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-на {suffix} :: the definite article "the" in its distal singular form, female gender
-на {suffix} :: the definite article "the" in its distal plural form, neuter gender
на {prep} :: on [surface]
на {prep} :: on, at [attending something]
на {prep} :: of
на {prep} :: to [indirect object]
на {particle} [rude] :: here you are (handing someone something)
набабреност {f} :: turgidity
набабри {vi pf} :: to swell, bulge
набави {vt pf} :: to obtain, procure, acquire
набавка {f} :: acquisition
набавува {vt impf} :: to procure, obtain
набеди {vt pf} :: to blame
набедува {vt impf} :: to accuse, blame
набере {vt pf} :: to collect (by plucking, e.g. fruits, flowers)
набере {vt pf} :: to fold, wrinkle
набие {vt pf} :: to drive into, lodge, plunge
набилдан {adj} :: ripped, buff
набира {vt impf} :: to fold, crease
набљудува {vt impf} :: to observe
набљудувач {m} :: observer
набљудувачки {adj} :: observational
набљудувачница {f} :: vantage point, observation post
набоде {vt pf} :: to impale
набодува {vt impf} :: to impale
набожен {adj} :: pious
набожност {f} :: piety
набој {m} :: charge (figurative, e.g. emotional charge)
набор {m} :: fold, wrinkle
набрашни {vt pf} :: to cover with flour
набрашнува {vt impf} :: to cover with flour
набрзо {adv} :: presently, shortly, soon
наброи {vt pf} :: to enumerate, list
набројува {vt impf} :: to enumerate, list
набуба {vt pf} :: to cram, memorize, study mechanically
набута {vt pf} :: to cram, shove, pack
навади {vt pf} :: to water (flowers)
навали {vt pf} :: to incline, tilt, bend
навали {vi pf} :: to rush in
навалува {vt impf} :: to tilt, lean
наваму {adv} :: hither
наваса {vt pf} :: to overwhelm, overcome
навасува {vt impf} :: to overwhelm, overcome
наведе {vt pf} :: to list, enumerate, cite, quote
наведне {vt pf} :: to bend, lower (e.g. one's head)
наведнува {vt impf} :: to tilt, lower (a body part)
наведува {vt impf} :: to list, enumerate, cite, quote
навежба {vt pf} :: to practice (to the point of learning it)
навезе {vt pf} :: to embroider
навек {adv} [rare] :: forever
навести {vt pf} :: to foreshadow, herald, suggest
навестува {vt impf} :: to herald, presage, augur
навечер {adv} :: in the evening
нави {fp} :: malevolent mythical creatures
навива {vt impf} :: to wind (e.g. a clock)
навива {vi impf} :: to cheer, root
навивач {m} :: fan, cheerer
навивачка {f} :: female cheerer, cheerleader
навивачки {adj} :: fan (of or pertaining to)
навигација {f} :: navigation
навигациски {adj} :: navigational
навидум {adv} :: seemingly, apparently
навие {vt pf} :: to wind (e.g. a clock)
навика {f} :: habit
навикне {vt pf} :: to get accustomed, habituate
навикнува {vt impf} :: to accustom, habituate
навистина {adv} :: really, truly
навистина {adv} :: indeed
навитка {vt pf} :: to curl
навиткува {vt impf} :: to curl
навлажи {vt pf} :: to moisten, wet
навлажнува {vt impf} :: to moisten
навлажува {vt impf} :: to moisten
навлака {f} :: pillow case
навлегува {vi impf} :: enter
навлегува {vi impf} :: to go into details
навлезе {vi pf} :: to go (into details), start discussing
навлече {vt pf} :: to pull onto, stretch onto (e.g. a sheet onto a bed), put on (clothing)
навлече {vt pf} :: to cause someone to start performing some activity (e.g. taking drugs)
навод {m} :: quotation
навод {m} :: reference
наводен {adj} :: putative, purported, alleged, supposed
наводени {vt pf} :: to wet
наводенува {vt impf} :: to wet
наводни {vt pf} :: to water, irrigate
наводник {m} :: quotation mark
наводно {adv} :: allegedly, reportedly
наводнува {vt impf} :: to irrigate
на возраст од {prep} :: at the age of
наврапит {adj} :: hasty
наврапитост {f} :: hastiness, restlessness
наврат {m} :: repeated action, revisiting
наврати {vi pf} :: to stop by
навраќа {vi impf} :: to stop by, drop in
навреда {f} :: insult, offense
навреденост {f} :: indignation, the state of having taken offense
навреди {vt pf} :: to insult, offend
навредлив {adj} :: offensive, insulting
навредливост {f} :: offensiveness
навредува {vt impf} :: to offend, insult
навреме {adv} :: on time (in schedule)
навремен {adj} :: timely, punctually
на времето {adv} :: back in the day
наврне {vi pf} :: to get soaked in the rain
наврнува {vi impf} :: to get soaked in the rain
наврти {vt pf} :: to turn a rotatory object such as knob or a screw as far as possible
навртка {f} :: nut (that fits onto a bolt)
наврши {vt pf} :: to thresh
нагаѓа {vi impf} :: to guess blindly, randomly
нагази {vt pf} :: to step on
нагазува {vt impf} :: to step on
нагласеност {f} :: the quality of being accented
нагласи {vt pf} :: to emphasize, accentuate, highlight
нагласок {m} :: accent, stress, emphasis
нагласок {m} :: accent (specific pronunciation)
нагласува {vt impf} :: to accentuate, stress, emphasize
наглост {f} :: suddenness, abruptness, brusqueness
наглув {adj} :: hard of hearing
нагмечи {vt pf} :: to squish, squash
наговара {vt impf} :: to persuade, convince (to do something)
наговестува {vt impf} :: to hint, suggest, insinuate
наговори {vt pf} :: to persuade (to do something)
нагоди {vt pf} :: to adjust, fit
нагодува {vt impf} :: to adjust, fit
нагол {adj} :: sudden, abrupt
наголемо {adv} :: to a large degree, intensively
нагон {m} :: urge, drive
нагонски {adj} :: impulsive
нагоре {adv} :: upward
нагорчува {vi impf} :: to be slightly bitter
нагости {vt pf} :: to feed well, give lots of food (to people)
нагостува {vt impf} :: to feed well, organize a feast for
награба {vt pf} :: to grab many things
награда {f} :: award, reward
награден {adj} :: prize, award, reward (of or pertaining to)
награди {vt pf} :: to reward
наградува {vt impf} :: to award, reward
нагрди {vt pf} :: to make ugly
нагрдува {vt impf} :: to make ugly
нагризе {vt pf} :: to eat away, corrode
нагризува {vt impf} :: to corrode
нагрне {vt pf} :: to put something on one's shoulders, rather than putting it on properly (e.g. of a jacket)
нагрнува {vt impf} :: to put a garment on one's shoulders rather than wearing it fully
над {prep} :: above, over
надава {vt impf} :: to lean out, extend
надава {vt impf} :: to give many things
нададе {vt pf} :: to lean out, extend
нададе {vt pf} :: to give many things
надарен {adj} :: gifted, talented
надареност {f} :: talent
надари {vt pf} :: to endow
надарува {vt impf} :: to endow
надбубрежен {noun} :: adrenal
на два чекора од {prep} :: within an ace of, within a hair's breadth of, within spitting distance of
надвива {vt impf} :: to overcome, defeat, subdue
надвие {vt pf} :: to overcome, defeat, subdue
надвикува {vt impf} :: to outyell
надвишува {vt impf} :: to exceed, surpass
надвлекувач {m} :: highlighter
надвозник {m} :: overpass
надвојвода {m} :: archduke
надвор {adv} :: outside
надвор {adv} :: Get out!
надворешен {adj} :: external
надворешност {f} :: exterior
надвор од {prep} :: outside of, out of
надгласа {vt pf} :: to outvote
надгласилен {adj} :: epiglottal
надгледува {vt impf} :: to monitor, supervise
надградба {f} :: superstructure
надградба {f} :: upgrade
надградува {vt impf} :: to upgrade
надгробен {adj} :: above a grave
надеж {f} :: hope
надежен {adj} :: hopeful
надежен {adj} :: reliable
надежност {f} :: hopefulness
надежност {f} :: reliability, security
наденува {vt impf} :: to skewer
надесно {adv} :: to the right
надживее {vt pf} :: to outlive
надживува {vt impf} :: to outlive
надзборува {vt pf} :: to outspeak
надзира {vt impf} :: to oversee, monitor, supervise, superintend
надзнак {m} :: superscript
надзор {m} :: supervision
надзорен {adj} :: supervisory
надзорник {m} :: supervisor, overseer
надзорничка {f} :: female supervisor
надигра {vt pf} :: to outplay
надимак {m} [nonstandard] :: nickname
надитри {vt pf} :: to outwit
надитрува {vt impf} :: to outwit
надлактица {f} :: upper arm, brachium
надлежен {adj} :: responsible, in charge
надлежност {f} :: responsibility, charge
надлежност {f} :: jurisdiction, competence
надмен {adj} :: arrogant, haughty
надменост {f} :: arrogance
надмине {vt pf} :: to surpass, surmount, overcome
надмине {vt pf} :: to outdo, surpass
надминлив {adj} :: surmountable
надминува {vt impf} :: to surpass, overcome
надминува {vt impf} :: to exceed, go beyond, do more than
надморски {adj} :: above sea
надмоќ {f} :: superiority, dominion
надмоќен {adj} :: superior, dominant
надмоќност {f} :: superiority, power
надмудри {vt pf} :: to outsmart
надмудрува {vt impf} :: to outsmart
надничар {m} :: day laborer
надничарка {f} :: female day labourer
надничарски {adj} :: day laborer (of or pertaining to)
надоаѓа {vi impf} :: to rise (of water level)
надогради {vt pf} :: to build onto, add onto (a building), upgrade
надоградува {vt impf} :: to build onto, add onto, upgrade
надои {vt pf} :: to breastfeed
надојде {vi pf} :: to swell, rise, approach
надокнади {vi pf} [non-standard] :: to compensate for, make up
надоле {adv} :: downward
надолу {adv} :: downward
надомест {m} :: compensation
надомести {vt pf} :: to make up for, compensate
надоместок {m} :: compensation
надоместува {vt impf} :: to make up, compensate
надополнува {vt impf} :: to complement
надотера {vt pf} :: to dress up thoroughly, doll up thoroughly
надразнетост {f} :: irritation (the state of being irritated)
надразни {vt pf} :: to irritate, stimulate
надразнува {vt impf} :: to irritate
надреализам {m} :: surrealism
надреденост {f} :: superiority
надрилекар {m} :: quack, charlatan
надроби {vt pf} :: to crush, crumble
надуван {adj} [slang] :: high (on a drug ingested by smoking)
надувува {vt impf} :: to inflate
надуе {vt pf} :: to inflate
надуеност {f} :: cockiness
наѓубри {vt pf} :: to fertilize, manure
наебе {vi pf} :: to be fucked, to be subjected to very disagreeable circumstances
наеднаш {adv} :: suddenly
наедно {adv} :: together
наедно {adv} :: at the same time
наежи {vt pf} :: to give someone goosebumps, the chills
наем {m} :: rent, hire
наемен {adj} :: rental
наемен {adj} :: hired, paid
наемник {n} :: temporary worker
назад {adv} :: backward, in the back
назаден {adj} :: backward, undeveloped
назадност {f} :: backwardness
назадува {vi impf} :: to regress
назализација {f} :: nasalisation
назализира {vt both} :: to nasalize
назалност {f} :: nasality
на здравје {interj} :: Cheers, said before sharing a drink
на здравје {interj} :: Gesundheit, said after someone sneezes
наземи {adv} :: on the ground, on the floor
назив {m} :: title, name, appellation
назначи {vt pf} :: to designate, appoint
назначува {vt impf} :: to designate, appoint
наивен {adj} :: naive, gullible
наивност {f} :: naiveness
наиде {vi pf} :: to come across, chance upon
наидува {vi impf} :: to run across, encounter
наизменичен {adj} :: alternating
наизменичник {m} :: alternator
наизменично {adv} :: alternately, taking turns
нај- {prefix} :: A superlative prefix in adjectives and adverbs
најава {f} :: announcement
најави {vt pf} :: to announce
најавува {vt impf} :: to announce
најавувач {m} :: announcer
најаде {vt pf} :: to give enough food, satiate
највише {adv} [nonstandard] :: superlative of многу
највише {determiner} [nonstandard] :: superlative of многу
најгвирц {m} :: allspice (Pimenta dioica)
најде {vt pf} :: to find
најде за сходно {vi pf} :: to find the time (mostly of someone inconsiderate or selfish who is intentionally delaying something)
најденче {n} :: foundling
најквирц {m} :: alternative form of најгвирц
најлон {m} :: nylon
најлонски {adj} :: nylon
најми {vt pf} :: to hire
најмува {vt impf} :: to hire, engage
накаже {vt pf} [dated] :: to punish, to impose a punishment or penalty on someone, to penalize
накаже {vt pf} :: to say a lot of things
наказа {f} [nonstandard] :: freak, monster
накај {prep} :: toward
накалеми {vt pf} :: to graft
накалемува {vt impf} :: to graft
накани {vt pf} :: to persuade (with great effort)
наканува {vt impf} :: to persuade (with great effort)
накапе {vt pf} :: to spill a few drops of liquid onto something
накваси {vt pf} [non-standard] :: to make wet, soak
наквасува {vt impf} :: to get wet, soak
накиснува {vi impf} :: to get soaked (e.g. in the rain)
накит {m} :: jewelry
накити {vt pf} :: to decorate, adorn
накитува {vt impf} :: to decorate
наклевети {vt pf} :: to slander
наклеветува {vt impf} :: to slander
наклон {m} :: bow (gesture)
наклонетост {f} :: inclination, disposition
наклони {vt pf} :: to tilt, incline
наклонува {vt impf} :: to tilt, incline
наковална {f} :: anvil
накодоши {vt pf} :: to snitch, tell on someone
накодошува {vt impf} :: to tell on, snitch on
накопа {vt pf} :: to dig many holes
накосеност {f} :: tiltedness
накострешеност {f} :: the state of having one's hair bristle
накострешува {vt impf} :: to make one's fur stand on end
на крај {adv} :: in the end
на крајот на краиштата {adv} :: at long last, in the end
на крајот на краиштата {adv} :: after all, at the end of the day, when all things have been considered, in the great scheme of things
накриви {vt pf} :: to curve, tilt
накривува {vt impf} :: to tilt
на куково лето {adv} [idiomatic] :: never, when hell freezes over
накупи {vt pf} :: to buy a large quantity of
накурчи {vt pf} [vulgar] :: to piss off, annoy
налага {vt impf} :: to propose, advocate
налаз {m} [nonstandard] :: medical finding
налан {m} :: clog
налбат {m} :: farrier
налево {adv} :: to the left
налепи {vt pf} :: to stick many things
налепница {f} :: sticker
налепница {f} :: label
налет {m} :: attack, storm, deluge
налет {particle} :: curses, damn, for pity's sake
налета {vi pf} :: to run into, come across
налетува {vi impf} :: to run across, run into, encounter
налив {m} :: surge, bout, influx
налива {vt impf} :: to pour (especially for drinking)
налие {vt pf} :: to pour (especially for drinking)
наликува {vi impf} :: to resemble
на лице место {prep} :: At that very moment; on the spot; right away
наличен {adj} :: available, at one's disposition
налог {m} :: warrant
наложништво {n} :: concubinage
наложува {vt impf} :: to order, command, impose
налудничав {adj} :: crazy, silly, batty
налудничавост {f} :: looniness
налупа {vt pf} [colloquial] :: to pile, stack, put carelessly, put too much
налути {vt pf} :: to anger
намаз {m} :: spread (food)
намаз {m} [Islam] :: salat
намаленост {f} :: diminished state
намали {vt pf} :: to decrease
намалува {vt impf} :: to reduce, diminish
намами {vt pf} :: to lure, entice
намамува {vt impf} :: to lure
намачка {vt pf} :: to smear, spread
намачкува {vt impf} :: to smear, spread, anoint
намек {m} :: hint, insinuation
намекне {vt pf} :: to hint, imply, allude
намеле {vt pf} :: to grind a large quantity of
намена {f} :: purpose (what something has been created for)
намени {vt pf} :: to intend, destine, designate
наменски {adj} :: specific, themed, targeted
наменува {vt impf} :: to intend, destine, designate
намера {f} :: intention
намерен {adj} :: intentional, deliberate
намери {vi pf} :: to intend, resolve
намерно {adv} :: intentionally, on purpose
намерува {vi impf} :: to intend, make up one's mind
намеси {vt pf} :: to knead a lot
намесник {m} :: regent, viceroy, representative
намесништво {n} :: regency
намести {vt pf} :: to put, place, position, set up (for a crime)
наместо {prep} :: instead of
наместува {vt impf} :: to set, position, arrange, put something where it belongs
наметка {f} :: cape
наметлив {adj} :: intrusive, importunate, pestilential
наметливост {f} :: pushiness, intrusiveness, importunacy
наметне {vt pf} :: to impose
наметнува {vt impf} :: to impose
намештај {m} :: furniture
намигне {vi pf} :: to wink
намигнува {vi impf} :: to wink
намине {vi pf} :: to stop by, pay a visit
наминува {vi impf} :: to stop by, pay a visit
намириса {vt pf} :: to smell, detect a smell
намириса {vt pf} :: to apply perfume
намирисува {vt impf} :: to sniff out, detect a smell
намирисува {vt impf} :: to perfume
намирници {fp} :: groceries, foodstuffs
намисли {vt pf} :: to resolve, set one's mind on doing something
намислува {vi impf} :: to resolve, set one's mind on doing something
намокри {vt pf} :: to make wet
намокрува {vt impf} :: to moisten, wet
намолзе {vt pf} :: to obtain a certain amount of milk through milking
намоли {vt pf} :: to persuade with pleas
намолува {vt impf} :: to persuade through begging
намота {vt pf} :: to coil, wind
намотка {vt pf} :: to wind, coil
намотува {vt impf} :: to wind, coil
намрштеност {f} :: frowning
намршти {vt pf} :: to furrow (one's brow)
намќор {m} :: curmudgeon, grouch
намќорски {adj} :: grumpy, grouchy, crabby
намуртеност {f} :: frowning
нана {vi impf} [infantile] :: to sleep
нана {f} [dialectal] :: mint
наназад {adv} :: backward
нанапред {adv} :: forward
нане {n} :: mint
нанесе {vt pf} :: to inflict
нанесува {vt impf} :: to inflict
наниже {vt pf} :: to string (e.g. beads)
нанижува {vt impf} :: to string
нанишани {vi pf} :: to aim (of weapons)
наново {adv} :: anew, again
нанос {m} :: deposit (sediment or rock different from the surrounding material)
Нант {prop} {m} :: Нант (capital city)
наоблече {vt pf} :: to put on lots of clothing
наобразба {f} :: education, training
наод {m} :: found (anything found)
наод {m} :: finding (result of research or an investigation)
наод {m} :: diagnosis
наод {m} :: foundling
наоѓа {vt impf} :: to find
наоѓалиште {n} :: place of finding
наоколу {adv} :: about, around
наопаку {adj} :: upside-down
наопаку {adj} :: inside-out
наопаку {adj} [figuratively] :: improper
наопаку {adv} :: upside-down
наопаку {adv} :: inside-out
наопаку {adv} [figuratively] :: improperly
на основа на {prep} :: on the basis of, based on
наостри {vt pf} :: to sharpen
наочари {fp} [nonstandard, pluralonly] :: glasses, spectacles
наочарчиња {f} [nonstandard] :: diminutive of наочари
наочит {adj} :: distinguishable, prominent
наочник {m} :: blinker (horse's)
напад {m} :: attack, assault
нападен {adj} :: offensive, aggressive, intrusive
напади {v pf} :: to chase away
напади {p} :: plural of напад
нападне {vt pf} :: to attack, assail, aggress
нападност {f} :: aggressiveness, obtrusiveness, importunacy
напаѓа {vt impf} :: to attack
напаѓач {m} :: attacker, assailant
напакости {vi pf} :: to harm, inflict suffering (especially out of spite)
напакува {vt pf} :: to pack many things
напален {adj} [colloquial] :: horny
напаленост {f} [colloquial] :: horniness
напамет {adv} :: by heart
напамет {adv} :: randomly (e.g. of speaking)
напасник {m} :: assailant
напасник {m} :: nuisance
напаст {f} :: nuisance, nagger
напатеност {f} :: the state of having suffered intensely
на пат кон {prep} :: on the way to
напатствие {n} :: manual, instructions
напев {m} :: tune, melody
напивка {f} :: potion, concoction
напика {vt pf} :: to put, shove, cram
напира {vt impf} :: to press, strain
напис {m} :: writing
напиток {m} :: potion, drink
напише {vt pf} :: to write
наплати {vt pf} :: to charge (ask for money)
наплатува {vt impf} :: to charge (money)
наплаќа {vt impf} :: to charge (money)
наплеска {vt pf} :: to slap multiple times
наплив {m} :: surge, influx
наплиска {vt pf} :: to splash
наплука {vt pf} :: to spit on
напнат {adj} :: tense, suspenseful
напнатост {f} :: tension
напне {vt pf} :: to stretch, tighten
напне {vt pf} [slang] :: to annoy, anger
напнува {vt impf} :: to make tense, strain
напнува {vt impf} [colloquial] :: to make angry
напои {vt pf} :: to water (an animal)
напојница {f} :: tip (money)
наполни {vt pf} :: to fill
на полноќ {adv} :: at midnight
наполнува {vt impf} :: to fill, charge
напомена {f} :: remark, observation
напоменува {vt impf} [non-standard] :: to mention
напон {m} :: voltage
напон {m} :: tension
напор {m} :: strain, effort
напореден {adj} :: parallel
напоредник {m} :: latitude
напоредност {f} :: parallelism
напорен {adj} :: strenuous, difficult
напорен {adj} :: insistent, annoying
напорност {f} :: strenuousness
на пр. {adv} :: abbreviation of на пример
направа {f} :: device, gadget, appliance
направи {vt pf} :: to do, make
напразен {adj} :: in vain, futile
напразно {adv} :: in vain
напрашува {vt impf} :: to sprinkle
на прв поглед {adv} :: at first sight
напрега {vt impf} :: to strain
напрегнатост {f} :: strain
напрегне {vt pf} :: to strain, exert
напред {adv} :: forward, ahead, in front
напреден {adj} :: advanced, developed
напред-назад {adv} :: back-and-forth
напредне {vi pf} :: to make progress
напредност {f} :: advancedness
напредок {m} :: progress
напредува {vi impf} :: to progress
на пример {adv} :: for example, for instance
напротив {adv} :: on the contrary
напрсток {m} :: thimble
напрсток {m} :: foxglove
напрчи {vt pf} :: to purse (one's lips)
напудри {vt pf} :: to powder (e.g. one's nose)
напушта {vt impf} :: to leave, abandon
напушти {vt pf} :: to abandon, forsake
нарав {m} :: temperament
нараза {f} :: plant infection
нарази {vt pf} :: to infect (a plant)
нараквица {f} :: bracelet
нараквица {f} :: glove
нарани {vt pf} :: to feed
нарасне {vi pf} :: to grow, swell, rise (of dough)
нараснува {vi impf} :: to grow, swell, rise (of dough)
нарасте {v pf} :: to grow
наративен {adj} :: narrative
наратор {m} :: narrator
нараторски {adj} :: narrative
нарација {f} :: narration
нарач {m} [archaic] :: message
нарача {vt pf} :: to order (e.g. food in a restaurant)
нарачка {f} :: order (the request for some product or service)
нарачува {vt impf} :: to order (e.g. food in a restaurant)
нарвал {m} :: narwhal
наредба {f} :: command, order
нареден {adj} :: next, upcoming, following, subsequent
нареди {vt pf} :: to order, command
нареди {vt pf} :: to order, arrange, set up
наредник {m} :: master sergeant
наредува {vt impf} :: to order (bring in order)
наредува {vt impf} :: to order, command
нареже {vt pf} :: to slice, cut
нареже {vt pf} :: to sharpen
нарекува {vt impf} :: to name, call, term (something as something else)
наренда {vt pf} :: to grate a certain amount of
нарече {vt pf} :: to call (address or refer to in a particular way)
наречје {n} :: dialect
наречница {f} :: fairy of fate
нарилник {m} :: muzzle (device placed on an animal's mouth to prevent it from vocalizing or biting)
наркоза {f} :: narcosis
наркоман {m} :: junkie, drug addict
наркоманка {f} :: female junkie, drug addict
наркомански {adj} :: drug addict (of or pertaining to)
народ {m} :: people, nation
народ {m} :: crowd
народен {adj} :: national, people's
народност {f} :: nationality
народност {f} :: ethnicity
нарола {vt pf} [slang] :: to roll (a cigarette)
нароси {vt pf} :: to cover in dew, sprinkle
нарочно {adv} :: intentionally, on purpose
наруши {vt pf} :: to violate, infringe, breach
нарушува {vt impf} :: to violate, infringe, breach
нарцизам {m} :: narcissism
нарцис {m} :: daffodil
нарцис {m} :: narcissist
нарцисоиден {adj} :: narcissistic
нарцисоидност {f} :: narcissism
нас {pron} :: Long direct object form of ние
насади {vt pf} :: to plant
насадува {vt impf} :: to plant
насамари {vt pf} [colloquial] :: to deceive, cheat, dupe
насамарува {vt impf} [colloquial] :: to dupe, cheat, swindle
насапуни {vt pf} :: to soap
насапунува {vt impf} :: to lather
насаска {vt pf} :: to incite (against), antagonize (against someone else)
насаскува {vt impf} :: to incite (against), instigate (against)
наседне {vi pf} :: to fall for (a deception), take the bait
наседнува {vi impf} :: to fall for (a deception)
насее {vt pf} :: to sow
насекира {vt pf} :: to sadden, upset, worry
населба {f} :: settlement
населба {f} :: municipality
население {n} :: population
населеник {m} :: settler
населеност {f} :: the state of being populated
насели {vt pf} :: to settle, populate
населува {vt impf} :: to populate, inhabit, settle
насети {vt pf} :: to sense, detect
насетува {vt impf} :: to sense, detect, forebode
насече {vt pf} :: to cut a large quantity of
насилен {adj} :: violent
насилие {n} :: violence
насилник {m} :: bully
насилник {m} :: violent person, perpetrator of a violent crime
насилничка {f} :: female thug
насилство {n} :: violence
насити {vt pf} :: to sate, satiate
наситува {vt impf} :: to satiate
наскоро {adv} :: soon
наслага {f} :: sediment, deposit
наслада {f} :: delectation
наследен {adj} :: hereditary
наследи {vt pf} :: to inherit
наследник {m} :: heir
наследничка {f} :: heiress
наследност {f} :: hereditariness
наследство {n} :: heritage, inheritance
наследува {vt impf} :: to inherit
наслепо {adv} :: blindly
наслика {vt pf} :: to paint (of paintings)
наслов {m} :: title, heading
насловен {adj} :: titular
насловен {adj} :: cover (as in "cover page")
наслови {vt pf} :: to entitle
насловува {vt impf} :: to entitle
наслон {m} :: support, rest (of furniture)
наслони {vt pf} :: to lean, prop
наслонува {vt impf} :: to lean, prop
наслутува {vt impf} :: to sense, have a foreboding
насмевка {f} :: smile
насмее {vt pf} :: to make someone laugh
на сметка на {prep} :: at the expense of
насобере {vt pf} :: to gather, accumulate, amass
насобира {vt impf} :: to accumulate, gather
насока {f} :: direction
насоли {vt pf} :: to sal
насоченост {f} :: directedness
насочи {vt pf} :: to direct
насочува {vt impf} :: to direct
наспроти {prep} :: facing, opposite
наспроти {prep} :: as opposed to
насред {prep} :: in the middle of, amid
на среќа {adv} :: by luck, by chance
насрчи {vt pf} :: to urge, encourage
настава {f} :: lecture, lesson, teaching
настава {vt pf} :: to put many things
наставен {adj} :: of classes, education
наставка {f} :: suffix
наставник {m} :: teacher, lecturer
наставничка {f} :: teacher, lecturer (female)
наставнички {adj} :: teacher (of or pertaining to)
настан {m} :: event, happening
настане {vt pf} :: to arise, form, come into existence
настанок {m} :: creation, emergence
настанува {vi impf} :: to emerge, arise, appear
настап {m} :: performance
настапи {vi pf} :: to perform (on stage)
настапи {vi pf} :: to start (e.g. of a political regime)
настапува {vi impf} :: to perform, give a performance
настине {vi pf} :: to catch a cold
настинка {f} :: cold (illness)
настинува {vi impf} :: to catch a cold
настојува {vi impf} :: to insist
настојчив {adj} :: insistent
настојчивост {f} :: insistence, tenacity
настрада {vi pf} :: to die, perish (under violent circumstances)
настрада {vi pf} :: to suffer, get damaged
настрадува {vi impf} :: to come to harm
настран {adj} :: queer, bizarre
настран {adj} :: perverse, deviant
настрана {adv} :: sideways, aside, to the side
настроен {adj} :: inclined, disposed
настроение {n} [literary, dated] :: mood, disposition
настроеност {f} :: inclination, disposition
настрои {vt pf} :: to bring to a certain disposition or arrangement
настројува {vt impf} :: to bring to a certain disposition or arrangement
натажи {vt pf} :: to sadden
натажува {vt impf} :: to sadden
натамошен {adj} :: further
натаму {adv} :: thither
натежне {vi pf} :: to droop on account of being heavy
натежнува {vi impf} :: to droop on account of being heavy
на тема {prep} :: on the subject of
натепа {vt pf} :: to beat, beat up
натера {vt pf} :: to make (someone do something), force
натисне {vt pf} :: to press onto, squash
натиснува {vt impf} :: to press onto, squash
наткасна {f} :: nightstand
натне {vt pf} :: to put on
натнува {vt impf} :: to put on
натовари {vt pf} :: to load, charge
натови {vt pf} :: to force-feed, stuff
натокми {vt pf} :: to prepare, arrange (especially fastidiously)
на тони {adv} [colloquial] :: galore, in abundance, aplenty
натопи {vt pf} :: to soak, immerse, get wet
натопори {v pf} :: erect, stick out, place ostentatiously
натопорува {vt impf} :: to set up, erect (something undesirable)
натопува {vt impf} :: to soak, immerse, wet
наточи {vt pf} :: to pour, tap (pour liquid from a vessel)
наточува {vt impf} :: to pour, tap (draw liquid from a vessel)
натпатник {m} :: footbridge
натпее {vt pf} :: to outsing
натпис {m} :: inscription, caption, public text
натпревар {m} :: competition
натпреварувач {m} :: competitor, contestant
натпреварувачка {f} :: female competitor
натпреварувачки {adj} :: competitive
натприроден {adj} :: supernatural
натприродност {f} :: supernaturalness
натпросечен {adj} :: above average
натпросечност {f} :: the quality of being above-average
натрапи {vt pf} :: to give, impose, [[palm off]
натрапливост {f} :: pushiness, intrusiveness, importunacy
натрапник {m} :: intruder, hanger-on
натрапничка {f} :: female intruder, importunate woman
натрапува {vt impf} :: to impose
натриум {m} :: sodium
натрти {vt pf} :: (of buttocks) to bend in such a way as to make them prominent
натрунта {vt pf} [non-standard, rare] :: to dress with very thick clothes
натрупа {vt pf} :: to pile up, throw in such a way as to create a pile
натрупува {vt impf} :: to accumulate
натсетилен {adj} :: supersensory
натумпани {vt pf} [non-standard, rare] :: to overfeed
натурализира {vt both} :: to naturalize
натутка {vt pf} :: to arrange in an inelegant manner, to place somewhere clumsily
натчинет {adj} :: superior
наудрен {adj} [rare] :: crazy, loony
наука {f} :: science
науми {vi pf} :: to resolve, set one's mind on doing something
наумува {vt impf} :: to set one's mind to, resolve
наут {m} :: chickpea
наутро {adv} :: in the morning
научен {adj} :: scientific
научи {vt pf} :: to learn, teach
научник {m} :: scientist
научничка {f} :: female scientist
научноистражувачки {adj} :: of scientific research
научува {vt impf} :: to learn
нафака {f} [archaic] :: fate, fortune
нафиксан {adj} [slang] :: high (on a drug injected intravenously)
нафрла {vt impf} :: to throw many things (together)
нафта {f} :: oil, petroleum
нафталин {m} :: naphthalene
нафталин {m} :: mothballs
нафтен {adj} :: petrol (of or pertaining to)
нафтовод {m} :: oil pipeline
нахален {adj} :: impertinent, intrusive
нахалност {f} :: impertinence, pushiness, cockiness
нахрани {vt pf} :: to feed
нацеди {vt pf} :: to squeeze out some juice
нацепи {vt pf} :: to chop down (trees)
нацизам {m} :: Nazism
нација {f} :: nation
национален {adj} :: national
национализам {m} :: nationalism
национализација {f} :: nationalisation
национализира {vt both} :: to nationalize
националист {m} :: nationalist
националистички {adj} :: nationalistic
националистка {f} :: female nationalist
националност {f} :: nationality
нацист {m} :: Nazi
нацистички {adj} :: Nazi
нацистка {f} :: female Nazi
нацрпи {vt pf} :: to scoop a certain amount of
нацрт {m} :: sketch, draft
нацрта {vt pf} :: to draw
началник {m} :: chief, commander, head man
начека {vt pf} :: to catch someone when they're vulnerable (or available)
начекува {vt impf} :: to find someone when they're available or vulnerable
начелен {adj} :: theoretical, general
начело {n} :: principle, maxim
начин {m} :: way, manner, method
начин {m} :: mood (grammar)
начински {adj} :: modal (pertaining to modes, ways)
начичка {vt pf} :: to place many things too close too each other
начкрта {vt pf} :: to scribble, doodle
начука {vt pf} :: to get someone wasted, cause someone to drink lots of alcohol
начукан {adj} [slang] :: hammered, wasted
начули {vt pf} :: to raise (ears, e.g. of a dog)
наш {determiner} :: our, ours
нашара {vt pf} :: to streak with colours, add a pattern
нашинец {m} :: one of our own, compatriot
нашински {adj} :: reflecting the culture or language of the speaker's community
нашки {adj} :: from our area or our kin, characteristic of us
нашки {adj} :: in our language (not necessarily Macedonian, if the speaker using the term is a native speaker of another language)
нашминка {vt pf} :: to put make-up on someone
нашол па зашол {phrase} :: An expression which acknowledges someone's obstinate persistence in going through with something once he's set his mind on it
наштелува {vt pf} :: to adjust, calibrate
на штета на {prep} :: to the detriment of
наштети {vi pf} :: to harm
наштима {vt pf} :: to tune
наштирка {vt pf} :: to starch
-не {suffix} :: the definite article "the" in its distal plural form, male and female gender
не- {prefix} :: A prefix used to derive negative senses
не- {prefix} :: A prefix used to derive indefinite forms of interrogative adverbs, determiners, and pronouns
не {adv} :: no
не {particle} :: not
нѐ {pron} :: Short direct object form of ние
неа {pron} :: Long direct object form of таа
неагресивен {adj} :: unaggressive
неадекватен {adj} :: inadequate
неадекватност {f} :: inadequacy
неактивен {adj} :: inactive
неактивиран {adj} :: unactivated
неактивност {f} :: inactivity
неандерталски {adj} :: Neanderthal
Неапол {prop} {m} :: Неапол (city)
неарен {adj} :: bad, poor
неарен {adj} :: ill, sick
неарен {adj} :: insane, deranged
неартикулиран {adj} :: inarticulate
небаре {conj} :: as if, as though
небеса {np} [plurale tantum, poetic] :: heavens, skies
небесен {adj} :: celestial
небиднина {f} :: nothingness
небитен {adj} :: unimportant, inessential, irrelevant
небитност {f} :: unessentiality, irrelevance
неблагодарен {adj} :: ungrateful
неблагодарник {m} :: ingrate
неблагодарница {f} :: female ingrate
неблагодарничка {f} :: female ingrate
неблагодарност {f} :: ungratefulness
неблагороден {adj} :: base, ignoble
небо {n} :: sky
небо {n} :: heaven
небрежен {adj} :: careless, slovenly, slipshod, perfunctory, unmindful
небрежност {f} :: carelessness, negligence, unmindfulness, [[remissness]
небричен {adj} :: unshaved
неважен {adj} :: unimportant
неважност {f} :: unimportance
невалиден {adj} :: invalid, void
невалидност {f} :: invalidity
невен {m} :: marigold
неверен {adj} :: disloyal, unfaithful, fickle
неверник {m} :: non-believer, infidel
неверничка {f} :: female atheist
неверност {f} :: disloyalty, infidelity
неверодостојност {f} :: implausibility, untrustworthiness
неверојатен {adj} :: improbable, unlikely
неверојатен {adj} :: unbelievable, incredible
неверојатност {f} :: improbability, incredibility
неверство {n} :: infidelity
невеста {f} :: bride
невестински {adj} :: bridal (pertinent to a bride)
невестулка {f} :: least weasel
невиден {adj} :: unseen
невидлив {adj} :: invisible
невидливост {f} :: invisibility
невин {adj} :: innocent
невин {adj} :: virgin, chaste
невиност {f} :: innocence
невиност {f} :: virginity
невистина {f} :: untruth, lie
невистинитост {f} :: falsehood
невкусен {adj} :: distasteful, of poor taste
невладин {adj} :: non-governmental
невнимание {n} :: inattention
невнимателен {adj} :: careless, inattentive, inadvertent, unheeding, unmindful, unkind, discourteous
невнимателност {f} :: carelessness, inadvertence, unwariness
невозбудливост {f} :: inexcitability
невозвратен {adj} :: unrequited
невозможен {adj} :: impossible
невозможност {f} :: impossibility (quality of that which is impossible)
неволја {f} :: trouble, inconvenience
невообичаен {adj} :: unusual, uncustomary
невооружан {adj} :: unarmed
невоспитан {adj} :: ill-mannered, ill-bred
невоспитаност {f} :: ill-breeding
невпечатлив {adj} :: unimpressive
невработен {adj} :: unemployed
невработеност {f} :: unemployment
невреме {n} :: storm, foul weather
невролог {m} :: neurologist
неврологија {f} :: neurology
невролошки {adj} :: neurological
невронски {adj} :: neuronal
невротичен {adj} :: neurotic
невротоксин {m} :: neurotoxin
нега {f} :: nurture, care
негативен {adj} :: negative
негативност {f} :: negativity
негација {f} :: negation
негде {adv} :: nonstandard form of некаде
негира {vt impf} :: to negate
него {pron} :: Long direct object form of тој
негов {determiner} :: his, its
негодува {vi impf} :: to disapprove, object
негостољубивост {f} :: inhospitality
негостопримливост {f} :: inhospitality
Неготино {prop} {n} :: Negotino, a town in North Macedonia
неграциозен {adj} :: graceless
негува {vt impf} :: to nurse, tend to, take care of, nourish
негувател {m} :: caretaker, nurse
негувателка {f} :: female caretaker, nurse
недвижен {adj} :: real-estate
недвижнина {f} :: real estate, property which cannot be moved
недвижност {f} :: real estate, property which cannot be moved
недела {f} :: Sunday
недела {f} :: week
неделен {adj} :: weekly, hebdomadal
неделен {adj} :: Sunday
неделивост {f} :: indivisibility
неделник {m} :: weekly newspaper
неделотворност {f} :: ineffectiveness
недефиниран {adj} :: undefined
недисциплиниран {adj} :: undisciplined
недобоен {adj} :: whose painting has not been finished
недобричен {adj} :: not fully shaved
недобронамерен {adj} :: ill-intentioned, malevolent
недобушен {adj} :: not fully drilled
недоварен {adj} :: insufficiently cooked
недоверба {f} :: distrust
недоверлив {adj} :: unreliable
недоверливост {f} :: unreliability
недоволен {adj} :: insufficient
недоволност {f} :: insuffiency
недовршен {adj} :: unfinished
недовршеност {f} :: the state of being unfinished
недогорен {adj} :: not fully combusted
недоготвен {adj} :: not fully cooked
недограден {adj} :: not fully built
недозволен {adj} :: disallowed
недозволив {adj} :: impermissible, inadmissible
недозволивост {f} :: impermissibility
недозреан {adj} :: immature
недоѕидан {adj} :: not fully built
недоискажан {adj} :: not fully expressed
недојаден {adj} :: not completely eaten
недокажан {adj} :: unproven
недокажлив {adj} :: unprovable
недоквакан {adj} [colloquial] :: idiotic, underdeveloped (literally "improperly brooded", with an allusion to hens with their eggs)
недокваканост {f} [figurative, pejorative] :: idiocy, ineptitude, improper development (of a person)
недокршен {adj} :: not fully broken
недолепен {adj} :: not properly glued
недолечен {adj} :: not fully treated
недоличен {adj} :: indecent, unbecoming, unseemly
недоличност {f} :: indecency
недоловлив {adj} :: unseizable, elusive
недолупен {adj} :: not fully peeled
недомесен {adj} :: whose kneading has not been finished
недонесен {adj} :: not carried to full term
недооформен {adj} :: not fully formed
недооценет {adj} :: not fully evaluated
недопадлив {adj} :: unlikable
недопечен {adj} :: insufficiently baked
недопиен {adj} :: not drunk in its entirety
недопирлив {adj} :: untouchable
недопишан {adj} :: not fully written
недоплатен {adj} :: not fully paid
недоплетен {adj} :: whose knitting has not been finished
недоправен {adj} :: unfinished
недопрен {adj} :: untouched
недопржен {adj} :: insufficiently fried
недопустлив {adj} :: impermissible
недопушен {adj} :: not fully smoked (of a cigarette or the like)
недоработен {adj} :: unfinished
недоразбирање {n} :: misunderstanding
недоразбран {adj} :: not fully understood
недоразвиен {adj} :: underdeveloped
недоразвиеност {f} :: underdevelopment
недораснат {adj} :: immature, not fully grown
недораснатост {f} :: immaturity
недорасонет {adj} :: not fully awake
недоречен {adj} :: not fully expressed
недорешен {adj} :: not fully solved
недосеглив {adj} :: unattainable
недосежност {f} :: unattainability
недосечен {adj} :: not fully cut
недоследност {f} :: inconsistency
недосликан {adj} :: whose painting has not been finished
недоставен {adj} :: undelivered
недостапност {f} :: inaccessibility, inability
недостасува {vi impf} :: to lack, be missing/absent
недостасува {vi impf} :: to miss (long for)
недостаток {m} :: disadvantage, fault
недостаток {m} :: lack, deficit
недостаточен {adj} :: unsatisfactory, defective
недостиг {m} :: scarcity, shortage, deficit
недостига {vi impf} :: to lack, be missing/absent
недостига {vi impf} :: to miss (long for)
недостижен {adj} :: unreachable, unattainable
недостижност {f} :: unattainability
недостоен {adj} :: unworthy
недостоинствен {adj} :: undignified
недостоинственост {f} :: the state of being undignified
недостојност {f} :: unworthiness
недосушен {adj} :: not fully dried
недотеран {adj} :: unkempt
недоткаен {adj} :: whose weaving has not been finished
недотресен {adj} :: whose shaking has not been finished
недотриен {adj} :: whose rubbing has not been finished
недотрошен {adj} :: not fully spent
недоумица {f} :: dilemma, hesitation
недоучен {adj} :: not fully learnt
недофатлив {adj} :: unreachable
недохранет {adj} :: malnourished, underfed
недохранетост {f} :: malnourishment
недочистен {adj} :: not fully cleaned
недочитан {adj} :: not fully read
недошиен {adj} :: whose sewing has not been finished
недругарски {adj} :: uncomradely
недружељубив {adj} :: unfriendly, unsociable
недружељубивост {f} :: unfriendliness, unsociability
недруштвеност {f} :: unsociability
недугав {adj} :: retarded, deranged
недугав {adj} [pejorative] :: awkward, bumbling
недугавост {f} :: derangement, retardation
нееднаквост {f} :: inequality
нееднаков {adj} :: unequal
неелегантен {adj} :: inelegant
неефикасност {f} :: ineffectiveness, inefficiency
нежен {adj} :: gentle, affectionate
нежен {adj} :: sensitive, delicate
неженет {adj} :: unmarried (to a woman)
нежив {adj} :: abiotic
нежничок {adj} :: diminutive of нeжен
нежност {f} :: tenderness, delicacy, gentleness
незабележан {adj} :: unnoticed
незабележителен {adj} :: inconspicuous, unnoticeable
незабележлив {adj} :: unnoticeable
незабележливост {f} :: imperceptibility
незаборавен {adj} :: memorable, unforgettable
независен {adj} :: independent
независност {f} :: independence
незадоволен {adj} :: unsatisfied, discontented
незадоволителен {adj} :: unsatisfactory
незадоволителност {f} :: unsatisfactoriness, inadequacy
незадоволност {f} :: dissatisfaction (the quality of being dissatisfied)
незадоволство {n} :: dissatisfaction, discontentment
незадржлив {adj} :: unstoppable, uncontrollable
незаинтересиран {adj} :: uninterested
незаинтересираност {f} :: lack of interest
незаконит {adj} :: illegal
незаконитост {f} :: illegality
незаконски {adj} :: illegal
незакотвен {adj} :: unanchored
незакрепнатост {f} :: thestate of not having healed
незаменлив {adj} :: irreplaceable, indispensable
незаменливост {f} :: irreplaceability
незамислив {adj} :: inconceivable, unthinkable, unimaginable
незамисливост {f} :: unimaginability
незаобиколив {adj} :: unavoidable, impossible to circumvent
незаоблен {adj} :: unrounded
незапирлив {adj} :: unstoppable
незапирливост {f} :: unstoppability
незаслужен {adj} :: undeserved
незачуван {adj} :: unpreserved
незачуван {adj} :: unsaved (document)
незаштитен {adj} :: unprotected
незаштитеност {f} :: unprotectedness
незгода {f} :: trouble, accident, mishap
незгоден {adj} :: inconvenient, cumbersome
незгоден {adj} :: awkward, unpleasant
незгодност {f} :: awkwardness
нездрав {adj} :: unhealthy
незнабожец {m} :: pagan, atheist
незнабоштво {n} :: paganism, godlessness
незнаење {n} :: ignorance
незначаен {adj} :: insignificant
незначајност {f} :: irrelevance, insignificance
незначителен {adj} :: insignificant
незначителност {f} :: insignificance, negligibility
незрел {adj} :: immature, unripe
незрелост {f} :: immaturity, unripeness
неидентификуван {adj} :: unidentified
неизбежен {adj} :: inevitable
неизбежност {f} :: inevitability
неизбричен {adj} :: unshaved
неизбришан {adj} :: unwiped, undeleted
неизбришлив {adj} :: indelible
неизбројлив {adj} :: innumerable
неизвесен {adj} :: uncertain
неизвесност {f} :: uncertainty, not knowing
неизводлив {adj} :: infeasible
неизводливост {f} :: unfeasibility
неизговорлив {adj} :: unpronounceable
неизделкан {adj} :: uncouth, boorish, unrefined
неиздржлив {adj} :: unbearable, intolerable
неиздржливост {f} :: unbearableness, intolerability
неизживеан {adj} :: inexperienced
неизјаснет {adj} :: unexpressed, unclarified
неизлечив {adj} :: incurable
неизлечивост {f} :: incurability
неизлечлив {adj} :: incurable
неизлупен {adj} :: unpeeled
неизмазнет {adj} :: unsmoothed
неизмерлив {adj} :: immeasurable
неизмерност {f} :: immeasurability
неизметен {adj} :: unswept
неизмиен {adj} :: unwashed
неизразен {adj} :: unexpressed
неизрамнет {adj} :: unflattened
неизречен {adj} :: unsaid, unspoken
неизречлив {adj} :: ineffable, inexpressible
неинформиран {adj} :: uninformed
неискажлив {adj} :: inexpressible
неискажливост {f} :: ineffability
неискоренлив {adj} :: ineradicable
неискоренливост {f} :: ineradicability
неискористен {adj} :: unused
неискреност {f} :: dishonesty, insincerity
неискусен {adj} :: inexperienced
неискусност {f} :: lack of experience
неисплакнат {adj} :: unrinsed
неисплатлив {adj} :: unprofitable
неисполнет {adj} :: unfulfilled
неисполнетост {f} :: lack of fulfilment (spiritual)
неисправен {adj} :: broken, dysfunctional
неисправност {f} :: improperness, dysfunctionality
неистребливост {f} :: the quality of being inexterminable
неисушен {adj} :: not having dried, wet
неисхранетост {f} :: malnourishment
неисцрпен {adj} :: inexhaustible, neverending
неисчистен {adj} :: uncleaned
нејасен {adj} :: unclear, obscure, vague
нејасност {f} :: unclarity
нејзе {pron} :: Long indirect object form of таа
нејзин {determiner} :: her, hers
нејќе {vt impf} [proscribed] :: to not want (to)
нека {particle} :: let, may
некадарен {adj} :: unfit, inept
некаде {adv} :: somewhere
неказнет {adj} :: unpunished
некако {adv} :: somehow
некаков {determiner} :: some kind of, some type of
неквалитетен {adj} :: of poor quality
некогаш {adv} :: sometimes, occasionally, formerly, a long time ago
некогашен {adj} :: former, of long ago
некој {determiner} :: some
некој {pron} :: somebody, someone
неколкав {determiner} :: some size of
неколку {determiner} :: a few, several, some
некомпатибилен {adj} :: incompatible
некомпатибилност {f} :: incompatibility
некомпетентен {adj} :: incompetent, unqualified, unauthoritative
некомуникативен {adj} :: uncommunicative
некомуникативност {f} :: uncommunicativeness
неконвенционален {adj} :: unconventional
неконвенционалност {f} :: unconventionality
некоректен {adj} :: improper, indecent, discourteous, unjust
некоректност {f} :: lack of rectitude
некролог {m} :: obituary
некропола {f} :: necropolis
некрофилија {f} :: necrophilia
нектар {m} :: nectar
некултура {f} :: incivility, lack of refinement
некултура {f} [colloquial] :: a boorish person
некултурен {adj} :: impolite, rude, ill-mannered
некултурност {f} :: impoliteness, incivility
нелегален {adj} :: illegal
нелегалност {f} :: illegality
нелегитимен {adj} :: illegitimate
нелегитимност {f} :: illegitimacy
нели {particle} :: right, don't you think (used to ask for confirmation or agreement)
нелогичен {adj} :: illogical
нелогичност {f} :: illogicality
нелојалност {f} :: unloyalty
нелупен {adj} :: unpeeled
нељубезен {adj} :: unfriendly
нељубезност {f} :: unfriendliness, impoliteness, unkindness
нем {adj} :: mute, dumb
нема {vt impf} :: to not have, to lack
нема {vt impf} :: to be absent, unavailable, non-existent (corresponds to English "there isn't" and "there aren't")
немажен {adj} :: unmarried (to a man)
немарен {adj} :: careless, heedless, negligent
немаркиран {adj} :: unmarked
немарност {f} :: negligence, carelessness
нематеријален {adj} :: immaterial
немашлив {adj} :: indigent
немаштија {f} :: poverty
неменлив {adj} :: uninflectable
неменливост {f} :: indeclinability
Немец {prop} {m} [obsolete] :: A German
Немечко {prop} {n} [obsolete] :: Germany or a German-speaking country
немиен {adj} :: unwashed
немил {adj} :: unpleasant, unfortunate
немилосрдие {n} :: mercilessness, inclemency
немилосрдност {f} :: mercilessness
немилост {f} :: mercilessness, disfavour
неминовен {adj} :: ineluctable
неминовност {f} :: inevitability
немир {m} :: disquiet, agitation, unrest
немирен {adj} :: turbulent, restless
немирко {m} :: naughty child
немирност {f} :: restlessness
немирност {f} :: naughtiness
неморал {m} :: immorality
неморален {adj} :: immoral
неморалност {f} :: immorality
немост {f} :: muteness, dumbness
немоќ {f} :: powerlessness
немоќен {adj} :: powerless, impotent
немоќност {f} :: lethargy, fatigue, impotence, powerlessness
нему {pron} :: Long indirect object form of тој
немузикалност {f} :: lack of musical talent
ненавикнат {adj} :: unused, unaccustomed
ненавикнатост {f} :: the state of not being used to something
ненагласен {adj} :: unaccented
ненагласеност {f} :: the quality of being unaccented
ненаграден {adj} :: unrewarded
ненадарен {adj} :: untalented
ненадеен {adj} :: unexpected, sudden
ненадејност {f} :: suddenness
ненадминат {adj} :: unsurpassed
ненадминатост {f} :: the quality of being unsurpassed
ненадминлив {adj} :: insurmountable
ненадминливост {f} :: insurmountability
ненадоместлив {adj} :: irreplaceable, which cannot be compensated for
ненадоместливост {f} :: the quality of being not compensatable
ненајавен {adj} :: unannounced
ненајаден {adj} :: not having eaten enough
ненамачкан {adj} :: unsmeared
ненамерен {adj} :: unintentional
ненаместен {adj} :: unfurnished
ненаметливост {f} :: unobtrusiveness
ненаоружан {adj} :: unarmed
ненапишан {adj} :: unwritten
ненаправен {adj} :: unmade
ненареден {adj} :: unarranged
ненасаден {adj} :: unplanted
ненаселен {adj} :: uninhabited
ненаселеност {f} :: lack of inhabitants
ненаситен {adj} :: insatiable
ненаситник {m} :: insatiable person
ненаситност {f} :: insatiability
ненаситност {f} :: gluttony
ненаспан {adj} :: not having slept enough
ненаспаност {f} :: sleep deprivation
ненаучен {adj} :: unscientific
ненашетан {adj} :: not having travelled enough
ненормален {adj} :: abnormal
ненормален {adj} :: insane, crazy
ненормалност {f} :: abnormality
ненужен {adj} :: unnecessary
необичен {adj} :: unusual, peculiar
необичност {f} :: unusualness
необјавен {adj} :: unpublished
необјаснет {adj} :: unexplained
необјаснив {adj} :: inexplicable
необјаснивост {f} :: inexplicability
необновен {adj} :: unrenewed
необновлив {adj} :: non-renewable
необновливост {f} :: the quality of being non-renewable
необоен {adj} :: unpainted
необорлив {adj} :: unshakeable, staunch, irrefutable
необоснованост {f} :: groundlessness
необработен {adj} :: unprocessed
необработлив {adj} :: unprocessable
необработливост {f} :: unprocessability
необразован {adj} :: uneducated
необразованост {f} :: lack of education, ignorance
необузданост {f} :: lack of restraint
необучен {adj} :: untrained
неовластен {adj} :: unauthorised
неограничен {adj} :: unlimited, unrestricted, boundless
неодамна {adv} :: recently
неодамнешен {adj} :: recent
неоданочлив {adj} :: untaxable
неодбранлив {adj} :: indefensible
неодгатлив {adj} :: inextricable, unanswerable, unsolvable
неодговорен {adj} :: irresponsible
неодговорност {f} :: irresponsibility
неодложлив {adj} :: unpostponable
неодлучност {f} :: indecision
неодмереност {f} :: unevenness, disequilibrium
неодмереност {f} :: lack of restraint
неодминлив {adj} :: unavoidable
неодобрен {adj} :: unapproved
неодолив {adj} :: irresistible
неодоливост {f} :: irresistibleness
неодреден {adj} :: indeterminate
неодреденост {f} :: indeterminacy
неоздравен {adj} :: unhealed
неокласицизам {m} :: neoclassicism
неоладен {adj} :: uncooled
неологизам {m} :: neologism
неон {m} :: neon
неонка {f} [colloquial] :: neon lamp
неонски {adj} :: neon (containing or pertaining to)
неопиплив {adj} :: intangible
неопипливост {f} :: intangibility
неопислив {adj} :: indescribable
неопишан {adj} :: undescribed
неоправдан {adj} :: unjustified
неопределен {adj} :: undetermined
неопределеност {f} :: indeterminacy, vagueness
неопростлив {adj} :: unforgivable
неопходен {adj} :: necessary
неопходност {f} :: necessity, indispensability
неоран {adj} :: unplowed
неорганизираност {f} :: disorganization
неоргански {adj} :: inorganic
неосетлив {adj} :: insensitive
неоснован {adj} :: groundless, baseless unfounded
неоспорен {adj} :: irrefutable, incontestable, incontrovertible
неостварен {adj} :: unrealized, unfulfilled
неостварлив {adj} :: unrealizable
неостварливост {f} :: unrealizability
неоткриен {adj} :: undiscovered
неотповиклив {adj} :: irrevocable
неотстаплив {adj} :: relentless, adamant, steadfast
неотстапливост {f} :: relentlessness, adamance
неотстранлив {adj} :: unremovable
неотстранливост {f} :: irremovability
неотуѓив {adj} :: inalienable
неотуѓивост {f} :: inalienability
неофицијален {adj} :: unofficial
неочекуван {adj} :: unexpected
неоштетен {adj} :: undamaged
Непал {prop} {m} :: Непал (country)
непарен {adj} :: odd (of numbers)
непета {f} :: catnip
неписмен {adj} :: illiterate
неписменост {f} :: illiteracy
непланиран {adj} :: unplanned
неплански {adj} :: unplanned, unsystematic
неплатен {adj} :: unpaid
неплоден {adj} :: infertile
неплодност {f} :: infertility, fruitlessness
непобедлив {adj} :: invincible
непобедливост {f} :: invincibility
непобитност {f} :: irrefutability
неповолен {adj} :: unfavorable
неповолност {f} :: unfavourability
неповолност {f} :: unfavourable situation
неповратен {adj} :: non-refundable
неповратен {adj} :: irreversible
неповреден {adj} :: unscathed
неповредлив {adj} :: inviolable
неповредливост {f} :: inviolability
неповрзан {adj} :: unrelated, unconnected
неповрзаност {f} :: disconnectedness
неповторлив {adj} :: unrepeatable
неповторливост {f} :: unrepeatability
непогода {f} :: bad weather
непогода {f} :: disaster
непогоден {adj} :: unsuitable
непогодност {f} :: unsuitability
непогрешлив {adj} :: infallible, indefectible
непогрешливост {f} :: infallibility
неподатлив {adj} :: unswayable, inexorable
неподвижен {adj} :: immobile
неподвижност {f} :: immobility
неподготвен {adj} :: unprepared
неподготвеност {f} :: unpreparedness
неподмитлив {adj} :: unbribable, incorruptible
неподмитливост {f} :: incorruptibility
неподнослив {adj} :: unbearable, intolerable
неподносливост {f} :: unbearability
неподобен {adj} :: unsuitable
неподобност {f} :: unsuitability
непожелен {adj} :: undesirable
непожелност {f} :: undesirability
непознат {adj} :: unknown, unfamiliar
непозната {f} [mathematics] :: variable
непознатост {f} :: unfamiliarity, alienness
непоимлив {adj} :: unthinkable
непокажан {adj} :: unshown
непоканет {adj} :: uninvited
непоколеблив {adj} :: undaunted, unhesitating
непоколебливост {f} :: steadfastness, undauntedness
непокор {m} :: indomitability, unyieldingness
непокорен {adj} :: indomitable, defiant
непокорност {f} :: disobedience, unruliness
непокриен {adj} :: not covered
неполн {adj} :: not (yet) full
неполнолетност {f} :: the state of being underage
неполноправен {noun} :: not fully entitled, not having all the rights
неположен {adj} :: not passed, not taken (of an exam)
непоништлив {adj} :: uncancellable
непоправлив {adj} :: incorrigible, irreparable
непоправливост {f} :: irreparability, hopelessness
непопуларност {f} :: unpopularity
непопустлив {adj} :: relentless, persistent
непопустливост {f} :: relentlessness, adamance
непореклив {adj} :: undeniable
непосакуван {adj} :: undesired
непослушен {adj} :: disobedient
непослушност {f} :: disobedience
непосреден {adj} :: direct, immediate
непосредно {adv} :: directly
непосредност {f} :: directness
непостоечки {adj} :: non-existent
непостојан {adj} :: inconstant
непостојаност {f} :: inconstancy
непоткуплив {adj} :: unbribable, uncorruptible
непоткупливост {f} :: incorruptibility
непотполен {adj} :: incomplete
непотполност {f} :: incompleteness
непотребен {adj} :: unneeded, unnecessary
непотребност {f} :: uselessness
непочитување {n} :: disrespect
непоштеден {adj} :: unsparing
неправда {f} :: injustice
неправеден {adj} :: unjust, unfair
неправедност {f} :: inequity
неправилен {adj} :: improper, incorrect
неправилен {adj} :: irregular
неправилност {f} :: irregularity
непрактичност {f} :: impracticality
непреводлив {adj} :: untranslatable
непреводливост {f} :: untranslatability
непредвидлив {adj} :: unpredictable
непредвидливост {f} :: unpredictability
непредизвикан {adj} :: unprovoked
непрекинат {adj} :: continuous, uninterrupted
непрекинатост {f} :: incessance
непрекинлив {adj} :: incessant, uninterrupted
непрекинливост {f} :: uninterruptibleness
непремостлив {adj} :: unbridgeable
непренослив {adj} :: unportable
непреоден {adj} :: intransitive (grammar)
непреодност {f} :: intransitivity
непрепознатлив {adj} :: unrecognizable
непресметлив {adj} :: incalculable
непресушен {adj} :: inexhaustible, eternal
непресушност {f} :: inexhaustibility
непретпазливост {f} :: imprudence
непрецизен {adj} :: imprecise
непрецизност {f} :: imprecision, inexactitude
непривлечност {f} :: unattractiveness
непригоден {adj} :: inadequate, unsuitable
непризнаен {adj} :: unacknowledged
непријавен {adj} :: unreported
непријател {m} :: enemy
непријателка {f} :: female enemy
непријателски {adj} :: hostile (pertaining to an enemy)
непријателски настроен {adj} :: hostile (e.g. of a person)
непријателство {f} :: animosity, hostility
непријатен {adj} :: disagreeable, unpleasant
непријатност {f} :: unpleasantness, inconvenience
неприкладен {adj} :: inappropriate, unsuitable
неприкладност {f} :: inappropriateness
неприкосновен {adj} :: sacrosanct, inviolable
неприкосновеност {f} :: inviolability
неприкриен {adj} :: unconcealed
неприлагоден {adj} :: unadapted
неприлагодлив {adj} :: unadjustable, unadaptable
неприлика {f} [nonstandard] :: trouble, plight
неприличен {adj} :: indecent, bawdy, scurrilous, obscene
неприменлив {adj} :: inapplicable
неприменливост {f} :: inapplicability
непринципиелен {adj} :: unprincipled, unscrupulous
непринципиелност {f} :: unprincipledness
неприроден {adj} :: unnatural
неприродност {f} :: unnaturalness
неприспособлив {adj} :: inadaptable, inflexible
непристапен {adj} :: inaccessible
непристоен {adj} :: inappropriate, indecent, obscene
непристојност {f} :: impropriety, indecency
непристрасен {adj} :: unbiased, objective
неприфатен {adj} :: unaccepted
неприфатлив {adj} :: inacceptable
неприфатливост {f} :: unacceptability
непробоен {adj} :: impenetrable
непробојност {f} :: impenetrability
непроверен {adj} :: unverified, unchecked
непроветрен {adj} :: unventilated
непровиден {adj} :: intransparent
непровидност {f} :: opacity
непродуктивност {f} :: unproductiveness
непрозрачност {f} :: opacity
непрокопсан {adj} :: ill-mannered
непрокопсаност {f} :: ill manners
непроменлив {adj} :: unchangeable, immutable
непроменливост {f} :: unchangeability, immutability, invariability
непромислен {adj} :: thoughtless, rash
непромисленост {f} :: thoughtlessness, inconsiderateness, recklessness, foolhardiness
непрооден {adj} :: unpassable, untraversable, untrodden
непроодност {f} :: the quality of being untraversable
непропорционален {adj} :: disproportionate
непропорционалност {f} :: disproportionality
непропустлив {adj} :: impermeable, impenetrable
непропустливост {f} :: impermeability
непростен {adj} :: unforgiven
непростлив {adj} :: unforgivable, unpardonable, inexcusable
непрофесионалност {f} :: unprofessionalism
непроценлив {adj} :: inestimable, invaluable
непрочистен {adj} :: unpurified
непрочитан {adj} :: unread
непроширен {adj} :: unexpanded
Нептун {prop} {m} :: Neptune
непушач {m} :: non-smoker
непце {n} :: palate, gums
неравенство {n} [mathematics] :: inequality
не разбирам {phrase} :: I don't understand
неразбирлив {adj} :: incomprehensible, unintelligible
неразбирливост {f} :: incomprehensibility
неразбран {adj} :: stubborn, unreasonable
неразбраност {f} :: unreasonability
неразделен {adj} :: inseparable
неразделив {adj} :: inseparable
неразделност {f} :: inseparability
неразјаснет {adj} :: unclarified
неразјаснетост {f} :: the state of being unclarified
неразреден {adj} :: undiluted
неразумен {adj} :: unreasonable, insensible, irrational
неразумност {f} :: unreasonableness
нерамен {adj} :: uneven, bumpy
нерамномерност {f} :: unevenness, irregularity
нерамноправност {f} :: inequality, unequal rights
нерамнотежа {f} :: imbalance
неранимајко {m} :: scoundrel, rascal, rogue, miscreant
нераскинлив {adj} :: which cannot be annulled, invalidated, terminated (e.g. of a contract)
нераскинливост {f} :: the quality of being non-annulable
нерасположен {adj} :: in a bad mood
нерасположеност {f} :: bad mood
нерастворлив {adj} :: insoluble
нерастворливост {f} :: insolubility
нерастеглив {adj} :: inflexible
нерационален {adj} :: irrational
нерационалност {f} :: irrationality
нерв {m} :: nerve
нервен {adj} :: nervous (of nerves)
нервира {vt impf} :: to annoy, irritate
нервоза {f} :: annoyance, frustration, vexation
нервозен {adj} :: upset, irritated, ill-tempered
нереален {adj} :: unreal
нереалистичен {adj} :: unrealistic
нерегуларен {adj} :: irregular
нерегуларност {f} :: irregularity
неред {m} :: mess, disorder
нередовен {adj} :: irregular, sporadic, erratic
нередовност {f} :: the quality of being irregular, erratic, sporadic
нерешен {adj} :: unsolved
нерешен {adj} :: tied (competition)
нерешителен {adj} :: indecisive, hesitant
нерешителност {f} :: indecision
нерешлив {adj} :: unsolvable
нерешливост {f} :: unsolvability
неротка {f} :: infertile woman
несакан {adj} :: unwanted
несамопреиспитувачки {adj} :: not self-reflecting, not introspective
несамопреиспитувачки {adj} [by extension] :: rash, impetuous
несамостојност {f} :: dependence
несварлив {adj} :: indigestible
несварливост {f} :: indigestibility
несведлив {adj} :: irreducible
несвесен {adj} :: unaware
несебичен {adj} :: altruistic, selfless
несебичност {f} :: unselfishness
несекојдневен {adj} :: unusual
несериозен {adj} :: not serious, flighty, frivolous
несериозност {f} :: lack of seriousness, earnestness; frivolity, levity, flippancy, flightiness
несесер {m} :: cosmetic case
несигурен {adj} :: unsure, uncertain, unsafe, precarious
несигурност {f} :: uncertainty, incertitude
нескротлив {adj} :: untamable, indomitable
нескротливост {f} :: untamableness
нескршлив {adj} :: unbreakable
неславен {adj} :: inglorious, tragic
несмасен {adj} :: clumsy
несмасност {f} :: clumsiness, maladroitness
неснаодлив {adj} :: unresourceful, incompetent (someone who doesn't get around)
неснаодливост {f} :: unresourcefulness
несносен {adj} :: unbearable
несовесен {adj} :: unconscientious
несовесност {f} :: thoughtlessness, insensitivity, disregard
несовладан {adj} :: unmastered
несовладлив {adj} :: unconquerable, insurmountable
несовладливост {f} :: unconquerability, indomitability
несовпадлив {adj} :: incompatible
несовпадливост {f} :: incompatibility
несовршен {adj} :: imperfect
несовршенство {n} :: imperfection
несогласие {n} :: discord, disagreement
несогласност {f} :: discord
несогледлив {adj} :: unseizable, unobservable
несогорлив {adj} :: incombustible
несодржајност {f} :: unsubstantiality
несомнен {adj} :: doubtless, indubitable
несомнено {adv} :: undoubtedly
несоница {f} :: insomnia
несоодветен {adj} :: unsuitable, inappropriate
несоодветност {f} :: inappropriateness
несопирлив {adj} :: unstoppable
несоцијален {adj} :: unsociable
несочуван {adj} :: unpreserved
неспокоен {adj} :: disquieted, agitated
неспокојност {f} :: inquietude
неспомнат {adj} :: unmentioned
неспоредлив {adj} :: incomparable
неспоредливост {f} :: incomparability
неспособен {adj} :: incapable, incompetent
неспособност {f} :: incompetence, inability
несправедлив {adj} :: unrighteous
несправедливост {f} :: inequity
неспремен {adj} :: unprepared
неспремност {f} :: unpreparedness
несразмерен {adj} :: disproportionate
несразмерност {f} :: disproportionality
несреден {adj} :: untidy, unkempt
несреденост {f} :: unkemptness, disorderliness
несреќа {f} :: unhappiness
несреќа {f} :: accident, misfortune
несреќен {adj} :: unhappy
несреќен {adj} :: unlucky, unfortunate
несреќен случај {m} :: accident, misfortune
несреќник {m} :: unlucky person
нестабилен {adj} :: unstable
нестабилност {f} :: instability
нестандарден {adj} :: non-standard
нестрплив {adj} :: impatient
несуштински {adj} :: inessential
несфатлив {adj} :: incomprehensible, senseless
несфатливост {f} :: unfathomability
нетактичен {adj} :: tactless, gauche
нетактичност {f} :: tactlessness
нетокму {adj} :: insane, deranged
нетолерантност {f} :: intolerance
нетолеранција {f} :: intolerance
неточен {adj} :: incorrect, inaccurate
неточност {f} :: incorrectness
нетрпелив {adj} :: impatient
нетрпеливост {f} :: impatience
нетрпеливост {f} :: intolerance
нетрпение {n} :: impatience
неќе {vt impf} [proscribed] :: to not want (to)
неубав {adj} :: unpleasant, ugly, impolite
неубедлив {adj} :: unconvincing
неуверлив {adj} :: unconvincing
неугаслив {adj} :: unextinguishable
неугледен {adj} :: unsightly
неугледност {f} :: unsightliness
неудобен {adj} :: uncomfortable
неудобно {adv} :: uncomfortably
неудобност {f} :: uncomfortability
неудопство {n} :: discomfort
неук {adj} :: uneducated, ignorant
неукинлив {adj} :: unabolishable
неукост {f} :: ignorance, incompetence
неукрасен {adj} :: unadorned
неуловлив {adj} :: uncatchable
неумен {adj} :: naughty
неумерен {adj} :: intemperate, immoderate
неумесен {adj} :: improper, unsuitable
неумешен {adj} :: unskilled
неумешност {f} :: ineptitude
неумност {f} :: naughtiness
неумолив {adj} :: inexorable
неумоливост {f} :: inexorability
неуништлив {adj} :: indestructible
неуништливост {f} :: indestructibility
неупадлив {adj} :: inconspicuous, overseeable
неупотребен {adj} :: unused
неупотреблив {adj} :: unusable
неупотребливост {f} :: unusability
неурамнотежен {adj} :: disbalanced
неуреден {adj} :: untidy, messy, slovenly
неуредност {f} :: untidiness
неуслужлив {adj} :: unobliging, unserviceable, uncooperative
неуслужливост {f} :: unobligingness
неусогласеност {f} :: incongruence
неуспех {m} :: failure
неуспешен {adj} :: unsuccessful
неуставен {adj} :: unconstitutional
неуставност {f} :: unconstitutionality
неустрашен {adj} :: fearless
неутрален {adj} :: neutral
неутрализација {f} :: neutralization
неутрализира {vt impf} :: to neutralize
неутралност {f} :: neutrality
неутрон {m} :: neutron
неучтивост {f} :: discourtesy
нефинитен {adj} [linguistics] :: non-finite
нефлексибилен {adj} :: inflexible
неформален {adj} :: informal
неформалност {f} :: informality
нефритис {m} :: nephritis
нефукнционалност {f} :: dysfunctionality
нефункционалност {f} :: dysfunctionality
нехигиенски {adj} :: unhygienic
нехристијански {adj} :: unchristian
нехуман {adj} :: inhumane
нехуманост {f} :: inhumanity
нецелосен {adj} :: incomplete
нецелосност {f} :: incompleteness
нечесен {adj} :: dishonest, insincere
нечесност {f} :: dishonesty
нечиј {pron} :: someone's
нечист {adj} :: dirty, filthy
нечистотија {f} :: impurity, filth
нечитливост {f} :: illegibility
нечовечен {adj} :: inhumane
нечовечност {f} :: inhumanity, barbarity
нечуен {adj} :: unheard-of
нечуен {adj} :: inaudible
нечујност {f} :: inaudibility
нешто {n} :: thing
нешто {pron} :: something
ни- {prefix} :: A prefix used to derive negative forms of interrogative adverbs, determiners, and pronouns
ни {conj} :: neither
ни {particle} :: not even
ни {particle} :: neither, either
ни {pron} :: Short indirect object form of ние
нив {pron} :: Long direct object form of тие
нива {f} :: farmland
нивелира {vt both} :: to level
нивен {determiner} :: their, theirs
ниво {n} :: level
нигде {adv} :: nonstandard form of никаде
ние {pron} :: we
ниет {m} [archaic, colloquial] :: intention
ниже {vt impf} :: to string
низ {prep} :: through
низа {f} :: sequence
низински {adj} :: lowlands (of or pertaining to)
низок {adj} :: low
низок {adj} :: short (height)
нијанса {f} :: nuance, shade
нијансира {vt impf} :: to nuance
никаде {adv} :: nowhere
никаквец {m} :: good-for-nothing, scoundrel, lowlife
никако {adv} :: nohow
никаков {determiner} :: no kind of, no type of
никаков {determiner} :: no-good, deplorable, execrable, objectionable
никел {m} :: nickel
никне {vi pf} :: to sprout
никнува {vi impf} :: to sprout, arise
никогаш {adv} :: never
никој {determiner} :: no, not any
никој {pron} :: nobody, no one
николкав {determiner} :: no size of
николку {adv} :: to no extent
николку {determiner} :: no amount of
никотин {noun} :: nicotine
никотински {adj} :: nicotine (containing)
никулец {m} :: sprout
никулец {m} [figurative] :: initial stage
нилски {adj} :: Nile (of or pertaining to)
нилски коњ {m} :: hippopotamus
ни лук јал, ни лук мирисал {v} :: An expression which derisively denies someone's purported innocence (semi-literally "not only has he not eaten the garlic, he hasn't even smelled it")
ним {pron} :: Long indirect object form of тие
нимфа {f} :: nymph
нимфоманија {f} :: nymphomania
нимфоманка {f} :: nymphomaniac
нинџа {m} :: ninja
нирвана {f} :: nirvana
нискост {f} :: lowness, lowliness
нискост {f} :: ignominy, meanness, baseness
нитка {f} :: thread
ниту {conj} :: neither
нихилизам {m} :: nihilism
нихилистички {adj} :: nihilistic
ничиј {pron} :: no one's
ничкум {adv} :: facedown
ниша {vt impf} :: to rock, swing (back and forth, lightly), cause to sway
ниша {f} :: niche
нишало {n} :: pendulum
нишан {m} :: aim
нишани {vi impf} :: to aim
нишанџија {m} :: marksman
нишка {f} :: fibre, thread
ништо {pron} :: nothing
ништожен {adj} :: despicable, worthless, rock-bottom
ништожник {m} :: wretch, scum (of society), good for nothing, a nobody
ништожница {f} :: female wretch, scum (of society), good for nothing
ништожност {f} :: worthlessness, baseness, despicableness, vileness
-но {suffix} :: the definite article "the" in its distal singular form, neuter gender
но {conj} :: but
нобелов {adj} :: Nobel (e.g. Nobel prize)
Нобелова награда {f} :: Nobel prize
нов {adj} :: new
Нова година {f} :: New Year
новак {m} :: novice, newbie
новела {f} :: novella
Нов Зеланд {prop} {m} :: New Zealand
новина {f} :: novelty
новина {f} :: piece of news
новина {f} :: new moon
новинар {m} :: journalist, reporter
новинарка {f} :: female journalist, reporter
новинарски {adj} :: journalistic
новинарство {n} :: journalism
новински {adj} :: news (of or pertaining to)
новичок {adj} :: diminutive of нов
новоговор {m} :: newspeak
новогодишен {adj} :: of New Year
новодојденец {m} :: newcomer
новокомпониран {adj} :: newly composed
новокомпониран {adj} [pejorative] :: new-fangled
новороден {adj} :: newborn
новороденче {n} :: new-born
новост {f} :: news
новост {f} :: novelty
нога {f} :: leg
нога {f} :: foot
ногавица {f} :: pantleg
ногалка {f} :: leg (furniture)
ногарка {f} :: leg, foot (of furniture, pieces of equipment, etc.)
ногопис {m} [colloquial] :: cacography, bad handwriting
ноември {m} :: the month of November
ноемвриски {adj} :: November (of or pertaining to)
нож {m} :: knife
ноже {n} :: diminutive of нож
ножен {adj} :: crural
ножен {adj} :: pedal
ножица {f} :: scissors
ножици {fp} :: scissors
ножички {f} :: diminutive of ножици
ножница {f} :: sheath, scabbard
ноздра {f} :: nostril
ној {m} :: ostrich
нокаутира {vt pf} [colloquial] :: to knock out (e.g. in boxing)
нокот {m} :: nail [of finger or toe]
нокт {m} :: nail [of finger or toe]
ноктарка {f} :: nail clipper
нокшир {m} :: chamber pot, potty
нокширче {n} :: diminutive of нокшир
номад {m} :: nomad
номадски {adj} :: nomadic
номадство {n} :: nomadism
номенклатура {f} :: nomenclature
номинатив {m} :: nominative
номинативен {adj} :: nominative
номинира {vt both} :: to nominate
ноншалантност {f} :: nonchalance
Норвежанец {m} :: Norwegian
Норвежанка {f} :: Norwegian woman
Норвешка {prop} {f} :: Norway
норвешки {adj} :: Norwegian
норма {f} :: norm
нормален {adj} :: normal, standard
нормален {adj} :: perpendicular
нормализација {f} :: normalization
нормализира {vt both} :: to normalize
нормалност {f} :: normality, normalcy
нормативен {adj} :: normative
нормативност {f} :: normativity
нос {m} :: nose
нос {m} [geography] :: cape
носач {m} :: carrier, porter, baggage clerk
носе {n} :: diminutive of нос
носен {adj} :: nasal
носи {vt impf} :: to carry, bear
носи {vt impf} :: to bring
носи {vt impf} :: to wear
носивост {f} :: carrying capacity
носија {f} :: national costume
носила {p} [plurale tantum] :: stretcher
носила {p} :: plural of носило
носилка {f} :: stretcher
носило {n} :: bier
носител {m} :: carrier (e.g. of a gene)
носиште {n} :: augmentative of нос
носовка {f} [phonetics] :: nasal
носоња {m} [nonstandard] :: a person with a big nose (Serbian loanword)
носорог {m} :: rhinoceros
носталгија {f} :: nostalgia
носталгичен {adj} :: nostalgic
носталгичност {f} :: nostalgia
нострификација {f} :: nostrification
нота {f} :: note (music)
нота {f} :: note (figurative)
нотар {m} :: notary
нотарка {f} :: female notary
нотарски {adj} :: notary (of or pertaining to)
нотен {adj} [music] :: note (of or pertaining to)
нотес {m} :: notepad
ноќ {f} :: night
ноќви {fp} :: kneading trough
ноќви {fp} :: breadbox
ноќе {adv} :: at night, in the night
ноќева {vi impf} :: to spend the night
ноќен {adj} :: nocturnal, nightly
ноќеска {adv} :: last night
ноќеска {adv} [rare] :: tonight
ноќна мора {f} :: nightmare
ноќница {f} :: nightgown
ноџе {n} [dialectal] :: diminutive of нога
ноџиште {n} :: augmentative of нога
нуди {vt impf} :: to offer
нудизам {m} :: nudism
нудистка {f} :: female nudist
нужда {f} :: necessity
нужда {f} [euphemistic] :: need to go the bathroom
нужен {adj} :: necessary
нужник {m} :: toilet, lavatory
нужност {f} :: necessity
нуклеарен {adj} :: nuclear
нула {f} :: zero (name of the number)
нула {f} [colloquial] :: loser
нула {num} :: zero
нумерира {vt impf} :: to number (e.g. pages)
нунко {m} :: godfather
нурец {m} :: goosander
нурка {vi impf} :: to dive
нуркач {m} :: diver
нуспојава {f} :: side effect
нуспроизвод {m} :: byproduct
нуспросторија {f} :: secondary room, additional room
нутрија {f} :: nutria (animal)
њам {interj} :: yum
њоки {fp} :: gnocchi
Њујорк {prop} {m} :: Њујорк (city)
њутн {m} :: newton (unit)