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н {letter} :: The 16th letter of the Serbo-Croatian Cyrillic alphabet
Н {letter} :: The sixteenth letter of the Serbo-Croatian Cyrillic alphabet. It is preceded by the letter М (M) and is followed by the letter Њ (Nj)
на {prep} :: [+ accusative case] to, on, onto (with change of position, answering the question kùda)
на {prep} :: [+ locative case] on, at, in (without change of position, answering the question gdjȅ/gdȅ)
на {prep} :: [+ accusative case] by, for, at (in expressions with time)
на {prep} :: [+ accusative case] to indicate a source of power or energy
на {interj} :: Here you are! Take it!
на {interj} :: Help yourself!
набавити {vt pf} :: to obtain, procure, acquire
набавка {f} :: acquisition (process of acquiring)
набавка {f} :: grocery shopping
набављати {vt impf} :: to obtain, procure, acquire
набављач {m} :: purveyor, supplier
набављачица {f} :: purveyor, supplier (female)
набадати {vtr impf} :: to pierce, prick
набасавати {v impf} :: imperfective form of набасати
набасати {vi pf} :: to come across (find by accident)
набацивати {v impf} :: imperfective form of набацити
набацивати {vr impf} [colloquial, with dative] :: to hit on somebody (flirt)
набацити {vt pf} :: to throw onto something, put onto something
набацити {vt pf} :: to heap, pile
набацити {vt pf} [figuratively] :: to suggest, propose (idea, suggestion)
набацити {vt pf} [with dative] :: to pass, hand, direct something to somebody
набијати {vt impf} :: to force down into, cram, stuff, pack compactly
набијати {vt impf} :: to forcibly close, place in or on sth
набијати {vt impf} :: to load, charge (weapon)
набијати {vt impf} :: to kick (ball in sports)
набијач {m} :: rammer
набијач {m} :: ramrod (device)
набијачица {f} :: rammer (female)
набилдати {vtr pf} [colloquial] :: to become buff by body-building
набирати {v impf} :: imperfective form of набрати
набити {vt pf} :: to force down into, cram, stuff, pack compactly
набити {vt pf} :: to forcibly close, place in or on sth
набити {vt pf} :: to load, charge (weapon)
набити {vt pf} :: to kick (ball in sports)
набожан {adj} :: pious, religious
набожно {adv} :: piously, religiously
набожност {f} [uncountable] :: piety
набој {m} :: cartridge (firearms)
набој {m} :: charge (physics)
набоље {adv} :: to the better
набор {m} :: crease, wrinkle
набости {vtr pf} :: to pierce, prick
набрајати {v impf} :: imperfective form of набројати
набрати {vtr pf} :: to crease, wrinkle
набрати {vtr pf} :: to pleat, fold
набрати {vtr pf} :: to gather, collect
набрекнути {vi pf} :: to swell up, puff up
набрзо {adv} :: hastily, quickly
набрзо {adv} :: soon
набројати {vit pf} :: to count
набројати {vit pf} :: to enumerate, list
набројати {vit pf} [slang] :: to curse, swear
набројити {v pf} :: alternative form of набројати
набрусивати {v impf} :: imperfective form of набрусити
набрусити {vt pf} :: to sharpen, whet (blade of something)
набрусити {vr pf} :: to be in the mood for something (usually quarrel)
набубати {vt pf} :: to cram (study hard)
набубрити {vi pf} :: to become swollen, to puff up, swell
набујати {vi pf} :: to rise, heave, swell (of river, sea, brook, bosom, vegetation)
набујати {vi pf} :: to swell, swell up, puff up
набујати {vi pf} :: to become exuberant, luxuriant (with life or content)
набусит {adj} :: surly, arrogant, gruff
набухнути {vi pf} :: to swell, swell up, puff up
навада {f} :: habit, practice
навалити {vi pf} :: to swarm, rush, throng
навалити {vi pf} :: to gush, flow
навалити {vi pf} :: to insist, press + (на (on))
навалити {vi pf} :: to attack + (на (on))
навалити {vt pf} :: to roll
навалити {vr pf} :: to lean
наваљивати {vi impf} :: to swarm, rush, throng
наваљивати {vi impf} :: to gush, flow
наваљивати {vi impf} :: to insist, press + (на (on))
наваљивати {vi impf} :: to attack + (на (on))
наваљивати {vt impf} :: to roll
наваљивати {vr impf} :: to lean
навезати {vt pf} :: to tie on something (rope o string), to attach by tying
навести {v pf} :: perfective form of наводити
навести {v pf} :: perfective form of навозити
навече {adv} :: in the evening
навечер {adv} :: in the evening
навијач {m} :: fan (in sports)
навика {f} :: habit, practice
навикавати {vt impf} :: to accustom, habituate
навикавати {vr impf} :: to become accustomed, used to
навикнути {vt pf} :: to accustom, habituate, adjust to
навикнути {vr pf} :: to become accustomed, get used to
навичај {m} [dated] :: custom, usage, habit
навичај {m} [obsolete, regional] :: homeland, home
навлажити {vt pf} :: to moisten
навластито {adv} :: particularly, especially
навод {m} :: quotation
наводити {vt impf} :: to induce, instigate, incite
наводити {vt impf} :: to direct, lead (trajectory or a direction of something)
наводити {vt impf} :: to quote, cite
наводни {adj} :: alleged, supposed
наводник {m} :: quotation mark
наводно {adv} :: allegedly, reportedly
навозити {vt impf} :: to deliver, transport
навозити {vr impf} :: to drive to one's hearts content
наврат {m} :: time, instance of doing sth, especially in phrase:
навратити {vi pf} :: to drop by, drop in (for a visit)
навратити {vt pf} :: to divert, lead, direct, turn (river, brook etc.)
навратити {vt pf} :: to induce, lead (someone to do something)
навраћати {vi impf} :: to drop by, drop in (for a visit)
навраћати {vt impf} :: to divert, lead, direct, turn (river, brook etc.)
навраћати {vt impf} :: to induce, lead (someone to do something)
навреме {adv} :: on time (in schedule)
навријеме {adv} :: on time (in schedule)
наврх {prep} :: on top of
наг {adj} :: naked
нагађати {vi impf} :: to guess
нагађати {vr impf} :: to come to an agreement
нагао {adj} :: hasty
нагао {adj} :: fierce
нагао {adj} :: sudden
нагиб {m} :: incline, inclination, slope, slant
нагиб {m} :: gradient, acclivity
нагиб {m} :: declivity
нагиб {m} :: list
нагиб {m} :: tilt
нагињати {vtr impf} :: to lean, bend
нагињати {vt impf} :: to incline
нагињати {vi impf} :: to be inclined, lean toward (+ dative)
наглавачке {adv} :: headlong, headfirst
наглавце {adv} :: headlong, headfirst
наглас {adv} :: aloud
нагласак {m} :: accent, stress
нагласак {m} :: emphasis
нагласити {vt pf} :: to accent (in speech or writing)
нагласити {vt pf} :: to emphasize, stress
наглашавати {vt impf} :: to accent (in speech or writing)
наглашавати {vt impf} :: to emphasize, stress
нагло {adv} :: suddenly
нагло {adv} :: hastily
нагло {adv} :: rashly
нагнути {vtr pf} :: to lean, bend
нагнути {vt pf} :: to incline
нагнути {vi pf} :: to rush, start
наговарати {vt impf} :: to persuade, talk into
наговарати {vt impf} :: to convince
наговест {f} :: indication
наговест {f} :: announcement
наговестити {vt pf} :: to announce, hint, indicate
наговестити {vt pf} :: to portend, foreshadow, herald
наговештавати {vt impf} :: to announce
наговештавати {vt impf} :: to indicate
наговештавати {vt impf} :: to predict, prophesy
наговештавати {vt impf} :: to point to
наговешћивати {vt impf} :: to announce
наговешћивати {vt impf} :: to indicate
наговешћивати {vt impf} :: to predict, prophesy
наговешћивати {vt impf} :: to point to
наговијест {f} :: indication
наговијест {f} :: announcement
наговијестити {vt pf} :: to announce, hint, indicate
наговијестити {vt pf} :: to portend, foreshadow, herald
наговјештавати {vt impf} :: to announce
наговјештавати {vt impf} :: to indicate
наговјештавати {vt impf} :: to predict, prophesy
наговјештавати {vt impf} :: to point to
наговјешћивати {vt impf} :: to announce
наговјешћивати {vt impf} :: to indicate
наговјешћивати {vt impf} :: to predict, prophesy
наговјешћивати {vt impf} :: to point to
наговор {m} :: persuasion, pressing (act of)
наговорити {vt pf} :: to persuade, talk into
наговорити {vt pf} :: to convince
нагодба {f} :: settlement, agreement, compromise
нагодити {vr pf} :: to come to an agreement
нагон {m} :: instinct
нагон {m} :: impulse (to do something)
нагоре {adv} :: upward, up
нагоре {adv} :: worse
награда {f} :: prize
награда {f} :: reward
наградити {vt pf} :: to reward
наградити {vt pf} :: to award
наградни {adj} :: of or pertaining to a reward
наградни {adj} :: as a reward
наградни {adj} :: giving a reward; rewarding
награђивати {vt impf} :: to reward
награђивати {vt impf} :: to award
нагрдити {vtr pf} :: to deform, disfigure, uglify
нагрдити {vt pf} :: to scold, reprimand
нагрдити {vt pf} :: to slander, vilify
нагрђивати {vtr impf} :: to deform, disfigure, uglify
нагрђивати {vt impf} :: to scold, reprimand
нагрђивати {vt impf} :: to slander, vilify
нагризати {vt impf} :: to bite away, eat away a bit (from the surface or the end of something)
нагризати {vt impf} :: to corrode, eat away (by acid, insects, time, grief etc.)
нагристи {vt pf} :: to bite away, eat away a bit (from the surface or the end of something)
нагристи {vt pf} :: to corrode, eat away (by acid, insects, time, grief etc.)
нагрнути {vi pf} :: to crowd, rush, throng, pour, swarm into/on to
нагрнути {vi pf} :: to rush, press, surge forward
нагрнути {vt pf} :: to pile up, roll up
нагртати {v impf} :: imperfective form of нагрнути
нагуравати {vtr impf} :: to cram, stuff, jam, push
нагурати {vtr pf} :: to cram, stuff, jam, push
над {prep} :: [+ instrumental case] over, above [with no change of position, answering the question gdjȅ/gdȅ]
над {prep} :: [+ accusative case] over, above [usually with change of position, answering the question kùda]
нада {f} :: hope
надаље {adv} :: furthermore
надаље {adv} :: further
надарен {adj} :: talented, gifted
надати {vi impf} :: to hope
надахнути {vt pf} :: to inspire
надахњивати {vt impf} :: to inspire
надвијати {v impf} :: imperfective form of надвити
надвисивати {v impf} :: imperfective form of надвисити
надвисити {vt pf} :: to surpass, exceed
надвисити {vt pf} :: to be higher or taller than
надвити {vr pf} :: to hang over, lean over, arch over something
надвладавати {v impf} :: imperfective form of надвладати
надвладати {vt} :: to overcome, overwhelm (opponent, enemy; also figuratively: of feelings etc.)
надводни {adj} :: above water
надвође {n} [nautical] :: freeboard
надвожњак {m} :: overpass
надвојвода {m} :: archduke
надвор {adv} :: outside, outdoors
надгледати {vt impf} :: to supervise
надгледник {m} :: supervisor, inspector
надев {m} :: stuffing (food)
надевати {vt impf} :: to stuff (usually food)
надевати {v impf} [with име, with dative] :: to name
надеђа {f} [archaic, poetic] :: hope
наденути {vt pf} :: to stuff (usually food)
наденути {v pf} [with име, with dative] :: to name
надесно {adv} :: to the right
надживети {vt pf} :: to outlive
надживјети {vt pf} :: to outlive
надживљавати {vt impf} :: to outlive
надзвучни {adj} :: supersonic
надземаљски {adj} :: otherworldly, supernatural
надзирати {vt impf} :: to oversee, supervise
надзор {m} :: supervision, oversight
надзорник {m} :: supervisor, controller, inspector
надијевати {vt impf} :: to stuff (usually food)
надијевати {v impf} [with име, with dative] :: to name
надимак {m} :: nickname
надимати {v impf} :: imperfective form of надути
надјачавати {vt impf} :: to overcome, overpower
надјачати {vt pf} :: to overcome, overpower
надјев {m} :: stuffing (food)
надјенути {vt pf} :: to stuff (usually food)
надјенути {v pf} [with име, with dative] :: to name
надлактица {f} :: upper arm, brachium
надлежан {adj} :: responsible, in charge, competent
надлежност {f} :: jurisdiction
надлежност {f} :: competence
надлетати {vt impf} :: to fly over
надлетети {vt pf} :: to fly over
надлетјети {vt pf} :: to fly over
надлијетати {vt impf} :: to fly over
надљудски {adj} :: superhuman
надљудски {adv} :: superhumanly
надмашивати {vt impf} :: to surpass, exceed
надмашити {vt pf} :: to surpass, exceed
надмоћ {f} :: superiority, predominance
надмоћан {adj} :: superior (higher in quality, better, stronger etc.)
надмоћно {adv} :: superiorly
надница {f} :: day wage, day pay
надничар {m} :: day laborer
надничарка {f} :: day laborer (female)
надобудан {adj} [chiefly ironic] :: promising
надобудан {adj} :: sophomoric
надовезати {vt pf} :: to tie on or attach another length of rope or string, to attach by tying
надовезати {vr pf} :: to add (in speech or writing), say in addition
надовезивати {v impf} :: imperfective form of надовезати
надоградити {vt pf} :: to build onto, add onto (building, theory etc.)
надоградити {vt pf} :: to upgrade (software)
надограђивати {vt impf} :: to build onto, add onto (building, theory etc.)
надограђивати {vt impf} :: to upgrade (software)
надокнада {f} :: compensation (for damage)
надокнадити {vt pf} :: to compensate (make up for
надокнађивати {vt impf} :: to compensate (make up for
надоле {adv} :: downward, down
надоље {adv} :: downward, down
надоместак {m} :: replacement, substitute, surrogate
надомјестак {m} :: replacement, substitute, surrogate
надопуна {f} :: addition
надопуна {f} :: supplement
надопунити {vt pf} :: to supplement, complete
надопуњавати {v impf} :: imperfective form of надопунити
надреализам {m} :: surrealism
надувеност {f} [uncountable] :: flatulence
надувеност {f} [uncountable] :: inflation
надувеност {f} [uncountable] :: arrogance
надути {vtr pf} :: to inflate (enlarge by breathing, filling with or pushing gas)
надути {vr pf} [by extension] :: to expand, grow in size or volume
надути {vr pf} :: to become conceited, priggish, vain etc
нажалост {adv} :: unfortunately
назад {adv} :: back, backwards
назадан {adj} :: backward
назадан {adj} :: retrograde, retrogressive
назадовати {vi impf} :: to regress, retrogress, go backward, decline, degenerate
назал {m} :: a nasal
назални {adj} :: nasal
назалност {f} [uncountable] :: nasality
назвати {vt pf} :: to name
назвати {vt pf} :: to call (person)
назвати {vt pf} :: to call somebody by telephone
наздравити {vi pf} :: to toast, drink a toast (+ dative)
наздрављати {vi impf} :: to toast, drink a toast (+ dative)
назив {m} :: title, name, appellation
називати {vtr impf} :: to name
називати {vtr impf} :: to call (person)
називати {vt impf} [Croatian] :: to call somebody by telephone
назнака {f} :: hint, allusion, denotation, sign
назор {m} :: view
назор {m} :: opinion
назор {m} :: belief
наиван {adj} :: naive
наивац {m} :: naive person; naif
наивност {f} :: naivety, naiveness, naivete
наивчина {m} :: naive person
наизглед {adv} :: in appearance, apparently, seemingly, on the face of it, by the look of it
наизменичан {adj} :: alternating
наизменичник {m} :: alternator
наизмјеничан {adj} :: alternating
наилазити {vi impf} :: come across, meet, encounter, come along (+на (on))
наилазити {vi impf} :: to come, appear (of people)
наиме {adv} :: however, on the other hand (in order to remind or point out something unsaid or unknown, often sentence initially or separated with commas)
наиме {adv} :: namely
наићи {vi pf} :: come across, meet, encounter, come along (+на (on))
наићи {vi pf} :: to come, appear (of people)
најава {f} :: announcement
најавити {vt pf} :: to announce
најављивати {v impf} :: imperfective form of најавити
најављивач {m} :: announcer
најам {m} :: rent, lease (price and act of)
најамни {adj} :: hire-, lease-, rent- (of or pertaining to)
најамник {m} :: mercenary
најамник {m} :: hired worker
најамнина {f} :: rent
најахати {vt pf} :: to mount (horse or some other animal)
најгвирц {m} :: allspice (Pimenta dioica)
наједном {adv} :: suddenly, unexpectedly
најежити {vr pf} :: to cower, bristle up
најезда {f} :: invasion, inroad
најести {vr pf} :: to sate, satiate (with food)
најзад {adv} :: finally, at the end
најквирц {m} :: alternative form of најгвирц
најлон {m} :: nylon (substance)
најприје {adv} :: firstly, at first
Најроби {prop} {m} :: Nairobi, capital of Kenya
најуривати {v impf} :: imperfective form of најурити
најурити {vt pf} :: to chase away, boot out, throw out
најурити {vt pf} [colloquial] :: to fire (from job)
нак- {prefix} :: Forming compound words having the sense of something that comes right before or after something that comes right before (or after, respectively) something, such as: накјуче, наксутра
наказа {f} :: freak, monster
наказан {adj} :: misshapen, deformed, monstrous
наказити {vt pf} :: to disfigure, deform, misshape
накалемити {vt pf} :: to graft, engraft
накалемити {vt pf} :: to attach, add
накана {f} :: intention, intent
наканити {vir pf} :: to intend, have in mind, decide
накањивати {vir impf} :: to intend, have in mind, decide
накит {m} [uncountable] :: jewelry
накјуче {adv} :: On the day before day before yesterday
накјуче {n} :: The day before day before yesterday
наклада {f} [Croatia] :: edition, publication
наклада {f} [Croatia] :: circulation, number of copies printed
наклада {f} [Croatia] :: publisher (company that publishes)
наклањати {vt impf} :: to bend, bow (especially head)
наклањати {vr impf} :: to bow
наклањати {vr impf} :: to lean
наклон {m} :: bow, courtesy
наклонити {vt pf} :: to bend, bow (especially head)
наклонити {vr pf} :: to bow
наклонити {vr pf} :: to lean
наклоњен {adj} :: (with dative) inclined, disposed
накнада {f} :: compensation
накнадити {vt pf} :: to compensate (make up for)
накнађивати {vt impf} :: to compensate (make up for)
наковањ {m} :: anvil
наковањ {m} [anatomy] :: incus, anvil
након {prep} :: after, afterwards
накосивати {vt impf} :: to slant
накосити {vi pf} :: to mow (certain quantity)
накосити {vt pf} :: to slant
накосутра {adv} :: On the day after day after tomorrow
накосутра {n} :: The day after day after tomorrow
накот {m} :: brood
накратко {adv} :: briefly, in brief (of process length)
накратко {adv} :: in a short time
накратко {adv} :: so that it remains short (of an object)
накриво {adv} :: askew, awry
накриво {adv} :: obliquely, aslant
наксутра {adv} :: On the day after day after tomorrow
наксутра {n} :: The day after day after tomorrow
накупити {vt pf} :: to amass, accumulate
накупити {vr pf} :: to accumulate
накупљати {v impf} :: imperfective form of накупити
налаз {m} :: finding (especially medical)
налазити {vt impf} :: to find, discover
налазити {vr impf} :: to meet
налазити {vr impf} :: to find oneself
налазити {vr impf} :: to be located
налазник {m} :: finder
налево {adv} :: to the left
налијево {adv} :: to the left
налик {adj} :: resembling
наликовати {vi impf} [with dative] :: to take after, resemble
налог {m} :: instruction, direction, orders
наломити {vt pf} :: to break off (in quantity, as to gather)
наломити {vt pf} :: to break off (a small part of something)
наљутити {vr pf} :: to be mad at, become angry (+ на (with, at) + accusative)
наљутити {vt pf} :: to anger, infuriate
намаз {m} [Islam] :: salat
намаз {m} :: [by extension] prayer
намаз {m} :: coat (of paint)
намаз {m} :: spread (form of food designed to be spread onto a slice of bread etc.)
намакати {vt impf} :: to moisten, soak, dip
намакнути {vt pf} :: to put on, put around (place an object on top of or around something)
намакнути {vt pf} [Croatian] :: to procure
намамити {vt pf} :: to lure, entice
намамљивати {vt impf} :: to lure, entice
наменити {vt pf} :: to intend
намењивати {vt impf} :: to intend
намера {f} :: intent, intention
намеравати {vi impf} :: to intend, plan
намеран {adj} :: intentional, deliberate, intended, wilful
намерно {adv} :: intentionally, deliberately
наместити {v pf} :: to put something
наместити {v pf} :: to set up something
наместити {v pf} :: to place, plant
наместити {v pf} :: to employ, hire for a certain position
намет {m} :: tax, levy, excise
наметати {vt impf} [with dative] :: to force upon, obtrude
наметати {vt impf} [with dative] :: to levy
наметати {vr impf} :: to impose oneself
наметати {vr impf} :: to gain influence
наметљив {adj} :: meddlesome, intrusive
наметнути {vt pf} [with dative] :: to force upon, obtrude
наметнути {vt pf} [with dative] :: to levy
наметнути {vr pf} :: to impose oneself
наметнути {vr pf} :: to gain influence
намештај {m} [uncountable] :: furniture
намијенити {vt pf} :: to intend
намирити {vt pf} :: to pay, settle, square accounts
намирити {vt pf} :: to take care of, to feed
намирити {vr pf} :: to satisfy one's needs
намирити {vr pf} :: to collect debts
намирница {f} :: foodstuff, grocery
намицати {vt impf} :: to put on, put around (place an object on top of or around something)
намицати {vt impf} [Croatian] :: to procure
намјењивати {vt impf} :: to intend
намјера {f} :: intent, intention
намјеравати {vi impf} :: to intend, plan
намјеран {adj} :: intentional, deliberate, intended, wilful
намјерно {adv} :: intentionally, deliberately
намјестити {v pf} :: to put something
намјестити {v pf} :: to set up something
намјестити {v pf} :: to place, plant
намјестити {v pf} :: to employ, hire for a certain position
намјештај {m} [uncountable] :: furniture
намлети {vi pf} [with genitive] :: to grind, mill (desired quantity of something)
намлети {vi pf} [colloquial] :: to blather (talk a lot)
намљети {vi pf} [with genitive] :: to grind, mill (desired quantity of something)
намљети {vi pf} [colloquial] :: to blather (talk a lot)
намнажати {vtr impf} :: to breed, multiply, increase (of animal or insect population)
намножавати {vtr impf} :: to breed, multiply, increase (of animal or insect population)
намножити {vtr pf} :: to breed, multiply, increase (of animal or insect population)
намочити {vt pf} :: to moisten, soak, dip
нана {f} :: mother
нана {f} :: grandmother
нана {f} :: mint
нанервирати {vtr pf} :: to get on somebody's nerves
нанишанити {vi pf} :: to aim (+ на (at))
наново {adv} :: anew, afresh, over again
наоблачивати {vr impf} :: to overcast, grow overcast
наоблачити {vr pf} :: to overcast, grow overcast
наоблачити се {v} :: to become cloudy
наоблачити се {v} :: to overcast
наоколо {adv} :: all around
наопако {adv} :: upside down
наопако {adv} :: inside out
наопако {adv} :: inversely, reversed
наопачке {adv} :: upside down
наопачке {adv} :: inside out
наопачке {adv} :: inversely, reversed
наоружавати {vtr impf} :: to arm
наоружање {n} [uncountable] :: arms, armaments (of an individual, state or an army)
наоружати {vtr pf} :: to arm
наочаре {fp} [plurale tantum, Bosnian, Serbian] :: glasses
наочит {adj} :: handsome
наоштрити {vt pf} :: to sharpen, hone
наоштрити {vr pf} :: to prepare for a fight or quarrel; get angry
напад {m} :: attack, assault, aggression
нападај {m} :: seizure, attack, onset (of a disease or a medical condition)
нападан {adj} :: conspicuous
нападан {adj} :: striking, prominent
нападан {adj} :: showy
нападан {adj} :: garish
нападати {vt impf} :: to attack
нападач {m} :: attacker
нападачица {f} :: attacker
нападно {adv} :: conspicuously
нападно {adv} :: strikingly, prominently
нападно {adv} :: showily
нападно {adv} :: garishly
нападност {f} :: conspicuousness
нападност {f} :: showiness
нападност {f} :: garishness
напалм {m} :: napalm
напамет {adv} :: by heart
напамет {adv} :: from memory
напамет {adv} :: randomly, wildly
напаст {f} :: temptation
напаст {f} :: pest (annoying creature or person)
напасти {vt pf} :: to attack, assault
напатити {vt pf} :: to make (one) suffer, cause (one) suffering
напатити {vr pf} :: to suffer much, have (had) one's share of suffering
напет {adj} :: tight, taut
напет {adj} :: tense
напети {vtr pf} :: to tighten, tense, strain
напето {adv} :: tensely, tautly, tightly
напећи {vit pf} :: to finish baking/roasting/frying/grilling/broiling
напећи {vit pf} :: to bake enough (of something)
напијати {v impf} :: imperfective form of напити
напињати {vtr impf} :: to tighten, tense, strain
написати {vt pf} :: to write
напитак {m} :: drink
напитак {m} :: potion
напити {vt pf} :: to quench, slake (one's thirst)
напити {vtr pf} :: to make drunk, get drunk, intoxicate
наплата {f} :: payment, collection (of debt)
наплата {f} :: charging for (bill)
наплата {f} :: compensation (service, goods)
напојница {f} :: tip, baksheesh, gratuity
напокон {adv} :: finally, at last
напола {adv} :: partially, partly
напола {adv} :: into/by halves
напоље {adv} :: outside
напољу {adv} :: outdoors, outside (answering the question гдје/где (where))
напомена {f} :: remark, observation
напоменути {vi pf} :: to mention, remark (as a reminder, explanation, correction etc.)
напомињати {vi impf} :: to mention, remark (as a reminder, explanation, correction etc.)
напон {m} :: tension
напон {m} :: voltage
напор {m} :: effort (the amount of work involved in achieving something)
напоран {adj} :: strenuous, tiring, hard
напоран {adj} :: annoying, tiresome, vexing
напорно {adv} :: strenuously, arduously, laboriously, hard
напослетку {adv} :: finally
напосљетку {adv} :: finally
направа {f} :: device, gadget, appliance
направити {vt pf} :: to do, commit
направити {vt pf} :: to make, create, produce
напред {adv} [Ekavian] :: forward
напредак {m} :: progress
напредак {m} :: growth, development
напредан {adj} :: advanced, progressive
напредан {adj} [figuratively] :: thriving, prosperous
напредовање {n} :: advancement, progress
напредовање {n} :: promotion (of a job or a service)
напредовати {vi impf pf} :: to make progress, progress, advance
напредовати {vi impf pf} :: grow, develop
напредовати {vi impf pf} :: to be promoted
напрем {prep} :: = према, all senses but first
напрема {prep} :: = према, all senses but first
напријед {adv} :: forward
на пример {adv} :: for example
на примјер {adv} :: for example
напричати {vt pf} :: to tell doubtful stories
напричати {vr pf} :: to have a good talk
напросто {adv} :: simply
напротив {adv} :: on the contrary
напртњача {f} :: knapsack
Напуљ {prop} {m} :: Напуљ (city)
напунити {vt pf} :: to fill
напунити {vt pf} :: to load (gun, reservoir etc.)
напунити {vt pf} [cooking] :: to stuff
напунити {vr pf} :: to become full
напустити {vt pf} :: to abandon, desert
напушити {vr pf} [slang] :: to get high
напуштати {v impf} :: imperfective form of напустити
нар {m} :: pomegranate
нарав {f} :: nature, character (moral or ethical traits)
наравно {adv} :: of course
нарађати {v pf} :: imperfective form of народити
нарађати {vt pf} :: to give birth to
наранча {f} :: orange (fruit and tree)
наранчаст {adj} :: orange (in color)
наранџа {f} :: alternative form of наранча
наранџаст {adj} :: orange (in color)
наративан {adj} :: narrative
нарација {f} :: narration
нараштај {m} :: generation
нард {m} :: nard (plant or oil)
наредба {f} :: order, command
наредни {adj} :: following, next
наредник {m} [military, army, Bosnian, Croatian] :: sergeant
наредник {m} [military, navy, Croatian] :: petty officer first class
наредник {m} [obsolete, military, Serbian] :: sergeant
наредник {m} [obsolete, military, Bosnian] :: staff sergeant
наредница {f} [military, army, Bosnian, Croatian] :: sergeant
наредница {f} [military, navy, Croatian] :: petty officer first class
наредница {f} [obsolete, military, Serbian] :: sergeant
наредница {f} [obsolete, military, Bosnian] :: staff sergeant
наречје {n} :: dialect
нарисати {vt pf} [regional, language of literature] :: to draw
нарицати {vi impf} :: to lament, wail, mourn
нарјечје {n} :: dialect
наркоза {f} :: narcosis
наркоман {m} :: drug addict, junkie
наркоманка {f} :: junkie, drug addict
наркотик {m} :: narcotic
народ {m} :: people
народ {m} :: nation
народ {m} :: folk
народити {vr pf} [obsolete] :: to be born
народни {adj} :: folk
народни {adj} :: people's
народни {adj} :: national
народност {f} :: nationality
народност {f} :: ethnicity
нарочит {adj} :: unusual
нарочит {adj} :: special
нарочито {adv} :: particularly, especially
нарочито {adv} :: deliberately, intentionally
наруквица {f} :: bracelet
наручивати {vt impf} :: to order (request some product or service)
наручити {vt pf} :: to order (request some product or service)
наручје {n} :: bosom
наручје {n} :: armful
наруџба {f} :: order (request for some product or service)
нарцизам {m} :: narcissism
нарцис {m} :: daffodil
нарцис {m} :: narcissus
нарцис {m} [colloquial] :: narcissist
нарцисизам {m} :: narcissism
насамаривати {vt impf} :: to deceive, cheat
насамарити {vt pf} :: to deceive, cheat
насамо {adv} :: in private, alone, face-to-face
населити {vt pf} :: to settle, populate (an area)
населити {vr pf} :: to settle down, take up residence
насељавати {vt impf} :: to settle, populate (an area)
насељавати {vr impf} :: to settle down, take up residence
насеље {n} :: settlement
насељен {adj} :: populated, peopled, settled
насељеник {m} :: settler, colonist, immigrant
насељеница {f} :: settler, colonist, immigrant
насељенички {adj} :: of or pertaining to settlement or settlers'
насеобина {f} :: settlement
насилан {adj} :: violent
насилник {m} :: bully
насилно {adv} :: violently
насиље {n} :: violence
насип {m} :: levee
насип {m} :: embankment
насип {m} :: dike
наситити {vtr pf} :: to satiate, sate (appease somebody's hunger)
наситити се {vr} :: to gorge oneself
наслага {f} :: layer, stratum
наслага {f} :: deposit
наслањати {v impf} :: imperfective form of наслонити
наследан {adj} :: hereditary
наследан {adj} :: inheritable
наследити {vt pf} :: to inherit
наследник {m} :: heir, inheritor
наследник {m} :: successor
наследница {f} :: heiress, inheritress
наследница {f} :: successor
наслеђе {n} :: heritage
наслеђивање {n} [biology] :: inheritance
наслеђивање {n} :: inheriting
наслеђивати {vt impf} :: to inherit
наслепо {adv} :: blindly
наслиједити {vt pf} :: to inherit
наслијепо {adv} :: blindly
насликати {vt pf} :: to paint
наслов {m} :: title, heading
насловник {m} :: addressee
наслон {m} :: (foot, head) support, rest (part of a seat or chair)
наслон {m} :: back (of a chair)
наслонити {vtr pf} :: to lean
наслоњач {m} :: armchair
наслутити {vt pf} :: to sense, feel a premonition of
наслућивати {v impf} :: imperfective form of наслутити
насљедан {adj} :: hereditary
насљедан {adj} :: inheritable
насљедник {m} :: heir, inheritor
насљедник {m} :: successor
насљедница {f} :: heiress, inheritress
насљедница {f} :: successor
насљеђе {n} :: heritage
насљеђивање {n} [biology] :: inheritance
насљеђивање {n} :: inheriting
насљеђивати {vt impf} :: to inherit
насмејавати {vt impf} :: to make somebody laugh
насмејати {vtr pf} :: to laugh
насмешити {vr pf} :: to smile
насмијавати {vt impf} :: to make somebody laugh
насмијати {vtr pf} :: to laugh
насмијешити {vr pf} :: to smile
наспавати {vr pf} :: to sleep in
наспати {vr pf} :: to sleep in
насред {prep} :: in the middle of
насрнути {vi pf} :: to attack
насртати {vi impf} :: to attack
насртљив {adj} :: aggressive, pugnacious
насртљив {adj} :: pestering, harassing
настава {f} :: teaching (in educational institutions)
наставак {m} [grammar] :: ending
наставак {m} :: continuation, sequel
наставак {m} :: extension
наставити {vit pf} :: to continue
настављати {vit impf} :: to continue
настављач {m} :: continuator
наставник {m} :: a teacher (usually in primary school or high school)
наставница {f} :: teacher (usually in primary school and high school)
настајати {vi impf} :: to emerge, arise, develop
настанак {m} :: emergence, inception, beginning
настанити {vtr pf} :: to settle (down), quarter, find housing
настањивати {vtr impf} :: to settle (down), quarter, find housing
настати {vi pf} :: to emerge, arise, develop
настојати {vi impf} :: to strive, try
настрадати {vi pf} :: to die, perish (with violent death)
настрадати {vi pf} :: to suffer greatly (injury, damage, disease etc.)
настран {adj} :: odd, eccentric
настран {adj} :: perverse, sick
настрано {adv} :: oddly, queerly, abnormally
настраност {f} :: oddity, eccentricity
настраност {f} :: perversity, sickness
наступ {m} :: onset (of army, disease, feelings etc.)
наступ {m} :: appearance (in front of the audience on a ceremony, concert etc.)
наступ {m} :: conduct, countenance (initial impression)
наступати {vi impf} :: to begin
наступати {vi impf} :: to behave, act
наступати {vi impf} [obsolete] :: to tread, step on
наступити {vi pf} :: to begin
наступити {vi pf} :: to behave, act
наступити {vi pf} [obsolete] :: to tread, step on
насукати {vt pf} :: to strand
насукати {vt pf} :: to twine
насукати {vt pf} :: to twist strands of rope ready
насукати {vr pf} :: to be or run aground stranded
насумице {adv} :: at random
насумце {adv} :: at random
насупрот {prep} :: contrary to, against, opposite, vis-à-vis, across from
насупрот {adv} :: on the contrary
насупрот {adv} :: on the opposite side
натални {adj} :: natal
натапати {v impf} :: imperfective form of натопити
натенане {adv} :: leisurely, slowly
натенане {adv} :: alone, in solitude, in leisure
натеравати {vt impf} :: to compel, force, drive
натерати {vt pf} :: to compel, force, drive
натеривати {vt impf} :: to compel, force, drive
натецање {n} :: competition
натечај {m} :: contest, competition
натечај {m} :: bidding
натјеравати {vt impf} :: to compel, force, drive
натјерати {vt pf} :: to compel, force, drive
натјеривати {vt impf} :: to compel, force, drive
натјецање {n} [Croatian] :: competition
натјечај {m} :: contest, competition
натјечај {m} :: bidding
наткрилити {vt pf} :: to roof, cover
наткрилити {vt pf} :: to surpass
наткриљивати {vt impf} :: to roof, cover
наткриљивати {vt impf} :: to surpass
натмурен {adj} :: overcast (covered with clouds)
натмурен {adj} :: somber, grim, glum
натопити {vt pf} :: to saturate, imbue, moisten, impregnate
натпис {m} :: inscription, caption or any kind of public text (on a wall, board, monument etc.)
натраг {adv} :: back, backwards
натрашке {adv} :: backwards, aback
натукница {f} :: headword, entry (of a dictionary)
натукница {f} :: hint, allusion
натуралан {adj} :: natural, real
натурализам {m} :: naturalism
наћве {fp} [plurale tantum] :: dough tray, kneading trough
наћи {vt pf} :: to find, discover
наћи {vr pf} :: to meet
наћи {vr pf} :: to find oneself
наудити {vt pf} :: to harm
наук {f} :: lesson
наук {f} :: moral
наука {m} :: science
наум {m} :: intention
наум {m} :: aim, goal
наумити {vi pf} :: to intend, plan
наутички {adj} :: nautical
научан {adj} :: scientific, scholarly, learned
научити {vtr pf} :: to teach, train, learn
научник {m} :: (Bosnian, Serbian) scientist
научник {m} :: (Croatian) apprentice
наушница {f} :: earring
нафта {f} [uncountable] :: oil, petroleum, naphtha
нафтовод {m} :: oil pipeline
нахвалити {vt pf} :: to amply praise, heap praise on somebody
наход {m} :: foundling (male)
нахоче {n} :: foundling
нахранити {vtr pf} :: to feed, nourish
нахрупити {vi pf} :: to dash, burst, rush, throng into, descend on
нахрупљивати {v impf} :: imperfective form of нахрупити
нахушкати {vt pf} :: to incite, provoke, instigate
нахушкати {vt pf} :: to egg on, set on
нацизам {m} :: Nazism
нација {f} :: nation
национализам {m} :: nationalism
националист {m} [Croatia] :: nationalist
националистички {adj} :: nationalist, nationalistic
националистички {adv} :: nationalistically
национални {adj} :: national
националност {f} :: nationality (membership of a nation)
нацист {m} :: Nazi
нацрт {m} :: sketch
нацртати {vt pf} :: to draw
начелник {m} :: chief
начело {n} :: principle, tenet
начин {m} :: way, method, approach, manner
начинити {vt pf} :: to make, do, produce
начитан {adj} :: well-read
начути {vt pf} :: to get wind of, overhear
наш {pron} :: our, ours
нашки {adj} :: from our area or our kin, characteristic of us (our kin or region)
нашки {adj} [in masculine, substantive] :: [euphemistic] the Serbo-Croatian language, or one’s particular variety thereof
нашки {adv} :: in our manner, like us
нашки {adv} [euphemistic] :: in Serbo-Croatian, or one’s particular variety thereof
н. д. {n} :: abbreviation of наведено дело
н. е. {noun} :: CE
н. е. {noun} :: Abbreviation of Common Era
не- {prefix} :: Prefix prepended to adjectives to create an adjective denoting a negative meaning (не (not)). Akin to un-, non-, im-, ir-
не {particle} :: not (denoting negation)
не {interj} :: no
неадекватан {adj} :: inadequate
неактиван {adj} :: inactive
небески {adj} :: celestial, heavenly (relating to the heaven in a religious sense)
небески {adj} :: celestial (relating to the sky)
небитан {adj} :: unimportant, insignificant
небитност {f} :: unessentiality
небо {n} :: sky
небо {n} :: heaven, firmament
небо {n} :: air
небо {n} :: atmosphere
небог {adj} :: miserable, wretched
небог {adj} :: unfortunate, unhappy
небодер {m} :: skyscraper
небројен {adj} :: unnumbered, uncounted
небројено {adv} :: innumerably
небулозан {adj} :: nebulous, vague
неважан {adj} :: unimportant
невелик {adj} :: rather small
невера {f} :: treachery
невера {f} :: faithlessness
невера {f} :: disloyalty
невера {f} :: infidelity
неверан {adj} :: faithless, disloyal, unfaithful
неверан {adj} :: infidel
неверица {f} :: disbelief, incredulity, doubt
неверник {m} :: infidel, unbeliever
неверни Тома {m} :: doubting Thomas
неверница {f} :: infidel, unbeliever
неверница {f} :: disloyal woman
невернички {adj} :: disloyal, unfaithful
невернички {adj} :: infidel
неверно {adv} :: unfaithfully, disloyally
невеста {f} :: bride
невешт {adj} :: clumsy, unskilled
невидљив {adj} :: invisible
невидљиво {adv} :: invisibly
невидљивост {f} :: invisibility
невин {adj} :: innocent
невин {adj} :: virginal, chaste
невино {adv} :: innocently
невиност {f} :: innocence
невиност {f} :: chastity
невјера {f} :: treachery
невјера {f} :: faithlessness
невјера {f} :: disloyalty
невјера {f} :: infidelity
невјеран {adj} :: faithless, disloyal, unfaithful
невјеран {adj} :: infidel
невјерица {f} :: disbelief, incredulity, doubt
невјерник {m} :: infidel, unbeliever
невјерни Тома {m} :: doubting Thomas (one who requires proof)
невјерница {f} :: infidel, unbeliever
невјерница {f} :: disloyal woman
невјернички {adj} :: disloyal, unfaithful
невјернички {adj} :: infidel
невјерно {adv} :: unfaithfully, disloyally
невјеста {f} :: bride
невјешт {adj} :: clumsy, unskilled
невоља {f} :: trouble, misfortune
невоља {f} :: need, necessity
невреме {n} :: storm, foul weather
невреме {n} :: inappropriate, inopportune moment or period
невријеме {n} :: storm, foul weather
невријеме {n} :: inappropriate, inopportune moment or period
нега {f} :: care, nursing
негативан {adj} :: negative
негативац {m} :: villain
негативац {m} :: baddie
негативност {f} :: negativity
негативност {f} :: adverseness
негатор {m} :: negator, denier
негација {f} :: negation
негација {f} :: negative
негација {f} :: refutation
негве {f} [plurale tantum] :: gyves, shackles for legs, hobble
негда {adv} :: once, at one time, once upon a time
негде {adv} :: somewhere
негдје {adv} :: somewhere
негирати {vt impf pf} :: to negate, deny
него {conj} :: [with nominative] than [in comparisons, following the comparative]
него {conj} :: [following a negation] but (see also већ)
неговатељ {m} :: nurse
неговатељица {f} :: nurse
неговатељичин {adj} :: belonging to a nurse
неговати {vt impf} :: to nurse, tend to, care for
неговати {vt impf} :: to cherish, foster (tradition, culture, friendship etc.)
негодовати {vi impf} :: to complain, protest
негостољубив {adj} :: inhospitable
негостољубивост {f} [uncountable] :: inhospitality
недаван {adj} :: recent
недавно {adv} :: recently
недалеко {adv} :: not far
недвојбено {adv} :: doubtlessly, undoubtedly
недеља {f} :: Sunday
недеља {f} :: week
недељив {adj} :: indivisible
недељни {adj} :: of, pertaining to or occurring at Sunday
недељни {adj} :: weekly
недјеља {f} :: Sunday
недјељив {adj} :: indivisible
недјељни {adj} :: of, pertaining to or occurring at Sunday
недјељни {adj} :: weekly
недовољан {adj} :: insufficient
недовољан {adj} :: unsatisfactory
недодирљив {adj} :: untouchable
недоказив {adj} :: unprovable
недопустив {adj} :: impermissible, unallowable
недопустиво {adv} :: impermissibly
недоследан {adj} :: inconsistent, inconsequent
недосљедан {adj} :: inconsistent, inconsequent
недостајати {vi impf} :: to be missing (of persons)
недостајати {vi impf} :: to be short in supply (of a resource)
недостајући {adj} :: missing
недостатак {m} :: shortage
недостатак {m} :: defect
недостижан {adj} :: unreachable, inaccessible, unattainable
недоумица {f} :: dilemma
недоумица {f} :: hesitation
недохватљив {adj} :: unreachable
недохватљив {adj} :: incomprehensible
недохватљивост {f} :: unreachability
недохватљивост {f} :: incomprehensibility
недра {np} [plurale tantum, language of literature] :: chest, bosom, breasts
недра {np} [figuratively] :: heart, bosom (deep or inner part of something)
недруштвен {adj} :: unsocial, unsociable
недужан {adj} :: innocent (bearing no responsibility for a crime)
недужно {adv} :: innocently
неефикасан {adj} :: ineffective
нежан {adj} :: tender, delicate, soft
нежељен {adj} :: unwanted
нежења {m} :: bachelor
нежења {m} :: an unmarried man
нежно {adv} :: gently, tenderly, softly
нежност {f} [uncountable] :: tenderness, softness, delicacy
незабораван {adj} :: memorable, unforgettable
незаборављив {adj} :: unforgettable
незавидан {adj} :: unenviable
независан {adj} :: independent
независно {adv} :: independently
независност {f} :: independence
незадовољан {adj} :: dissatisfied
незадовољно {adv} :: with displeasure
незадовољство {n} :: displeasure, discontentment
незаконит {adj} :: illegal, unlawful
незаконито {adv} :: illegally, unlawfully
незаконски {adj} :: illegal
незамењив {adj} :: irreplaceable
незамећен {adj} :: unnoticed
незамијећен {adj} :: unnoticed
незамислив {adj} :: inconceivable, unthinkable, unimaginable
незамисливо {adv} :: inconceivably, unimaginably, unthinkably
незамјењив {adj} :: irreplaceable
незанимљив {adj} :: uninteresting
незанимљиво {adv} :: uninterestingly
незапажен {adj} :: unnoticed
незапослен {adj} :: unemployed
незапосленост {f} :: unemployment
незаситан {adj} :: insatiable
незаситљив {adj} :: insatiable
незаситно {adv} :: insatiably
незасићен {adj} :: unsaturated
незахвалан {adj} :: ungrateful, unthankful
незахвалан {adj} :: unrewarding, thankless (job, duty, activity)
незахвалник {m} :: ungrateful person
незахвалница {f} :: ungrateful person
незахвално {adv} :: ungratefully
незахвалност {f} [uncountable] :: ingratitude, thanklessness
незаштићен {adj} :: unprotected, unguarded, unsheltered
незван {adj} :: uninvited
незгода {f} :: trouble
незгода {f} :: accident, mishap
незгодан {adj} :: inconvenient (of a situation, time etc.)
незгодан {adj} :: unpleasant, uncomfortable
незгодно {adv} :: inconveniently
незгодно {adv} :: unpleasantly, uncomfortably
незграпан {adj} :: clumsy
незграпно {adv} :: clumsily
незграпност {f} :: clumsiness
нездрав {adj} :: unhealthy
нездраво {adv} :: unhealthily
незнабожац {m} :: infidel, pagan
незнабоштво {n} [uncountable] :: paganism
незнабоштво {n} [uncountable] :: atheism
незналица {f} :: ignoramus
незнан {adj} :: unknown
незнанац {m} :: stranger
незнање {n} :: ignorance
незнатан {adj} :: insignificant
незнатно {adv} :: insignificantly
незрелост {f} :: immaturity
незрелост {f} :: unripeness
незрео {adj} :: unripe
незрео {adj} :: immature
неизбежан {adj} :: inevitable, unavoidable
неизбежно {adv} :: unavoidably, inevitably
неизбјежан {adj} :: inevitable, unavoidable
неизбјежно {adv} :: unavoidably, inevitably
неизбрисив {adj} :: indelible
неизведив {adj} :: impractical, unfeasible
неизвесно {adv} :: uncertainly
неизвесност {f} :: uncertainty
неизвестан {adj} :: uncertain
неизвјесно {adv} :: uncertainly
неизвјесност {f} :: uncertainty
неизвјестан {adj} :: uncertain
неизлечив {adj} :: incurable
неизлечивост {f} [uncountable] :: incurability
неизљечив {adj} :: incurable
неизљечивост {f} [uncountable] :: incurability
неизречен {adj} :: unspoken
неимар {m} :: architect
неимар {m} :: builder
неимаштина {f} :: poverty
неискрен {adj} :: insincere, deceitful
неискрено {adv} :: insincerely
неискреност {f} [uncountable] :: insincerity
неискусан {adj} :: inexperienced
неистина {f} :: untruth, falsehood
неистинит {adj} :: untrue, false
неисцрпан {adj} :: inexhaustible
неисцрпив {adj} :: inexhaustible
неисцрпљив {adj} :: inexhaustible
нејак {adj} :: weak, feeble
нејасан {adj} :: vague, unclear, indistinct
нејасно {adv} :: vaguely, unclearly
нејасност {f} :: unclarity
нејасноћа {f} :: vagueness
нејасноћа {f} :: a vague, unclear issue (left after dwelling on a particular point, or reading/hearing elaboration thereof)
нејач {f} [collective] :: infants
нејаче {n} :: infant
нејединство {n} :: disunity
неједнак {adj} :: unequal
неједнако {adv} :: unequally
неједнакост {f} :: inequality
неједнолик {adj} :: uneven
нејестив {adj} :: inedible
нека {particle} :: let, may
некад {adv} :: once, in former times
некад {adv} :: sometimes
некада {adv} :: once, in former times
некада {adv} :: sometimes
некадашњи {adj} :: former (from previous times)
некажњен {adj} :: unpunished
некажњив {adj} :: unpunishable
некакав {adj} :: some
некакав {adj} :: any (kind of)
некакав {adj} :: a
некако {adv} :: somehow
некамо {adv} :: somewhere
неквалитетан {adj} :: low-quality
неки {pron} :: some
неки {pron} [in plural, without a noun, substantively] :: some (people), people
неки {pron} [with genitive] :: approximately, around
неки {pron} :: certain
некидан {adv} :: the other day
неко {pron} :: someone, somebody
неко {adv} :: approximately
некоји {pron} :: alternative form of неки
неколико {adv} :: (with genitive) some, several, a few
неколицина {f} :: (with genitive) a group of several (men), a few men; several of
некомерцијалан {adj} :: non-profit, uncommercial
некомпетентан {adj} :: incompetent
некомпетентно {adv} :: incompetently
некомпетентност {f} [uncountable] :: incompetence
некомуникативан {adj} :: uncommunicative
некомуникативност {f} [uncountable] :: uncommunicativeness
неконвенционалан {adj} :: offbeat, unconventional
некорисност {f} [uncountable] :: uselessness
некористан {adj} :: useless
некоћ {adv} :: once, formerly
некретнина {f} :: real estate
некритичан {adj} :: uncritical
некритично {adv} :: uncritically
некроза {f} :: necrosis
некролог {m} :: obituary (biography of a recently deceased person, written by a journalist and published in a newspaper)
некропола {f} :: necropolis
некрофил {m} :: necrophile
некрофилија {f} :: necrophilia
некрст {m} [archaic] :: non-Christian
нектар {m} :: nectar
некуд {adv} :: somewhere
некуда {adv} :: somewhere
некултуран {adj} :: uncultured
нелагода {f} :: uncomfortableness, discomfort, uneasiness
нелагодан {adj} :: uncomfortable, uneasy, awkward
нелагодно {adv} :: uncomfortably, uneasily, awkwardly
нелегалан {adj} :: illegal
нелојалан {adj} :: disloyal
нелојално {adv} :: disloyally
неломљив {adj} :: unbreakable
нелош {adj} :: not bad
нељубазан {adj} :: unkind, unfriendly
нељубазно {adv} :: unkindly, unfriendlily
нељудски {adj} :: inhuman
нем {adj} :: mute, dumb
нем {adj} :: silent, soundless (movie)
немало {adv} :: quite a few
неман {f} :: monster (also figuratively)
немар {m} :: negligence
немар {m} :: carelessness
немар {m} :: slackness
немар {m} :: unconcern, indifference
немаран {adj} :: negligent, indolent
немаран {adj} :: indifferent, nonchalant
немарно {adv} :: carelessly
немарно {adv} :: slovenly
немарно {adv} :: inattentively
немарност {f} :: negligence, carelessness
немати {vt impf} :: not to have
немати {vt impf} :: not to be present (in some place) or available (of something)
Немац {prop} {m} :: German (person)
Немачка {prop} {f} :: Germany
немачки {adj} :: German
немачки {adj} [in masculine, substantive] :: the German language
немачки {adv} :: in a German manner, as a German
немачки овчар {m} :: German Shepherd
немаштовит {adj} :: unimaginative
немаштовитост {f} [uncountable] :: unimaginativeness
немерљив {adj} :: immeasurable
немилице {adv} :: ruthlessly, mercilessly
немилосрдан {adj} :: pitiless, heartless
немилосрдан {adj} :: merciless, unmerciful
немилосрдан {adj} :: cruel, fierce, ruthless
немилосрдно {adv} :: heartlessly, mercilessly, cruelly
немилосрдно {adv} :: ruthlessly, relentlessly
неминован {adj} :: inevitable
неминовно {adv} :: inevitably
немио {adj} :: unpleasant, disagreeable
немио {adj} :: disliked, odious, unpopular
немир {m} :: disquiet, agitation, unrest, restlessness
немиран {adj} :: disquiet
немирно {adv} :: restlessly, disquietly
Немица {prop} {f} :: German (German person)
немјерљив {adj} :: immeasurable
немо {adv} :: mutely, dumbly
немогућ {adj} :: impossible
немогуће {adv} :: impossibly
немогућност {f} [uncountable] :: impossibility (state of not being able to act upon, a state of restricted action)
немодеран {adj} :: unfashionable
неморал {m} :: immorality
неморалан {adj} :: immoral
неморално {adv} :: immorally
немоћ {f} :: weakness, feebleness, faintness
немоћ {f} :: impotence, powerlessness
немоћ {f} :: infirmity
немоћ {f} :: helplessness
немоћан {adj} :: feeble, infirm, week
немоћан {adj} :: impotent, powerless
немоћан {adj} :: sick, ill
немоћан {adj} :: inefficient
немоћно {adv} :: weakly, feebly
немоћно {adv} :: impotently, powerlessly
ненавидети {vt impf} :: to hate
ненавидети {vi impf} :: to envy
ненавидјети {vt impf} :: to hate
ненавидјети {vi impf} :: to envy
ненадан {adj} :: sudden, unexpected
ненадано {adv} :: suddenly, unexpectedly
ненадјебив {adj} :: unsurpassable
ненадмашан {adj} :: unsurpassable
ненадмашив {adj} :: unsurpassable
неназочан {adj} :: absent
ненамеран {adj} :: unintentional
ненамерно {adv} :: unintentionally
ненаметљив {adj} :: unintrusive
ненамјеран {adj} :: unintentional
ненамјерно {adv} :: unintentionally
ненасељен {adj} :: uninhabited
ненормалан {adj} :: abnormal (not normal)
необавезан {adj} :: optional, facultative
необичан {adj} :: unusual, strange, odd
необично {adv} :: unusually, strangely, oddly
необјашњив {adj} :: inexplicable
необјашњиво {adv} :: inexplicably
необјективан {adj} :: nonobjective, biased
необјективно {adv} :: unobjectively
необјективност {f} [uncountable] :: lack of being objective; subjectivity
необорив {adj} :: irrefutable, indisputable, incontestable, undeniable
необориво {adv} :: indisputably, irrefutably, undeniably
необрађен {adj} :: untilled (field)
необрађен {adj} :: unworked, unprocessed (raw material, text etc.)
необразован {adj} :: uneducated
необрањив {adj} :: indefensible
необрањиво {adv} :: indefensibly
необријан {adj} :: unshaved
необуздан {adj} :: ungovernable, unrestrained
необуздан {adj} :: unmanageable, uncontrollable
неовисан {adj} :: independent, autonomous
неовисно {adv} [usually, Croatian] :: independently
неовисност {f} [uncountable] :: independence
неограничен {adj} :: limitless, unbounded, unlimited
неодговоран {adj} :: irresponsible
неодговорно {adv} :: irresponsibly
неодговорност {f} [uncountable] :: irresponsibility
неодлучан {adj} :: indecisive
неодлучен {adj} :: undecided
неодлучено {adv} :: undecidedly
неодлучно {adv} :: indecisively
неодољив {adj} :: irresistible
неодољиво {adv} :: irresistibly
неодређен {adj} :: indefinite, undetermined
неодређен {adj} :: vague, loose
неодређен {adj} [grammar] :: indefinite
неодређено {adv} :: indefinitely
неодређено {adv} :: vaguely
неожењен {adj} :: unmarried (said of a man)
неолитик {m} [uncountable] :: Neolithic
неолитички {adj} :: Neolithic
неолитски {adj} :: Neolithic
неолитски {adv} :: Neolithically
неологизам {m} :: neologism
неон {m} :: neon
неопазице {adv} :: unnoticedly
неопипљив {adj} :: impalpable
неопипљивост {f} [uncountable] :: intangibility, impalpability
неописив {adj} :: indescribable
неописиво {adv} :: indescribably
неопозив {adj} :: irrevocable, unalterable
неопозиво {adv} :: irrevocably, unalterably
неопорезив {adj} :: nontaxable
неопорезован {adj} :: untaxed
неоправдан {adj} :: unjustified, unwarranted
неоправдано {adv} :: unjustifiably, unwarrantedly
неопрезан {adj} :: careless
неопрезно {adv} :: carelessly
неопростив {adj} :: unforgivable
неопходан {adj} :: necessary, crucial, indispensable
неоргански {adj} :: inorganic
неосвојив {adj} :: unconquerable, impregnable
неосетљив {adj} :: insensitive, insensible
неосетљиво {adv} :: insensitively, insensibly
неосетљивост {f} [uncountable] :: insensitivity
неосигуран {adj} :: uninsured
неосјетљив {adj} :: insensitive, insensible
неосјетљиво {adv} :: insensitively, insensibly
неосјетљивост {f} [uncountable] :: insensitivity
неоснован {adj} :: groundless, unfounded
неособан {adj} :: impersonal
неоспоран {adj} :: indisputable
неоспорив {adj} :: indisputable
неоспоривост {f} [uncountable] :: indisputability
неоспорно {adv} :: indisputably
неостварен {adj} :: unrealized, unfulfilled
неостварив {adj} :: unrealizable, unfeasible
неотесан {adj} :: coarse, crude, rough (especially of behaviour/temperament)
неотесанац {m} :: rude, crude person
неотесанка {f} :: rude, crude person (female)
неотуђив {adj} :: inalienable
неочекиван {adj} :: unexpected
неочекивано {adv} :: unexpectedly
неоштећен {adj} :: undamaged
непажљив {adj} :: inconsiderate
непажљив {adj} :: careless
непажљиво {adv} :: inconsiderately
непажљиво {adv} :: carelessly
непажња {f} :: carelessness
Непал {prop} {m} :: Непал (country)
Непалац {prop} {m} :: Nepali, Nepalese (person)
непалски {adj} :: Nepali / Nepalese
непалски {adj} [in masculine, substantive] :: the Nepali language
непаран {adj} [arithmetic] :: odd
неписан {adj} :: unwritten
неписмен {adj} :: illiterate
неписмено {adv} :: illiterately
неписменост {f} [uncountable] :: illiteracy
непливач {m} :: nonswimmer
неплодан {adj} :: unfertile, unfruitful
неплодан {adj} :: sterile, barren
неплодно {adv} :: fruitlessly, unfruitfully
неплодност {f} [uncountable] :: fruitlessness, unfruitfulness
неплодност {f} [uncountable] :: sterility, barrenness
непобедив {adj} :: invincible
непобедивост {f} :: invincibility
непобитан {adj} :: irrefutable
непобитно {adv} :: irrefutably
непобједив {adj} :: invincible
непобједивост {f} :: invincibility
неповезан {adj} :: unconnected, disconnected
неповезан {adj} :: incoherent (of a speech or text)
неповерење {n} :: distrust, mistrust
неповерљив {adj} :: distrustful, suspicious
неповерљиво {adv} :: distrustfully, suspiciously
неповјерење {n} :: distrust, mistrust
неповјерљив {adj} :: distrustful, suspicious
неповјерљиво {adv} :: distrustfully, suspiciously
неповољан {adj} :: bad, unfavorable, negative, unpleasant
неповратан {adj} :: irretrievable
неповратно {adv} :: irretrievably
неповредив {adj} :: inviolable
непогода {f} :: storm, bad weather
непогода {f} :: disaster
непогодан {adj} :: inconvenient, inappropriate, unsuitable
непогрешив {adj} :: infallible, unerring
неподерив {adj} :: untearable
неподмитљив {adj} :: incorruptible
неподобан {adj} :: unfit, unsuitable
непожељан {adj} :: undesirable, unwelcome
непожељно {adv} :: undesirably
непозван {adj} :: uninvited
непознаница {f} [algebra] :: unknown
непознат {adj} :: unknown
непојмљив {adj} :: inconceivable, unfathomable
непоколебљив {adj} :: firm, steady, unwavering
непокретан {adj} :: immobile
непокретљив {adj} :: immobile
непомирљив {adj} :: irreconcilable
непомирљиво {adv} :: irreconcilably
непомичан {adj} :: stationary, immovable, immobile
непомично {adv} :: immovably
непопустљив {adj} :: unyielding
непопустљиво {adv} :: unyieldingly
непорецив {adj} :: irrefutable
непослушан {adj} :: disobedient
непослушно {adv} :: disobediently
непосредан {adj} :: direct, immediate
непосредан {adj} :: natural, sincere
непосредно {adv} :: directly, immediately
непосредно {adv} :: naturally, sincerely, frankly
непостојан {adj} :: unstable, changeable
непостојано {adv} :: unstably, unsteadily
непостојање {n} [uncountable] :: absence, nonexistence
непостојећи {adj} :: nonexistent, nonexisting
непотпун {adj} :: incomplete
непотпуно {adv} :: incompletely
непотребан {adj} :: unnecessary
непотребно {adv} :: unnecessarily
непоуздан {adj} :: unreliable
непоуздано {adv} :: unreliably
непоузданост {f} [uncountable] :: unreliability
непоштен {adj} :: unfair, dishonest
непоштено {adv} :: unfairly, dishonestly
непоштење {n} :: dishonesty
неправда {f} :: injustice
неправедан {adj} :: unjust, unfair
неправедно {adv} :: unjustly, unfairly
неправилан {adj} :: irregular
неправилно {adv} :: irregularly
неправилност {f} :: irregularity
непрактичан {adj} :: impractical
непрактично {adv} :: impractically
непрактичност {f} [uncountable] :: impracticality
непреводив {adj} :: untranslatable
непреводивост {f} [uncountable] :: untranslatability
непредвидљив {adj} :: unpredictable
непредвидљиво {adv} :: unpredictably
непредвидљивост {f} [uncountable] :: unpredictability
непредвиђен {adj} :: unpredicted, unforeseen
непредвиђено {adv} :: unexpectedly
непрекидан {adj} :: uninterrupted, constant, continuous
непрекидно {adv} :: constantly, continuously, uninterruptedly
непрекидност {f} [uncountable] :: continuity
непрекинут {adj} :: unbroken, uninterrupted
непрекинут {adj} :: continuous
непрекинутост {f} [uncountable] :: unbrokenness
непрекинутост {f} [uncountable] :: continuousness
непрелазан {adj} :: insurmountable, impassable
непрелазан {adj} [grammar] :: intransitive
непремостив {adj} :: unbridgeable
непреносив {adj} :: untransferable
непреносивост {f} [uncountable] :: untransferability
непрепознатљив {adj} :: unrecognizable, unidentifiable
непрепознатљивост {f} [uncountable] :: unrecognizability
непрепоран {adj} :: indisputable
непрепорно {adv} :: indisputably
непрестан {adj} :: continuous, uninterrupted
непрестано {adv} :: constantly, continuously
непрестанце {adv} :: continuously, constantly
непресушан {adj} :: inexhaustible
непресушност {f} [uncountable] :: inexhaustibility
непретенциозан {adj} :: unpretentious, unassuming
непрецизан {adj} :: imprecise
непрецизно {adv} :: imprecisely
непризнат {adj} :: unrecognized, unacknowledged
непријазан {adj} :: unfriendly, unpleasant
непријатан {adj} :: unpleasant
непријатељ {m} :: enemy
непријатељица {f} :: woman enemy/opponent
непријатељски {adj} :: hostile, enemy, unfriendly
непријатељски {adj} :: adverse
непријатељски {adj} :: malevolent
непријатељство {n} :: enmity, hostility, animosity
непријатно {adv} :: unpleasantly
непријелазан {adj} :: insurmountable, impassable
непријелазан {adj} [grammar] :: intransitive
непријепоран {adj} :: indisputable
непријепорно {adv} :: indisputably
неприкладан {adj} :: inappropriate, unsuitable, inconvenient
неприлика {f} :: trouble, difficulty (unpleasant event in general)
неприлика {f} :: inconvenience
неприличан {adj} :: inappropriate, unsuitable
неприличност {f} [uncountable] :: impropriety
непримерен {adj} :: inappropriate, unsuitable, inadequate
непримерено {adv} :: inappropriately, inadequately
неприметан {adj} :: imperceptible
неприметљив {adj} :: imperceptible
неприметно {adv} :: imperceptibly
непримјерен {adj} :: inappropriate, unsuitable, inadequate
непримјерено {adv} :: inappropriately, inadequately
непримјетан {adj} :: imperceptible
непримјетљив {adj} :: imperceptible
непримјетно {adv} :: imperceptibly
непринципијелан {adj} :: unprincipled
неприпремљен {adj} :: unprepared
неприпремљеност {f} [uncountable] :: unpreparedness
неприродан {adj} :: unnatural, abnormal, anomalous
неприродно {adv} :: unnaturally
неприродност {f} [uncountable] :: unnaturalness
непристојан {adj} :: impolite, uncivil, rude
непристојно {adv} :: impolitely, uncivilly, rudely
непристојност {f} [uncountable] :: impoliteness, impropriety, incivility, rudeness
непристран {adj} :: impartial
непристрано {adv} :: impartially
непристраност {f} [uncountable] :: impartiality
неприступачан {adj} :: inaccessible, unreachable
неприступачно {adv} :: inaccessibly, unreachably
неприступачност {f} [uncountable] :: inaccessibility
неприсутан {adj} :: absent
неприсутност {f} [uncountable] :: absence
неприхватљив {adj} :: unacceptable
непробављен {adj} :: undigested
непробављив {adj} :: indigestible
непробојан {adj} :: impenetrable
непробојан {adj} :: bulletproof
непроверен {adj} :: unchecked, untested
непровидан {adj} :: opaque
непровјерен {adj} :: unchecked, untested
непродан {adj} :: unsold
непродуктиван {adj} :: unproductive
непродуктивност {f} [uncountable] :: unproductiveness
непрозиран {adj} :: opaque
непрозирно {adv} :: opaquely
непрозирност {f} :: opacity
непрокушан {adj} :: untried
непромењен {adj} :: unchanged
непромијењен {adj} :: unchanged
непромишљен {adj} :: thoughtless, hasty, reckless
непромишљено {adv} :: thoughtlessly, recklessly
непромишљеност {f} [uncountable] :: thoughtlessness, rashness
непромочив {adj} :: waterproof
непропустан {adj} :: impermeable
непрофесионалан {adj} :: unprofessional
непрофесионално {adv} :: unprofessionally
непрофитан {adj} :: unprofitable
непроцењив {adj} :: invaluable, priceless
непроцјењив {adj} :: invaluable, priceless
Нептун {prop} {m} [Roman god] :: Neptune (planet),
непун {adj} :: not full
непун {adj} :: incomplete
непушач {m} :: non-smoker
непушачица {f} :: [female] non-smoker
непце {n} :: palate
непце {n} :: roof (upper part of a cavity)
нерабљен {adj} :: unused
нерадник {m} :: idler, work-shy layabout
нерадо {adv} :: unwillingly
неразборит {adj} :: unreasonable
неразборито {adv} :: unreasonably
неразборитост {f} [uncountable] :: imprudence
неразвијен {adj} :: undeveloped
неразводњен {adj} :: undiluted
неразговетан {adj} :: indistinct (usually of speech)
неразговетно {adv} :: indistinctly (usually of speech)
неразговијетан {adj} :: indistinct (usually of speech)
неразговијетно {adv} :: indistinctly (usually of speech)
нераздвојан {adj} :: inseparable
нераздвојив {adj} :: inseparable, indivisible
нераздружив {adj} :: inseparable
нераздруживост {f} [uncountable] :: inseparability
неразуман {adj} :: unreasonable, irrational
неразумљив {adj} :: incomprehensible
неразумљив {adj} :: unintelligible
неразумљив {adj} :: unreasonable
нераст {m} :: boar
нерафиниран {adj} :: unrefined
нерационалан {adj} :: irrational
нерационално {adv} :: irrationally
нервирати {vtr impf} :: to get on somebody's nerves
нервозан {adj} :: nervous
нереалан {adj} :: unrealistic
нереалан {adj} :: fictitious, unreal
нереализиран {adj} :: unrealized
нереално {adv} :: unrealistically
нереално {adv} :: fictiously
нереалност {f} [uncountable] :: unreality
нерегуларан {adj} :: irregular
нерегуларност {f} :: irregularity
неред {m} :: chaos, mess, disorder
неред {m} [in the plural] :: riot, rioting, violence
нередовит {adj} :: irregular
нередовито {adv} :: irregularly
нерекурзиван {adj} :: nonrecursive
Неретва {prop} {f} :: Neretva
неретко {adv} :: (rather) often
нерешен {adj} :: unsolved
нерешен {adj} [sports] :: tied, draw (of a result)
нерешив {adj} :: insolvable, insoluble
нерешивост {f} [uncountable] :: unsolvability
неријетко {adv} :: (rather) often
неријешен {adj} :: unsolved
неријешен {adj} [sports] :: tied, draw (of a result)
нерјешив {adj} :: insolvable, insoluble
нерјешивост {f} [uncountable] :: unsolvability
неродан {adj} :: barren, sterile
нерођен {adj} :: unborn
нероткиња {f} :: barren woman
несавесно {adv} :: unconscionably
несавестан {adj} :: unconscionable
несавестан {adj} :: unscrupulous
несавестан {adj} :: dishonest
несавитљив {adj} :: inflexible, not elastic
несавјесно {adv} :: unconscionably
несавјестан {adj} :: unconscionable
несавјестан {adj} :: unscrupulous
несавјестан {adj} :: dishonest
несавладив {adj} :: insurmountable, invincible
несавршен {adj} :: imperfect, defective
несавршено {adv} :: imperfectly, defectively
несагорив {adj} :: incombustible
несаломљив {adj} :: unbreakable
несамосталан {adj} :: dependent
несамостално {adv} :: dependently
несаница {f} :: insomnia
несвакидањи {adj} :: unusual, rare
несвакидашњи {adj} :: rare, unusual
несвесно {adv} :: unconsciously, subconsciously
несвест {f} [uncountable] :: unconsciousness, faint
несвестан {adj} :: unconscious (not aware)
несвестица {f} [uncountable] :: unconsciousness, faint, swoon
несвијест {f} [uncountable] :: unconsciousness, faint
несвјесно {adv} :: unconsciously, subconsciously
несвјестан {adj} :: unconscious (not aware)
несвјестица {f} [uncountable] :: unconsciousness, faint, swoon
несвршени {adj} :: unfinished, incomplete
несвршени {adj} [grammar] :: imperfective
несебичан {adj} :: unselfish
несебичност {f} [uncountable] :: unselfishness
несигуран {adj} :: unsure
несигуран {adj} :: unsafe
несигуран {adj} :: unreliable
несигурно {adv} :: unsurely
несигурно {adv} :: unsafely
несигурно {adv} :: unreliably
несиметричан {adj} :: dissymmetrical
несиметрично {adv} :: dissymmetrically
несиметричност {f} [uncountable] :: dissymmetry
несит {adj} :: unsated
несит {m} :: pelican
несклад {m} :: disharmony, discord
нескладан {adj} :: disharmonious, discordant
нескроман {adj} :: immodest
нескромно {adv} :: immodestly
нескромност {f} [uncountable] :: immodesty
неславан {adj} :: unfamous
неслан {adj} :: unsalted
неслободан {adj} :: unfree
неслога {f} :: discord
несложан {adj} :: discordant
неслужбен {adj} :: unofficial
неслужбено {adv} :: unofficially
несносан {adj} :: unbearable, unendurable
несносно {adv} :: unbearably, unendurably
неспоразум {m} :: misunderstanding
неспособан {adj} :: incapable
неспособан {adj} :: unable, inapt
неспособно {adv} :: incapably
неспреман {adj} :: unready, unprepared
неспремно {adv} :: unreadily, unpreparedly
неспутан {adj} :: unshackled, unbound, unrestrained
несретан {adj} :: unhappy
несретан {adj} :: unfortunate
несретан {adj} :: unlucky
несрећа {f} :: accident
нестабилан {adj} :: unstable
нестабилност {f} :: instability
нестајати {vi impf} :: to disappear, vanish
нестајати {vi impf} :: to run out of, become exhausted (+ genitive)
несталан {adj} :: unstable, unsteady
нестално {adv} :: unstably, unsteadily
нестанак {m} :: disappearance
нестати {vi pf} :: to disappear, vanish
нестати {vi pf} :: to run out of, become exhausted (+ genitive)
несташица {f} :: shortage, lack
нестваран {adj} :: unreal
нести {vt impf} :: to lay eggs
нестрпљење {n} :: impatience
нестрпљив {adj} :: impatient
нестрпљиво {adv} :: impatiently
нестрпљивост {f} :: impatience
нестручњак {m} :: layman, nonprofessional
несувисао {adj} :: incoherent, confused, senseless
несувисло {adv} :: incoherently, confusedly, senselessly
несувислост {f} :: incoherence, confusion, senselessness
несугласица {f} :: disagreement
несугласица {f} :: quarrel
несуђен {adj} :: not meant to be
несумњив {adj} :: doubtless, certain
несумњиво {adv} :: undoubtedly
несхватљив {adj} :: incomprehensible
несхваћен {adj} :: not understood
нетактичан {adj} :: tactless
нетактично {adv} :: tactlessly
нетачан {adj} :: (Bosnian, Serbian) untrue, incorrect
нетко {pron} :: someone, somebody
нето маса {f} :: net weight (weight of a product)
нетопир {m} :: bat (small flying mammal)
нетремице {adv} :: literally "without blinking": fixedly, very carefully
нећак {m} :: nephew
нећака {f} :: niece
нећакиња {f} :: niece
нећачки {adj} :: of or pertaining to a nephew or nephews
нећачки {adv} :: as a nephew
неуверљив {adj} :: unconvincing
неуверљиво {adv} :: unconvincingly
неувјерљив {adj} :: unconvincing
неувјерљиво {adv} :: unconvincingly
неугледан {adj} :: insignificant (lacking importance or prominence)
неугодан {adj} :: unpleasant
неугодан {adj} :: uncomfortable
неугодно {adv} :: unpleasantly
неугодно {adv} :: uncomfortably
неудат {adj} :: unmarried (said of a woman)
неудобан {adj} :: uncomfortable
неудобно {adv} :: uncomfortably
неук {adj} :: ignorant, uneducated, unschooled
неукост {f} [uncountable] :: ignorance
неукротив {adj} :: untamable, ungovernable
неукусан {adj} :: tasteless
неукусно {adv} :: tastelessly
неуљудан {adj} :: uncivil, impolite, rude
неуљудно {adv} :: impolitely, rudely
неумерен {adj} :: intemperate, immoderate, excessive
неумерено {adv} :: intemperately, immoderately, excessively
неумереност {f} [uncountable] :: intemperance, immoderateness, excessiveness
неуместан {adj} :: improper, inappropriate
неумитан {adj} :: inevitable, inexorable
неумјерен {adj} :: intemperate, immoderate, excessive
неумјерено {adv} :: intemperately, immoderately, excessively
неумјереност {f} [uncountable] :: intemperance, immoderateness, excessiveness
неумјестан {adj} :: improper, inappropriate
неуморан {adj} :: tireless
неуморно {adv} :: tirelessly
неуништив {adj} :: indestructible
неуништивост {f} [uncountable] :: indestructibility
неуобичајен {adj} :: unusual
неуобичајено {adv} :: unusually
неупадљив {adj} :: inconspicuous, unobtrusive
неупадљиво {adv} :: inconspicuously, unobtrusively
неуравнотежен {adj} :: unbalanced, unstable
неуравнотежен {adj} [of a person] :: eccentric
неуралгија {f} :: neuralgia
неуралгичан {adj} :: neuralgic
неурастенија {f} :: neurasthenia
неурастеник {m} :: neurasthenic
неурастеничан {adj} :: neurasthenic
неуредан {adj} :: untidy, disorderly
неуредан {adj} :: sloppy, slovenly
неуредан {adj} :: irregular
неуредно {adv} :: untidily, disorderly
неуредно {adv} :: irregularly
неуредност {f} :: untidiness
неуроза {f} :: neurosis
неуролептик {m} :: antipsychotic (any of a group of drugs used to treat psychosis)
неуролог {m} :: neurologist
неурологија {f} :: neurology
неуролошки {adj} :: neurologic
неуролошки {adv} :: neurologically
неурон {m} :: neuron
неуропсихофармакологија {f} :: neuropsychopharmacology
неуротик {m} :: neurotic
неуротичан {adj} :: neurotic
неусиљен {adj} :: natural, relaxed
неусиљено {adv} :: naturally, without affectation
неусиљеност {f} [uncountable] :: genuineness, unceremoniousness
неуспело {adv} :: unsuccessfully
неуспелост {f} [uncountable] :: unsuccessful
неуспео {adj} :: unsuccessful
неуспех {m} :: failure
неуспешан {adj} :: unsuccessful
неуспешно {adv} :: unsuccessfully
неуспешност {f} [uncountable] :: failure, unsuccessfulness
неуспио {adj} :: unsuccessful
неуспјело {adv} :: unsuccessfully
неуспјелост {f} [uncountable] :: unsuccessful
неуспјех {m} :: failure
неуспјешан {adj} :: unsuccessful
неуспјешно {adv} :: unsuccessfully
неуспјешност {f} [uncountable] :: failure, unsuccessfulness
неуставан {adj} :: unconstitutional
неуставно {adv} :: unconstitutionally
неустрашив {adj} :: fearless, brave
неустрашиво {adv} :: fearlessly, bravely
неустрашивост {f} [uncountable] :: fearlessness, bravery
неутажив {adj} :: insatiable
неутешан {adj} :: disconsolate, brokenhearted
неутешив {adj} :: disconsolate, brokenhearted
неутјешан {adj} :: disconsolate, brokenhearted
неутјешив {adj} :: disconsolate, brokenhearted
неутралан {adj} :: neutral
неутрализирати {vt impf pf} :: to neutralize
неутралност {f} :: neutrality
неутрино {m} [particle] :: neutrino
неутрон {m} [physics] :: neutron
неухватљив {adj} :: uncatchable
неухватљиво {adv} :: uncatchably
нехотице {adv} :: inadvertently, accidentally
нехотичан {adj} :: inadvertent, accidental
нехуман {adj} :: inhumane
нехуман {adj} :: inhuman
нехуманост {f} [uncountable] :: inhumanity
нечасно {adv} :: dishonorably, shamefully
нечастан {adj} :: dishonorable, shameful
нечији {pron} :: somebody's
нечист {adj} :: impure, unclean
нечистоћа {f} :: dirt, filth
нечистоћа {f} :: impurity
нечитак {adj} :: illegible
нечитљив {adj} :: illegible
нечовечан {adj} :: inhuman, pitiless, merciless, brutal
нечовечност {f} [uncountable] :: inhumanity, barbarity, brutality
нечовјечан {adj} :: inhuman, pitiless, merciless, brutal
нечовјечност {f} [uncountable] :: inhumanity, barbarity, brutality
нечујан {adj} :: inaudible
нешкодљив {adj} :: harmless
нешто {pron} :: something
нешто {adv} :: for a bit, for a while
нешто {adv} :: somewhat, a bit
нешто {adv} [in negative sentences] :: (not) very
нешто {adv} :: somehow, it seems
нешто {adv} :: indicates that the speaker doesn't want to talk about the circumstances of the statement
ни {particle} :: (emphasizes negation) even, either
ни {conj} :: neither, nor
ниво {m} :: level
нигда {adv} :: (dialectally) never
нигде {adv} :: nowhere
нигдје {adv} :: nowhere
нигер {m} [slang, pejorative] :: nigger
Нигер {prop} {m} :: Нигер (country)
Нигер {prop} {m} :: Нигер (major river)
Нигерија {prop} {f} :: Nigeria
Нигеријац {prop} {m} :: Nigerian (person)
нигеријски {adj} :: Nigerian
низ {prep} :: down, along (in a constant direction with or opposite another; = дуж, уздуж, покрај)
низ {m} :: array, sequence, series
низ {m} :: row
низ {m} :: string
низ {m} :: large number of, host of, a number of [+ genitive case]
низ {m} [mathematics] :: series, progression
низак {adj} :: low
низак {adj} :: short
низак {adj} :: low-pitched (of voice)
низак {adj} :: mean, low-minded
низак {adj} :: common, vile
низак {adj} :: near the ground
низанка {f} [neologism] :: series (television or radio program)
низати {vt impf} :: to string
низати {vr impf} :: to follow in succession
низбрдо {adv} :: downhill
низводице {adv} :: downstream
низводно {adv} :: downstream
низина {f} :: lowland
низински {adj} :: pertaining to lowlands; low-lying, lowlands-
Низоземска {prop} {f} :: the Netherlands
нијанса {f} :: nuance, shade
ниједан {adj} :: no one, none, nobody
ниједан {adj} :: no, any
ниједанпут {adv} :: never
није злато све што сија {proverb} :: all that glitters is not gold
нијем {adj} :: mute, dumb
нијем {adj} :: silent, soundless (movie)
Нијемац {prop} {m} :: German (person)
нијемо {adv} :: mutely, dumbly
није шија него врат {phrase} :: tomayto, tomahto, potayto, potahto (dismissing a distinction as without a difference)
-ник {suffix} :: Suffix appended to nominal stems to create a masculine noun, usually denoting a profession, performer, place, object, tool or a feature
Ника {prop} {f} [Greek god] :: Nike
Ника {prop} {f} :: given name
никад {adv} :: never
никада {adv} :: never
никакав {adj} :: any, no
никакав {adj} :: poor, worthless
никако {adv} :: in no way
никако {adv} :: by no means
никако {adv} :: poorly, badly
никал {m} :: nickel
никамо {adv} :: nowhere
Никарагва {prop} {f} :: Nicaragua
Никарагванац {prop} {m} :: Nicaraguan (person)
никарагвански {adj} :: Nicaraguan
никнути {vi pf} :: to sprout, shoot up
никнути {vi pf} :: to spring up, crop up
никнути {vi pf} :: to appear, emerge, arise
нико {pron} :: no one, nobody
никоји {adj} :: no, any
Никола {prop} {m} :: given name
никотин {m} :: nicotine
никотински {adj} :: nicotine (containing)
Никта {prop} {f} [Greek god] :: Nyx (Greek goddess of the night)
никуд {adv} :: nowhere (with respect to change of position; compare нигдје/нигде)
никуда {adv} :: nowhere (with respect to change of position; compare нигдје/нигде)
Нил {prop} {m} :: the Nile
нимало {adv} :: not a bit
нимало {adv} :: not at all
нимало {adv} :: nothing at all
нимбус {m} [religion] :: halo
нимбус {m} :: nimbus
нимфа {f} [mythology] :: nymph
нимфа {f} :: nymph (insect larva)
нимфоманка {f} :: nymphomaniac
нимфомански {adj} :: nymphomaniac
нимфомански {adv} :: nymphomaniacally
-нина {suffix} :: Suffix appended to words to create a feminine noun denoting a fee
нинџа {m} :: ninja
нирвана {f} :: nirvana
ниско {adv} :: low, lowly
ниско {adv} :: basely, vulgarly, meanly
нискост {f} :: lowliness, lowness
нискост {f} :: ignominy, meanness
нит {f} :: thread
нит {f} :: flow, continuity
нити {conj} :: nor
нити {conj} :: neither
нитко {pron} :: no one, nobody
нитков {m} :: scoundrel
нихилизам {m} :: nihilism
нихилист {m} :: nihilist
нихилистички {adj} :: nihilistic
нихилистички {adv} :: nihilistically
-ница {suffix} :: feminine equivalent of -ник
ницати {vi impf} :: to sprout, shoot up
ницати {vi impf} :: to spring up, crop up
ницати {vi impf} :: to appear, emerge, arise
ничији {pron} :: no one's, nobody's
Ниш {prop} {m} :: Niš (Serbian city)
нишан {m} :: target
нишан {m} :: aim
нишан {m} :: mark
нишан {m} [Islam] :: gravemarker
нишанити {vi impf} :: to aim (+ на (at))
нишанџија {m} :: marksman
нишанџија {m} :: gunner (artillery soldier who aims a fieldpiece)
ништа {pron} :: nothing
ништаван {adj} :: null, void, worthless
ништавило {n} :: nothingness
ништарија {f} :: rotter, good-for-nothing
но {conj} [after a comparative, obsolete, expressively] :: than (=него, од)
но {conj} [denoting exclusion] :: but, however
но {particle} [in a dialog, when responding to the interlocutor] :: damn right!, you bet! very much so!
нобеловац {m} :: Nobel Prize recipient
нобеловка {f} :: Nobel Prize winner
нов {adj} :: new
нов {adj} :: novel
нов {adj} :: modern
нов {adj} :: recent
нов {adj} :: fresh
нова {f} :: nova
новајлија {m} :: novice, beginner
новајлија {m} :: newcomer
новак {m} :: recruit
новак {m} :: novice
новац {m} :: money
новачити {vt impf} :: to recruit, draft
новембар {m} :: November
новембарски {adj} :: November (of or pertaining to, occurring in)
нови {adj} :: Definite form of "нов"
Нови завет {prop} {m} :: New Testament
Нови завјет {prop} {m} :: New Testament
Нови Зеланд {prop} {m} :: New Zealand
новина {f} :: novelty, innovation
новинар {m} :: journalist
новинарство {n} [uncountable] :: journalism
новине {fp} [plurale tantum] :: newspaper
Нови Сад {prop} {m} :: Novi Sad
новогрчки {adj} :: of or pertaining to the modern Greek (people, language or culture)
новозеландски {adj} :: of or pertaining to New Zealand or its inhabitants
Новозеланђанин {prop} {m} :: New Zealander
новонастали {adj} :: newly made/created
новорођен {adj} :: newborn
новорођенче {n} :: newborn infant
новосадски {adj} :: of or pertaining to Novi Sad
Новосађанин {prop} {m} :: person from Novi Sad
Новосађанка {prop} {f} :: female person from Novi Sad
Новосибирск {prop} {m} :: Новосибирск (large city/administrative center)
новост {f} :: news
новост {f} :: novelty
новотарија {f} [pejorative] :: novelty
новчани {adj} :: financial
новчани {adj} :: monetary
новчаник {m} :: wallet
новчаница {f} :: banknote
новчано {adv} :: financially
новчано {adv} :: monetarily
новчић {m} :: coin
нога {f} :: leg
ногавица {f} :: trouser leg
ногат {adj} :: bigfooted
ногат {adj} :: long-legged
ногица {f} :: (diminutive) leg
ногомет {m} [sports, Croatian] :: football, soccer
ногометаш {m} :: (Croatian) footballer
ногометашки {adj} :: soccer, football (of or pertaining to)
ногометашки {adv} :: as a soccer / football player
ногоступ {m} :: walkway
нож {m} :: knife
нож {m} :: blade
ножић {m} :: (diminutive) knife
ножица {f} :: (diminutive) leg
ножице {f} [plurale tantum] :: scissors
ноздрва {f} :: nostril
ној {m} :: ostrich
нојев {adj} :: ostrich's, of an ostrich
нојевски {adj} :: ostrich (of or pertaining to)
нојевски {adv} :: as an ostrich
нокат {m} :: nail (on fingers and toes)
нокаут {m} :: knockout
ноктић {m} :: (diminutive) nail (fingernail, toenail)
нокшир {m} :: chamber pot
номад {m} :: nomad
номадски {adj} :: nomadic
номадски {adv} :: nomadically
номенклатура {f} :: nomenclature
номиналан {adj} :: nominal
номинатив {m} [grammar] :: nominative
номинативни {adj} [grammar] :: nominative
номинативски {adj} [grammar] :: nominative
номинирати {vt impf pf} :: to nominate
нонконформизам {m} :: nonconformism
нонконформист {m} :: nonconformist
ноншалантан {adj} :: nonchalant
ноншалантно {adv} :: nonchalantly
Норвежанин {prop} {m} :: Norwegian (native of Norway)
Норвежанка {prop} {f} :: Norwegian (native of Norway)
Норвешка {prop} {f} :: Norway
норвешки {adj} :: Norwegian
норвешки {adj} [in masculine, substantive] :: the Norwegian language
норвешки {adv} :: in a Norwegian manner, as a Norwegian
нордијски {adj} :: Nordic
норма {f} :: rule
норма {f} :: norm
нормалан {adj} :: normal
нормалан {adj} :: sane
нормализирати {vtr impf pf} :: to normalize
нормално {adv} :: normally
нормалност {f} :: normality, normalcy
Норман {prop} {m} :: Norman (member of an ancient Germanic people)
Нормандија {prop} {f} :: Normandy
нормирати {vt impf pf} :: to standardize, set a norm
нос {m} [anatomy] :: nose
носати {vt impf} :: to carry in all directions
носач {m} :: porter, bearer, carrier
носач {m} :: beam, girder
носачица {f} :: porter, carrier, bearer
носила {np} [plurale tantum] :: stretcher
носилац {m} :: carrier, bearer
носити {vit impf} :: to carry, bring
носити {vt impf} :: to wear
носити {vt impf} :: to produce, bear (fruit)
носити {vt impf} :: to bear
носић {m} :: a small nose
носни {adj} :: nasal (of or pertaining to the nose)
носник {m} :: a nasal
носорог {m} :: rhinoceros
носталгија {f} :: nostalgia
носталгичан {adj} :: nostalgic
носталгичар {m} :: nostalgic
носталгично {adv} :: nostalgically
нотација {f} :: notation
ноторан {adj} :: notorious
ноторно {adv} :: notoriously
ноћ {f} :: night
ноћас {adv} :: on the night just passed
ноћас {adv} :: tonight
ноћашњи {adj} :: tonight's
ноћашњи {adj} :: having occurred in the night just passed
ноћење {n} :: stay, sleepover (live or sleep somewhere temporarily as a visitor or guest)
ноћима {adv} :: for nights and nights
ноћити {vi impf pf} :: to spend the night
ноћна мора {f} :: nightmare
ноћни {adj} :: nocturnal, nightly, night
ноћобдија {m} :: night watchman
ноћу {adv} :: at night, by night, in the night
нпр. {adv} :: e.g.
нпр. {adv} :: for example
нпр. {adv} :: for instance
нудизам {m} :: nudism
нудист {m} :: nudist
нудити {vitr impf} :: to offer
нудити {vi impf} :: to bid
нужан {adj} :: necessary
нужда {f} :: need
нужда {f} :: necessity
нуждан {adj} :: necessary
нужник {m} :: toilet
нужно {adv} :: necessarily
нужност {f} :: necessity
нузгред {adv} :: by the way
нузгред {adv} :: casually, in passing
нуклеарка {f} :: nuclear power plant
нуклеарни {adj} :: nuclear
нуклеус {m} :: nucleus
нула {f} :: zero (0)
нумерички {adj} :: numerical
њ {letter} :: The 17th letter of the Serbo-Croatian Cyrillic alphabet, preceded by н and followed by о
Њ {letter} :: The seventeenth letter of the Serbo-Croatian Cyrillic alphabet. It is preceded by the letter Н (N) and is followed by the letter О (O)
-ња {suffix} :: Suffix appended to words to create a feminine noun, usually deverbative abstract noun
-њава {suffix} :: Suffix appended to words to create a feminine noun, usually denoting the result of a verbal stem it's appended onto
-њак {suffix} :: Suffix appended to words to create a masculine noun, usually denoting a performer, feature, human relation, result of an action, object, diminutive or a proper name
њакати {vi impf} :: to bray
-ње {suffix} :: Suffix appended to words to create a neuter noun, usually an abstract verbal noun denoting a result of an action
њега {f} :: care, nursing
његов {pron} :: his (that which belongs to him)
његоватељ {m} :: nurse
његоватељица {f} :: nurse
његоватељичин {adj} :: belonging to a nurse
његовати {vt impf} :: to nurse, tend to, care for
његовати {vt impf} :: to cherish, foster (tradition, culture, friendship etc.)
њедра {np} [plurale tantum, language of literature] :: chest, bosom, breasts
њедра {np} [figuratively] :: heart, bosom (deep or inner part of something)
њежан {adj} :: tender, delicate, soft
њежно {adv} :: gently, tenderly, softly
њежност {f} [uncountable] :: tenderness, softness, delicacy
њезин {pron} :: her
Њемачка {prop} {f} :: Germany
њемачки {adj} :: German
њемачки {adj} [in masculine, substantive] :: the German language
њемачки {adv} :: in a German manner, as a German
њемачки овчар {m} :: German Shepherd
Њемица {prop} {f} :: German (German person)
њен {pron} :: her, hers (that which belongs to her)
њива {f} :: cultivated or tilled field
њихало {n} :: pendulum
њихати {vtr impf} :: to swing, rock
њихов {pron} :: their, theirs
њок {m} [regional, culinary] :: gnocchi, dumpling
ЊТФ {phrase} [Internet slang] :: what the fuck
Њу Делхи {prop} {m} :: New Delhi
Њујорк {prop} {m} :: Њујорк (city)
Њујорчанин {prop} {m} :: New Yorker
њујоршки {adj} :: of or pertaining to New York
њургавац {m} :: an irritant person
њургало {n} :: grumbler, nagger
њургати {vi impf} :: to complain
њургати {vi impf} :: to nag
њутн {m} :: newton
њух {m} [uncountable] :: sense of smell
њушити {vt impf} :: to smell, scent
њушити {vt impf} :: to sniff
њушити {vt impf} :: to nose
њушка {f} :: muzzle, snout
њушка {f} [colloquial] :: mouth, face, person
њушкало {n} :: sniffer
њушкало {n} :: busybody, nosey parker
-о- {interfix} :: Interfix used for forming nominal compounds
о. {noun} :: island
о {letter} :: The 18th letter of the Serbo-Croatian Cyrillic alphabet, preceded by њ and followed by п
о {prep} :: [+ accusative case] on, against
о {prep} :: [+ locative case] about, concerning
О {letter} :: The eighteenth letter of the Serbo-Croatian Cyrillic alphabet. It is preceded by the letter Њ (Nj) and is followed by the letter П (P)
оаза {f} :: oasis
об- {prefix} :: around, enclosing, surrounding
об- {prefix} :: around, throughout, wholly
об- {prefix} :: on the surface or top of something
об- {prefix} :: forms perfective verbs from imperfectives
об- {prefix} :: quite, -ish
оба {m} :: both (for masculine and neuter pairs)
обавеза {f} :: obligation
обавезан {adj} :: obliged, obligated
обавезан {adj} :: required, compulsory, obligatory
обавест {f} :: message
обавест {f} :: notice
обавест {f} :: information
обавестити {vtr pf} :: to inform, let know, notify
обавештавати {v impf} :: imperfective form of обавијестити
обавештајац {m} :: intelligencer
обавештајни {adj} :: intelligence- (of or pertaining to secret information)
обавештеност {f} :: informedness
обавијати {vtr impf} :: to wrap, cover by wrapping
обавијест {f} :: message
обавијест {f} :: notice
обавијест {f} :: information
обавијестити {vtr pf} :: to inform, let know, notify
обавијештеност {f} :: informedness
обавити {vt pf} :: to do, perform, complete, carry out
обавити {vtr pf} :: to wrap, cover by wrapping
обавјештавати {v impf} :: imperfective form of обавијестити
обавјештајац {m} :: intelligencer
обавјештајни {adj} :: intelligence- (of or pertaining to secret information)
обављати {vt impf} :: to do, perform, complete, carry out
обад {m} :: gadfly
обадати {v impf} :: imperfective form of обости
обадати {v impf} [regional, expressive] :: to notice, take notice (of)
обадати {vr impf} [regional, figuratively] :: to look/turn back/around
обадати {vr impf} [regional] :: to be agitated after a horsefly bite (of a cattle)
обадвојица {m} [uncountable] :: both (males)
обала {f} :: bank
обала {f} :: coast, shore
обала {f} :: shoreline
обала {f} :: coastline
Обала Слоноваче {prop} {f} :: Ivory Coast; Côte d'Ivoire
обални {adj} :: coastal
обамрлост {f} [uncountable] :: numbness
обамрлост {f} [uncountable] :: paralysis
обао {adj} :: round, oval
обарати {v impf} :: imperfective form of оборити
обасипати {v impf} :: imperfective form of обасути
обасути {vt pf} :: to deluge, swamp, flood or overwhelm with, to bestow liberally
обасути {vt pf} :: to cover or shower with
обвеза {f} :: obligation
обвезати {vtr pf} :: to obligate
обвезивати {vtr impf} :: to obligate
обвезник {m} :: obliged person
обгрлити {vt pf} :: to embrace (with hands)
обдан {adv} :: during the day
обдаривати {vt impf} :: to give a present
обдаривати {vt impf} :: to endow, provide
обдарити {vt pf} :: to give a present
обдарити {vt pf} :: to endow, provide
обдукција {f} :: autopsy (dissection)
обе {f} :: both (for feminine pairs)
обед {m} :: meal (usually lunch)
обедовати {vi impf pf} :: to dine
обезглавити {vt pf} :: to decapitate
обезглавити {vt pf} [figuratively] :: to deprive of a leader
обезглавити {vr pf} :: to lose one's head
обезглављивати {vt impf} :: to decapitate
обезглављивати {vt impf} [figuratively] :: to deprive of a leader
обезглављивати {vr impf} :: to lose one's head
обележавање {noun} :: celebration
обележје {n} :: characteristic, mark, feature
обелиск {m} :: obelisk
обелоданити {vt pf} :: to make public, disclose, reveal
обелодањивати {vt impf} :: to make public, disclose, reveal
оберучке {adv} :: with both hands
оберучке {adv} :: (by extension) with enthusiasm
обесити {vtr pf} :: to hang (a man)
обесити {vt pf} :: to hang, suspend (an object)
обесправити {vt pf} :: to deprive somebody of his rights
обесправљивати {vt impf} :: to deprive somebody of his rights
обест {f} :: wantonness
обестан {adj} :: wanton
обесхрабривати {vtr impf} :: to discourage
обесхрабрити {vtr pf} :: to discourage
обећавати {vit impf} :: to promise
обећање {n} :: promise
обећати {vit pf} :: to promise
обешеник {m} :: hung person
обешеница {f} :: hung woman
обештетити {vt pf} :: to compensate, indemnify (damage)
обештећивати {vt impf} :: to compensate, indemnify (damage)
обешчастити {vt pf} :: to disgrace, dishonor
обешчастити {vt pf} [archaic] :: to rape, deflower
обешчашћивати {vt impf} :: to disgrace, dishonor
обешчашћивати {vt impf} [archaic] :: to rape, deflower
обзир {m} :: consideration, care, respect
обзиран {adj} :: considerate
обзиран {adj} :: careful
обзор {m} :: horizon
обзорје {n} :: horizon
обијати {vt impf} :: to force, break into (closed lock, doors, safe etc.)
обијати {vt impf} :: to rob (bank)
обијач {m} :: burglar
обијест {f} :: wantonness
обијестан {adj} :: wanton
обилазити {vt impf} :: to circle, go around
обилазити {vt impf} :: to visit, see (friend, relativs, city monuments, etc.)
обилазити {vt impf} :: to search through, travel through
обилан {adj} :: abundant, ample
обилат {adj} :: abundant, ample, lavish
обиловати {vi impf} :: to abound in, be rich in
обиље {n} :: luxury
обиље {n} :: profusion, abundance
обиљежавати {v impf} :: imperfective form of обиљежити
обиљеживач {m} :: tracer, marker (one who traces, labels or marks)
обиљежити {vtr pf} :: to mark, label, stamp, sign
обиљежје {n} :: characteristic, mark, feature
обиман {adj} :: comprehensive, exhaustive, voluminous, detailed
обиман {adj} :: large, abundant
обистинити {vr pf} :: to come true, become real
обитавати {vi impf} :: to reside
обитељ {f} [Croatia] :: family
обитељски {adj} :: familial
обитељски {adv} :: as a family
обити {vt pf} :: to force, break into (closed lock, doors, safe etc.)
обити {vt pf} :: to rob (bank)
обићи {vt pf} :: to circle, go around
обићи {vt pf} :: to visit, see (friend, relativs, city monuments, etc.)
обићи {vt pf} :: to search through, travel through
обичавати {vi impf} :: to be accustomed to, be used to
обичај {m} :: habit, habitude
обичај {m} :: custom, usage
обичај {m} :: usance
обичај {m} :: convention
обичај {m} :: manners
обичај {m} :: settled (general) tendency
обичан {adj} :: common, usual
обичан {adj} :: ordinary, everyday
обично {adv} :: usually, commonly, ordinarily
објава {f} :: proclamation, announcement
објавити {vt pf} :: to proclaim, declare, announce (especially war)
објавити {vt pf} :: to publish (book, article..)
објављивати {v impf} :: imperfective form of објавити
објаснити {vi pf} :: to explain
објахати {vt pf} :: to encircle with legs while horseback; to mount
објашњавати {vi impf} :: to explain
објашњење {n} :: explanation
објашњив {adj} :: explicable
обје {f} :: both (for feminine pairs)
објединити {vt pf} :: to unite
обједињавати {vt impf} :: to unite
обједовати {vi impf pf} :: to dine
објект {m} :: (Croatian) object
објективан {adj} :: objective, unbiased
објективан {adj} :: real, actual
објективизам {m} :: objectivism
објективно {adv} :: objectively
објективност {f} [uncountable] :: objectivity (state of being objective)
објелоданити {vt pf} :: to make public, disclose, reveal
објелодањивати {vt impf} :: to make public, disclose, reveal
објеручке {adv} :: with both hands
објеручке {adv} :: (by extension) with enthusiasm
објесити {vtr pf} :: to hang (a man)
објесити {vt pf} :: to hang, suspend (an object)
објешеник {m} :: hung person
објешеница {f} :: hung woman
облак {m} :: cloud
област {f} :: district, region
област {f} :: area, zone
област {f} :: province
облачан {adj} :: cloudy, overcast
облачан {adj} :: gloomy, downcast
облачина {f} [pejorative] :: large or ugly cloud
облачити {vrt impf} :: to dress, clothe, put on clothes
облачити {vr impf} :: to overcast, grow overcast
облигација {f} :: obligation
облизати {vtr pf} :: to lick, to lick all over
облизивати {vtr impf} :: to lick, to lick all over
облик {m} :: shape, form, figure
облик {m} :: configuration
обликовати {vtr impf pf} :: to shape, form
облина {f} :: roundness, plumpness (especially of female body, i.e. breasts and buttocks)
облина {f} :: curve, round part
обличје {n} :: appearance, outlook
обличје {n} :: form, shape, figure
обмана {f} :: deception
обманути {vt pf} :: to deceive, delude
обмањивати {vt impf} :: to deceive, delude
обнављати {v impf} :: imperfective form of обновити
обнова {f} :: reconstruction, restoration (of something broken or ruined)
обновити {vt pf} :: to restore, renovate (destroyed or damaged object)
обновити {vt pf} [by extension] :: to rebuild, reconstruct
обновити {vt pf} :: to resume, reopen, continue (a terminated process)
обноћ {adv} :: during the night, at night
обоа {f} :: oboe
обогатити {vtr pf} :: to enrich (in money, wealth)
обогатити {vt pf} :: to enrich (in knowledge, chemical substance etc.)
обогаћивати {vtr impf} :: to enrich (in money, wealth)
обогаћивати {vt impf} :: to enrich (in knowledge, chemical substance etc.)
обожавалац {m} :: fan, admirer
обожаватељ {m} :: adorer, worshipper
обожавати {vt impf} :: to adore, admire
обожавати {vt impf} :: to worship
обојен {adj} :: colored, painted, tinged
обојити {vt pf} :: to color, paint, dye
обојица {m} [uncountable] :: both (males)
оборив {adj} :: abatable, deniable, contestable
оборине {f} [plurale tantum] :: precipitation
оборити {vt pf} :: to bring down, knock off, throw down
оборити {vt pf} :: to fell, hew down
оборити {vt pf} :: to overthrow (from a position of power, e.g. government)
оборити {vt pf} :: to disprove (arguments or a statement)
оборити {vt pf} :: to reduce, cut down [price etc.]
оборити {vt pf} :: to cast down [eyes, head etc.]
обости {vt pf} [literary] :: to give spurs to, prick off, rowel
обостран {adj} :: mutual, reciprocal
обострано {adv} :: mutually, reciprocally
обрада {f} :: processing (of data)
обрада {f} :: adaptation (of an artistic piece)
обрада {f} :: cultivation, tillage (of soil)
обрадив {adj} :: cultivable (of soil)
обрадив {adj} :: workable, processable, adaptable
обрадити {vt pf} :: to till, cultivate (soil, field etc.)
обрадити {vt pf} :: to process (raw material, input)
обрадовати {vt pf} :: to make happy, delight
обрадовати {vr pf} :: to be happy, rejoice
обрађивати {vt impf} :: to till, cultivate (soil, field etc.)
обрађивати {vt impf} :: to process (raw material, input)
образ {m} :: cheek
образ {m} :: honor
образ {m} :: face
образац {m} :: pattern, model
образац {m} :: form (a blank document or template to be filled in by the use)
образлагати {vt impf} :: to explain, justify
образложити {vt pf} :: to explain, justify
образован {adj} :: educated
образовање {n} :: education (process or art of imparting knowledge, skill and judgment)
образовати {vtr impf pf} :: to school, educate
образовати {vt impf pf} :: to form, create
образовни {adj} :: educational
обрамбени {adj} :: (Croatian) defensive, protective
обрана {f} :: (Croatian) defense
обранити {vrt pf} :: (Croatian) to defend
обрат {m} :: reversal, turning point
обратан {adj} :: converse, reverse, opposite
обратити {vt pf} :: to convert somebody (in opinion, faith etc.)
обратити {vr pf} :: to approach, contact
обратно {adv} :: conversely, reversely, oppositely
обраћати {vt impf} :: to convert somebody (in opinion, faith etc.)
обраћати {vr impf} :: to approach, contact
обрачун {m} :: confrontation, clash, fight
обрачун {m} :: final settlement, reckoning
обрачун {m} :: account, accounting, calculation
обрачунавати {vr impf} :: to settle account (with somebody)
обрачунавати {vr impf} :: to clash, fight (with somebody)
обрачунавати {vt impf} :: to calculate; settle (an account)
обрачунати {vr pf} :: to settle account (with somebody)
обрачунати {vr pf} :: to clash, fight (with somebody)
обрачунати {vt pf} :: to calculate; settle (an account)
обрва {f} :: eyebrow
обред {m} :: rite
обред {m} :: ritual
обредни {adj} :: ritual, ceremonial
обрезати {vt pf} :: to cut
обрезати {vt pf} :: to trim
обрезати {vt pf} :: to circumcise
обрезивати {vt impf} :: to cut
обрезивати {vt impf} :: to trim
обрезивати {vt impf} :: to circumcise
обријати {vtr pf} :: to shave
обрис {m} :: outline, contour (line marking the boundary of an object figure)
обрисати {vt pf} :: to wipe
обрисати {vt pf} :: to dust
обрисати {vt pf} :: to erase, rub out
обрисати {vt pf} :: to delete, strike out [text, from a list etc.]
обрнут {adj} :: opposite, inverse
обрнути {vitr pf} :: to turn
обрнути {vt pf} :: to change, switch (side, direction)
обрнути {vt pf} [regional] :: to dial (a number)
обрнуто {adv} :: inversely, oppositely
оброк {m} :: meal
оброк {m} :: portion
обронак {m} :: hill-side, slope (of a mountain or hill)
обртај {m} :: turn, revolution
обртати {vitr impf} :: to turn
обртати {vt impf} :: to change, switch (side, direction)
обртати {vt impf} [regional] :: to dial (a number)
обруб {m} :: edge
обруб {m} :: hem
обруб {m} :: rim, brim
обрубити {vt pf} :: to border, edge
обрубити {vt pf} [in sewing] :: to hem
обрубљивати {vt impf} :: to border, edge
обрубљивати {vt impf} [in sewing] :: to hem
обрукати {vt pf} :: to shame, humiliate, bring disgrace
обруч {m} :: tire (of wheel)
обруч {m} :: hoop (circular band of metal used to bind a barrel)
обруч {m} :: encirclement, ring (also figuratively)
обувати {vtr impf} :: to put on (socks, stockings, footwear)
обуздавати {vt impf} :: to restrain, bridle
обуздати {vt pf} :: to restrain, bridle
обузети {vi pf} :: to overcome, occupy (of a feeling, thought..)
обузетост {f} [uncountable] :: preoccupation
обузимати {vi impf} :: to overcome, overwhelm, occupy (of a feeling, thought..)
обујам {m} :: (Croatian) volume (measure of space)
обујмити {vt pf} :: to embrace, put arms around
обујмити {vt pf} :: to encompass, include
обујмљивати {vt impf} :: to embrace, put arms around
обујмљивати {vt impf} :: to encompass, include
обука {f} :: training (formal, especially military)
обустава {f} :: cessation, stoppage, suspension (of an activity,
обуставити {vt pf} :: to stop, terminate, cease (activity)
обустављати {vt impf} :: to stop, terminate, cease (activity)
обути {vtr pf} :: to put on (socks, stockings, footwear)
обућа {f} [uncountable] :: footwear, shoes
обућар {m} :: shoemaker
обући {vrt pf} :: to dress, clothe, put on clothes
обухватити {vt pf} :: to encompass, include
обухватити {vt pf} :: to come over, overcome
обухватити {vt pf} :: to embrace, put arms around
обухваћати {vt impf} [Croatian] :: to encompass, include
обухваћати {vt impf} [Croatian] :: to come over, overcome
обухваћати {vt impf} [Croatian] :: to embrace, put arms around
обучавати {vt impf} :: to train
обучавати {vt impf} :: to teach
обучавати се {vr} :: to train yourself
обучен {adj} :: trained (well-prepared)
обучен {adj} :: dressed (wearing clothes)
обучити {vt pf} :: to train
обучити {vt pf} :: to teach
-ов {suffix} :: Suffix appended to words to create a masculine noun, usually denoting an animal or to form a pejorative
овај {pron} [demonstrative] :: this, this one
овај {pron} [substantively, mildly impolite] :: this one
овај {pron} [colloquially, in the neuter, with genitive] :: small in amount or value
овај {interj} :: er, uh, um
овакав {adj} :: like this, this kind of
овако {adv} :: like this, in this way
овалан {adj} :: oval
овамо {adv} :: hither, this way (in the direction of the talker)
овамо {adv} :: here
ован {m} :: ram: a male sheep
оваплотити {vtr pf} [chiefly Serbia] :: to incarnate, to materialize
оваплоћивати {vtr pf} [chiefly Serbia] :: to incarnate, to materialize
овас {m} :: oat
-овати {suffix} :: A suffix appended to words to form a verb
овдашњи {adj} :: belonging to or living in this place, town, etc.; local
овде {adv} :: here
овдје {adv} :: here
овенчавати {vtr impf} :: to wreath, crown
овенчати {vtr pf} :: to wreath, crown
овера {f} :: notarization; stampin with an official seal
оверавати {vt impf} :: to certify, verify, validate
оверавати {vt impf} :: to notarize, stamp, approve
оверити {vt pf} :: to certify, verify, validate
оверити {vt pf} :: to notarize, stamp, approve
овисан {adj} :: dependent
овисан {adj} :: addicted
овисити {vi impf} :: to depend
овисно {adv} :: depending (+ о (on))
овисно {adv} :: dependently
овисност {f} [Bosnia, Croatia] :: dependence, dependency
овисност {f} [Bosnia, Croatia] :: addiction
-овић {suffix} :: Suffix appended to words to create a masculine noun, usually to form a diminutive or to denote a family name
овјенчавати {vtr impf} :: to wreath, crown
овјенчати {vtr pf} :: to wreath, crown
овјера {f} :: notarization; stampin with an official seal
овјеравати {vt impf} :: to certify, verify, validate
овјеравати {vt impf} :: to notarize, stamp, approve
овјерити {vt pf} :: to certify, verify, validate
овјерити {vt pf} :: to notarize, stamp, approve
-овка {suffix} :: Suffix appended to words to create a feminine noun, denoting a part, profession, feature, membership, origin, social status, complexion, proper name, abstract noun or animal's name
овладавати {vi impf} :: to establish control over something; to control (+instrumental)
овладавати {vi impf} :: to master (technique, process, language etc.)
овладати {vi pf} :: to establish control over something; to control (+instrumental)
овладати {vi pf} :: to master (technique, process, language etc.)
овласт {f} :: authorization
овласт {f} :: authority
овластити {vt pf} :: to authorize
овлашћивати {vt impf} :: to authorize
-овник {suffix} :: Suffix appended to words to create a masculine noun, usually denoting a profession, performer, place, object, tool or a feature
-овница {suffix} :: feminine equivalent of -овник
овој {m} :: wrapping, shell, casing, covering
оволик {adj} :: this large, such a large
оволик {adj} [in the plural] :: so many, this many
оволико {adv} :: this much
овратник {m} :: collar (part of clothing around throat)
овсен {adj} :: oat (of or pertaining to)
овуд {adv} :: this way, in this direction
овуда {adv} :: this way, in this direction
овца {f} :: sheep (mammal)
овчар {m} :: shepherd
овчар {m} :: sheepdog
овчарски {adj} :: shepherding (of a shepherd, like a shepherd, pertaining to shepherds or shepherding)
овчарство {n} [uncountable] :: sheep-breeding
о. г. {adv} :: abbreviation of ове године
огаван {adj} :: disgusting, repulsive
огањ {m} :: fire
огар {m} :: sighthound
огар {m} [regional] :: leash (for a dog)
огледавати {vr impf} :: to mirror, reflect
огледавати {vr impf} :: to try one's strength (with someone), prove oneself (in something)
огледавати {vr impf} :: to look behind or around oneself
огледало {n} :: mirror
огледати {vr pf} :: to mirror, reflect
огледати {vr pf} :: to try one's strength (with someone), prove oneself (in something)
огледати {vr pf} :: to look behind or around oneself
оглобити {vt pf} :: to fine, charge a fine
оглодавати {vt impf} :: to gnaw completely
оглодавати {vt impf} :: to wear down, erode
оглодати {vt pf} :: to gnaw completely
оглодати {vt pf} :: to wear down, erode
огњило {n} :: tinder
оговарати {vt impf} :: to badmouth
огорчен {adj} :: bitter, embittered
огорчено {adv} :: bitterly, with bitterness
огорченост {f} [uncountable] :: bitterness (quality of feeling bitter; acrimony, resentment)
ограда {f} :: fence, enclosure
ограда {f} :: banister, barrier, railing
ограда {f} :: reservation, limitation
оградити {vt pf} :: to fence, enclose
оградити {vr pf} :: to disavow, dissociate oneself (from statement or a person)
ограђивати {vt impf} :: to fence, enclose
ограђивати {vr impf} :: to disavow, dissociate oneself (from statement or a person)
огранак {m} [literary] :: A smaller branch extending from a larger one
огранак {m} :: Anything secondary that divides from something larger like a branch of a tree
огранак {m} :: A subsidiary branch of an organization
огранак {m} :: The moment when the Sun rises or begins to shine
ограничавати {v impf} :: imperfective form of ограничити
ограничен {adj} :: limited, bounded, confined
ограничен {adj} :: mentally retarded
ограничење {n} :: constraint, restriction, limitation
ограничити {vt pf} :: to limit, restrict, confine
огреботина {f} :: scratch (wound)
огрејавати {vitr impf} :: to warm, heat
огрејати {vitr pf} :: to warm, heat
огријавати {vitr impf} :: to warm, heat
огријати {vitr pf} :: to warm, heat
огрлица {f} :: necklace
огрлица {f} :: collar
огроман {adj} :: giant, huge, vast, enormous
огртач {m} :: cape
огртач {m} :: overcoat
огртач {m} :: mantle
огртач {m} :: wrap
огртач {m} :: coat
од {prep} :: [+ genitive case] from, since
од {prep} :: [+ genitive case] of
од {prep} [comparison] :: [+ genitive case] than
од {prep} :: [+ genitive case] made of, made out of, made from
од {prep} [proscribed, passive] :: [+ genitive case] by (usually followed by стране ("side/party") denoting the party which is doing the action; active form is preferred in formal language)
од {prep} :: [+ genitive case] because of, from, with (denoting a direct or indirect cause)
ода {f} :: ode
одабир {m} :: selection, choice (that which is chosen)
одабирати {vt impf} :: to choose, select
одабрати {vt pf} :: to choose, select
одавати {vt impf} :: to reveal, disclose
одавати {vtr impf} :: to betray, give away
одавати {vi impf} :: to show, pay, bestow (respect, credit, honor, etc.)
одавати {vr impf} :: to become addicted to (gambling, alcohol, vices etc.)
одавде {adv} :: from here
одавно {adv} :: a long time ago
одавно {adv} :: for a long time
одазвати {vr pf} :: to respond, answer (call, request or invitation)
одазив {m} :: response, reply
одазив {m} :: reaction, reception
одазив {m} :: echo
одазивати {vr impf} :: to respond, answer (call, request or invitation)
одаја {m} :: room
одаја {m} :: chamber
одаја {m} :: vault
одакле {adv} :: whence, from where
одан {adj} :: devoted, faithful
оданде {adv} :: from there
оданост {f} :: devotion
одар {m} :: bier
одар {m} :: catafalque
одати {vt pf} :: to reveal, disclose
одати {vtr pf} :: to betray, give away
одати {vi pf} :: to show, pay, bestow (respect, credit, honor, etc.)
одати {vr pf} :: to become addicted to (gambling, alcohol, vices etc.)
одбацивати {vt impf} :: to throw away, throw off
одбацивати {vt impf} :: to reject
одбацивати {vt impf} :: to abandon, desert
одбацивати {vt impf} :: to give a lift
одбацити {vt pf} :: to throw away, throw off
одбацити {vt pf} :: to reject
одбацити {vt pf} :: to abandon, desert
одбацити {vt pf} :: to give a lift
одбијање {n} :: refusal, refusing
одбијати {vt impf} :: to refuse
одбијати {vt impf} :: to repulse, reject
одбијати {vt impf} :: to knock off
одбијати {vt impf} :: to deduct
одбијати {vr impf} :: to reflect
одбитак {m} :: deduction (money)
одбити {vt pf} :: to refuse
одбити {vt pf} :: to repulse, reject
одбити {vt pf} :: to knock off
одбити {vt pf} :: to deduct
одбити {vr pf} :: to reflect
одбојан {adj} :: repulsive, negative
одбојан {adj} [definite] :: reflexive, counter
одбојка {f} :: volleyball (game)
одбојкаш {m} :: volleyball player
одбојкашица {f} :: volleyball player (female)
одбојкашки {adj} :: of or pertaining to volleyball
одбојкашки {adv} :: as a volleyball player
одбојник {m} :: bumper (of a vehicle, rail wagon or tram)
одбојно {adv} :: repulsively, negatively
одбојност {f} :: repulsiveness
одбор {m} :: committee, board
одбрамбени {adj} :: (Bosnian, Serbian) defensive, protective
одбрана {f} :: (Bosnian, Serbian) defense
одбранити {vrt pf} :: (Bosnian, Serbian) to defend
одбројавање {n} :: countdown
одважан {adj} :: brave, courageous, bold
одважити {vr pf} :: to get up courage, take heart, dare
одважно {adv} :: bravely, courageously, boldly
одважност {f} [uncountable] :: courage, bravery
одвајати {vt impf} :: to separate, set apart, sunder, cut off
одвајати {vr impf} :: to be/become separated, detach oneself, to break off, come off
одвајкада {adv} :: since always, from time immemorial
одвезати {vtr pf} :: to untie, unbind, unstring, unlace
одвести {vt pf} :: to take away, lead away (somebody somewhere)
одвести {vt pf} :: to lead (make something or someone to reach a certain state)
одвести {vr pf} :: to drive away
одвести {vt pf} :: to drive, take (someone to a certain place)
одвести {vr pf} :: to drive away, ride, go
одвећ {adv} :: too (much/many), excessively
одвијати {v impf} :: imperfective form of одвити
одвијач {m} :: screwdriver
одвика {f} :: desuetude
одвикавати {v} :: wean
одвикати {v} :: to shout back
одвикнути {v} :: break of a habit
одвикнути {v} :: to shout reply
одвити {vt pf} :: to unwind, unscrew
одвити {vr pf} :: to have done spinning, unwind all the way
одвити {vr pf} :: to play itself out, run its course, end
одвише {adv} :: excessively, too (much)
одвјетник {m} :: (Croatian) lawyer, attorney
одвлачити {v impf} :: imperfective form of одвући
одводити {vt impf} :: to take away, lead away (somebody somewhere)
одводити {vt impf} :: to lead (make something or someone to reach a certain state)
одводити {vr impf} :: to drive away
одвојен {adj} :: separated
одвојен {adj} :: set apart
одвојено {adv} :: separately
одвојено {adv} :: apart
одвојеност {f} [uncountable] :: separateness, separation
одвојив {adj} :: detachable, separable
одвојивост {f} [uncountable] :: separability
одвојити {vt pf} :: to separate, set apart, sunder, cut off
одвојити {vr pf} :: to be/become separated, detach oneself, to break off, come off
одвратан {adj} :: disgusting
одвратан {adj} :: awful, abominable
одвратно {adv} :: repulsively, detestably, abhorrently
одврнути {vtr pf} :: to unscrew, screw off
одвртати {v impf} :: imperfective form of одврнути
одвртети {vt pf} :: to spin or run through (make it spin until it stops)
одвртјети {vt pf} :: to spin or run through (make it spin until it stops)
одврћивати {v impf} :: imperfective form of одвртјети
одврћивати {v impf} :: imperfective form of одвртети
одвући {vt pf} :: to draw away, haul away, tug away
одгађати {vt impf} :: to delay, postpone, defer
одговарајући {adj} :: corresponding
одговарајући {adj} :: appropriate, suitable
одговарати {vi impf} :: to answer, reply (+dative)
одговарати {vi impf} :: to match, fit, correspond to (+dative)
одговарати {vi impf} :: to be responsible for sth
одговор {m} :: answer
одговор {m} :: reply
одговор {m} :: response
одговоран {adj} :: responsible
одговорити {vi pf} :: to answer, reply
одговорно {adv} :: responsibly
одговорност {f} :: responsibility
одгода {f} :: postponement
одгодити {vt pf} :: to delay, postpone, defer
одгој {m} [uncountable] :: upbringing, education
одгризати {v impf} :: imperfective form of одгристи
одгристи {vt pf} :: to bite off
одевати {vrt impf} :: to dress, clothe, put on clothes
одел {m} :: department, section
оделити {vt pf} :: to separate, isolate, set off
одело {n} :: suit
одељак {m} :: department (in a train)
одељак {m} :: small section, division
одељење {n} :: department (of an institution)
одељивати {vt impf} :: to separate, isolate, set off
оденути {vrt pf} :: to dress, clothe, put on clothes
одећа {f} :: clothing
одзад {adv} :: from the back
одзвањати {v impf} :: imperfective form of одзвонити
одзвонити {vi pf} :: to stop ringing (of a bell etc.)
одзвонити {vi pf} [figuratively] :: to echo, resound, resonate
одзвонити {vi pf} :: idiomatic and figurative meanings
одзвук {m} :: echo, reverberation
одздрав {m} :: a greeting made in return
одздравити {vi pf} [with dative] :: to return a greeting, greet in return
одздрављати {v impf} :: imperfective form of одздравити
одзив {m} :: response, reply
одзив {m} :: reaction, reception
одзив {m} :: echo
одзивати {vr impf} :: to respond, answer (call, request or invitation)
одијевати {vrt impf} :: to dress, clothe, put on clothes
одијелити {vt pf} :: to separate, isolate, set off
одијело {n} :: suit
Одисеја {prop} {f} :: Odyssey
одиста {adv} :: truly, indeed
одјава {f} :: notice of departure (due to leaving or moving)
одјава {f} :: notice of withdrawal
одјава {f} :: ending words of a performance (at a radio or TV)
одјавити {vr pf} :: to report one's (especially tenant's) departure
одјавити {vr pf} :: to withdraw, cancel
одјављивати {v impf} :: imperfective form of одјавити
одјахати {vi pf} :: to ride off (on a horse)
одјахивати {vi impf} :: to ride off (on a horse)
одјебати {v pf} [vulgar] :: to fuck off
одјебати {v pf} [vulgar] :: to dump
одјевни {adj} :: clothing (of or pertaining to clothes)
одједанпут {adv} :: suddenly, unexpectedly
одједном {adv} :: suddenly, unexpectedly
одјек {m} :: echo, reverberation
одјекивати {v impf} :: imperfective form of одјекнути
одјекнути {vi pf} :: to reverberate, echo, resound
одјел {m} :: department, section
одјељак {m} :: department (in a train)
одјељак {m} :: small section, division
одјељење {n} :: department (of an institution)
одјељивати {vt impf} :: to separate, isolate, set off
одјенути {vrt pf} :: to dress, clothe, put on clothes
одјећа {f} :: clothing
одјурити {vi pf} :: to rush off
одлазак {m} :: departure, leaving
одлазити {vi impf} :: to leave, part
одлазити {vi impf} :: to go away
одлазити {vi impf} :: to set off
одламати {v impf} :: imperfective form of одломити
одледити {vtr pf} :: to unfreeze, defrost (also figuratively)
одлеђивати {vtr impf} :: to unfreeze, defrost (also figuratively)
одлетати {vi impf} :: to fly away
одлетети {vi pf} :: to fly away
одлетјети {vi pf} :: to fly away
одлијетати {vi impf} :: to fly away
одлика {f} :: feature, characteristic, trait
одликовање {n} :: decoration, medal
одликовати {vt impf pf} :: to decorate (with an order)
одликовати {vr impf pf} :: to be distinguished by, be characterized by
одличан {adj} :: excellent, great
одличје {n} :: decoration, medal
одличје {n} :: characteristic, mark
одлично {adv} :: excellently, terrifically
одломак {m} :: fragment
одломак {m} :: paragraph
одломити {vtr pf} :: to break off (a piece of something)
одлука {f} :: decision
одлутати {vi pf} :: to wander off
одлучан {adj} :: resolute, energetic, decisive, decided
одлучивати {vitr impf} :: to decide
одлучити {vitr pf} :: to decide
одлучно {adv} :: decisively, resolutely, energetically, decidedly
одлучност {f} :: decisiveness
одлучујући {adj} :: decisive (having the power or quality of deciding a question or controversy)
одљуд {m} :: brute, monster
одљутити {vr impf} :: to calm down (to make somebody less angry)
одљутити {vr impf} :: to calm down
одмагати {vi impf} :: to hinder, thwart (+ dative)
одмазда {f} :: revenge (upon greater number of people)
одмак {m} :: distance, interval (spatial, temporal or figurative)
одмакнути {vtr pf} :: to move away (relocate to an increased distance)
одмакнути {vi pf} :: to move away, progress, pass
одмакнути {vi pf} [with dative] :: to leave behind
одмалена {adv} :: from childhood
одмамити {vt pf} :: to lure away, entice away, decoy away, draw away
одмамљивати {v impf} :: imperfective form of одмамити
одмаралиште {n} :: rest or recreation centre
одмаралиште {n} :: resort, retreat (seaside, mountain etc.)
одмарати {vtr impf} :: to rest, refresh, relax
одмах {adv} :: right now, immediately
одмеравати {vt impf} :: to weigh (out)
одмеравати {vt impf} :: to measure
одмерен {adj} :: measured, balanced (of weight, language etc.)
одмереност {f} [uncountable] :: balance, steadiness
одмерити {vt pf} :: to weigh (out)
одмерити {vt pf} :: to measure
одметник {m} :: outlaw
одметник {m} :: renegade, apostate, turncoat
одмицати {vtr impf} :: to move away (relocate to an increased distance)
одмицати {vi impf} :: to move away, progress, pass
одмицати {vi impf} [with dative] :: to leave behind
одмјеравати {vt impf} :: to weigh (out)
одмјеравати {vt impf} :: to measure
одмјерен {adj} :: measured, balanced (of weight, language etc.)
одмјереност {f} [uncountable] :: balance, steadiness
одмјерити {vt pf} :: to weigh (out)
одмјерити {vt pf} :: to measure
одмор {m} :: rest, relaxation
одмор {m} :: holidays, vacation
одмор {m} :: pause
одморан {adj} :: rested, fresh
одморити {vtr pf} :: to rest, refresh, relax
одмотавати {vt impf} :: to unwrap, unwind, uncoil
одмотати {vt pf} :: to unwrap, unwind, uncoil
одмоћи {vi pf} :: to hinder, thwart (+ dative)
однародити {vtr pf} :: to alienate, estrange somebody or oneself from their own people
однарођивати {v impf} :: imperfective form of однародити
однедавна {adv} :: since recently
однедавно {adv} :: as of recent
однедавно {adv} :: recently
однекле {adv} :: from somewhere
однекуд {adv} :: from somewhere
однекуда {adv} :: from somewhere
однети {vt pf} :: to take away, carry away
однијети {vt pf} :: to take away, carry away
однос {m} :: relationship
однос {m} :: relation (way in which two things may be associated)
однос {m} :: ratio, rate
односити {vt impf} :: to take away, carry away
односити {vr impf} :: to pertain to
односити {vr impf} :: to refer to, relate to
односити {vr impf} :: to apply to
односити {vr impf} :: to behave, act towards sombody
односити {vr impf} :: to treat somebody in a particular way
односно {adv} :: that is, i.e., in other words
одобравати {vt impf} :: to approve (request)
одобравати {vt impf} :: to authorize
одобравати {vt impf} :: to permit, allow
одобрење {n} :: approval
одобрити {vt pf} :: to approve (request)
одобрити {vt pf} :: to authorize
одобрити {vt pf} :: to permit, allow
одобровољивати {vt impf} [relexive] :: to cheer up
одобровољити {vt pf} [relexive] :: to cheer up
одозго {adv} :: from above
одозго {adv} :: from God, from the ruling class, etc
одоздо {adv} :: from beneath, from under
одоздо {adv} :: from the people, from below, from the non-ruling class
одоземак {m} [Torlakian] :: The lower part of a tree, up to about a meter from the ground
одока {adv} :: approximately, roughly
одолевати {vi impf} :: to resist, withstand (especially temptation or violence) (+ dative)
одолети {vi pf} :: to resist, withstand (especially temptation or violence) (+ dative)
одолијевати {vi impf} :: to resist, withstand (especially temptation or violence) (+ dative)
одољен {m} :: valerian (Valeriana officinalis; and other related plants up to the Valerianaceae subfamily)
одољети {vi pf} :: to resist, withstand (especially temptation or violence) (+ dative)
одонда {adv} :: since then
одора {f} :: robe, vestment
одора {f} :: uniform
одрадити {vt pf} :: to do, carry out, perform
одрадити {vt pf} :: to work off, pay off by working
одрађивати {vt impf} :: to do, carry out, perform
одрађивати {vt impf} :: to work off, pay off by working
одраз {m} :: reflection [act of reflecting]
одраз {m} :: reflection [image resulting from reflection]
одрастати {vi impf} :: to grow up
одрасти {vi pf} :: to grow up
одред {m} :: detachment, unit
одредба {f} :: regulation, rule, decree (by a law)
одредити {vt pf} :: to determine, define, fix, set
одредиште {n} :: destination
одредница {f} :: headword
одредница {f} :: guideline
одређен {adj} :: certain
одређен {adj} :: determined, specified
одређен {adj} [grammar] :: definite
одређено {adv} :: in a certain way; specifically
одређивање {n} :: determining, defining, setting
одређивање {n} :: determination, definition, establishment, identification
одређивати {vt impf} :: to determine, define, fix, set
одрезак {m} :: steak, chop, cutlet
одрезак {m} :: segment, section, piece
одрезати {vt pf} :: to cut off
одрећи {vt pf} :: to deny
одрећи {vt pf} :: to refuse, withhold, withdraw
одрећи {vr pf} :: to renounce, repudiate, waive
одржавати {vt impf} :: to preserve, maintain, keep
одржавати {vt impf} :: to organize, hold (meeting, event etc.)
одржавати {vt impf} :: to give (a talk, lecture etc.)
одржавати {vr impf} :: to take place
одржати {vt pf} :: to preserve, maintain, keep
одржати {vt pf} :: to organize, hold (meeting, event etc.)
одржати {vt pf} :: to give (a talk, lecture etc.)
одржати {vr pf} :: to take place
одржив {adj} :: sustainable, viable (of abstract concepts)
одрживи развој {m} :: sustainable development (Development seeking to economic growth while ensuring future generations' ability to do the same, by not exceeding natural regenerative capacity)
одрицати {vt impf} :: to deny
одрицати {vt impf} :: to refuse, withhold, withdraw
одрицати {vr impf} :: to renounce, repudiate, waive
одрод {m} :: renegade
одродити {vr pf} :: to become a renegade, turn renegade, become estranged from one's family/relatives/kin/homeland
одродити {vt pf} :: to turn someone into a renegade, to cause someone to become estranged from one's family/relatives/kin/homeland
одрон {m} :: rockslide, landslide
одсад {adv} :: henceforward, hereafter, henceforth
одсада {adv} :: henceforward, hereafter, henceforth
одсек {m} :: department (organizational unit of an institution)
одсећи {vt pf} :: to cut off
одсецати {v impf} :: imperfective form of одсећи
одсијецати {v impf} :: imperfective form of одсјећи
одсјек {m} :: department (organizational unit of an institution)
одсјећи {vt pf} :: to cut off
одскок {m} :: rebound, bounce
одсто {adv} :: (Serbian) percent
одстранити {vt pf} :: to remove (something undesirable, as an obstacle or a disease)
одстранити {vt pf} :: to exclude
одстрањивати {vt impf} :: to remove (something undesirable, as an obstacle or a disease)
одстрањивати {vt impf} :: to exclude
одстрел {m} :: shooting (single act of shooting)
одстрелити {vt pf} :: to kill off, hunt off (game)
одстрељивати {v impf} :: imperfective form of одстријелити
одстрељивати {v impf} :: imperfective form of одстрелити
одстријелити {vt pf} :: to kill off, hunt off (game)
одступати {vi impf} :: to step back, step away
одступати {vi impf} :: to withdraw, retreat
одступати {vi impf} :: to deviate, differ
одступити {vi pf} :: to step back, step away
одступити {vi pf} :: to withdraw, retreat
одступити {vi pf} :: to deviate, differ
одсуство {n} :: absence
одсутан {adj} :: absent
одтворити {v pf} :: obsolete spelling of отворити
одувек {adv} :: since always
одувијек {adv} :: since always
одуговлачити {vit impf} :: to drag out, prolong, be slow with
одударати {vi impf} :: to deviate, differ
одударати {vi impf} :: to stand out
одузети {vt pf} :: to take away, deprive
одузети {vt pf} [mathematics] :: to subtract
одузети {vr pf} :: to become paralyzed
одузимати {vt impf} :: to take away, deprive
одузимати {vt impf} [mathematics] :: to subtract
одузимати {vr impf} :: to become paralyzed
одупрети {vr pf} :: to resist sb/sth
одупријети {vr pf} :: to resist sb/sth
одуран {adj} :: disgusting, repulsive
одурно {adv} :: repulsively, disgustingly, odiously
одустајати {vi impf} :: to give up, abandon + од (from) (+ genitive)
одустати {vi pf} :: to give up, abandon + од (from) (+ genitive)
одучавати {v} :: Cause someone to unlearn something; unteach; teach the opposite of
одучавати {v} :: dedoceo
одучити {v} :: to unlearn
одучити {v} :: to wean
одушевљење {n} [uncountable] :: thrill, excitement, enthusiasm
одфакати {v pf} [vulgar, colloquial] :: to fuck off
одшколовати {vt pf} :: to put through school, give an education
одшкринути {vt pf} :: to open slightly (door or window)
одштета {f} :: indemnity, reparation, compensation
оженити {vt pf} :: to marry off (a man)
оженити {vr pf} :: to get married (of a man)
оживети {vt pf} :: to revive, reanimate, resuscitate
оживети {vi pf} :: to come to life; revive, recover
оживити {vt pf} :: to vitalize, inspirit, vivify
оживити {vt pf} :: to return to life, revive
оживјети {vt pf} :: to revive, reanimate, resuscitate
оживјети {vi pf} :: to come to life; revive, recover
оживљавати {vt impf} :: to revive, reanimate, resuscitate
оживљавати {vi impf} :: to come to life; revive, recover
оживотворавати {vt impf} :: to realize, put to effect (an idea or thought)
оживотворити {vt pf} :: to realize, put to effect (an idea or thought)
ожиљак {m} :: scar
ожиљни {adj} :: of or pertaining to a scar
озбиљан {adj} :: serious
озбиљно {adv} :: seriously
озбиљност {f} [uncountable] :: seriousness, gravity
оздо {adv} [literary] :: from beneath, from under
оздо {adv} [literary] :: from the people, from below, from the non-ruling class
озледа {f} :: injury, wound
озледити {vtr pf} :: to hurt, injure, wound
озлеђен {adj} :: injured, wounded
озлеђивати {vtr impf} :: to hurt, injure, wound
озлиједити {vtr pf} :: to hurt, injure, wound
озлијеђен {adj} :: injured, wounded
озљеда {f} :: injury, wound
озљеђивати {vtr impf} :: to hurt, injure, wound
ознака {f} :: marking, mark
означавати {vt impf} :: to mark, designate
означивач {m} :: bookmark (strip of material used to mark a place in a book)
означити {vt pf} :: to mark, designate
озон {m} [uncountable, chemistry] :: ozone
озонски {adj} :: of or pertaining to ozone
оивичивати {v impf} :: to hem (surround something or someone in a confining way)
оивичивати {v impf} :: to draw/make a border around sth
оивичити {v pf} :: to hem (surround something or someone in a confining way)
оивичити {v pf} :: to draw/make a border around sth
ојачавати {vitr impf} :: to strengthen (to make strong or stronger, grow strong or stronger
ојачати {vitr pf} :: to strengthen (to make strong or stronger, grow strong or stronger)
-ојка {suffix} :: Suffix appended to words to create a feminine noun, usually denoting a complexion or a proper noun (with the exception of nouns девојка, дјевојка, дивојка, ђевојка)
-ок {suffix} :: Suffix appended to the present stem of verbs to form an adjective denoting a feature or a dimension
ока {f} :: oke
оканити {vr pf} :: to avoid, shun (+genitive)
окарина {f} :: ocarina (musical instrument)
оквир {m} :: frame (of a picture, mirror, glasses etc.)
оквир {m} :: framework, scope (area of action, influence etc.)
оквиран {adj} :: approximate, general, in main features
оквиран {adj} :: of or pertaining to a framework
океан {m} [Serbia, Bosnia] :: ocean
Океанија {prop} {f} :: Oceania
окивати {vt impf} :: to shackle, chain
окивати {vt impf} :: to cover, plate, overlay (with gold or silver)
окитити {vt pf} :: to adorn, decorate
оклевати {v impf} :: to hesitate, vacillate
оклијевати {v impf} :: to hesitate, vacillate
оклузив {m} :: plosive, stop
окно {n} :: pane (of windows)
окно {n} :: shaft, pit (in mines)
око {n} [anatomy] :: eye
око {prep} :: around
око {prep} :: about
око {prep} :: approximately
оков {m} :: metal piece used for shoeing, mounting etc
оков {m} [in the plural] :: shackles, chains
оковати {vt pf} :: to shackle, chain
оковати {vt pf} :: to cover, plate, overlay (with gold or silver)
око за око, зуб за зуб {phrase} [idiomatic] :: eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth
околина {f} :: surroundings
околина {f} :: ambient, milieu, setting
околина {f} :: environment
околиш {m} :: environment
околишати {vi impf} :: To beat around the bush (delay or avoid talking about something)
околишати {vi impf} [obsolete] :: To go by a roundabout way; go around
околни {adj} :: surrounding
околност {f} :: circumstance
около {adv} :: around
около {prep} :: around
окомит {adj} :: vertical
окомит {adj} :: perpendicular
окончавати {vt impf} :: to end, finish, complete
окончати {vt pf} :: to end, finish, complete
окот {m} :: litter (animal young)
окрадати {v impf} :: imperfective form of окрасти
окрасти {vt pf} :: to steal, pilfer or thieve from somebody for a longer period/continually
окрвавити {vtr pf} :: to make or become bloody or covered with blood
окренути {vitr pf} :: to turn
окренути {vt pf} :: to change, switch
окренути {vt pf} :: to dial (a number)
окрет {m} :: turn, revolution
окретан {adj} :: nimble, agile
окретати {vitr impf} :: to turn
окретати {vt impf} :: to change, switch
окретати {vt impf} :: to dial (a number)
окривити {vt pf} :: to accuse, blame, impute
окривљавати {v impf} :: imperfective form of окривити
окривљивати {v impf} :: imperfective form of окривити
округ {m} :: district
округ {m} :: area
округ {m} :: zone
округ {m} :: province
округао {adj} :: round, circular
округао {adj} :: plump, chubby
окружење {n} :: environment (area around something)
окружење {n} :: encirclement
окружење {n} :: surroundings
окруживати {vtr impf} :: to surround, encircle
окружити {vtr pf} :: to surround, encircle
окрутан {adj} :: cruel
окрутно {adv} :: cruelly
окрутност {f} [uncountable] :: cruelty, brutality
окршај {m} :: confrontation, skirmish, encounter (with arms or words)
оксид {m} :: oxide
оксидација {f} :: oxidation
октава {f} :: octave
октан {m} [chemistry] :: octane
октет {m} :: octet
октобар {m} :: October
октобарски {adj} :: October (of or pertaining to, occurring in)
октопод {m} :: octopod
окука {f} :: bend, curve, bow
окултан {adj} :: occult
окултизам {m} :: occultism
окуп {m} :: gathering, assembly
окупатор {m} :: occupier (one who occupies a country)
окупација {f} :: occupation
окупити {vtr pf} :: to gather, assemble, rally
окупити {vr pf} :: to hold a reunion; gather
окупљати {vtr impf} :: to gather, assemble, rally
окупљати {vr impf} :: to hold a reunion; gather
окусити {vt pf} :: to take a bite or sip; taste
окусити {vt pf} [figuratively] :: to experience
окусни {adj} :: of or pertaining to the sense of taste; gustatory
олабавити {vt pf} :: to loosen, make loose or slack
олак {adj} :: rather light or understandable
олак {adj} :: fickle
олак {adj} :: imprudent, hasty
олако {adv} :: easily
олакотан {adj} :: mitigating, extenuating
олакотност {f} :: mitigating or extenuating quality
олакшавати {vt impf} :: to facilitate
олакшавати {vt impf} :: to alleviate, mitigate, lighten
олакшање {n} :: relief
олакшати {vt pf} :: to facilitate
олакшати {vt pf} :: to alleviate, mitigate, lighten
олакшица {f} :: break, exemption, deduction (of tax, fees etc.)
олакшица {f} :: easing, relaxation
олеандар {m} :: oleander
олеандров {adj} :: oleander-, of or pertaining to oleander
олеат {m} [organic chemistry] :: oleate
Олиб {prop} {m} :: Олиб (settlement)
Олибљанин {prop} {m} :: an inhabitant of Olib
олигарх {m} :: oligarch
олигархија {f} :: oligarchy
олигархијски {adj} :: oligarchic
олигархијски {adv} :: oligarchically
олимпизам {m} :: Olympism
Олимпија {prop} {f} :: Olympia
олимпијски {adj} :: Olympic
олимпијски {adv} :: in an Olympic manner
оличавати {vtr impf} :: to embody, personify
оличавати {vt impf} [Croatian] :: to paint, dye
оличење {n} :: embodiment, personification
оличити {vtr pf} :: to embody, personify
оличити {vt pf} [Croatian] :: to paint, dye
олован {adj} :: leaden (made of lead)
оловка {f} :: pencil
олово {n} :: lead (metal)
олош {m} :: riffraff, rabble
олтар {m} :: altar
олтарни {adj} :: of or pertaining to altar
олуја {f} :: storm
олујни {adj} :: stormy
олук {m} :: gutter
олупина {f} :: wreckage, wreck
ољуштити {vt pf} :: to peel, shell
о. м. {phrase} :: this month
омален {adj} :: smallish
омаловажавати {vt impf} :: to disparage, belittle, disdain, underrate
омаловажити {vt pf} :: to disparage, belittle, disdain, underrate
омамити {vt pf} :: to captive, enthrall, beguile, enchant, intoxicate, stupify
омамити {vt pf} :: to daze, stun
омамљив {adj} :: captivating, enthralling, intoxicating
омамљивати {vt impf} :: to captive, enthrall, beguile, enchant, intoxicate, stupify
омамљивати {vt impf} :: to daze, stun
оман {m} :: inula, elecampane (Inula spp., especially Inula helenium)
оман {m} :: the related and similar Telekia speciosa syn. Telekia cordifolia
Оман {prop} {m} :: Оман (country)
омањи {adj} :: smallish
омашка {f} :: lapse, slip, omission (minor, inadvertent error or mistake)
омбудсман {m} :: ombudsman
омекшавати {vt impf} :: to soften, mellow, mollify
омекшавати {vir impf} :: to become tender
омекшати {vt pf} :: to soften, mellow, mollify
омекшати {vir pf} :: to become tender
омекшивач {m} :: softener
омести {vt pf} :: to disrupt, hamper, hinder, interfere with
омести {vt pf} :: to prevent, keep
ометати {vt impf} :: to disrupt, hamper, hinder, interfere with
омиљен {adj} :: preferred, favorite
оминозан {adj} :: ominous
Омиш {prop} {m} :: Омиш (city)
Омишанин {prop} {m} :: an inhabitant of Omiš
омишки {adj} :: of or pertaining to Omiš
омладина {f} :: youth (young people)
омладинац {m} :: youth, young man
омлет {m} :: omelette
омогућавати {vt impf} :: to enable, make possible
омогућивати {vt impf} :: to enable, make possible
омогућити {vt pf} :: to enable, make possible
омот {m} :: wrapping
омотати {vt pf} :: to wrap (around)
омотач {m} :: wrapping, wrapper, cover, covering, envelope
омотач {m} :: shell, casing
омотница {f} [Croatia] :: envelope
омотница {f} [Croatia] :: wrapper
омофор {m} :: omophorion
омражен {adj} :: odious
омражен {adj} :: disliked, hated
Омск {prop} {m} :: Омск (city/administrative center)
он {pron} :: he
она {pron} :: she
онај {pron} :: that one (distal, farther away than denoted by тај)
онај {pron} [with an adjective] :: the (one)
онај {pron} :: idiomatic and figurative meanings
онакав {adj} :: such, of that kind
онако {adv} :: in that way, like that
онамо {adv} :: in that direction over there, in that place; there
онанија {f} :: masturbation, onanism
онанирати {vi impf} :: (Croatian) to masturbate
онда {adv} :: then, at that time
онда {adv} :: afterwards, then
онда {conj} :: then
ондак {adv} [Vojvodina, colloquial] :: alternative form of онда
ондашњи {adv} :: former
ондашњи {adv} :: of that time
онде {adv} :: over there
ондје {adv} :: over there
онемогућавати {vt impf} :: to disable, incapacitate
онемогућавати {vi impf} :: to make it impossible for somebody (+dative)
онемогућивати {vt impf} :: to disable, incapacitate
онемогућивати {vi impf} :: to make it impossible for somebody (+dative)
онемогућити {vt pf} :: to disable, incapacitate
онемогућити {vi pf} :: to make it impossible for somebody (+dative)
онеспособити {vt pf} :: to disable, incapacitate
онеспособљавати {vt impf} :: to disable, incapacitate
онеспособљивати {vt impf} :: to disable, incapacitate
онечистити {vtr pf} :: to contaminate
онечишћеност {f} :: pollution, contamination (state or condition)
онечишћење {n} :: contamination, pollution
онечишћивати {v impf} :: imperfective form of онечистити
онечишћивач {m} :: polluter, pollutant
оникс {m} :: onyx
онкологија {f} :: oncology
оно {pron} :: it
онолик {adj} :: that large, such large
онолик {adj} [in the plural] :: so many, that many
онолико {adv} :: that much/many, so much/many, as much/many
ономастика {f} :: onomastics
ономатопеја {f} :: onomatopoeia
онтогенеза {f} :: ontogenesis
онтогенија {f} :: ontogeny
онтологија {f} :: ontology
онтолошки {adj} :: ontological
онуд {adv} :: that way, in that direction
онуда {adv} :: that way, in that direction
-оња {suffix} :: Suffix appended to words to create a masculine noun, usually denoting a corporal feature or animal's name
опадати {vi impf} :: to fall (usually figuratively)
опажати {vit impf} :: to perceive, notice, observe
опазити {vit pf} :: to perceive, notice, observe
опак {adj} :: wicked, evil
опак {adj} :: severe, pernicious (of a disease)
опак {adj} :: malicious, malignant, spiteful
опако {adv} :: wickedly, maliciously, viciously
опакост {f} [uncountable] :: wickedness, malevolence, malice
опанак {m} :: opanak
опасан {adj} :: dangerous
опасати {vt pf} :: to encircle, surround, gird
опасати {vr pf} :: to put a belt on oneself
опасач {m} :: belt
опасач {m} :: truss
опасивати {vt impf} :: to encircle, surround, gird
опасивати {vr impf} :: to put a belt on oneself
опаска {f} :: note, remark
опасно {adv} :: dangerously
опасност {f} :: danger
опасти {vi pf} :: to fall (usually figuratively)
опат {m} :: abbot
опатица {f} :: abbess
опачина {f} :: perversion
опачина {f} :: wickedness
опачина {f} :: misdeed
опека {f} :: brick (hardened block used for building)
опекотина {f} :: burn, scald
опера {f} :: opera
оперативан {adj} :: operative
оператор {m} [mathematics] :: operator
оперета {f} :: operetta
опет {adv} :: again
опећи {vt pf} :: to burn, parch cause a burn
опећи {vt pf} :: to nettle
опећи {vr pf} :: to burn oneself, parch oneself
опећи {vr pf} :: to nettle oneself
опијат {m} :: opiate
опијати {vt impf} :: to make drunk, intoxicate
опијати {vr impf} :: to get drunk
опијум {m} [uncountable] :: opium
опип {m} [uncountable] :: (sense of) touch
опипавати {vtr impf} :: to feel (by touching), finger
опипати {vtr pf} :: to feel (by touching), finger
опипљив {adj} :: tangible
опис {m} :: description
описати {vt pf} :: to describe
описати {vt pf} [mathematics] :: to circumscribe
описати {vt pf} :: to trace, describe (of a trajectory and similar)
описивати {vt impf} :: to describe
описивати {vt impf} [mathematics] :: to circumscribe
описивати {vt impf} :: to trace, describe (of a trajectory and similar)
опити {vt pf} :: to make drunk, intoxicate
опити {vr pf} :: to get drunk
опклада {f} :: bet, wager
опколити {vt pf} :: to surround, envelop, encompass
опколити {vt pf} :: to besiege, lay siege to
опкоп {m} :: trench, ditch
оплавити {v} :: to color blue
оплавити {v} :: to turn blue
оплеменити {vt pf} :: to ennoble
оплеменити {vt pf} :: to refine, polish
оплеменити {vt pf} :: to improve, cross, breed (animals, plants)
оплемењивати {vt impf} :: to ennoble
оплемењивати {vt impf} :: to refine, polish
оплемењивати {vt impf} :: to improve, cross, breed (animals, plants)
оплећак {m} :: breastplate
оплећје {n} :: shoulders
опловити {vt pf} :: to sail around (world, island, cape etc.)
оплодан {adj} :: of or pertaining to fertilization or insemination; fertilizing, fecundating
оплодити {vt pf} :: to impregnate, fertilize
оплодити {vt pf} :: to produce profit
оплодити {vt pf} :: to enrich, develop (idea, activity etc.)
оплодња {f} :: fertilization
оплодња {f} :: insemination
оплођивати {vt impf} :: to impregnate, fertilize
оплођивати {vt impf} :: to produce profit
оплођивати {vt impf} :: to enrich, develop (idea, activity etc.)
опљачкати {vt pf} :: to rob, plunder, loot
опна {f} :: membrane, film, pellicle, cuticle
оповргавати {vt impf} :: to refute, rebut, deny
оповргнути {vt pf} :: to refute, rebut, deny
опозвати {vt pf} :: to revoke, recall
опозвати {vt pf} :: to repeal, abolish
опозивати {vt impf} :: to revoke, recall
опозивати {vt impf} :: to repeal, abolish
опозиција {f} :: opposition
опојан {adj} :: intoxicating (of an aroma, also figuratively)
опојан {adj} :: narcotic (especially of drugs)
опомена {f} :: warning
опомена {f} :: reprimand, rebuke
опоменути {vt pf} :: to warn, remind, admonish, exhort
опоменути {vt pf} :: to rebuke, reprimand
опомињати {vt impf} :: to warn, remind, admonish, exhort
опомињати {vt impf} :: to rebuke, reprimand
опонашати {vt impf} :: to imitate, impersonate, mimic
опонент {m} :: opponent
опонирати {v impf pf} :: to oppose
опонирати {v impf pf} :: to challenge, contest
опор {adj} :: strong, sharp, pungent (of a flavor or taste)
опор {adj} :: vulgar, crude
опоравак {m} :: recovery, convalescence
опоравити {vr pf} :: to recover, recuperate, convalesce (improve in health, especially from illness, injury, shock etc.)
опорављати {vr impf} :: to recover, recuperate, convalesce (improve in health, especially from illness, injury, shock etc.)
опорезив {adj} :: taxable
опорезивати {v impf} :: imperfective form of опорезовати
опорезовати {vt pf} :: to tax
опорезовати {vt pf} :: to impose tax on
опорећи {vt pf} :: to deny (assert that something is not true)
опорећи {vit pf} :: to retract (take back or withdraw something one has said)
опорећи {vt pf} :: to disavow (refuse strongly and solemnly to own or acknowledge; deny responsibility)
опорећи {vit pf} :: to unsay
опорећи {vt pf} :: to gainsay, contradict
опорицати {vt impf} :: to deny (assert that something is not true)
опорицати {vit impf} :: to retract (take back or withdraw something one has said)
опорицати {vt impf} :: to disavow (refuse strongly and solemnly to own or acknowledge; deny responsibility)
опорицати {vit impf} :: to unsay
опорицати {vt impf} :: to gainsay, contradict
опортун {adj} :: opportune
опортунизам {m} :: opportunism
опосум {m} :: opossum (marsupial of the family Didelphidae)
оправдан {adj} :: justified, warranted
оправдан {adj} :: legitimate
оправдан {adj} :: excused
оправдано {adv} :: justifiably
оправдање {n} :: justification
оправдање {n} :: rationale
оправдање {n} :: excuse
оправдати {vt pf} :: to justify, excuse
опрати {vt pf} :: to wash
опраштати {vt impf} :: to forgive, pardon
опраштати {vr impf} :: to say goodbye
определити {vr pf} :: to decide, choose (make a decision among several choices)
опредељивати {vr impf} :: to decide, choose (make a decision among several choices)
опредијелити {vr pf} :: to decide, choose (make a decision among several choices)
опредјељивати {vr impf} :: to decide, choose (make a decision among several choices)
опрез {m} [uncountable] :: caution
опрезан {adj} :: cautious, careful
опрезно {adv} :: cautiously, carefully
опрека {f} :: contrast, opposition
опрека {f} :: disagreement, conflict
опрема {f} [uncountable] :: equipment
опремати {vt impf} :: to equip, outfit
опремити {vt pf} :: to equip, outfit
опресија {f} :: oppression
опречан {adj} :: contrary
опречан {adj} :: opposite
опречан {adj} :: opposing
опречан {adj} :: adverse
опрост {m} :: forgiveness
опростити {vt pf} :: to forgive, pardon
опростити {vr pf} :: to say goodbye
опроштај {m} :: forgiveness
опроштај {m} :: farewell, saying goodbye
опруга {f} :: spring, coil (mechanical device)
опсада {f} :: siege (military action)
опсег {m} :: circumference
опсег {m} :: extent, range
опседати {vt impf} :: to besiege
опседати {vt impf} :: to obsess
опсежан {adj} :: voluminous, exhaustive, comprehensive, extensive (in size or scope)
опсежно {adv} :: voluminously, comprehensively, extensively, exhaustively
опсена {f} :: mirage, illusion, phantasm
опсенар {m} :: conjurer
опсесиван {adj} :: obsessive
опсесивно {adv} :: obsessively
опсесија {f} :: obsession
опсести {vt pf} :: to besiege
опсести {vt pf} :: to obsess
опсидијан {m} :: obsidian
опсједати {vt impf} :: to besiege
опсједати {vt impf} :: to obsess
опсјена {f} :: mirage, illusion, phantasm
опсјенар {m} :: conjurer
опсјести {vt pf} :: to besiege
опсјести {vt pf} :: to obsess
опскуран {adj} :: obscure
опсовати {vit pf} :: to swear
опсовати {vit pf} :: to curse
опстанак {m} :: survival, existence
опстати {vi pf} :: to survive
опструкција {f} :: obstruction
опсцен {adj} :: obscene
оптеретити {vt pf} :: to load, burden
оптерећивати {vt impf} :: to load, burden
оптика {f} [uncountable] :: optics
оптималан {adj} :: optimal
оптимално {adv} :: optimally
оптимизам {m} :: optimism
оптужба {f} :: accusation, charge, indictment
оптуженик {m} :: the accused
оптуженик {m} :: indicted, defendant
оптуживати {vt impf} :: to accuse, charge, indict (to attribute blame to someone)
оптужити {vt pf} :: to accuse, charge, indict (to attribute blame to someone)
оптужница {f} :: indictment
опћи {adj} :: general, universal
опћи {adj} :: common
опћи {adj} :: public
опћина {f} [Bosnia, Croatia] :: county district, commune
опћина {f} [Bosnia, Croatia] :: community, municipality, township
опулентан {adj} :: opulent
опустити {vt pf} :: to relax, loosen
опустити {vr pf} :: to relax
опустити {vt pf} :: to depopulate, desolate
опушак {m} :: cigarette butt; cigarette stub
опуштати {vt impf} :: to relax, loosen
опуштати {vr impf} :: to relax
опходити {vr impf} :: to behave, act
опходити {vi impf} :: to go (around something), revolve, circle, orbit
опходити {vi impf} :: to patrol (of police or military)
опходни {adj} [astronomy] :: orbital
опходња {f} :: behavior, conduct
опходња {f} :: (religious) procession
опходња {f} [military] :: patrol
опција {f} :: option
опчинити {vt pf} :: to bewitch
опчинити {vt pf} :: to charm, enthrall
опчињавати {vt impf} :: to bewitch
опчињавати {vt impf} :: to charm, enthrall
опширан {adj} :: extensive, detailed
опширно {adv} :: in detail, amply, fully, extensively
општи {adj} :: general, universal
општи {adj} :: common
општи {adj} :: public
општина {f} [Bosnia, Serbia] :: county district, commune
општина {f} [Bosnia, Serbia] :: community, municipality, township
-ор {suffix} :: Suffix appended to words to create a masculine noun, usually denoting a profession or a performer, used chiefly for words of Latin origin
орални секс {m} :: oral sex
орангутан {m} :: orangutan
орангутански {adj} :: of or pertaining to an orangutan
орангутански {adv} :: as an orangutan
ораница {f} :: plowed field
орао {m} :: eagle (bird)
орати {vt impf} :: to plow, till
оратор {m} :: orator
орах {m} :: walnut
орахов {adj} :: of or pertaining to a walnut
орач {m} :: tiller, plowman
орачки {adj} :: plowing, tilling (of or pertaining to plowing or plowers)
оргазам {m} :: orgasm
оргазмички {adj} :: orgasmic
орган {m} :: organ (part of an organism)
организам {m} :: organism
организатор {m} :: organizer
организација {f} :: organization
организирати {vt impf pf} [Croatian] :: to organize
органски {adj} :: organic
оргија {f} :: orgy
оргуље {fp} [plurale tantum] :: organ (musical instrument)
ореол {m} [religion] :: halo
ореол {m} :: nimbus
оригинал {m} :: original
оригиналан {adj} :: original
оригинално {adv} :: originally
ориз {m} [regional, Montenegrin, culinary] :: rice
оријаш {m} :: giant
оријенталан {adj} :: oriental, Oriental
орјашица {f} :: hartwort (Tordylium spp., particularly Tordylium maximum)
оркан {m} :: hurricane
оркански {adj} :: of or pertaining to a hurricane, having the strenth of a hurricane
оркестар {m} :: orchestra
оркестрација {f} [uncountable] :: orchestration
ОРЛ {f} :: abbreviation of оториноларингологија:otorhinolaryngology
орлов {adj} :: of an eagle, eagle's
орловски {adj} :: pertaining to an eagle, resembling an eagle
орман {m} :: ambry, closet, wardrobe
ормар {m} :: ambry, closet, wardrobe
орнитолог {m} :: ornithologist
орнитологија {f} :: ornithology
орнитолошки {adj} :: ornithological
орнитолошки {adv} :: ornithologically
оронуо {adj} :: haggard, decrepit, feeble, weak (looking exhausted and unwell)
оронуо {adj} :: dilapidated
ортак {m} :: partner, associate (in business)
ортак {m} :: accomplice
ортак {m} [colloquial] :: friend, mate
ортографија {f} :: orthography
ортодоксан {adj} :: orthodox
ортодоксија {f} :: orthodoxy
ортодоксно {adv} :: orthodoxly
ортопедија {f} [uncountable, medicine] :: orthopedics
оруђе {n} :: tool, instrument
оружан {adj} :: armed
оружати {vt impf} :: to arm
оружје {n} :: weapon
ос {f} [Croatian] :: axis
оса {f} :: wasp
оса {f} [Bosnian, Serbian] :: axis
осакатити {vt pf} :: to maim, mutilate, cripple
осакаћивати {v impf} :: imperfective form of осакатити
осам {num} :: eight (8)
осама {f} [uncountable] :: loneliness, solitude, isolation
осамдесет {num} :: eighty
осамљен {adj} :: alone, lonely
осамљеност {f} :: loneliness
осамнаест {num} :: eighteen
осао {m} [regional, rare, Croatia] :: donkey
освајање {n} :: conquest
освајати {vt impf} :: to conquer (by war)
освајати {vt impf} :: to win (medal or place in a competition)
освајач {m} :: conqueror
освајач {m} :: winner (of a sports medal)
освајачки {adj} :: conquering
осванути {vi pf} :: to dawn (also figuratively)
осванути {vi pf} :: to appear suddenly
осванути {vi pf} :: to find oneself somewhere at dawn
освањивати {vi impf} :: to dawn (also figuratively)
освањивати {vi impf} :: to appear suddenly
освањивати {vi impf} :: to find oneself somewhere at dawn
освежавати {vtr impf} :: to refresh, freshen up
освежити {vtr pf} :: to refresh, freshen up
освета {f} :: revenge, vengeance
осветити {vt pf} :: to avenge sb
осветити {vr pf} :: to get revenge
осветљив {adj} :: vengeful, vindictive
осветник {m} :: avenger
осветољубив {adj} :: vengeful, vindictive
освећивати {vt impf} :: to avenge sb
освећивати {vr impf} :: to get revenge
освит {m} :: daybreak, dawn
освјежавати {vtr impf} :: to refresh, freshen up
освјежити {vtr pf} :: to refresh, freshen up
освојив {adj} :: conquerable
освојити {vt pf} :: to conquer (by war)
освојити {vt pf} :: to win (medal or place in a competition)
осврт {m} :: review (of a book etc.)
оседлавати {vt impf} :: to saddle
оседлати {vt pf} :: to saddle
осека {f} :: low tide
осека {f} :: ebb tide, ebb
осењ {m} [Torlakian] :: spectre, vampire
осетан {adj} :: perceptible, noticeable
осетити {vt pf} :: to feel (become aware of through the skin; to use the sense of touch)
осетити {vt pf} :: to feel, sense (have a sensation of something without the use of touch, sight, hearing, smell, or taste)
осетити {vt pf} :: to feel (experience the consequences of)
осетити {vt pf} :: to feel (to have a special feeling or a reaction upon stimulus)
осетити {vi pf} :: to feel, know (think, believe, or have an impression concerning)
осетити {vr pf} :: to feel, be feeling (be in a state of mind or a condition)
осетљив {adj} :: sensitive
осетљив {adj} :: delicate
осетљив {adj} :: noticeable, clear
осетљиво {adv} :: perceptibly, noticeably
осетљиво {adv} :: rather, considerably
осетно {adv} :: perceptibly, noticeably
осећај {m} :: feeling
осећај {m} :: emotion
осећајан {adj} :: sensitive
осећајан {adj} :: compassionate, kind
осећајно {adv} :: sensitively
осећајно {adv} :: compassionately, kindly
осећајност {f} [uncountable] :: sensitivity, sensibility
осећати {vt impf} :: to feel (become aware of through the skin; to use the sense of touch)
осећати {vt impf} :: to feel, sense (have a sensation of something without the use of touch, sight, hearing, smell, or taste)
осећати {vt impf} :: to feel (experience the consequences of)
осећати {vt impf} :: to feel (to have a special feeling or a reaction upon stimulus)
осећати {vi impf} :: to feel, know (think, believe, or have an impression concerning)
осећати {vr impf} :: to feel, be feeling (be in a state of mind or a condition)
осигуравати {vtr impf} :: to secure
осигуравати {vtr impf} :: to insure/assure, ensure
осигурање {n} :: insurance, assurance
осигурање {n} :: security (agents)
осигурати {vtr pf} :: to secure
осигурати {vtr pf} :: to insure/assure, ensure
Осијек {prop} {m} :: Osijek
осим {prep} :: except (for), besides
осим {prep} :: in addition to, besides
осип {m} [medicine] :: rash
осиромашивати {vit impf} :: to impoverish
осиромашити {vit pf} :: to impoverish
осификација {f} :: ossification
осица {f} :: (diminutive) wasp
осјетан {adj} :: perceptible, noticeable
осјетити {vt pf} :: to feel (become aware of through the skin; to use the sense of touch)
осјетити {vt pf} :: to feel, sense (have a sensation of something without the use of touch, sight, hearing, smell, or taste)
осјетити {vt pf} :: to feel (experience the consequences of)
осјетити {vt pf} :: to feel (to have a special feeling or a reaction upon stimulus)
осјетити {vi pf} :: to feel, know (think, believe, or have an impression concerning)
осјетити {vr pf} :: to feel, be feeling (be in a state of mind or a condition)
осјетљив {adj} :: sensitive
осјетљив {adj} :: delicate
осјетљив {adj} :: noticeable, clear
осјетљиво {adv} :: perceptibly, noticeably
осјетљиво {adv} :: rather, considerably
осјетно {adv} :: perceptibly, noticeably
осјећај {m} :: feeling
осјећај {m} :: emotion
осјећајан {adj} :: sensitive
осјећајан {adj} :: compassionate kind
осјећајно {adv} :: sensitively
осјећајно {adv} :: compassionately, kindly
осјећајност {f} [uncountable] :: sensitivity, sensibility
осјећати {vt impf} :: to feel (become aware of through the skin; to use the sense of touch)
осјећати {vt impf} :: to feel, sense (have a sensation of something without the use of touch, sight, hearing, smell, or taste)
осјећати {vt impf} :: to feel (experience the consequences of)
осјећати {vt impf} :: to feel (to have a special feeling or a reaction upon stimulus)
осјећати {vi impf} :: to feel, know (think, believe, or have an impression concerning)
осјећати {vr impf} :: to feel, be feeling (be in a state of mind or a condition)
осјечки {adj} :: of or pertaining to Osijek
оскудан {adj} :: scanty, meagre
оскудан {adj} :: poor, indigent
оскудица {f} :: dearth, scantiness
оскудица {f} :: poverty, indigence
оскудно {adv} :: scantly, sparingly, poorly
ослабети {vi pf} :: to grow/become weak; weaken
ослабети {vi pf} :: to lose weight
ослабити {vt pf} :: to debilitate, weaken, enfeeble
ослабити {vt pf} :: to relax, ease
ослабити {vi pf} :: to grow/become weak
ослабјети {vi pf} :: to grow/become weak; weaken
ослабјети {vi pf} :: to lose weight
ослањати {v impf} :: imperfective form of ослонити
ослобађати {vtr impf} :: to free, liberate, release
ослобађати {vt impf} :: to acquit
ослободилац {m} :: liberator
ослободилачки {adj} :: liberation (of or pertaining to)
ослободилачки {adv} :: like a liberator
ослободитељ {m} :: liberator
ослободити {vtr pf} :: to free, liberate, release
ослободити {vt pf} :: to acquit
ослобођење {n} :: liberation
ослонац {m} :: support (something which supports)
ослонити {vt} :: to lean (on)
ослонити {vr} :: to lean on, hold onto
ослонити {vr} :: to rely on, trust
османлијски {adj} :: Ottoman
османлијски {adv} :: in an Ottoman manner, as an Ottoman
османски {adj} :: Ottoman
османски {adv} :: as an Ottoman
осмех {m} :: smile
осмијех {m} :: smile
осмина {f} :: one eighth
осмица {f} :: eight (digit or figure)
осмица {f} :: anything numbered eight (playing card, tram, bus, player with a jersey number 8 etc.)
осморица {f} :: (collectively) eight men
оснивати {vt impf} :: to found, establish
оснивач {m} ::