
  32. bulbifera, bulbiferum, bulbifer (56)
    e.g. Dioscorea bulbifera, Asplenium bulbiferum, Lilium bulbiferum, Cystopteris bulbifera, Dentaria bulbifera
  33. deliciosa, deliciosus, deliciosum (73)
    e.g. Monstera deliciosa, Actinidia deliciosa‡, Rubus deliciosus, Citrus deliciosa‡, Vaccinium deliciosum (73)
  34. nemorosa, nemorosum, nemorosus (37)
    e.g. Anemone nemorosa, Salvia nemorosa‡, Melampyrum nemorosum, Draba nemorosa (68), Euphrasia nemorosa (67)
  35. fragilis, fragile (31)
    e.g. Salix fragilis, Cystopteris fragilis, Opuntia fragilis, Ephedra fragilis, Campanula fragilis (94)
  36. arctica, arcticus, arcticum
    e.g. Salix arctica, Rubus arcticus, Poa arctica, Lupinus arcticus, Cerastium arcticum
  37. marmelos
    e.g. Aegle marmelos
  38. engelmannii
    e.g. Picea engelmannii, Echinocereus engelmannii, Opuntia engelmannii, Pinus engelmannii, Quercus engelmannii
  39. siliqua
    e.g. Ceratonia siliqua
  40. monticola
    e.g. Pinus monticola, Halesia monticola‡, Fothergilla monticola‡, Arachis monticola (48), Grewia monticola (47)
  41. azedarach
    e.g. Melia azedarach
  42. camphora
    e.g. Cinnamomum camphora, Laurus camphora‡, Dryobalanops camphora
  43. didyma, didymus, didymum (46)
    e.g. Monarda didyma, Coronopus didymus‡, Canthium didymum‡ (46), Senebiera didyma‡ (37), Biscutella didyma (33)
  44. acutus, acuta, acutum
    e.g. Scirpus acutus‡, Sida acuta, Juncus acutus, Carex acuta, Quercus acuta
  45. malabaricum, malabarica
    e.g. Bombax malabaricum‡, Salmalia malabarica‡, Bauhinia malabarica, Myristica malabarica, Dysoxylum malabaricum
  46. guttatus, guttata, guttatum
    e.g. Mimulus guttatus‡, Beloperone guttata‡, Sauromatum guttatum‡, Solandra guttata (98), Sterculia guttata (87)
  47. camaldulensis
    e.g. Eucalyptus camaldulensis
  48. praecox
    e.g. Chimonanthus praecox, Thymus praecox, Aira praecox, Cytisus praecox, Stachyurus praecox
  49. sinuata, sinuatum, sinuatus
    e.g. Limonium sinuatum, Salpiglossis sinuata, Alnus sinuata‡, Dimorphotheca sinuata, Stenocarpus sinuatus
  50. vaginatum, vaginata, vaginatus (69)
    e.g. Eriophorum vaginatum, Paspalum vaginatum, Arceuthobium vaginatum (86), Carex vaginata (81), Festuca vaginata (70)


  1. parvifolia, parvifolium, parvifolius
    e.g. Ulmus parvifolia, Vaccinium parvifolium, Mitragyna parvifolia, Krameria parvifolia‡, Shorea parvifolia
  2. aparine
    e.g. Galium aparine
  3. horizontalis
    e.g. Cotoneaster horizontalis, Juniperus horizontalis, Digitaria horizontalis (92), Psychotria horizontalis (38), Umbilicus horizontalis (31)
  4. demersum
    e.g. Ceratophyllum demersum
  5. rhoeas
    e.g. Papaver rhoeas
  6. anisum
    e.g. Pimpinella anisum
  7. scabra, scaber, scabrum
    e.g. Deutzia scabra, Elephantopus scaber, Agrostis scabra, Stylosanthes scabra, Gentiana scabra
  8. dubia, dubium, dubius
    e.g. Trifolium dubium, Papaver dubium, Heteranthera dubia, Amaranthus dubius, Melia dubia
  9. viminalis, viminale
    e.g. Salix viminalis, Eucalyptus viminalis, Callistemon viminalis, Sarcostemma viminale‡, Ventilago viminalis (77)
  10. muralis, murale
    e.g. Chenopodium murale, Cymbalaria muralis, Mycelis muralis‡, Diplotaxis muralis, Tortula muralis
  11. dulcamara
    e.g. Solanum dulcamara
  12. dactyloides
    e.g. Buchloe dactyloides, Tripsacum dactyloides, Myristica dactyloides (69), Hakea dactyloides (43), Bulbilis dactyloides‡ (29)
  13. cataria
    e.g. Nepeta cataria
  14. triandra, triandrus
    e.g. Themeda triandra, Salix triandra, Narcissus triandrus, Krameria triandra‡, Areca triandra (84)
  15. atlantica, atlanticum
    e.g. Cedrus atlantica, Pistacia atlantica, Rhododendron atlanticum (70), Sisyrinchium atlanticum (58)
  16. roxburghii
    e.g. Pinus roxburghii, Putranjiva roxburghii, Balanites roxburghii‡, Ficus roxburghii‡, Parkia roxburghii
  17. micrantha, micranthum, micranthus
    e.g. Heuchera micrantha, Mikania micrantha, Trema micrantha, Bridelia micrantha, Combretum micranthum
  18. deodara
    e.g. Cedrus deodara, Pinus deodara‡ (49)
  19. chilensis, chilense
    e.g. Prosopis chilensis, Jubaea chilensis, Austrocedrus chilensis, Lycopersicon chilense, Osmorhiza chilensis
  20. simplex
    e.g. Cimicifuga simplex‡, Firmiana simplex, Potentilla simplex, Zygophyllum simplex‡, Loudetia simplex
  21. paradisiaca
    e.g. Musa paradisiaca
  22. involucrata, involucratus, involucratum (19)
    e.g. Davidia involucrata, Lonicera involucrata, Callirhoe involucrata, Tragia involucrata, Lantana involucrata
  23. opaca
    e.g. Ilex opaca, Carissa opaca‡, Crataegus opaca (53), Ulmus opaca‡ (15), Potentilla opaca‡ (14)
  24. carvi
    e.g. Carum carvi
  25. ovalifolium, ovalifolia
    e.g. Ligustrum ovalifolium, Lyonia ovalifolia, Desmodium ovalifolium‡, Eriogonum ovalifolium, Vaccinium ovalifolium
  26. donax
    e.g. Arundo donax
  27. pseudacorus
    e.g. Iris pseudacorus
  28. thalictroides
    e.g. Caulophyllum thalictroides, Ceratopteris thalictroides, Anemonella thalictroides‡, Isopyrum thalictroides (79), Thalictrum thalictroides (69)
  29. globosa, globosum (17)
    e.g. Gomphrena globosa, Euterpe globosa‡, Isachne globosa (93), Buddleja globosa (90), Mimusops globosa‡ (82)
  30. suber
    e.g. Quercus suber
  31. carnea, carneum (89)
    e.g. Erica carnea, Ipomoea carnea, Aesculus carnea, Podocoryne carnea‡, Jacobinia carnea‡ (89)
  32. terrestris, terrestre (11)
    e.g. Tribulus terrestris, Lysimachia terrestris, Nasturtium terrestre‡ (11)
  33. affinis, affine
    e.g. Axonopus affinis‡, Exacum affine, Polygonum affine‡, Nicotiana affinis‡, Dryopteris affinis
  34. exaltata, exaltatus, exaltatum
    e.g. Nephrolepis exaltata, Rottboellia exaltata‡, Sesbania exaltata‡, Asclepias exaltata, Echinops exaltatus
  35. amurensis, amurense
    e.g. Phellodendron amurense, Maackia amurensis, Ligustrum amurense, Adonis amurensis, Syringa amurensis
  36. sissoo
    e.g. Dalbergia sissoo
  37. nepalensis, nepalense
    e.g. Alnus nepalensis, Rumex nepalensis, Potentilla nepalensis, Coriaria nepalensis, Arundinella nepalensis
  38. papyrus
    e.g. Cyperus papyrus
  39. taxifolia, taxifolius (85), taxifolium (5)
    e.g. Pseudotsuga taxifolia‡, Torreya taxifolia, Prumnopitys taxifolia (95), Fissidens taxifolius (85), Pinus taxifolia‡ (44)
  40. oleifera
    e.g. Moringa oleifera, Elaeis oleifera, Camellia oleifera, Corozo oleifera‡, Orbignya oleifera‡ (52)
  41. violacea, violaceum, violaceus (40)
    e.g. Ipomoea violacea, Tulbaghia violacea, Oxalis violacea, Petunia violacea‡, Xanthosoma violaceum
  42. prostrata, prostratum, prostratus
    e.g. Eclipta prostrata, Veronica prostrata, Kochia prostrata‡, Euphorbia prostrata, Ceanothus prostratus
  43. pinaster
    e.g. Pinus pinaster
  44. rubens
    e.g. Picea rubens, Bromus rubens, Trifolium rubens (62)
  45. filiformis, filiforme
    e.g. Cassytha filiformis, Syringodium filiforme, Potamogeton filiformis‡, Veronica filiformis, Juncus filiformis
  46. hyemale, hyemalis
    e.g. Equisetum hyemale, Eranthis hyemalis, Aplectrum hyemale, Agrostis hyemalis (94), Helleborus hyemalis‡ (16)
  47. ensiformis
    e.g. Canavalia ensiformis, Pteris ensiformis
  48. cineraria
    e.g. Prosopis cineraria, Senecio cineraria‡, Centaurea cineraria
  49. ponticum, pontica
    e.g. Rhododendron ponticum, Azalea pontica‡, Artemisia pontica, Daphne pontica, Thinopyrum ponticum‡ (55)
  50. fusca, fuscum, fuscus
    e.g. Sphagnum fuscum, Nothofagus fusca, Diplachne fusca‡, Leptochloa fusca, Erythrina fusca


  1. farfara
    e.g. Tussilago farfara
  2. hispanica, hispanicus, hispanicum
    e.g. Scorzonera hispanica, Genista hispanica, Scilla hispanica‡, Endymion hispanicus‡, Scolymus hispanicus
  3. obovata, obovatus, obovatum (56)
    e.g. Picea obovata, Magnolia obovata, Cotinus obovatus, Cassia obovata‡, Lucuma obovata
  4. aegyptiaca, aegyptiacum (99)
    e.g. Balanites aegyptiaca, Luffa aegyptiaca‡, Orobanche aegyptiaca‡, Sesbania aegyptiaca‡, Dactyloctenium aegyptiacum‡ (60)
  5. aethiopica, aethiopicum, aethiopicus
    e.g. Zantedeschia aethiopica, Xylopia aethiopica, Solanum aethiopicum, Adiantum aethiopicum (88), Asplenium aethiopicum (68)
  6. minus
    e.g. Arctium minus, Thalictrum minus, Tropaeolum minus, Centaurium minus‡, Polygonum minus
  7. rupestris, rupestre
    e.g. Vitis rupestris, Carex rupestris, Selaginella rupestris, Umbilicus rupestris, Andreaea rupestris
  8. schoenoprasum
    e.g. Allium schoenoprasum
  9. antarctica, antarcticum (39)
    e.g. Dicksonia antarctica, Cissus antarctica, Nothofagus antarctica, Deschampsia antarctica, Amphibolis antarctica
  10. unedo
    e.g. Arbutus unedo
  11. caribaea, caribaeum (64)
    e.g. Pinus caribaea, Heliconia caribaea, Exostema caribaeum (64), Hymenocallis caribaea (57), Sterculia caribaea (40)
  12. charantia
    e.g. Momordica charantia
  13. benzoin
    e.g. Lindera benzoin, Styrax benzoin, Laurus benzoin‡ (92), Benzoin benzoin‡ (16)
  14. hexandra, hexandrum
    e.g. Leersia hexandra, Podophyllum hexandrum, Manilkara hexandra, Mimusops hexandra‡, Vancouveria hexandra
  15. sanctum, sanctus (78), sancta (65)
    e.g. Ocimum sanctum‡, Guaiacum sanctum, Rubus sanctus (78), Piper sanctum (70), Crepis sancta (65)
  16. arizonica, arizonicus
    e.g. Cupressus arizonica, Vitis arizonica, Festuca arizonica, Quercus arizonica, Arbutus arizonica
  17. jalapa
    e.g. Mirabilis jalapa, Ipomoea jalapa (52), Exogonium jalapa‡ (42), Convolvulus jalapa‡ (38)
  18. durum
    e.g. Triticum durum
  19. diversifolia, diversifolius, diversifolium (63)
    e.g. Tithonia diversifolia, Tsuga diversifolia, Leucaena diversifolia, Coccoloba diversifolia, Ficus diversifolia
  20. saligna, salignus, salignum (62)
    e.g. Eucalyptus saligna, Acacia saligna, Faurea saligna, Lactuca saligna, Callistemon salignus (92)
  21. tortilis
    e.g. Acacia tortilis, Stipa tortilis‡ (84), Trichopilia tortilis (31)
  22. populnea, populneus
    e.g. Thespesia populnea, Eucalyptus populnea, Hoheria populnea, Brachychiton populneus, Bucklandia populnea‡ (97)
  23. siceraria
    e.g. Lagenaria siceraria
  24. dichotoma, dichotomum, dichotomus
    e.g. Cordia dichotoma, Aloe dichotoma, Fimbristylis dichotoma, Callicarpa dichotoma, Trichostema dichotomum
  25. bipinnatus, bipinnata
    e.g. Cosmos bipinnatus, Desmostachya bipinnata, Bidens bipinnata, Koelreuteria bipinnata (96), Ampelopsis bipinnata‡ (6)
  26. turgidum, turgida
    e.g. Triticum turgidum, Panicum turgidum, Gardenia turgida‡, Aulacomnium turgidum
  27. pyramidalis, pyramidale
    e.g. Ochroma pyramidale, Anacamptis pyramidalis, Campanula pyramidalis, Echinochloa pyramidalis, Sporobolus pyramidalis
  28. retroflexus, retroflexa
    e.g. Amaranthus retroflexus, Dinebra retroflexa (74), Tulipa retroflexa‡ (27)
  29. gayana, gayanus
    e.g. Chloris gayana, Andropogon gayanus
  30. stratiotes
    e.g. Pistia stratiotes
  31. platyphylla, platyphyllos
    e.g. Tilia platyphyllos, Betula platyphylla, Brachiaria platyphylla, Porella platyphylla, Tilia platyphylla‡ (96)
  32. caffra, caffrum, caffrorum, caffer (51)
    e.g. Sclerocarya caffra‡, Erythrina caffra, Ximenia caffra, Dovyalis caffra, Harpephyllum caffrum
  33. tatarica, tataricum, tataricus
    e.g. Lonicera tatarica, Acer tataricum, Fagopyrum tataricum, Aster tataricus, Lactuca tatarica (84)
  34. rhamnoides
    e.g. Hippophae rhamnoides, Breynia rhamnoides‡ (38), Coprosma rhamnoides (34)
  35. trifolia, trifolius, trifolii (35)
    e.g. Coptis trifolia, Vitex trifolia, Staphylea trifolia, Smilacina trifolia‡, Triphasia trifolia
  36. archangelica
    e.g. Angelica archangelica
  37. lablab
    e.g. Dolichos lablab
  38. groenlandicum, groenlandica
    e.g. Ledum groenlandicum‡, Coptis groenlandica‡, Pedicularis groenlandica, Arenaria groenlandica‡ (90), Cochlearia groenlandica (61)
  39. cretica, creticus, creticum
    e.g. Pteris cretica, Cressa cretica, Fagonia cretica, Cistus creticus, Eryngium creticum (77)
  40. napellus
    e.g. Aconitum napellus
  41. paludosa, paludosus, paludosum
    e.g. Tradescantia paludosa‡, Phoenix paludosa, Crepis paludosa, Hammarbya paludosa, Malaxis paludosa
  42. longiflorum
    e.g. Lilium longiflorum
  43. citratus, citrata
    e.g. Cymbopogon citratus, Mentha citrata‡, Andropogon citratus‡, Litsea citrata‡ (44)
  44. spiralis
    e.g. Vallisneria spiralis, Spiranthes spiralis, Ruppia spiralis‡, Macrozamia spiralis, Pandanus spiralis (99)
  45. strumarium
    e.g. Xanthium strumarium
  46. sagittifolia, sagittifolium, sagittifolius (89)
    e.g. Sagittaria sagittifolia, Xanthosoma sagittifolium, Aster sagittifolius‡ (89)
  47. oppositifolia, oppositifolium, oppositifolius
    e.g. Saxifraga oppositifolia, Chrysosplenium oppositifolium, Grewia oppositifolia, Dioscorea oppositifolia (85), Mallotus oppositifolius (57)
  48. monococcum
    e.g. Triticum monococcum
  49. anglica, anglicum
    e.g. Spartina anglica, Drosera anglica, Genista anglica, Sedum anglicum, Cochlearia anglica
  50. insignis, insigne
    e.g. Pinus insignis‡, Paphiopedilum insigne, Platonia insignis‡, Cypripedium insigne‡, Sapium insigne


  1. williamsii
    e.g. Lophophora williamsii
  2. elliottii
    e.g. Pinus elliottii, Vaccinium elliottii (54)
  3. prunifolium, prunifolia, prunifolius
    e.g. Viburnum prunifolium, Spiraea prunifolia, Malus prunifolia, Hybanthus prunifolius, Rhododendron prunifolium
  4. odoratissimus, odoratissima, odoratissimum
    e.g. Pandanus odoratissimus‡, Pelargonium odoratissimum, Viburnum odoratissimum, Albizia odoratissima, Monardella odoratissima
  5. caprea
    e.g. Salix caprea
  6. lawsoniana
    e.g. Chamaecyparis lawsoniana, Cupressus lawsoniana‡ (94)
  7. riparia, riparium, riparius
    e.g. Vitis riparia, Carex riparia, Homonoia riparia, Sphagnum riparium, Ageratina riparia (96)
  8. ternata, ternatum
    e.g. Choisya ternata, Pinellia ternata, Sedum ternatum, Waldsteinia ternata‡, Melicope ternata (66)
  9. sanguinalis, sanguinale (67)
    e.g. Digitaria sanguinalis, Panicum sanguinale‡ (67), Syntherisma sanguinalis‡ (29)
  10. hastata, hastatum, hastatus
    e.g. Verbena hastata, Atriplex hastata‡, Monochoria hastata, Salix hastata, Philodendron hastatum
  11. scolymus
    e.g. Cynara scolymus
  12. kali
    e.g. Salsola kali
  13. trichocarpa, trichocarpum (41)
    e.g. Populus trichocarpa‡, Rhus trichocarpa‡ (72), Ipomoea trichocarpa‡ (66), Ormocarpum trichocarpum (41), Carex trichocarpa (39)
  14. laurifolia, laurifolius, laurifolium (52)
    e.g. Quercus laurifolia, Cistus laurifolius, Smilax laurifolia, Cocculus laurifolius, Passiflora laurifolia
  15. rhombifolia, rhombifolium (89)
    e.g. Sida rhombifolia, Alnus rhombifolia, Cissus rhombifolia‡, Thermopsis rhombifolia, Pittosporum rhombifolium‡ (89)
  16. virosa
    e.g. Cicuta virosa, Lactuca virosa, Securinega virosa‡, Euphorbia virosa (93), Flueggea virosa (75)
  17. gale
    e.g. Myrica gale
  18. serpyllum
    e.g. Thymus serpyllum
  19. flavescens
    e.g. Phoradendron flavescens‡, Trisetum flavescens, Grewia flavescens, Sophora flavescens, Leptospermum flavescens
  20. petiolaris, petiolare
    e.g. Hydrangea petiolaris, Helichrysum petiolare, Helianthus petiolaris, Tilia petiolaris, Salix petiolaris
  21. revoluta, revolutum
    e.g. Cycas revoluta, Erythronium revolutum, Hypericum revolutum, Dianella revoluta (71), Hypnum revolutum (48)
  22. smithii
    e.g. Agropyron smithii‡, Acmena smithii‡, Pascopyrum smithii‡, Disporum smithii‡ (82), Eucalyptus smithii (81)
  23. wrightii, wrightiae (50)
    e.g. Halodule wrightii, Datura wrightii, Platanus wrightii, Sporobolus wrightii, Garrya wrightii
  24. pauciflora, pauciflorus
    e.g. Eucalyptus pauciflora, Corylopsis pauciflora, Cenchrus pauciflorus‡, Carex pauciflora, Artemisia pauciflora (85)
  25. chebula
    e.g. Terminalia chebula
  26. ferox
    e.g. Aloe ferox, Euryale ferox, Datura ferox, Aconitum ferox, Urtica ferox (96)
  27. benghalensis
    e.g. Ficus benghalensis, Commelina benghalensis, Hiptage benghalensis, Vicia benghalensis (78)
  28. magellanica, magellanicum, magellanicus (58)
    e.g. Fuchsia magellanica, Sphagnum magellanicum, Gunnera magellanica, Acaena magellanica (73), Philesia magellanica (71)
  29. elongatum, elongata, elongatus
    e.g. Agropyron elongatum‡, Dicranum elongatum, Mammillaria elongata, Carex elongata, Lophopyrum elongatum‡ (98)
  30. recutita
    e.g. Matricaria recutita‡, Chamomilla recutita
  31. pinea
    e.g. Pinus pinea
  32. planifolia, planifolius (36)
    e.g. Vanilla planifolia, Salix planifolia, Juncus planifolius (36)
  33. toxicodendron
    e.g. Rhus toxicodendron
  34. amplexicaule, amplexicaulis
    e.g. Lamium amplexicaule, Hymenachne amplexicaulis, Polygonum amplexicaule‡, Wyethia amplexicaulis, Persicaria amplexicaulis‡ (89)
  35. cardamomum
    e.g. Elettaria cardamomum, Amomum cardamomum
  36. blanda, blandus (21)
    e.g. Anemone blanda, Rosa blanda, Viola blanda, Carex blanda (37), Salix blanda (37)
  37. octopetala
    e.g. Dryas octopetala
  38. nivea, niveus, niveum
    e.g. Boehmeria nivea, Potentilla nivea, Rubus niveus, Luzula nivea, Urtica nivea‡ (60)
  39. aquatilis, aquatile (48)
    e.g. Ranunculus aquatilis, Carex aquatilis, Howellia aquatilis (57), Batrachium aquatile‡ (48)
  40. densa, densum (97), densus (46)
    e.g. Egeria densa, Elodea densa‡, Abies densa, Selaginella densa, Tanacetum densum (80)
  41. farinosa, farinosum (53)
    e.g. Encelia farinosa, Aletris farinosa, Cadaba farinosa, Cheilanthes farinosa‡, Dudleya farinosa (77)
  42. dealbata
    e.g. Acacia dealbata, Thalia dealbata, Cyathea dealbata, Clitocybe dealbata‡, Centaurea dealbata
  43. ramosa, ramosum, ramosus
    e.g. Orobanche ramosa‡, Sparganium ramosum‡, Brachiaria ramosa, Bromus ramosus, Asphodelus ramosus
  44. nervosa, nervosum, nervosus (37)
    e.g. Sehima nervosum, Berberis nervosa, Mahonia nervosa‡, Argyreia nervosa, Viburnum nervosum (88)
  45. strigosus, strigosa, strigosum (75)
    e.g. Rubus strigosus‡, Avena strigosa, Erigeron strigosus, Cyperus strigosus, Parapholis strigosa (82)
  46. wallichiana, wallichianum, wallichianus (46)
    e.g. Pinus wallichiana, Taxus wallichiana, Ulmus wallichiana, Geranium wallichianum, Juniperus wallichiana
  47. acerifolium, acerifolia, acerifolius
    e.g. Platanus acerifolia‡, Viburnum acerifolium, Pterospermum acerifolium, Brachychiton acerifolius, Sterculia acerifolia‡ (47)
  48. melaninogenicus
    e.g. Bacteroides melaninogenicus
  49. utilissima, utilissimus‡ (38)
    e.g. Manihot utilissima‡, Cucumis utilissimus‡ (38)
  50. arbutifolia
    e.g. Heteromeles arbutifolia, Aronia arbutifolia‡, Photinia arbutifolia‡, Pyrus arbutifolia‡, Chosenia arbutifolia (56)


  1. plantagineum, plantaginea
    e.g. Echium plantagineum, Hosta plantaginea, Craterostigma plantagineum, Doronicum plantagineum, Carex plantaginea
  2. quinoa
    e.g. Chenopodium quinoa
  3. sapientum
    e.g. Musa sapientum
  4. polifolia, polifolium‡ (19)
    e.g. Andromeda polifolia, Kalmia polifolia, Daboecia polifolia‡ (41), Menziesia polifolia‡ (40), Helianthemum polifolium‡ (19)
  5. oblonga, oblongum
    e.g. Cydonia oblonga, Acer oblongum, Kageneckia oblonga (55), Sterculia oblonga (49), Terminalia oblonga (49)
  6. porrum
    e.g. Allium porrum
  7. typhina
    e.g. Rhus typhina
  8. nuttallii, nuttalliae (54)
    e.g. Cornus nuttallii, Calochortus nuttallii, Elodea nuttallii, Quercus nuttallii‡, Atriplex nuttallii
  9. tiliaceus, tiliacea (53), tiliaceum (44)
    e.g. Hibiscus tiliaceus‡, Ipomoea tiliacea (53), Paritium tiliaceum‡ (44)
  10. typhoides
    e.g. Pennisetum typhoides
  11. reflexa, reflexum
    e.g. Cuscuta reflexa, Sedum reflexum‡, Salvia reflexa, Tradescantia reflexa‡, Dracaena reflexa
  12. trivialis, triviale
    e.g. Poa trivialis, Rubus trivialis, Alisma triviale, Cerastium triviale‡ (28)
  13. sinica, sinicus
    e.g. Ephedra sinica, Astragalus sinicus, Rosa sinica‡ (49), Zelkova sinica (38)
  14. chamaedrys
    e.g. Teucrium chamaedrys, Veronica chamaedrys
  15. pedunculata, pedunculatus, pedunculatum (82)
    e.g. Quercus pedunculata‡, Lotus pedunculatus, Carex pedunculata (89), Viola pedunculata (84), Scalesia pedunculata (78)
  16. squamosa, squamosum (31)
    e.g. Annona squamosa, Cladonia squamosa‡, Fontinalis squamosa (83), Bridelia squamosa‡ (54), Trifolium squamosum (31)
  17. quadrifolia
    e.g. Paris quadrifolia, Marsilea quadrifolia, Lysimachia quadrifolia, Pinus quadrifolia, Asclepias quadrifolia (74)
  18. mugo
    e.g. Pinus mugo
  19. laurocerasus
    e.g. Prunus laurocerasus, Cerasus laurocerasus‡ (15)
  20. citrifolia
    e.g. Morinda citrifolia, Ficus citrifolia
  21. cuneata, cuneatus, cuneatum
    e.g. Lespedeza cuneata, Ceanothus cuneatus, Adiantum cuneatum‡, Sagittaria cuneata, Jatropha cuneata (92)
  22. balsamina
    e.g. Impatiens balsamina, Momordica balsamina
  23. leucanthemum
    e.g. Chrysanthemum leucanthemum
  24. angolensis, angolense
    e.g. Pterocarpus angolensis, Pycnanthus angolensis, Entandrophragma angolense, Maerua angolensis, Pericopsis angolensis (88)
  25. marilandica
    e.g. Quercus marilandica, Spigelia marilandica, Cassia marilandica‡, Sanicula marilandica, Scrophularia marilandica
  26. caesius, caesia, caesium
    e.g. Rubus caesius, Acer caesium, Solidago caesia, Eucalyptus caesia, Calamus caesius
  27. amygdalus
    e.g. Prunus amygdalus
  28. ursinum, ursinus, ursina
    e.g. Allium ursinum, Rubus ursinus, Carex ursina (64), Phalanger ursinus‡ (44), Angelica ursina (40)
  29. ramosissima, ramosissimum
    e.g. Tamarix ramosissima, Coleogyne ramosissima, Equisetum ramosissimum, Opuntia ramosissima‡, Myosotis ramosissima (82)
  30. trilobata, trilobatum
    e.g. Rhus trilobata, Wedelia trilobata‡, Bazzania trilobata, Solanum trilobatum (83), Vigna trilobata (83)
  31. lactiflora
    e.g. Paeonia lactiflora, Campanula lactiflora, Artemisia lactiflora, Distictis lactiflora (28)
  32. jacobaea
    e.g. Senecio jacobaea
  33. axillaris, axillare
    e.g. Petunia axillaris, Leucothoe axillaris, Iva axillaris, Caesulia axillaris, Eugenia axillaris
  34. texana, texanum, texanus (60)
    e.g. Diospyros texana, Nolina texana, Carya texana, Panicum texanum‡, Cucurbita texana
  35. lentiscus
    e.g. Pistacia lentiscus
  36. pulchra, pulcher, pulchrum
    e.g. Stipa pulchra, Hypericum pulchrum, Ochna pulchra, Rumex pulcher, Salix pulchra
  37. dracunculus
    e.g. Artemisia dracunculus, Arum dracunculus‡ (96)
  38. lupulina
    e.g. Medicago lupulina, Carex lupulina (67), Barleria lupulina (38)
  39. macrocarpon
    e.g. Vaccinium macrocarpon‡, Solanum macrocarpon (77)
  40. cerasus
    e.g. Prunus cerasus
  41. grandidentata, grandidentatum
    e.g. Populus grandidentata, Acer grandidentatum
  42. paradoxa, paradoxum, paradoxus (68)
    e.g. Fallugia paradoxa, Vitellaria paradoxa, Butyrospermum paradoxum‡, Phalaris paradoxa, Stangeria paradoxa‡ (98)
  43. varia, varius (86)
    e.g. Coronilla varia‡, Lupinus varius‡ (86), Medicago varia‡ (82), Festuca varia (63), Apluda varia‡ (61)
  44. schreberi
    e.g. Pleurozium schreberi, Brasenia schreberi, Muhlenbergia schreberi
  45. babylonica
    e.g. Salix babylonica, Centaurea babylonica (18)
  46. monophylla, monophyllos (78)
    e.g. Pinus monophylla, Cliftonia monophylla, Atalantia monophylla, Cleome monophylla (96), Malaxis monophyllos (53)
  47. obliqua, obliquum, obliquus (38)
    e.g. Eucalyptus obliqua, Nothofagus obliqua, Chelone obliqua, Ptaeroxylon obliquum, Cordia obliqua (98)
  48. caucasica, caucasicum
    e.g. Scabiosa caucasica‡, Arabis caucasica, Doronicum caucasicum‡, Rhododendron caucasicum, Celtis caucasica‡ (74)
  49. odora, odorus (98)
    e.g. Daphne odora, Solidago odora, Alocasia odora (55), Hebe odora‡ (54), Narcissus odorus (54)
  50. attenuata, attenuatus (70)
    e.g. Pinus attenuata, Nicotiana attenuata, Agave attenuata, Banksia attenuata, Dodonaea attenuata‡ (64)


  1. cyminum
    e.g. Cuminum cyminum
  2. flexilis
    e.g. Pinus flexilis, Najas flexilis
  3. nudum, nuda
    e.g. Psilotum nudum, Viburnum nudum, Mitella nuda, Avena nuda, Eriogonum nudum
  4. orbiculatus, orbiculata
    e.g. Celastrus orbiculatus, Symphoricarpos orbiculatus, Cotyledon orbiculata, Habenaria orbiculata‡, Rumex orbiculatus (81)
  5. antiquorum
    e.g. Colocasia antiquorum, Euphorbia antiquorum, Papyrus antiquorum‡ (60), Ononis antiquorum‡ (24)
  6. arjuna
    e.g. Terminalia arjuna, Pentaptera arjuna‡ (22)
  7. cembra
    e.g. Pinus cembra
  8. malus
    e.g. Pyrus malus‡, Malus malus‡ (46)
  9. diphylla, diphyllum
    e.g. Jeffersonia diphylla, Mitella diphylla, Stylophorum diphyllum, Dentaria diphylla‡, Zornia diphylla
  10. lyrata
    e.g. Ficus lyrata, Quercus lyrata, Salvia lyrata, Arabis lyrata‡, Berlandiera lyrata (75)
  11. fremontii
    e.g. Populus fremontii, Chenopodium fremontii (98), Clematis fremontii (96), Berberis fremontii (68), Lepidium fremontii (68)
  12. pulegium
    e.g. Mentha pulegium
  13. medica
    e.g. Citrus medica, Smilax medica‡ (61)
  14. tricuspidata, tricuspidatus (46), tricuspidatum (31)
    e.g. Parthenocissus tricuspidata, Saxifraga tricuspidata, Cudrania tricuspidata (87), Ampelopsis tricuspidata‡ (50), Pterocelastrus tricuspidatus (46)
  15. ambigua, ambiguum, ambiguus (90)
    e.g. Consolida ambigua‡, Sphaeralcea ambigua, Digitalis ambigua‡, Trifolium ambiguum, Salicornia ambigua
  16. lenta
    e.g. Betula lenta
  17. alleghaniensis
    e.g. Betula alleghaniensis, Prunus alleghaniensis (45)
  18. lambertiana
    e.g. Pinus lambertiana
  19. foetidissima, foetidissimum
    e.g. Iris foetidissima, Cucurbita foetidissima, Sideroxylon foetidissimum (78), Juniperus foetidissima (72), Mastichodendron foetidissimum‡ (62)
  20. benjamina
    e.g. Ficus benjamina
  21. laxa, laxum, laxus
    e.g. Tripsacum laxum, Iseilema laxum, Triteleia laxa, Myosotis laxa, Brodiaea laxa
  22. saponaria
    e.g. Sapindus saponaria, Quillaja saponaria, Aloe saponaria‡, Gentiana saponaria (91)
  23. clandestinum, clandestina
    e.g. Pennisetum clandestinum, Panicum clandestinum, Lathraea clandestina (90), Glycine clandestina (76), Utricularia clandestina‡ (22)
  24. ilicifolia, ilicifolius, ilicifolium (41)
    e.g. Acanthus ilicifolius, Quercus ilicifolia, Osmanthus ilicifolius‡, Itea ilicifolia, Berberis ilicifolia (74)
  25. imbricata, imbricatus, imbricatum
    e.g. Araucaria imbricata‡, Opuntia imbricata‡, Sphagnum imbricatum, Fabiana imbricata, Iva imbricata
  26. cumini
    e.g. Syzygium cumini, Eugenia cumini
  27. ferrea, ferreum
    e.g. Mesua ferrea, Krugiodendron ferreum, Diospyros ferrea‡, Caesalpinia ferrea (73), Ixora ferrea (45)
  28. fruticans
    e.g. Nypa fruticans, Nipa fruticans‡, Teucrium fruticans, Veronica fruticans (81)
  29. catappa
    e.g. Terminalia catappa
  30. ventricosa, ventricosum
    e.g. Ensete ventricosum, Hyphaene ventricosa‡, Hosta ventricosa, Aegilops ventricosa, Gastridium ventricosum
  31. githago
    e.g. Agrostemma githago, Lychnis githago‡ (59)
  32. byzantina, byzantinus
    e.g. Stachys byzantina, Avena byzantina, Gladiolus byzantinus‡, Galanthus byzantinus‡ (33)
  33. reginae, regina (51)
    e.g. Strelitzia reginae, Cypripedium reginae, Victoria regina‡ (51)
  34. pruriens
    e.g. Mucuna pruriens, Dolichos pruriens‡ (95), Sterculia pruriens (67), Davidsonia pruriens (48), Stizolobium pruriens‡ (38)
  35. cunninghamii
    e.g. Araucaria cunninghamii, Nothofagus cunninghamii, Muehlenbeckia cunninghamii‡ (86), Crotalaria cunninghamii (70), Dendrobium cunninghamii (46)
  36. imperialis
    e.g. Fritillaria imperialis, Paulownia imperialis‡, Dahlia imperialis, Centaurea imperialis (68), Napoleona imperialis‡ (32)
  37. clavatum, clavata (28)
    e.g. Lycopodium clavatum, Opuntia clavata‡ (28)
  38. temulentum
    e.g. Lolium temulentum, Chaerophyllum temulentum‡ (59)
  39. deltoidea
    e.g. Dioscorea deltoidea, Aubrieta deltoidea, Ambrosia deltoidea, Franseria deltoidea‡, Ficus deltoidea
  40. mas
    e.g. Cornus mas
  41. tetragona, tetragonum
    e.g. Cassiope tetragona, Nymphaea tetragona, Oenothera tetragona‡, Epilobium tetragonum (87), Microcachrys tetragona (79)
  42. regnans
    e.g. Eucalyptus regnans
  43. libani
    e.g. Cedrus libani
  44. greggii
    e.g. Acacia greggii, Salvia greggii, Ceanothus greggii, Peniocereus greggii, Dalea greggii (58)
  45. frigida, frigidus, frigidum (26)
    e.g. Artemisia frigida, Petasites frigidus, Cotoneaster frigida‡, Euphrasia frigida, Cotoneaster frigidus (94)
  46. alpestris, alpestre
    e.g. Myosotis alpestris, Thlaspi alpestre‡, Athyrium alpestre, Silene alpestris‡, Puya alpestris (84)
  47. siamea
    e.g. Cassia siamea‡, Senna siamea
  48. usneoides
    e.g. Tillandsia usneoides, Tamarix usneoides (84), Dendropogon usneoides‡ (28)
  49. textilis, textile (84)
    e.g. Musa textilis, Allium textile (84), Cyperus textilis (58), Bambusa textilis (51), Juncus textilis (30)
  50. sagittatum, sagittata, sagittatus (66)
    e.g. Balsamorhiza sagittata, Gynerium sagittatum, Fagopyrum sagittatum‡, Polygonum sagittatum‡, Viola sagittata (96)


  1. mertensiana, mertensianus (45)
    e.g. Tsuga mertensiana, Cassiope mertensiana, Juncus mertensianus (45), Corallorhiza mertensiana (36)
  2. tetralix
    e.g. Erica tetralix
  3. notatum
    e.g. Paspalum notatum
  4. gibba, gibbum
    e.g. Lemna gibba, Utricularia gibba, Blechnum gibbum, Lomaria gibba‡ (25)
  5. cicutarium
    e.g. Erodium cicutarium
  6. julibrissin
    e.g. Albizia julibrissin, Albizzia julibrissin
  7. morifolium
    e.g. Chrysanthemum morifolium, Dendranthema morifolium‡ (70)
  8. coggygria
    e.g. Cotinus coggygria
  9. vernalis
    e.g. Adonis vernalis, Hamamelis vernalis, Senecio vernalis‡, Pulsatilla vernalis (69), Spiranthes vernalis (64)
  10. sapida
    e.g. Blighia sapida, Rhopalostylis sapida, Baccaurea sapida‡, Myrica sapida‡ (67), Areca sapida‡ (46)
  11. mezereum
    e.g. Daphne mezereum
  12. ludoviciana
    e.g. Artemisia ludoviciana, Avena ludoviciana‡, Dryopteris ludoviciana (55), Orobanche ludoviciana (53), Lactuca ludoviciana (51)
  13. anserina
    e.g. Potentilla anserina‡, Argentina anserina (35)
  14. vomitoria
    e.g. Ilex vomitoria, Rauvolfia vomitoria
  15. sterilis
    e.g. Avena sterilis, Bromus sterilis, Potentilla sterilis, Anisantha sterilis‡ (50), Carex sterilis (40)
  16. labrusca
    e.g. Vitis labrusca
  17. picta, pictum, pictus
    e.g. Dieffenbachia picta‡, Kalopanax pictus‡, Uraria picta, Acer pictum‡, Scindapsus pictus
  18. setigera, setigerus, setigerum
    e.g. Rosa setigera, Cenchrus setigerus, Eremocarpus setigerus‡, Sterculia setigera, Papaver setigerum
  19. neglecta, neglectus, neglectum (25)
    e.g. Malva neglecta, Antennaria neglecta, Calamagrostis neglecta‡, Utricularia neglecta‡ (82), Dianthus neglectus‡ (64)
  20. farnesiana
    e.g. Acacia farnesiana, Mimosa farnesiana‡ (37), Vachellia farnesiana‡ (27)
  21. uncinata, uncinatum, uncinatus (99)
    e.g. Desmodium uncinatum, Pinus uncinata, Melaleuca uncinata, Aconitum uncinatum, Chamelaucium uncinatum
  22. nudiflorum
    e.g. Jasminum nudiflorum, Rhododendron nudiflorum‡, Desmodium nudiflorum (98), Aneilema nudiflorum‡ (32), Helenium nudiflorum‡ (31)
  23. azurea, azureus, azureum
    e.g. Anchusa azurea‡, Salvia azurea, Eichhornia azurea, Muscari azureum‡, Aster azureus
  24. senticosus
    e.g. Eleutherococcus senticosus, Acanthopanax senticosus
  25. decandra, decandrum, decander‡ (53)
    e.g. Phytolacca decandra‡, Ceriops decandra, Combretum decandrum, Gymnocarpos decander‡ (53), Trianthema decandra‡ (50)
  26. betle
    e.g. Piper betle, Chavica betle‡ (23)
  27. sisalana
    e.g. Agave sisalana
  28. mutabilis, mutabile
    e.g. Lupinus mutabilis, Hibiscus mutabilis, Aristida mutabilis, Nephelium mutabile‡, Stachytarpheta mutabilis (60)
  29. ambrosioides
    e.g. Chenopodium ambrosioides‡, Ambrosia ambrosioides (63), Franseria ambrosioides‡ (34)
  30. muscipula
    e.g. Dionaea muscipula
  31. curcas
    e.g. Jatropha curcas
  32. curassavica, curassavicum
    e.g. Asclepias curassavica, Heliotropium curassavicum, Cordia curassavica
  33. acicularis
    e.g. Eleocharis acicularis, Rosa acicularis, Chloris acicularis‡ (51), Enteropogon acicularis (50), Scirpus acicularis‡ (40)
  34. vesicaria, vesicarius, vesicarium (26)
    e.g. Atriplex vesicaria, Carex vesicaria, Eruca vesicaria, Rumex vesicarius, Crepis vesicaria (69)
  35. glyptostroboides
    e.g. Metasequoia glyptostroboides
  36. polyphyllus, polyphylla, polyphyllum
    e.g. Lupinus polyphyllus, Paris polyphylla, Aloe polyphylla, Tropaeolum polyphyllum (69), Enneapogon polyphyllus (43)
  37. fluviatile, fluviatilis
    e.g. Equisetum fluviatile, Scirpus fluviatilis‡, Laurentia fluviatilis‡ (72), Oenanthe fluviatilis (51), Mayaca fluviatilis (49)
  38. saman
    e.g. Samanea saman‡, Pithecellobium saman‡, Pithecolobium saman‡, Enterolobium saman‡, Albizia saman (64)
  39. argentatum, argentata (75)
    e.g. Parthenium argentatum, Coccothrinax argentata (75)
  40. plumosus, plumosa, plumosum
    e.g. Asparagus plumosus‡, Trachypogon plumosus‡, Cocos plumosa‡, Aristida plumosa‡, Sorghum plumosum (98)
  41. sarmentosa, sarmentosum, sarmentosus
    e.g. Saxifraga sarmentosa‡, Oenanthe sarmentosa, Androsace sarmentosa, Gynura sarmentosa‡, Sedum sarmentosum (98)
  42. coccifera
    e.g. Quercus coccifera, Cladonia coccifera‡, Eucalyptus coccifera
  43. scopulorum
    e.g. Juniperus scopulorum, Carex scopulorum (67), Artemisia scopulorum (56), Pinus scopulorum‡ (33), Delphinium scopulorum (29)
  44. artemisiifolia
    e.g. Ambrosia artemisiifolia
  45. nootkatensis
    e.g. Chamaecyparis nootkatensis‡, Lupinus nootkatensis, Cupressus nootkatensis‡ (47)
  46. mirabilis
    e.g. Welwitschia mirabilis, Viola mirabilis, Nepenthes mirabilis (91), Cryptothallus mirabilis‡ (78)
  47. amphibium, amphibia
    e.g. Polygonum amphibium‡, Rorippa amphibia, Persicaria amphibia (84), Nasturtium amphibium‡ (28), Sisymbrium amphibium‡ (5)
  48. acutangula, acutangulus, acutangulum (37)
    e.g. Luffa acutangula, Barringtonia acutangula, Corchorus acutangulus‡ (88), Psidium acutangulum (37), Cucumis acutangulus‡ (25)
  49. zapota
    e.g. Achras zapota‡, Manilkara zapota
  50. paradisi, paradisii‡ (46)
    e.g. Citrus paradisi‡, Citrus paradisii‡ (46)


  1. setaceum, setacea, setaceus
    e.g. Pennisetum setaceum, Asparagus setaceus, Agrostis setacea‡, Paspalum setaceum (88), Aristida setacea (83)
  2. acida, acidus, acidum
    e.g. Hymenocardia acida, Asclepias acida‡, Phyllanthus acidus, Sonneratia acida‡, Lannea acida
  3. testudinum
    e.g. Thalassia testudinum
  4. digyna, digynus (4)
    e.g. Oxyria digyna, Diospyros digyna, Caesalpinia digyna (64), Rumex digynus‡ (4)
  5. candicans
    e.g. Galtonia candicans‡, Populus candicans‡, Hyacinthus candicans‡, Echium candicans (72), Trichocereus candicans‡ (69)
  6. suffruticosa, suffruticosum (28)
    e.g. Paeonia suffruticosa, Indigofera suffruticosa, Dillenia suffruticosa (75), Jussiaea suffruticosa‡ (64), Buxus suffruticosa‡ (37)
  7. lanuginosa, lanuginosum, lanuginosus (91)
    e.g. Racomitrium lanuginosum, Bumelia lanuginosa‡, Carex lanuginosa‡, Quercus lanuginosa‡, Clematis lanuginosa
  8. tora, toru (33)
    e.g. Cassia tora‡, Persoonia toru‡ (33)
  9. inophyllum
    e.g. Calophyllum inophyllum
  10. denticulata, denticulatum
    e.g. Primula denticulata, Medicago denticulata‡, Plagiothecium denticulatum, Macaranga denticulata, Selaginella denticulata (71)
  11. chrysantha, chrysanthus, chrysanthum
    e.g. Crocus chrysanthus, Aquilegia chrysantha, Tabebuia chrysantha‡, Rhododendron chrysanthum‡ (87), Dicentra chrysantha‡ (77)
  12. mollissima, mollissimus
    e.g. Castanea mollissima, Acacia mollissima, Passiflora mollissima, Astragalus mollissimus, Tacsonia mollissima‡ (40)
  13. vitalba
    e.g. Clematis vitalba
  14. malaccensis, malaccense
    e.g. Eugenia malaccensis‡, Aquilaria malaccensis, Syzygium malaccense, Koompassia malaccensis, Derris malaccensis (70)
  15. floridana, floridanum
    e.g. Zamia floridana‡, Physalis floridana‡, Illicium floridanum, Leitneria floridana, Taxus floridana (92)
  16. ulmifolia, ulmifolius
    e.g. Guazuma ulmifolia, Rubus ulmifolius, Turnera ulmifolia, Solidago ulmifolia (83), Ficus ulmifolia (26)
  17. sieboldii
    e.g. Sedum sieboldii‡, Tsuga sieboldii, Primula sieboldii, Magnolia sieboldii, Aralia sieboldii
  18. gratissima, gratissimum, gratissimus
    e.g. Persea gratissima‡, Ocimum gratissimum, Luculia gratissima, Croton gratissimus, Aloysia gratissima (66)
  19. purshiana, purshianus‡ (74)
    e.g. Rhamnus purshiana, Lotus purshianus‡ (74), Frangula purshiana‡ (51)
  20. gerardii
    e.g. Andropogon gerardii, Juncus gerardii
  21. jubatum, jubata
    e.g. Hordeum jubatum, Cortaderia jubata, Sitanion jubatum (69), Caragana jubata (62)
  22. tinus
    e.g. Viburnum tinus
  23. cinnamomea
    e.g. Osmunda cinnamomea‡, Rosa cinnamomea‡, Celtis cinnamomea‡ (40)
  24. curtipendula
    e.g. Bouteloua curtipendula, Antitrichia curtipendula (96)
  25. oxyacantha
    e.g. Crataegus oxyacantha‡, Carthamus oxyacantha (82)
  26. filamentosa, filamentosum (40)
    e.g. Yucca filamentosa, Oncosperma filamentosum‡ (40), Pentaclethra filamentosa‡ (37)
  27. pentaphylla, pentaphyllum, pentaphyllus (40)
    e.g. Glycosmis pentaphylla, Dioscorea pentaphylla, Tabebuia pentaphylla‡, Gynandropsis pentaphylla‡, Pinus pentaphylla‡ (94)
  28. arguta, argutus
    e.g. Actinidia arguta, Potentilla arguta‡, Spiraea arguta‡, Rubus argutus, Dryopteris arguta
  29. oblongifolia, oblongifolius, oblongifolium (32)
    e.g. Tidestromia oblongifolia‡, Goodyera oblongifolia, Aster oblongifolius‡, Quercus oblongifolia, Croton oblongifolius‡ (94)
  30. longiflora, longiflorus
    e.g. Nicotiana longiflora, Loranthus longiflorus‡, Billardiera longiflora (99), Mirabilis longiflora (95), Digitaria longiflora (84)
  31. purpurascens
    e.g. Panicum purpurascens‡, Orthocarpus purpurascens‡, Cyclamen purpurascens, Pluchea purpurascens‡, Bergenia purpurascens
  32. ericoides
    e.g. Aster ericoides‡, Ceratiola ericoides, Leptospermum ericoides‡, Kunzea ericoides, Hudsonia ericoides
  33. macrantha, macranthum, macranthus (67)
    e.g. Koeleria macrantha, Escallonia macrantha‡, Stachys macrantha, Sobralia macrantha (95), Bauhinia macrantha‡ (88)
  34. cheiri
    e.g. Cheiranthus cheiri‡, Erysimum cheiri
  35. gummifera, gummifer, gummiferum
    e.g. Astragalus gummifer‡, Albizia gummifera, Gardenia gummifera, Atractylis gummifera‡, Ceratopetalum gummiferum
  36. triflorum
    e.g. Galium triflorum, Geum triflorum, Desmodium triflorum, Solanum triflorum, Synnema triflorum‡ (89)
  37. raphanistrum
    e.g. Raphanus raphanistrum
  38. spinulosa, spinulosum, spinulosus
    e.g. Dryopteris spinulosa‡, Picea spinulosa, Haplopappus spinulosus‡, Banksia spinulosa, Cyathea spinulosa
  39. periclymenum
    e.g. Lonicera periclymenum
  40. tinctorum
    e.g. Rubia tinctorum
  41. calyculata, calyculatum (10)
    e.g. Chamaedaphne calyculata, Cassandra calyculata‡, Ventilago calyculata‡ (73), Tofieldia calyculata (69), Andromeda calyculata‡ (48)
  42. emblica
    e.g. Phyllanthus emblica
  43. sclarea
    e.g. Salvia sclarea
  44. sensibilis
    e.g. Onoclea sensibilis
  45. anomala, anomalum, anomalus
    e.g. Hydrangea anomala, Fraxinus anomala, Gossypium anomalum, Helianthus anomalus (87), Paeonia anomala (80)
  46. chamaemorus
    e.g. Rubus chamaemorus
  47. scorpioides
    e.g. Myosotis scorpioides, Scorpidium scorpioides, Coronilla scorpioides (64), Acacia scorpioides‡ (48)
  48. buxifolia, buxifolium
    e.g. Leiophyllum buxifolium‡, Berberis buxifolia‡, Cantua buxifolia, Maba buxifolia (94), Severinia buxifolia‡ (91)
  49. apetala, apetalum
    e.g. Sonneratia apetala, Ceratopetalum apetalum, Sterculia apetala, Sagina apetala, Melandrium apetalum
  50. lusitanica, lusitanicum
    e.g. Cupressus lusitanica, Drosophyllum lusitanicum, Pinguicula lusitanica, Erica lusitanica, Quercus lusitanica (95)


  1. helenium
    e.g. Inula helenium
  2. miniata, miniatum (80)
    e.g. Clivia miniata, Castilleja miniata, Eucalyptus miniata, Ascocentrum miniatum (67), Imantophyllum miniatum‡ (13)
  3. blumei
    e.g. Coleus blumei
  4. commutatum, commutata, commutatus
    e.g. Elaeagnus commutata, Aglaonema commutatum, Polygonatum commutatum‡, Bromus commutatus, Phleum commutatum
  5. aconitifolius, aconitifolia, aconitifolium (20)
    e.g. Phaseolus aconitifolius‡, Vigna aconitifolia, Ranunculus aconitifolius, Ampelopsis aconitifolia (59), Jatropha aconitifolia‡ (35)
  6. mellifera
    e.g. Acacia mellifera, Salvia mellifera, Protea mellifera‡, Euphorbia mellifera (58)
  7. carinata, carinatum, carinatus
    e.g. Brassica carinata, Bromus carinatus, Chrysanthemum carinatum‡, Allium carinatum, Sarcolobus carinatus‡ (46)
  8. coulteri
    e.g. Romneya coulteri, Pinus coulteri, Guaiacum coulteri (65), Hibiscus coulteri (35), Erigeron coulteri (31)
  9. populifolia, populifolius (82), populifolium (30)
    e.g. Betula populifolia, Grewia populifolia‡ (63), Homalanthus populifolius (45), Cistus populifolius (37), Leucothoe populifolia‡ (37)
  10. sebiferum‡, sebifera
    e.g. Sapium sebiferum‡, Virola sebifera, Stillingia sebifera‡, Myristica sebifera‡ (53), Litsea sebifera‡ (47)
  11. glaberrima, glaberrimus (66)
    e.g. Oryza glaberrima, Phlox glaberrima, Ranunculus glaberrimus (66), Albizia glaberrima (44)
  12. validus, valida, validum (78)
    e.g. Scirpus validus‡, Yucca valida, Allium validum (78), Schoenoplectus validus‡ (65), Cymbopogon validus‡ (60)
  13. vulgatum, vulgata (43)
    e.g. Ophioglossum vulgatum, Cerastium vulgatum‡, Bidens vulgata (43), Hieracium vulgatum‡ (43)
  14. majorana
    e.g. Origanum majorana
  15. vermiculatus, vermiculata
    e.g. Sarcobatus vermiculatus, Salsola vermiculata, Suaeda vermiculata (91), Scorpiurus vermiculata‡ (18)
  16. lapponica, lapponicum, lapponicus (64)
    e.g. Diapensia lapponica, Rhododendron lapponicum, Pedicularis lapponica (97), Calamagrostis lapponica (94), Ranunculus lapponicus (64)
  17. ficaria
    e.g. Ranunculus ficaria
  18. podagraria
    e.g. Aegopodium podagraria
  19. membranaceus, membranaceum, membranacea
    e.g. Astragalus membranaceus‡, Vaccinium membranaceum, Dendrocalamus membranaceus (56), Apeiba membranacea (46), Vulpia membranacea (40)
  20. lateriflora, lateriflorus
    e.g. Scutellaria lateriflora, Aster lateriflorus‡, Arenaria lateriflora‡, Moehringia lateriflora (49), Drypetes lateriflora (39)
  21. lappaceum, lappacea, lappaceus (60)
    e.g. Nephelium lappaceum, Pupalia lappacea, Astrebla lappacea, Centotheca lappacea (64), Ranunculus lappaceus (60)
  22. agrifolia
    e.g. Quercus agrifolia
  23. albicaulis
    e.g. Pinus albicaulis, Mentzelia albicaulis, Oenothera albicaulis (56), Lupinus albicaulis (27)
  24. matronalis
    e.g. Hesperis matronalis
  25. chamaecyparissus
    e.g. Santolina chamaecyparissus
  26. aneura
    e.g. Acacia aneura
  27. carolina, carolinae, carolinus, carolinum (5)
    e.g. Halesia carolina, Rosa carolina, Neoregelia carolinae, Cocculus carolinus, Phlox carolina
  28. rusticana
    e.g. Armoracia rusticana
  29. bifolia, bifolium
    e.g. Maianthemum bifolium, Scilla bifolia, Platanthera bifolia, Smilacina bifolia‡ (39), Habenaria bifolia‡ (35)
  30. geniculata, geniculatus
    e.g. Alopecurus geniculatus, Thalia geniculata, Setaria geniculata‡, Euphorbia geniculata‡, Aegilops geniculata (59)
  31. ipecacuanha, ipecacuanhae (48)
    e.g. Cephaelis ipecacuanha‡, Psychotria ipecacuanha‡, Uragoga ipecacuanha‡ (51), Euphorbia ipecacuanhae (48)
  32. jambolana, jambolanum‡ (85)
    e.g. Eugenia jambolana‡, Syzygium jambolanum‡ (85)
  33. hystrix
    e.g. Sitanion hystrix, Citrus hystrix, Castanopsis hystrix‡, Rhapidophyllum hystrix, Hordeum hystrix‡ (55)
  34. cespitosa, cespitosum, cespitosus
    e.g. Deschampsia cespitosa, Scirpus cespitosus‡, Trichophorum cespitosum, Saxifraga cespitosa, Vaccinium cespitosum (45)
  35. theophrasti
    e.g. Abutilon theophrasti, Phoenix theophrasti (70)
  36. canum, cana, canus (58)
    e.g. Ocimum canum‡, Artemisia cana, Helianthemum canum, Epilobium canum, Desmodium canum
  37. kaempferi
    e.g. Larix kaempferi, Iris kaempferi‡, Rhododendron kaempferi, Pseudolarix kaempferi‡ (96), Ligularia kaempferi‡ (50)
  38. altilis
    e.g. Artocarpus altilis
  39. kaki
    e.g. Diospyros kaki
  40. conyzoides
    e.g. Ageratum conyzoides, Ethulia conyzoides (36)
  41. olitorius, olitoria
    e.g. Corchorus olitorius, Valerianella olitoria‡, Fedia olitoria‡ (10)
  42. metel
    e.g. Datura metel
  43. serpyllifolia, serpyllifolium (35), serpyllifolius (15)
    e.g. Arenaria serpyllifolia, Veronica serpyllifolia, Polygala serpyllifolia, Houstonia serpyllifolia (69), Euphorbia serpyllifolia (62)
  44. quercifolia, quercifolium
    e.g. Hydrangea quercifolia, Drynaria quercifolia, Rhus quercifolia‡ (62), Toxicodendron quercifolium‡ (58), Pelargonium quercifolium (57)
  45. flabellifer
    e.g. Borassus flabellifer
  46. nudiflora, nudiflorus (76)
    e.g. Trewia nudiflora‡, Tetrameles nudiflora, Commelina nudiflora‡, Azalea nudiflora‡, Crocus nudiflorus (76)
  47. sabdariffa
    e.g. Hibiscus sabdariffa
  48. marsupium
    e.g. Pterocarpus marsupium
  49. bignonioides
    e.g. Catalpa bignonioides
  50. bonariensis
    e.g. Verbena bonariensis, Conyza bonariensis‡, Hydrocotyle bonariensis, Erigeron bonariensis (87)


  1. apiculata, apiculatum, apiculatus
    e.g. Rhizophora apiculata, Combretum apiculatum, Cotoneaster apiculatus, Luma apiculata (91), Helichrysum apiculatum‡ (59)
  2. carnosa
    e.g. Hoya carnosa, Jaumea carnosa, Salvia carnosa‡ (48), Cayratia carnosa‡ (44), Oxalis carnosa‡ (33)
  3. angularis, angulare (70)
    e.g. Vigna angularis, Phaseolus angularis‡, Sabatia angularis, Polystichum angulare‡ (59), Aspidium angulare‡ (11)
  4. scolopendrium, scolopendria (87)
    e.g. Phyllitis scolopendrium‡, Asplenium scolopendrium, Phymatodes scolopendria‡ (52), Polypodium scolopendria‡ (35)
  5. caapi
    e.g. Banisteriopsis caapi, Banisteria caapi
  6. agallocha
    e.g. Excoecaria agallocha, Aquilaria agallocha
  7. virgaurea
    e.g. Solidago virgaurea
  8. nidus
    e.g. Asplenium nidus
  9. coloratum, colorata, coloratus (35)
    e.g. Panicum coloratum, Pseudowintera colorata, Epilobium coloratum, Dichromena colorata‡ (82), Firmiana colorata (76)
  10. exigua
    e.g. Salix exigua, Phoma exigua‡, Stephanomeria exigua, Euphorbia exigua, Madia exigua (32)
  11. colocynthis
    e.g. Citrullus colocynthis, Cucumis colocynthis‡ (91)
  12. madagascariensis
    e.g. Ravenala madagascariensis, Harungana madagascariensis, Swartzia madagascariensis‡, Strychnos madagascariensis (80), Aponogeton madagascariensis (54)
  13. desertorum, deserti
    e.g. Agropyron desertorum, Agave deserti, Myoporum deserti‡ (64), Alyssum desertorum (56), Salix desertorum‡ (12)
  14. venenosum, venenosus, venenosa (41)
    e.g. Physostigma venenosum, Zigadenus venenosus‡, Angelica venenosa (41)
  15. semperflorens
    e.g. Begonia semperflorens‡, Rosa semperflorens‡ (58), Iberis semperflorens (37)
  16. pylori
    e.g. Campylobacter pylori
  17. fluitans
    e.g. Glyceria fluitans, Ranunculus fluitans, Scirpus fluitans‡ (85), Cladopodiella fluitans (59), Eleogiton fluitans‡ (45)
  18. ionantha
    e.g. Saintpaulia ionantha, Tillandsia ionantha
  19. convolvulus
    e.g. Polygonum convolvulus‡, Fallopia convolvulus, Bilderdykia convolvulus‡ (86)
  20. cneorum
    e.g. Daphne cneorum, Convolvulus cneorum
  21. hookeri
    e.g. Oenothera hookeri‡, Raphia hookeri, Disporum hookeri‡, Arctostaphylos hookeri (83), Condalia hookeri (72)
  22. tiglium
    e.g. Croton tiglium
  23. lotus
    e.g. Nymphaea lotus, Diospyros lotus, Ziziphus lotus, Rhamnus lotus‡ (21)
  24. senegal
    e.g. Acacia senegal
  25. persicaria
    e.g. Polygonum persicaria
  26. secunda, secundum (34)
    e.g. Pyrola secunda‡, Poa secunda, Orthilia secunda, Echeveria secunda (87), Ramischia secunda‡ (79)
  27. eupatoria, eupatorium
    e.g. Agrimonia eupatoria, Agrimonia eupatorium‡ (59), Achillea eupatorium‡ (47)
  28. mitis, mite (55)
    e.g. Caryota mitis, Citrus mitis‡, Ilex mitis, Polygonum mite‡ (55), Pinus mitis‡ (52)
  29. bistorta
    e.g. Polygonum bistorta‡, Persicaria bistorta‡, Oenothera bistorta‡ (22)
  30. missouriensis, missouriense (99)
    e.g. Oenothera missouriensis‡, Iris missouriensis, Solidago missouriensis, Ribes missouriense (99), Astragalus missouriensis (50)
  31. mauritiana, mauritianus, mauritianum
    e.g. Ziziphus mauritiana, Phragmites mauritianus, Solanum mauritianum, Ipomoea mauritiana (44), Spilanthes mauritiana (40)
  32. champaca
    e.g. Michelia champaca
  33. choleraesuis
    e.g. Salmonella choleraesuis
  34. citriodora
    e.g. Lippia citriodora‡, Monarda citriodora, Aloysia citriodora‡, Backhousia citriodora, Corymbia citriodora (44)
  35. hydropiper
    e.g. Polygonum hydropiper‡, Persicaria hydropiper (90), Elatine hydropiper (71)
  36. bigelovii
    e.g. Opuntia bigelovii‡, Salicornia bigelovii, Nicotiana bigelovii‡, Nolina bigelovii (72), Coreopsis bigelovii (55)
  37. emarginata, emarginatum (42)
    e.g. Prunus emarginata, Maytenus emarginata‡, Cassia emarginata‡ (90), Marsupella emarginata (72), Atamisquea emarginata (65)
  38. ornus
    e.g. Fraxinus ornus
  39. ceiba
    e.g. Bombax ceiba
  40. luteola
    e.g. Reseda luteola, Vigna luteola, Cattleya luteola (55), Mussaenda luteola‡ (40), Polystachya luteola‡ (36)
  41. scholaris
    e.g. Alstonia scholaris, Echites scholaris‡ (26)
  42. wallichii
    e.g. Schima wallichii, Valeriana wallichii‡, Amoora wallichii‡, Ligusticum wallichii‡, Dombeya wallichii (40)
  43. robertianum, robertiana (44)
    e.g. Geranium robertianum, Gymnocarpium robertianum (78), Barlia robertiana‡ (44)
  44. palmetto
    e.g. Sabal palmetto, Chamaerops palmetto‡ (11)
  45. thyoides
    e.g. Chamaecyparis thyoides, Cupressus thyoides‡ (88)
  46. volubilis, volubile
    e.g. Petrea volubilis‡, Bowiea volubilis, Dregea volubilis‡ (71), Hibbertia volubilis‡ (61), Tragia volubilis (54)
  47. alexandrinum, alexandrina
    e.g. Trifolium alexandrinum, Senna alexandrina
  48. amazonica, amazonicum (41), amazonicus (40)
    e.g. Victoria amazonica, Eucharis amazonica (66), Prestonia amazonica (50), Schizolobium amazonicum (41), Echinodorus amazonicus‡ (40)
  49. meleagris
    e.g. Fritillaria meleagris
  50. collina, collinus, collinum
    e.g. Cleistanthus collinus, Metrosideros collina, Combretum collinum, Salsola collina (74), Homeria collina‡ (60)


  1. davidii
    e.g. Viburnum davidii, Buddleja davidii, Acer davidii, Lilium davidii (73), Sophora davidii (42)
  2. lycopersicum
    e.g. Solanum lycopersicum, Lycopersicon lycopersicum
  3. nigricans
    e.g. Schoenus nigricans, Pulsatilla nigricans‡, Cytisus nigricans‡, Combretum nigricans (77), Salix nigricans‡ (76)
  4. capillus
    e.g. Adiantum capillus
  5. nemoralis
    e.g. Poa nemoralis, Solidago nemoralis, Ficus nemoralis‡ (75), Aster nemoralis‡ (57), Centaurea nemoralis (56)
  6. cassia
    e.g. Cinnamomum cassia, Laurus cassia‡ (69)
  7. binata
    e.g. Hardwickia binata, Eulaliopsis binata, Drosera binata, Jeffersonia binata‡ (24)
  8. griseum, grisea, griseus
    e.g. Acer griseum, Quercus grisea, Ceanothus griseus, Castilleja grisea (60), Lemaireocereus griseus‡ (45)
  9. innoxia
    e.g. Datura innoxia
  10. shallon
    e.g. Gaultheria shallon
  11. curvula
    e.g. Eragrostis curvula, Carex curvula
  12. fulgens
    e.g. Euphorbia fulgens, Lobelia fulgens‡, Anemone fulgens‡, Fuchsia fulgens (93), Aechmea fulgens (87)
  13. araucana
    e.g. Araucaria araucana
  14. simplicifolia
    e.g. Griffonia simplicifolia, Bandeiraea simplicifolia‡, Astilbe simplicifolia (91), Meliosma simplicifolia (75), Teclea simplicifolia‡ (42)
  15. phaseoloides
    e.g. Pueraria phaseoloides, Entada phaseoloides, Rhynchosia phaseoloides (20)
  16. parryi, parryae
    e.g. Agave parryi, Linanthus parryae, Primula parryi (92), Nolina parryi (70), Penstemon parryi (69)
  17. vitifolium, vitifolia, vitifolius
    e.g. Cochlospermum vitifolium, Abutilon vitifolium‡, Rubus vitifolius, Anemone vitifolia, Passiflora vitifolia
  18. frangula
    e.g. Rhamnus frangula
  19. nil
    e.g. Pharbitis nil‡, Ipomoea nil
  20. draco
    e.g. Dracaena draco, Calamus draco‡, Daemonorops draco, Pterocarpus draco‡ (77), Croton draco (47)
  21. chiloensis, chiloense
    e.g. Fragaria chiloensis, Geum chiloense
  22. portulacastrum
    e.g. Sesuvium portulacastrum, Trianthema portulacastrum
  23. capsularis
    e.g. Corchorus capsularis
  24. lapathifolium, lapathifolia
    e.g. Polygonum lapathifolium‡, Armoracia lapathifolia‡, Persicaria lapathifolia (68)
  25. coca, coco (57)
    e.g. Erythroxylum coca, Fagara coco‡ (57)
  26. minuta, minutum, minutus (38)
    e.g. Tagetes minuta, Marsilea minuta, Oryza minuta, Micromelum minutum (65), Sphenolobus minutus (38)
  27. filifera
    e.g. Washingtonia filifera, Yucca filifera (79), Agave filifera (73), Pritchardia filifera‡ (17)
  28. cardunculus
    e.g. Cynara cardunculus
  29. oleosa
    e.g. Schleichera oleosa, Panda oleosa, Eucalyptus oleosa, Poga oleosa (55), Thea oleosa‡ (34)
  30. cerris
    e.g. Quercus cerris
  31. islandica
    e.g. Cyprina islandica‡, Koenigia islandica, Rorippa islandica
  32. typhoideum
    e.g. Pennisetum typhoideum
  33. foliosa, foliosus, foliosum
    e.g. Spartina foliosa, Potamogeton foliosus, Poa foliosa (98), Utricularia foliosa (58), Begonia foliosa (54)
  34. blossfeldiana
    e.g. Kalanchoe blossfeldiana, Tradescantia blossfeldiana‡ (81)
  35. crystallinum, crystallina (70)
    e.g. Mesembryanthemum crystallinum, Anthurium crystallinum (83), Cryophytum crystallinum‡ (61), Riccia crystallina (43), Trianthema crystallina (27)
  36. toxicaria, toxicarium
    e.g. Antiaris toxicaria, Dichapetalum toxicarium (92), Tephrosia toxicaria‡ (63), Toxicodendron toxicarium‡ (52), Amaryllis toxicaria‡ (12)
  37. quinata
    e.g. Akebia quinata, Bombacopsis quinata
  38. sessilis, sessile
    e.g. Alternanthera sessilis, Trillium sessile, Quercus sessilis‡, Disporum sessile (91), Dryandra sessilis‡ (72)
  39. tenella, tenellum, tenellus
    e.g. Anagallis tenella, Eragrostis tenella‡, Echinodorus tenellus‡, Sphagnum tenellum (88), Chorispora tenella (86)
  40. sapota
    e.g. Achras sapota‡, Pouteria sapota, Calocarpum sapota
  41. tigrinum, tigrina
    e.g. Lilium tigrinum‡, Faucaria tigrina, Stanhopea tigrina (98), Oncidium tigrinum (56)
  42. columbaria, columbariae
    e.g. Scabiosa columbaria, Salvia columbariae
  43. obconica
    e.g. Primula obconica
  44. fraseri
    e.g. Abies fraseri, Magnolia fraseri, Cymophyllus fraseri‡ (43), Eremophila fraseri (41), Cochlospermum fraseri (40)
  45. rivularis, rivulare
    e.g. Saxifraga rivularis, Symphoricarpos rivularis‡, Brachythecium rivulare, Anemone rivularis, Cirsium rivulare (95)
  46. spelta
    e.g. Triticum spelta
  47. calceolus
    e.g. Cypripedium calceolus
  48. hymenoides
    e.g. Oryzopsis hymenoides, Achnatherum hymenoides‡ (60), Stipa hymenoides‡ (43)
  49. sieboldiana, sieboldianus
    e.g. Hosta sieboldiana, Acanthopanax sieboldianus‡, Juglans sieboldiana‡, Sambucus sieboldiana‡ (57), Fraxinus sieboldiana (39)
  50. auriculiformis
    e.g. Acacia auriculiformis