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{suffix} [obsolete] :: sir (an honorific Russian suffix that was formerly used to emphasize the speaker’s politeness or servility before a person of higher social status)
с- {prefix} [used with verbs] :: (describing an action moving from a single position or many positions into another single position)
с- {prefix} [used with verbs] :: down (describing a downward action)
с- {prefix} [used with verbs] :: off, from off (describing an action of removing oneself to another location)
с. {f inan} :: abbreviation of страница
с. {n inan} :: abbreviation of село
с. {m inan} :: abbreviation of средний род
с {letter} :: The nineteenth letter of the Russian Cyrillic alphabet. Its name is эс and it has the sound of English s. It is preceded by Р and followed by Т
с {prep} :: with [+ instrumental]
с {prep} :: from, off, from off, from below [with abstract nouns; nouns entailing a flat, open area; and special exceptions; + genitive]
с {prep} :: because of, since [expressing a cause of motivation; + genitive]
с {prep} :: for, about [indicating indefinite time or number] [+ accusative]
с {prep} :: from [indicating a duration of time; + genitive]
с {prep} :: with [in certain time expressions; + instrumental]
с {prefix} :: centi- (0.01)
С {m inan} :: abbreviation of север
С {m anim} [chess] :: abbreviation of слон
сабантуй {noun} :: Sabantuy, plow party; the name of a Tatar national holiday
сабантуй {noun} [colloquial] :: party, gettogether
сабза {noun} :: sort of raisins made of sultana grapes, treated before drying with an alkaline solution
сабинянин {noun} [historical] :: Sabine
сабля {noun} :: saber, cutlass
сабля {noun} :: cavalryman (used as a unit of count, see also штык)
саботаж {noun} :: sabotage (deliberate action of subversion, obstruction, disruption, destruction)
саботажник {noun} :: saboteur
саботировать {v both} :: to sabotage
Сава {prop} :: Sava (a river in southern Europe, a right side tributary of Danube at Belgrade)
саван {noun} :: shroud (dress for the dead)
саванна {noun} :: savanna
Савелий {prop} :: given name
Савойя {prop} :: Savoie (French department)
сага {noun} :: saga
Сага {prop} :: Saga (a prefecture in Japan)
Сага {prop} :: Saga (a city in Japan)
сагитировать {v pf} :: to agitate
сагитировать {v pf} :: to persuade
сагиттальный {adj} [anatomy] :: sagittal (in the direction from dorsal to ventral)
саго {n inan} :: sago
сад {noun} :: garden, orchard
сад {noun} :: park, garden
садануть {v pf} [low colloquial] :: to hit once, to punch once
садизм {noun} :: sadism (enjoyment of inflicting pain)
садик {noun} :: diminutive of сад (small) garden, orchard
садик {noun} [colloquial] :: kindergarten
садист {noun} :: sadist (one who derives pleasure through cruelty or pain to others)
садистский {adj} :: sadistic
садись, пожалуйста {phrase} :: please sit down; please get on (e.g. car) [informal, singular]
садитесь, пожалуйста {phrase} :: please sit down; please get on (e.g. car) [formal or plural]
садить {v impf} :: to make or let someone sit down, to seat
садить {v impf} :: to plant (e.g. trees or flowers)
садить {v impf} [colloquial] :: to imprison, to put to jail
садиться {v impf} :: to sit down, to sit up
садиться {v impf} :: to take, to board, to get on
садиться {v impf} :: to sit down to
садиться {v impf} :: to land, to alight
садиться {v impf} :: to be imprisoned
садиться {v impf} :: to shrink (about clothes after washing)
саднить {v impf} [also impersonal] :: to be sore [from scrapes, abrasions, burns, etc.]
саднить {vt impf} :: to hurt (the heart, soul, etc.), to sadden, to cause emotional distress to
саднить {vi impf} [also impersonal] :: to hurt [in the heart, etc.], to experience emotional distress
садовник {noun} :: gardener, groundskeeper
садовод {noun} :: horticulturist (a gardener, a person interested or practising horticulture)
садоводство {noun} :: gardening, horticulture (the science of caring for gardens)
садовый {adj} [relational] :: garden; cultivated
садок {noun} :: fish pond (artificial pond for keeping and breeding fish)
садок {noun} :: coop (room for keeping, breeding or fattening birds and small animals)
садок {noun} :: name for a series of traps for animals and game
садок {noun} :: diminutive of сад: small garden
садомазохизм {noun} :: sadomasochism
саентология {noun} :: Scientology
сажа {noun} :: soot
сажать {v impf} :: to seat, to set
сажать {v impf} :: to plant
сажать {v impf} :: to put in jail
саженец {noun} :: sapling, young plant, seedling
сажень {noun} :: sazhen, old Russian unit of length equal to 3 arshins or 2.134 meters or 7 feet
саживать {v impf} [colloquial] :: to seat [repeatedly or frequently]; iterative of сажать, iterative of садить
саживаться {v impf} [colloquial] :: to sit down [repeatedly or frequently]; iterative of садиться
сазан {noun} :: sazan, wild carp (Cyprinus carpio)
сайгак {noun} :: saiga (antelope)
сайт {noun} :: web site
сайт {noun} [biochemistry] :: site
Сайтама {prop} :: Сайтама (city)
Сайтама {prop} :: Сайтама (prefecture)
сак {noun} [dated] :: travel bag
сак {noun} :: small bag-shaped net stretched over a half-hoop, like a fishing tackle
сак {noun} [dated] :: wide woman's coat
сак {noun} [historical] :: Saka (member a group of nomadic Iranian peoples who historically inhabited the northern and eastern Eurasian Steppe and the Tarim Basin, related to the Scythians)
саквояж {noun} :: carpetbag (generally made from leather or heavy cloth)
саке {n inan} :: sake, Japanese rice wine
сакля {noun} :: a kind of building in the Caucasus, also in the Crimea
сакральный {adj} :: sacral
сакральный {adj} :: sacred
сакраментальный {adj} :: sacramental
сакраментальный {adj} :: sacred, cherished
сакраментальный {adj} :: traditional, customary
сакс {noun} :: Saxon (member of an ancient Germanic tribe)
сакс {noun} :: seax
сакс {noun} [musical instruments] :: sax
саксаул {noun} :: saxaul (any of three species of the amaranth genus Haloxylon)
саксофон {noun} :: saxophone
саксофонист {noun} :: saxophonist
сакура {noun} [botany] :: sakura
сакэ {n inan} :: sake, Japanese rice wine
салага {m anim} {f anim} [colloquial] :: noob, rookie, greenhorn ({m}{f})
салазки {noun} :: (small) sledge
салака {noun} [zoology] :: Baltic herring (Clupea harengus membras)
салака {noun} [colloquial] :: noob, rookie, greenhorn ({m}{f})
салам алейкум {interj} :: alternative form of салям алейкум
саламандра {noun} :: salamander (amphibian)
салат {noun} :: salad [dish]
салат {noun} :: lettuce
салатница {noun} :: salad bowl
салатный {adj} :: lime green
салатный {adj} :: related to lettuce
салатный {adj} :: related to salad
салатовый {adj} [relational] :: lime green
Салехард {prop} :: Salekhard, capital of Yamalo-Nenets Autonomous Okrug, Russia, located on the Arctic Circle
салить {v impf} [colloquial] :: to grease, to smear
салить {v impf} [colloquial] :: to soil with grease
салить {v impf} [colloquial] :: to hit (a runaway player) with the hand or a ball [in some games]
сало {noun} :: suet, fat, lard
сало {noun} :: tallow
салон {noun} :: salon (fashionable shop or customer service), hairdressing salon
салон {noun} :: show, exhibition
салон {noun} :: art gallery
салон {noun} :: lounge, waiting room
салон {noun} :: cabin, passenger compartment
салон {noun} :: (reception with performing poets, musicians etc) salon
салон {noun} [nautical] :: saloon
салотопка {noun} [colloquial] :: tallow boilery
салотопня {noun} :: tallow boilery
салун {noun} :: saloon (tavern)
салфетка {noun} :: napkin, serviette
салфетка {noun} :: doily
салфеточка {noun} :: doily
салфеточка {noun} :: antimacassar (cover for furniture)
салфеточка {noun} :: tidy
Сальвадор {prop} :: El Salvador
Сальвадор {prop} :: Salvador (state capital of Bahia, Brazil)
сальвадорский {adj} :: Salvadoran
сальдо {n inan} [accounting] :: balance
сальник {noun} :: rubber washer, seal
сальный {adj} [relational] :: animal fat, lard
сальный {adj} [relational] :: tallow
сальный {adj} :: containing a high percentage of fat [e.g. of an animal breed]
сальный {adj} :: left by fat [e.g. of a spot or mark]
сальный {adj} :: greasy
сальный {adj} :: obscene
сальный {adj} :: grossly cynical
сальса {noun} :: salsa
сальто {n inan} :: somersault
сальто-мортале {n inan} :: salto mortale (a dangerous and daring jump with possibly lethal outcome)
сальце {noun} :: diminutive of сало, endearing form of сало
салют {noun} :: fireworks
салют {noun} :: salute
салют {interj} [colloquial] :: hello
салют {interj} [colloquial] :: bye
салям алейкум {interj} [Islam] :: salaam alaikum [Muslim greeting]
салями {f inan} :: salami
салят {noun} [Islam] :: salat
сам {pron} [definitive pronoun, emphatic] :: self, -self
саман {noun} :: adobe (unburnt brick)
саман {noun} :: air brick
саманный {adj} [relational] :: adobe
Саманта {prop} :: Samantha
Самара {prop} :: Samara, a city in Russia
самарий {noun} :: samarium
самаритянин {noun} :: Samaritan
Самария {noun} :: Samaria
Самарканд {prop} :: Samarkand (city in Uzbekistan)
самаркандский {adj} [relational] :: Samarkand
самарский {adj} [relational] :: Samara
Самаэль {prop} [religion] :: Samael
самба {noun} [music] :: samba (Brazilian ballroom dance)
самбо {n inan} :: sambo (martial art)
самбо {m anim} {f anim} :: Zambo (Afro-Indian)
самец {noun} :: male
самец {noun} [slang] :: macho
самиздат {noun} [historical, Soviet Union] :: samizdat (underground publishing, a samizdat publication)
сами с усами {phrase} :: wasn't born yesterday, not a babe in the woods [lit. we have mustaches ourselves]
самка {noun} [zoology] :: female, dam, bitch, doe, hen, she, jenny (an individual belonging to the sex that can give birth)
Саммерсайд {prop} :: Summerside (a city in Prince Edward Island)
саммит {noun} :: summit (gathering of leaders)
само- {prefix} :: auto-, self- (regarding oneself)
Самоа {prop} {f inan} {n inan} :: Samoa
самобытность {noun} :: originality, (unique) identity, distinctive character
самобытный {adj} :: original
самобытный {adj} :: distinctive
самовар {noun} :: samovar (a large coal- or woodfired metal urn with a spigot for boiling water for tea)
самоваришко {noun} :: pejorative of самовар
самоварище {noun} :: augmentative of самовар
самоварный {adj} [relational] :: samovar
самоварчик {noun} :: diminutive of самовар
самовластие {noun} [politics] :: autocracy, absolute rule (form of government)
самовлюблённость {noun} :: narcissism; self-love
самовлюблённый {adj} :: narcissistic
самоволие {noun} :: insubordination, willfulness
самоволие {noun} :: high-handedness, overbearingness, imperiousness
самовольно {adv} :: self-willedly, wilfully, arbitrarily
самовольный {adj} :: willful, insubordinate
самовольный {adj} :: unauthorized
самовыражение {noun} :: self-expression
самогон {noun} :: homebrew, samogon, moonshine
самогон {noun} :: any home-made distilled alcoholic beverage
самогонка {noun} [low colloquial] :: moonshine, samogon
самогонщик {noun} :: moonshiner, someone who makes or distributes samogon
самодельное взрывное устройство {noun} :: improvised explosive device
самодельный {adj} :: homemade, improvised, do-it-yourself
самодержавие {noun} :: autocracy
самодержавный {adj} :: autocratic
самодержец {noun} :: autocrat (ruler with absolute power)
самодеятельность {noun} :: amateur performance
самодеятельность {noun} :: initiative, spontaneous action
самодеятельность {noun} :: unauthorized activity
самодеятельный {adj} :: amateur (theatre, etc.)
самодеятельный {adj} [econonmics] :: active
самодовольный {adj} :: smug, self-satisfied
самодовольный {adj} :: complacent
самодовольство {noun} :: complacency, self-satisfaction, self-righteousness, smugness
самодостаточность {noun} :: self-sufficiency (condition of being self-sufficient)
самодостаточный {adj} :: self-sufficient (able to provide for oneself independently of others)
самодур {noun} :: a petty tyrant, a wilful person, despot
самое большее {adv} :: at most, at the outside
самое большее {phrase} :: at the very outside
самоедство {noun} [colloquial] :: excessive self-criticism, self-disparagement, self-torment
самозабвение {noun} :: selflessness, self-forgetfulness
самозабвение {noun} :: self-consciousness
самозабвение {noun} :: absorption, reverie
самозабвенно {adv} :: selflessly, self-forgetfully
самозабвенный {adj} :: selfless, self-forgetful
самозабвенный {adj} :: all-consuming
самозанятый {adj} :: self-employed
самозащита {noun} :: self-defense, self-protection
самозванец {noun} :: impostor, pretender, impersonator
самозваный {adj} :: self-proclaimed, self-styled
самозваный {adj} :: uninvited
самоидентификация {noun} :: self-identification
самоидентификация {noun} [psychology] :: self-realization
самоидентификация {noun} :: self-determination
самокат {noun} :: kick scooter
самоконтроль {noun} :: self-control
самокритика {noun} :: self-criticism
самокрутка {noun} [colloquial] :: handmade cigarette
самолёт {noun} :: airplane, aircraft
самолёт-заправщик {noun} :: air tanker (aircraft used to deliver liquids (or powders) from the air)
самолётик {noun} :: diminutive of самолёт
самолётик {noun} :: endearing form of самолёт
самолётный {adj} [relational] :: airplane, aircraft
самолёт-снаряд {noun} [archaic, military] :: buzz bomb, cruise missile (replaced by the more modern term крылатая ракета)
самолично {adv} [colloquial] :: oneself, personally, in person, by oneself
самоличный {adj} [colloquial] :: in-person
самолюбивый {adj} :: ambitious (possessing, or controlled by, ambition)
самолюбие {noun} :: self-esteem, self-respect, pride
самолюбование {noun} :: narcissism; self-admiration
самомнение {noun} :: conceit, self-importance
самонадеянный {adj} :: arrogant, presumptuous, assuming, assumptive
самонадеянный {adj} :: overweening (over-confident)
самонадеянный {adj} :: self-confident, confident, self-assured, self-sufficient
самонадеянный {adj} :: presuming
самонадеянный {adj} :: reliant
самоназвание {noun} :: autonym (a name used by a group or category of people to refer to themselves or their language)
самообладание {noun} :: self-possession, self-control, self-command, self-mastery, composure
самообман {noun} :: self-deception (fooling oneself)
самооборона {noun} :: self-defense
самообразование {noun} :: self-study (learning outside of the context of a school)
самообслуживание {noun} :: self-service
самооговор {noun} :: self-incrimination; self-perjury
самоограничение {noun} :: self-limitation
самоопределение {noun} :: self-determination
самоорганизация {noun} :: self-organizing, self-organization
самоотверженность {noun} :: selflessness, dedication, disregard of self
самоотверженный {adj} :: selfless
самоотдача {noun} :: commitment, dedication, devotion
самоотречение {noun} :: renunciation, self-denial, (self-)abnegation
самооценка {noun} :: self-esteem (confidence in one's own worth)
самоощущение {noun} :: self-perception
самопоедание {noun} :: autocannibalism (the act of eating oneself)
самопожертвование {noun} :: self-sacrifice (giving up of one's own benefit)
самопознание {noun} :: self-knowledge, self-comprehension
самопровозглашённый {adj} :: self-proclaimed
самопрялка {noun} :: spinning wheel with a flyer mechanism; flyer wheel
саморазвитие {noun} [literary] :: self-development
самореализация {noun} :: self-realization, self-actualization
самореализация {noun} :: self-fulfilment
самореференция {noun} :: self-reference
самородок {noun} :: nugget (small chunk or clump)
самородок {noun} :: gifted person
самородок золота {noun} :: gold nugget
самосвал {noun} :: dump truck (a heavy truck, for carrying loose, bulk cargo, having a hinged bed that allows the contents to be unloaded onto the ground)
само собой разумеется {idiom} :: it goes without saying (it's obvious, apparent or clear)
самосовершенствование {noun} :: self-improvement
самосознание {noun} :: self-awareness (state of being self-aware)
самосохранение {noun} :: self-preservation
самостоятельно {adv} :: independently, solo
самостоятельно {adv} :: by oneself, without assistance, on one's own
самостоятельность {noun} :: independence (state of having sufficient means for a comfortable livelihood)
самостоятельный {adj} :: independent, self-dependent, free
самостоятельный {adj} :: self-reliant, self-sufficient
самострел {noun} :: self-inflicted wound
самострел {noun} [weapons] :: crossbow
самострой {noun} :: illegal building [not compliant with laws or building codes; especially DIY]
самотёк {noun} :: drift, gravity flow
самотёк {noun} :: free run, something that happens without a plan or control (spontaneously)
самотык {noun} [slang] :: dildo
самоубийство {noun} :: suicide
самоубийца {m anim} {f anim} :: suicide (the person)
самоуважение {noun} :: self-respect (knowledge of one's own worth)
самоуверенно {adv} :: self-confidently
самоуверенность {noun} :: self-confidence, self-assurance (state or quality of being confident in oneself)
самоуверенный {adj} :: self-confident, self-assured (confident in one's abilities)
самоудовлетворение {noun} :: self-satisfaction (contentment with one's own accomplishments or situation)
самоуничтожение {noun} [literary] :: self-destruction
самоуправление {noun} :: autonomy, self-administration, self-government
самоуправный {adj} :: arbitrary
самоуправство {noun} [literary, legal] :: arbitrariness (broad-based crime in Russian law encompassing any "actions contrary to the order presented by a law")
самоустраняться {v impf} :: to keep oneself aloof, to get out of, to distance oneself from, to dodge
самоутверждение {noun} :: self-assertion
самоучитель {noun} :: self-teaching book
самоучка {m anim} {f anim} :: self-taught, autodidact, automath
самоход {noun} :: car, automobile
самоходка {noun} :: self-propelled gun
самоходка {noun} :: self-propelled chassis
самоходная артиллерийская установка {noun} :: self-propelled artillery, self-propelled artillery mount
самоходная артиллерия {noun} :: self-propelled artillery
самоходно-артиллерийская установка {noun} :: self-propelled artillery, self-propelled artillery mount
самоходный {adj} :: self-propelled
самоцвет {noun} :: gem, gemstone, semi-precious stone
самоцель {noun} :: end in itself
самочувствие {noun} :: (state of) health, feeling (well or bad)
сампан {noun} :: sampan
сам по себе {phrase} :: on one's own, by oneself, alone
сам по себе {phrase} :: of one's own free will, by choice
сам по себе {phrase} :: independently, separately
сам по себе {phrase} :: individually, singly
Сампсикерамид {noun} :: Sampsiceramid
самсара {noun} :: samsara
Самуил {prop} :: Samuel [biblical character]
Самуил {prop} :: given name
самум {noun} :: simoom (hot, dry wind)
самурай {noun} :: samurai (feudal Japanese soldier)
самшит {noun} :: box (Buxus gen. et spp.)
самый {pron} [definitive] :: the very, the selfsame, the very same
самый {pron} :: the most (superlative degree)
самый что ни на есть {adv} :: truly, really, actually, without doubt, certainly, indisputably
самый что ни на есть {adj} :: typical, genuine, idiosyncratic, quirky
-сан {suffix} :: a polite suffix added to surnames
сан {noun} :: dignity
Сана {prop} :: Sanaa (capital of Yemen)
санаторий {noun} :: sanatorium, sanitarium, health resort
Сан-Висенте-де-Тагуа-Тагуа {prop} {m inan} :: San Vicente de Tagua Tagua
сангвиник {noun} :: sanguine person
сангрия {noun} :: sangria (alcoholic drink)
сандал {noun} :: sandalwood, sandal
сандал {noun} :: santal
сандалия {noun} :: sandal (type of footwear)
сандвич {noun} :: sandwich
Сан-Диего {prop} {n inan} :: San Diego (a city in California)
сани {noun} :: sledge, sleigh, sled (a vehicle on runners, used for conveying loads over the snow or ice)
сани {noun} [sport] :: luge (a racing sled)
санитар {noun} :: orderly, hospital attendant, male nurse, corpsman, paramedic, aidman
санитария {noun} :: sanitation (the policy and practice)
санитарка {noun} :: female nurse, orderly, paramedic, aidwoman
санитарная машина {noun} :: ambulance (emergency vehicle)
санитарный {adj} :: sanitary, sanitization
санитарный {adj} :: medical
санки {noun} :: diminutive of сани: (small) sledge, sled, sleigh, kicksled
Санкт- {prefix} :: St (saint)
Санкт-Петербург {prop} :: Saint Petersburg [Reinstated old name of Petrograd and Leningrad. Used prior to 1914 and since 1991.]
санкт-петербургский {adj} [relational] :: St. Petersburg
санктпетербуржец {noun} :: Petersburger (resident or citizen of Saint Petersburg)
санкционированный {adj} :: authorized
санкционировать {v both} :: to sanction, to authorize
санкция {noun} :: sanction (approval, by an authority, that makes something valid)
санкция {noun} :: sanction (penalty, coercive measure)
Сан-Марино {prop} {f inan} :: San Marino (a country in Europe, located within the borders of Italy)
Сан-Марино {prop} {m inan} :: San Marino (capital of San Marino)
санный {adj} [relational] :: sledge, sleigh, sled, luge
сановник {noun} :: high official, dignitary
сановный {adj} :: distinguished, high-ranking
сановный {adj} :: dignified
Сан-Паулу {prop} {m inan} :: Сан-Паулу (São Paulo)
Сан-Паулу {prop} {m inan} :: Сан-Паулу (São Paulo)
Сан-Сальвадор {prop} :: San Salvador (capital of El Salvador)
санскрит {noun} :: Sanskrit (language)
санскритский {adj} [relational] :: Sanskrit
Санта-Клаус {prop} :: Santa Claus (a fictional figure said to bring presents to people (especially children) at Christmas time)
сантали {m inan} :: Santali (language)
сантехник {noun} :: plumber (one who fits, etc., pipes for water, gas or drainage)
сантехника {noun} :: plumbing
сантехника {noun} :: sanitary engineering
сантименты {noun} :: (excessive) sentimentality, sentimentalism
сантиметр {noun} :: centimeter/centimetre (SI unit of measure)
сантиметр {noun} :: tape measure
сантиметр в секунду {noun} :: centimeters per second, cm/s
Санто-Доминго {prop} {m inan} :: Santo Domingo (capital of the Dominican Republic)
Сан-Томе {prop} {m inan} :: São Tomé (capital of Sao Tome and Principe)
Сан-Томе и Принсипи {prop} {f inan} {n inan} :: São Tomé and Príncipe
Сантьяго {prop} {n inan} :: Santiago (capital of Chile)
санузел {noun} :: toilet and bathroom
санфранцисец {noun} :: San Franciscan
Сан-Франциско {prop} {n inan} :: San Francisco
Сан-Хосе {prop} {m inan} :: San José (capital of Costa Rica)
санчасть {noun} [military] :: infirmary (short for санитарная часть)
Санья {prop} :: Sanya (resort city on Hainan island, China)
сап {noun} :: glanders, equinia
сапа {noun} [military] :: sap
сапёр {noun} :: sapper, combat engineer, military engineer
сапёрный {adj} [relational] :: sapper, military engineer
сапог {noun} :: boot
сапожник {noun} :: cobbler, shoemaker (person who repairs shoes)
сапожник {noun} :: bungler, botcher
сапожный {adj} [relational] :: boot
сапожок {noun} :: boot
сапожок {noun} :: columbine
Саппоро {prop} {m inan} :: Sapporo
сапсан {noun} :: peregrine falcon
сапун {noun} :: technical breather, crankcase ventilation valve
сапфир {noun} :: sapphire
сарабанда {noun} :: sarabande
Сараево {prop} :: Sarajevo (capital of Bosnia and Herzegovina)
сарай {noun} :: shed, storage building (small wooden construction)
сарай {noun} :: uncomfortable, untidy room, pigsty
сарай {noun} [Kazakhstan] :: palace
сарайчик {noun} :: diminutive of сарай: small shed
сарана {noun} :: martagon (Lilium martagon)
Саранск {prop} :: Saransk, the capital city of Mordovia, Russia
саранча {noun} [zoology] :: locust
саранчук {noun} :: (young) locust
Саратов {prop} :: Saratov, a city in Russia
саратовский {adj} [relational] :: Saratov
сарафан {noun} :: sarafan (a traditional long, trapeze-shaped Russian pinafore worn by women and girls)
сарафанное радио {noun} :: informal network of acquaintances who pass verbal information to each other such as news, information or gossips; word of mouth
сарафанный {adj} [relational] :: sarafan
сарацин {noun} :: Saracen
сарделька {noun} :: sausage, wiener, polony, saveloy (a thick variety of sausage)
сардина {noun} :: sardine, pilchard
Сардиния {prop} :: Sardinia
сардонический {adj} :: sardonic (scornfully mocking)
сари {n inan} :: sari (the traditional dress of women in the Indian subcontinent)
сарказм {noun} :: sarcasm
саркастический {adj} :: sarcastic (containing sarcasm)
саркофаг {noun} :: sarcophagus
Саров {prop} :: Sarov (closed city in Russia, 120 miles from Nizhny Novgorod; a center of nuclear research)
саровский {adj} [relational] :: Sarov (closed city in Russia, 120 miles from Nizhny Novgorod; a center of nuclear research)
Сарта {prop} :: Sarthe (French department; river in France)
Сасебо {prop} {m inan} :: Sasebo (a city in Nagasaki Prefecture)
сасими {n inan} :: sashimi
сатана {m anim} [mythology, religion] :: Satan, devil
сатана {m anim} [figurative] :: jerk
Сатана {prop} {m anim} :: Satan, Prince of Darkness
сатанеть {v impf} :: to run wild, to go crazy
сатанизм {noun} :: Satanism
сатанинский {adj} :: satanic
сатанист {noun} :: Satanist
сате {n inan} :: satay (dish)
сателлит {noun} :: satellite
сатин {noun} :: sateen, satin
сатира {noun} :: satire
сатирик {noun} :: satirist (male or female)
сатирический {adj} :: satirical
сатрап {noun} :: satrap
Сатурн {prop} :: (planet) Saturn
Сатурн {prop} [Roman god] :: Saturn
сатурналии {noun} :: Saturnalia
Саудовская Аравия {prop} :: Saudi Arabia
саудовский {adj} :: Saudi (relating to Saudi Arabia)
сауна {noun} :: sauna
сафари {n inan} :: safari
саха {?} :: Sakha (person, people or language)
саха {adj} :: Sakha
Саха {prop} {f inan} [formal] :: Саха (republic)
Сахалин {prop} :: Sakhalin (a large island and a region in eastern Russia)
сахалинский {adj} [relational] :: Sakhalin
сахар {noun} :: sugar
Сахара {prop} :: Sahara
сахарид {noun} :: saccharide
сахарин {noun} :: saccharin (white crystalline powder)
сахарная вата {noun} :: cotton candy, candy floss, fairy floss
сахарная свёкла {noun} :: sugar beet (type of beet)
сахарница {noun} :: sugar bowl
сахарный {adj} [relational] :: sugar
сахарный {adj} :: rich in sugar
сахарный {adj} [also, figurative] :: sugary
сахарный {adj} [colloquial] :: sensual
сахарный {adj} [in the negative] :: sweet, pleasant, nice
сахарный тростник {noun} [botany] :: sugar cane (species of grass whose sap is a source of sugar)
сахароза {noun} :: sucrose, saccharose
сахарок {noun} :: diminutive of сахар
Сахарская Арабская Демократическая Республика {prop} :: Sahrawi Arab Democratic Republic (SADR) (a partially recognised state in Western Sahara, North Africa)
сацебели {n inan} :: satsebeli (a Georgian sauce)
сациви {n inan} :: satsivi
сачковать {v impf} [colloquial] :: to skive off, to goof-off
сачок {noun} [inanimate] :: butterfly net, hand net, net (for butterflies, insects or small fish)
сачок {noun} [animate, colloquial] :: loafer, idler, shirker
Саша {prop} {m anim} {f anim} :: given name
Саша {prop} {m anim} {f anim} :: given name
сашими {n inan} :: sashimi
Сашин {adj} [possessive] :: Sasha's
сбавить {v pf} :: to take off (from), to deduct, to rebate, to discount
сбавлять {v impf} :: to take off (from), to deduct, to rebate, to discount
сбалансированность {noun} :: balance, harmony
сбалансированный {adj} :: balanced
сбалансировать {v pf} :: to balance, to keep one's balance
сбалансировать {v pf} :: to balance, to equipoise
сбегать {v impf} :: to run down (from)
сбегать {v impf} :: to run away, to make off, to flee, to break out
сбегать {v impf} :: to escape
сбегать {v impf} :: to elope
сбегать {v pf} [colloquial] :: to run (to a place) and get back, to run (for), to go and get
сбегаться {v impf} :: to come running [of many people]
сбегаться {v pf} :: to get used to running together
сбежать {v pf} :: to run down (from)
сбежать {v pf} :: to run away, to make off, to flee, to break out
сбежать {v pf} :: to escape
сбежать {v pf} :: to elope
сбежаться {v pf} :: to come running [of many people]
сбербанк {noun} :: savings bank (financial institution)
сберегательная книжка {noun} :: passbook, bankbook
сберегательный {adj} :: savings
сберегать {v impf} :: to save, to preserve
сберегать {v impf} :: to spare
сбережение {noun} :: (usually plural) savings
сбережение {noun} :: economy, saving
сберечь {v pf} :: to save, to preserve
сберечь {v pf} :: to spare
сберкасса {noun} :: savings bank (financial institution)
сберкнижка {noun} :: acronym of сберегательная книжка: passbook (booklet used to record bank transactions)
сбивать {v impf} :: to knock down, to shake down, to cause to fall
сбивать {v impf} :: to knock down, to beat down
сбивать {v impf} :: to put out
сбивать {v impf} :: to tread down
сбивать {v impf} :: to knock together
сбивать {v impf} :: to churn
сбивать {v impf} :: (eggs, cream) to whisk, to beat up, to whip
сбиваться {v impf} :: to flounder
сбиваться {v impf} :: to assemble
сбивчивый {adj} :: confusing, inconsistent (of speech or a report)
сбившийся {adj} :: wandering, errant, wayward
сбитый {adj} :: (of boots) down at heel, worn down
сбитый {adj} :: battered
сбитый {adj} :: whipped, whisked
сбитый {adj} :: (of build) in expressions only
сбить {v pf} :: to knock down
сбить {v pf} :: to cause to fall, to shake down
сбить {v pf} :: to put out
сбить {v pf} :: to tread down
сбить {v pf} :: to knock together
сбить {v pf} :: to churn
сбить {v pf} :: (eggs, cream) to whisk, to beat, to whip
сбиться {v pf} :: to get off
сбиться {v pf} :: to be aberrant
сбиться {v pf} :: to go afield
сбиться {v pf} :: to go astray
сбиться {v pf} :: to be errant, to stray
сближать {v impf} :: to draw/bring together
сближаться {v impf} :: to approach (each other)
сближаться {v impf} :: to approach, to close in
сближаться {v impf} :: to draw closer together
сближаться {v impf} :: to become good/close friends (with)
сближение {noun} :: convergence
сблизить {v pf} :: to draw/bring together
сблизиться {v pf} :: to approach (each other)
сблизиться {v pf} :: to approach, to close in
сблизиться {v pf} :: to draw closer together
сблизиться {v pf} :: to become good/close friends (with)
с богом {interj} :: God be with you!, God go with you, speed!
с богом {interj} :: God be your help!, success attend you!, good luck!, here goes!
сбой {noun} :: failure, fault, error
сбой {noun} [sport] :: losing the step, falling out of step
сбоку {adv} :: askance (sideways, obliquely)
сбоку {adv} :: from one side, on one side
сболтнуть {v pf} [colloquial] :: to just happen to say something, to say something silly (or wrong), to blurt out
сбор {noun} :: collection, accumulation, gathering, harvest, picking
сбор {noun} :: levy, tax, duty, receipts
сбор {noun} [military] :: muster, assembly
сбор {noun} :: assembly, meeting, get-together
сборище {noun} :: assemblage, gathering of people
сборище {noun} :: mob
сборка {noun} :: assembly [e.g. of devices or machines]
сборка {noun} :: pleat
сборная {noun} :: combined team, national sports team
сборник {noun} [book] :: collection
сборник {noun} [engineering] :: storage tank, receptacle
сборный {adj} :: collapsible
сборный {adj} [relational] :: assembly
сборный {adj} [relational] :: collection
сборный {adj} :: combined
сборный {adj} [relational] :: assembly, rallying
сборочный {adj} [relational] :: assembly [of machines or devices]
сборочный {adj} [relational, colloquial] :: assembly (gathering of people)
сборщик {noun} :: collector
сбрасывать {v impf} :: to throw down, to drop
сбрасывать {v impf} :: (a government) to throw off
сбрасывать {v impf} :: (skin, leaves) to shed
сбрасывать {v impf} :: (clothes, shoes) to throw off
сбривать {v impf} :: to shave off
сброд {noun} [pejorative] :: scum, mob, riffraff, rabble, varletry, ragtag and bobtail
сброс {noun} :: water escape
сброс {noun} :: dumping, discharge
сброс {noun} :: reduction, dropping
сброс {noun} [computer science] :: reset, resetting, clearance, nulling, nullification, zeroing
сброс {noun} [geology] :: fault
сбросить {v pf} :: to throw down, to drop
сбросить {v pf} :: (a government) to throw off
сбросить {v pf} :: (skin, leaves) to shed
сбросить {v pf} :: (clothes, shoes) to throw off
сбруя {noun} :: harness
сбывать {v impf} :: to sell, to market
сбывать {v impf} [colloquial] :: to get rid of
сбываться {v impf} :: to come true, to be fulfilled
сбыт {noun} :: sale
сбытовой {adj} [relational] :: sales
сбыточный {adj} [dated] :: feasible, possible [of a business deal]
сбыть {v pf} :: to sell, to market
сбыть {v pf} [colloquial] :: to get rid of
сбыться {v pf} :: to come true, to be fulfilled
свадебный {adj} [relational] :: wedding
свадьба {noun} :: wedding
Свазиленд {prop} :: Swaziland
свазилендский {adj} [relational] :: Swaziland
сваливать {vt impf} :: to knock down, to knock over, to fell
сваливать {vt impf} :: to drop, to throw down
сваливать {vt impf} :: to dump, to carelessly drop (many things in one place)
сваливать {vt impf} [colloquial, figurative] :: to get rid of (something unpleasant)
сваливать {vt impf} [colloquial, figurative] :: to overthrow
сваливать {vt impf} [colloquial, figurative] :: to deprive of strength, to weaken, to overcome [of sleep, an illness, etc.]
сваливать {vt impf} [colloquial, figurative] :: to shift the blame for (something to someone), to pass the buck
сваливать {vi impf} [low colloquial] :: to go away, to scram, to beat it, to bolt; to emigrate (temporarily or permanently)
сваливаться {v impf} :: to fall down
сваливаться {v impf} :: to be ill in bed
сваливаться {v impf} :: to collapse
сваливаться {v impf} :: to mat, to form a mat, to tangle
свалить {vt pf} :: to knock down, to knock over, to fell
свалить {vt pf} :: to drop, to throw down
свалить {vt pf} :: to dump, to carelessly drop (many things in one place)
свалить {vt pf} [colloquial, figurative] :: to get rid of (something unpleasant)
свалить {vt pf} [colloquial, figurative] :: to overthrow
свалить {vt pf} [colloquial, figurative] :: to deprive of strength, to weaken, to overcome [of sleep, an illness, etc.]
свалить {vt pf} [colloquial, figurative] :: to shift the blame for (something to someone), to pass the buck
свалить {vi pf} [low colloquial] :: to go away, to scram; to emigrate (temporarily or permanently)
свалиться {v pf} :: to fall down
свалиться {v pf} :: to be ill in bed
свалиться {v pf} :: to collapse
свалка {noun} :: dump, junkyard
свалка {noun} :: dumping
свалка {noun} [colloquial] :: scuffle, brawl
Свальбард {prop} :: Svalbard
свара {noun} [colloquial] :: quarrel, squabble
сваривать {v impf} :: to weld
сварить {v pf} :: to cook, to boil
сварить {v pf} :: to smelt
сварить {v pf} :: to weld
свариться {v pf} :: to become boiled/cooking
свариться {v pf} :: to weld
сварка {noun} :: welding, weld
сварливый {adj} :: peevish, shrewish, grumpy, cantankerous
сварной {adj} :: welded
сварщик {noun} :: welder (one who welds)
свастика {noun} :: swastika, fylfot
сват {noun} :: matchmaker, go-between, feminine: сваха, [colloquial] сватья
сват {noun} [colloquial] :: father of one’s son-in-law or of one’s daughter-in-law., feminine: сватья
сватать {v impf} :: to propose as a wife or as a husband (as in matchmaking); to match; to marry off
свататься {v impf} :: to propose oneself as a wife or as a husband, to woo, to court
сватовство {noun} :: matchmaking
сватовство {noun} :: courtship
сватья {noun} :: parents of one of the spouses in relation to parents of another spouse
сватья {noun} [colloquial] :: female matchmaker, go-between
сваха {noun} :: female matchmaker, go-between
сваха {noun} [regional] :: parents of one of the spouses in relation to parents of another spouse
свая {noun} :: pile
сведение {noun} [usually plural] :: information, intelligence
сведение {noun} [usually plural] :: notice, knowledge
сведение {noun} :: reduction
сведение {noun} :: squaring (of accounts)
сведение {noun} [medicine] :: contraction, cramp
сведущий {adj} :: versed
сведущий {adj} :: adept
сведущий {adj} :: aware (having knowledge of something)
сведущий {adj} :: conversant
сведущий {adj} :: experienced
сведущий {adj} :: well-grounded
сведущий {adj} :: well-accepted
сведущий {adj} :: well-acquainted
свеженький {adj} :: diminutive of свежий
свежесть {noun} :: freshness
свежий {adj} :: fresh (new or clean)
свезти {vt pf} [perfective only] :: to transport, to drive, to convey
свезти {vt pf} [colloquial, perfective only] :: to transport there and back, to drive there and back
свезти {vt pf} :: to transport down, to drive down
свезти {v pf} :: to transport away, to carry away [by vehicle]
свезти {v pf} :: to gather together
свей {noun} [historical] :: Swede (a member of an ancient North Germanic tribe that inhabited what is now central Sweden)
свей {noun} [archaic] :: Swede (a person from Sweden)
свекла {noun} :: alternative form of свёкла
свекольник {noun} :: a cold borsht, usually without meat, usually eaten in the summer
свекровь {noun} :: a woman’s mother-in-law (husband’s mother only)
свербеть {v impf} :: to itch
свербига {noun} [botany] :: bunias, sea rocket
свербяга {noun} :: alternative form of свербига
свергать {v impf} :: to overthrow, to throw down, to dethrone
свергнуть {v pf} :: to overthrow, to throw down, to dethrone
Свердловск {prop} :: Sverdlovsk, a name for Yekaterinburg from 1924 to 1991
свердловский {adj} [relational] :: Sverdlovsk
свердловчанин {noun} [historical] :: citizen of Sverdlovsk
свержение {noun} :: dethronement (the act of being dethroned)
сверить {v pf} :: to compare, to check, to verify (something against something else) [accusative + с + instrumental]
сверка {noun} :: verification, collation
сверка {noun} [printing] :: revision
сверкание {noun} :: glitter, sparkle, scintillation, glisten, glister
сверкание {noun} :: flash, flashing (burst of light)
сверкание {noun} :: glint
сверкание {noun} :: flare
сверкание {noun} :: glance
сверкание {noun} :: twinkle
сверкание {noun} :: coruscation
сверкание {noun} :: lambency
сверкать {v impf} :: to sparkle, to twinkle
сверкать {v impf} :: to glitter
сверкать {v impf} :: to glare
сверкающий {adj} :: ablaze (on fire)
сверкнуть {v pf} :: to sparkle, to twinkle
сверкнуть {v pf} :: to glitter
сверкнуть {v pf} :: to glare
сверлило {noun} :: timber beetle, lymexylonid (Lymexylon navale)
сверлить {v impf} :: to drill, to perforate, to bore
сверло {noun} :: drill, drill bit, auger, bore (carpenter's tool)
свернуть {v pf} :: to displace, to remove
свернуть {v pf} :: to roll up
свернуть {v pf} :: to curtail, to reduce, to cut down
свернуть {v pf} :: to wind up, to bring to a close
свернуть {v pf} :: to coagulate
свернуть {v pf} :: to turn, to make a turn
свернуть {v pf} :: to strip (a screw, thread)
свернуться {v pf} :: to curl up, to roll up, to coil up
свернуться {v pf} :: to lessen, to contract
свернуться {v pf} :: (milk, cream) to turn, to curdle, (blood) to coagulate
сверстать {v pf} [printing] :: to lay out (a page)
сверстник {noun} :: contemporary
сверстник {noun} :: coeval
сверстник {noun} :: age-mate (one who is the same age as another)
сверстница {noun} :: female contemporary, age-mate (one who is the same age as another)
сверх- {prefix} :: extra-, over-, super-, ultra-
сверх {prep} :: above, over, beyond
сверхдержава {noun} :: superpower
сверхзадача {noun} :: super-task (extremely difficult or important task)
сверхзвуковой {adj} :: supersonic
сверхновая звезда {noun} :: supernova
сверхновый {adj} [relational] :: supernova
сверхоригинальный {adj} :: idiosyncratic, quirky, avant-garde, offbeat, eccentric
сверхприбыль {noun} [finance] :: superprofit, excess profit
сверхтекучесть {noun} :: superfluidity (frictionless flow of a liquid)
сверх того {adv} :: moreover, besides, additionally (by way of addition)
сверху {adv} :: above
сверху {prep} :: over, above
сверхурочные {noun} :: overtime
сверхурочный {adj} [relational] :: overtime
сверхценная идея {noun} [psychiatry] :: overvalued idea (an unreasonable and sustained belief with an underlying affective component)
сверхчеловек {noun} [philosophy] :: superman, overman
сверхчеловек {noun} :: strong personality whose actions and desires do not obey normal restrictions
сверхчеловек {noun} [colloquial] :: great man
сверхчеловек {noun} [journalistic, Nazism] :: übermensch, Aryan (member of a proposed German master race)
сверхъестественный {adj} :: supernatural
сверхъестественный {adj} :: extraordinary
сверчок {noun} :: cricket (insect)
сверчок {noun} :: grass warbler (Locustella) (bird)
свершаться {v impf} :: to happen, to occur
свершаться {v impf} :: to come true
свершение {noun} :: achievement, fulfilment, performance
свершиться {v pf} :: to happen, to occur
свершиться {v pf} :: to come true
сверять {v impf} :: to compare, to check, to verify (something against something else) [accusative + с + instrumental]
свес {noun} :: protruding or hanging part of something; overhang
свесить {v pf} :: to let hang, to let down, to lower
свеситься {v pf} :: to lean over
свеситься {v pf} :: to hang over, to overhang
свести {v pf} :: to lead, to take [from somewhere]
свести {v pf} :: to bring together, to throw together
свести {v pf} :: to reduce [to], to bring [to]
свести {v pf} :: to remove
свести {v pf} :: to trace [a picture]
свестись {v pf} :: to boil down (to), to come (to)
свестись {v pf} :: to come off [of a transfer picture]
свет {noun} :: light
свет {noun} :: day
свет {noun} :: radiance
свет {noun} [uncountable] :: lights, lighting
свет {noun} [uncountable, colloquial] :: power, electricity
свет {noun} :: world, earth, universe:
свет {noun} :: society, people, aristocracy
Света {prop} :: given name
светать {v impf} [impersonal] :: to dawn
светило {noun} :: heavenly body, celestial body, lamp
светило {noun} :: luminary, notability
светильник {noun} :: lamp, light fixture
светильня {noun} [archaic] :: lamp
светильня {noun} [archaic] :: wick
светить {v impf} :: to shine
светить {v impf} :: to give someone light
светить {v impf} [colloquial] :: to have a chance
светиться {v impf} :: to shine, to glow
светиться {v impf} [figuratively] :: to attract (unwanted) attention
Светлана {prop} :: given name, Svetlana; Sveta - Света is its diminutive form
светлеть {v impf} :: to lighten, to become lighter
светлеть {v impf} :: to be visible (of a light-coloured object)
светло {adv} :: brightly
светло {adv} :: warmly, with kindness
светло {pred} :: it is light
светловолосый {adj} :: fair-haired
светлопёрый судак {noun} :: walleye (Sander vitreus)
светло-серый {adj} :: light gray
светлый {adj} :: light (having light), bright
светлый {adj} :: jolly
светляк {noun} :: glowworm; firefly, lightning bug
светлячок {noun} :: diminutive of светляк
световой {adj} [relational] :: light
световой {adj} :: luminous
световой год {noun} :: light year (astronomical distance)
Светогорск {prop} :: Svetogorsk (a town in North-Western Russia, near the Finnish border, called Enso till 1949)
светодиод {noun} :: light-emitting diode, LED
светодиодный {adj} [relational, technology] :: light-emitting diode, LED
светотехника {noun} :: lighting/illuminating engineering, lighting technology
светофор {noun} :: traffic light
светоч {noun} [lofty] :: lamp, luminary, light
свет очей {noun} :: apple of someone's eye (favourite, a particular preference, or a loved one)
светский {adj} [relational] :: society, high-society
светский {adj} :: secular, worldly, lay
светящийся {adj} :: luminous, lambent, lucent
светящийся {adj} :: luminescent
светящийся {adj} :: radiant
светящийся {adj} :: fluorescent
светящийся {adj} :: phosphorescent
светящийся {adj} :: candescent
светящийся {adj} :: agleam
светящийся {adj} :: alight (lit.: on fire, switched on)
светящийся {adj} :: irradiant
свеча {noun} :: candle (a light source, usually of wax)
свеча {noun} [physics] :: candela (unit of luminous intensity)
свеча {noun} [automotive] :: spark plug / sparking plug
свеча {noun} [medicine] :: suppository
свечевой {adj} :: alternative form of свечной
свечение {noun} :: glow, luminescence, fluorescence
свечечка {noun} :: diminutive of свечка
свечка {noun} :: diminutive of свеча
свечник {noun} :: candlemaker, chandler
свечник {noun} :: someone who carries a burning candle (e.g. in a traditional wedding)
свечник {noun} :: candlestick
свечной {adj} [relational] :: candle
свешивать {v impf} :: to let hang, to let down, to lower
свешиваться {v impf} :: to lean over
свешиваться {v impf} :: to hang over, to overhang
свёкла {noun} [botany, usually, uncountable] :: beet (the root plant Beta vulgaris)
свёкор {noun} :: a woman’s father-in-law (husband’s father only)
свёкр {noun} :: alternative form of свёкор
свёрток {noun} :: package, bundle, parcel
свёрток {noun} :: roll (that which is rolled up)
свёрток {noun} :: clot
свёртывание {noun} :: rolling up
свёртывание {noun} :: curtailment
свёртывание {noun} :: coagulation
свёртывать {v impf} :: to displace, to remove
свёртывать {v impf} :: to roll up, to furl
свёртывать {v impf} :: to curtail, to reduce, to cut down
свёртывать {v impf} :: to wind up, to bring to a close
свёртывать {v impf} :: to coagulate
свёртываться {v impf} :: to curl up, to roll up, to coil up
свёртываться {v impf} :: to lessen, to contract
свёртываться {v impf} :: (milk, cream) to turn, to curdle, (blood) to coagulate
свивать {v impf} :: to wind, to twist, to twine
свивать {v impf} [dated] :: to swaddle (a child)
свиваться {v impf} :: to coil, to roll up
свидание {noun} :: appointment; date
свидание {noun} :: visit (with a prisoner, patient, etc.)
свиданье {noun} [poetic] :: alternative form of свидание
свидетель {noun} :: eyewitness, witness (one who has a personal knowledge of something)
свидетельница {noun} :: female witness
свидетельский {adj} [relational] :: witness, eyewitness
свидетельство {noun} :: evidence, testimony (facts presented in support of an assertion)
свидетельство {noun} :: evidence, illustration (proof)
свидетельство {noun} :: certificate
свидетельствовать {v impf} :: to testify, to witness, to be evidence (of)
свидомый {adj} :: conscientious (used in a satirical context in relation to Ukrainian nationalists)
свинарник {noun} :: pigsty, pigpen (shelter where pigs are kept)
свинарня {noun} :: pigsty
свинец {noun} :: lead (metal)
свинец {noun} :: bullet
свинина {noun} :: pork
свинка {noun} :: diminutive from свинья
свинка {noun} :: mumps (contagious disease)
свиной {adj} [relational] :: pig
свиной {adj} [relational] :: pork
свинство {noun} [colloquial] :: swinishness, rudeness
свинство {noun} [colloquial] :: dirtiness, flagrant untidiness
свинство {noun} [colloquial] :: meanness, mean/base nature
свинство {noun} [colloquial] :: mean/low-down trick
свинцовый {adj} [relational] :: lead (metal); leaden
свинья {noun} :: pig, hog, sow, swine (mammal of genus Sus)
свирель {noun} :: pipe, svirel (musical instrument)
свирепеть {v impf} :: to grow furious, to begin to see red
свирепеть {v impf} :: to become fierce, to become ferocious, to become cruel
свирепо {adv} :: ferociously, fiercely
свирепость {noun} :: ferocity, savagery, atrociousness
свирепствовать {v impf} [literary] :: to rage
свирепый {adj} :: bloodthirsty, ferocious, savage
свирепый {adj} :: fierce, furious
свирепый {adj} :: wicked, atrocious, savage
свисать {v impf} :: to droop, to hang down, to dangle
свисать {v impf} :: to slouch
свиснуть {v pf} :: to droop, to hang down, to dangle
свиснуть {v pf} :: to slouch
свист {noun} :: whistle (act of whistling)
свистать {v impf} :: to whistle, to make a whistling sound [without the aid of a whistle]
свистать {v impf} :: to call someone by whistling
свистать {v impf} [colloquial] :: to beat strongly with liquid
свистать всех наверх {interj} :: all hands on deck (order)
свистеть {v impf} :: to whistle, to make a whistling sound [with or without the aid of a whistle]
свистеть {v impf} :: to sing, to pipe [of birds]
свистеть {v impf} :: to whine [of a bullet]
свистнуть {v pf} :: to whistle
свистнуть {v pf} [colloquial] :: to smack, to slap
свистнуть {v pf} [colloquial, figurative] :: to sneak, to pinch, to steal
свисток {noun} :: whistle (device used to make a whistling sound, act of whistling)
свистулька {noun} :: tin whistle, pennywhistle, Irish whistle
свистун {noun} :: whistler
свита {noun} :: suite, escort, retinue, entourage
свита {noun} [geology] :: suite
свитер {noun} :: sweater (knitted jacket)
свиток {noun} :: roll, scroll
свить {v pf} :: to wind
свить {v pf} :: to twist, to weave
свиться {v pf} :: to coil, to roll up
свихнуть {vt pf} [colloquial] :: to dislocate, to put out of joint
свихнуться {v pf} [colloquial] :: to go crazy
свихнуться {v pf} [colloquial] :: to go astray
свобода {noun} :: freedom, liberty
свобода слова {noun} :: freedom of speech
свободно {adv} :: freely (without interference or restriction)
свободно {adv} :: freely, easily (without difficulties)
свободный {adj} :: free (not subject to limitations, not subject to rigid control)
свободный {adj} :: free, unrestricted, free access
свободный {adj} :: free, vacant, unoccupied, empty, spare
свободный {adj} :: loose, spacious, loose-fitting
свободный {adj} [chemistry] :: free, not bound to other elements, free valence
свод {noun} :: vault, arch
свод {noun} [legal] :: code
сводить {v impf} :: to lead, to take [from somewhere]
сводить {v impf} :: to bring together, to throw together
сводить {v impf} :: to reduce [to], to bring [to]
сводить {v impf} :: to remove
сводить {v impf} :: to trace [a picture]
сводить {v pf} :: to take [somewhere]
сводить концы с концами {phrase} :: to make ends meet (get by financially; get through the pay period)
сводиться {v impf} :: to boil down (to), to come (to)
сводиться {v impf} :: to come off [of a transfer picture]
сводка {noun} :: summary, report
сводка {noun} [polygraphy] :: revise
сводная сестра {noun} :: stepsister
сводник {noun} :: pimp, procurer of women
сводничать {v impf} :: to procure, to pander, to pimp
сводный {adj} :: summary
сводный {adj} :: step-
сводный брат {noun} :: stepbrother
сводня {noun} [colloquial, pejorative] :: procuress, pander
своеволие {noun} :: willfulness, stubbornness
своеволие {noun} :: arbitrariness
своевременно {adv} :: in time
своевременность {noun} :: timeliness
своевременный {adj} :: timely, well-timed; opportune
своенравный {adj} :: wayward, fickle, headstrong
своеобразие {noun} :: originality, peculiarity, singularity
своеобразно {adv} :: originally, idiosyncratically (in a new, different, creative manner)
своеобразный {adj} :: original, idiosyncratic, singular (fresh, new, different, creative)
своеобразный {adj} :: reminiscent [+ instrumental; of something]
своеручный {adj} [dated] :: handwritten
своеручный {adj} [dated] :: handmade
свозить {vt impf} :: to transport down, to drive down
свозить {v impf} :: to transport away, to carry away [by vehicle]
свозить {vt impf} :: to gather together
свозить {vt pf} :: to transport there and back, to drive there and back
свой {pron} [reflexive-possessive pronoun] :: one's own; my, his, her, its, our, your, their (always refers to the subject of the sentence)
свой {pron} :: peculiar
свойственно {adv} :: characteristically
свойственный {adj} :: inherent, typical (of, for), peculiar (to)
свойство {noun} :: property, virtue, quality (attribute or abstract quality associated with an object)
свойство {noun} :: kind
свойство {noun} [in the plural] :: characteristics
свойство {noun} :: relationship by marriage
свойство {noun} :: affinity
с волками жить — по-волчьи выть {proverb} :: when in Rome, do as the Romans do
сволочь {noun} [derogatory, collective] :: riffraff, rabble
сволочь {noun} :: asshole, scoundrel, drag
сволочь {v pf} :: to drag, to trail
сволочь {v pf} :: to draw
свора {noun} :: pack (number of hounds or dogs)
свора {noun} :: gang
сворачивать {v impf} :: to roll up
сворачивать {v impf} :: to curtail, to reduce, to cut down
сворачивать {v impf} :: to wind up, to bring to a close
сворачивать {v impf} :: to turn, to make a turn
сворачивать {v impf} :: to displace, to remove
сворачиваться {v impf} :: to curl up, to roll up, to coil up
сворачиваться {v impf} :: to lessen, to contract
сворачиваться {v impf} :: (milk, cream) to turn, to curdle, (blood) to coagulate
свороб {noun} [archaic] :: itch
своровать {v pf} :: to steal, to snaffle, to thieve
своротить {v pf} :: to displace, to remove
свояк {noun} [somewhat, dated] :: brother-in-law (husband of wife’s sister)
свояк {noun} [colloquial] :: relative
свояк {noun} [billiards] :: cue ball
своя рубашка ближе к телу {idiom} :: self comes first; charity begins at home
свояченица {noun} :: (antiquated usage) sister-in-law (wife’s sister)
свыкнуться {v pf} :: to get used to, to get accustomed to
свысока {adv} :: haughtily, with disdain
свысока {adv} [dated] :: from on high
свыше {adv} :: above
свыше {adv} [poetic] :: from the above, from God
свыше {prep} :: above (more)
связанный {adj} :: constrained (by something)
связанный {adj} :: connected (with something)
связанный {adj} :: halting (of speech)
связанный {adj} [chemistry] :: combined
связать {v pf} :: to tie, to bind
связать {v pf} :: to tie together
связать {v pf} :: to connect, to join
связать {v pf} :: to knit, to crochet
связаться {v pf} :: to communicate, to get in contact [с with]
связаться {v pf} [colloquial] :: to get involved [с with]
связист {noun} :: signalman, signaller; postal / telecommunications worker, communication man
связка {noun} :: binding, tying together
связка {noun} :: bunch, sheaf, bundle
связка {noun} :: rope team (group of people moving one after the other, as in the mountains, connected together by a safety line)
связка {noun} [anatomy] :: ligament
связка {noun} [linguistics] :: copula; connective, linking verb (grammar)
связка {noun} [philosophy] :: connective
связной {adj} [relational] :: communications
связной {adj} [relational] :: liaison
связной {noun} :: messenger, liaison
связующий {adj} :: connecting
связывание {noun} :: tying up, tying/binding together
связывание {noun} :: linking, linkage, connecting
связывание {noun} [physics] :: binding
связывание {noun} [chemistry] :: combining, binding, fixation
связывать {v impf} :: to tie together, to bind
связывать {v impf} :: to connect, to join
связываться {v impf} :: to communicate, to get in contact [с with]
связываться {v impf} [colloquial] :: to get involved [с with]
связь {noun} :: tie, relation, bond, contact
связь {noun} :: link, connection, liaison
связь {noun} [military] :: signal
связь {noun} :: communication
святая {noun} :: female saint
святее {adv} :: comparative of святой
святее {adv} :: comparative of свято
святейшество {noun} :: Holiness
святилище {noun} [dated] :: church (in Orthodox Christianity)
святилище {noun} [figuratively] :: sanctuary (a revered place)
святилище {noun} [religion] :: holy place (in general)
святитель {noun} :: prelate
святитель {noun} :: saint
свято {adv} :: piously, with awe
святой {adj} :: holy, sacred (dedicated to a religious purpose)
святой {noun} :: saint
Святой Дух {prop} :: Holy Spirit, Holy Ghost
святорусский {adj} [historical] :: Holy Russia (relating to the Russian Empire with respect to the Russian Orthodox Church)
Святослав {prop} :: given name, Svyatoslav
святость {noun} :: holiness, sanctity
святотатство {noun} :: sacrilege (desecration, profanation, misuse or violation of something sacred)
святыня {noun} :: shrine
святыня {noun} :: sacred object, something considered sacred, a sanctity
священник {noun} :: priest, clergyman
священнослужитель {noun} :: cleric, churchman, clergyman, ecclesiastic, minister (of church)
священность {noun} :: holiness, sanctity
священный {adj} :: sacred, holy
священство {noun} [religion] :: priesthood (the role or office of a priest)
священство {noun} [religion] :: priesthood (priests, collectively)
священство {noun} [religion] :: divine power, grace
с/г {adv} :: initialism of сего года
с. г. {adv} :: initialism of сего года
с.г. {adv} :: initialism of сего года
сгиб {noun} :: bend, crimp, fold
сгиб {noun} :: crook [of the arm]
сгибать {v impf} :: to bend, to curve, to crook
сгибаться {v impf} :: to bend
сгибаться {v impf} :: to bend (down), to bow (down), to stoop (down)
сгибаться {v impf} :: to bend, to be flexible
сгинуть {v pf} [colloquial] :: to disappear, to vanish
сгладить {v pf} :: to smooth out
сгладить {v pf} :: to smooth over, to smooth away
сглаживать {v impf} :: to smooth out
сглаживать {v impf} :: to smooth over, to smooth away
сглаз {noun} :: evil eye, hex, jinx, whammy (an evil spell)
с глаз долой — из сердца вон {proverb} :: out of sight, out of mind
с глаз долой — из сердца вон {proverb} :: long absent, soon forgotten
сглазить {v pf} [colloquial] :: to put the evil eye (on, upon), to bewitch, to jinx, to put a hex/jinx (on), to put the whammy on, to put off (by too much praise)
сглатывать {v impf} :: to swallow
сглатывать {v impf} :: to gulp down
сглотнуть {v pf} :: to swallow
сглотнуть {v pf} :: to gulp down
сгнить {v pf} :: to rot, to go bad, to putrefy, to decompose, to decay
сгнить {v pf} :: teeth to become carious
сгнить {v pf} :: water to stagnate
сговариваться {v impf} :: to come to terms, to come to an agreement
сговариваться {v impf} :: to plot, to gang up
сговор {noun} :: collusion, deal, conspiracy, scheme
сговор {noun} [obsolete] :: betrothal
сговориться {v pf} :: to come to terms, to come to an agreement
сговориться {v pf} :: to plot, to gang up
сговорчивый {adj} :: accommodating
сговорчивый {adj} :: tractable, amenable (willing to respond to persuasion or suggestions)
сговорчивый {adj} :: pliable
сговорчивый {adj} :: appeasable
сговорчивый {adj} :: manageable
сговорчивый {adj} :: suasible
сгодиться {v pf} [nonstandard] :: to be useful to [+ dative], to come in handy
сгонять {v impf} :: to drive away
сгонять {v impf} :: to drive together (cattle, etc.)
сгонять {v impf} [colloquial] :: to lose (weight)
сгонять {v impf} :: to remove (from the surface of)
сгонять {vi pf} [colloquial] :: to move quickly
сгонять {vt pf} [colloquial] :: to cause to go somewhere quickly and come back
сгорание {noun} :: combustion
сгорать {v impf} :: to burn out, to burn down (intransitive)
сгорбить {vt pf} :: to hunch
сгорбиться {vi pf} :: to hunch over
сгореть {v pf} :: to burn out (to finish burning out), to burn down
сгоряча {adv} [colloquial] :: rashly, in the heat of the moment, without reflection
сгоряча {adv} [colloquial] :: in a temper
сгребать {v impf} :: to rake up, to rake together, to shovel up, to shovel in
сгребать {v impf} :: to shovel (off, from)
сгребать {v impf} :: to grab
сгрести {v pf} :: to rake up, to rake together, to shovel up, to shovel in
сгрести {v pf} :: to shovel (off, from)
сгрести {v pf} :: to grab
сгрудиться {v pf} [colloquial] :: to crowd, to bunch
сгружать {v impf} :: to unload
сгрузить {v pf} :: to unload
сгрузка {noun} :: unloading
сгруппировать {v pf} :: to group, to classify
сгруппировать {v pf} :: to collect, to concentrate
сгруппироваться {vi pf} :: to group together, to be grouped, to cluster
сгруппироваться {v pf} [sports] :: to assume the correct posture [preparatory to a jump, somersault, etc.]
сгруппировывать {v impf} :: to group, to classify
сгруппировывать {v impf} :: to collect, to concentrate
сгруппировываться {vi impf} :: to group together, to be grouped, to cluster
сгруппировываться {v impf} [sports] :: to assume the correct posture [preparatory to a jump, somersault, etc.]
сгубить {v pf} [colloquial] :: to wreck, to destroy, to ruin
сгустить {v pf} :: to thicken, to condense
сгуститься {v pf} :: to curdle, to clot, to thicken, to coagulate
сгусток {noun} :: clot
сгущать {v impf} :: to thicken, to condense
сгущаться {v impf} :: to curdle, to clot, to thicken, to coagulate
сгущение {noun} :: thickening, concentration (the act or process of reducing the volume of a liquid)
сгущение {noun} :: condensation, concretion
сдавать {v impf} :: to deliver, to hand in, to hand over
сдавать {v impf} :: to return, to turn in
сдавать {v impf} :: (a fortress, city etc.) to surrender, to yield
сдавать {v impf} [cards] :: to deal
сдавать {v impf} :: to take/pass (an exam)
сдавать {v impf} :: to be weakened, to be in a reduced state
сдаваться {v impf} :: to surrender, to yield
сдаваться {v impf} :: to give up, to give in
сдаваться {v impf} :: to give in, to give way
сдаваться {v impf} [colloquial, impersonal, imperfective only] :: to seem
сдавить {v pf} :: to squeeze
сдавленно {adv} :: in a constrained voice
сдавливать {v impf} :: to squeeze
сдаточный {adj} [relational] :: delivery
сдаточный {adj} [relational] :: surrender
сдать {vt pf} :: to deliver, to hand in, to hand over
сдать {vt pf} :: to return, to turn in
сдать {vti pf} :: to surrender, to yield
сдать {vti pf} [cards] :: to deal
сдать {vti pf} :: to take/pass, to usually about an exam
сдать {v pf} :: to be weakened, to be in a reduced state
сдать {v pf} :: to move back a bit (like while driving)
сдаться {v pf} :: to surrender, to yield
сдаться {v pf} :: to give up, to give in
сдаться {v pf} :: to give in, to give way
сдача {noun} :: delivery
сдача {noun} [by extension] :: fighting back, hitting back the offender
сдача {noun} :: surrender
сдача {noun} :: change (money given back when a customer hands over more than the exact price of an item)
сдача {noun} :: deal (card game)
сдача {noun} :: letting out, leasing out [property; usually followed by внаём]
сдвиг {noun} :: shift, displacement
сдвиг {noun} :: change for the better, progress, improvement
сдвиг {noun} [geology] :: displacement, dislocation
сдвиг {noun} [engineering] :: shear
сдвигать {v impf} :: to shift, to move
сдвигать {v impf} [colloquial] :: to make [someone obstinate or lazy] move, to make someone take actions
сдвигать {v impf} :: to move objects together
сдвигаться {v impf} :: to move, to budge
сдвигаться {v impf} :: to come/draw together
сдвигаться {v impf} :: to move forward, to get going, to improve
сдвинутый {adj} :: displaced, shifted, offset
сдвинутый {adj} [colloquial] :: crazy, balmy
сдвинуть {v pf} :: to shift, to move
сдвинуть {v pf} [colloquial] :: to make (someone obstinate or lazy) move, to make someone take actions
сдвинуть {v pf} :: to move objects together
сдвинуться {v pf} :: to move, to budge
сдвинуться {v pf} :: to come/draw together
сдвинуться {v pf} :: to move forward, to get going, to improve
сделать {v pf} :: to make, to do
сделать вид {v pf} :: pretend, affect (to make a false display of)
сделать предложение {v pf} :: to propose (to ask for one's hand in marriage) (+ dative case)
сделаться {v pf} :: to become, to get, to grow, to turn
сделаться {v pf} :: to happen (with, to), to be going on
сделка {noun} :: deal, bargain
сделка {noun} :: transaction (the act of conducting or carrying out business, negotiations, plans, etc.)
сдержанно {adv} :: with restraint, with reserve, reservedly
сдержанность {noun} :: restraint, self-restraint
сдержанность {noun} :: reserve, moderateness
сдержанный {adj} :: restrained, reserved (held back, limited, kept in check or under control)
сдержать {v pf} :: to hold in, to hold back, to keep back, to restrain, to hold in check, to contain, to deter
сдержать {v pf} :: to keep (promise, word)
сдержаться {v pf} :: to control/restrain oneself, to hold oneself in check
сдерживание {noun} :: deterrence
сдерживать {v impf} :: to hold in, to hold back, to keep back, to restrain, to hold in check, to contain, to deter
сдерживать {v impf} :: to keep (promise, word)
сдерживаться {v impf} :: to control/restrain oneself, to hold oneself in check
сдёргивать {v impf} :: to pull off
сдёрнуть {v pf} :: to pull off
сдирать {v impf} :: to strip, to strip off, to scratch off
сдирать {v impf} [colloquial] :: to charge
сдирать {v impf} [colloquial] :: to copy, to crib, to plagiarize
с днём рождения {interj} :: happy birthday
сдохнуть {v pf} :: to die (of livestock, cattle; battery)
сдохнуть {v pf} [pejorative, slang] :: to croak (to die)
сдружать {v impf} :: to make (people) friends, to cause (people) to become friends
сдружаться {v impf} [colloquial] :: to become friends, to make friends [with]
сдружить {v pf} :: to make (people) friends, to cause (people) to become friends
сдружиться {v pf} [colloquial] :: to become friends, to make friends [with]
сдувать {v impf} :: to blow away, to blow off
сдувать {v impf} [colloquial] :: to crib (from)
сдуреть {v pf} [low colloquial] :: to get stupid, to become foolish
сдуру {adv} [colloquial] :: stupidly, foolishly
сдуть {v pf} :: to blow away, to blow off
сдуть {v pf} [colloquial] :: to crib (from)
сдыхать {v impf} :: (animals) to die, to fall
сдыхать {v impf} [rude] :: (people) to die, to peg out, to kick the bucket
сдыхать {v impf} [colloquial] :: to be dying
сеанс {noun} :: session, sitting, show (duration of a movie, performance, etc.), séance
себе- {prefix} :: auto- (regarding oneself)
себе {particle} :: keep on
себестоимость {noun} :: prime cost, cost price, net cost
Себу {prop} {m inan} :: Cebu (island and city in the Philippines)
себуано {m inan} :: Cebuano
себя {pron} :: (reflexive pronoun) myself, yourself, himself, herself, itself, ourselves, yourselves, themselves (no nominative case)
себя {pron} :: (reflexive pronoun) oneself
себяшка {noun} [colloquial, neologism] :: selfie
сев {noun} :: sowing
Севан {noun} :: Sevan (lake in Armenia)
Севан {noun} :: Sevan (town in Armenia)
севанская форель {noun} :: Sevan trout [Salmo ischchan]
Севастополь {prop} :: Sevastopol (a city and a port in the Crimea, Russia)
севастопольский {adj} [relational] :: Sevastopol
север {noun} :: north
север {noun} :: North [northern part of any region]
север {noun} :: Arctic [northern parts of Russia]
Север {prop} :: Severus
Северная Америка {prop} :: North America
Северная Дакота {prop} :: Северная Дакота (state)
Северная Земля {prop} :: Severnaya Zemlya, an archipelago in the Arctic Ocean in the north of Russia
Северная Ирландия {noun} :: Northern Ireland
Северная Каролина {prop} :: Северная Каролина (state)
Северная Корея {prop} :: North Korea (Democratic People’s Republic of Korea)
Северная Македония {prop} :: North Macedonia
Северная Осетия {prop} :: North Ossetia-Alania, North Ossetia, Alania
Северное море {prop} :: North Sea
северное сияние {noun} :: aurora, northern lights (an atmospheric phenomenon)
северный {adj} :: north, northern
северный {adj} :: northerly
Северный Кавказ {prop} :: North Caucasus (region in the south of Russia)
Северный Кипр {prop} :: Northern Cyprus or North Cyprus
Северный Ледовитый океан {prop} :: Arctic Ocean
Северный морской путь {prop} {m inan} :: Northern Sea Route
северный полярный круг {noun} :: Arctic Circle (one of the five major circles of latitude)
Северо-Американские Соединённые Штаты {prop} [dated] :: alternative form of Соединённые Штаты Америки (United States of North America)
североамериканский {adj} :: North American
североатлантический {adj} [relational] :: North Atlantic
северо-восток {noun} :: northeast
северо-восточный {adj} :: northeast, northeastern
северо-восточный {adj} :: northeasterly
северо-запад {noun} :: northwest
северо-западный {adj} :: northwest, northwestern, northwesterly
северо-кавказский {adj} [relational] :: North Caucasus
северокорейский {adj} :: North Korean
Северский Донец {prop} :: Donets River, or Seversky Donets, which flows 1053 km through Russia and the Ukraine into the Don River
северянин {noun} :: northerner
севрюга {noun} :: sevruga, starry sturgeon
сегмент {noun} :: segment
сегодня {adv} :: today
сегодня {n inan} :: today, this day
сегодняшний {adj} :: today’s, this (day)
седалищная кость {noun} [anatomy] :: ischium
Седан {noun} :: Sedan (town in France)
седельный {adj} [relational] :: saddle
седеть {v impf} :: (hair) to become gray, to turn gray
седина {noun} :: gray hair
седина {noun} [figuratively] :: great age, old age
седлать {v impf} :: to saddle, to put on a halter
седло {noun} :: saddle (seat on an animal)
седловина {noun} [geography] :: saddleback, saddle, col
седмерица {noun} [ecclesiastic, rare, obsolete] :: number seven
седмица {noun} [obsolete] :: week
седовласый {adj} :: alternative form of седоволосый
седоволосый {adj} :: gray-haired
седой {adj} :: grey, grey-haired, grey-headed (having grey hair)
седок {noun} :: passenger in a horse-drawn carriage
седок {noun} :: horse rider
седьмая {noun} :: seventh part
седьмой {adj} :: seventh
сезон {noun} :: season (quarter of a year)
сезонный {adj} :: seasonal
сезонный {adj} [relational] :: season
сей {pron} [archaic, poetic, literary, humorous] :: this, this here
сейл {noun} [colloquial] :: sale (sale of goods at reduced prices)
сейнер {noun} :: seiner (type of fishing boat)
сейсмический {adj} :: seismic
сейсмограф {noun} :: seismograph (instrument that detects and records earthquakes)
сейсмология {noun} :: seismology (the study of the vibration of the Earth's interior)
сейсмопротектор {noun} :: earthquake protector
сейф {noun} :: safe (box in which valuables can be locked for safekeeping)
сейчас {adv} :: now, at present
сейчас {adv} :: presently, immediately, at once
сейчас {adv} :: just now
сейчас же {adv} :: immediately, at once
Сейшелы {prop} :: Seychelles
Сейшельские острова {prop} :: Seychelles
сейшельский {adj} :: Seychellois
сек {f inan} :: sec, second
секач {noun} :: bill, billhook
секач {noun} :: adult male boar, hog or seal
секвестр {noun} [law] :: sequestration
секвестр {noun} [medicine] :: sequestrum
секвестр {noun} [economics] :: sequester, across-the-board cut
секвойя {noun} [botany] :: redwood, sequoia (tree)
секира {noun} :: pole-axe
секрет {noun} :: secret
секрет {noun} :: secretion
секретариат {noun} :: secretariat (the office or department of a government secretary)
секретарша {noun} [colloquial] :: secretary (female)
секретарша {noun} [colloquial] :: the wife of a secretary
секретарь {noun} :: secretary
секретер {noun} :: secretary (type of desk)
секретно {adv} :: secretly (in secret)
секретность {noun} :: secrecy
секретный {adj} :: secret
секретный {adj} :: clandestine (secret; covert, as a clandestine organization)
секретный {adj} :: covert
секс {noun} [usually, uncountable] :: sex (sexual intercourse)
сексапилочка {noun} [slang, colloquial, obsolete] :: sexy babe, a sexy female
сексапильный {adj} :: sexy, lush (beautiful, having sexual appeal)
секс-бомба {noun} [colloquial] :: bombshell (someone who is very attractive)
сексдециллион {num} :: sexdecillion
секси {adj} [colloquial] :: sexy (having sexual appeal)
сексизм {noun} :: sexism
сексист {noun} :: sexist
сексистский {adj} :: sexist
сексолог {noun} :: sexologist (male or female)
сексология {noun} :: sexology
секстант {noun} :: sextant
секстиллион {num} :: sextillion (1,000,000,000,000,000,000,000, 1021)
сексуальная ориентация {noun} :: sexual orientation
сексуально {adv} :: sexually (in a sexual manner, with respect to intercourse)
сексуально {adv} :: sexy
сексуальность {noun} :: sexuality (concern with or interest in sexual activity)
сексуальный {adj} :: sexual, sexy
секс-шоп {noun} :: sex shop
секта {noun} :: sect
сектант {noun} :: sectarian, cultist
сектор {noun} :: sector
сектор {noun} :: sphere, branch, department
сектор Газа {prop} :: Gaza Strip
секунда {noun} :: A second (unit of time)
секунда {noun} :: A second (unit of angle)
секунда {noun} :: A second (musical interval)
секунда {noun} [figuratively] :: a short amount of time
секундант {noun} :: second (attendant of a duel or boxing match standing in for a contestant)
секундант {noun} [sports] :: mediator, intermediary, middleman
секундный {adj} [relational] :: second (unit of time)
секундный {adj} :: lasting one second, momentary
секундочка {noun} :: diminutive of секунда
секундочку {interj} :: wait a moment
секундочку {interj} :: stop!
секундочку {interj} [now rare] :: right (especially as first words in the sentence)
секция {noun} :: section
секция {noun} :: wall unit
секция {noun} :: breakup group
секция {noun} :: hobby group, hobby circle
селевкидский {adj} :: Seleucid
селезень {noun} :: drake, male duck
селезёнка {noun} [anatomy] :: spleen, milt (organ)
селективно {adv} :: selectively
селективный {adj} :: selective
селектор {noun} :: selector, selector switch
селекционер {noun} :: breeder (someone involved in breeding)
селекция {noun} :: selection (process or act of selecting)
селен {noun} :: selenium
Селена {prop} :: Selena (goddess of the moon)
Селена {prop} :: given name
селение {noun} :: settlement, colony; village, hamlet
селенология {noun} :: selenology
селёдка {noun} [colloquial] :: herring (Clupea)
селёдочница {noun} [animate] :: a female herring seller, feminine noun of селёдочник
селёдочница {noun} [inanimate] :: an elongated plate used for fish, especially herrings
селитра {noun} [chemistry] :: saltpetre (potassium nitrate, sodium nitrate)
селить {v impf} :: to settle, to lodge
селиться {v impf} :: to settle, to take up one's residence
село {noun} :: village
селфи {n inan} :: selfie (photographic self-portrait)
сель {noun} :: landslide, mudslide, mudflow (a geological disaster)
сельва {noun} :: tropical rainforest (typically in South America); Amazon rainforest, selva
сельдерей {noun} :: celery
сельдерейный {adj} [relational] :: celery
сельдь {noun} :: herring (Clupea)
сельдь под шубой {noun} :: a dressed herring salad ("herring under fur coat")
сельпо {n inan} :: rural cooperative (organization or store)
сельский {adj} [relational] :: village
сельский {adj} :: rural, country (relating to less-populated, non-urban areas)
сельский {adj} :: agricultural
сельское хозяйство {noun} :: agriculture (the art or science of cultivating the ground)
сельскохозяйственный {adj} :: agricultural, farming
сельсовет {noun} :: village Soviet, village council
сельхозпредприятие {noun} :: agricultural enterprise
сельхозпродукция {noun} [collective] :: agricultural products
сельхозпроизводитель {noun} :: agricultural producer, grower
сельцо {noun} :: diminutive of село
сельчанин {noun} :: countryman (a person living in a rural area)
сельчанин {noun} :: [colloquial] fellow-villager
селянин {noun} :: rustic (person from a rural area)
семантика {noun} :: semantics
семантический {adj} :: semantic (relating to semantics or the meanings of words)
семафор {noun} :: semaphore, signal post
семейка {noun} [colloquial] :: diminutive of семья: (little) family
семейка {noun} :: pejorative of семья
семейный {adj} :: family, domestic
семейный очаг {noun} :: hearth (as a symbol for home or family life)
семейство {noun} :: family, household
семейство {noun} [biology] :: family
семенить {v impf} :: to mince (along)
семенной {adj} [relational] :: seed
семенной {adj} :: seminal, spermatic
семенной пузырёк {noun} [anatomy] :: seminal vesicle
семенодоля {noun} [botany] :: seed lobe, cotyledon
семеро {num} :: seven (in a group together), seven of them
семестр {noun} :: semester, term (half of school year)
семечко {noun} :: diminutive of семя: seed
семечко {noun} [usually, in the plural] :: sunflower seeds
семечко {noun} [usually, in the plural] :: child's play, something very easy to do
Семён {prop} :: given name
Семён {prop} :: Simon (name of various people in the New Testament)
Семёнов {adj} :: Semyon's, Simeon's, Simon's
семёрка {noun} [colloquial] :: (digit) seven
семёрка {noun} :: group of seven
семёрка {noun} [cards] :: seven
семёрка {noun} :: No 7 bus, tram, etc
семидесятилетие {noun} :: seventy-year period
семидесятилетие {noun} :: seventieth anniversary, seventieth birthday
семидесятилетний {adj} [relational] :: seventy-year
семидесятилетний {adj} :: seventy-year-old
семидесятый {adj} :: seventieth
семилетие {noun} :: seven-year period
семилетие {noun} :: seventh anniversary, seventh birthday
семилетка {noun} :: seven-year period
семилетка {noun} :: seven-year plan
семилетка {noun} :: seven-year school, grade school (ages 7–13)
семилетка {noun} :: seven-year-old child, child of seven
семилетний {adj} [relational] :: seven-year
семилетний {adj} :: seven-year-old
семинар {noun} :: seminar
семинарий {noun} [dated] :: seminar
семинария {noun} :: seminary (theological school)
семиотика {noun} :: semiotics
Семирамида {prop} :: Semiramis (name of an Assyrian queen)
семиструнка {noun} :: synonym of семиструнная гитара: seven-string guitar
семиструнный {adj} :: seven-string (of a guitar)
семит {noun} :: Semite
семитский {adj} :: Semitic
семиугольник {noun} :: heptagon
семка {noun} :: seed
семнадцатилетие {noun} :: seventeen-year period
семнадцатилетие {noun} :: seventeenth anniversary, seventeenth birthday
семнадцатилетний {adj} [relational] :: seventeen-year
семнадцатилетний {adj} :: seventeen-year-old
семнадцатиугольник {noun} :: heptadecagon
семнадцатый {adj} :: seventeenth
семнадцать {num} :: seventeen (17)
семнадцатью {adv} :: 17x, seventeen times as much
семпл {noun} [music] :: sample
семплер {noun} [music] :: sampler
семплерный {adj} [relational] :: sampler, sampling
семплинг {noun} [music] :: sampling
семплировать {v both} [music, neologism] :: to sample
семь {num} :: seven (7)
семьдесят {num} :: seventy (70)
семьдесят восемь {num} :: seventy-eight (78)
семьдесят два {num} :: seventy-two (72)
семьдесят девять {num} :: seventy-nine (79)
семьдесят один {num} :: seventy-one (71)
семьдесят пять {num} :: seventy-five (75)
семьдесят семь {num} :: seventy-seven (77)
семьдесят три {num} :: seventy-three (73)
семьдесят четыре {num} :: seventy-four (74)
семьдесят шесть {num} :: seventy-six (76)
семь раз отмерь, один отрежь {proverb} :: look before you leap, better safe than sorry, to measure thrice and cut once, second thoughts are best
семьсот {num} :: seven hundred (700)
семь чудес света {n inanp} :: Seven Wonders of the World
семью {adv} :: 7x, seven times as much
семьюдесятью {adv} :: 70x, seventy times as much
семья {noun} :: family
семьянин {noun} :: family man
семя {noun} :: seed [also figurative]
семя {noun} :: semen
семявыбрасывающий проток {noun} [anatomy] :: ejaculatory duct
семявыносящий проток {noun} [anatomy] :: vas deferens
семядоля {noun} [botany] :: seed lobe, cotyledon
семяизвержение {noun} [physiology] :: ejaculation
семянка {noun} :: achene (small dry fruit)
Сена {prop} :: Seine (former French department)
Сена {prop} :: Seine (river in France that flows through Paris)
сенат {noun} :: senate
сенатор {noun} :: senator
сенатский {adj} :: senate, senatorial
сенбернар {noun} :: Saint Bernard
Сендай {prop} :: Sendai
Сенегал {prop} :: Senegal (country)
Сенегал {prop} :: the Senegal (river)
сенегальский {adj} :: Senegalese
сенешаль {noun} :: seneschal
сени {noun} :: hall, vestibule, entrance hall (a room between the porch and the habitable part of a house where people leave their boots and overcoats; especially in rustic homes)
сени {noun} [obsolete] :: railroad carriage platform, tambour
сенной {adj} [relational] :: hay
сенной {adj} [relational] :: vestibule, lobby, entrance hall
сено {noun} :: hay
сеновал {noun} :: hayloft
сенокос {noun} :: haymaking
сенокос {noun} :: hayfield
сенокосец {noun} :: harvestman, daddy longlegs (arachnid)
сенсационный {adj} :: sensational
сенсация {noun} :: sensation (widespread excitement)
сенсей {noun} :: sensei (a martial arts instructor)
сенсей {noun} :: a Japanese (language) teacher
Сен-Сен-Дени {prop} {m inan} :: Seine-Saint-Denis (a French department)
сенсор {noun} :: sensor (device that perceives touch)
сенсор {noun} [animate] :: person with skin sensitivity
сенсорный {adj} [computing] :: touch
сенсорный {adj} :: sensory
Сент-Винсент и Гренадины {prop} :: Saint Vincent and the Grenadines
Сент-Джонс {prop} :: St. John's (the capital of Antigua and Barbuda)
Сент-Джорджес {prop} :: St. George's (the capital of Grenada)
сентенция {noun} :: maxim, dictum, wise sentence
сентиментальность {noun} :: sentimentality
сентиментальный {adj} :: sentimental
Сент-Китс и Невис {prop} {f} :: Saint Kitts and Nevis
Сент-Люсия {prop} :: Saint Lucia
сентябрь {noun} :: September
сентябрьский {adj} [relational] :: September
сень {noun} :: canopy (in church)
сень {noun} [poetic, obsolete] :: foliage, umbrage
сень {noun} [figuratively] :: shade, shelter
сеньёр {noun} :: alternative form of сеньор
сеньор {noun} [historical] :: seigneur
сеньор {noun} :: señor
сеньора {noun} :: señora
сепаратизм {noun} :: separatism
сепаратист {noun} :: separatist
сепаратистский {adj} :: separatist (advocating or seeking the separation of a country or territory)
септиллион {num} :: septillion (1,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000, 1024)
сера {noun} :: sulphur, sulfur
сера {noun} :: brimstone
сера {noun} :: earwax, cerumen
серб {noun} :: Serb, Serbian (person of Serbian descent)
серб {noun} :: Sorb, Sorbian, Wend (person of Wendish descent)
Сербия {prop} :: Serbia
Сербия и Черногория {prop} :: Serbia and Montenegro (the former Yugoslavia)
сербиянин {noun} [obsolete] :: Serb
сербка {noun} :: female Serbian, Serb (person from Serbia)
сербка {noun} :: female Sorb, Sorbian, Wend (person of Wendish descent)
сербский {adj} :: Serbian
сербско-хорватский {adj} :: Serbo-Croatian
сербско-хорватский {noun} :: Serbo-Croatian language
сербскохорватский {adj} :: Serbo-Croatian
сербскохорватский {noun} :: Serbo-Croatian
сервак {noun} [computer slang] :: server
сервант {noun} :: sideboard (furniture)
сервелат {noun} :: saveloy (a seasoned pork sausage, normally purchased ready cooked)
сервер {noun} [computing] :: server (a computer or a program which provides services to other programs or users)
сервиз {noun} :: service, set
сервировать {v both} :: to set (the table)
сервировать {v both} :: to serve (food, drinks, etc.)
сервировать {v both} [sports] :: to serve
сервировка {noun} :: setting (the table)
сервировка {noun} :: table setting
сервировка {noun} :: table decoration during a meal
сервис {noun} :: service, hospitality
сервис {noun} :: quality service
сервис {noun} [colloquial] :: service center
сервис {noun} [computing, informatics] :: service, tools
сервисный {adj} [relational] :: service, servicing
сервисный {adj} [computing] :: service, utility
Сергеев {adj} :: Sergey's, Sergei's
Сергей {prop} :: given name
Сергиев Посад {prop} :: Sergiyev Posad (a town in Moscow oblast)
сердечко {noun} :: diminutive of сердце: (small) heart; a heart symbol/character
сердечник {noun} :: inner part [of a machine], core [of an electromagnet]
сердечник {noun} :: bittercress
сердечник {noun} [colloquial] :: cardiologist
сердечник {noun} [colloquial] :: heart-disease sufferer
сердечно {adv} :: cordially, heartily
сердечно-сосудистый {adj} :: cardiovascular
сердечность {noun} :: kindness, sincerity, cordiality
сердечный {adj} [relational] :: heart
сердечный {adj} [figurative] :: cordial, heartfelt
сердечный {adj} :: cardiac
сердечный {adj} :: amorous
сердечный {adj} [relational] :: love
сердито {adv} :: angrily, in a cross manner
сердито {adv} :: scowlingly
сердитый {adj} :: angry
сердить {v impf} :: to make angry, to anger, to rile
сердиться {v impf} :: to be angry
сердобольный {adj} :: tenderhearted, compassionate
сердце {noun} [anatomy] :: heart
сердце {noun} :: temper
сердце {noun} :: anger
сердце {noun} :: darling, love, sweetheart
сердцебиение {noun} :: heartbeat
сердцебиение {noun} :: heart palpitation
сердцевина {noun} :: core, pith, heart
сердцевина {noun} :: kernel (central part of a nut)
сердцевинный {adj} [relational] :: core, kernel
серебрение {noun} :: silverization
серебреник {noun} :: silver coin
серебристый {adj} :: silvery, silver (color/colour)
серебрить {v impf} :: to coat with silver, to silver-plate
серебриться {v impf} :: to become silvery
серебро {noun} :: silver
серебряный {adj} [relational] :: silver
середа {noun} [low colloquial] :: Wednesday
середа {noun} [low colloquial] :: middle
середина {noun} :: middle (centre, midpoint)
серединный {adj} [dated] :: middle, located in the middle
серединный {adj} [dated] :: average, mediocre
серединный {adj} [colloquial] :: wishy-washy, half-hearted
середняк {noun} [Soviet Russia or USSR, historical] :: a peasant owing agricultural means but not exploiting others, in the Lenin-Stalin terminology someone between a poor peasant - бедняк and a rich exploiter, a kulak - кулак
середнячок {noun} :: diminutive of середняк
серенада {noun} :: serenade (serenade)
серенький {adj} [colloquial] :: diminutive of серый
серенький {adj} :: dull, murky
сереть {v impf} :: to become gray
сереть {v impf} [figurative, colloquial] :: to become gloomy
сереть {v impf} [figurative, colloquial] :: to fade [e.g. of talent], to become commonplace
сереть {v impf} [third person only, imperfective only] :: to appear [of gray things]
сереть {v impf} [dated] :: to defecate [+ instrumental]
сереть {v impf} [figurative, dated] :: to harm [+ dative]
серёдка {noun} [colloquial] :: middle
серёдка {noun} [low colloquial] :: guts, innards
Серёжа {prop} {m anim} :: given name
серёжка {noun} :: diminutive of серьга: earring
серёжка {noun} [botany] :: ament
сержант {noun} [military] :: sergeant (noncommissioned officer rank)
сериал {noun} :: series (television program)
серийный {adj} [relational] :: serial, series
серийный убийца {noun} :: serial killer (person who commits multiple murders)
серия {noun} :: series
серия {noun} :: episode, part [TV]
серна {noun} :: chamois, gemsa
серный {adj} [relational] :: sulfur; sulfuric
серо-буро-малиновый {adj} [humorous, colloquial] :: of unknown color
сероватый {adj} :: slightly gray
сероватый {adj} :: somewhat unremarkable
сероватый {adj} :: somewhat uneducated
сероводород {noun} [chemistry] :: hydrogen sulfide (H2S)
серодиагностика {noun} [medicine] :: serodiagnosis
серологический {adj} :: serological
серология {noun} [medicine] :: serology
серость {noun} :: dullness, grayness, drabness
серотонин {noun} :: serotonin
серп {noun} :: sickle
серп {noun} :: crescent
серпантин {noun} [uncountable] :: streamers, confetti
серпантин {noun} [figurative, colloquial] :: winding mountain road
серп и молот {noun} [history] :: hammer and sickle (Soviet symbol of industry and agriculture)
серпуховчанин {noun} :: citizen of Serpukhov
сертификат {noun} :: certificate
сертификация {noun} :: certification
сертифицировать {v both} :: to certify
серый {adj} :: grey, gray
серый {adj} [figurative] :: dull, dreary
серый {adj} [figurative] :: unremarkable, mundane, mediocre
серый {adj} [figurative] :: dim, ignorant, uneducated
серый {adj} [figurative] :: not quite legal
серый {noun} [euphemistic] :: wolf
серый {noun} [criminal slang] :: cop
серый кардинал {noun} :: éminence grise, power broker (person having the ability to influence important decisions, power behind the throne)
серьга {noun} :: earring
серьёз {noun} [colloquial] :: seriousness
серьёзнейший {adj} :: superlative of серьёзный: most serious
серьёзнеть {v impf} [colloquial] :: to get serious, to become serious
серьёзно {adv} :: seriously, gravely, earnestly
серьёзно {interj} :: indeed, really
серьёзность {noun} :: seriousness, earnestness
серьёзность {noun} :: gravity, severity
серьёзный {adj} :: serious, earnest
серьёзный {adj} :: serious, grave, important
серьёзный {adj} :: serious, strong, formidable
сесото {m inan} :: Sotho (language)
сессия {noun} :: session, sitting
сессия {noun} [law] :: term
сессия {noun} :: examinations
сестра {noun} :: sister
сестрёнка {noun} :: diminutive of сестра: sis, little sister
сестрин {adj} [possessive] :: sister’s
сестринский {adj} :: sisterly
сестринство {noun} :: sisterhood
сестрица {noun} :: diminutive of сестра: sister, sis; little sister
сестричка {noun} :: diminutive of сестра: sis, little sister
сесть {v pf} :: to sit down
сесть {v pf} :: to be imprisoned
сесть {v pf} :: (of an electrical battery or accumulator) to become flat, to die
сет {noun} [tennis] :: set
сет {noun} [poker] :: three of a kind
Сет {prop} [mythology] :: Set (an ancient Egyptian god)
сетевой {adj} [relational] :: network
сетевой {adj} [relational, electrotechnology] :: power, mains
сетка {noun} :: net, netting
сетка {noun} :: mesh, gauze
сетка {noun} [sport] :: net
сетка {noun} :: string bag
сетка {noun} :: luggage rack [in a train]
сетка {noun} :: grid, graticule
сетка {noun} :: scale
сетка {noun} :: reticulum, bonnet, the second compartment of the stomach of a ruminant
Сето {prop} {m inan} :: Seto (a city in Hokkaido Prefecture)
сетование {noun} :: complaining, lamentation
сетование {noun} [usually plural] :: complaint
сетовать {v impf} :: to lament, to complain (of)
сеточка {noun} :: diminutive of сетка
сеттер {noun} :: setter (breed of dog)
сетчатка {noun} :: retina (thin layer of cells at the back of the eyeball)
сетчатый {adj} [relational] :: mesh; reticulate
сеть {noun} :: net (used for catching fish), mesh
сеть {noun} :: grid
сеть {noun} :: network, system
Сеул {prop} :: Seoul (capital of South Korea)
сечение {noun} :: section, cut, sectional view
сечь {v impf} :: to cut (up), to chop, to hew, to slash to pieces; to cleave
сечь {v impf} [colloquial] :: to get, to catch, to latch on
сечь {v impf} [colloquial] :: to know something (about), to know the ropes
сечь {v impf} :: to flog, to whip, to lash (to whip or scourge someone or something as punishment)
сеялка {noun} :: seeder, sowing machine
сеянец {noun} :: seedling
сеять {v impf} :: to sow
сеять {v impf} [colloquial] :: to lose, to squander
сеять {v impf} [figuratively] :: to spread (an idea, fear etc.)
сёги {f inanp} :: shogi, Japanese chess
сёгун {noun} :: shogun
сёмга {noun} :: salmon (the fish and the seafood)
сёрбать {v impf} [colloquial] :: to slurp (drink or eat (liquid food) noisily)
сёрпать {v impf} [colloquial] :: to slurp (drink or eat (liquid food) noisily)
сёрфинг {noun} :: surfing (sport)
сёрфинг {noun} :: surfing (browsing internet)
сжалиться {v pf} :: to take pity on [над]
сжатие {noun} :: contraction (reduction in size or activity)
сжатие {noun} :: compression, pressing
сжатый {adj} :: [air, etc.] condensed, compressed
сжатый {adj} [computers] :: compressed
сжатый {adj} :: clenched
сжатый {adj} :: concise, brief, succinct
сжать {v pf} :: to press, to squeeze
сжать {v pf} :: to hold tight
сжать {v pf} :: to narrow (down)
сжать {v pf} :: to reap, to crop
сжаться {v pf} :: to contract, to shrink
сжаться {v pf} :: to be clenched
сжаться {v pf} :: to be compressed (of gas or liquid)
сжечь {v pf} :: to burn
сжечь {v pf} :: to burn up
сжигание {noun} :: burning, incineration (the act of burning, incinerating)
сжигать {v impf} :: to burn down, to burn out (to cause to be consumed by fire)
сжимать {v impf} :: to press, to squeeze
сжимать {v impf} :: to hold tight
сжимать {v impf} :: to narrow (down)
сжиматься {v impf} :: to shrink, to contract
сжиматься {v impf} :: to compress
сжиматься {v impf} :: to contract, to clench
сжинать {v impf} :: to reap, to crop
сзади {adv} :: (from) behind
сзади {prep} :: behind
си {n inan} [music] :: B (musical note)
си {n inan} [music] :: ti (musical note)
си {n inan} [English] :: C, c (letter of the Latin alphabet)
сиамская кошка {noun} :: Siamese cat (mammal)
сиамский {adj} [relational] :: Siamese
Сиань {prop} :: Xi'an
си-бемоль мажор {noun} [music] :: B-flat major
сибирская язва {noun} [disease] :: anthrax
сибирский {adj} :: Siberian
сибирский углозуб {noun} :: Siberian salamander (Salamandrella keyserlingii)
Сибирь {prop} :: Siberia
сибиряк {noun} :: a resident of Siberia, a Siberian
сиблинг {noun} [neologism, rare] :: sibling
сиборгий {noun} :: seaborgium
Сибуя {prop} {m inan} :: Shibuya (one of the special wards of Tokyo)
сивер {noun} [dialectal] :: north wind
сиверко {noun} [dialectal] :: north wind
сиверко {noun} [dialectal] :: cold weather brought by the north wind
сиверко {noun} [dialectal] :: northern slope of a mountain
сиверко {pred} [dialectal] :: it is cold and windy
сивуч {noun} :: sea lion
сивый {adj} :: gray, grey (of ash)
сиг {noun} :: Coregoninae cisco, whitefish [family]
сиг {noun} :: Coregonus vandesius, vendace [species]
сиг {noun} :: Coregonus lavaretus or Coregonus pennantii, gwyniad/gwuniad [species]
сиг {noun} :: Coregonus pollan, pollan [species]
сигара {noun} :: cigar
сигарета {noun} :: cigarette
сигаретка {noun} :: diminutive of сигарета
сигаретный {adj} [relational] :: cigarette
сигарка {noun} :: diminutive of сигара [colloquial] cigar, cigarette
сигать {v impf} [colloquial] :: to jump, to leap
сиги {noun} :: Coregonus (a genus under the Salmonidae family)
сигиллография {noun} :: sigillography
сигнал {noun} :: signal
сигнализация {noun} :: signalling, alarm (system), warning (system) (mechanical contrivance for awaking)
сигнализировать {v both} :: to signal, to indicate [+ accusative or о + prepositional or + clause, something; + dative, to someone/something]
сигнализировать {v both} :: to warn
сигналить {v impf} [colloquial] :: to signal
сигналить {v impf} [colloquial] :: to honk (a horn)
сигналить {v impf} [colloquial] :: to indicate desire to turn left or right using turn signal
сигналить {v impf} [colloquial] :: to indicate hazard on the road using high-beam
сигнал тревоги {noun} :: alarm (instance of an alarm ringing or clanging)
сигнальный {adj} [relational] :: signal
сиговые {noun} :: Coregoninae (a subfamily that includes whitefishes and ciscoes)
сиделка {noun} :: female caretaker, carer, (sick)-nurse (One who takes care of a person.)
сидение {noun} :: sitting
сидение {noun} :: seat
сиденье {noun} :: seat
сидеть {v impf} :: to sit
сидеть {v impf} [colloquial] :: to be imprisoned, to do time
сидеть {v impf} :: to stay at home with somebody, to look after somebody [с + instrumental]
сидеться {v impf} [impersonal] :: to be willing to sit, to stay (in one place)
Сидней {prop} :: Sydney
Сидон {prop} :: Sidon
Сидор {prop} :: given name
Сидоров {adj} :: Sidor's
сидр {noun} :: cider
сидя {adv} :: sitting
сидячий {adj} :: sedentary, sitting, sit-down, with seats
Сиена {prop} :: Siena (city in Italy)
сиживать {v impf} [colloquial] :: to sit [repeatedly or frequently]; iterative of сидеть
Сизиф {prop} :: Sisyphus
СИЗО {m inan} :: remand prison, jail (for suspects), detention facility
сизоворонка {noun} [bird] :: roller
сизый {adj} :: dove-coloured, warm grey, bluish
сикамор {noun} :: sycamore (Platanus occidentalis and Acer pseudoplatanus)
сикамор {noun} :: water elm (Planera aquatica)
сикамора {noun} :: sycamore (Platanus occidentalis and Acer pseudoplatanus)
сикамора {noun} :: water elm (Planera aquatica)
сиквел {noun} :: sequel
Сикоку {prop} {m inan} :: Shikoku
сикомор {noun} :: sycomore (Ficus sycomorus)
сикомора {noun} :: sycomore (Ficus sycomorus)
сила {noun} :: strength
сила {noun} :: force
сила {noun} :: power, might
сила {noun} :: vigor
сила {noun} :: intensity
сила {noun} :: efficacy
сила {noun} :: energy
сила {noun} :: volume
сила воли {noun} :: willpower (strength of will)
силан {noun} :: silane
силач {noun} :: strong man
Силезия {prop} :: Silesia
силезский {adj} :: Silesian (relating to Silesia, a region spanning parts of Poland, Germany and the Czech Republic)
силезский {noun} :: Silesian language
силикон {noun} :: silicone
силикон {noun} [colloquial, neologism] :: breast implant
силиконовый {adj} [relational] :: silicone
-силить {affix} :: Combining form used to form prefixed perfective verbs with the approximate meaning "to strengthen"
силиться {v impf} [colloquial] :: to try, to make efforts
силиций {noun} :: silicon
сило {noun} [regional, Perm] :: alternative form of силок
силовик {noun} :: silovik
силовой {adj} [sports] :: strength-based
силовой {adj} [relational, physics] :: force
силовой {adj} [relational] :: power (energy-producing)
силовой {adj} [politics] :: force-based, using troops
силок {noun} :: snare, loose, clap-net
силос {noun} [agriculture, military] :: silo
силуэт {noun} :: silhouette
Сильвия {prop} :: given name
сильнее {adv} :: comparative of сильный
сильнее {adv} :: comparative of сильно
сильно {adv} :: strongly, very much, hard
сильное взаимодействие {noun} [physics] :: strong interaction
сильное ядерное взаимодействие {noun} [physics] :: strong nuclear interaction
сильный {adj} :: strong, powerful
сильный {adj} [grammar] :: irregular
си мажор {noun} [music] :: B major
симбиоз {noun} :: symbiosis (relationship of mutual benefit)
символ {noun} :: symbol
символ {noun} [computing, typography] :: character, glyph
символ веры {noun} [religion or figuratively] :: creed (basic tenets of faith)
символизировать {v both} :: to symbolize
символизм {noun} :: symbolism
символика {noun} :: symbolism, symbolics
символист {noun} [art] :: Symbolist (proponent of Symbolism (arts))
символический {adj} :: symbolic
символичный {adj} :: symbolic
си минор {noun} [music] :: B minor
симметричный {adj} :: symmetric, symmetrical
симметрия {noun} :: symmetry
симония {noun} :: simony
Симоньян {prop} {m anim} {f anim} :: alternative form of Симонян
симпатизировать {v impf} :: to be in sympathy (with), to sympathize (with)
симпатичный {adj} :: nice, attractive, pleasant, pretty, handsome, cute
симпатия {noun} :: favour; attraction; sympathy
симпатия {noun} [colloquial] :: sweetheart; darling; flame (a person who is liked or desired)
симпозиум {noun} :: symposium (conference)
симпотный {adj} [slang] :: See симпатичный
симптом {noun} [medicine] :: symptom
симптом {noun} :: indication, sign, symptom
симулировать {v both} :: to simulate
симулировать {v both} :: to feign an illness or disability, especially in clinical or legal context; to malinger
симулянт {noun} :: malingerer
симулянтка {noun} :: malingerer (female)
симулятивный {adj} :: simulative, simulator, simulated
симуляция {noun} :: simulation
симуляция {noun} :: malingering
Симферополь {prop} :: Simferopol (a city in Ukraine, capital of Crimea)
симфонический {adj} [relational] :: symphony
симфонический {adj} :: symphonic
симфония {noun} [music] :: symphony
симфония {noun} :: concordance (type of alphabetical index)
Синагава {prop} :: Shinagawa (one of twenty-three special wards in Tokyo)
синагога {noun} :: synagogue
синапс {noun} [biology] :: synapse (junction between neurons)
сингальский {adj} :: Sinhalese
сингальский {noun} :: Sinhalese (language)
Сингапур {prop} :: Singapore
сингапурский {adj} :: Singaporean
сингл {noun} [music] :: single
сингулярность {noun} :: singularity
сингулярный {adj} [literary] :: singular, unique
Синдзи {prop} {m anim} :: given name
Синдзюку {prop} {m inan} :: Shinjuku (one of twenty-three special wards in Tokyo)
синдикат {noun} :: syndicate, combine
синдром {noun} [medicine] :: syndrome (complex of symptoms)
синдром Аспергера {noun} [pathology] :: Asperger's syndrome (autism-related developmental disorder)
синдром золотой пизды {phrase} [vulgar] :: when a woman believes she deserves something because of her gender; female entitlement (literally, golden cunt syndrome)
синдром приобретённого иммунодефицита {noun} [disease] :: acquired immune deficiency syndrome, AIDS
синдхи {m inan} :: Sindhi (language)
синева {noun} :: blue colour, blue
синеватый {adj} :: (dark) bluish
синеглазый {adj} :: blue-eyed
синекдоха {noun} [linguistics] :: synecdoche (certain figure of speech)
синекура {noun} [literary] :: sinecure
синенький {adj} :: diminutive of синий
синенький {noun} [Southern Russia, Ukraine] :: eggplant, aubergine
синергия {noun} :: synergy
синеть {v impf} :: to turn/become blue
синеть {v impf} :: (skin) to turn blue/livid
синеть {v impf} :: to appear/show blue
синий {adj} :: deep blue
синий {adj} :: indigo
синий {adj} [figuratively] :: dead [sense transferred from the blue color of a dead person's face]
синий {adj} [figuratively] :: drunken, drunk [also acts as noun]
синий {adj} [slang] :: being a thief belonging to the Russian mafia [from the blue color of the tattoos that cover his body]
синица {noun} :: titmouse, tomtit (any bird of the family Paridae)
синкансэн {noun} :: shinkansen (a Japanese high-speed train)
синкопа {noun} :: syncope
синоглиф {noun} :: synoglyph
синод {noun} :: synod
синодальный {adj} :: synodal
синология {noun} :: Sinology, Chinese studies
синоним {noun} :: synonym
синопсис {noun} :: synopsis
синофобия {noun} :: Sinophobia (the fear of China or the Chinese)
синтагма {noun} :: syntagma
синтаксис {noun} [linguistics] :: syntax (set of rules that govern how words are combined)
синтаксический {adj} :: syntactic, syntactical
синтез {noun} :: synthesis (formation of something complex or coherent)
синтезатор {noun} :: sequencer, synthesizer musical instrument
синтезировать {v both} :: to synthesize
синтетика {noun} :: synthetics [materials, products, etc.]
синтетический {adj} :: synthetic
Синтия {prop} :: given name
синтоизм {noun} :: Shinto (religion)
синус {noun} [mathematics] :: sine
синус {noun} [anatomy] :: sinus
синхронизация {noun} :: synchronization
синхронизировать {v both} :: to synchronize
синхрония {noun} :: synchrony
синхронно {adv} :: synchronously, in a synchronous manner
синхронный {adj} :: synchronous (at the same time)
синхрофазотрон {noun} [physics] :: synchrophasotron (type of synchrotron, a type of particle accelerator, especially one operating at the Joint Institute for Nuclear Research in Dubna from 1957 to 2003)
синька {noun} :: bluing (blue pigment used for coloring clothes when washing)
синька {noun} :: blueprint (paper-based reproduction usually of a technical drawing), diazo print, ammonia print
синька {noun} [colloquial] :: drunkenness, drinking
Синьцзян {prop} :: Xinjiang (autonomous region of China)
синюха {noun} [pathology] :: cyanosis
синюха {noun} [botany] :: Jacob’s ladder (Polemonium spp.)
синяк {noun} [pathology] :: bruise (medical: mark on the skin)
синяк {noun} [botany] :: Echium, a genus of flowering plant in the family Boraginaceae
синяк {noun} [slang] :: a hard drinking person, drunkard
сионизм {noun} :: Zionism (Jewish national liberation movement)
сионист {noun} :: Zionist (advocate of Zionism)
сионистский {adj} :: Zionist (relating to Zionism or Mount Zion)
сип {noun} :: vulture
сип {noun} :: husky voice
сипеть {v impf} :: to speak hoarsely
сипеть {v impf} [impersonal] :: to be hoarse
сипеть {v impf} :: to hiss [from heat]
сиплый {adj} :: muffled and hoarse [of a voice]
сипнуть {v impf} :: to become husky/hoarse
сир {noun} :: sire
сирена {noun} [mythology, animate] :: siren
сирена {noun} [mythology, inanimate] :: siren (device)
сирена гражданской обороны {noun} :: air raid siren, civil defense siren (attack on a ground target by military aircraft)
сиреневый {adj} :: lilac [color]
сирень {noun} [botany] :: lilac (Syringa)
Сирибеси {prop} {m inan} :: Shiribeshi (a subprefecture in Hokkaido Prefecture)
сириец {noun} :: Syrian
сирийка {noun} :: Syrian woman
сирийский {adj} :: Syrian (relating to Syria)
Сирил {prop} :: A transliteration of the English male given name Cyril
Сирия {prop} :: Syria (country in the Middle East)
сироп {noun} :: syrup
сирота {m anim} {f anim} :: orphan
сиротеть {v impf} :: to become an orphan, to be orphaned
сиротеть {v impf} [figurative] :: to become deserted [of a location]
сиротка {m anim} {f anim} :: diminutive of сирота
сиротский {adj} [relational] :: orphan; orphan's
сиротский {adj} [figurative] :: poor, miserable
сиротский {adj} [relational, dated] :: orphan care
сиротство {noun} :: orphanhood
сирый {adj} [antiquated] :: orphaned, lonely, deserted
сисадмин {noun} :: admin, sysop
сисечка {noun} [slang] :: diminutive of сиська: titty
Сисиан {prop} :: Sisian (town in Armenia)
система {noun} :: system
система Брайля {noun} :: Braille
систематизация {noun} :: systematization (act of systematizing)
систематизировать {v both} :: to systematize, to methodize
систематически {adv} :: systematically (in an organized manner)
систематический {adj} :: systematic, methodical
систематический {adj} :: regular
системный {adj} [relational] :: system
сиська {noun} [colloquial] :: boob
ситар {noun} :: sitar
ситец {noun} :: chintz, calico, printed cotton (fabric)
сити {m inan} {n inan} :: (London) city
сити {m inan} {n inan} [chiefly English speaking countries] :: city, downtown (business part of a city)
сито {noun} :: sieve
ситуационно {adv} :: ad hoc (for this particular purpose)
ситуационный {adj} [relational] :: situation; situational
ситуация {noun} :: situation
ситцевый {adj} [relational] :: printed cotton, calico, chintz
сифилис {noun} [pathology] :: syphilis
сифилитик {noun} :: syphilitic, a person who has syphilis
сифон {noun} :: siphon, siphon trap (a bent pipe or tube with one end lower than the other)
сифон {noun} :: siphon bottle
сифон {noun} [anatomy] :: siphon (organ found in aquatic mollusks)
сифон {noun} [weapons] :: siphon (ancient weapon used by the Byzantine navy)
Сицзан {prop} :: Xizang (an autonomous region), Tibet
Сицилия {prop} :: Sicily
сиюминутный {adj} :: momentary, of the moment
сиюминутный {adj} :: immediate, instant
сию минуту {adv} :: immediately, this very minute, instantly, at once
сию минуту {adv} :: just a moment
сию секунду {adv} :: immediately, this very second, instantly, at once
сияние {noun} :: radiance, twinkle, shine
сиятельство {noun} :: Excellency
сиять {v impf} :: to shine, to beam
сиять {v impf} :: (facial expression) to shine, to beam, to be radiant
сиять {v impf} :: to shine, to be resplendent
сияющий {adj} :: shining, sheeny
сияющий {adj} :: radiant, refulgent
сияющий {adj} :: alight ((figuratively) lit; on fire, burning)
сияющий {adj} :: aglitter
сияющий {adj} :: fulgent
сияющий {adj} :: lambent
сияющий {adj} :: auroral
сияющий {adj} :: aglare
-ск {suffix} :: A suffix used in place names
скажем {adv} :: (let's) say, (let's) assume
скажи мне, кто твой друг, и я скажу тебе, кто ты {proverb} :: a man is known by the company he keeps
сказ {noun} :: tale
сказ {noun} :: lay
сказ {noun} :: skaz
сказание {noun} :: legend; saga; story
сказать {v pf} :: to say, to tell
сказаться {v pf} :: to affect [на]
сказаться {v pf} :: to manifest itself [в in], to show (some effect)
сказаться {v pf} [colloquial] :: to pretend to be (by reporting)
сказка {noun} [literary genre] :: tale; fairy tale
сказка {noun} :: lies, fabrication
сказочка {noun} [colloquial] :: diminutive of сказка
сказочка {noun} [colloquial] :: endearing form of сказка
сказочник {noun} :: storyteller, writer of fairy tales or fables
сказочник {noun} :: artist, composer or director who creates works derived from fairy tales
сказочный {adj} :: magical
сказочный {adj} :: fairy-tale (character, plot)
сказуемое {noun} [grammar] :: predicate
сказывать {v impf} [antiquated, poetic] :: to utter, to narrate
сказываться {v impf} :: to affect [на]
сказываться {v impf} :: to manifest itself [в in], to show (some effect)
сказываться {v impf} [colloquial] :: to pretend to be (by reporting)
скак {noun} [dated] :: gallop
скакалка {noun} :: jump rope, skipping rope
скакать {v impf} :: to ride (on) a horse
скакать {v impf} :: to hop, to jump (about)
с каких пор {adv} :: since when
скакун {noun} :: racehorse
скала {noun} :: rock, cliff, crag (mass of projecting rock)
скала Айерс {prop} :: Ayers Rock (giant rock in Australia)
скалистый {adj} :: rocky
скалить {v impf} :: to show (one's teeth)
скалиться {v impf} :: to be bared [of teeth]
скалиться {v impf} :: to bare one's teeth [of animals]
скалиться {v impf} [low colloquial] :: to grin, to smile
скалка {noun} :: rolling pin
скалка {noun} :: laundry mangle
скалка {noun} :: (technical) ram, plunger, plunger piston
скалолаз {noun} :: rock climber, alpinist
скалолазка {noun} :: female rock climber, alpinist
скальд {noun} :: skald
скальный {adj} [relational] :: rock
скальный {adj} :: rocky
скальп {noun} :: scalp (part of head where the hair grows)
скальпель {noun} :: scalpel
скальпирование {noun} :: scalping
скалярия {noun} :: angelfish (Pterophyllum, a freshwater fish)
скамеечка {noun} :: diminutive of скамейка, diminutive of скамья: (small) bench
скамейка {noun} :: bench
скамья {noun} :: bench (long seat in a park or garden)
скан {noun} [computing] :: scanned image file
скандал {noun} :: scandal
скандал {noun} :: fracas, brawl, donnybrook (a noisy disorderly quarrel)
скандалить {v impf} :: to brawl, to make a row
скандальный {adj} :: scandalous
скандальный {adj} [colloquial] :: quarrelsome, rowdy
скандий {noun} :: scandium
Скандинавия {prop} :: Scandinavia
скандинавский {adj} :: Scandinavian
скандировать {v both} :: to chant; to scan; to cry out
сканер {noun} [computing] :: scanner
сканирование {noun} :: scan, scanning
сканировать {v impf} :: to scan (create a digital copy of an image using a scanner)
скань {noun} :: filigree
скапливать {v impf} :: to accumulate, to amass, to store (up), (money) to save
скапливаться {v impf} :: to accumulate, to pile up
скапливаться {v impf} :: to gather, to crowd
скарб {noun} :: belongings; things
скаредный {adj} :: stingy, niggardly
скаредный {adj} :: mean
скарлатина {noun} [disease] :: scarlet fever, scarlatina (streptococcal infection)
скат {noun} :: slope, incline
скат {noun} [automotive] :: tire/tyre
скат {noun} [zoology] :: ray (a marine fish of the order Batoidea with a flat body, large wing-like fins, and a whip-like tail)
скатать {v pf} :: to roll up
скатать {v pf} [school] :: [colloquial] to crib, to copy
скатерть {noun} :: tablecloth (a cloth used to cover and protect a table, especially for a dining table)
скатертью дорога {interj} :: good riddance! (used to indicate that loss is welcome, lit.: let the road be like a tablecloth)
скатить {v pf} :: to roll down
скатиться {v pf} :: to roll down
скатиться {v pf} :: to come down (to), to slide (into), to slip (into), to sink (into), to end up
скатывать {v impf} :: to roll up
скатывать {v impf} [school, colloquial] :: to crib, to copy
скатывать {v impf} :: to roll down
скатываться {v impf} :: to roll down
скатываться {v impf} :: to come down (to), to slide (into), to slip (into), to sink (into), to end up
скатываться {v impf} :: to roll up
скатываться {v impf} :: to pill
скать {v impf} [archaic or regional, Krasnoyarsk] :: to twist (thread), to roll out (dough)
скаут {noun} :: scout (member of the scout movement)
скафандр {noun} :: standard diving suit
скафандр {noun} :: space suit
скачать {v pf} [internet] :: to download
скачивание {noun} :: download (file transfer to the local computer)
скачивать {v impf} [internet] :: to download
скачка {noun} :: gallop
скачка {noun} [in the plural] :: horse races
скачка {noun} [computing] :: download (file transfer to the local computer)
скачок {noun} :: jump, bound, leap; surge
скашивать {v impf} :: to mow (down)
скашивать {v impf} :: to squint
скашивать {v impf} [engineering] :: to bevel, to slope
скважина {noun} :: chink, crack, slit, gap, interstice, rift
скважина {noun} :: pore, hole, aperture
скважина {noun} :: borehole, drill hole
скважина {noun} :: oil well
сквер {noun} :: public garden, square, park
скверик {noun} :: diminutive of сквер: (small) public garden, square, park
скверна {noun} [bookish, religion] :: filth, pollution
скверно {adv} :: badly, bad
скверно {pred} :: it is bad, it is unpleasant
сквернословие {noun} :: foul language (profane words)
скверный {adj} :: bad, nasty, foul
сквирт {noun} [vulgar, slang] :: squirt, female ejaculate
сквозить {v impf} :: to show [be seen] through
сквозить {v impf} :: to show, to be discernible
сквозить {v impf} [dated] :: (cloth) to be transparent, to be threadbare
сквозной {adj} :: through
сквозной {adj} :: prevailing
сквозной {adj} :: end-to-end
сквозняк {noun} :: draught (a current of air)
сквознячок {noun} :: diminutive of сквозняк
сквозь {prep} :: through
скворец {noun} :: starling
скворечник {noun} :: birdhouse, nestbox
скворечня {noun} :: birdhouse, nestbox
сквоттер {noun} :: squatter
сквош {noun} :: squash (sport)
скейтборд {noun} :: skateboard
скелет {noun} :: skeleton
с кем поведёшься, от того и наберёшься {proverb} :: a man is known by the company he keeps, he who lies down with dogs, gets up with fleas
скепсис {noun} :: scepsis
скептик {noun} :: sceptic, disbeliever (male of female)
скептицизм {noun} :: skepticism
скептически {adv} :: skeptically, cynically
скептический {adj} :: skeptical
скептический {adj} [relational] :: skepticism
скетч {noun} [theater] :: sketch
-ски {suffix} :: -ly, -cally, -ishly (adverbial suffix; the adverb form of -ский)
скидка {noun} :: discount
скидочный {adj} [relational] :: discount
скидывать {v impf} :: to throw down, to throw off
скидывать {v impf} [colloquial] :: (clothes, shoes) to take off, to throw off
скидывать {v impf} [colloquial] :: to throw off, to dethrone
скидывать {v impf} :: to throw together
скидывать {v impf} [colloquial] :: to knock off, to discount
скидывать {v impf} [slang] :: to copy (to), to e-mail (to)
-ский {suffix} :: Used to form adjectives from nouns or sometimes other adjectives, often relational (meaning "related to X"): -ian, -ic, -ish
скин {noun} :: skin (a set of resources that modifies the appearance and/or layout of the graphical user interface of a computer program)
скин {noun} :: skinhead
скинуть {v pf} :: to throw down, to throw off
скинуть {v pf} [colloquial] :: (clothes, shoes) to take off, to throw off
скинуть {v pf} [colloquial] :: to throw off, to dethrone
скинуть {v pf} :: to throw together
скинуть {v pf} [colloquial] :: to knock off, to discount
скинуть {v pf} [slang] :: to copy (to), to e-mail (to)
скинхед {noun} :: skinhead (adherent to white-supremacism or anti-immigrant principles)
скипетр {noun} :: sceptre
скипидар {noun} :: turpentine
скирда {noun} :: (hay) stack, rick
скисать {v impf} :: to turn sour (e.g. a milk product)
скисать {v impf} [colloquial] :: to become sad or depressed
скиснуть {v pf} :: to turn sour (e.g. a milk product)
скиснуть {v pf} [colloquial] :: to become sad or depressed
скит {noun} :: skete (in Eastern Christianity, a small hermitage at some distance from the main monastery)
скит {noun} :: remote monastery among Old Believers
скиталец {noun} :: wanderer, vagabond
скитание {noun} :: wandering, roaming
скитаться {v impf} :: to wander, to stray
скиф {noun} [historical] :: Scythian (an inhabitant of Scythia)
скиф {noun} :: wild, rough man
скиф {noun} [sports] :: skiff (boat)
скл. {n inan} [grammar] :: abbreviation of склонение
скл. {m inan} :: abbreviation of склад
склад {noun} :: warehouse, storehouse
склад {noun} [military] :: depot, dump
склад {noun} :: constitution, disposition, turn
склад {noun} :: breed
склад {noun} :: way (of life)
склад {noun} [colloquial] :: harmony
склад {noun} [colloquial] :: sense
склад {noun} [obsolete] :: syllable (in this sense, the plurals have the endings accented)
складирование {noun} :: warehousing, storing
складка {noun} :: crease, buckling, crimp, fold, plica, ply
складно {adv} [colloquial] :: well, smoothly
складно {adv} [colloquial] :: in rhyme
складной {adj} :: collapsible, folding
складный {adj} [colloquial] :: well-built, well-made, well-proportioned [of a person or object]
складный {adj} :: fluent, smooth [speech, writing]
складный {adj} :: harmonious, coherent
складочка {noun} :: diminutive of складка
складской {adj} :: warehouse
складчина {noun} :: collection of money or products for a common cause [action or result]
складчина {noun} :: party or soiree arranged using funds so collected
складывать {v impf} :: to lay together, to put together, to pile up, to heap, to stack
складывать {v impf} :: to pack up
складывать {v impf} :: to add, to sum up
складывать {v impf} :: to make, to assemble, to put together
складывать {v impf} :: song, rhyme to compose, to make up
складывать {v impf} :: to fold
складывать {v impf} :: to take off, to put down
складываться {v impf} :: to club together (with), to pool (with), to pool one's money / resources
складываться {v impf} :: to (be) form(ed), to develop, to turn out, to take shape; to arise [of a situation]
склеивание {noun} :: gluing, pasting
склеивание {noun} :: adhesion
склеивание {noun} :: agglutination (act of uniting by glue or other tenacious substance)
склеивание {noun} :: conglutination
склеивать {v impf} :: to glue together, to paste together, to stick together
склеивать {v impf} :: to mend
склеить {v pf} :: to glue together, to paste together, to stick together
склеить {v pf} :: to mend
склеп {noun} :: burial vault, crypt, ossuary
склеп {noun} :: vault (a secure, enclosed area)
склера {noun} [anatomy] :: sclera
склероз {noun} :: [technical] sclerosis
склероз {noun} :: [colloquial] memory loss, especially in old age
склёп {noun} [rare] :: riveting
склока {noun} :: squabble, row
склон {noun} :: slope
склонение {noun} :: inclination
склонение {noun} [grammar] :: declension
склонение {noun} [astronomy] :: declination
склонить {v pf} :: to bend, to incline, to decline
склонить {v pf} :: to convince someone to do something
склонить {v pf} [linguistics] :: to decline a noun or adjective
склониться {v pf} :: to incline, to bend, to stoop
склониться {v pf} :: to be inclined (to)
склониться {v pf} :: to yield (to) (to give up under pressure)
склонность {noun} :: propensity, proclivity
склонность {noun} :: tendency, inclination, disposition
склонность {noun} :: leaning, penchant
склонность {noun} :: predilection
склонность {noun} :: taste
склонность {noun} :: addiction
склонность {noun} :: bent
склонность {noun} :: aptitude
склонность {noun} :: predisposition
склонность {noun} :: appetite
склонный {adj} :: inclined
склонный {adj} :: addicted (being dependent on something)
склоняемый {adj} [grammar] :: declinable
склонять {v impf} :: to bend, to incline, to decline
склонять {v impf} :: to convince someone to do something
склонять {v impf} [linguistics] :: to decline a noun or adjective
склоняться {v impf} :: to incline, to bend, to stoop
склоняться {v impf} :: to be inclined (to)
склоняться {v impf} :: to yield (to) (to give up under pressure)
склочник {noun} [colloquial] :: argumentative, quarrelsome person
склочница {noun} [colloquial] :: argumentative, quarrelsome woman
склочность {noun} [colloquial] :: squabblesomeness, quarrelsomeness
склочный {adj} [colloquial] :: quarrelsome, squabblesome, prone to fights, intrigues or gossip
склянка {noun} :: vial, flask, bottle, glass
склянка {noun} [naval] :: bell, half an hour
склянка {noun} [naval, obsolete] :: (plural) watch glass, hourglass
скоба {noun} :: cramp, crampon, staple, bracket, shackle
скобель {noun} [carpentry] :: shaving/drawing knife, spokeshave
скобка {noun} [typography] :: parenthesis, bracket
скобка {noun} [engineering] :: bracket
скованность {noun} [literary] :: awkwardness, inhibition
скованность {noun} [literary] :: stiffness of movement
скованный {adj} :: constrained
сковать {v pf} :: to forge, to hammer out
сковать {v pf} :: to forge together
сковать {v pf} :: to chain
сковать {v pf} [military] :: to hold, to fix
сковать {v pf} [figuratevly, with ice] :: to lock, to beset
сковать {v pf} :: to fetter
сковорода {noun} :: frying pan (long-handled, shallow pan used for frying food)
сковородка {noun} :: diminutive of сковорода: frying pan
сковывать {v impf} :: to forge, to hammer out
сковывать {v impf} :: to forge together
сковывать {v impf} :: to chain
сковывать {v impf} [military] :: to hold, to fix
сковывать {v impf} :: (with ice) to lock
сковывать {v impf} :: to fetter
-ской {suffix} :: adjectival suffix forming nouns, often relational, i.e. meaning "related to X": -ian, -ic, -ish
скок {noun} [colloquial] :: gallop
скок {pred} [familiar] :: jump, skip, hop
сколачивать {v impf} :: to knock together
сколачивать {v impf} [colloquial] :: to knock together, to knit together
Сколково {prop} :: Skolkovo
сколотить {v pf} :: to knock together
сколотить {v pf} [colloquial] :: to knock together, to knit together
сколь {adv} [antiquated] :: how much
скольжение {noun} :: sliding, slipping, slippage
скользить {v impf} :: to slide, to slip
скользить {v impf} :: to glide
скользить {v impf} :: to float
скользкий {adj} :: slippery, dangerous [of a surface]
скользкий {adj} :: slimy
скользко {adv} :: in a slippery manner
скользко {pred} :: it is slippery [of a surface, e.g. after rain]
скользнуть {v pf} :: to slide, to slip
скользнуть {v pf} :: to glide
скользнуть {v pf} :: to float
скользнуть {v pf} [perfective only] :: to sneak [into, by]
скользнуть {v pf} [perfective only] :: to graze [по + dative, someone/something; of a bullet]
скользящий {adj} :: sliding
сколькие {pron} :: how much, how many, so many (obsolete form of сколько, used as adjective or without a following noun)
сколько {pron} :: how much, how many
сколько {pron} :: so much, so many
сколько {pron} :: how long
сколько {adv} :: how long, how much, so much
сколько {adv} :: as
сколько вам лет {phrase} :: how old are you? (formal)
сколько волка ни корми, он всё в лес смотрит {proverb} :: a leopard cannot change its spots
сколько времени {phrase} :: how long?
сколько времени {phrase} :: what time is it?
сколько лет, сколько зим {phrase} :: "It’s been ages since we met!", long time no see (literally, "so many summers, so many winters")
сколько-нибудь {pron} :: some, a few; any, anything (in a question)
сколько тебе лет {phrase} :: how old are you? (informal)
сколько-то {pron} :: some, a few; any (in a question)
сколько-то {pron} :: a little, to (at least) some extent
сколько угодно {adv} :: any number, as many/much as one wants
сколько угодно {adv} :: ad lib (to whatever extent)
сколько это стоит {phrase} :: how much does it cost?, how much is it?
скомандовать {v pf} :: to command, to order
скомбинировать {v pf} :: to combine, to arrange
скомбинировать {v pf} [colloquial] :: to scheme, to contrive
скомкать {v pf} :: to crumple
скомкать {v pf} [colloquial] :: to dash off, to race through
скоморох {noun} [historical] :: skomorokh (a medieval East Slavic actor)
скоморох {noun} [colloquial] :: buffoon, mountebank
скомпрометировать {v pf} :: to compromise
скон {noun} :: scone
сконструировать {v pf} :: to construct, to build, to structure, to design, to form
сконфуженный {adj} :: abashed, confounded, disconcerted [experiencing embarrassment or confusion; of a person]
сконфуженный {adj} :: abashed, confounded, disconcerted [expressing embarrassment or confusion; of a look, tone, face, etc.]
сконфузить {v pf} :: to disconcert, to discomfit, to embarrass, to put in an awkward or embarrassing position
сконфузиться {v pf} :: to be disconcerted, to be embarrassed, to get into an embarrassing situation
сконцентрировать {v pf} [military] :: to concentrate, to mass
сконцентрироваться {v pf} :: to concentrate, to amass, to get together, to mass
сконцентрироваться {v pf} :: to concentrate (on), to focus (on)
скончание {noun} [dated] :: end, ending
скончание {noun} [dated, figurative] :: death
скончать {v pf} [dated] :: to end, to finish
скончаться {v pf} [formal] :: to pass away (to die, to stop living)
скоординировать {v pf} :: to coordinate
скоп {noun} [dated] :: group, accumulation; stock, savings
скопец {noun} :: eunuch
скопец {noun} [figuratively, pejorative] :: cold, passionless man
скопец {noun} :: skopets (a sectant)
скопировать {v pf} :: to copy, to make a copy
скопировать {v pf} :: to imitate, to mimic, to copy
скопить {v pf} :: to accumulate, to amass, to store (up), (money) to save
скопить {v impf} :: to emasculate, to castrate
скопиться {v pf} :: to accumulate, to pile up
скопиться {v pf} :: to gather, to crowd
скопище {noun} [colloquial] :: crowd, throng
скопище {noun} :: assemblage (large collection of anything in one place)
скопление {noun} :: cluster
скопление {noun} :: accumulation, aggregation, collection, assemblage
скопление {noun} :: congestion
скопление {noun} :: gathering
скопление {noun} :: conglomeration, aggregate
скопление {noun} :: congeries
скопление {noun} :: agglomeration
скопление {noun} :: congregation
скопление {noun} :: concourse
скоплять {v impf} :: alternative form of скапливать
скопляться {v impf} :: alternative form of скапливаться
скопом {adv} [colloquial] :: in a crowd, all together, en masse
Скопье {prop} {n inan} :: Skopje (capital of Republic of Macedonia)
скора {noun} [dated, collective] :: raw animal skins
скорая {noun} [colloquial] :: ambulance (emergency vehicle)
скорая помощь {noun} :: ambulance (emergency vehicle)
скорбеть {v impf} :: to grieve (about, over), to mourn (for, over)
скорбно {adv} :: sorrowfully, mournfully
скорбный {adj} :: sorrowful, mournful, doleful
скорбут {noun} :: scurvy
скорбь {noun} :: sorrow, grief
скорее {adv} :: comparative of скорый: faster, quicker
скорее {adv} :: comparative of скоро: sooner, rather
скорее {adv} :: more exactly, more likely
скорее {adv} :: be quick!
скорее всего {adv} :: most likely
скорей {adv} :: comparative of скорый
скорей {adv} :: comparative of скоро
скорлупа {noun} :: shell (of an egg), hull
скорлупка {noun} :: diminutive of скорлупа
скорлупка {noun} :: endearing form of скорлупа
скоро {adv} :: soon
скоро {adv} :: speedily, quickly
скороговорка {noun} :: tongue-twister (phrase which is difficult to say)
скороговорка {noun} :: rapid speech, sputter
скорода {noun} [dialectal] :: harrow
скорода {noun} [botany] :: chive
скородить {v impf} [regional] :: to harrow
скоростной {adj} :: speed, high-speed
скоростной {adj} :: fast
скорость {noun} :: speed
скорость {noun} :: rate
скорость {noun} :: velocity
скорость света {noun} :: speed of light
скоротать {v pf} :: to while away, to pass
скоротечный {adj} [dated, literary] :: brief, fleeting, ephemeral, short-lived
скорпион {noun} :: scorpion
Скорпион {prop} [constellation] :: Scorpius (a constellation of the zodiac containing the red giant Antares, in the shape of a scorpion)
Скорпион {prop} [astrology] :: Scorpio (the zodiac sign for the scorpion, covering October 23–November 21)
скорректировать {v pf} :: to correct, to adjust
скорчить {v pf} :: to bend
скорчиться {v pf} :: to writhe, to squirm
скорый {adj} :: fast, quick, rapid, speedy, swift
скорый {adj} :: forthcoming, upcoming
скосить {v pf} :: to mow (down)
скосить {v pf} :: to squint
скосить {v pf} [engineering] :: to bevel, to slope
скостить {v pf} [slang] :: to strike off (debt), to knock off (price)
скот {noun} [collective] :: cattle, livestock
скот {noun} :: brute, beast (in an abusive sense)
скотина {noun} :: cattle (collective)
скотина {noun} :: brute
скотина {noun} :: dolt, boor ({m}{f})
скотобойня {noun} :: abattoir (public slaughterhouse)
скотт {noun} :: member of the Scoti tribe
скотч {noun} :: adhesive tape
скотч {noun} :: Scotch (whiskey)
-скочить {affix} :: Combining form used to form prefixed perfective verbs with the approximate meaning of "jump"
скрасить {v pf} :: to soften, to mitigate (something painful)
скрасить {v pf} :: to brighten, to make more attractive (something dull or boring)
скрашивать {v impf} :: to soften, to mitigate (something painful)
скрашивать {v impf} :: to brighten, to make more attractive (something dull or boring)
скребло {noun} :: scraping knife
скребок {noun} :: scraper, scrubber
скребок {noun} :: long-handled ice scraper
скребок {noun} :: large scoop with a cutting edge for excavating soil, etc
скребок {noun} :: device in a conveyor for moving bulk cargo
скрежет {noun} :: gritting/grinding sound
скрежетать {v impf} :: to grate, to grind
скрежетать {v impf} :: to gnash (one's teeth) [+ instrumental]
скрежещущий {adj} :: raspy (rough, raw)
скрепер {noun} :: scraper
скрепить {v pf} :: to fasten (together), to pin (together), to tie, to clamp, to bolt, to mortar
скрепить {v pf} :: to strengthen
скрепить {v pf} :: to seal, to sign
скрепка {noun} :: paper clip
скреплять {v impf} :: to fasten (together), to pin (together), to tie, to clamp, to bolt, to mortar
скреплять {v impf} :: to strengthen
скреплять {v impf} :: to seal, to sign
скрести {v impf} :: to scrape, to scrub, to scratch
скрестись {v impf} :: to make a scratching noise [of a small animal]
скрестить {v pf} :: to cross
скрестить {v pf} [biology] :: to cross, to crossbreed
скрещивать {v impf} :: to cross
скрещивать {v impf} [biology] :: to cross, to crossbreed
скривить {v pf} :: to bend, to distort
скривиться {v pf} :: to become crooked/bent/lopsided
скривиться {v pf} [colloquial] :: to make a face
скрип {noun} :: squeak, creak, crunch
скрипач {noun} [music] :: violinist, fiddler (person who plays violin)
скрипеть {v impf} :: to creak, to screech, to squeak (to make a prolonged sharp grating or squeaking sound)
скрипица {noun} :: Lactarius vellereus
скрипка {noun} :: violin
скрипнуть {v pf} :: to creak, to screech, to squeak (to make a prolonged sharp grating or squeaking sound)
скрипт {noun} [computing] :: script (procedure or program)
скрипучий {adj} :: creaky, squeaky
скрипучий {adj} [colloquial] :: harsh, unpleasant, rasping [sound, voice, etc.]
скроить {v pf} :: to cut out (fabric to specific lengths and shapes to make clothes)
скромник {noun} [colloquial] :: modest person, nice nelly
скромничать {v impf} :: to be decent, to modest
скромно {adv} :: decently, modestly, discreetly
скромно {adv} :: humbly
скромно {adv} :: moderately, slightly
скромность {noun} :: modesty, humility (the quality of being modest)
скромный {adj} :: modest, humble
скромный {adj} :: modest, frugal
скромный {adj} :: modest, unassuming, unpretentious
скромный {adj} :: modest, prudish
скруббер {noun} [technical] :: (gas) scrubber, washer
скрупулёзно {adv} :: scrupulously
скрупулёзность {noun} :: scrupulousness, scrupulosity
скрупулёзный {adj} :: scrupulous, meticulous
скрутить {v pf} :: to twist, to roll
скрутить {v pf} :: to bind, to tie up
скрутить {v pf} [colloquial] :: to bring into submission, to subdue, to overmaster
скрутить {v pf} [colloquial] :: (disease) to overpower, to attack, to seize
скручивать {v impf} :: to twist, to roll
скручивать {v impf} :: to bind, to tie up
скручивать {v impf} [colloquial] :: to bring into submission, to subdue, to overmaster
скручивать {v impf} [colloquial] :: (disease) to overpower, to attack, to seize
скрывать {v impf} :: to hide, to conceal
скрывать {v impf} :: to dissemble, to keep back
скрывать {v impf} :: to keep secret
скрываться {v impf} :: to disappear; to hide from; to go into hiding
скрываться {v impf} :: to escape; to steal away; to sneak away; to slip away
скрытая масса {noun} [astrophysics] :: dark matter
скрытие {noun} :: concealment, hiding
скрытно {adv} :: secretly (in secret)
скрытность {noun} :: secretiveness
скрытность {noun} [colloquial] :: secrecy
скрытный {adj} :: reserved, reticent, secretive
скрытный {adj} :: surreptitious, furtive
скрыто {adv} :: in secret
скрыто {adv} :: invisibly
скрытый {adj} :: concealed, hidden
скрытый {adj} :: latent
скрытый {adj} :: secret
скрытый {adj} :: covert
скрыть {v pf} :: to hide, to conceal
скрыть {v pf} :: to dissemble, to keep back
скрыть {v pf} :: to keep secret
скрыться {v pf} :: to disappear, to hide from, to go into hiding
скрыться {v pf} :: to escape, to steal away
скрючивать {v impf} [colloquial] :: to crook, to double up
скрючить {v pf} [colloquial] :: to crook, to double up
скрябать {v impf} [colloquial] :: to scribble
скрябать {v impf} [colloquial] :: to scratch, to scrape
скряга {m anim} {f anim} :: niggard, miser, cheapskate
скуа {f anim} :: great skua
скуба {noun} :: scuba
скуба-дайвинг {noun} :: scuba diving
скудный {adj} :: scant, scanty, meagre [+ instrumental, in something]
скудный {adj} :: poor, pathetic, wretched
скудный {adj} :: poor, infertile
скудость {noun} [literary] :: scarcity
скудость {noun} [literary] :: poverty
скука {noun} :: boredom, ennui (state of being bored)
скула {noun} :: cheekbone
скула {noun} [nautical] :: a curved corner of a ship's hull [between bow and sides, or between stern and sides]; a bilge between the bottom and side plating
скула {noun} [nautical slang] :: a side of a ship’s bow
скуластый {adj} :: with high cheekbones
скулить {v impf} [colloquial] :: to whine, to whimper
скульптор {noun} :: sculptor (a person who sculpts)
скульптура {noun} [in the singular] :: sculpture (art of sculpting)
скульптура {noun} [in the singular] :: sculpture (collective, the works of a sculptor)
скульптура {noun} :: sculpture (a sculpted piece)
скульптурный {adj} :: sculptural
скульптурный {adj} :: sculpted
скульптурный {adj} [figurative] :: statuesque
скумбрия {noun} :: mackerel
скунс {noun} :: skunk
скупать {v impf} :: to buy up, to corner (e.g. shares)
скупец {noun} :: miser
скупить {v pf} :: to buy up, to corner (e.g. shares)
скупиться {v impf} :: to be sparing with, to be stingy with, to skimp, to scrimp [на + accusative plural]
скупка {noun} :: buying up, buying off
скупо {adv} :: sparingly, stingily
скупой {adj} :: avaricious, stingy, frugal, mean, parsimonious, miserly
скупой {adj} :: scanty, poor
скупой {adj} :: taciturn
скупой {noun} :: miser
скупость {noun} :: stinginess, niggardliness, miserliness, avarice (excessive or inordinate desire of gain)
скутер {noun} :: outboard motor boat
скуфья {noun} :: skufia
скучать {v impf} :: to be bored
скучать {v impf} :: to long for, to miss [по + dative or prepositional]
скучающий {adj} :: bored
-скучить {affix} :: Combining form used to form prefixed perfective verbs with the approximate meaning "to be bored"
скучнее {adv} :: comparative of скучный
скучнее {adv} :: comparative of скучно
скучно {adv} :: tediously, boringly (in a tedious manner)
скучно {pred} :: one is bored
скучный {adj} :: dull, boring, tedious, tiresome (inciting boredom)
скучный {adj} :: bored, listless
скушать {v pf} :: to eat, to have, to take
скушать {v pf} [colloquial] :: to swallow, to pocket
скушать {v pf} [colloquial] :: to eat up, to buy
скушать {v pf} [colloquial] :: to eat up, to ruin
СКФО {m inan} :: North Caucasian Federal District
слабак {noun} [colloquial, pejorative] :: weakling
слабак {noun} [figurative, colloquial, pejorative] :: wimp, coward
слабенький {adj} :: diminutive of слабый
слабеть {v impf} :: to weaken, to grow weak/feeble, to slack off, to slacken
слабина {noun} [nautical] :: slack
слабина {noun} [colloquial] :: weak point, weak spot
слабнуть {v impf} [colloquial] :: to weaken, to become weak or weaker
слабнуть {v impf} [colloquial] :: to slacken, to become slack or slacker
слабо {adv} :: faintly, feebly, weakly
слабо {adv} :: badly, poorly
слабо {pred} :: one is not strong/brave enough, one is too weak [to do something]
слабоалкогольный {adj} :: (of drinks) mildly alcoholic
слабое взаимодействие {noun} [physics] :: weak interaction
слабое звено {noun} :: the weakest link (the part of a system that is most likely to fail or cause problems)
слабое ядерное взаимодействие {noun} [physics] :: weak nuclear interaction
слабость {noun} :: weakness, feebleness
слабость {noun} :: weak point
слабоумие {noun} [psychiatry] :: dementia
слабоумие {noun} [colloquial] :: stupidity, idiocy
слабоумный {adj} :: imbecile, weakheaded, weakminded, feeble-minded, soft in the head
слабый {adj} :: weak, feeble
слабый {adj} :: faint
слабый {adj} :: infirm
слабый {adj} :: delicate
слабый {adj} :: flabby
слабый {adj} :: poor
слава {noun} :: glory
слава {noun} :: fame, renown
слава {noun} :: repute, reputation
слава {noun} :: rumour, rumor
слава богу {interj} :: thank God!; thank goodness!
славист {noun} :: Slavist
славистика {noun} :: Slavic studies
славить {v impf} :: to praise, to glorify, to laud, to extol
славиться {v impf} :: to be famous (for), to be famed (for), to be renowned (for), to have a reputation (for)
славиться {v impf} :: (imperative) to glory (to)
славно {adv} [colloquial] :: famously, well
славно {adv} [predicative, impersonal] :: it is nice
славный {adj} :: famous, renowned
славный {adj} :: glorious
славный {adj} [colloquial] :: nice
славный {adj} :: capital, dandy
славословие {noun} [literary] :: glorification, adulation [especially of God], doxology
славословие {noun} [colloquial] :: immoderate praise, flattery
славянизм {noun} :: Slavism (a Slavic idiom or phrase)
славянин {noun} :: Slav (person of Slavic origins)
славянка {noun} :: a Slav [female]
славянофил {noun} :: Slavophile
славянофильский {adj} [relational] :: Slavophile, Slavophilism; Slavophilic
славянофильство {noun} :: Slavophilism
славянский {adj} :: Slav, Slavic
слагаемое {noun} [arithmetic] :: summand, augend
слагать {v impf} :: to compose
слагать {v impf} :: to put/lay down (from)
слагать {v impf} :: to lay down
слад {noun} :: in expressions only
сладить {v pf} [low colloquial] :: to make, to produce
сладить {v pf} [colloquial] :: to arrange, to manage, to settle
сладить {v pf} [perfective only, colloquial] :: to overcome, to defeat
сладить {v pf} [perfective only, colloquial] :: to handle, to cope with, to deal with
сладить {v impf} :: [colloquial] to sweeten
сладить {v impf} [colloquial] :: to malt
сладить {v impf} [colloquial] :: to speak sweetly
сладить {v impf} [colloquial, figurative] :: to flatter
сладить {vi impf} [colloquial] :: to be sweet-tasting
сладкий {adj} :: sweet (having a pleasant taste)
сладкий {adj} :: sugary
сладко {adv} :: sweetly (in a sweet or pleasant manner)
сладковатый {adj} :: somewhat sweet, sweetish
сладковатый {adj} :: sweet-smelling, fragrant
сладковатый {adj} :: falsely sentimental
сладковатый {adj} :: excessively courteous
сладкое {noun} [colloquial] :: dessert
сладкоежка {m anim} {f anim} [colloquial] :: a person with a sweet tooth
сладкозвучный {adj} :: mellifluent, mellifluous, sweet (having a pleasant sound)
сладостный {adj} :: sweet, delightful
сладострастие {noun} :: hedonism, licentiousness, lasciviousness
сладострастный {adj} :: voluptuous
сладострастный {adj} :: sensual
сладость {noun} :: sweetness
сладость {noun} [usually, in the plural] :: sweets, sweetmeats, candies
слаженность {noun} :: coherence, cohesiveness, orderliness
слаженный {adj} :: coherent, cohesive, orderly, well-organized
слаживать {v impf} [low colloquial] :: to make, to produce
слаживать {v impf} [colloquial] :: to arrange, to manage, to settle
слазить {v impf} :: to climb down
слайд {noun} :: slide (transparent image for projecting)
слалом {noun} :: slalom
сламывать {v impf} :: to break into pieces
сланец {noun} :: shale, schist, slate (sedimentary rock)
сланцы {noun} [colloquial] :: slides, thongs, flip-flops (plastic or rubber footwear)
сластёна {m anim} {f anim} [colloquial] :: a person with a sweet tooth
сласти {noun} :: sweets
сластить {vt impf} [also, figuratively] :: to sweeten
сластить {vi impf} :: to have a sweet or sweetish taste
сласть {noun} [colloquial, rare] :: sweetness
сласть {noun} [colloquial] :: pleasure, enjoyment, candies
сласть {noun} [plural only] :: sweets
слать {v impf} :: to send, to dispatch
слащавый {adj} :: mushy; sickly; sugary; schmaltzy
слаще {adv} :: comparative of сладкий
слаще {adv} :: comparative of сладко
слева {adv} :: to the left; from the left
слега {noun} :: long thick pole
слегать {v impf} [colloquial] :: to get seriously ill
слегка {adv} :: lightly, slightly
слегка {adv} :: in passing
слегка {adv} :: easily
след. {adv} :: consequently; therefore
след. {adj} :: following, next
след {noun} :: track
след {noun} :: footprint, footstep
след {noun} :: trace, sign
след {noun} :: vestige
след {noun} :: print
след {noun} :: sole of a sock or stocking
следить {v impf} :: to watch, to follow, to spy
следить {v impf} :: to look after [e.g. health]
следить {v impf} :: to keep an eye on
следить {v impf} :: to leave traces or footprints behind
следование {noun} :: movement
следование {noun} :: compliance
следователь {noun} :: investigator, detective
следовательно {adv} :: consequently; therefore
следовательно {adv} :: so
следовать {v impf} :: to follow, to go after
следовать {v impf} :: to follow, to be next
следовать {v impf} :: to follow, to take after
следовать {v impf} :: to follow, to do accordingly
следовать {v impf} :: to be bound to (a port)
следовать {v impf} :: to follow, to be a consequence
следовать {v impf} :: to should, to ought to (the agent who/which should/ought to do something is in the dative case)
следом {adv} :: (immediately) after, (right) behind
следопыт {noun} [hunting] :: tracker
следопыт {noun} :: someone who searches historical materials for traces of past events
следственный {adj} [relational] :: investigation; investigative, investigatory
следствие {noun} :: effect, consequence
следствие {noun} :: investigation, inquest
следствие {noun} :: trial
следующее {noun} :: the following
следующий {adj} :: following
следующий {adj} :: next
следующим образом {adv} :: as follows, thuswise, this way, in the following way
слежение {noun} :: tracking, following, tracing
слежка {noun} :: shadowing
слежка {noun} :: diminutive of слега: small pole
слежка {noun} :: endearing form of слега
слеза {noun} :: tear (a drop of liquid from the eyes)
слезать {v impf} :: to come down, to get down (from), to dismount (from)
слезать {v impf} [colloquial] :: to come down
слезать {v impf} [colloquial] :: (from a train, bus etc) to get out (of), to get off
слезать {v impf} [colloquial] :: to peel off, to come off
слезинка {noun} :: diminutive of слеза: tear,teardrop
слезиться {v impf} :: to water
слезливый {adj} :: given to crying; schmaltzy; tearful, lachrymose
слезоточивый {adj} :: lachrymatory, watering, causing tears (from eyes)
слезоточить {v impf} :: to tear up, to shed tears
слезть {v pf} :: to come down, to get down (from), to dismount (from)
слезть {v pf} [colloquial] :: to come down
слезть {v pf} [colloquial] :: (from a train, bus etc) to get out (of), to get off
слезть {v pf} [colloquial] :: to peel off, to come off
сленг {noun} [linguistics] :: slang
слепец {noun} :: a blind man
слепить {v pf} :: to model, to sculpture, to sculpt, to fashion, to shape
слепить {v pf} :: to build, to make (cells, nest, etc.)
слепить {v pf} :: to stick together
слепить {v impf} :: to blind, to dazzle
слепнуть {v impf} :: to become/go blind, to lose one's sight
слепо {adv} :: blindly
слепой {adj} :: blind (unable to see)
слепой {noun} :: blind man, blind person
слепок {noun} :: mould, cast
слепота {noun} :: blindness (condition of being blind)
слепящий {adj} :: blinding, dazzling
слесарня {noun} [colloquial] :: metal workshop, locksmithery
слесарь {noun} :: locksmith
слесарь {noun} :: metalworker
слетать {v impf} :: to fly down (from), to fly away (from)
слетать {v impf} [colloquial] :: to fall down (from), to fall (off)
слетать {v impf} [colloquial] :: to lose, to tumble (from)
слетать {v impf} [colloquial] :: to peel (off)
слетать {v impf} [colloquial] :: to go, to be gone
слетать {v pf} :: to fly there and back
слетать {v pf} [colloquial] :: to be there and back (again)
слететь {v pf} :: to fly down (from), to fly away (from)
слететь {v pf} [colloquial] :: to fall down (from), to fall (off)
слететь {v pf} [colloquial] :: to lose, to tumble (from)
слететь {vi pf} [colloquial] :: to peel (off)
слететь {v pf} [colloquial] :: to go, to be gone
слечь {v pf} [colloquial] :: to get seriously ill
слеш {noun} [typography] :: slash ("/" symbol)
с лёгким паром {interj} :: [lit.: “with a light steam”] (a friendly remark made to someone who's just come from the bath)
слёзный {adj} [relational] :: tear (water from the eyes); lacrimal
слёзный {adj} [folk poetic] :: teary, tearful
слёзный {adj} [colloquial, figurative] :: plaintive, sorrowful, tearful
слёт {noun} :: convent, rally, meeting, congress, gathering
слив {noun} :: discharge, drain, outlet
слив {noun} :: weathering, wash
слив {noun} :: leak
слива {noun} :: plum (fruit or tree)
сливать {v impf} :: to pour out, to pour off, to empty, to drain
сливать {vt impf} :: to merge, to fuse
сливать {v impf} [colloquial] :: to uncover some information about
сливать {v impf} [slang, euphemism] :: to have a piss
сливаться {v impf} :: to flow together, to interflow
сливаться {vi impf} :: to merge, to fuse, to blend
сливки {noun} :: cream (milk fat)
сливки {noun} [figuratively] :: elite
сливочное масло {noun} :: dairy butter
сливочный {adj} [relational] :: cream, creamy
сливочный {adj} :: cream-colored
слизать {v pf} :: to lick off
слизать {v pf} [colloquial, figurative] :: to destroy, to eliminate [of fire or water]
слизевой {adj} [relational] :: mucus; mucous, mucic
слизень {noun} :: slug (gastropod)
слизистая оболочка {noun} [anatomy] :: mucous membrane
слизистый {adj} :: mucous (relating to mucus)
слизистый {adj} :: slimy, pituitous
слизнуть {v pf} :: to lick off [once]
слизнуть {v pf} [colloquial, figurative] :: to destroy, to eliminate [of fire or water; once]
слизнуть {v impf} :: to be covered with slime
слизняк {noun} :: (zool.) slug
слизняк {noun} :: (colloq. pejorative) a slimeball
слизняк {noun} :: (colloq. pejorative) a weak-willed, worthless person
слизывать {v impf} :: to lick off
слизывать {v impf} [colloquial, figurative] :: to destroy, to eliminate [of fire or water]
слизь {noun} :: mucus
слизь {noun} :: slime
слинять {v pf} [colloquial] :: to fade
слинять {v pf} [colloquial] :: to skip off, to skip out
слипаться {v impf} :: to stick together, to stick to each other
слипнуться {v pf} :: to stick together, to stick to each other
слитно {adv} :: conjointly
слитно {adv} :: (written) in one word (with no spaces)
слитный {adj} :: conjoint, joint, cohesive
слитный {adj} :: written together (without spaces)
слиток {noun} :: ingot, bar (e.g. of gold), bullion
слить {v pf} :: to pour out, to pour off, to empty, to drain
слить {vt pf} :: to merge, to fuse
слить {v pf} [colloquial] :: to uncover some information about
слить {v pf} [slang, euphemism] :: to have a piss
слиться {v pf} :: to flow together, to interflow
слиться {vi pf} :: to merge, to fuse, to blend
с лишком {adv} [colloquial] :: a little over
слишком {adv} :: too (more than enough), too much
слияние {noun} :: merger (the act or process of merging)
слияние {noun} :: fusion (merging of elements into a union)
слияние {noun} :: confluence (point where two rivers or streams meet)
слобода {noun} [historical] :: large village or settlement, usually populated by non-serf (free) peasants
сл. обр. {adv} :: initialism of следующим образом: as follows
словак {noun} :: Slovak (native of Slovakia)
Словакия {prop} :: Slovakia (Slovak Republic)
словарный {adj} [relational] :: dictionary
словарный {adj} [relational] :: vocabulary
словарь {noun} :: dictionary
словарь {noun} :: vocabulary, glossary
словарь {noun} :: lexicon
словацкий {adj} :: Slovak, Slovakian
словачка {noun} :: female Slovak (native of Slovakia)
словенец {noun} :: Slovene (person from Slovenia)
Словения {prop} :: Slovenia
словенка {noun} :: Slovene girl or woman
словенский {adj} :: Slovenian
словеса {noun} [ironic or literary] :: words, text, verbiage
словесность {noun} :: literature
словесность {noun} :: lore, folklore
словесность {noun} :: philology
словесный {adj} :: verbal, oral
словесный {adj} :: philological
словечко {noun} :: diminutive of слово: word
словио {m inan} :: the Slovio language (a constructed language based on the Pan-Slavic "esperanto" that speakers of Slavic languages easily slip into to communicate with speakers of other Slavic languages)
словник {noun} :: wordlist
словно {conj} :: like, as if
словно {conj} :: as it were
словно {particle} :: it seems (that), it looks like [for expressing conditional, imaginary, or apparent things or action]
словно бы {conj} :: alternative form of словно
словно бы {particle} :: alternative form of словно
слово {noun} :: word, term
слово {noun} :: speech, address
слово {noun} :: promise
слово в слово {adv} :: word for word (in exactly the same words)
словоерс {noun} [obsolete] :: "slovoyers", ironical term for the honorific Russian suffix (an abbreviated form of сударь, or sir) that was formerly used to emphasize the speaker’s politeness or servility before a person of higher social status
словолитня {noun} :: type foundry
словом {adv} :: in short, in a word
словообразование {noun} [linguistics] :: word formation (formation of new words)
словообразовательный {adj} :: word-formative
словоохотливый {adj} :: talkative, loquacious, garrulous
словопрение {noun} :: argument, dispute
словосочетание {noun} [linguistics] :: word combination, phrase
словоформа {noun} [linguistics] :: wordform, inflected form
словцо {noun} :: diminutive of слово: word
слог {noun} [phonology] :: syllable
слог {noun} :: style, manner of writing
слоган {noun} :: slogan
слоговой {adj} [relational] :: syllable; syllabic
слогоделение {noun} [linguistics] :: syllabification, syllabication
сложение {noun} :: adding, composing
сложение {noun} :: composition
сложение {noun} :: laying down, resignation
сложение {noun} :: addition (arithmetic: process of adding)
сложение {noun} :: constitution, build
сложённый {adj} :: having a certain type of body
сложившийся {adj} :: well-established, mature
сложить {v pf} :: to lay together, to put together, to pile up, to heap, to stack
сложить {v pf} :: to pack up
сложить {v pf} :: to add, to sum up
сложить {v pf} :: to make, to assemble, to put together
сложить {v pf} :: song, rhyme to compose, to make up
сложить {v pf} :: to fold
сложить {v pf} :: to compose
сложить {v pf} :: to take off, to put down
сложиться {v pf} :: to chip in; to club together (with), to pool (with), to pool one's money / resources
сложиться {v pf} :: to (be) form(ed), to develop, to turn out, to take shape; to arise [of a situation, relationship]
сложнее {adv} :: comparative of сложный
сложнее {adv} :: comparative of сложно
сложно {adv} :: in a complicated manner
сложно {pred} :: it is complicated, it is difficult
сложность {noun} :: complexity, complicacy, complication, difficulty
сложный {adj} :: complex, compound
сложный {adj} :: complicated, intricate
сложный эфир {noun} [organic chemistry] :: ester
слоисто-дождевой {adj} [meteorology] :: nimbostratus
слоисто-кучевой {adj} [meteorology] :: stratocumulus
слоистый {adj} :: layered
слоистый {adj} [meteorology] :: stratus
слоить {v impf} :: to layer, to arrange in layers
слой {noun} :: layer
слой {noun} [geology] :: stratum
слой {noun} :: coat, coating (of paint, etc.)
слом {noun} :: pulling down, demolition, destruction
слом {noun} :: fracture, break
слом {noun} :: (mental) collapse, breakdown
сломать {v pf} :: to break, to fracture
сломать {v pf} :: to demolish, to pull down (a house)
сломать {vt pf} :: to destroy, to break down, to ruin
сломаться {vi pf} :: to break, to break up, to fracture, to split
сломаться {vi pf} :: to break down (of a device, etc.)
сломаться {v pf} [figurative] :: to collapse, to fall apart
сломаться {v pf} :: to crack, to break (of the voice)
сломить {v pf} :: to break, to crush
слон {noun} :: elephant
слон {noun} [chess] :: bishop
слонёнок {noun} :: elephant calf, baby elephant
-слонить {affix} :: Combining form used to form prefixed perfective verbs with various meanings
слониха {noun} :: a female elephant
слоновая болезнь {noun} [disease] :: elephantiasis
слоновая бумага {noun} :: ivory paper
слоновая кость {noun} :: ivory
слоновый {adj} [relational] :: elephant; elephantine, elephant's
слоновый {adj} [relational] :: ivory
слонопотам {noun} :: Heffalump
слонопотам {noun} [humorous] :: clumsy, awkward person
слоняться {v impf} :: to linger, to loaf, to loiter about
слопать {v pf} [low colloquial] :: to devour, to gobble
слуга {m anim} :: servant
служанка {noun} :: maidservant, housemaid
служащий {noun} :: employee
служащий {noun} :: office worker, white-collar worker
служащий {adj} :: used (for, to)
служба {noun} :: service
служба {noun} :: employment, job
служба {noun} :: office, work
служба {noun} :: duty
служба {noun} :: divine service
служебник {noun} [Christianity] :: service book, ordinal, missal
служебный {adj} [relational] :: office
служебный {adj} :: official
служебный {adj} :: secondary, subordinate, subservient
служебный {adj} [grammar] :: relational
служение {noun} [religion] :: service, ministration
служитель {noun} :: attendant
служитель {noun} :: servant
служитель {noun} :: acolyte
служитель {noun} :: warden
служитель {noun} :: page
служить {v impf} :: to serve someone or something
служить {v impf} :: to serve, to act, to work (as), to be
служить {v impf} :: to be (something), to serve (as)
служить {v impf} :: to be used (for), to serve (for), to do (for)
служить {v impf} :: to be in use, to do one's duty
служить {v impf} :: (church) to serve, to officiate
служить {v impf} :: (dog) to sit up and beg
слупить {v pf} :: to fleece someone (of a certain amount)
слух {noun} :: hearing, ear
слух {noun} [often, in the plural] :: rumor, hearsay
слух {noun} :: news, sign
слухи {noun} :: gossip (idle talk)
слухи {noun} :: talk, buzz
слуховой {adj} [relational] :: hearing; auditory
слухом земля полнится {phrase} :: a little bird told me (literally, the rumor fills the earth)
случай {noun} :: case
случай {noun} :: occurrence, event
случай {noun} :: occasion
случай {noun} :: opportunity, chance
случайно {adv} :: accidentally, by accident, casually, by chance, by any chance
случайное число {noun} :: random number (any of a sequence of random numbers)
случайность {noun} :: chance
случайность {noun} :: fortuity, fortuitousness
случайный {adj} :: accidental, casual, fortuitous, chance
случайный {adj} :: random, unpredictable
случаться {v impf} [usually, impersonal] :: to happen, to occur, to come about [с + instrumental, with]
случившееся {noun} :: something that happened
случиться {v pf} [usually impersonal] :: to happen, to occur, to come about [с + instrumental, with]
слушание {noun} :: listening (act of listening)
слушание {noun} :: hearing (proceeding at which discussions are heard)
слушатель {noun} :: listener, hearer, audience (someone who listens)
слушатель {noun} :: student
слушать {v impf} :: to listen, to listen to (+ accusative)
слушать {v impf} :: to attend
слушать {v impf} [medicine] :: to auscultate
слушаться {v impf} :: to obey, to take (someone's) advice, to listen to
слушаться {v impf} [imperfective only] :: to obey, to be under control [of a mechanism or body part]
слушаю-с {interj} [obsolete] :: at your service, milord
слушаю-с {interj} [obsolete] :: at your service, milady
слыть {v impf} :: to pass (for), to have the reputation (for), to be said / reputed
слыхать {v impf} [colloquial] :: to hear of, to hear from
слыхивать {v impf} :: to hear [repeatedly or frequently]; iterative of слыхать, iterative of слышать
слышал звон, да не знает, где он {proverb} [idiomatic] :: somebody doesn't know what he is talking about
слышать {v impf} :: to hear
слышать {vt impf} [colloquial] :: to smell, to feel (a smell)
слышаться {v impf} [impersonal] :: to be heard
слышаться {v impf} [colloquial] :: to be felt, to be smelled
слышимость {noun} :: audibility
слышимый {adj} :: audible (being able to be heard)
слышно {adv} :: audibly
слышно {pred} :: it is audible, one can hear
слышно {pred} :: it is known, there is information [in questions or negative constructions]
слышный {adj} :: audible (able to be heard)
слышь {interj} :: hey! [literally "do you hear"]
слэш {noun} :: alternative form of слеш
слюда {noun} :: mica (hydrous aluminosilicate minerals)
слюдка {noun} :: mica
слюна {noun} :: saliva, spittle
слюни {noun} [colloquial] :: saliva, drool
слюнка {noun} :: diminutive of слюна
слюнки {noun} [colloquial] :: diminutive of слюни
слюнки {noun} [colloquial] :: endearing form of слюни
слюнная железа {noun} :: salivary gland
слюнный {adj} :: salivary
слюнный {adj} :: salival
слюнтяй {noun} [derogatory] :: sissy, driveller, sniveller
слюнявчик {noun} :: bib (item of clothing for babies)
слякоть {noun} :: slush, mire, crud, mud
сляпсить {v pf} [low colloquial] :: to steal
с/м {adv} :: initialism of сего месяца
с. м. {adv} :: initialism of сего месяца
с.м. {adv} :: initialism of сего месяца
см {m inan} :: cm, centimeter
смага {noun} [dialectal] :: heat; dryness in the mouth
смага {noun} [dialectal] :: thirst
смага {noun} [dialectal] :: soot
смазать {v pf} :: to smear, to grease, to oil, to lubricate, to dub
смазать {v pf} :: to smear, to wipe off
смазать {v pf} [colloquial] :: to grease someone's palm
смазать {v pf} :: (a question, a problem) to slur
смазать {v pf} :: (photography) to blur
смазать {v pf} [colloquial] :: to bash, to dot
смазка {noun} :: smearing, greasing, oiling, lubrication
смазка {noun} :: lubricant
смазливый {adj} [colloquial] :: pretty, cute
смазывание {noun} :: smearing, greasing, oiling, lubrication
смазывание {noun} :: slurring
смазывать {v impf} :: to smear, to grease, to oil, to lubricate, to dub
смазывать {v impf} :: to smear, to wipe off
смазывать {v impf} [colloquial] :: to grease someone's palm
смазывать {v impf} :: (a question, a problem) to slur
смазывать {v impf} :: (photography) to blur
смайл {noun} :: smiley (representation of a smiling face; sequence of keyboard characters)
смайлик {noun} [Internet] :: smiley
смак {noun} :: gusto, pleasant taste
смак {noun} [figuratively or poetic] :: zest, relish, gusto
смаковать {v impf} [colloquial, also figurative] :: to relish, to savor
смалец {noun} :: grease, lard
смальта {noun} :: smalt
сманеврировать {v pf} :: to manoeuvre, to maneuver, to make evolutions
сманивать {v impf} :: to entice, to lure
смарагд {noun} [archaic] :: emerald
смастерить {v pf} [colloquial] :: to make, to contrive
сматывать {v impf} :: to wind completely, to wind up (a spool of rope, a fishing line, etc.)
сматывать {v impf} :: to unwind
сматывать {v impf} [low colloquial] :: [idiomatic]
сматываться {v impf} [low colloquial] :: to leave, to scram, to skedaddle, to vamoose
смахивать {v impf} :: to whisk (away, off), to flap (away, off), to flick away, to brush (off)
смахивать {v impf} :: to look like, to resemble, to smack (of)
смахнуть {v pf} :: to whisk (away, off), to flap (away, off), to flick away, to brush (off)
смачивать {v impf} :: to moisten, to wet
смачно {adv} [colloquial] :: deliciously, appetizingly
смачно {adv} [colloquial] :: strongly, expressively
смачный {adj} [colloquial] :: delicious, appetizing
смачный {adj} [colloquial] :: strong, expressive, precise
смежный {adj} :: adjoined, contiguous
смежный {adj} :: related
смекалка {noun} :: keenness of wit, sagacity
смекать {vi impf} [colloquial, usually, _] :: to understand, to get it, to catch on, to realize
смекнуть {vi pf} [colloquial, usually, _] :: to understand, to get it, to catch on, to realize
смелеть {v impf} :: to grow bolder
смело {adv} :: courageously, daringly, audaciously, boldly, bravely
смелость {noun} :: boldness, courage; audacity
смелый {adj} :: courageous, daring, audacious, bold, brave
смельчак {noun} :: daredevil, a brave man
смена {noun} :: change, replacement
смена {noun} :: shift
смена {noun} [military] :: relief
смена {noun} :: supersession
смена {noun} [in the plural] :: successors
сменить {v pf} :: to change, to replace
сменить {v pf} :: to succeed (to come after)
смениться {vi pf} :: to change into (+ instrumental)
смениться {vi pf} :: to alternate, to take turns
смениться {v pf} :: to be relieved (с from a work shift)
сменный {adj} [relational] :: shift (work, etc.)
сменный {adj} :: replaceable, removable
сменщик {noun} :: one who alternates shifts with another [e.g. on the same machine]
сменщик {noun} [theater] :: understudy
сменять {vt impf} :: to change, to replace
сменять {v impf} :: to succeed (to come after)
сменяться {vi impf} :: to change into (+ instrumental)
сменяться {vi impf} :: to alternate, to take turns
сменяться {v impf} :: to be relieved (с from a work shift)
сменяться {vi pf} [colloquial] :: to exchange, to swap
смерд {noun} [historical] :: a low-class peasant, smerd
смерд {noun} [pejorative] :: peasant; serf; slave
смердеть {v impf} :: to stink, to stench (have a strong bad smell)
смерить {v pf} [colloquial] :: to measure
смеркаться {v impf} :: to become dark [referring to the day]
смеркнуться {v pf} :: to become dark [referring to the day]
смертельно {adv} :: mortally, fatally
смертельно {adv} :: grievously [insulted]
смертельно {adv} :: utterly [bored, exhausted, etc.]
смертельный {adj} :: mortal, deadly, lethal, fatal
смертельный {adj} [relational] :: death; death-defying
смертная казнь {noun} :: death penalty, capital punishment
смертник {noun} :: person sentenced to death
смертник {noun} :: suicide bomber
смертность {noun} :: death rate
смертный {adj} :: mortal
смертный {adj} [relational] :: death
смертный {noun} :: mortal (person susceptible to death)
смертоносный {adj} :: deadly, mortal, fatal, lethal, killing
смерть {noun} :: death
смерть {noun} :: (used emphatically with как) dying for
смерть как {idiom} :: dying for
Смерть шпионам {phrase} :: "Death to spies!", rallying cry of SMERSH, the counterintelligence department of the GRU and NKVD
смерч {noun} [meteorology] :: tornado, twister, whirlwind
СМЕРШ {noun} :: SMERSH
смерять {v pf} [low colloquial] :: alternative form of смерить
смеситель {noun} :: mixer
смеситель {noun} [animate] :: commingler, stirrer
с места в карьер {idiom} :: straight away, off the bat, without delay
смести {v pf} :: to brush off, to sweep off, to wipe off
смести {v pf} :: to carry away (by wind, etc.)
смести {v pf} [figuratively] :: to destroy, to dispel, to eliminate
смести {v pf} :: to collect into one place (by raking or sweeping)
сместить {v pf} :: to shift, to displace, to move
сместить {v pf} :: to remove (from position)
сместиться {v pf} :: to shift, to move, to heave
смесь {noun} :: blend, mix, mixture
смета {noun} :: account, estimate, budget (reckoning, calculation)
сметана {noun} :: sour cream
сметать {v impf} :: to brush off, to sweep off, to wipe off
сметать {v impf} :: to carry away (by wind, etc.)
сметать {v impf} [figuratively] :: to destroy, to dispel, to eliminate
сметать {v pf} :: to stack, to rick
сметать {v pf} :: to baste, to tack (together)
сметь {v impf} :: to dare, to make bold, to be so bold as to
смех {noun} :: laugh, laughter
смехотворный {adj} :: ridiculous, ludicrous
смехотворный {adj} :: small, insignificant
смехуёчки {noun} [vulgar] :: lulz, funny stuff, jokes
смешавшийся {adj} :: abashed (embarrassed)
смешанный {adj} :: mixed, hybrid
смешанный {adj} :: composite
смешанный {adj} :: miscellaneous
смешать {vt pf} :: to mix, to mingle, to blend
смешать {v pf} :: to mix up the order of
смешать {v pf} [colloquial] :: to mess up
смешать {v pf} :: to confuse, to mix up
смешаться {vi pf} :: to mix, to blend (in), to mingle, to intermingle with [с + instrumental]
смешаться {vi pf} :: to merge
смешаться {v pf} :: to get mixed up, to be jumbled
смешаться {v pf} :: to become confused
смешение {noun} :: mixing, mixture; blending, merging
смешивать {v impf} :: to mix, to mix up
смешивать {v impf} [colloquial] :: to mess up
смешивать {v impf} :: to confuse, to mix up
смешиваться {v impf} :: to mix, (inter)to blend
смешить {v impf} :: to make (someone) laugh
смешить {v impf} [colloquial] :: to make an unpleasant impression (on someone)
смешливый {adj} :: prone to laugh, giggly [of a person or mood]
смешно {adv} :: in a funny manner/way, comically
смешно {adv} [predicative, impersonal] :: it is nice
смешной {adj} :: funny, comic, droll
смешной {adj} :: laughable, ridiculous, ludicrous
смешок {noun} :: chuckle, short laugh
смешок {noun} :: (plural) jokes, jeers
смещать {v impf} :: to shift, to displace, to move
смещать {v impf} :: to remove (from position)
смещаться {v impf} :: to shift, to move, to heave
смещение {noun} :: displacement, shift
-смеять {affix} :: Combining form used to form prefixed perfective verbs with the approximate meanings "to laugh" or "to mock"
смеяться {v impf} :: to laugh
смеяться {v impf} :: to laugh at (над кем, над чем)
смеяться {v impf} :: to mock, to deride
смётывать {v impf} :: to stack, to rick
смётывать {v impf} :: to baste, to tack (together)
СМИ {n inanp} :: acronym of средства массовой информации: mass media
сминать {v impf} :: to rumple, to crumple, to wrinkle, to fumble, to crease
смирение {noun} :: humility, meekness; humbleness; resignation (state of uncomplaining)
смиренно {adv} :: abjectly (with great shame, desperately; in an abject fashion)
смиренность {noun} :: humility, meekness
смиренный {adj} :: humble, meek, submissive
смиренный {adj} :: abject (showing resignation)
смирительная рубашка {noun} :: straitjacket (a jacket-like garment)
смирить {v pf} :: to humble, to tame
смирить {v pf} :: to suppress, to restrain (an emotion)
смириться {v pf} :: to become reconciled [с to]
смириться {v pf} :: to give in
смирна {noun} :: myrrh
смирнее {adv} :: comparative of смирный
смирнее {adv} :: comparative of смирно
смирно {adv} :: quietly (in a quiet manner)
смирно {interj} [military] :: attention! Used as a command to bring soldiers to the attention position
смирный {adj} :: quiet, mild, meek
смирять {v impf} :: to humble, to tame
смирять {v impf} :: to suppress, to restrain (an emotion)
смиряться {v impf} :: to become reconciled [с to]
смиряться {v impf} :: to give in
смог {noun} :: smog
смоделировать {v pf} :: to model, to design, to fashion, to shape
смоделировать {v pf} [mathematics, engineering] :: to simulate
смоделировать {v pf} [art] :: to model, to sculpture
смок {noun} [archaic, folkloric] :: dragon (mythical creature)
смоква {noun} :: fig
смоква {noun} :: fig tree
смокинг {noun} :: tuxedo
смокинг {noun} :: dinner jacket
смоктать {v impf} :: to suck
смола {noun} :: resin, pitch, tar, coal tar (viscous liquid of plant origin)
Смоленск {prop} :: Смоленск (city/regional capital)
смоленский {adj} [relational] :: Smolensk
смолкать {v impf} :: (sound, noise) to cease, to stop
смолкать {v impf} :: to grow silent, to fall into silence, to fall silent
смолкнуть {v pf} :: (sound, noise) to cease, to stop
смолкнуть {v pf} :: to grow silent, to fall into silence, to fall silent
смоловарня {noun} :: tar works
смолокурня {noun} :: tar works
смолотить {v pf} :: to thresh, to flail
смолоть {v pf} :: to grind, to mill (to make smaller by breaking with a device)
смолоть {v pf} [colloquial] :: to talk nonsense
смолчать {v pf} :: to be/remain silent, to say nothing, to hold one's tongue
смольный {adj} [relational, dated] :: resin, tar
смольный {adj} [dated] :: resinous, tarry
Смолян {prop} :: Smolyan (a town in Bulgaria)
смолянин {noun} :: citizen of Smolensk
смолянка {noun} :: A woman or girl nati