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launch pad 39B launch pads launch platform launch platforms launch range launch rod launch shows launch site launch sites launch success launch system launch systems launch title launch titles launch tower launch track launch tube launch vehichles launch vehicle launch vehicle assembly launch vehicle digital computer launch vehicles launch weight launch window launch windows floated free of the hangar floor launched and christened floated free of the hangar floor and christened launched floated free of the hangar floor and christened launched a counter-offensive in the desert launched a raid launched a retaliatory action launched a surprise attack launched an agitation launched an offensive launched another revolt launched attacks launched his offensive launched his own attack launched in eleven launched into orbit launched into orbital space-flight launched roller coaster launched roller coasters launched sorties on launched submarine-based cruise missiles at these camps launched the largest concentrated aerial bombardment launched their attack launched their counter-attack launched two invasions launches an anti-semitic tirade launching of this 'bottle' into the cosmic 'ocean' launching pad launching platform launching site launching systems launchpad 39B launder money laundered money launderer of money laundering money laundry bleach laundry bluing laundry chute laundry detergent laundry detergents laundry equipment laundry index laundry maids laundry room laundry rooms laundry service laundry shop laundry soap laundry symbols lauralkonium chloride laurcetium bromide laurea specialistica laureate for economics laurel chaplet laurel crown laurel family laurel forest laurel forests laurel garland laurel leaves laurel points laurel spray laurel sumac laurel tree laurel water laurel wreath laurel wreaths laurel wreaths, laurel-leaved forests laureth sulfates lauric acid laurolinium acetate lauryl alcohol lauryl dimethylamine oxide lauryl sulphate laus perennis lauter tun lava beds lava bomb lava bombs lava caves lava channels lava cones lava dam lava dammed lava dome lava dome collapse lava dome extrusion lava domes lava eruption lava field lava fields lava flow lava flows lava fountain lava fountaining lava fountains lava lake lava lakes lava lamp lava lamps lava lava lava lizard lava lizards lava plain lava plains lava plateau lava rock lava rock mountain snail lava rocks lava shield lava shields lava sledding lava spine lava spines lava tube lava tubes lava tunnels lava volcanoes lavalier microphone lavalier microphones lavalier mics lavandulyl diphosphate lavanya mani lavatory paper lavatory seat lavender and old lace lavender blue lavender cichild lavender marriage lavender marriages lavender mbuna lavender oil lavender revolution lavender scare lavender water lavendulyl acetate lavish stage shows lavish tombs lavished both power and wealth lavra fortifications law & economics law academic law and continental philosophy law and decision making procedures law and economics law and economics. law and ethics law and gospel law and ideology law and justice law and language law and literature law and morality law and morals law and order law and order advocacy law and policy law and society law as literature law banning alcohol law banning pitbulls law banning religious items law banning religious items and clothing law banning the veil law bearing his name law clerk law clerks law clinics law code law codes law collective law collectives law colleges law commissions law consumers law conversion course law costs draftsman law court law courts law day law dean law degree law degrees law department law dictionaries law dictionary law doctorate law drama law enforcement law enforcement agencies law enforcement agency law enforcement agent law enforcement agents law enforcement exploring law enforcement jargon law enforcement officer law enforcement officers law enforcement officers' law enforcement official law enforcement officials law enforcement organizations law enforcement personnel law enforcement slang law enforcement sniping law enforcement vehicles law enforcer law enforcers law faculties law faculty law firm law firms law in action law in literature law is superseded already law journal law journals law label law librarian law libraries law library law license law lord law lords law makers law merchant law of accelerating returns law of adoption law of agency law of armed conflict law of arms law of attraction law of autonomy law of averages law of bailment law of bivalence law of black body radiation law of black-body radiation law of buoyancy law of business associations law of capture law of causality law of chastity law of coasts law of combining volumes law of comparative judgment law of compensation law of consecration law of conservation law of conservation of angular momentum law of conservation of energy law of conservation of information law of conservation of linear momentum law of conservation of mass law of conservation of matter law of conservation of momentum law of constancy of ratio of sines law of constant composition law of constant proportions law of contagion law of continuity law of contracts law of contradiction law of cooling law of corvée law of cosines law of cosines law of cricket law of debtor and creditor law of definite composition law of definite proportions law of demand law of dilution law of diminishing marginal utility law of diminishing returns law of distributivity law of double negation law of effect law of energy conservation law of entail law of equal areas law of equal freedom law of equal liberty law of error law of estate law of eternal return law of evidence law of excluded middle law of exponents law of falling bodies law of friction law of gases law of general understanding law of gravitation law of gravity law of haversines law of hostages law of identity law of implication law of inertia law of large numbers law of majestas law of markets law of mass action law of mass-energy conservation law of motion law of multiple proportions law of nations law of nature law of non-contradiction law of noncontradiction law of obligations law of one price law of physics law of placing law of planetary motion law of populations law of primacy in persuasion law of property law of quadratic reciprocity law of real property law of reciprocal actions law of reciprocity law of reflection law of refraction law of relativity law of retrospective revolution law of return law of robotics law of similars law of sines law of specific energies law of standing law of substitution law of succession law of successions law of superposition law of supply and demand law of tangents law of the centralization of capital law of the commons law of the excluded middle law of the fast law of the iterated logarithm law of the jungle law of the lever law of the minimum law of the sea law of the separation of church and state law of the tendential fall in the rate of profit law of the twelve tables law of thermal radiation law of thermodynamics law of thought law of three stages law of thricefold repetition law of tincture law of total cumulance law of total expectation law of total probability law of total tricks law of total variance law of transitivity law of treaties law of trichotomy law of trusts law of unintended consequences law of uninterrupted and unchallenged occupation law of universal gravitation law of universal jurisdiction law of value law of war law office law on law on colonialism law on fatherhood law on primary education law on secularity and conspicuous religious symbols in schools law on secularization of schools a few years earlier law on the alleged "positive values" of colonialism law on volumes and combining gases law patrol law philosopher law practice law professor law professors law program law psychiatry law quadrangle and law library law reform law regulating mergers and acquisitions law report law reporter law reporting law reports law requiring separation of church and state law review law reviews law scholar law school law school clinic law school outlines law school prep course law school rankings law schools law societies law society law speaker law student law students law suit law suits law system law teaching law term law that banned sodomy law theorist law to prohibit smoking law undergraduates law was natural law written in cuneiform law-enforcement agencies law-enforcement officer law-imposed administration law-making powers lawful and chaotic lawful and good lawful arrest lawful combatant lawful combatants lawful enemy combatant lawful evil lawful executions lawful good lawful intercept lawful interception lawful interceptions lawful killing lawful neutral lawful order lawful orders lawful permanent resident lawful permanent residents lawfully executed lawless ones lawless world lawlike generalization lawlike statement lawmaking power lawmaster bike lawn & garden lawn aerator lawn aerators lawn and garden equipment lawn bowler lawn bowling lawn bowling club lawn bowls lawn chairs lawn dart lawn darts lawn equipment lawn fabric lawn furniture lawn game lawn games lawn gnome lawn gnomes lawn grasses lawn greeting lawn jockey lawn jockeys lawn mower lawn mower racing lawn mowers lawn mowing lawn ornament lawn ornaments lawn sign lawn signs lawn sprinkler lawn tennis lawn tractors lawrence nitai cook laws against withcraft laws and customs laws and customs of war laws and decrees laws and regulations laws limiting homosexuality laws of a comedian laws of affinity laws of arithmetic laws of association football laws of attraction laws of black hole mechanics laws of chemical affinity laws of chemistry laws of conservation laws of cosine laws of cricket laws of dynamics laws of economy laws of evidence laws of evolution laws of exponents laws of falling bodies laws of football laws of gases laws of genetics laws of gravity laws of history laws of hospitality laws of individual nations laws of induction laws of inheritance laws of land warfare laws of logic laws of mechanics laws of motion laws of nations laws of nature laws of optics laws of physics laws of planetary motion laws of probability laws of ritual purity laws of robotics laws of rugby league laws of rugby union laws of science laws of society laws of succession laws of the game laws of thermodynamics laws of thought laws of war laws or customs of war laws regulating competition laws that governed the motions of the planets laws that protect access to abortion lawsuit against the league lawsuit brought against him lawsuit by the makers of the particular brand lawsuit filed by a member lawsuit reform lawsuits by companies wishing to sell third-party equipment lawsuits of unconstitutionality lawyer dramas lawyer joke lawyer jokes lawyer referral service lax alcohol laws lax and tense lax lending standards lax map of monads lax monoidal functor lax monoidal functors lax vowel lax vowel and tense vowel lax vowels lax vs tense lax-flowered orchid laxative abuse lay a foundation lay abbacy lay abbot lay abbots lay and collect taxes, duties, imposts and excises, to pay the debts lay apostolate lay apostolates lay associates lay baptism lay bishop lay brethren lay brother lay brothers lay cardinal lay cardinals lay clerk lay clerkship lay down lay down rules for humane warfare lay ecclesial minister lay ecclesial movement lay ecclesial movements lay electors lay faithful lay figures lay group lay hands lay hands on the sick lay in repose lay in state lay in wait lay investiture lay investitures lay leader lay leaders lay leadership lay lines lay magistrate lay member lay members lay minister lay ministers lay ministries lay missionary lay off lay officials lay order lay organisation lay organization lay organizations lay out lay patron lay people lay person lay persons lay preacher lay preachers lay presidency lay priesthood lay public lay reader lay readers lay representatives lay siege lay sisters lay speaker lay speakers lay spirituality lay subsidy lay teachers lay term lay the groundwork lay their hands lay under siege lay vicars lay worker lay-trade union layback position layback spin laydown delivery object-oriented design layer 1 layer 2 layer 3 layer 3 switching layer 4 layer 4 routers layer 4-7 switches layer 4–7 switches layer 7 layer 7 application layer armor layer armour layer bob layer cake layer chickens layer deposition layer hen layer model layer of bubbles layer of dura mater layer of gases layer of inner granules layer of mesoderm layer of nerve fibers layer of outer granules layer of pelvic fascia layer of retina layer of skin layer of the anterior abdominal wall layered cake layered defense layered drink layered graph layered intrusions layered intrusive layered mafic intrusions layered media layered oxide layered protocol layered systems layered ultramafic intrusion layered variation layering approach layering the undergarments layers of layers of retina layers of the atmosphere layers or laminae laying hands laying hen laying hens laying his hands laying off laying on of hands laying siege laying smoke laying their hands laying them off laying worker bee laying worker bees laylit eid layman terms layoff workers layout algorithm layout algorithms layout and urban form of the new city layout artist layout design rules layout diagram layout engine layout engines layout extraction layout manager layout managers layout stain layout versus schematic layover safehouse lays down lays golden eggs lays hands lays his hands lays on hands lays siege and captures lazar house lazar houses lazarus pit lazarus species lazarus taxon lazily evaluated lazuli bunting lazy caterer's sequence lazy cons lazy evaluation lazy eye lazy functional languages lazy futures lazy initialization lazy jack lazy kate lazy languages lazy learning lazy loading lazy replication lazy river lazy rivers lazy susan lb avdp lb avoirdupois lbf lbf in2 le "France le bec d’Ambes le bel inconnu le bon usage le cinquième concerto le cool le coq sportif le droit du seigneur le fantastique le grand le mistral le parkour le petit mort le petit métro éviannais le quattro stagioni le tumulte d'Amboise leFH 18 leFH 18M leGebIG 18 leIG 18 leJOS operating system leach field leach fields leach solutions leaching pit lead & buzz guitar lead & noise guitars lead & rhythm guitars lead oxide IV oxide lead IV oxide lead acetate lead acid lead acid batteries lead acid battery lead acid cell lead acquisition lead actor lead actress lead and acoustic guitar lead and background vocals lead and backing vocals lead and follow lead and sulfuric acid lead antimonate lead antimoniate lead aprons lead arsenate lead articles lead artist lead azide lead ball lead based paint lead bass lead battery lead belt lead boat lead borate lead break lead bromide lead came and copper foil glasswork lead carbonate lead carbonatic lead castles lead chamber process lead character lead chloride lead chromate lead citrate lead climb lead climber lead climbing lead composition lead compound lead compounds lead concentrates lead cooled fast reactor lead cooled fast reactors lead crystal lead deposit lead design lead designer lead designers lead developer lead diacetate lead dibromide lead dicalcium propionate lead dichloride lead difluoride lead diiodide lead dioxide lead directing double lead dog lead dogs lead drums lead electric guitar lead flashing lead fluoride lead fluorosilicate lead free solder lead game designer lead generation lead glass lead glasses lead guitar lead guitar - composition lead guitar, multi-instrumentalist, lead guitarist lead guitarists lead guitars lead hydride lead hydrogen arsenate lead industry lead instrument lead into gold lead investors lead iodate lead iodide lead lanthanum titanate lead lanthanum zirconate titanate lead line lead magnesium niobate lead merchant lead mine lead mines lead mining lead monobromide monochloride lead monofluoride lead monoselenide lead monosulfide lead monotelluride lead monoxide lead nitrate lead nurturing lead off lead optimization lead ore lead oxalate lead oxide lead oxychloride glass lead paint lead paints lead pencil lead peroxide lead picrate lead pigs lead pipe lead pipes lead plant lead plug lead poisoning lead pollution lead powder lead programmer lead programmers lead prosecutor lead pursuit lead role lead scandium tantalate lead screw lead screws lead selenide lead sentence lead sheet lead sheets lead shielding lead ship lead ship of her class lead ships lead shot lead silicate lead singer lead singers lead singing lead single lead singles lead skirting lead skua lead sled lead soldiers lead stallion lead story lead strontium titanate lead structure lead styphnate lead substitute lead sugar lead sulfate lead sulfide lead sulphide lead telluride lead tetraacetate lead tetrafluoride lead tetraoxide lead tetroxide lead the league in goals lead the marches lead the target lead their target lead thiosulfate lead time lead time bias lead times lead tin telluride lead titanate lead track lead tungstate lead unit lead user lead users lead vessel lead visual effects artist lead vocal lead vocalist lead vocalists lead vocals lead vocals, guitar lead voice lead vovals lead white lead work lead years lead zinc niobate lead zirconate titanate lead-acid accumulators lead-acid automotive batteries lead-acid batteries lead-acid battery lead-acid cell lead-based paint lead-based paints lead-bismuth eutectic lead-cooled fast reactor lead-free fuel lead-in area lead-in fighter trainer lead-in trainer lead-lag compensators lead-off hitter lead-off hitters lead-off man lead-strip glasswork lead-tungstate crystals leaded fuel leaded fuels leaded gasoline leaded glass leaded lights leaded petrol leaded windows leader and cabinet leader and follower leader column leader columns leader election leader fall leader is elected leader of government leader of the official opposition leader of the opposition leader of the same name leader of the state opposition leader peptidase leader races leader writer leader writers leader-follower connection leaderless resistance leaderless structure leaders debate leaders debates leaders of government leaders of the party and the country leaders of the soul leadership and management leadership by personal example leadership campaign leadership campaign and convention leadership campaigns leadership candidate leadership candidates leadership challenge leadership change leadership conditions leadership contender leadership contest leadership convention leadership convention's leadership conventions leadership development leadership election leadership election campaign leadership election will be held leadership elections leadership in journalism leadership model leadership of an entirely different union leadership of the new party leadership of the party leadership principle leadership programs leadership qualities leadership race leadership races leadership review leadership rival leadership roles in local military, church and government organizations leadership selection process leadership structure leadership studies leadership succession and development leadership team leadership theory leadership training leadership versus management leadership vote leading actor leading actors leading actress leading aircraftman leading and following leading apprentice jockey leading article leading articles leading axle leading bogie leading card leading case leading character leading coefficient leading coefficients leading diagonals leading economic nation's leading edge leading edge extension leading edge extensions leading edge inflatable leading edge inflatable kites leading edge inflatables leading edge pneumatic deicers leading edge root extendors leading edge slats leading edge slots leading edge wing root extensions leading edges leading for most of the season leading goalkicker leading hypothesis leading indicator leading industrial families leading ladies leading lady leading light leading lighthouse leading lights leading line leading lines leading man leading men leading money winner leading money winners by year leading note leading off leading offshore financial centre leading offshore financial centres leading opponent leading parts leading performance leading question leading questions leading rank leading rate leading rating leading rays leading role leading roles leading scorer leading seaman leading sire leading small group leading small groups leading strand leading strings leading structural engineer leading telegraphist leading to controversy leading tone leading tones leading truck leading try scorer list leading up leading vote-getter leading wheel leading wheels leading zero leading zeros leading-edge root extensions leading-edge slats leading-edge slots leadless chip carrier leadoff batter leadoff hitter leadoff hitters leadoff man leadoff spot leadout man leads to objectionable results leaf abscission leaf angle distribution leaf area index leaf arrangement leaf axial bracts leaf axil leaf bases leaf beetle leaf beetles leaf blower leaf blowers leaf bud leaf bugs leaf classes leaf coral leaf curl leaf cuticles leaf cutter bees leaf deer leaf drivers leaf edges leaf electroscope leaf fall leaf frog leaf gaps leaf hoppers leaf insect leaf insects leaf litter leaf margin leaf margins leaf mechanism leaf mine leaf miner leaf miners leaf mines leaf mining leaf mold leaf monkey leaf monkeys leaf morphology leaf mould leaf muntjac leaf node leaf nodes leaf peeper leaf peepers leaf peeping leaf reflectance leaf roll leaf rollers leaf rust leaf senescence leaf shape leaf sheath leaf shutter leaf shutters leaf sight leaf sights leaf spot leaf spots leaf spring leaf spring axles leaf spring suspension leaf springs leaf sprung rear suspension leaf stalk leaf subroutines leaf sweepers leaf terminology leaf tobacco leaf trees leaf valve leaf vegetable leaf vegetables leaf vein leaf veins leaf venation leaf viper leaf warbler leaf warblers leaf watchers leaf windows leaf worm leaf worms leaf-area ratio leaf-cutter ants leaf-cutting ant leaf-cutting ants leaf-cutting bees leaf-nosed bat leaf-nosed bats leaf-nosed viper leaf-tailed gecko leafcutter ant leafcutter ants leafcutter bees leafflower genus leaffooted bug leaflet bomb leafmining insects leafy colours leafy gall disease leafy green substance leafy green vegetables leafy greens leafy liverwort leafy liverworts leafy sea dragon leafy sea dragons leafy seadragon leafy spurge leafy tops leafy vegetable leafy vegetables league appearances league campaign league champions league championship league championships league channel league clubs league competition league cricket league cup league divisions league expansion league football league game league matches league of nations league of towns league premier league president league pyramid league pyramide league scoring title league season league system league systems league table league tables league teams league title league title race league titles league two league unit league victory league winners league-cup double league-lockout-shortened season leagues club leagues clubs leagues top goalscorer leak channels leak detection leak memory leak onto the internet leak testing leak tests leak-down tester leakage current leakage currents leakage effect leakage inductance leakage of radioactive materials leakage of the atmosphere into space leakage reactance leakage resistance leaked demos leaked internal documents leaked it leaked memo leaked music leaked on the internet leaked onto the internet leaked to the internet leaked transcript of the meeting leaking memory leaking transmission fluid leaks memory leaky abstraction leaky abstractions leaky feeder leaky gut syndrome leaky homes leaky pipeline lean accounting lean body mass lean burn lean hogs lean manuacturing lean manufacturing lean mass lean meat lean meats lean mixture lean muscle lean principles lean production lean sensei lean software development lean-to shelters leanan sídhe leander high school leaning toothpick syndrome leap day leap days leap frog leap month leap of faith leap second leap seconds leap week leap week calendar leap week calendars leap year leap years leaped onto the grenade leapfrog effect leapfrog integrator leapfrog method leapfrog position leapfrog sex position leaping frogs leaps of faith learing curves learn a piece by ear learn by social observation learn how to count learn new languages learn the language learn to fight learn to read learned behaviors learned body