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-i {suffix} :: Used with a stem to form the second-person singular present of regular -are, -ere verbs and those -ire verbs that do not take "isc"
-i {suffix} :: Used with a stem to form the second-person imperative of -ere verbs
-i {suffix} :: Used with a stem to form the first-, second- and third-person singular present subjunctive of -are verbs
-i {suffix} :: Used with a stem to form the third-person singular imperative of -are verbs
i {art} :: the
i {f} :: letter: i; i
I {letter} /i/ :: letter: i
{suffix} :: Used with a stem to form the third-person singular past historic of regular -ire verbs
-ia {suffix} /ˈi.a/ :: Derives abstract nouns denoting a state or condition from adjectives or nouns
-ia {suffix} :: Derives abstract nouns denoting a collective group or a social condition
-ia {suffix} :: Added to ethnonyms to derive place names
-ia {suffix} :: Used to derive technical and scientific terms, especially from Ancient Greek terms
IA {f} :: AI (intelligenza artificiale)
iaborandi {m} [plant] /ja.boˈran.di/ :: The plant Pilocarpus pennatifolius
Iacobucci {prop} :: surname
Iacopo {prop} :: alternative form of Jacopo
Iacovelli {prop} :: surname
Iadanza {prop} :: surname
Iafet {prop} :: alternative form of Jafet
iafetico {adj} :: Japhetic
iafetide {mf} :: Japhetite
Iago {prop} :: given name
-iale {suffix} /ˈja.le/ :: -ial
ialea {f} :: hyalea
ialino {adj} :: hyaline, glassy
ialino {adj} :: semitransparent
ialite {f} [mineralogy] :: hyalite
ialomero {m} [cytology] :: hyalomere
ialurgia {f} :: glass manufacture / industry
ialurgia {f} :: the art of glass moulding
ialuronico {adj} :: hyaluronic
iamatologia {f} :: Japanology
Iambe {prop} [Greek mythology] /ˈ :: Iambe
-iamo {suffix} :: Used with a stem to form the first-person plural present, present subjunctive and imperative of regular -are, -ere and -ire verbs
Iannelli {prop} :: surname
Iannotti {prop} :: surname
Iannucci {prop} :: surname
Iannuzzi {prop} :: surname
-iano {suffix} [productive] /ˈ :: Enlarged form of -ano, usually indicating a relationship of position, possession, or origin
iarda {f} /ˈjar.d̪a/ :: yard (unit of length)
-iasi {suffix} [medicine] :: -iasis
Iason {prop} :: Jason
Iasón {prop} :: medieval spelling of Iason
iaspe {mf} /ˈ :: obsolete form of iaspide
iaspide {mf} /ˈ :: Ancient name of a mineral, probably chalcedony
-iate {suffix} :: Used with a stem to form the second-person plural present subjunctive of regular -are, -ere and -ire verbs
iato {m} [linguistics, anatomy] /iˈ :: hiatus
iato {m} :: interruption, gap, rift
-iatra {suffix} :: A doctor: -iatrician, -iatrist
-iatria {suffix} :: -iatry
iatrico {adj} :: iatric
iatro- {prefix} :: Forms terms relating to physicians
iatrochimica {f} [chemistry, medicine] :: iatrochemistry
iatrochimico {adj} :: iatrochemical
iatrofobia {f} :: iatrophobia
iatrogenesi {f} [medicine] :: iatrogenesis
iatrogenico {adj} :: iatrogenic
iatrogeno {adj} :: iatrogenic
iattanza {f} :: arrogance, haughtiness
iattura {f} :: calamity, disaster, misfortune
ibadita {mf} [Islam] /i.baˈdi.ta/ :: Ibadi
Iberia {prop} /iˈbɛrja/ :: Iberia (European peninsula, consisting of Portugal and Spain)
Iberia {prop} :: Iberia (Caucasian Iberia)
ibericità {f} :: The property of being Iberian; Iberian nature or spirit
iberico {adj} :: Iberian
iberico {adj} :: Spanish
iberista {mf} :: scholar of Spanish and Portuguese language and literature
iberistica {f} :: Iberian studies
ibernante {v} :: present participle of ibernare
ibernare {vi} :: To hibernate
ibernare {vt} :: To induce hypothermia in a patient
ibernazione {f} :: hibernation
ibero {adj} :: Iberian
iberomaurusiano {adj} :: Iberomaurusian
iberoromanzo {adj} :: Ibero-Romance (relating to the Romance languages of the Iberian peninsula)
-ibile {suffix} :: -ible, -able
ibis {m} /ˈibis/ :: ibis
ibisco {m} :: hibiscus (flower)
ibis eremita {m} :: northern bald ibis, hermit ibis or waldrapp (Geronticus eremita)
Ibiza {prop} :: Ibiza
ibotenico {adj} [organic chemistry] :: ibotenic
ibridamente {adv} :: in a hybrid manner
ibridante {v} :: present participle of ibridare
ibridare {vt} :: To hybridize
ibridatore {m} :: hybridizer
ibridazione {f} :: hybridization
ibridismo {m} :: hybridization, hybridity
ibridismo {m} :: hybridism
ibridizzazione {f} [chemistry, physics] :: hybridization
ibrido {adj} :: hybrid
ibrido {m} :: hybrid
ibridologia {f} :: The study of hybridization
-icare {suffix} /iˈkare/ :: Used to derive verbs related to a root noun or adjective
icario {adj} :: Icarian (that soars too high for safety)
Icaro {prop} [Greek mythology] :: Icarus
Icaro {prop} :: given name
icasticità {f} :: incisiveness, vividness
icastico {adj} /iˈkas.ti.ko/ :: vivid
icastico {adj} :: figurative
icastico {adj} :: representational
-icchiare {suffix} :: Used to derive verbs with a frequentative connotation
-icchiare {suffix} :: Used to derive verbs with a diminutive connotation
-iccio {suffix} :: A slightly diminutive-pejorative suffix used to form adjectives and nouns, denoting approximation. Example: malaticcio (sickly), from malato (ill, sick)
iceberg {m} :: iceberg
-icella {suffix} :: Used with female nouns to form diminutives; feminine noun of -icello
-icello {suffix} :: alternative form of -cello
icneumone {m} :: ichneumon (Herpestes ichneumon)
icneumonide {m} :: ichneumon wasp (of family Ichneumonidae)
icnografia {f} [architecture] :: ichnography, ground plan
icnografico {adj} :: ichnographic
icnologia {f} :: ichnology
-ico {suffix} :: -ic
icona {f} :: icon, ikon
iconicità {f} :: iconicity
iconico {adj} :: iconic
icono- {prefix} :: Forms terms relating to images or to icons
iconoclasta {adj} :: iconoclastic
iconoclasta {mf} :: iconoclast
iconoclastia {f} :: iconoclasm
iconoclastico {adj} :: iconoclastic
iconodulia {m} :: iconodule
iconografia {f} :: iconography
iconograficamente {adv} :: iconographically
iconografico {adj} :: iconographic
iconografo {m} :: iconographer
iconolatra {f} :: iconolater
iconolatria {f} :: iconolatry
iconologia {f} :: iconology
iconologico {adj} :: iconological
iconologista {mf} :: iconologist
iconoscopio {m} :: iconoscope
iconostasi {f} :: iconostasis
iconoteca {f} :: iconotheca
icore {m} /i.ˈ :: ichor
icosaedrale {adj} :: icosahedral
icosaedrico {adj} :: icosahedral
icosaedro {m} [geometry] :: icosahedron
icosagono {m} :: icosagon
icosidodecaedro {m} [mathematics] :: icosidodecahedron
icositetraedro {m} [mathematics] :: icositetrahedron
ics {mf} /iks/ :: letter: x
ictus {m} [pathology] :: ictus, stroke
Ida {prop} :: given name
Idaho {prop} /ˈa.i.da.o/ :: Idaho (state)
idalgo {m} :: hidalgo
idatodo {m} [botany] :: hydathode
iddeità {f} [obsolete] :: Variant of deità
iddeo {m} [obsolete] :: god (Variant of dio)
iddio {m} :: god (Variant of dio)
Iddio {prop} :: synonym of Dio; God
-ide {suffix} [chemistry] :: -ide
-ide {suffix} [sciences] :: -ide (forms or families of organisms etc)
idea {f} :: idea
ideabile {adj} :: That can be invented, conceivable
ideale {adj} :: ideal
ideale {m} :: ideal
idealismo {m} [philosophy] :: idealism
idealista {mf} :: idealist
idealisticamente {adv} :: idealistically
idealistico {adj} :: idealistic
idealità {f} :: ideality
idealizzabile {adj} :: idealizable
idealizzante {v} :: present participle of idealizzare
idealizzare {vt} :: to idealize
idealizzazione {f} :: idealization
idealmente {adv} :: ideally
idealtipico {adj} :: ideal type (attributive)
idealtipo {m} [social science] :: ideal type
ideante {v} :: present participle of ideare
ideare {vt} :: to invent, conceive, think up, ideate
ideativo {adj} :: ideational
ideatore {m} :: creator, inventor, author
ideatrice {f} :: female equivalent of ideatore
ideazione {f} :: conception, conceiving, planning, ideation
idem {adv} /ˈidem/ :: ditto, and so, likewise, also
idem {pron} :: ditto, the same
IDEM {prop} [finance] :: acronym of Italian derivatives market
identicamente {adv} :: identically
identicità {f} :: sameness, identicalness
identico {adj} :: identical
identificabile {adj} :: identifiable
identificabilità {f} :: identifiability
identificante {v} :: present participle of identificare
identificantesi {v} :: present participle of identificarsi
identificare {vt} :: to identify
identificarsi {v} :: reflexive of identificare
identificarsi {v} :: to identify oneself with somebody
identificativo {adj} :: identifying; identification (attributive)
identificativo {m} :: identifier, identification number
identificatore {adj} :: identifying
identificatore {m} :: identifier
identificatosi {v} :: past participle of identificarsi
identificazione {f} :: identification
identificazione {f} :: detection
identikit {m} /identiˈkit/ :: identikit
identità {f} :: identity
identità di Eulero {n} [mathematics] :: Euler's identity
identitario {adj} :: identity (attributive)
ideo- {prefix} :: ideo-
ideocrazia {f} :: ideocracy
ideografia {f} :: ideography
ideografico {adj} :: ideographic
ideogramma {m} :: ideogram, ideograph
ideogrammatico {adj} :: ideogrammatic
ideologa {f} :: female equivalent of ideologo
ideologia {f} :: ideology
ideologicamente {adv} :: ideologically
ideologicità {f} :: ideological character
ideologico {adj} :: ideological
ideologismo {m} :: ideology
ideologismo {m} :: Tendency to solve problems ideologically
ideologizzante {v} :: present participle of ideologizzare
ideologizzare {vt} :: to ideologize
ideologizzazione {f} :: ideologization
ideologo {m} :: ideologist
ideomotorio {adj} :: ideomotor
ideona {f} [colloquial] :: great idea
idi {mp} :: Ides
Idice {prop} :: Idice (river)
idilliaco {adj} :: idyllic
idillicamente {adv} :: idyllically
idillico {adj} :: idyllic
idillio {m} :: idyll
idio- {prefix} :: idio-
idiocromatico {adj} [mineralogy] :: idiochromatic
idioelettrico {adj} :: idioelectric
idiofono {adj} [music] :: idiophonic
idiofono {m} [music] :: idiophone
idioglossia {f} :: idioglossia
idioletto {m} :: idiolect
idiologo {m} :: idiologus
idioma {m} :: vernacular (the language of a people or a national language)
idioma {m} :: idiom (a distinct language variety or dialect)
idioma {m} :: languoid (a language or dialect without distinction)
idiomatico {adj} :: idiomatic
idiomorfo {adj} :: idiomorphous, idiomorphic
idiopatia {f} [pathology] :: idiopathy
idiopatico {adj} [pathology] :: idiopathic
idiosincrasia {f} /i.djo.sin.kraˈzi.a/ :: aversion, strong dislike
idiosincrasia {f} :: idiosyncrasy
idiosincrasico {adj} :: alternative form of idiosincratico
idiosincratico {adj} :: idiosyncratic
idiota {mf} [pejorative] :: idiot, moron, maroon, clot
idiota {adj} :: idiotic
idiotamente {adv} :: idiotically, stupidly
idiotipo {m} :: idiotype
idiotismo {m} [linguistics] :: idiom
idiotismo {m} [medicine] :: idiocy
idiotopo {m} [immunology] :: idiotope
idiozia {f} :: foolish thing, stupid thing, nonsense, rubbish
idiozia {f} :: idiocy, stupidity, foolishness
idolatra {adj} /i.doˈla.tra/ :: idolatrous
idolatra {mf} :: idolater
idolatrante {v} :: present participle of idolatrare
idolatrare {vit} :: to worship
idolatrare {vit} :: to idolize
idolatria {f} :: idolatry
idolatrico {adj} :: idolatrous
idoleggiante {v} :: present participle of idoleggiare
idoleggiare {vt} :: To idolize or lionize
idoletto {m} :: A small idol
idoletto {m} :: A prehistoric statuette often of an exaggerated female form
idolo {m} :: idol
Idomeneo {prop} [Greek mythology] :: Idomeneus
idoneamente {adv} :: suitably
idoneamente {adv} :: fittingly
idoneità {f} [law] :: fitness, suitability, qualification
idoneo {adj} :: suitable
idoneo {adj} :: fitting
idra {f} [mythology] :: hydra
idra {f} [figurative] :: pest, plague, nuisance
Idra {prop} :: Hydra (all senses)
idracido {m} [chemistry] :: hydracid
idradenite {f} [pathology] :: hidradenitis
Idra di Lerna {prop} [Greek mythology] :: Hydra (Lernaean Hydra mythical serpent)
idragogo {adj} :: hydragogue
idragogo {m} [pharmacology] :: hydragogue drug, hydragogue agent
idralcolico {adj} :: Variant of idroalcolico
idramnio {m} [pathology] :: hydramnios
idrangea {f} :: hydrangea
idrante {m} :: hydrant
idrante {m} :: firehose
idrargirio {m} [obsolete] :: hydrargyrum (mercury)
idrargirismo {m} [pathology] :: hydrargyrism (mercury poisoning)
idrargirite {f} [obsolete, mineral] :: calomel
idrarto {m} [pathology] :: hydrarthrosis
idrartrosi {f} [pathology] :: hydrarthrosis
idraste {f} :: goldenseal
idratabile {adj} :: hydratable
idratante {adj} :: moisturizing
idratante {adj} :: hydrating
idratante {m} :: moisturizer
idratantesi {v} :: present participle of idratarsi
idratare {vt} :: to moisturize
idratare {vt} :: to hydrate
idratarsi {v} :: reflexive of idratare
idratarsi {v} :: to hydrate, moisturize
idratarsi {v} :: to hydrate oneself, moisturize oneself
idratasi {f} [enzyme] :: hydratase
idratatosi {v} :: past participle of idratarsi
idratazione {f} :: moisturizing
idratazione {f} :: hydration
idrato {adj} [chemistry] :: hydrated
idrato {m} [chemistry] :: hydrate
idrato {m} [chemistry] :: hydroxide (normally idrossido)
idraulica {f} :: hydraulics
idraulicamente {adv} :: hydraulically
idraulicità {f} :: hydraulicity
idraulico {adj} :: hydraulic
idraulico {m} :: plumber, pipefitter, plumbing contractor
idrazina {f} [inorganic compound] :: hydrazine
idrazoico {adj} [inorganic chemistry] :: hydrazoic
idrazone {m} [organic chemistry] :: hydrazone
idremia {f} [pathology] :: hydraemia
idria {f} [archaeology] :: hydria
Idria {prop} :: Idrija
idricità {f} :: hydricity
idrico {adj} :: water (attribute)
idro- {prefix} :: hydro-
idroaerogiro {m} :: sea-rotorcraft
idroaeroporto {m} :: seaplane airport
idroalcolico {adj} :: hydroalcoholic
idroalcoolico {adj} :: Variant of idroalcolico
idroambulanza {f} :: A motorboat that functions as an ambulance (in Venice and some Italian islands)
idrobiologia {f} [biology] :: hydrobiology
idrobiologico {adj} [biology] :: hydrobiological
idrobiologo {m} [biology] :: hydrobiologist
idroborazione {f} [organic chemistry] :: hydroboration
idrobromico {adj} [inorganic chemistry] :: hydrobromic
idrocarbonioso {adj} [organic chemistry] :: hydrocarbon (attributive)
idrocarburico {adj} :: hydrocarbon (attributive)
idrocarburo {m} [organic chemistry] :: hydrocarbon
idrocefalia {f} :: Variant of idrocefalo
idrocefalico {adj} :: hydrocephalic
idrocefalo {m} [pathology] :: hydrocephalus
idrocele {m} [medicine] :: hydrocele
idrochinone {m} [organic compound] :: hydroquinone
idrocinnamico {adj} :: hydrocinnamic
idroclorotiazide {f} [medicine] :: hydrochlorothiazide
idrocolloide {m} :: hydrocolloid
idrocoltore {m} :: hydroponics farmer
idrocoltura {f} :: hydroculture, hydroponics
idrocoria {f} [botany] :: hydrochory
idrocoro {adj} [botany] :: hydrochoric
idrocorsa {f} :: A high-speed seaplane designed to compete in races
idrocortisone {m} [medicine] :: hydrocortisone
idrocraking {m} :: hydrocracking
idrodealchilazione {f} [organic chemistry] :: hydrodealkylation
idrodegradazione {f} [chemistry] :: hydrodegradation
idrodesolforazione {f} [chemistry] :: hydrodesulfurization
idrodinamica {f} [physics] :: hydrodynamics
idrodinamico {adj} :: hydrodynamic
idroelettrico {adj} :: hydroelectric
idroestrattore {m} :: hydroextractor
idrofila {f} [chemistry] :: hydrophile
idrofilia {f} [chemistry] :: hydrophilicity
idrofilico {adj} [chemistry] :: hydrophilic
idrofilo {adj} :: hydrophilic
idrofilo {adj} :: hydrophilous
idrofilo {m} :: scavenger beetle
idrofita {f} :: hydrophyte
idrofluoroclorocarburo {m} [organic chemistry] :: hydrochlorofluorocarbon
idrofluoroetere {m} [organic chemistry] :: hydrofluoroether
idrofluoruro {m} [inorganic chemistry] :: fluorohydride
idrofobia {f} :: hydrophobia (all senses)
idrofobia {f} :: rabies
idrofobico {adj} [chemistry] :: hydrophobic
idrofobo {adj} [chemistry, veterinary medicine] :: hydrophobic
idrofobo {m} [chemistry] :: hydrophobe
idrofognario {adj} :: water supply and sewerage (attributive)
idrofonico {adj} :: hydrophonic
idrofonista {mf} :: hydrophone operator
idrofono {m} :: hydrophone
idroformatura {f} :: hydroforming
idroformilazione {f} [chemistry] :: hydroformylation
idroforo {adj} :: water supply (attributive)
idroftalmo {m} [pathology] :: hydrophthalmos
idrofugo {adj} :: water-repellent
idrofugo {m} :: water-repellant material
idrogamia {f} [botany] :: hydrogamy
idrogamo {adj} [botany] :: hydrogamous
idrogenante {v} :: present participle of idrogenare
idrogenare {vt} :: to hydrogenate
idrogenasi {f} [enzyme] :: hydrogenase
idrogenato {adj} :: hydrogenated
idrogenazione {f} :: hydrogenation
idrogenico {adj} :: hydrogenous
idrogenione {m} [chemistry, physics] :: hydrogen ion, proton
idrogeno {m} [chemistry] /iˈdrɔ.d͡ʒ :: hydrogen
idrogenocarbonato {m} [inorganic chemistry] :: bicarbonate, hydrogen carbonate
idrogenodotto {m} :: hydrogen pipeline
idrogenofosfato {m} [inorganic chemistry] :: hydrogen phosphate
idrogenoide {adj} [physics] :: hydrogen-like
idrogenolisi {f} [chemistry] :: hydrogenolysis
idrogenosolfato {m} [inorganic chemistry] :: hydrogen sulfate (ion or salt)
idrogeochimica {f} :: hydrogeochemistry
idrogeochimico {adj} :: hydrogeochemical
idrogeografico {adj} :: hydrogeographic
idrogeologia {f} [geology] :: hydrogeology
idrogeologico {adj} :: hydrogeological
idrogeotermico {adj} :: hydro-geothermal
idrogetto {m} [nautical] :: pump-jet, water jet
idrografia {f} :: hydrography
idrograficamente {adv} :: hydrographically
idrografico {adj} :: hydrographic
idrografo {m} :: hydrographer
idroguida {f} :: hydraulic power steering
idrokinesiterapia {f} [medicine] :: hydrokinetic therapy
idrolabile {adj} [pathology] :: inclined to suffer from dehydration
idrolabilità {f} [pathology] :: tendency to dehydration
idrolasi {f} [enzyme] :: hydrolase
idrolato {m} :: hydrolat
idrolipidico {adj} :: hydrolipidic
idrolisi {f} [chemistry, biochemistry] :: hydrolysis
idroliticamente {adv} :: hydrolytically
idrolitico {adj} [chemistry] :: hydrolytic
idrolito {m} :: aqueous solution
idrolizzante {v} :: present participle of idrolizzare
idrolizzantesi {v} :: present participle of idrolizzarsi
idrolizzare {vt} [chemistry] :: to hydrolyze
idrolizzarsi {vr} :: To undergo hydrolysis
idrolizzato {adj} :: hydrolysis (attributive)
idrolizzato {m} [chemistry] :: hydrolysate
idrolizzatosi {v} :: past participle of idrolizzarsi
idrolizzazione {f} [chemistry] :: hydrolyzation
idrologa {f} :: female equivalent of idrologo
idrologia {f} :: hydrology
idrologico {adj} [hydrology] :: hydrologic, hydrological
idrologo {m} [hydrology] :: hydrologist
idroma {m} [medicine] :: hydroma
idromante {mf} /i.droˈman.te/ :: hydromancer
idromante {mf} [zoology] :: Any member of the Hydromantes taxonomic genus of salamanders
idromanzia {f} /i.dro.manˈt͡si.a/ :: hydromancy
idromassaggio {m} :: hydromassage, jacuzzi
idromeccanica {f} [physics] :: hydromechanics, fluid mechanics
idromeccanico {adj} :: hydromechanical
idromedusa {f} :: hydromedusa
idromele {m} :: mead
idrometallurgia {f} :: hydrometallurgy
idrometeora {f} :: hydrometeor
idrometra {f} [medicine] :: hydrometra
idrometria {f} :: hydrometry
idrometrico {adj} :: hydrometric
idrometro {m} :: water gauge
idronautica {f} [nautical] :: hydronautics
idronefrosi {f} [medicine] :: hydronephrosis
idronimo {m} :: hydronym
idronio {m} [chemistry] :: hydronium
idronomia {f} [geology] :: hydronomics
idronomo {m} :: hydronym
idrope {m} [medicine] :: hydrops
idropericardio {m} [medicine] :: hydropericardium
idroperitoneo {m} [medicine] :: hydroperitoneum
idroperossido {m} [chemistry] :: hydroperoxide
idropico {adj} :: edematous
idropinico {adj} [medicine] :: mineral waters (attributive)
idropinoterapia {f} [medicine] :: mineral water therapy
idropisia {f} :: edema
idropittura {f} :: water-based (emulsion) paint (for walls)
idroplano {m} [nautical] :: hydroplane
idropneumatico {adj} :: hydropneumatic
idropneumotorace {m} [medicine] :: hydropneumothorax
idroponica {f} [agriculture] :: hydroponics
idroponico {adj} [agriculture] :: hydroponic
idroporto {m} :: seaplane base
idropulitrice {f} :: water cleaning machine; water cleaner
idroreattore {m} :: pump-jet, water jet
idrorepellente {adj} :: water-repellent
idrorepellenza {f} :: water repellency
idroricognitore {m} :: A type of seaplane once used for military reconnaissance
idrosadenite {f} [medicine] :: hidradenitis
idrosalino {adj} :: hydrosaline
idrosanitario {adj} :: hydrosanitary
idroscafo {m} :: Any high-speed vessel
idroscala {f} :: cherry picker (hydraulic ladder etc)
idroscalo {m} :: seaplane base
idrosci {m} :: water ski
idrosci {m} :: water skiing
idroscì {m} :: water skiing
idrosciatore {m} :: water skier
idrosciistico {adj} :: water skiing (attributive)
idroscivolante {m} [nautical] :: A high-speed hydroplane
idroscopio {m} :: hydroscope
idroservosterzo {m} :: hydraulic power steering
idrosfera {f} :: hydrosphere
idrosi {f} [physiology] :: hidrosis
idrosilurante {m} :: A torpedo-carrying seaplane
idrosoadenite {f} [medicine] :: hidradenitis
idrosoccorso {m} :: A search and rescue seaplane
idrosol {m} :: hydrosol
idrosolfato {m} [inorganic chemistry] :: hydrosulfate
idrosolfito {m} [inorganic chemistry] :: hydrosulfite
idrosolforico {adj} [inorganic chemistry] :: hydrosulfuric
idrosolforoso {adj} [inorganic chemistry] :: hydrosulfurous
idrosolubile {adj} [chemistry] :: soluble in water, water-soluble
idrosolubilità {f} :: solubility in water
idrossi- {prefix} [chemistry] :: hydroxy-
idrossi {m} [especially in combination] :: hydroxy
idrossiacido {m} [organic chemistry] :: hydroxy acid
idrossiapatite {f} [mineralogy] :: hydroxyapatite
idrossibastnaesite {f} [mineral] :: hydroxylbastnäsite
idrossibenzaldeide {f} [organic compound] :: hydroxybenzaldehyde
idrossibenzilico {adj} [organic chemistry] :: hydroxybenzylic
idrossibenzoato {m} [organic chemistry] :: hydroxybenzoate
idrossibenzoico {adj} [organic chemistry] :: hydroxybenzoic
idrossicinnamico {adj} [organic chemistry] :: hydroxycinnamic
idrossido {m} :: hydroxide
idrossido di alluminio {m} [inorganic compound] :: aluminium hydroxide
idrossido di calcio {m} [inorganic compound] :: calcium hydroxide
idrossido di magnesio {m} [inorganic compound] :: magnesium hydroxide
idrossido di sodio {m} [inorganic compound] :: sodium hydroxide
idrossietilmetacrilato {m} [organic chemistry] :: hydroxyethyl methacrylate
idrossilammina {f} [organic compound] :: hydroxylamine
idrossilammonio {m} [inorganic chemistry] :: hydroxylammonium
idrossilasi {f} [enzyme] :: hydroxylase
idrossilazione {f} [organic chemistry] :: hydroxylation
idrossile {m} [chemistry] :: hydroxyl
idrossilico {adj} [chemistry] :: hydroxylic
idrossilisina {f} [organic compound] :: hydroxylysine
idrossimetilfurfurale {m} [organic compound] :: hydroxymethylfurfural
idrossiprolina {f} [organic compound] :: hydroxyproline
idrossiquinolo {m} [organic compound] :: hydroxyquinol
idrossitriptofano {m} [biochemistry] :: hydroxytryptophan
idrossiurea {f} [organic compound] :: hydroxyurea
idrossocobalamina {f} [organic compound] :: hydroxocobalamin
idrossonio {m} [chemistry] :: hydroxonium
idrostatico {adj} :: hydrostatic
idrosterzo {m} :: hydraulic power steering
idrotassi {f} [biology] :: hydrotaxis
idrotattismo {m} [biology] :: hydrotaxis
idroterapeutico {adj} :: hydrotherapeutic
idroterapia {f} :: hydrotherapy
idroterapico {adj} :: hydrotherapeutic; hydrotherapy (attributive)
idrotermale {adj} :: hydrothermal
idrotermico {adj} :: hydrothermal
idrotermosanitario {adj} :: plumbing (attributive)
idrotimetria {f} :: hydrotimetry
idrotimetrico {adj} :: hydrotimetric
idrotimetro {m} :: hydrotimeter
idrotorace {m} [medicine] :: hydrothorax
idrotropismo {m} [biology] :: hydrotropism
idrovia {f} :: waterway
idroviario {adj} :: (inland) waterway (attributive)
idrovolante {m} :: seaplane, hydroplane
idrovora {f} :: A large water pump
idrovoro {adj} :: Describing a pump capable of moving large quantities of water
idrovoro {adj} :: Describing soil that is capable of absorbing lots of water
idrozincite {m} [mineralogy] :: hydrozincite
idrozoo {m} :: hydrozoan
idruntino {adj} :: Of or from Otranto
idruro {m} [chemistry] :: hydride
idruro di litio {m} [inorganic compound] :: lithium hydride
idruro di litio-alluminio {m} [inorganic compound] :: lithium aluminium hydride
idruro di sodio {m} [inorganic compound] :: sodium hydride
Iefte {prop} [Biblical character] :: Jephthah
Iefte {prop} :: given name
iella {f} [uncountable] /ˈjɛ :: bad luck
iella {f} :: An instance of bad luck
iellato {adj} :: unlucky, cursed
iemale {adj} :: synonym of invernale
iemale {adj} [botany] :: synonym of sempreverde
iena {f} /ˈjɛ.na/ :: hyena
-iera {suffix} :: -er, -or
ieraticamente {adv} :: hieratically
ieraticamente {adv} :: solemnly
ieraticità {f} :: solemnity
ieratico {adj} :: hieratic
ieratico {adj} :: solemn
-iere {suffix} :: Used to form masculine nouns (often of French origin) that represent a person who makes or sells a specified article; -er, -or
-iere {suffix} :: Suffix of a few -ere verbs
ieri {adv} /ˈjɛ.ri/ :: yesterday
ieri {m} :: yesterday
ieri l'altro {adv} :: day before yesterday
ierlaltro {adv} :: alternative form of ieri l'altro
iermattina {adv} :: yesterday morning
iernotte {adv} /jerˈnɔt.te/ :: rare spelling of ieri notte
iernotte {adv} :: last night
-iero {suffix} :: -ery [attributive]
iero- {prefix} :: hiero-
ierocratico {adj} :: hierocratic
ierocrazia {f} :: hierocracy
ierodula {f} :: hierodule
ierodulo {m} :: hierodule
ierofania {f} :: hierophany
ierofante {m} :: hierophant
ierogamia {f} :: hierogamy
ierologia {f} :: hierology
iersera {adv} :: yesterday evening, last night
i-esimo {adj} [mathematics] :: ith (position in a sequence)
Iesù {prop} :: medieval spelling of Gesù
-ietà {suffix} :: alternative form of -ità
ietografo {m} :: hyetograph
ietogramma {f} :: hyetograph
Ietro {prop} [Biblical character] :: Jethro
Ietro {prop} :: given name
iettante {v} :: present participle of iettare
iettare {vt} :: To jinx
iettato {adj} :: jinxed, unlucky, unfortunate
iettatore {m} :: jinx
iettatorio {adj} :: jinx (attributive)
iettatorio {adj} :: unlucky
iettatrice {f} :: female equivalent of iettatore
iettatura {f} :: bad luck
iettatura {f} :: evil eye
ifa {f} [botany] :: hypha
ifale {adj} [botany] :: hyphal
ifema {f} [pathology] :: hyphema
-ifero {suffix} :: -iferous
-ificare {suffix} /i.fiˈ :: -ify
-ificio {suffix} /iˈfi.t͡ʃo/ :: Suffix indicating a production site
Ificlo {prop} [Greek mythology] :: Iphicles
Ifigenia {prop} [Greek mythology] :: Iphigenia
Igea {prop} [Greek god] :: Hygeia
igiene {f} :: hygiene, cleanliness, hygienics
igienicamente {adv} :: hygienically
igienicisanitario {adj} :: alternative form of igienico-sanitario
igienico {adj} :: hygienic, sanitary, health (attribute)
igienico {adj} :: safe, clean, healthy
igienico-sanitario {adj} :: relating to hygiene and sanitation
igienista {mf} :: hygienist
igienizzante {v} :: present participle of igienizzare
igienizzante {adj} :: sanitizing
igienizzare {vt} :: to sanitize
igienizzare {vt} :: to clean deeply, often with steam
igienizzazione {f} :: sanitization
Igino {prop} :: given name
iglò {m} :: igloo
iglù {m} /iˈɡlu/ :: igloo
igname {m} :: yam
ignaro {adj} :: unaware, ignorant, unacquainted
ignava {f} :: female equivalent of ignavo
ignavia {f} :: sloth, indolence
ignavo {adj} :: slothful, indolent
ignavo {m} :: sluggard
Ignazio {prop} /iˈɲa.t͡sjo/ :: given name
igne {m} [obsolete, literary] /ˈiɲɲe/ :: fire
Igne migne magna mo {phrase} :: eeny, meeny, miny, moe
igneo {adj} [literary, archaic] /ˈi.ɲeo̯/ :: of fire; fiery
igneo {adj} [archaic, by extension] :: very hot; scorching
igneo {adj} [archaic, figuratively] :: fervid, passionate, impetuous
igneo {adj} [geology, of rocks] :: igneous
ignifero {adj} :: igniferous
ignifugante {v} :: present participle of ignifugare
ignifugare {vt} :: To fireproof
ignifugazione {f} :: fireproofing
ignifugo {adj} :: fireproof, flameproof, flame-retardant, fire-retardant
ignito {adj} :: heated, lit
ignito {adj} :: flaming, bright
ignito {adj} :: impetuous, ardent
ignivomo {adj} :: vomiting fire (used especially of volcanoes)
ignizione {f} :: ignition
ignizione {f} :: cremation
-igno {suffix} /ˈiɲɲo/ :: -ish
ignobile {adj} :: ignoble, vile, base, poor, scurvy
ignobilmente {adv} :: ignobly, basely
ignobiltà {f} :: baseness, lowness, ignobility
ignominia {f} :: ignominy
ignominiosamente {adv} :: ignominiously
ignominioso {adj} :: ignominious
ignorabile {adj} :: ignorable
ignorantaggine {f} :: ignorance
ignorante {adj} :: ignorant, uneducated, uncultured, illiterate, incompetent
ignorante {adj} :: rude, boorish
ignorante {adj} :: ignorant, unaware, unknowing
ignorante {mf} :: ignorant or rude person
ignorante {v} :: present participle of ignorare
ignorantemente {adv} :: ignorantly
ignorantemente {adv} :: rudely
ignorantemente {adv} :: unknowingly
ignorantesi {v} :: present participle of ignorarsi
ignoranza {f} /i.ɲːoˈran.t͡sa/ :: ignorance
ignoranza {f} :: rudeness, boorishness
ignorare {vt} :: not to know, to ignore, to be unaware of
ignorare {vt} :: to ignore, not to pay attention, to shrug off, to disregard
ignorarsi {vr} :: To pretend to misunderstand
ignorato {adj} :: ignored
ignorato {adj} :: neglected
ignoratosi {v} :: past participle of ignorarsi
ignoto {adj} :: unknown
ignoto {m} :: the unknown
ignoto {m} :: unknown person
ignudare {v} [literary] /iɲ.ɲuˈ :: To strip, denude, bare
ignudo {adj} [literary] /iɲˈɲ :: naked, nude
Igor {prop} :: given name
i greca {f} /iˈɡrɛ.ka/ :: synonym of ipsilon
igro- {prefix} :: hygro-
igrocasia {f} [botany] /i.ɡro.kaˈzi.a/ :: hygrochasy
igrocastico {adj} /i.ɡroˈkas.ti.ko/ :: hygrochasic
igrofilo {adj} [botany] :: hygrophilous
igrografo {m} :: hygrograph
igrometria {f} :: hygrometry
igrometrico {adj} :: hygrometric
igrometro {m} [meteorology] :: hygrometer
igrometro con bulbo umido e secco {m} [meteorology] :: wet-and-dry-bulb hygrometer
igroscopia {f} :: hygroscopy
igroscopicità {f} :: hygroscopicity
igroscopico {adj} [chemistry] :: hygroscopic
igroscopio {m} :: hygroscope
igrostato {m} :: hygrostat, humidistat
IGT {f} :: initialism of indicazione geografica tipica
iguana {f} :: iguana
iguanodonte {m} :: iguanodont
-ii {suffix} :: Used with a stem to form the first-person singular past historic of regular -ire verbs
il- {prefix} /il/ :: alternative form of in-
il {art} /il/ :: the
ilare {adj} :: cheerful
Ilaria {prop} :: given name, currently popular in Italy
Ilario {prop} :: given name
ilarità {f} :: hilarity, merriment, mirth, glee
ilatro {m} :: mock privet (plant of the genus Phillyrea)
il bisogno aguzza l'ingegno {proverb} :: necessity is the mother of invention
il bue che dice cornuto all'asino {phrase} [idiomatic] :: pot calling the kettle black (somebody who accuses someone else of a fault shared by the accuser)
il bue che dice cornuto all'asino {phrase} [idiomatic] :: it takes one to know one
il bue che dice cornuto all'asino {phrase} [idiomatic] :: I know you are but what am I
Il Cairo {prop} :: Il Cairo (caplc)
Ilda {prop} /ˈil.da/ :: given name
il dado è tratto {phrase} [idiomatic] :: the die is cast (the future is determined)
Ildebrando {prop} :: given name
Ildefonso {prop} :: given name
il desiderio rende lunga l'attesa {proverb} :: a watched pot never boils
il diavolo fa le pentole ma non i coperchi {proverb} :: synonym of la verità viene sempre a galla
il diavolo fa le pentole ma non i coperchi {proverb} :: The devil teaches us his tricks but not how to hide them
il diavolo si nasconde nei dettagli {proverb} :: devil is in the details
-ile {suffix} /ˈi.le/ :: Used to form nouns indicating locations that host animals or objects
-ile {suffix} [non-productive] :: -ile (tending to or capable of)
ileale {adj} [anatomy] :: ileal
ileite {f} [pathology] :: ileitis
ileo {m} [anatomy] :: ileum
ileo {m} [skeleton] :: ilium, ileum
ileo {m} [medicine] :: obstruction of the bowel
ileocecale {adj} [anatomy] :: ileocaecal
ileococcigeo {adj} [anatomy] :: iliococcygeal, iliococcygeus
ileocostale {adj} [anatomy] :: iliocostalis, iliocostal
ileocostale {m} [muscle] :: iliocostalis
il gatto ti ha mangiato la lingua {idiom} :: cat got your tongue?
il giorno del giudizio universale {n} :: doomsday
iliaco {adj} [anatomy] :: iliac
Iliade {prop} :: Iliad
ilio {m} [skeleton] :: ilium
Ilio {prop} :: Ilium, Troy
Ilïón {prop} :: medieval spelling of Ilion
illacrimabile {adj} :: not deserving of tears
illacrimabile {adj} :: unemotional
illanguidente {v} :: present participle of illanguidire
illanguidimento {m} :: weakening, enfeeblement
illanguidimento {m} :: languishing
illanguidire {vt} :: To make languid
illanguidire {vi} :: To languish
illaudabile {adj} :: not laudable, illaudable
illazione {f} :: insinuation, conjecture, illation, inference
illeceità {f} :: Variant of illiceità
illecitamente {adv} :: illicitly
illecito {adj} :: illicit, illegitimate, unlawful, illegal
illecito {m} :: crime, wrong, offence, tort
illegale {adj} :: illegal, unlawful, lawless, false
illegalismo {m} :: illegality
illegalità {f} :: illegality, lawlessness, unlawfulness
illegalità {f} :: illegal act, unlawful act, offence
illegalmente {adv} :: illegally, unlawfully
illeggiadrente {v} :: present participle of illeggiadrire
illeggiadrentesi {v} :: present participle of illeggiadrirsi
illeggiadrire {vt} :: To beautify
illeggiadrire {vi} :: To become (more) beautiful
illeggiadrirsi {vr} :: To become (more) beautiful
illeggiadritosi {v} :: past participle of illeggiadrirsi
illeggibile {adj} :: illegible, unreadable
illeggibilità {f} :: illegibility, unreadability
illeggibilmente {adv} :: illegibly, unreadably
illegittimamente {adv} :: illegitimately
illegittimità {f} :: illegitimacy, unlawfulness, illegality
illegittimo {adj} :: illegitimate, unlawful, illegal, unjustified, arbitrary
illegittimo {m} :: illegitimate child
illesibile {adj} :: invulnerable
illeso {adj} :: unharmed, unhurt, undamaged
illetterato {adj} :: illiterate
illetterato {m} :: illiterate person
illibatamente {adv} :: virginally, chastely
illibatezza {f} :: virginity, chastity, purity
illibato {adj} :: virgin, chaste, pure
illiberale {adj} :: illiberal
illiberalità {f} :: illiberality
illiberalmente {adv} :: illiberally
illibertà {f} :: Lack of liberty or freedom
illiceità {f} [legal] :: illicitness, unlawfulness
illicenziabile {adj} :: not dismissible
illicenziabilità {f} :: The property of being not dismissible
illicio {m} [zoology] :: illicium
illimitatamente {adv} :: indefinitely
illimitatamente {adv} :: limitlessly
illimitatezza {f} :: unlimitedness
illimitato {adj} :: unlimited, boundless, limitless, indefinite
Illinois {prop} /il.liˈnɔ.is/ :: Illinois (state)
illiquidità {f} [finance] :: illiquidity
illiquido {adj} [finance] :: illiquid
Illiri {prop} :: Illyrians
Illiria {prop} :: Illyria
illirico {adj} :: Illyrian
illite {f} [mineral] :: illite
illividente {v} :: present participle of illividire
illividire {vt} :: To bruise
illividire {vi} :: To become livid
illocutivo {adj} [linguistics] :: illocutionary
illocuzione {f} :: illocution
illodabile {adj} :: not laudable, illaudable (Variant of illaudabile)
illogicamente {adv} :: illogically
illogicità {f} :: illogicality
illogico {adj} :: illogical, irrational, unreasoning, inconsistent, handwavy
illudente {v} :: present participle of illudere
illudentesi {v} :: present participle of illudersi
illudere {vt} /ilˈludere/ :: to deceive, delude or fool
illudersi {vr} :: To deceive or delude oneself
illuminabile {adj} :: That can be lit
illuminamento {m} :: illumination
illuminamento {m} [physics] :: illuminance
illuminante {adj} :: enlightening, illuminating
illuminantesi {v} :: present participle of illuminarsi
illuminare {v} :: to light
illuminare {v} :: to enlighten
illuminare {v} [figuratively] :: to dawn on
illuminarsi {vr} :: To light up
illuminatamente {adv} :: with illumination
illuminatamente {adv} :: in an enlightened manner; wisely
illuminato {adj} :: enlightened, lighted, lit
illuminatore {m} :: illuminator
illuminatosi {v} :: past participle of illuminarsi
illuminazione {f} :: lighting, illumination, light
illuminazione {f} :: enlightenment, inspiration, nirvana
illuminismo {m} :: The Enlightenment (17th and 18th-century philosophical movement)
illuminista {adj} :: Enlightenment (attributive)
illuminista {mf} :: a follower of the Enlightenment
illuministico {adj} :: Enlightenment (attributive)
illuminometro {m} :: illuminometer
illuminotecnica {f} :: lighting engineering
illuminotecnico {m} :: lighting engineer
illune {adj} [poetic, of a night] /ilˈ :: moonless
il lupo perde il pelo ma non il vizio {proverb} :: the wolf may lose his teeth but never his nature; a leopard cannot change its spots; the fox may grow grey but never good
illusa {f} :: A deluded person (female)
illusione {f} :: illusion, delusion
illusione ottica {f} :: optical illusion
illusionismo {m} :: conjuring
illusionista {mf} :: conjurer
illusionistico {adj} :: conjuring (attributive)
illusionistico {adj} :: illusionistic
illuso {adj} :: deluded
illuso {m} :: A deluded person (male)
illusoriamente {adv} :: illusively
illusoriamente {adv} :: deceptively
illusorietà {f} :: illusiveness, deceptiveness
illusorio {adj} :: illusory, deceptive, false, unreal
illusosi {v} :: past participle of illudersi
illustrabile {adj} :: That can be illustrated; explainable
illustrante {v} :: present participle of illustrare
illustrare {vt} :: to illustrate [a book or other publication]
illustrare {vt} :: to illustrate, explain, expound, set out, spell out
illustrativo {adj} :: illustrative
illustrato {adj} :: illustrated
illustratore {m} :: illustrator
illustratrice {f} :: female equivalent of illustratore
illustrazione {f} :: illustration, picture
illustrazione {f} :: illustration, explanation
illustre {adj} :: illustrious, renowned, famous, distinguished
illustre {adj} :: notorious
illustremente {adv} :: illustriously, famously
illustremente {adv} :: notoriously
illustrissimo {adj} :: superlative of illustre
il mattino ha l'oro in bocca {proverb} :: the early bird gets the worm
ilmenite {f} :: ilmenite
il nostro {pron} :: ours
ilo {m} [botany] :: hilum
ilo {m} [anatomy] :: hilus
ilota {mf} [historical] :: helot
ilozoismo {m} :: hylozoism
ilozoista {mf} :: hylozoist
il più presto possibile {adv} :: as fast as possible
il prima possibile {adv} :: as soon as possible
il quale {pron} :: whom; which; after a preposition
il quale {pron} [rare] :: who; whom; which; that; subject or object
il resto del carlino {phrase} :: All that is implied but not spoken about
il risparmio comincia dal poco {proverb} :: look after the pence and the pounds will look after themselves
il risparmio è il miglior guadagno {proverb} :: waste not, want not
il sangue non è acqua {phrase} :: blood is thicker than water
il suo {pron} :: his (that which belongs to him)
il tempo è denaro {proverb} :: synonym of Il tempo è moneta
Il tempo è moneta {proverb} :: time is money
i lunga {f} /iˈlun.ɡa/ :: letter: j; jay
i lungo {m} :: alternative form of i lunga
ilvaite {f} [mineralogy] /il.vaˈi.te/ :: ilvaite
il volere di Dio {phrase} :: synonym of se Dio vuole
im- {prefix} /im/ :: alternative form of in-
imagismo {m} :: imagism
imagista {mf} :: imagist
Imagna {prop} :: Imagna (small river)
imam {m} [Islam] :: imam
imamato {m} :: imamate
iman {m} :: imam
imano {m} [archaic] :: imam
imbabala {n} :: imbabala, Cape bushbuck (Tragelaphus sylvaticus)
imbacuccante {v} :: present participle of imbacuccare
imbacuccantesi {v} :: present participle of imbacuccarsi
imbacuccare {vt} :: to wrap up
imbacuccare {vt} :: to muffle
imbacuccarsi {v} :: reflexive of imbacuccare
imbacuccarsi {v} :: to wrap up
imbacuccato {adj} :: wrapped up
imbacuccato {adj} :: muffled
imbacuccatosi {v} :: past participle of imbacuccarsi
imbaldanzente {v} :: present participle of imbaldanzire
imbaldanzire {vt} :: To give confidence to someone; to embolden
imballaggio {m} :: packaging, packing, package
imballante {v} :: present participle of imballare
imballantesi {v} :: present participle of imballarsi
imballare {vt} :: To pack, package, wrap up or crate
imballare {vt} :: To bale
imballare {vt} :: To race (of a motor)
imballarsi {vr} :: To race (of a motor)
imballatore {m} :: packer (worker who packs things)
imballatosi {v} :: past participle of imballarsi
imballatrice {f} :: packer (packing machine)
imballatrice {f} :: baler (baling machine)
imballatrice {f} :: raker
imballatura {f} :: packing, baling etc
imballatura {f} :: racing (of an engine)
imballo {m} :: packaging, packing, package
imbalsamante {v} :: present participle of imbalsamare
imbalsamare {vt} :: to embalm
imbalsamatore {m} :: embalmer
imbalsamatrice {f} :: female equivalent of imbalsamatore
imbalsamatura {f} :: embalming
imbalsamatura {f} :: stuffing (action)
imbalsamazione {f} :: embalming
imbambolante {v} :: present participle of imbambolarsi
imbambolantesi {v} :: present participle of imbambolarsi
imbambolare {v} :: to bewilder, to stun
imbambolarsi {vri} :: to look blank
imbambolarsi {vri} :: to be astounded, bewildered
imbambolato {adj} :: vacant, blank (expression)
imbambolato {adj} :: astounded, bewildered
imbambolato {adj} :: stunned
imbambolatosi {v} :: past participle of imbambolarsi
imbandente {v} :: present participle of imbandire
imbandieramento {m} :: decking with flags
imbandierante {v} :: present participle of imbandierare
imbandierare {vt} :: To deck with flags
imbandigione {f} :: spread (array of food on a table)
imbandire {vt} :: To prepare something magnificent
imbandito {adj} :: sumptuously or lavishly prepared (of a table of food)
imbando {m} [nautical] :: slack
imbarazzante {adj} :: embarrassing, awkward
imbarazzantesi {v} :: present participle of imbarazzarsi
imbarazzare {vt} [obsolete] :: to obstruct a location; to impede; to hinder activities with obstacles
imbarazzare {vt} :: to embarrass
imbarazzarsi {v} :: reflexive of imbarazzare
imbarazzarsi {v} :: to be embarrassed, to embarrass
imbarazzatamente {adv} :: embarrassedly, uncomfortably
imbarazzatissimo {adj} :: superlative of imbarazzato
imbarazzato {adj} :: embarrassed, uncomfortable
imbarazzatosi {v} :: past participle of imbarazzarsi
imbarazzo {m} /im.baˈrat.t͡so/ :: obstacle, trouble, difficulty
imbarazzo {m} :: embarrassment, awkwardness
imbarbarente {v} :: present participle of imbarbarire
imbarbarentesi {v} :: present participle of imbarbarirsi
imbarbarimento {m} :: barbarization
imbarbarire {vt} :: To make something less civilized; to barbarize
imbarbarirsi {vr} :: To become barbarous
imbarbarirsi {vr} :: To decay
imbarbaritosi {v} :: past participle of imbarbarirsi
imbarcadero {m} :: landing stage, jetty
imbarcadero {m} :: landing
imbarcamento {m} :: warping (under a load)
imbarcante {v} :: present participle of imbarcare
imbarcantesi {v} :: present participle of imbarcarsi
imbarcare {vt} :: to take on board, to take aboard, to embark, to ship, to load
imbarcarsi {vr} :: to board
imbarcarsi {vr} :: to embark (on)
imbarcarsi {vr} [with per] :: to sail (for)
imbarcarsi {vr} [with come] :: to sign on (as)
imbarcarsi {vr} :: to warp
imbarcatoio {m} :: landing stage, jetty
imbarcatosi {v} :: past participle of imbarcarsi
imbarcatura {f} :: warping
imbarcazione {f} :: boat, watercraft, craft, vessel
imbarco {m} :: boarding, embarkation, loading, shipping, shipment
imbardante {v} :: present participle of imbardare
imbardare {vi} :: To yaw
imbardata {f} :: yaw
imbarilante {v} :: present participle of imbarilare
imbarilare {vt} :: to barrel
imbarilato {adj} :: packed in barrels
imbasamento {m} :: synonym of basamento
imbastardente {v} :: present participle of imbastardire
imbastardentesi {v} :: present participle of imbastardirsi
imbastardimento {m} :: bastardization, mongrelization
imbastardimento {m} [by extension] :: corruption, degeneration
imbastardire {vt} :: To bastardize or debase
imbastardirsi {vr} :: To degenerate or become debased
imbastarditosi {v} :: past participle of imbastardirsi
imbastente {v} :: present participle of imbastire
imbastire {vt} :: to baste or tack (sew with long stitches)
imbastire {vt} :: to outline [a speech, etc.]
imbastire {vt} :: to plot; to scheme; to conspire
imbastire {vi} :: to lose rhythm during a race or competition due to a sudden tiredness
imbastitura {f} :: basting, tacking
imbattente {v} :: present participle of imbattersi
imbattentesi {v} :: present participle of imbattersi
imbattersi {vr} :: to run into, bump into, meet with, come across, encounter
imbattibile {adj} :: unbeatable, invincible, insuperable
imbattibilità {f} :: invincibility
imbattuto {adj} :: unbeaten
imbattutosi {v} :: past participle of imbattersi
imbavagliante {v} :: present participle of imbavagliare
imbavagliare {vt} :: To gag
imbavagliare {vt} [figuratively] :: To restrain from speaking, expressing opinion or acting; to silence, to censor
imbeccante {v} :: present participle of imbeccare
imbeccare {vt} :: to feed a bird [by hand]
imbeccare {vt} :: to prompt; to put words in someone's mouth
imbeccata {f} :: beakful (of food)
imbeccata {f} :: prompt (theatrical)
imbeccatoio {m} :: feeding dish (especially in a birdcage)
imbecillaggine {f} :: stupidity, imbecility
imbecille {adj} [psychology, obsolete] :: imbecile
imbecille {adj} [pejorative] :: fool, idiot, stupid, moron
imbecille {mf} :: fool, idiot, clot
imbecillità {f} :: imbecility, idiocy, stupidity
imbelle {adj} :: faint-hearted
imbellente {v} :: present participle of imbellire
imbellettante {v} :: present participle of imbellettare
imbellettantesi {v} :: present participle of imbellettarsi
imbellettare {vt} :: to make up; to put on makeup
imbellettare {vt} :: to embellish
imbellettarsi {v} :: reflexive of imbellettare
imbellettarsi {v} :: to make up; to put on one's makeup
imbellettatosi {v} :: past participle of imbellettarsi
imbellettatura {f} :: embellishment
imbellettatura {f} :: makeup
imbellire {vt} :: To adorn or embellish
imbellito {adj} :: adorned, embellished
imberbe {adj} /imˈbɛ :: beardless, cleanshaven
imberbe {adj} :: callow, inexperienced
imberrettato {adj} :: wearing a hat or cap
imbestialente {v} :: present participle of imbestialire
imbestialentesi {v} :: present participle of imbestialirsi
imbestialire {vt} :: To infuriate
imbestialirsi {vr} :: To be infuriated; to fly into a rage
imbestialitosi {v} :: past participle of imbestialirsi
imbestiante {v} :: present participle of imbestiare
imbestiare {v} :: To bestialize
imbestiare {v} :: To brutalize
imbevente {v} :: present participle of imbevere
imbeventesi {v} :: present participle of imbeversi
imbevere {v} :: to soak (in)
imbeversi {vr} :: to soak (up); to absorb
imbevibile {adj} :: undrinkable
imbevuto {adj} :: soaked (in)
imbevuto {adj} :: imbued (with)
imbevutosi {v} :: past participle of imbeversi
imbiaccante {v} :: present participle of imbiaccare
imbiaccare {vt} :: To paint with white lead or ceruse
imbiaccatura {f} :: white leading, cerusing
imbiancamento {m} :: whitening
imbiancamento {m} :: bleaching of textiles)
imbiancamento {m} :: whitewashing (of walls)
imbiancante {v} :: present participle of imbiancare
imbiancantesi {v} :: present participle of imbiancarsi
imbiancare {vt} :: to whitewash, paint (white), decorate
imbiancare {vt} :: to whiten, bleach
imbiancare {vt} :: to be white with snow
imbiancarsi {v} :: reflexive of imbiancare
imbiancarsi {v} :: to turn white
imbiancatore {m} :: bleacher (person)
imbiancatosi {v} :: past participle of imbiancarsi
imbiancatura {f} :: whitewashing (or similar in other colours)
imbianchente {v} :: present participle of imbianchire
imbianchimento {m} :: bleaching
imbianchimento {m} :: blanching
imbianchina {f} :: female equivalent of imbianchino
imbianchino {m} :: painter (of walls), house painter, painting contractor, decorator
imbianchino {m} [derogatory, arts] :: dauber (unskilled painter)
imbianchire {vit} :: to make or to become white or pale
imbianchire {vit} :: to bleach, blanch
imbibente {v} :: present participle of imbibire
imbibire {vt} :: to soak something
imbibire {vt} [chemistry] :: to measure the absorption of a liquid by a solid
imbibizione {f} :: soaking
imbibizione {f} :: absorption
imbiettante {v} :: present participle of imbiettare
imbiettare {vt} :: To key or chock (secure with a wedge)
imbiondente {v} :: present participle of imbiondire
imbiondire {vt} [hair] :: to lighten
imbiondire {vt} [cooking] :: to brown [lightly]
imbizzarrente {v} :: present participle of imbizzarrire
imbizzarrentesi {v} :: present participle of imbizzarrirsi
imbizzarrire {vi} :: To sparkle or foam
imbizzarrire {vt} :: To irritate or agitate
imbizzarrirsi {vr} :: To become frisky or restless
imbizzarrito {adj} :: runaway (horse)
imbizzarritosi {v} :: past participle of imbizzarrirsi
imbizzente {v} :: present participle of imbizzire
imbizzire {vi} :: to lose one's temper
imbizzire {vi} :: to become restive [especially of horses]
imboccante {v} :: present participle of imboccare
imboccare {vt} :: to feed
imboccare {vt} :: to put in one's mouth
imboccare {vt} :: to enter, turn into [a road, etc.]
imboccatore {m} :: hopper (funnel-shaped device)
imboccatura {f} :: entrance, way in, mouth
imboccatura {f} [music] :: mouthpiece, embouchure
imbocco {m} :: entrance, way in
imbolsente {v} :: present participle of imbolsire
imbolsire {vi} :: to have difficulty breathing [of a horse]
imbolsire {vi} :: to become weak
imbolsire {vi} :: to become fat
imbonente {v} :: present participle of imbonire
imbonimento {m} :: sales pitch
imbonimento {m} :: hype, puff
imbonire {vt} :: to persuade (someone) to buy (something)
imbonire {vt} :: to puff
imbonitore {m} :: barker (at a circus etc)
imbonitore {m} :: tout
imborghesente {v} :: present participle of imborghesire
imborghesentesi {v} :: present participle of imborghesirsi
imborghesimento {m} :: A trend to become more middle class
imborghesire {vt} :: To make more middle class
imborghesirsi {vr} :: To become more middle class
imborghesitosi {v} :: past participle of imborghesirsi
imboscamento {m} :: hiding in a wood
imboscamento {m} :: (hence) evasion of military service
imboscamento {m} :: cornering (a market)
imboscante {v} :: present participle of imboscare
imboscantesi {v} :: present participle of imboscarsi
imboscare {vt} :: to hide
imboscarsi {vr} :: To skulk
imboscarsi {vr} :: [figuratively] To evade military service
imboscata {f} :: ambush
imboscato {m} :: draft dodger
imboscatosi {v} :: past participle of imboscarsi
imboschente {v} :: present participle of imboschire
imboschimento {m} :: afforestation
imboschire {vt} :: to afforest
imbottante {v} :: present participle of imbottare
imbottare {vt} :: To put into casks or barrels
imbottatura {f} :: barrelling, casking
imbotte {f} [architecture] :: intrados
imbottente {v} :: present participle of imbottire
imbottentesi {v} :: present participle of imbottirsi
imbottigliamento {m} :: bottling, jarring
imbottigliamento {m} :: traffic jam, gridlock, snarl-up
imbottigliante {v} :: present participle of imbottigliare
imbottigliare {vt} :: to bottle [used especially of wine]
imbottigliare {vt} :: to hem in, bottle up [an enemy]
imbottigliare {vt} :: to blockade [a port]
imbottigliatore {m} :: bottler (person)
imbottigliatrice {f} :: bottler (machine)
imbottire {vt} :: To fill, to stuff, to pad, to pack
imbottirsi {vr} :: To stuff oneself
imbottita {f} :: quilt, eiderdown
imbottito {adj} :: stuffed, filled, padded
imbottito {adj} :: upholstered
imbottito {m} :: upholstered piece of furniture; (in plural) upholstered furniture
imbottitosi {v} :: past participle of imbottirsi
imbottitura {f} :: stuffing, filling, padding, wadding, batting, upholstery
imbozzimante {v} :: present participle of imbozzimare
imbozzimare {vt} :: To size (coat with size)
imbozzimatura {f} :: sizing (treating with size)
imbracante {v} :: present participle of imbracare
imbracare {vt} :: To harness or sling
imbracatura {f} :: harness, sling
imbracciante {v} :: present participle of imbracciare
imbracciare {vt} :: to take up
imbracciare {vt} :: to shoulder
imbracciare {vt} :: to grasp
imbracciatura {f} :: shouldering
imbracciatura {f} :: strap, sling (of a gun etc.)
imbragante {v} :: present participle of imbragare
imbragare {v} :: alternative spelling of imbracare
imbragatura {f} :: Variant of imbracatura
imbranata {f} :: clumsy or useless woman
imbranato {adj} :: clumsy, awkward, useless, hopeless
imbranato {m} :: clumsy or useless person (male)
imbrancante {v} :: present participle of imbrancare
imbrancantesi {v} :: present participle of imbrancarsi
imbrancare {vt} :: To herd, roundup
imbrancarsi {vr} :: To gang up
imbrancatosi {v} :: past participle of imbrancarsi
imbrattacarte {mf} [derogatory] :: scribbler, hack
imbrattamuri {mf} :: dauber (bad painter)
imbrattamuri {mf} :: graffiti artist
imbrattante {v} :: present participle of imbrattare
imbrattantesi {v} :: present participle of imbrattarsi
imbrattare {v} :: to dirty, smear or daub (with)
imbrattarsi {vr} :: To dirty, smear or daub oneself (with)
imbrattatele {mf} [derogatory] :: dauber (unskillful painter)
imbrattatosi {v} :: past participle of imbrattarsi
imbrattatura {f} :: soiling etc
imbrattatura {f} :: stains or other dirty marks
imbrecciante {v} :: present participle of imbrecciare
imbrecciare {vt} :: To gravel (cover with gravel)
imbrecciatura {f} :: gravelling (covering with gravel)
imbriaco {adj} :: alternative form of ubriaco
imbrifero {adj} :: catchment (attributive)
imbrigliamento {m} :: bridling (a horse)
imbrigliamento {m} :: checking
imbrigliante {v} :: present participle of imbrigliare
imbrigliantesi {v} :: present participle of imbrigliarsi
imbrigliare {v} :: to bridle (a horse)
imbrigliare {v} :: to dam (water)
imbrigliare {v} :: to curb (emotions)
imbrigliare {v} :: to harness
imbrigliarsi {vr} :: To be bridled (of a horse)
imbrigliatosi {v} :: past participle of imbrigliarsi
imbrigliatura {f} :: harnessing, bridling; harness, bridle
imbrigliatura {f} :: checking
imbrillantinante {v} :: present participle of imbrillantinare
imbrillantinantesi {v} :: present participle of imbrillantinarsi
imbrillantinare {vt} :: To apply brilliantine
imbrillantinarsi {vr} :: To apply brilliantine
imbrillantinatosi {v} :: past participle of imbrillantinarsi
Imbro {prop} :: Imbro (island)
imbroccante {v} :: present participle of imbroccare
imbroccare {vt} :: to hit a target
imbroccare {vt} :: to guess correctly
imbrodante {v} :: present participle of imbrodare
imbrodare {vt} :: To stain (literally, to spill soup on)
imbrogliante {v} :: present participle of imbrogliare
imbrogliantesi {v} :: present participle of imbrogliarsi
imbrogliare {vt} :: to tangle, entangle, muddle, confuse
imbrogliare {vt} :: to cheat, trick, dupe, diddle, overreach, rip off
imbrogliare {vt} :: to sell someone a pup
imbrogliarsi {v} :: reflexive of imbrogliare
imbrogliarsi {v} :: to get tangled
imbrogliarsi {v} :: to get confused, get mixed up
imbrogliarsi {v} :: to get complicated
imbrogliatamente {adv} :: intricately, complicatedly
imbrogliato {adj} :: tangled, entangled
imbrogliato {adj} :: intricate, complicated
imbrogliatosi {v} :: past participle of imbrogliarsi
imbroglio {m} /imˈbrɔʎʎo/ :: tangle, entanglement, muddle, scrape
imbroglio {m} :: cheat, swindle, trick, diddle, fraud
imbrogliona {f} :: female equivalent of imbroglione
imbroglione {m} :: cheat, swindler, confidence trickster
imbroncare {vt} [nautical] /im.bronˈ :: To tilt (the yards) obliquely
imbroncente {v} :: present participle of imbroncire
imbronciante {v} :: present participle of imbronciarsi
imbronciantesi {v} :: present participle of imbronciarsi
imbronciarsi {vr} :: to be sulky
imbronciarsi {vr} :: to cloud over [of the sky]
imbronciarsi {v} :: to frown upon
imbronciarsi {v} :: to frown at
imbronciato {adj} :: sulky
imbronciato {adj} :: cloudy, threatening (sky)
imbronciatosi {v} :: past participle of imbronciarsi
imbroncire {v} :: alternative form of imbronciare
imbrunente {v} :: present participle of imbrunire
imbrunimento {m} :: scorch
imbrunire {vi} :: to get dark, grow dark, darken
imbrunire {s} :: dusk, nightfall
imbruttente {v} :: present participle of imbruttire
imbruttimento {m} :: uglification
imbruttire {vt} :: to make ugly
imbruttire {vi} :: to become ugly
imbucante {v} :: present participle of imbucare
imbucantesi {v} :: present participle of imbucarsi
imbucare {vt} :: to post [British], mail [US]
imbucare {vt} [golf] :: to hole
imbucare {vt} [billiards, snooker] :: to pocket
imbucare {vt} :: to crash something
imbucarsi {v} :: reflexive of imbucare
imbucarsi {v} :: to hide
imbucarsi {v} :: to gatecrash
imbucato {adj} :: posted, mailed
imbucato {m} :: gatecrasher
imbucatosi {v} :: past participle of imbucarsi
imbudellante {v} :: present participle of imbudellare
imbudellare {vt} :: to make sausages of
imbufalente {v} :: present participle of imbufalire
imbufalentesi {v} :: present participle of imbufalirsi
imbufalire {vi} :: To become angry; to fly into a rage
imbufalirsi {vr} :: To become angry; to fly into a rage
imbufalito {adj} :: mad, furious
imbufalitosi {v} :: past participle of imbufalirsi
imbullettante {v} :: present participle of imbullettare
imbullettare {vt} :: To tack or hobnail
imbullonante {v} :: present participle of imbullonare
imbullonare {vt} :: To bolt
imburrante {v} :: present participle of imburrare
imburrare {vt} :: to butter, grease with butter
imburrato {adj} :: buttered
imbussolante {v} :: present participle of imbussolare
imbussolare {vt} :: To put (something) into a ballot box (especially to vote by putting a slip into a ballot box)
imbustamento {m} :: enveloping (putting in an envelope)
imbustamento {m} :: packetization (in networks)
imbustante {v} :: present participle of imbustare
imbustare {v} :: to envelop
imbustare {v} :: to put something into an envelope
imbustatrice {f} :: An automatic bagging machine for packaging articles or letters in envelopes
imbusto {m} [obsolete] /imˈ :: torso, trunk
imbusto {m} [obsolete, by extension] :: The part of clothing that covers the torso
imbutente {v} :: present participle of imbutire
imbutiforme {adj} :: funnel-shaped, infundibuliform
imbutino {m} :: a (small) funnel
imbutino {m} :: common funnel cap (Clitocybe gibba) (edible mushroom)
imbutire {vt} :: To deep-draw
imbutitrice {f} :: deep-drawing press
imbutitura {f} :: drawing, deep drawing (metal shaping process)
imbuto {m} :: a funnel
imbuto {m} [figuratively] :: bottleneck
imbuto separatore {m} :: separating funnel
Imele {prop} :: Imele (small river)
imene {m} :: hymen
imene {m} [literary] :: marriage, wedding, nuptials
imeneo {adj} /ˈnɛ.o/ :: hymeneal (pertaining to marriage)
imeneo {m} :: hymeneal (wedding hymn)
imenio {m} [botany] :: hymenium
imenoplastica {f} [surgery] :: hymenoplasty
imenottero {m} :: hymenopteran
-imento {suffix} :: alternative form of -mento
Imera {prop} :: Imera (river)
imidazolo {m} [organic compound] :: imidazole
i miei rispetti {n} :: my best to
iminoacido {m} [organic chemistry] :: imino acid
imitabile {adj} :: imitable
imitabilità {f} :: imitability
imitante {v} :: present participle of imitare
imitare {vt} :: to imitate, copy, copycat, mimic, ape
imitare {vt} :: to forge, fake, counterfeit
imitativo {adj} :: imitative
imitatore {m} :: imitator
imitatore {m} :: follower
imitatore {m} :: impersonator, impressionist (theatrical)
imitatrice {f} :: female equivalent of imitatore
imitazione {f} :: imitation, copy, fake
imitazione {f} :: impression
Imma {prop} :: given name
Immacolata {prop} :: given name
immacolatamente {adv} :: immaculately
immacolato {adj} :: immaculate
immagazzinabile {adj} :: storable
immagazzinaggio {m} :: storage, storing
immagazzinamento {m} :: storage, storing
immagazzinante {v} :: present participle of immagazzinare
immagazzinare {vt} :: to store up, accumulate
immagazzinare {vt} :: to store or bestow
immaginabile {adj} :: imaginable, conceivable, thinkable
immaginabilmente {adv} :: imaginably
immaginante {v} :: present participle of immaginare
immaginantesi {v} :: present participle of immaginarsi
immaginare {v} :: to imagine, picture, fancy, conceive
immaginare {v} :: to suppose, presume, guess, think
immaginariamente {adv} :: imaginarily, fictitiously
immaginario {adj} :: imaginary, fictitious
immaginario {m} :: imaginary
immaginarsi {v} :: reflexive of immaginare
immaginarsi {v} :: to imagine
immaginarsi {v} :: to suppose
immaginarsi {v} :: to make up
immaginativa {f} :: imagination
immaginativo {adj} :: imaginative
immaginatosi {v} :: past participle of immaginarsi
immaginazione {f} :: imagination, fancy
immagine {f} /imˈma.dʒ :: image
immagine {f} :: imago (insect)
immagine di sé {f} /imˈma.dʒ di seː/ :: self-image
immaginetta {f} :: holy card
immaginifico {adj} :: imaginative
immaginifico {adj} :: rich in imagery
immaginismo {m} :: A tendency to use rich imagery (in literature)
immaginosamente {adv} :: imaginatively
immaginosità {f} :: imaginativeness
immaginoso {adj} :: imaginative
immalinconente {v} :: present participle of immalinconire
immalinconentesi {v} :: present participle of immalinconirsi
immalinconire {vt} :: To sadden or depress
immalinconirsi {vr} :: To become sad, depressed or melancholy
immalinconitosi {v} :: past participle of immalinconirsi
immancabile {adj} :: inevitable, ever-present, ubiquitous, unfailing
immancabilità {f} :: inevitableness
immancabilmente {adv} :: without fail, without doubt, undoubtedly, definitely
immancabilmente {adv} :: invariably, always
immane {adj} :: huge, immense, untold
immane {adj} :: dreadful, terrible
immaneggiabile {adj} :: unmanageable
immanente {adj} :: immanent
immanentismo {m} :: immanentism
immanentista {mf} :: immanentist
immanentistico {adj} :: immanentist, immanentistic
immanenza {f} :: immanence
immangiabile {adj} :: unpalatable, uneatable
immangiabilità {f} :: unpalatability
immanicato {adj} :: well-connected
immanità {f} :: hugeness, immensity
immanovrabile {adj} :: unmaneuverable
immanovrabile {adj} :: immalleable
immantanente {adv} :: obsolete form of immantinente
immantenente {adv} :: obsolete form of immantinente
immantinente {adv} [literary] /ˈnɛn.te/ :: immediately, right away
immarcabile {adj} [sports] :: unmarkable
immarcescibile {adj} :: Not liable to rot or decay; lasting, durable
immarcescibilità {f} :: Property of not being liable to rot or decay
immarcescibilmente {adv} :: lastingly, durably
immaschito {adj} [heraldry] :: pizzled
immateriale {adj} :: immaterial, incorporeal, ethereal
immaterialismo {m} :: immaterialism
immaterialità {f} :: immateriality
immatricolante {v} :: present participle of immatricolare
immatricolantesi {v} :: present participle of immatricolarsi
immatricolare {vt} :: to register [a vehicle, etc.]
immatricolarsi {v} :: reflexive of immatricolare
immatricolarsi {vr} :: to enrol
immatricolarsi {vr} :: to matriculate
immatricolato {adj} :: registered
immatricolato {adj} :: enrolled
immatricolato {adj} :: matriculated
immatricolatosi {v} :: past participle of immatricolarsi
immatricolazione {f} :: registration (of a car)
immatricolazione {f} :: admission, enrollment, matriculation (in a university or college)
immaturamente {adv} :: immaturely, childishly
immaturamente {adv} :: prematurely
immaturità {f} :: immaturity
immaturo {adj} :: immature, childish
immaturo {adj} :: unripe
immaturo {adj} :: premature
immedesimante {v} :: present participle of immedesimare
immedesimantesi {v} :: present participle of immedesimarsi
immedesimare {vt} :: To identify or equate (one thing with another)
immedesimarsi {vr} :: To identify (with)
immedesimatosi {v} :: past participle of immedesimarsi
immedesimazione {f} :: identification (with)
immediatamente {adv} :: immediately, at once, promptly, right away, forthwith, straight away
immediatamente {adv} :: directly
immediatamente {adv} :: as soon as possible
immediatamente {adv} :: instantly
immediatamente {adv} :: now
immediatezza {f} :: immediacy
immediatismo {m} :: immediatism
immediato {adj} :: immediate, prompt, direct
immediato {m} [singular only] :: The present or the immediate future
immedicabile {adj} :: immedicable, incurable
immedicabilmente {adv} :: immedicable, incurably
immemorabile {adj} :: immemorial, ancient
immemorabilmente {adv} :: immemorially
immemore {adj} /imˈmɛ :: forgetful
immemore {adj} [by extension] :: ungrateful
immensamente {adv} :: immensely
immensità {f} :: immensity
immenso {adj} :: immense, huge, vast, enormous, boundless
immensurabile {adj} :: immensurable
immensurabilità {f} :: the condition of being immensurable; immeasurableness
immensurabilmente {adv} :: immensurably, immeasurably
immergente {v} :: present participle of immergere
immergentesi {v} :: present participle of immergersi
immergere {vt} :: to immerse, dip, plunge
immergersi {v} :: reflexive of immergere
immergersi {vr} :: to dive, lower oneself, plunge into
immergersi {vr} [figuratively] :: to immerse oneself, plunge, disappear into
immergibile {adj} :: immersible
immeritatamente {adv} :: undeservingly, undeservedly
immeritatamente {adv} :: unjustly, wrongly
immeritato {adj} :: underserved, unjust
immeritevole {adj} :: undeserving
immeritevolmente {adv} :: undeservingly
immersione {f} :: diving, dive, submersion
immersione {f} :: immersion, dip, dipping
immersione {f} :: plunge
immersione {f} :: soak
immersione con autorespiratore {f} :: scuba diving
immersivo {adj} :: immersive
immerso {adj} :: immersed, absorbed, dipped, submerged, soaked
immersosi {v} :: past participle of immergersi
immessosi {v} :: past participle of immettersi
immettente {v} :: present participle of immettere
immettentesi {v} :: present participle of immettersi
immettere {vt} :: to let, admit
immettere {vt} :: to blow
immettere {vt} :: to introduce
immettere {vt} :: to put in, put on, launch
immettere {vt} [computing] :: to enter, input
immettere {vi} :: to lead to, lead into
immettersi {v} :: reflexive of immettere
immettersi {vr} :: to enter
immettersi {vr} :: to get, lead or flow into
immide {f} [organic chemistry] :: imide
immidico {adj} [organic chemistry] :: imidic
immigrante {adj} :: immigrant
immigrante {mf} :: immigrant
immigrare {vi} :: to immigrate
immigrata {f} :: immigrant
immigrato {m} :: immigrant
immigratorio {adj} :: immigration (attribute)
immigrazione {f} :: immigration
immigrazione {f} :: the immigrants
immillante {v} :: present participle of immillare
immillare {vt} [literary] /im.milˈ :: to increase thousandfold, to multiply indefinitely
immillarsi {v} /im.milˈ :: reflexive of immillare
immillarsi {vi} [literary] :: to increase thousandfold, to multiply indefinitely
immina {f} [organic chemistry] :: imine
imminente {adj} :: imminent, forthcoming, impending, near
imminentissimo {adj} :: superlative of imminente
imminenza {f} :: nearness, approach, imminence
imminio {m} [organic chemistry] :: iminium
immischiante {v} :: present participle of immischiare
immischiantesi {v} :: present participle of immischiarsi
immischiare {vt} :: to involve
immischiarsi {vr} :: to interfere or meddle
immischiatosi {v} :: past participle of immischiarsi
immiscibile {adj} :: immiscible
immiscibilità {f} :: immiscibility
immiserente {v} :: present participle of immiserire
immiserentesi {v} :: present participle of immiserirsi
immiserimento {m} :: impoverishment
immiserire {vt} :: to impoverish
immiserirsi {vr} :: To impoverish (become poor)
immiseritosi {v} :: past participle of immiserirsi
immisione {f} :: inflow (e.g. of water into a lake)
immissario {m} :: tributary, inlet
immissione {f} :: launch, introduction, intake, immission
immissione {f} [computing] :: enter, input
immisurabile {adj} :: immeasurable, incalculable
immisurabilità {f} :: immeasurableness
immisurabilmente {adv} :: immeasurably, incalculably
immitigabile {adj} :: That can not be mitigated, immitigable
-immo {suffix} :: Used with a stem to form the first-person plural past historic of regular -ire verbs
immobile {adj} :: still, motionless, stationary
immobile {adj} :: immovable, immobile
immobile {m} :: real estate, immovable property, building, immovables
immobiliare {adj} :: real estate (attributive), property (attributive), house (attributive)
immobiliarista {mf} :: estate agent (or person in the real estate, property or housing business)
immobilismo {m} :: inactivity (political or economic), ultraconservative policy
immobilista {mf} :: ultraconservative person
immobilisticamente {adv} :: ultraconservatively
immobilistico {adj} :: ultraconservative
immobilità {f} :: immobility, stillness
immobilizzante {v} :: present participle of immobilizzare
immobilizzare {vt} :: to immobilize
immobilizzare {vt} :: to lock up [capital]
immobilizzatore {m} :: immobilizer (of a car)
immobilizzazione {f} :: immobilization
immobilizzazione {f} :: locking up (funds)
immobilmente {adv} :: motionlessly
immobilmente {adv} :: immovably
immoderatamente {adv} :: immoderately, excessively
immoderatezza {f} :: immoderateness, immoderation
immodestamente {adv} :: immodestly
immodestia {f} :: immodesty
immodesto {adj} :: immodest
immodesto {adj} :: conceited
immodificabile {adj} :: unmodifiable
immodificabilità {f} :: The state of being unmodifiable
immodificabilmente {adv} :: In an unmodifiable manner
immodificato {adj} :: unmodified
immolante {v} :: present participle of immolare
immolantesi {v} :: present participle of immolarsi
immolare {v} :: to sacrifice (to)
immolarsi {vr} :: To sacrifice oneself (for)
immolato {adj} :: sacrificed
immolatosi {v} :: past participle of immolarsi
immolazione {f} :: sacrifice
immondamente {adv} :: dirtily, filthily, foully, uncleanly
immondezza {f} :: rubbish, refuse, trash, garbage
immondezzaio {m} :: rubbish dump or tip
immondizia {f} :: rubbish, garbage, trash, litter, waste
immondo {adj} :: dirty, filthy, foul, unclean
immorale {adj} :: immoral
immoralismo {m} :: immoralism
immoralista {mf} :: immoralist
immoralità {f} :: immorality
immoralmente {adv} :: immorally
immortalante {v} :: present participle of immortalare
immortalare {vt} :: To immortalize
immortale {adj} :: immortal, eternal, everlasting, undying, deathless
immortale {mf} :: immortal
immortalità {f} :: immortality
immortalmente {adv} :: immortally, eternally, everlastingly
immotivatamente {adv} :: groundlessly; without justification
immotivato {adj} :: groundless, unjustified, unmotivated
immoto {adj} :: still, motionless
immucidente {v} :: present participle of immucidire
immucidire {vi} :: To go mouldy or musty
immune {adj} :: immune, exempt, free, unscathed
immunità {f} :: immunity
immunitario {adj} :: immune
immunizzante {v} :: present participle of immunizzare
immunizzante {adj} [immunology] :: immunizing, immunogenic
immunizzantesi {v} :: present participle of immunizzarsi
immunizzare {vt} :: to immunize
immunizzarsi {v} :: reflexive of immunizzare
immunizzarsi {vr} :: to become immune, get immunized
immunizzatosi {v} :: past participle of immunizzarsi
immunizzazione {f} [immunology] :: immunization
immuno- {prefix} :: immuno-
immunochimica {f} /imːunoˈkimika/ :: immunochemistry
immunochimico {adj} /imːunoˈkimiko/ :: immunochemical
immunocompetente {adj} /imːunokompeˈtɛnte/ :: immunocompetent
immunocompetenza {f} [immunology] /imːunokompeˈtɛnt͡sa/ :: immunocompetence
immunocomplesso {m} [immunology] /imːunokomˈplɛsːo/ :: immunocomplex
immunocompromesso {adj} [immunology] :: immunocompromised
immunodeficiente {adj} [immunology] /imːunodefiˈt͡ʃɛnte/ :: immunodeficient
immunodeficienza {f} [immunology] /ˈt͡ʃɛn.t͡sa/ :: immunodeficiency
immunodepressione {f} [immunology] :: immunodepression
immunodepresso {adj} [immunology] :: immunodepressed
immunoematologia {f} :: immunohematology
immunoenzimatico {adj} :: immunoenzymatic
immunofluorescente {adj} [immunology] :: immunofluorescent
immunofluorescenza {f} [immunology] :: immunofluorescence
immunogenetica {f} [immunology, genetics] :: immunogenetics
immunogenico {adj} [immunology] :: immunogenic
immunogeno {m} :: immunogen
immunoglobulina {f} [immunology, proteins] :: immunoglobulin
immunoglobulinico {adj} :: immunoglobulin (attributive)
immunoistochimica {f} :: immunohistochemistry
immunoistochimico {adj} :: immunohistochemical
immunoliposoma {m} [immunology] :: immunoliposome
immunologa {f} :: female equivalent of immunologo
immunologia {f} :: immunology
immunologicamente {adv} :: immunologically
immunologico {adj} :: immunological
immunologo {m} :: immunologist
immunomodulatore {m} [immunology] :: immunomodulator
immunopatologia {f} :: immunopathology
immunopoietico {adj} [immunology] :: immunopoietic
immunoprecipitazione {f} [immunology] :: immunoprecipitation
immunoprofilassi {f} [immunology] :: immunoprophylaxis
immunoreazione {f} [immunology] :: immune reaction
immunosoppressione {f} [immunology] :: immunosuppression
immunosoppressivo {adj} [pharmacology] :: immunosuppressive
immunosoppressivo {m} [pharmacology] :: immunosuppressive
immunosoppressore {adj} [pharmacology] :: immunosuppressant
immunosoppressore {m} [pharmacology] :: immunosuppressant, immunosuppressor
immunostimolante {adj} [immunology] :: immunostimulant
immunoterapia {f} [immunology, medicine] :: immunotherapy
immunsiero {m} :: immune serum
immusonente {v} :: present participle of immusonirsi
immusonentesi {v} :: present participle of immusonirsi
immusonirsi {vr} :: To sulk
immusonito {adj} :: sulky
immusonitosi {v} :: past participle of immusonirsi
immutabile {adj} :: unchangeable, changeless, unchanging, immutable
immutabile {adj} :: hardwired
immutabile {adj} :: Not changeable
immutabile {adj} :: In humans and animals, genetically determined, instinctive behavior, as opposed to learned behavior
immutabilità {f} :: immutability
immutabilmente {adv} :: immutably
immutato {adj} :: unchanged, unvaried, unaltered
immutevole {adj} :: unchangeable, immutable
imo {adj} [obsolete, poetic, literal] /ˈ :: located in the lowest or innermost part
imo {adj} [obsolete, poetic, by extension] :: low, deep
imo {adj} [obsolete, poetic, figuratively, of people] :: of a low social status
imo {adj} [obsolete, poetic, rare, figuratively, of things] :: inappropriate, vulgar, uncouth
imo {m} :: bottom; base
Imola {prop} :: Imola (city)
Imola {prop} :: The letter I in the Italian phonetic alphabet
imolese {adj} :: Of or relating to Imola or the Imola people
imolese {mf} :: A native or inhabitant of Imola
imoscapo {m} [architecture] :: lower scape or shaft
impaccamento {m} :: packing
impaccamento {m} :: compression
impaccante {v} :: present participle of impaccare
impaccare {vt} /im.pakˈ :: To pack
impacchettamento {m} :: packing (act or fact of being packed)
impacchettante {v} :: present participle of impacchettare
impacchettare {vt} :: to wrap up, parcel
impacchettatore {m} :: packer (person (male))
impacchettatrice {f} :: female equivalent of impacchettatore
impacchettatrice {f} :: packer (machine)
impacciante {v} :: present participle of impacciare
impacciare {vt} /imˈpat.t͡ʃ :: To hamper or hinder
impacciatamente {adv} :: awkwardly, clumsily
impacciato {adj} :: awkward, clumsy
impacciato {adj} :: embarrassed
impaccio {m} /imˈpat.t͡ʃo/ :: hindrance, obstacle, encumbrance
impaccio {m} :: trouble, bother, difficulty
impaccio {m} :: embarrassment
impacco {m} :: compress
impadronente {v} :: present participle of impadronirsi
impadronentesi {v} :: present participle of impadronirsi
impadronirsi {vr} :: to seize or take possession of
impadronirsi {vr} :: to master (a language)
impadronitosi {v} :: past participle of impadronirsi
impagabile {adj} :: priceless
impagabilmente {adv} :: pricelessly
impagato {adj} :: unpaid
impaginante {v} :: present participle of impaginare
impaginare {vt} :: To lay out (a book, a document, etc)
impaginatore {m} :: paginator
impaginazione {f} :: layout
impagliante {v} :: present participle of impagliare
impagliare {vt} /im.paʎˈʎ :: To stuff [furniture, animals, etc.]
impagliatore {m} :: taxidermist
impagliatore {m} :: chair-mender
impagliatura {f} :: covering with/of straw (action/result)
impagliatura {f} :: rush or cane seating
impala {m} :: impala, pallah, roodebok (Aepyceros melampus)
impalamento {m} :: impalement (form of torture)
impalante {v} :: present participle of impalare
impalare {vt} :: to impale
impalare {vt} :: to stake, prop up
impalato {adj} :: impaled
impalato {adj} :: staked or propped up
impalatura {f} :: staking (of plants)
impalcante {v} :: present participle of impalcare
impalcare {vt} :: To floor (construct a floor, especially of wooden joists)
impalcatura {f} :: scaffolding
impalcatura {f} :: framework, structure
impalcatura {f} :: armature
impallante {v} :: present participle of impallare
impallantesi {v} :: present participle of impallarsi
impallare {vt} [colloquial] :: to catch someone out
impallare {vt} [colloquial] :: to make a balls-up or cock-up of
impallarsi {v} :: reflexive of impallare
impallarsi {v} [colloquial, computing, of a PC] :: to freeze, hang [or otherwise suddenly stop working]
impallatosi {v} :: past participle of impallarsi
impallidente {v} :: present participle of impallidire
impallidire {vi} :: to turn pale; to fade
impallinamento {m} :: riddling with shot (action of shooting with a shotgun)
impallinante {v} :: present participle of impallinare
impallinare {vt} :: To riddle with shot or bullets
impallinato {adj} :: riddled (with shot or bullets)
impallinatura {f} :: riddling with shot (action of shooting with a shotgun)
impalmante {v} :: present participle of impalmare
impalmare {vt} :: To splice (all senses)
impalmato {adj} :: spliced
impalmatura {f} :: splice
impalpabile {adj} :: impalpable, intangible, insubstantial
impalpabilità {f} :: intangibility, impalpability
impalpabilmente {adv} :: impalpably, intangibly
impaludamento {m} :: waterlogging, swamping
impaludante {v} :: present participle of impaludare
impaludantesi {v} :: present participle of impaludarsi
impaludare {vt} :: To swamp; to waterlog
impaludarsi {vr} :: To be swamped; to be bogged down
impaludato {adj} :: swamped
impaludatosi {v} :: past participle of impaludarsi
impanante {v} :: present participle of impanare
impanare {vt} :: to bread, to coat with breadcrumbs
impanare {v} :: to crumb
impanato {adj} :: breaded, covered with breadcrumbs
impanatura {f} :: breadcrumbs
impanatura {f} :: breading (coating with flour, eggs and breadcrumbs)
impanazione {f} :: impanation
impaniante {v} :: present participle of impaniare
impaniantesi {v} :: present participle of impaniarsi
impaniare {vt} :: to snare [with birdlime, etc.]
impaniare {vt} :: to entangle or get involved with
impaniarsi {v} :: reflexive of impaniare
impaniarsi {v} :: to get involved or entangled in
impaniato {adj} :: limed (with birdlime)
impaniato {adj} :: involved (in or with)
impaniatosi {v} :: past participle of impaniarsi
impaniatura {f} :: bird-lime
impaniatura {f} :: the act of smearing or daubing with bird-lime
impaniatura {f} :: the state or effect of being so smeared
impannante {v} :: present participle of impannare
impannare {vt} :: To cover with cloth or paper
impannata {f} :: cloth covering
impannata {f} :: window frame
impantanante {v} :: present participle of impantanare
impantanare {vt} :: To bog down
impantanarsi {vr} :: To get bogged down
impantanato {adj} :: bogged down
impaperante {v} :: present participle of impaperarsi
impaperantesi {v} :: present participle of impaperarsi
impaperarsi {vr} :: To falter or stumble (in speech); to stammer
impaperatosi {v} :: past participle of impaperarsi
impapocchiante {v} :: present participle of impapocchiare
impapocchiare {vt} :: to cheat
impapocchiare {vt} :: to botch, bungle
impappinante {v} :: present participle of impappinare
impappinantesi {v} :: present participle of impappinarsi
impappinare {vt} :: to confuse [someone]
impappinarsi {v} :: reflexive of impappinare
impappinarsi {vr} :: to falter, flounder
impappinarsi {vr} :: to slip up
impappinarsi {vr} :: to stammer
impappinatosi {v} :: past participle of impappinarsi
imparabile {adj} [sports] :: unstoppable (shot)
imparabile {adj} :: learnable
imparagonabile {adj} :: incomparable
imparante {v} :: present participle of imparare
imparar {v} :: apocopic form of imparare
imparare {v} :: to learn
imparare il mestiere {v} :: synonym of prendere dimestichezza
imparare il mestiere {v} :: synonym of avere dimestichezza
imparaticcio {adj} :: half-baked (plans etc)
imparaticcio {m} :: half-baked idea or plan
impareggiabile {adj} :: incomparable, peerless, unparalleled, matchless
impareggiabilità {f} :: Property of being incomparable or matchless
impareggiabilmente {adv} :: incomparably
imparentante {v} :: present participle of imparentare
imparentantesi {v} :: present participle of imparentarsi
imparentare {vt} :: To ally by marriage
imparentarsi {vr} :: to marry (into)
imparentarsi {vr} :: to become related (to)
imparentato {adj} :: related (to)
imparentatosi {v} :: past participle of imparentarsi
impari {adj} :: uneven, unequal
impari {adj} :: odd
impari {adj} :: unfit
impari {adj} [anatomy] :: azygous
imparidigitato {adj} [zoology] :: odd-toed, imparidigitate
imparipennato {adj} [botany] :: imparipinnate
imparisillabo {adj} :: imparisyllabic
imparità {f} :: imparity
imparruccante {v} :: present participle of imparruccare
imparruccantesi {v} :: present participle of imparruccarsi
imparruccare {vt} :: To put a wig on someone
imparruccarsi {vr} :: To put on a wig
imparruccato {adj} :: wigged, bewigged
imparruccato {adj} :: pompous
imparruccatosi {v} :: past participle of imparruccarsi
impartente {v} :: present participle of impartire
impartibile {adj} :: teachable
impartire {vt} :: to give, impart
imparziale {adj} :: impartial, fair, unbiased
imparzialità {f} :: impartiality, fairness
imparzialmente {adv} :: impartially
impasse {f} :: impasse, dead-end, deadlock, stalemate
impassibile {adj} :: impassive, emotionless, imperturbable
impassibile {adj} :: deadpan, poker-faced
impassibilità {f} :: impassibility, impassiveness, impassivity
impassibilmente {adv} :: impassively
impastabile {adj} :: That can be kneaded
impastante {v} :: present participle of impastare
impastare {vt} :: to knead
impastare {vt} :: to mix [cement, etc.]
impastare {v} :: to dough
impastato {adj} :: pasted (covered in dough, mud, etc.)
impastato {adj} [by extension, of a, sound or voice] :: muffled; unclear
impastato {adj} [by extension, of, printing] :: unclearly printed; smudged; fuzzy
Impastato {prop} :: surname
Impastato {prop} :: Peppino Impastato, Italian journalist and activist who opposed the Mafia
impastatore {m} :: dougher, kneader, baker
impastatore {m} :: mixer
impastatrice {f} :: kneading machine, kneader
impastatrice {f} :: cement mixer
impastatrice {f} :: A machine that kneads dough, cement, etc.
impastatrice {f} :: A person that kneads dough, cement etc.
impastatura {f} :: kneading
impastatura {f} :: mixing
impasticcante {v} :: present participle of impasticcarsi
impasticcantesi {v} :: present participle of impasticcarsi
impasticcarsi {vr} :: to take drugs
impasticcarsi {vr} :: to pop pills
impasticcato {adj} :: high, drugged
impasticcatosi {v} :: past participle of impasticcarsi
impasticciante {v} :: present participle of impasticciare
impasticciare {vt} :: to mix
impasticciare {vt} :: to bungle, botch
impasticciare {vt} :: to muddle
impasto {m} :: mixture, dough, kneading, crumb
impasto {m} :: impasto
impastocchiante {v} :: present participle of impastocchiare
impastocchiare {vt} :: to make up
impastocchiare {vt} :: to cheat
impastoiante {v} :: present participle of impastoiare
impastoiare {vt} :: to fetter, hobble
impastoiare {vt} :: to hamper, hinder
impataccante {v} :: present participle of impataccare
impataccantesi {v} :: present participle of impataccarsi
impataccare {vt} :: To spatter or stain
impataccarsi {vr} :: To spatter oneself
impataccatosi {v} :: past participle of impataccarsi
impattante {v} :: present participle of impattare
impattante {adj} :: equalizing
impattare {vt} [sports] :: to equalize; to draw [a match]
impattare {vt} :: to impact
impattivo {adj} :: impactive
impatto {m} :: impact [in all senses]
impaurente {v} :: present participle of impaurire
impaurentesi {v} :: present participle of impaurirsi
impaurire {vt} :: To frighten, to scare, to terrify
impaurirsi {v} :: reflexive of impaurire
impaurirsi {v} :: to get frightened, take fright, get scared, get terrified
impauritosi {v} :: past participle of impaurirsi
impavesante {v} :: present participle of impavesare
impavesare {vt} :: To bulwark
impavesata {f} [nautical] :: bulwark
impavidamente {adv} :: bravely
impavidità {f} :: intrepidity, bravery, fearlessness
impavido {adj} :: intrepid, fearless
impaziente {adj} :: impatient, anxious
impazientemente {adv} :: impatiently
impazientemente {adv} :: anxiously
impazienza {f} :: impatience, eagerness, anxiety
impazzante {v} :: present participle of impazzare
impazzare {vi} :: To be in full swing, to revel
impazzare {vi} :: To curdle or split (of foods)
impazzata {f} :: Only used in the adverb all'impazzata
impazzente {v} :: present participle of impazzire
impazzimento {m} :: trouble, bother
impazzimento {m} :: becoming mad
impazzire {vi} :: to go mad
impazzire {vi} [culinary] :: to curdle
impeccabile {adj} :: faultless, impeccable, flawless, perfect
impeccabilità {f} :: impeccability
impeccabilmente {adv} :: impeccably, perfectly
impeciante {v} :: present participle of impeciare
impeciare {vt} :: To tar (coat with tar or pitch)
impeciato {adj} :: tarry
impeciatura {f} :: tarring
impeciatura {f} :: a coating of tar
impedantire {vi} [literary] /ˈ :: To become pedantic
impedantire {vt} [literary] :: To cause to become pedantic
impedente {v} :: present participle of impedire
impedentesi {v} :: present participle of impedirsi
impedenza {f} [physics] :: impedance
impedibile {adj} :: preventable
impedicante {v} :: present participle of impedicare
impedicare {v} [obsolete] :: To hobble (animals)
impedicare {v} [obsolete] :: To hinder, prevent
impedicare {v} [obsolete] :: To distract, divert, intercept
impedicare {v} [obsolete] :: To fail; to err
impedimento {m} :: obstacle
impedimento {m} :: impediment
impedimento {m} :: setback
impedire {vt} :: to prohibit, obstruct, hamper or hinder
impedirsi {vr} :: To impede, block or stop
impeditamente {adv} :: clumsily, awkwardly
impedito {adj} :: clumsy, awkward, hampered, encumbered
impeditosi {v} :: past participle of impedirsi
impegnante {v} :: present participle of impegnare
impegnantesi {v} :: present participle of impegnarsi
impegnare {vt} :: to bind, tie
impegnare {vt} :: to take up
impegnare {vt} :: to begin, start, engage
impegnare {vt} :: to pawn
impegnarsi {v} :: reflexive of impegnare
impegnarsi {v} :: to undertake, agree, engage, commit oneself, bind oneself
impegnarsi {v} :: to devote oneself, apply oneself
impegnarsi {v} :: to covenant
impegnatissimo {adj} :: superlative of impegnato
impegnativamente {adv} :: bindingly
impegnativamente {adv} :: demandingly, exactingly, challengingly
impegnativo {adj} :: binding, promissory
impegnativo {adj} :: demanding, exacting, challenging
impegnato {adj} :: pawned
impegnato {adj} :: busy, occupied
impegnato {adj} :: committed
impegnatosi {v} :: past participle of impegnarsi
impegno {m} :: promise, pledge
impegno {m} :: engagement, commitment, endeavour
impegno {m} :: diligence, enthusiasm
impegolante {v} :: present participle of impegolare
impegolantesi {v} :: present participle of impegolarsi
impegolare {vt} :: To tar (coat with tar or pitch)
impegolare {v} :: to pitch
impegolarsi {vr} :: To get enmeshed, or heavily involved (in) or engage
impegolarsi {v} :: to be wrapped up
impegolatosi {v} :: past participle of impegolarsi
impelagante {v} :: present participle of impelagarsi
impelagantesi {v} :: present participle of impelagarsi
impelagarsi {vr} /ˈɡ :: to get mixed up, to get involved
impelagatosi {v} :: past participle of impelagarsi
impellente {adj} /im.pelˈlɛn.te/ :: urgent, pressing
impellente {adj} :: impelling, impellent
impellentemente {adv} :: urgently, impellingly
impellenza {f} :: urgency
impellere {vt} :: to push forcefully
impellere {vt} [literary only] :: to impel (to urge a person)
impellicciante {v} :: present participle of impellicciare
impellicciare {vt} :: To dress in furs
impellicciato {adj} :: fur-clad
impenetrabile {adj} :: impenetrable
impenetrabilità {f} :: impenetrability
impenetrabilmente {adv} :: impenetrably
impenetrato {adj} :: inviolate
impenitente {adj} :: impenitent
impenitente {adj} :: confirmed, inveterate
impenitente {adj} :: dyed-in-the-wool
impenitenza {f} :: impenitence
impennacchiante {v} :: present participle of impennacchiare
impennacchiare {vt} :: To deck out with plumes
impennaggio {m} :: tail (tailplane and rudder of an aircraft or missile)
impennaggio {m} :: feathers (of an arrow or dart)
impennante {v} :: present participle of impennare
impennantesi {v} :: present participle of impennarsi
impennare {vt} :: To climb (in an aircraft)
impennarsi {v} :: reflexive of impennare
impennarsi {v} :: to climb [in an aircraft]
impennarsi {v} :: to rear up [of a horse]
impennarsi {v} :: to bridle, flare up [in anger]
impennata {f} :: climb, nose-up (of an aircraft)
impennata {f} :: rearing (of a horse)
impennata {f} :: burst of anger
impennatosi {v} :: past participle of impennarsi
impensabile {adj} :: unthinkable, unimaginable
impensabilità {f} :: unthinkability, unthinkableness
impensabilmente {adv} :: unthinkably
impensatamente {adv} :: unexpectedly
impensato {adj} :: unforeseen, unexpected
impensierente {v} :: present participle of impensierire
impensierire {vt} :: to worry
impensierirsi {vr} :: To worry (about)
impepante {v} :: present participle of impepare
impepare {vt} :: To pepper (all senses)
impepata {f} :: A food item in which the main ingredient is heavily peppered
impepato {adj} :: peppered
imperadore {m} [obsolete] :: Variant of imperatore
imperante {adj} :: ruling, current, prevailing, reigning
imperare {vi} :: to reign, rule
imperativale {adj} :: imperatival
imperativamente {adv} :: imperatively
imperatività {f} :: imperativeness
imperativo {adj} :: imperative
imperativo {m} [grammar] :: imperative
imperativo presente {m} [grammar] :: imperative present tense
imperatore {m} :: emperor
imperatorio {adj} [literary] :: imperial
imperatrice {f} :: empress
impercepibile {adj} :: Variant of impercettibile
impercepibilmente {adv} :: Variant of impercettibilmente
impercettibile {adj} :: imperceptible
impercettibilità {f} :: imperceptibility
impercettibilmente {adv} :: imperceptibly
imperciò {conj} /im.perˈt͡ʃɔ/ :: therefore
imperciocché {conj} [obsolete, literary] /im.per.t͡ʃokˈke/ :: because
impercorribile {adj} :: impassable, undrivable
impercorribilità {f} :: Quality of being impassable or undrivable
imperdibile {adj} :: not to be missed
imperdibile {adj} :: unmissable
imperdonabile {adj} :: unforgivable, unpardonable, inexcusable
imperdonabilità {f} :: Condition of being unpardonable or unforgivable
imperdonabilmente {adv} :: unforgivably, unpardonably
imperfettamente {adv} :: imperfectly
imperfettamente {adv} :: faultily
imperfettibile {adj} :: Not perfectible; imperfectible
imperfettibilità {f} :: non-perfectibility
imperfettivo {adj} :: imperfective
imperfetto {adj} :: imperfect, faulty
imperfetto {m} [grammar] :: imperfect tense, preterimperfect, past tense
imperfezione {f} :: imperfection, flaw
imperfezione {f} :: faultiness
imperforabile {adj} :: unpierceable
imperforabilità {f} :: Property of being unpierceable
Imperia {prop} :: Imperia (town/and/associated province)
Imperia {prop} :: The letter I in the Italian phonetic alphabet
imperiale {adj} :: imperial
imperialismo {m} :: imperialism
imperialista {adj} :: imperialist
imperialista {mf} :: imperialist
imperialisticamente {adv} :: imperialistically
imperialistico {adj} :: imperialistic, imperialist
imperialmente {adv} :: imperially
imperiese {adj} :: of or from Imperia
imperiese {mf} :: native or inhabitant of Imperia
imperiosamente {adv} :: imperiously
imperiosamente {adv} :: urgently
imperiosità {f} :: imperiousness
imperiosità {f} :: urgency
imperioso {adj} :: imperious, peremptory
imperioso {adj} :: urgent, impelling
imperitamente {adv} [rare] /ˈmen.te/ :: unskillfully
imperito {adj} [literary] /im.peˈ :: inexperienced, unskilled
imperituramente {adv} :: immortally
imperituramente {adv} :: abidingly, imperishably
imperituro {adj} /ˈ :: immortal
imperituro {adj} :: abiding, imperishable
imperizia {f} /im.peˈrit.t͡sja/ :: inexperience, malpractice
imperlante {v} :: present participle of imperlare
imperlantesi {v} :: present participle of imperlarsi
imperlare {vt} :: To bead (especially with sweat)
imperlarsi {vr} :: To become beaded (especially with sweat)
imperlato {adj} :: beaded (especially with sweat)
imperlatosi {v} :: past participle of imperlarsi
impermalente {v} :: present participle of impermalire
impermalentesi {v} :: present participle of impermalirsi
impermalire {vt} :: To offend
impermalirsi {vr} :: To take offence (at)
impermalitosi {v} :: past participle of impermalirsi
impermanenza {f} :: impermanence
impermeabile {adj} :: impermeable, -proof
impermeabile {adj} :: waterproof, watertight, rainproof
impermeabile {m} :: raincoat, trench coat, mackintosh, mac
impermeabilità {f} :: impermeability, water resistance, waterproofness, watertightness
impermeabilizzante {v} :: present participle of impermeabilizzare
impermeabilizzante {adj} :: waterproofing
impermeabilizzante {m} :: waterproofing (agent)
impermeabilizzantesi {v} :: present participle of impermeabilizzarsi
impermeabilizzare {vt} :: to waterproof
impermeabilizzarsi {vr} :: To become waterproof
impermeabilizzato {adj} :: waterproof
impermeabilizzatosi {v} :: past participle of impermeabilizzarsi
impermeabilizzazione {f} :: waterproofing
impermeabilmente {adv} :: imperviously
impermutabile {adj} :: not permutable
impermutabilità {f} :: The condition of being not permutable
imperniante {v} :: present participle of imperniare
imperniare {v} :: to hinge or pivot
imperniatura {f} :: pivoting, hinging
impero {m} /imˈpɛro/ :: empire
Impero {prop} :: Impero (river)
imperò {conj} [obsolete] :: but, for that reason
Impero bizantino {prop} :: Byzantine Empire
imperocché {conj} [obsolete] :: since, as
Impero Germanico {prop} :: German Empire
Impero tedesco {prop} :: German Empire
imperscrutabile {adj} :: inscrutable
imperscrutabilità {f} :: inscrutableness
imperscrutabilmente {adv} :: inscrutably
impersonale {adj} :: impersonal
impersonalità {f} :: impersonality
impersonalmente {adv} :: impersonally
impersonante {v} :: present participle of impersonare
impersonare {vt} :: to personify, impersonate, embody
impersonare {vt} [theater, cinema, etc.] :: to play, act the part of
impersonificato {adj} :: personified
impersuadibile {adj} :: unpersuadable
impersuasibile {adj} :: Variant of impersuadibile
imperterritamente {adv} :: regardlessly, unperturbedly, undismayedly
imperterrito {adj} :: regardless, unperturbed, undismayed
impertinente {adj} :: bold, pert, impertinent, saucy, cheeky
impertinente {mf} :: impertinent person, cheeky person
impertinentemente {adv} :: boldly, pertly, impertinently, saucily, cheekily
impertinenza {f} :: impertinence
imperturbabile {adj} :: cool, unflappable, imperturbable
imperturbabile {adj} :: deadpan, poker-faced
imperturbabilità {f} :: imperturbability
imperturbabilmente {adv} :: imperturbably
imperturbato {adj} :: unmoved
imperversante {v} :: present participle of imperversare
imperversare {vi} :: to rage
imperversare {vi} :: to be all the rage
impervietà {f} :: impracticability
impervio {adj} :: inaccessible, rough, unattainable, impassable
impervio {adj} [medicine] :: obstructed
impestante {v} :: present participle of impestare
impestantesi {v} :: present participle of impestarsi
impestare {vt} :: To infect
impestarsi {vr} :: To be infected
impestatosi {v} :: past participle of impestarsi
impetigine {f} [disease] :: impetigo
impetiginoso {adj} [pathology] :: impetiginous
impeto {m} :: force, impetus, violence
impeto {m} :: impulse, surge, heat, transport
impetrabile {adj} [rare] :: That can be obtained begging for it; that can be impetrated
impetrante {v} :: present participle of impetrare
impetrare {vt} :: to obtain something by begging for it; to impetrate
impettito {adj} :: stiff
impetuosamente {adv} :: impetuously
impetuosità {f} :: impetuosity
impetuoso {adj} :: violent, impetuous, impulsive, rash
impetüoso {adj} :: medieval spelling of impetuoso
impiallacciante {v} :: present participle of impiallacciare
impiallacciare {vt} :: To veneer
impiallacciato {adj} :: veneer (attributive), veneered
impiallacciatore {m} :: veneerer (person)
impiallacciatura {f} :: veneering
impiallacciatura {f} :: veneer
impiantabile {adj} :: implantable
impiantante {v} :: present participle of impiantare
impiantantesi {v} :: present participle of impiantarsi
impiantare {vt} :: to install, set up
impiantare {vt} :: to establish
impiantare {vt} :: to plant
impiantarsi {v} :: reflexive of impiantare
impiantarsi {v} :: to become established, settled in a place
impiantarsi {v} :: to take one's place
impiantato {adj} :: installed
impiantatosi {v} :: past participle of impiantarsi
impiantazione {f} :: installation
impiantazione {f} :: establishment
impiantazione {f} :: planting, implantation
impiantista {m} :: plant engineer (mechanical, chemical etc.)
impiantista {m} :: installer
impiantistica {f} :: The design and installation of industrial plant
impiantistico {adj} :: plant engineering (attributive)
impiantito {m} :: flooring, floor
impianto {m} :: plant, factory, system, installation, works, facility, equipment, fixture
impianto {m} :: establishment, installation, setting up
impianto {m} [surgery] :: implant
impianto {m} [embryology] :: implantation
impianto {m} :: framework, structure
impianto di illuminazione {n} :: lighting, illumination, light source, light
impianto elettrico {n} :: wiring, electric installation, wire
impiantologia {f} :: Variant of implantologia
impiastrante {v} :: present participle of impiastrare
impiastrare {v} [di] :: to plaster, dirty or smear (with)
impiastricciante {v} :: present participle of impiastricciare
impiastricciare {vt} :: to smear
impiastricciare {vt} :: to plaster
impiastro {m} :: poultice
impiastro {m} [idiomatic] :: nuisance, bore
impiattare {v} :: To serve (food, on a plate); to dish up
impiccabile {adj} :: hangable
impiccagione {f} /im.pik.kaˈd͡ʒ :: hanging (the act of hanging a person (or oneself) by the neck)
impiccagione {f} :: hanging (a public event at which a person is hanged)
impiccamento {m} :: hanging
impiccamento {m} :: choking, strangling
impiccante {v} :: present participle of impiccare
impiccantesi {v} :: present participle of impiccarsi
impiccare {vt} /im.pikˈ :: to hang (kill by the neck)
impiccare {vt} [transferred sense, rare] :: to hang [something up on something else]
impiccare {vt} [hyperbolic] :: to choke or suffocate
impiccare {vt} :: to saddle [someone] with difficulties
impiccarsi {v} :: reflexive of impiccare
impiccarsi {v} :: to hang oneself
impiccarsi {v} :: to tie oneself to an excessively burdensome or limiting constraint
impiccarsi {v} [regional] :: (with con, in, or a + inf.) to do or complete with difficulty
impiccata {f} :: (executed by suspension) hanged woman
impiccati {interj} :: an exclamation of impatience or intolerance
impiccato {adj} /im.pikˈ :: hanged (executed by suspension)
impiccato {m} :: hanged person (executed by suspension)
impiccato {m} :: hangman (word game)
impiccatore {m} [rare] /im.pik.kaˈ :: hanger, hangman
impiccatosi {v} :: past participle of impiccarsi
impiccatura {f} [rare] /im.pik.kaˈtu.ra/ :: hanging (the act of hanging a person (or oneself) by the neck)
impiccatura {f} [rare, rare] :: hanging (a public event at which a person is hanged)
impicciante {v} :: present participle of impicciare
impicciantesi {v} :: present participle of impicciarsi
impicciare {vt} :: To hinder
impicciarsi {vr} :: To interfere or meddle
impicciatosi {v} :: past participle of impicciarsi
impiccio {m} :: hindrance
impiccio {m} :: trouble
impicciolente {v} :: present participle of impicciolire
impicciolire {vt} :: alternative form of impiccolire
impicciona {f} :: female equivalent of impiccione
impiccione {m} :: meddler
impiccione {m} :: bore
impiccione {m} :: rubbernecker
impiccioso {adj} :: troublesome, tiresome, annoying
impiccolente {v} :: present participle of impiccolire
impiccolire {vt} :: to make smaller; to reduce
impiccolire {vi} :: To become smaller
impidocchiante {v} :: present participle of impidocchiare
impidocchiantesi {v} :: present participle of impidocchiarsi
impidocchiare {vt} :: To infest with lice
impidocchiarsi {vr} :: To be infested with lice; to be lousy
impidocchiatosi {v} :: past participle of impidocchiarsi
impiegabile {adj} :: usable
impiegante {v} :: present participle of impiegare
impiegantesi {v} :: present participle of impiegarsi
impiegare {vt} :: to use, employ
impiegare {vt} :: to take [an amount of time]
impiegare {vt} :: to spend
impiegare {vt} :: to hire, take, engage, employ
impiegarsi {v} :: reflexive of impiegare
impiegarsi {v} :: to get a job, get employment, find a job
impiegata {f} :: female equivalent of impiegato
impiegatizio {adj} /im.pje.ɡaˈtit.tsjo/ :: clerical, white-collar
impiegato {m} /impjeˈɡato/ :: clerk, office worker
impiegato {m} :: employee, (plural) staff, personnel
impiegatosi {v} :: past participle of impiegarsi
impiego {m} :: job, position, post, situation
impiego {m} :: employment
impiego {m} :: use
impietosamente {adv} :: pitilessly
impietosente {v} :: present participle of impietosire
impietosire {vt} :: to move someone to pity
impietoso {adj} :: pitiless, merciless, unmerciful, cruel
impietrente {v} :: present participle of impietrire
impietrire {vt} :: To petrify (all senses)
impigliamento {m} :: entanglement
impigliante {v} :: present participle of impigliare
impigliantesi {v} :: present participle of impigliarsi
impigliare {vt} :: To catch or entangle
impigliarsi {vr} :: To become caught or entangled in something
impigliatosi {v} :: past participle of impigliarsi
impignere {v} /imˈpiɲ.ɲ :: alternative form of impingere
impignorabile {adj} [legal] :: That can not be distrained; undistrainable
impignorabilità {f} [legal] :: exemption from distraint
impigrente {v} :: present participle of impigrire
impigrentesi {v} :: present participle of impigrirsi
impigrire {vt} :: To make someone lazy
impigrire {vi} :: To become lazy
impigrirsi {vr} :: To become lazy
impigritosi {v} :: past participle of impigrirsi
impilabile {adj} :: stackable, stacking
impilamento {m} :: stacking
impilante {v} :: present participle of impilare
impilare {vt} :: To stack or pile (up)
impillaccherante {v} :: present participle of impillaccherare
impillaccherare {vt} /im.pil.lak.keˈ :: To splash with mud
impingente {v} :: present participle of impingere
impingere {vt} [obsolete] /imˈpin.d͡ʒ :: to push
impingere {vt} [obsolete, figurative] :: to impel, to drive
impinguamento {m} :: fattening
impinguante {v} :: present participle of impinguare
impinguantesi {v} :: present participle of impinguarsi
impinguare {vt} :: to fatten [livestock]
impinguare {vt} :: to fill, stuff full
impinguarsi {v} :: reflexive of impinguare
impinguarsi {v} :: to fatten [livestock]
impinguarsi {v} :: to become full, full up
impinguato {adj} :: fattened
impinguato {adj} :: filled
impinguato {adj} :: stuffed full
impinguatosi {v} :: past participle of impinguarsi
impinto {adj} :: pushed
impinto {adj} [figurative] :: led, driven, impelled
impinzante {v} :: present participle of impinzare
impinzantesi {v} :: present participle of impinzarsi
impinzare {v} :: to stuff or cram (with)
impinzarsi {vr} :: To stuff oneself (with)
impinzatosi {v} :: past participle of impinzarsi
impiombante {v} :: present participle of impiombare
impiombare {vt} :: to cover or fill with lead
impiombare {vt} [dentistry] :: to fill [teeth]
impiombare {vt} [nautical] :: to splice
impiombatura {f} :: leading (works in lead)
impiombatura {f} :: filling (in teeth)
impiombatura {f} [nautical] :: splice
impipante {v} :: present participle of impiparsi
impipantesi {v} :: present participle of impiparsi
impiparsene {v} :: to not give a damn about
impiparsi {vr} [colloquial] :: to not give a damn
impipatosi {v} :: past participle of impiparsi
impiumante {v} :: present participle of impiumare
impiumantesi {v} :: present participle of impiumarsi
impiumare {vt} :: To feather
impiumarsi {vr} :: To fledge (grow feathers)
impiumatosi {v} :: past participle of impiumarsi
implacabile {adj} :: implacable, unrelenting, relentless
implacabilità {f} :: implacability
implacabilmente {adv} :: implacably
implacando {adj} [literary, rare] /im.plaˈ :: relentless, implacable
implantare {adj} :: implant (attributive)
implantologia {f} :: implantology (science of dental or follicular implants)
implantologo {m} :: implantologist (dental)
implementante {v} :: present participle of implementare
implementare {vt} :: to implement, put in practice, enforce
implementazione {f} :: implementation
implicante {v} :: present participle of implicare
implicare {vt} :: to imply, entail
implicare {vt} :: to involve, implicate
implicazione {f} :: implication, involvement
implicitamente {adv} :: implicitly
implicito {adj} :: implicit, underlying, tacit, implied
implodente {v} :: present participle of implodere
implodere {vi} :: to implode
implorabile {adj} :: That can be implored or begged
implorante {v} :: present participle of implorare
implorante {adj} :: beseeching, imploring
implorare {vt} :: to implore, beg, plead
imploratore {adj} :: imploring, pleading
imploratore {m} :: implorer, pleader
imploratrice {f} :: female equivalent of imploratore
implorazione {f} :: entreaty, pleading, cry, plea
implosione {f} :: implosion
implosivo {adj} [phonetics] :: implosive
implume {adj} :: unfledged, featherless
impluvio {m} :: impluvium (in Ancient Rome)
impluvio {m} :: watershed
impoetico {adj} :: unpoetic, unpoetical
impolitamente {adv} :: roughly, crudely
impolitamente {adv} :: defectively
impoliticamente {adv} :: in an impolitic manner
impoliticamente {adv} :: imprudently, ill-advisedly
impoliticità {f} :: impolicy
impolitico {adj} :: impolitic
impolitico {adj} :: imprudent, ill-advised
impollinante {v} :: present participle of impollinare
impollinare {vt} :: to pollinate, to pollen
impollinatore {adj} :: pollinating
impollinatore {m} :: pollinator
impollinazione {f} :: pollination
impolpante {v} :: present participle of impolpare
impolpantesi {v} :: present participle of impolparsi
impolpare {vt} :: to fatten
impolpare {vt} :: to pad out
impolparsi {v} :: reflexive of impolpare
impolparsi {v} :: to put on weight
impolpatosi {v} :: past participle of impolparsi
impoltronente {v} :: present participle of impoltronire
impoltronire {vti} :: to make, or to become lazy
impolverante {v} :: present participle of impolverare
impolverantesi {v} :: present participle of impolverarsi
impolverare {vt} :: to dust, cover with dust (or powder)
impolverarsi {vr} :: To get dusty
impolverato {adj} :: dusty
impolveratosi {v} :: past participle of impolverarsi
impolveratrice {f} :: crop duster
impomatante {v} :: present participle of impomatare
impomatantesi {v} :: present participle of impomatarsi
impomatare {vt} :: to put ointment on something
impomatare {vt} :: to apply pomade to the hair
impomatare {vt} :: to wax a moustache
impomatare {v} :: to balsam
impomatarsi {v} :: reflexive of impomatare
impomatarsi {v} :: to get spruced up
impomatatosi {v} :: past participle of impomatarsi
imponderabile {adj} :: imponderable
imponderabile {adj} :: unpredictable
imponderabile {m} :: imponderable
imponderabilità {f} :: unpredictability
imponderabilità {f} :: The quality or state of being imponderable; imponderability
imponderabilmente {adv} :: imponderably
imponente {adj} :: imposing, large, impressive, magnificent
imponentemente {adv} :: imposingly, impressively, magnificently
imponentesi {v} :: present participle of imporsi
imponenza {f} :: impressiveness, magnificence, grandeur, stateliness
imponibile {adj} :: taxable, assessable
imponibile {m} :: taxable income; assessable income, tax base
imponibilità {f} :: taxability
impopolare {adj} :: unpopular
impopolarità {f} :: unpopularity
impoppante {v} :: present participle of impoppare
impoppare {vi} [nautical] :: to go down in the stern
imporcante {v} :: present participle of imporcare
imporcare {vt} :: To ridge (soil)
imporporante {v} :: present participle of imporporare
imporporantesi {v} :: present participle of imporporarsi
imporporare {vt} :: To redden or flush
imporporarsi {v} :: reflexive of imporporare
imporporarsi {v} :: to redden
imporporarsi {v} :: to blush
imporporatosi {v} :: past participle of imporporarsi
imporre {vt} :: to impose, set, lay
imporre {vt} :: to order, command, dictate
imporre {vt} :: to call for
imporsi {v} :: reflexive of imporre
imporsi {v} :: to be successful, establish oneself, stand out, become popular
imporsi {v} :: to beat, win
imporsi {v} :: to impose oneself, force oneself
imporsi {v} :: to assert oneself, make oneself respected
imporsi {v} :: to become necessary, be called for
importabile {adj} :: importable
importabilità {f} :: importability
importante {adj} :: important
importantissimo {adj} :: superlative of importante
importanza {f} :: importance, consequence, significance
importare {vt} :: to import, heed
importare {vi} :: to be important, to matter
importatore {adj} :: importing
importatore {m} :: importer
importatrice {f} :: feminine noun of importatore
importazione {f} :: importation, import
importina {f} [protein] :: importin
importo {m} :: amount, sum
importunamente {adv} :: annoyingly
importunamente {adv} :: inopportunely
importunante {v} :: present participle of importunare
importunare {vt} :: to disturb, bother, trouble, inconvenience
importunità {f} :: tiresomeness
importuno {adj} :: annoying, troublesome, tiresome
importuno {adj} :: inopportune
importuoso {adj} :: harbourless
impositivo {adj} :: taxation (attributive), tax (attributive)
impositore {adj} :: tax-raising (attributive)
imposizione {f} :: imposition
imposizione {f} :: order, command
imposizione {f} :: taxation, tax, duty
impossessamento {m} :: appropriation
impossessante {v} :: present participle of impossessarsi
impossessantesi {v} :: present participle of impossessarsi
impossessarsi {vr} :: to seize, take possession (of)
impossessatosi {v} :: past participle of impossessarsi
impossibile {adj} :: impossible
impossibile {adj} :: inconceivable, absurd
impossibile {adj} :: unbearable, impossible (in the same meaning)
impossibile {m} :: impossible
impossibilità {f} :: impossibility, inability
impossibilitante {v} :: present participle of impossibilitare
impossibilitare {vt} :: To make impossible, to prevent
impossibilitato {adj} :: unable
impossibilmente {adv} :: impossibly
imposta {f} :: tax, duty, customs
imposta {f} :: shutter (protective panels over windows)
impostale {adj} :: imposed (on)
impostante {v} :: present participle of impostare
impostare {vt} :: to set up, set out, lay out, lay down, set, plan
impostare {vt} :: to post a letter, post, mail
imposta sul valore aggiunto {f} :: value added tax
impostazione {f} :: setting out, setting, lay out, definition, formulation
imposto {adj} :: imposed, fixed
impostora {f} :: female equivalent of impostore
impostore {m} :: impostor, fake, pretender
impostosi {v} :: past participle of imporsi
impostura {f} :: imposture
impotente {adj} [medicine] :: impotent
impotente {adj} :: impotent, powerless, unable
impotente {m} [medicine] :: impotent man
impotenza {f} :: helplessness, powerlessness, impotence, impotency
impotenza {f} [medicine] :: impotence
impoverente {v} :: present participle of impoverire
impoverentesi {v} :: present participle of impoverirsi
impoverimento {m} :: impoverishment
impoverimento {m} :: depletion
impoverire {vt} :: to impoverish
impoverire {vt} :: to deplete
impoverirsi {v} :: To impoverish oneself
impoverito {adj} :: depleted
impoverito {adj} :: impoverished
impoveritosi {v} :: past participle of impoverirsi
impraticabile {adj} :: unfeasible, impractical
impraticabile {adj} :: impassable, (sports; of a field) unplayable
impraticabilità {f} :: The bad state of the road
impratichente {v} :: present participle of impratichire
impratichentesi {v} :: present participle of impratichirsi
impratichire {vt} :: To train (a person)
impratichirsi {v} :: reflexive of impratichire
impratichirsi {v} :: to train
impratichirsi {v} :: to practice
impratichitosi {v} :: past participle of impratichirsi
imprecante {v} :: present participle of imprecare
imprecare {vi} :: to curse, swear
imprecativo {adj} :: cursing, imprecatory
imprecazione {f} :: imprecation, curse
imprecisabile {adj} :: indeterminable
imprecisabilmente {adv} :: indeterminably
imprecisato {adj} :: undefined, indeterminate, indefinite
imprecisione {f} :: inaccuracy, imprecision
impreciso {adj} :: inaccurate, imprecise, inexact, vague
impredicibile {adj} :: (inherently) unpredictable
impredicibilità {f} :: (inherent) unpredictability
impregiudicabile {adj} :: That can not be compromised or prejudiced
impregiudicato {adj} [legal] :: unjudged (not having a judgement made)
impregiudicato {adj} :: undecided
impregnante {v} :: present participle of impregnare
impregnantesi {v} :: present participle of impregnarsi
impregnare {vt} :: to soak, impregnate, saturate
impregnare {vt} :: to impregnate, fertilize, imbue
impregnarsi {v} :: reflexive of impregnare
impregnarsi {v} :: to become soaked, impregnated, permeated (with)
impregnatosi {v} :: past participle of impregnarsi
impregnazione {f} :: impregnation
imprendente {v} :: present participle of imprendere
imprendere {vt} :: To undertake, or embark upon something
imprendibile {adj} :: that cannot be caught, elusive, unstoppable, uncatchable
imprendibile {adj} :: impregnable, invincible
imprendibilità {f} :: The property of being unstoppable or uncatchable
imprendibilità {f} :: impregnability, invincibility
imprenditore {m} :: businessman, entrepreneur, contractor
imprenditoria {f} :: the entrepreneurs
imprenditoria {f} :: entrepreneurship
imprenditoriale {adj} :: entrepreneurial
imprenditorialismo {m} :: entrepreneurialism
imprenditorialità {f} :: entrepreneurship
imprenditorialità {f} :: the entrepreneurs
imprenditorialmente {adv} :: entrepreneurially
imprenditrice {f} :: female equivalent of imprenditore
impreparato {adj} :: unprepared, unready
impreparato {adj} :: not prepared, untrained
impreparazione {f} :: lack of preparedness, lack of readiness
impreparazione {f} :: lack of preparation, lack of training
impresa {f} :: enterprise, undertaking, exploit, feat, endeavour
impresa {f} :: company, firm, business, concern
impresaria {f} :: female equivalent of impresario
impresario {m} :: entrepreneur, contractor
impresario {m} :: manager, producer, impresario
impresario {m} :: wheeler-dealer; unscrupulous person
imprescindibile {adj} :: essential, unavoidable, inescapable
imprescindibilità {f} :: unavoidability, unavoidableness
imprescindibilmente {adv} :: unavoidably, inescapably
impresciuttente {v} :: present participle of impresciuttire
impresciuttire {vi} :: To become thin and gaunt
impresciuttito {adj} [of a body] :: lean, thin, gaunt
imprescrittibile {adj} [legal] :: indefeasible, imprescriptible
imprescrittibilità {f} [legal] :: indefeasibility, imprescriptibility
imprescrittibilmente {adv} [legal] :: indefeasibly, imprescriptibly
impresentabile {adj} :: unpresentable (not presentable)
impresentabilità {f} :: Property of being unpresentable or not presentable
impresentabilmente {adv} :: unpresentably
impressionabile {adj} :: impressionable
impressionabilità {f} :: impressionability
impressionante {adj} :: striking, impressive, grand, stunning, shocking
impressionantesi {v} :: present participle of impressionarsi
impressionare {vt} :: to impress, strike, upset, frighten, astonish, flabbergast
impressionare {vt} [photography] :: to expose
impressionarsi {v} :: reflexive of impressionare
impressionarsi {v} :: to be upset, be frightened
impressionarsi {v} [photography] :: to be exposed
impressionato {adj} :: impressed, shocked, upset
impressionato {adj} [photography] :: exposed
impressionatosi {v} :: past participle of impressionarsi
impressione {f} :: feeling
impressione {f} :: impression
impressione {f} :: [figuratively] intuitive impression, hunch
impressionismo {m} :: impressionism
impressionista {adj} :: impressionistic
impressionista {mf} :: impressionist
impressionistico {adj} :: impressionistic
impresso {adj} :: impressed, stamped, imprinted
impressore {m} :: printer
imprestante {v} :: present participle of imprestare
imprestare {v} :: Variant of prestare
impreteribile {adj} :: unavoidable
impreteribilmente {adv} :: unavoidably
imprevedibile {adj} :: unpredictable, unforeseeable
imprevedibilità {f} :: unpredictability, unforeseeability
imprevedibilmente {adv} :: unexpectedly
impreveduto {adj} :: unpredictable
impreveduto {adj} :: unexpected
imprevidente {adj} :: improvident
imprevidente {mf} :: improvident person
imprevidentemente {adv} :: improvidently
imprevidenza {f} :: improvidence (lack of foresight)
imprevisibile {adj} :: Variant of imprevedibile
imprevisto {adj} :: unforeseen, unexpected, unplanned, unlooked-for
imprevisto {m} :: unforeseen event, unexpected event, contingency
impreziosente {v} :: present participle of impreziosire
impreziosire {v} :: to embellish (with)
imprigionamento {m} :: imprisonment
imprigionante {v} :: present participle of imprigionare
imprigionare {vt} :: to put in prison, imprison, jail
imprigionare {vt} :: to catch, trap
imprigionato {adj} :: imprisoned, captive
imprigionato {adj} :: trapped, bound, caught
imprimente {v} :: present participle of imprimere
imprimere {vt} :: to imprint, print, stamp, impress
imprimere {vt} :: to give
imprimibile {adj} :: impressible
imprimitura {f} [arts] :: priming (a painting)
improbabile {adj} :: improbable, unlikely
improbabilità {f} :: improbability, unlikelihood
improbabilmente {adv} :: improbably
improbità {f} [literary] :: dishonesty
improbo {adj} :: hard, laborious (work)
improbo {adj} [literary] :: dishonest
improcedibile {adj} [legal] :: Describing an action that can not be advanced or undertaken
improcedibilità {f} [legal] :: The inability of an action to be undertaken; unprosecutability
improcrastinabile {adj} :: urgent, undelayable
improcrastinabilità {f} :: urgence
improcrastinabilmente {adv} :: urgently
improducibile {adj} :: Not producible
improducibile {adj} [legal] :: Not presentable (in court)
improduttivamente {adv} :: unproductively
improduttivamente {adv} :: unfruitfully
improduttività {f} :: unproductiveness
improduttivo {adj} :: unproductive
improduttivo {adj} :: unfruitful
improferibile {adj} :: unrepeatable, unutterable
impromettente {v} :: present participle of impromettere
impromettere {vt} :: Variant of promettere (literary use)
impromptu {m} [music] :: impromptu
impronta {f} :: imprint, impression, print, mark, trace
impronta {f} :: footprint
impronta {f} :: sign
impronta digitale {f} :: fingerprint
impronta ecologica {f} [ecology] :: ecological footprint
improntamente {adv} :: impudently, cheekily
improntamente {adv} :: inappropriately, indiscreetly
improntante {v} :: present participle of improntare
improntare {vt} :: to imprint, impress
improntare {vt} [archaic] :: to prepare, get ready
improntare {vt} [archaic] :: to lend
improntato {adj} :: based on, full of, marked by
improntitudine {f} /im.pron.tiˈ :: impertinence, impudence
impronto {adj} :: impudent, cheeky
impronto {adj} :: inappropriate, indiscreet
impronto {m} :: imprint
impronunciabile {adj} :: unpronounceable
impronunciabile {adj} :: unutterable
impronunciabilità {f} :: Property of being unpronounceable
impronunziabile {adj} :: Variant of impronunciabile
improperio {m} :: insult
improponibile {adj} :: inadmissible
improponibile {adj} :: That cannot be proposed
improponibilità {f} :: inadmissibility
impropriamente {adv} :: improperly
impropriamente {adv} :: inappropriately
improprietà {f} :: impropriety
improprietà {f} :: incorrectness, inaccuracy
improprio {adj} :: wrong, incorrect, unfit, inappropriate, improper
improprio {adj} [mathematics] :: improper
improrogabile {adj} :: Not to be extended; that cannot be postponed; that cannot be delayed
improrogabilità {f} :: inalterableness
improrogabilmente {adv} [of a deadline] :: No later than; without any possible delay
improsciuttente {v} :: present participle of improsciuttire
improsciuttire {v} :: to slim (become as thin as a slice of prosciutto)
improtetto {adj} :: unprotected
improvido {adj} [literary] :: Variant of improvvido
improvvidamente {adv} :: improvidently
improvvidenza {f} :: improvidence
improvvidissimo {adj} :: superlative of improvvido
improvvido {adj} [literary] :: improvident
improvvisamente {adv} :: suddenly, all of a sudden, unexpectedly, short, out of the blue, cold turkey
improvvisante {v} :: present participle of improvvisare
improvvisare {vt} :: to improvise, to extemporize, to make up, to play it by ear
improvvisare {v} :: to make shift
improvvisata {f} :: surprise
improvvisato {adj} :: improvised, impromptu, extempore, off-the-cuff, ad-libbed
improvvisato {adj} :: makeshift
improvvisatore {m} :: improviser
improvvisazione {f} :: improvisation, extemporization
improvvisazione {f} :: makeshift
improvviso {adj} :: unexpected, sudden, unforeseen, untimely
improvviso {adv} [archaic] :: suddenly, all of a sudden, unexpectedly
improvvistamente {adv} :: unwittingly
imprudente {adj} :: imprudent, incautious, rash, careless
imprudentemente {adv} :: imprudently
imprudentissimo {adj} :: superlative of imprudente
imprudenza {f} :: imprudence, carelessness
imprudenza {f} :: imprudent act, careless act
impubblicabile {adj} :: unpublishable
impube {adj} :: juvenile
impube {mf} :: juvenile
impubere {adj} :: prepubescent
impudente {adj} /im.puˈdɛn.te/ :: impudent, cheeky, sassy
impudente {mf} :: An impudent person
impudentemente {adv} :: impudently
impudenza {f} :: impudence, cheek
impudicamente {adv} :: immodestly, indecently, improperly
impudicizia {f} :: immodesty
impudico {adj} :: immodest
impugnabile {adj} [legal] :: that can be appealed, that can be impugned; impugnable
impugnabilità {f} [legal] :: appealability
impugnante {v} :: present participle of impugnare
impugnare {vt} :: to seize, hold, clasp, grasp, grip
impugnare {vt} :: to contest, challenge, impugn, appeal
impugnativa {f} [legal] :: appeal
impugnatura {f} :: handle, grip, hilt, haft
impugnazione {f} :: impugnation
impulsatore {m} :: impulsor
impulsivamente {adv} :: impulsively
impulsività {f} :: impulsiveness, impulsivity
impulsivo {adj} :: impulsive, rash
impulso {m} :: impulse, drive, urge, boost
impulso {m} [sciences] :: impulse, pulse, also archaic for momentum
impune {adj} [obsolete, literary] :: unpunished, impune
impunemente {adv} :: with impunity, scot-free
impunibile {adj} :: unpunishable, untouchable
impunibilità {f} :: Quality of being unpunishable
impunità {f} :: impunity
impunito {adj} :: unpunished
impuntante {v} :: present participle of impuntare
impuntantesi {v} :: present participle of impuntarsi
impuntare {vi} :: To stumble or trip (on something)
impuntarsi {v} :: reflexive of impuntare
impuntarsi {v} :: to jib [of a horse, etc.]
impuntarsi {v} :: to dig one's heels in
impuntatosi {v} :: past participle of impuntarsi
impuntatura {f} :: obstinacy, stubbornness
impuntatura {f} :: fancy, whim
impuntente {v} :: present participle of impuntire
impuntire {vt} :: to stitch
impuntire {vt} :: to quilt
impuntura {f} :: stitching
impunturante {v} :: present participle of impunturare
impunturare {vt} :: To stitch
impunturato {adj} :: stitched
impupante {v} :: present participle of impuparsi
impupantesi {v} :: present participle of impuparsi
impuparsi {vr} :: To pupate
impupatosi {v} :: past participle of impuparsi
impuramente {adv} :: impurely
impurezza {f} :: impurity, especially in a mineral or gemstone
impurità {f} :: impurity
impurità {f} :: scum
impurità {f} :: (plural; medicine) impurities
impuro {adj} :: impure
imputabile {adj} :: imputable, attributable, ascribable, chargeable
imputabilità {f} :: imputability, chargeability
imputante {v} :: present participle of imputare
imputare {vt} :: to impute, attribute, ascribe
imputare {vt} :: to accuse, arraign, charge, put down to, chalk up to
imputata {f} :: female equivalent of imputato
imputato {m} :: defendant, accused [person], suspect
imputato {adj} :: charged, accused
imputazione {f} :: charge, accusation, imputation, indictment
imputrescibile {adj} :: Not subject to putrefaction; imputrescible
imputribile {adj} :: incorruptible
imputridente {v} :: present participle of imputridire
imputridimento {m} :: putrefaction
imputridire {vt} :: To putrefy
imputridire {vi} :: To go bad or rot
impuzzire {vi} [rare] /im.putˈt͡ :: To become smelly or stinky
impuzzire {vt} [rare] :: To cause to become smelly or stinky; to stink out
impuzzolentente {v} :: present participle of impuzzolentire
impuzzolentire {vt} :: To stink (the place out)
in- {prefix} [forms verbs] /in/ :: Used to denote derivation
in- {prefix} [obsolete, rare] :: Used as an intensifier
in- {prefix} :: Used to denote negation or opposition or privation; un-; in-; a-
in {prep} /ˈin/ :: in
in {prep} :: to
in {prep} :: into
in {prep} :: by
in {prep} :: on
-ina {suffix} /ˈ :: Alterative suffix used to form diminutives of feminine nouns
-ina {suffix} :: Derivational suffix used to form adjectives or nouns, specifically:
-ina {suffix} :: Used to form the feminine of masculine nouns and given names
-ina {suffix} :: Used to form collective numerals
-ina {suffix} :: Used to derive nouns denoting a profession
-ina {suffix} :: Used to derive adjectives and nouns denoting an ethnic or geographical origin
-ina {suffix} :: Used to derive adjectives denoting composition, color or other qualities
-ina {suffix} [chemistry] :: Used to form names of chemical substances; -ine
inabbordabile {adj} :: unapproachable
inabile {adj} :: unable, unfit, incapable, disabled
inabilità {f} :: inability, incapacity, unfitness, disability
inabilitanda {f} /ˈtan.da/ :: feminine noun of inabilitando
inabilitando {adj} [legal] /ˈ :: That is being declared mentally or physically unable to look after his own financial affairs
inabilitando {m} [legal] :: One who is being declared mentally or physically unable to look after his own financial affairs
inabilitante {v} :: present participle of inabilitare
inabilitare {vt} :: to disable
inabilitare {vt} :: to make unfit
inabilitazione {f} :: disablement
inabilitazione {f} [legal] :: The condition of a person who is declared mentally or physically unable to look after his own financial affairs
inabissamento {m} :: sinking
inabissante {v} :: present participle of inabissare
inabissantesi {v} :: present participle of inabissarsi
inabissare {vt} :: To sink something
inabissarsi {vr} :: To sink
inabissatosi {v} :: past participle of inabissarsi
inabitabile {adj} :: uninhabitable
inabitabilità {f} :: Property of being uninhabitable
inabitato {adj} :: uninhabited
inabrogabile {adj} :: not repealable
inaccertabile {adj} :: unascertainable, unverifiable
inaccessibile {adj} :: inaccessible, unapproachable, impervious
inaccessibile {adj} :: impenetrable, incomprehensible
inaccessibile {adj} :: unaffordable
inaccessibilità {f} :: inaccessibility, imperviousness
inaccessibilità {f} :: incomprehensibleness
inaccessibilità {f} :: unaffordability
inaccessibilmente {adv} :: inaccessibly
inaccettabile {adj} :: unacceptable
inaccettabile {adj} :: inadmissible, intolerable
inaccettabile {adj} :: incredible
inaccettabilità {f} :: unacceptability
inaccettabilmente {adv} :: unacceptably
inaccordabile {adj} :: unallowable
inaccostabile {adj} :: unapproachable (person)
inaccuratamente {adv} :: inaccurately
inaccuratamente {adv} :: carelessly
inaccuratezza {f} :: inaccuracy
inaccurato {adj} :: inaccurate
inaccurato {adj} :: careless
inaccusabile {adj} :: not chargeable, not indictable
inacerbente {v} :: present participle of inacerbire
inacerbire {vt} :: To exacerbate
inacetente {v} :: present participle of inacetire
inacetire {vti} :: to turn to vinegar; to sour
inacidente {v} :: present participle of inacidire
inacidentesi {v} :: present participle of inacidirsi
inacidimento {m} [chemistry] :: acidification
inacidimento {m} :: souring
inacidimento {m} :: embitterment
inacidire {vt} :: to embitter
inacidirsi {vr} :: To become sour or embittered
inacidito {adj} :: embittered
inaciditosi {v} :: past participle of inacidirsi
inacutente {v} :: present participle of inacutire
inacutentesi {v} :: present participle of inacutirsi
inacutire {vt} :: to sharpen
inacutire {vt} :: to heighten
inacutirsi {v} :: reflexive of inacutire
inacutirsi {v} :: to sharpen (become sharper)
inacutirsi {v} :: to heighten
inacutitosi {v} :: past participle of inacutirsi
inadattabile {adj} :: inadaptable
inadattabilità {f} :: inadaptability
inadatto {adj} :: unsuitable, inappropriate, wrong, inopportune
inadatto {adj} :: unfit, misfit
inadatto {adj} :: unable, incapable
inadeguatamente {adv} :: inadequately
inadeguatezza {f} :: inadequacy, deficiency, insufficiency
inadeguato {adj} :: unfit, unsuitable
inadeguato {adj} :: inadequate, insufficient
inadeguato {adj} :: scarce, scanty
inadempibile {adj} :: impossible
inadempiente {adj} :: defaulting, in default
inadempiente {mf} :: defaulting person, defaulting party
inadempienza {f} :: breach, default
inadempimento {m} :: non-fulfilment (of an obligation)
inadempiuto {adj} :: unfulfilled
inadoperabile {adj} :: unusable
inadoprabile {adj} :: Variant of inadoperabile
inafferrabile {adj} :: elusive (criminal etc)
inafferrabile {adj} :: incomprehensible, ungraspable (meaning etc)
inafferrabilità {f} :: elusiveness
inafferrabilità {f} :: incomprehensibility
inaffiante {v} :: present participle of inaffiare
inaffiare {v} :: alternative form of innaffiare
inaffidabile {adj} :: unreliable, untrustworthy
inaffidabilità {f} :: unreliability
inaffidabilmente {adv} :: unreliably
in affitto {adj} :: to let, for rent
inaffondabile {adj} :: unsinkable
inaggregabile {adj} :: not aggregable
inagguagliabile {adj} :: matchless, unparalleled, unequalled
in agguato :: lurking; lying in wait
inagibile {adj} :: unfit for use
inagibilità {f} :: unfitness for use
inalabile {adj} :: inhalable
inalante {v} :: present participle of inalare
inalare {vt} :: to inhale
inalatore {m} :: inhaler
inalatorio {adj} :: inhalant; inhaling [attributive]
inalazione {f} :: inhalation
inalbare {vt} [literary] /i.nalˈ :: to make white, to whiten
inalbare {vi} [literary, auxiliary essere] :: to become white, to whiten
inalbare {vi} [literary, archaic, auxiliary essere, of a liquid] :: to become turbid and whitish
inalbarsi {vi} [literary] /i.nalˈ :: to become white, to whiten
inalberante {v} :: present participle of inalberare
inalberare {vt} :: To hoist or run up (a flag)
inalberarsi {vr} :: To flare up or fly off the handle
inalienabile {adj} :: inalienable
inalienabilità {f} :: inalienability
inalienabilità {f} :: irrevocability
inalienabilmente {adv} :: inalienably
inalterabile {adj} :: permanent, fast (colour)
inalterabile {adj} :: unchanging, unalterable
inalterabile {adj} :: stable
inalterabile {adj} :: steadfast
inalterabilità {f} :: permanence, fastness
inalterabilità {f} :: unchangeability
inalterabilmente {adv} :: unalterably
inalterato {adj} :: unchanged, unaltered
in altre parole {adv} :: in other words
inalveante {v} :: present participle of inalveare
inalveare {vt} :: To canalize or channel
inalveazione {f} :: canalization, channelling
inalzante {v} :: present participle of inalzare
inalzare {vt} :: To raise or erect (Variant of: innalzare)
inamabile {adj} [literary] :: unlovable
inamabilità {f} :: The property of being unlovable; unlovableness
in ambo i casi {adv} :: either way
inambu {m} :: red-winged tinamou (Rhynchotus rufescens)
inameno {adj} :: not pleasant
inameno {adj} [of landscape] :: inhospitable
inamidante {v} :: present participle of inamidare
inamidare {vt} :: to starch
inamidato {adj} :: starched
inamidato {adj} :: stiff
inamidatura {f} :: starching
inammaccabile {adj} :: dent-resistant; dent-proof
inammissibile {adj} :: unacceptable, intolerable
inammissibile {adj} [legal] :: inadmissible
inammissibilità {f} :: inadmissibility
inammissibilmente {adv} :: unacceptably
inammissibilmente {adv} :: inadmissibly
in amore e in guerra tutto è lecito {proverb} :: all's fair in love and war (unpleasant conduct is acceptable during love and conflict)
inamovibile {adj} :: Describing a person who cannot be dismissed from a post
inamovibilità {f} :: The condition of a person who cannot be dismissed from a post
inane {adj} [literary, rare] /iˈ :: empty, void, hollow
inane {adj} [literary] :: useless, vain, inane
inanellante {v} :: present participle of inanellare
inanellare {vt} :: to ring (birds) (attach a ring for identification)
inanellare {vt} :: to curl (hair, etc.)
inanellare {vt} :: to adorn with rings
inanellare {vt} [archaic] :: to propose to someone by giving a ring
inanellare {vt} :: to chalk up
inanimato {adj} :: inanimate
inanimato {adj} :: unconscious
inanimato {adj} :: lifeless, dead
inanità {f} :: uselessness, vainness, inanity
inanizione {f} :: starvation
in antecedenza {adv} :: previously, before
in anticipo {adv} :: early, in advance, beforehand
inappagabile {adj} :: insatiable
inappagato {adj} :: unfulfilled
inappannabile {adj} :: non-mist
inapparente {adj} :: inapparent (all senses)
in apparenza {adv} :: seemingly
inappellabile {adj} :: final, not open to appeal, irrevocable
inappellabilità {f} :: finality
inappellabilità {f} [legal] :: state of not being open to appeal
inappellabilmente {adv} :: irrevocably
inappetente {adj} :: lacking an appetite
inappetente {adj} [of an animal] :: off one's feed
inappetenza {f} :: lack of appetite
inapplicabile {adj} :: inapplicable
inapplicabilità {f} :: inapplicability
inapplicato {adj} :: not applied; unapplied
inapprendibile {adj} :: impossible or difficult to learn
inapprensibile {adj} :: inapprehensible
inapprensibilità {f} :: inapprehensibility
inapprensibilmente {adv} :: In an inapprehensible manner
inapprezzabile {adj} :: invaluable, priceless
inapprezzabile {adj} :: inappreciable
inapprodabile {adj} :: impossible to land (of a coast)
inappropriato {adj} :: inappropriate, unfitting
inappropriato {adj} :: inapt
inappuntabile {adj} :: impeccable, irreproachable, faultless
inappuntabilità {f} :: impeccability
inappuntabilmente {adv} :: impeccably, irreproachably
inappurabile {adj} :: unverifiable
inarabile {adj} :: Not arable; inarable
inarcamento {m} :: bending, curving, arching
inarcante {v} :: present participle of inarcare
inarcantesi {v} :: present participle of inarcarsi
inarcare {vt} :: to arch
inarcare {vt} :: to raise (the eyebrows)
inarcarsi {vr} :: to arch
inarcatosi {v} :: past participle of inarcarsi
inarcatura {f} :: bending, curving, arching
inargentante {v} :: present participle of inargentare
inargentare {vt} :: to silver
inargentare {vt} [chiefly of the moon] :: to illuminate with a silvery light
inaridente {v} :: present participle of inaridire
inaridentesi {v} :: present participle of inaridirsi
inaridimento {m} :: drying up
inaridire {vt} /ˈ :: to parch
inaridire {vt} :: to dry up
inaridire {vt} :: to sour
inaridirsi {v} /ˈ :: reflexive of inaridire
inaridirsi {v} :: to be parched
inaridirsi {v} :: to dry up
inaridirsi {v} :: to sour
inariditosi {v} :: past participle of inaridirsi
inarrestabile {adj} :: unstoppable, inexorable, relentless
inarrestabilità {f} :: Property of being unstoppable; unstoppability
inarrestabilmente {adv} :: unstoppably
inarrivabile {adj} :: unparalleled, incomparable, matchless
inarrivabile {adj} :: unreachable, unattainable
inarrivabilità {f} :: inaccessibleness
inarrivabilità {f} :: incomparability
inarrivabilmente {adv} :: incomparably
inarrivabilmente {adv} :: unreachably, unattainably
inarticolato {adj} :: inarticulate
inascoltabile {adj} :: unlistenable
inascoltato {adj} :: unheard, unheeded
inasinente {v} :: present participle of inasinire
inasinire {vi} :: To become dull or stupid
inaspare {v} /i.nasˈ :: alternative form of innaspare
inaspettatamente {adv} :: unexpectedly
inaspettatamente {adv} :: short
inaspettato {adj} :: unexpected, sudden, unforeseen, untimely
inasportabile {adj} :: unremovable
inasprente {v} :: present participle of inasprire
inasprentesi {v} :: present participle of inasprirsi
inasprimento {m} :: worsening, exacerbation
inasprire {vt} :: to tighten up, make more harsh [discipline, etc.]
inasprire {vt} :: to embitter, sour [relationship, etc.]
inasprirsi {v} :: reflexive of inasprire
inasprirsi {v} :: to become embittered
inasprirsi {v} :: to worsen
inaspritosi {v} :: past participle of inasprirsi
inassimilabile {adj} :: unassimilable
inastante {v} :: present participle of inastare
inastare {vt} :: to fix
inastare {vt} :: to hoist
inastato {adj} :: fixed
inastato {adj} :: hoisted
inattaccabile {adj} :: unassailable, impregnable, untouchable
inattaccabile {adj} :: -proof
inattaccabilità {f} :: Property of being unassailable; unassailability
inattendibile {adj} :: unreliable
inattendibilità {f} /ˈta/ :: unreliability (of a source of information)
inattendibilmente {adv} :: unreliably
inatteso {adj} :: unexpected, sudden, unforeseen, untimely
inattingibile {adj} [literary] :: unattainable
inattinico {adj} :: inactinic
inattivante {v} :: present participle of inattivare
inattivare {vt} :: To inactivate
inattivazione {f} :: inactivation
inattività {f} :: inactivity, inaction
inattivo {adj} :: inactive, idle, standing
inattuabile {adj} :: unfeasible
inattuabilità {f} :: infeasibility, unfeasibility
inattuale {adj} :: Not present, current or topical; outdated
inattualità {f} :: The property of being outdated
inattuato {adj} :: unimplemented, unrealized
inaudibile {adj} :: inaudible
inauditamente {adv} :: unprecedentedly (in an unheard-of manner)
inaudito {adj} :: unheard-of, unprecedented
inaugurale {adj} :: inaugural, opening
inaugurante {v} :: present participle of inaugurare
inaugurare {vt} :: to inaugurate, christen, open, unveil, start, launch
inaugurare {vt} :: to use for the first time
inauguratore {m} :: inaugurator
inaugurazione {f} :: inauguration, opening, unveiling
inautenticità {f} :: inauthenticity
inautentico {adj} :: inauthentic
in automatico {adv} :: automatically
inavvedutamente {adv} :: inadvertently, unintentionally
inavvedutamente {adv} :: carelessly
inavvedutezza {f} :: carelessness, inadvertence
inavveduto {adj} :: inadvertent, unintentional
inavvertenza {f} :: carelessness
inavvertibile {adj} :: undetectable, unnoticeable
inavvertitamente {adv} :: inadvertently, unintentionally
inavvertito {adj} :: unnoticed
inavvicinabile {adj} :: unapproachable
inazione {f} :: inactivity, inaction
in ballo {prep} [idiomatic] :: at stake, at issue, at risk
in base {prep} :: according to
in base a {prep} :: according to, depending on, on the basis of
in basso {adj} :: down, low
in basso {adv} :: down, low, beneath
in basso {adv} :: at the bottom; on the bottom
in basso {adv} :: at or near ground level
in bianco {adj} :: (free from writing, printing, etc.) blank, undated
in bianco {adj} [of a meat or fish dish] :: in a white sauce, boiled, plain
in bianco {adj} [of pasta] :: served without condiments or seasoned with cheese and/or either olive oil or melted butter, plain
in bianco {adj} [of a diet] :: fat-free
in bianco {adj} [of a night] :: sleepless
in bianco {adj} [of a marriage] :: unconsummated
in bilico {prep} [idiomatic] :: at stake, at issue, at risk
in bocca al lupo {interj} :: good luck, fingers crossed, break a leg
in breve {adv} :: In brief, in a few words, shortly, briefly, concisely
in brodo {adj} [of pasta or rice] :: cooked and served in a light broth as a soup
inca {adj} :: Inca
inca {mf} :: Inca
incacchiante {v} :: present participle of incacchiarsi
incacchiantesi {v} :: present participle of incacchiarsi
incacchiarsi {vr} [colloquial] :: to become uptight or narked; to get one's knickers in a twist
incacchiatosi {v} :: past participle of incacchiarsi
incadaverente {v} :: present participle of incadaverire
incadaverire {vi} :: to become cadaverous
incadaverire {vi} :: to putrefy, rot
incagliamento {m} [nautical] :: running aground, stranding
incagliante {v} :: present participle of incagliare
incagliantesi {v} :: present participle of incagliarsi
incagliare {vi} [nautical] :: to ground
incagliare {v} :: to hinder
incagliarsi {v} :: reflexive of incagliare
incagliarsi {v} [nautical] :: to run aground, strand
incagliarsi {v} :: to get stuck, bogged down; to grind to a halt
incagliatosi {v} :: past participle of incagliarsi
in cagnesco {adv} :: askance
incaico {adj} :: Incan
incalcinante {v} :: present participle of incalcinare
incalcinare {vt} :: to limewash
incalcinare {vt} :: to lime (treat the soil with lime)
incalcinatura {f} :: limewashing
incalcinatura {f} :: liming
incalcolabile {adj} :: incalculable
incalcolabilità {f} :: incalculability
incalcolabilmente {adv} :: incalculably
incallente {v} :: present participle of incallire
incallimento {m} :: hardening
incallimento {m} :: callosity
incallire {vti} :: to callus
incallito {adj} :: calloused, horny
incallito {adj} [figuratively] :: inveterate, hardened, ingrained
incalorente {v} :: present participle of incalorire
incalorentesi {v} :: present participle of incalorirsi
incalorimento {m} :: irritation
incalorire {vt} :: to inflame
incalorire {vt} :: to heat
incalorirsi {v} :: reflexive of incalorire
incalorirsi {v} :: to get excited
incalorirsi {v} :: to get heated
incaloritosi {v} :: past participle of incalorirsi
incalzante {adj} :: pressing, urgent, impeding, imminent
incalzante {v} :: present participle of incalzare
incalzare {vt} :: To chase, to follow closely, to be hot on somebody's heels, to ply, to press
incalzare {vi} :: but takes avere as auxiliary To be imminent, to be pressing, to urge
incamerabile {adj} :: confiscable
incameramento {m} :: confiscation
incamerante {v} :: present participle of incamerare
incamerare {vt} :: To appropriate or confiscate
incamiciante {v} :: present participle of incamiciare
incamiciare {vt} :: to cover, coat, plaster
incamiciare {vt} :: to line [with a lining]
incamiciatura {f} :: covering, coating, lining, plastering (action)
incamiciatura {f} :: coat, cover, lining (result)
incamminante {v} :: present participle of incamminarsi
incamminantesi {v} :: present participle of incamminarsi
incamminare {vt} :: to send or start off
incamminare {vt} :: to get going
incamminarsi {v} :: reflexive of incamminare
incamminarsi {v} :: to set off, make one's way, head, start
incamminatosi {v} :: past participle of incamminarsi
incanaglente {v} :: present participle of incanaglirsi
incanaglentesi {v} :: present participle of incanaglirsi
incanaglirsi {vr} :: To become disreputable (to mix with bad company)
incanaglitosi {v} :: past participle of incanaglirsi
incanalamento {m} :: canalization
incanalante {v} :: present participle of incanalare
incanalantesi {v} :: present participle of incanalarsi
incanalare {vt} :: to canalize, feedback
incanalare {vt} :: to direct, channel [traffic, etc.]
incanalarsi {v} :: reflexive of incanalare
incanalarsi {v} :: to converge (on)
incanalatosi {v} :: past participle of incanalarsi
incanalatura {f} :: canalization, channelling
incanalatura {f} :: canal, channel
incanalazione {f} :: canalization
incancellabile {adj} :: indelible
incancellabilmente {adv} :: indelibly
incancherente {v} :: present participle of incancherire
incancherire {vi} :: To become cancerous
incancrenente {v} :: present participle of incancrenire
incancrenentesi {v} :: present participle of incancrenirsi
incancrenire {vi} :: To become gangrenous
incancrenirsi {vr} :: To become gangrenous
incancrenitosi {v} :: past participle of incancrenirsi
incandescente {adj} /in.kan.deʃˈʃɛn.te/ :: white-hot, incandescent (emitting light as a result of being heated)
incandescente {adj} [by extension, hyperbole] :: scorching hot, scalding hot, boiling hot
incandescente {adj} [figurative] :: fiery, hot, spirited
incandescenza {f} /in.kan.deʃˈʃɛn.t͡sa/ :: incandescence, glow
incandidabilità {f} :: ineligibility (as a candidate)
incannaggio {m} :: winding, spooling
incannante {v} :: present participle of incannare
incannare {vt} :: To wind or spool (thread)
incannatoio {m} :: winder, spooler (device)
incannatore {m} :: winder, spooler (person)
incannatura {f} :: winding, spooling
incannicciatura {f} :: lathwork, lathing
incannucciante {v} :: present participle of incannucciare
incannucciare {vt} :: To fence of stake with canes
incannucciata {f} :: trellis, trellising
incannucciata {f} :: lathwork, lathing
incannucciato {m} :: wattle and daub
incannucciatura {f} :: caning (of furniture)
incannucciatura {f} :: lathing
incantagione {f} [literary] /in.kan.taˈd͡ʒ :: incantation
incantamento {m} :: spell, magic
incantante {v} :: present participle of incantare
incantare {vt} :: to charm, enchant, bewitch, beguile, spellbind
incantare {vt} :: to auction
incantato {adj} :: enchanted, spellbound
incantatore {m} :: enchanter
incantatrice {f} :: enchantress
incantazione {f} /in.kan.tatˈt͡ :: alternative form of incantagione
incantesimo {m} :: spell, charm, enchantment, beguilement
incantesimo {m} :: spellwork
incantevole {adj} :: enchanting, charming, beautiful, delightful
incantevolmente {adv} :: enchantingly, entrancingly
incanto {m} :: spell, charm, enchantment, fascination, magic
incanto {m} :: auction
incanutente {v} :: present participle of incanutire
incanutimento {m} :: blanching (turning white)
incanutire {vi} /in.ka.nuˈ :: to become grey or white-haired
incanutire {vt} :: to make grey or white-haired
incanutito {adj} :: grey or white-haired
incapace {adj} :: incapable, unfit, incompetent, inadequate
incapace {mf} :: incompetent, bungler
incapacità {f} :: incapacity, incompetence
incapacitante {adj} :: incapacitating, debilitating
incaparbente {v} :: present participle of incaparbire
incaparbire {vi} /in.ka.parˈ :: To become obstinate, pigheaded or stubborn
incaparbirsi {v} /in.ka.parˈ :: reflexive of incaparbire
incaparbirsi {v} :: to become obstinate or stubborn
incaparbirsi {v} :: to persist or insist
incapiente {adj} :: insufficient
in capo a {prep} :: within (time)
in capo a {prep} :: on the part of
incaponente {v} :: present participle of incaponirsi
incaponentesi {v} :: present participle of incaponirsi
incaponimento {m} :: stubbornness, pigheadedness
incaponirsi {vr} :: To be stubborn, obstinate or pigheaded
incaponitosi {v} :: past participle of incaponirsi
incappante {v} :: present participle of incappare
incappare {vi} :: to get into (trouble)
incappare {vi} :: to run into (a person)
incappottante {v} :: present participle of incappottare
incappottantesi {v} :: present participle of incappottarsi
incappottare {vt} :: To wrap up (in an overcoat)
incappottare {v} :: to coat
incappottarsi {vr} :: To wrap up (by putting on an overcoat)
incappottato {adj} :: wrapped up
incappottatosi {v} :: past participle of incappottarsi
incappucciante {v} :: present participle of incappucciare
incappucciantesi {v} :: present participle of incappucciarsi
incappucciare {vt} :: to hood (cover with a hood)
incappucciarsi {v} :: reflexive of incappucciare
incappucciarsi {v} :: to wear a hood
incappucciarsi {v} :: to wrap up (well)
incappucciato {adj} :: hooded
incappucciatosi {v} :: past participle of incappucciarsi
incaprettamento {m} :: [of a sheep or goat] tying up by the legs
incaprettamento {m} [slang] :: [as a Mafia murder technique] The tying of a persons legs behind him to his neck so that he eventually strangles himself; a hogtie
incaprettante {v} :: present participle of incaprettare
incaprettare {vt} [of a sheep or goat] :: to tie up by the legs
incaprettare {vt} [as a Mafia murder method] :: to tie up the legs by connecting them, behind the back, to the neck - struggling causing strangulation
incapricciante {v} :: present participle of incapricciarsi
incapricciantesi {v} :: present participle of incapricciarsi
incapricciarsi {vr} :: To take a fancy (to)
incapricciatosi {v} :: past participle of incapricciarsi
incapsulamento {m} :: encapsulation
incapsulamento {m} :: crowning (of teeth)
incapsulante {v} :: present participle of incapsulare
incapsulare {v} :: to encapsulate (all senses)
incapsulato {adj} :: encapsulated
incarceramento {m} :: incarceration
incarcerante {v} :: present participle of incarcerare
incarcerare {vt} :: To put in prison, to imprison, to jail, to incarcerate
incarcerazione {f} :: incarceration
incardinante {v} :: present participle of incardinare
incardinantesi {v} :: present participle of incardinarsi
incardinare {vt} :: To hinge
incardinare {vt} :: To found or base
incardinarsi {vr} :: To hinge or revolve
incardinatosi {v} :: past participle of incardinarsi
in carica {n} :: incumbent
incaricante {v} :: present participle of incaricare
incaricantesi {v} :: present participle of incaricarsi
incaricare {vt} :: to charge, to entrust, to ask, to give the task of
incaricarsi {vr} :: to take upon oneself, to see to, to take care of
incaricata {f} :: female equivalent of incaricato
incaricato {adj} :: in charge (of)
incaricato {adj} :: responsible (for)
incaricato {m} :: appointee, representative (male)
incaricatosi {v} :: past participle of incaricarsi
incarico {m} :: task, job, mandate
incarico {m} :: appointment, nomination, post
incarico {m} :: errand, thing to do
incarnante {v} :: present participle of incarnare
incarnare {vt} :: to embody
incarnato {adj} :: incarnated, embodied
incarnato {adj} :: ingrown (toenail)
incarnato {m} :: complexion (appearance of the skin)
incarnazione {f} :: incarnation
incarnazione {f} :: embodiment
incarnazione {f} :: epitome
in carne ed ossa {adv} :: personally
in carne ed ossa {adv} :: in the flesh
in carne ed ossa {adv} :: Present in a physical body; in person
incarnente {v} :: present participle of incarnire
incarnentesi {v} :: present participle of incarnirsi
incarnire {vi} :: To become ingrown (toenails)
incarnirsi {vr} :: To become ingrown (toenails)
incarnito {adj} :: ingrown
incarnitosi {v} :: past participle of incarnirsi
incarognente {v} :: present participle of incarognire
incarognire {vi} :: To become wicked or evil
incarrozzamento {m} :: steps (or similar) between a platform and a railway carriage
incarrozzante {v} :: present participle of incarrozzare
incarrozzare {v} :: To board a railway carriage (or tram)
incartamento {m} :: dossier
incartamento {m} :: file (of papers)
incartante {v} :: present participle of incartare
incartapecorente {v} :: present participle of incartapecorire
incartapecorentesi {v} :: present participle of incartapecorirsi
incartapecorire {vi} [of skin] :: to wizen or shrivel (literally "to become like parchment")
incartapecorirsi {vr} [of skin] :: to wizen or shrivel (up) (literally "to become like parchment")
incartapecorito {adj} :: wizened
incartapecorito {adj} :: shrivelled (up)
incartapecoritosi {v} :: past participle of incartapecorirsi
incartare {vt} :: to wrap
incartato {adj} :: wrapped (up)
incartocciante {v} :: present participle of incartocciare
incartocciare {vt} :: To put into a paper bag or cornet
incartonante {v} :: present participle of incartonare
incartonare {v} :: to pack in a carton
incasellante {v} :: present participle of incasellare
incasellare {vt} :: to sort post/mail
incasellare {vt} :: to pigeonhole
incasellato {adj} :: sorted (mail)
incasellato {adj} :: pigeonholed
incasinante {v} :: present participle of incasinare
incasinantesi {v} :: present participle of incasinarsi
incasinare {vt} :: To throw into disorder; to muddle
incasinarsi {vr} :: To foul up
incasinarsi {vr} :: To become a mess
incasinatissimo {adj} :: superlative of incasinato
incasinatissimo {adj} :: very busy
incasinatissimo {adj} :: very messy
incasinato {adj} :: confused, disordered, muddled
incasinatosi {v} :: past participle of incasinarsi
in caso {conj} :: in case
incassabile {adj} :: cashable
incassabile {adj} :: That can be built in
incassante {v} :: present participle of incassare
incassare {vt} :: to take or receive cash; to cash
incassare {vt} :: to take or stand up to punishment, etc
incassare {vt} :: to set or mount a jewel
incassare {vt} :: to build in furniture
incassatore {m} :: A boxer who can take lots of punishment
incassatura {f} :: packing
incassatura {f} :: cavity, recess
incassatura {f} :: setting, mounting
incassatura {f} :: embedding
incasso {m} :: takings, take
incasso {m} :: till (cash register money)
incastellamento {m} :: battlements
incastellante {v} :: present participle of incastellare
incastellare {vt} :: To fortify with battlements; to crenellate
incastellato {adj} :: fortified with battlements
incastellato {adj} :: crenellated
incastellatura {f} :: scaffolding to support construction or machinery
incastellatura {f} :: gantry
incastonante {v} :: present participle of incastonare
incastonare {vt} /in.kas.toˈ :: to set [a gemstone]
incastonare {vt} :: to embed
incastonatore {m} :: mounter, setter (of jewels)
incastonatura {f} :: setting (of a gemstone)
incastrante {v} :: present participle of incastrare
incastrantesi {v} :: present participle of incastrarsi
incastrare {vt} :: to insert
incastrare {vt} :: to drive [a nail]
incastrare {vt} :: to embed
incastrare {vt} :: to fix [to something]
incastrare {vt} :: to engrain
incastrare {vt} :: to frame [a person to appear guilty]
incastrarsi {v} :: reflexive of incastrare
incastrarsi {v} :: to fit together
incastrarsi {v} :: to become stuck
incastratosi {v} :: past participle of incastrarsi
incastratura {f} :: fitting, embedding
incastratura {f} :: cavity, hollow, groove
incastro {m} [carpentry] :: joint, grafting
incastro {m} :: slot, groove
incatenamento {m} :: chaining
incatenante {v} :: present participle of incatenare
incatenantesi {v} :: present participle of incatenarsi
incatenare {v} :: to chain (to)
incatenare {v} :: to fetter or shackle
incatenarsi {vr} :: to chain oneself (to)
incatenarsi {vr} :: to be linked to one another
incatenato {adj} :: chained (to)
incatenatosi {v} :: past participle of incatenarsi
incatenatura {f} :: reinforcement using tie rods (or the tie rods themselves)
incatramante {v} :: present participle of incatramare
incatramare {vt} :: To tar
incatramatura {f} :: tarring
incattivente {v} :: present participle of incattivire
incattivire {vt} :: To make someone wicked or naughty
incausto {m} [arts] :: encaustic (painting)
incautamente {adv} :: incautiously
incauto {adj} :: rash, imprudent
incavalcato {adj} :: carried on a carriage (especially on a gun carriage)
incavallatura {f} :: truss (supporting a wall etc.)
incavante {v} :: present participle of incavare
incavare {vt} :: To hollow out
incavato {adj} :: hollow
incavato {adj} :: sunken, deep-set (of eyes)
incavatura {f} :: hollow, cavity
incavigliante {v} :: present participle of incavigliare
incavigliare {vt} :: To peg (fasten with pegs or dowels)
incavigliatura {f} :: dowelling
incavo {m} :: hollow
incavo {m} :: cleavage [the hollow or separation between a woman's breasts]
incavolante {v} :: present participle of incavolarsi
incavolantesi {v} :: present participle of incavolarsi
incavolarsi {vr} :: to get annoyed, shirty; to lose one's temper
incavolato {adj} :: annoyed; shirty; pissed off
incavolatosi {v} :: past participle of incavolarsi
incavolatura {f} :: fit of temper or rage
incazzante {v} :: present participle of incazzare
incazzantesi {v} :: present participle of incazzarsi
incazzare {vt} [colloquial] :: to get someone steamed up
incazzarsi {v} :: reflexive of incazzare
incazzarsi {v} [vulgar] :: to get angry, steamed up; to be pissed off
incazzatosi {v} :: past participle of incazzarsi
incazzatura {f} :: rage, temper
incazzosamente {adv} [vulgar] :: bitchily, touchily, grouchily, grumpily
incazzoso {adj} [vulgar] :: touchy, grouchy, bitchy
incedente {v} :: present participle of incedere
incedere {vi} :: to advance solemnly
incedere {m} :: a solemn gait
incedibile {adj} :: That may not be surrendered or given up
incedibile {adj} [sports] :: Describing a player who may not be transferred to another team
incedibilità {f} :: Not transferability
incellofanante {v} :: present participle of incellofanare
incellofanare {vt} :: to wrap in cellophane
incellofanare {vt} :: to shrinkwrap
incellofanato {adj} :: wrapped in cellophane
incendere {v} [literary] /inˈt͡ʃɛ :: To kindle, burn
incendere {v} [figuratively] :: To arouse (a passion)
incendiabile {adj} :: inflammable (able to catch fire)
incendiante {v} :: present participle of incendiare
incendiantesi {v} :: present participle of incendiarsi
incendiare {vt} :: to set fire to, ignite, inflame
incendiaria {f} :: feminine noun of incendiario
incendiario {adj} :: incendiary, inflammatory
incendiario {m} :: incendiary, arsonist
incendiarsi {v} :: reflexive of incendiare
incendiarsi {v} :: to catch fire, burst into flames
incendiatosi {v} :: past participle of incendiarsi
incendio {m} :: fire, blaze
incenerente {v} :: present participle of incenerire
incenerimento {m} :: incineration
incenerimento {m} :: cremation
incenerire {vt} :: to incinerate
incenerire {vt} :: to burn down [a building]
incenerire {vt} :: to cremate
incenerito {adj} :: incinerated
incenerito {adj} :: burned down
incenerito {adj} :: cremated
inceneritore {m} :: incinerator
incensamento {m} :: censing
incensamento {m} :: adulation, flattery
incensante {v} :: present participle of incensare
incensare {vt} :: to cense, perfume with incense
incensare {vt} :: to flatter
incensatore {m} :: flatterer, adulator, fawner
incensiere {m} :: censer, thurible
incenso {m} /inˈt͡ʃɛ :: incense
incensurabile {adj} :: irreproachable
incensurabilità {f} :: integrity, irreproachableness
incensurabilmente {adv} :: irreproachably
incensurato {adj} :: blameless
incensurato {adj} :: clean (having no police record)
incentivabile {adj} :: incentivizable
incentivante {v} :: present participle of incentivare
incentivante {adj} :: incentive-based
incentivare {vt} :: to boost, stimulate, provide incentives, incentivize, encourage
incentivazione {f} :: incentivization, motivation
incentivazione {f} :: boosting
incentivo {m} :: incentive
incentivo {m} :: benefit
incentivo {m} :: subsidy
incentrante {v} :: present participle of incentrare
incentrare {vt} :: to center (place something in the centre)
incentrare {vt} :: to base something (on)
incentrarsi {v} :: reflexive of incentrare
incentrarsi {v} :: to center something (on)
incentrarsi {v} :: to base something (on)
inceppamento {m} :: blocking
inceppamento {m} :: jamming, sticking
inceppante {v} :: present participle of inceppare
inceppantesi {v} :: present participle of incepparsi
inceppare {vt} :: to obstruct, hamper
inceppare {vt} :: to block, clog, jam
incepparsi {v} :: reflexive of inceppare
incepparsi {v} :: to jam, misfire [of a gun]
inceppato {adj} :: jammed, stuck
inceppato {adj} :: obstructed, clogged
inceppatosi {v} :: past participle of incepparsi
incerante {v} :: present participle of incerare
incerare {vt} /in.t͡ʃeˈ :: To wax
incerata {f} :: oilskins
incerata {f} :: oilcloth
incerata {f} :: waterproof sheet (for a bed)
inceratura {f} :: waxing (application of wax)
incernierante {v} :: present participle of incernierare
incernierare {vt} :: To hinge
incernierato {adj} :: hinged
incerottante {v} :: present participle of incerottare
incerottare {vt} :: To put on a plaster / bandaid
incerottato {adj} :: plastered (having a plaster/bandaid)
incertezza {f} :: uncertainty, doubt
incertezza {f} :: indecision, hesitation
incerto {adj} :: uncertain, doubtful, dubious, undecided
incerto {adj} :: hesitant, insecure, unsteady, shaky
incerto {adj} :: indefinite, uncertain
incerto {m} :: uncertainty, risk
incerto {m} :: the uncertain
inceso {adj} [literary, literally and figuratively] /inˈt͡ʃe.zo/ :: blazing, burning
incespicante {v} :: present participle of incespicare
incespicare {vi} :: To trip or stumble (over)
incessabile {adj} :: incessant, unceasing, ceaseless
incessabilmente {adv} :: incessantly
incessante {adj} :: incessant, unceasing, ceaseless
incessantemente {adv} :: incessantly, nonstop, ceaselessly, unendingly
incesto {m} :: incest
incestuale {adj} :: incestual, incestuous
incestuosamente {adv} :: incestuously
incestuoso {adj} [attributive] :: incestuous, incest
incetta {f} :: hoarding, stockpiling
incettante {v} :: present participle of incettare
incettare {vt} :: To buy up, forestall (corner the market)
incettatore {m} :: hoarder, stockpiler
in che luogo {adv} :: whereabouts
inchiappettante {v} :: present participle of inchiappettare
inchiappettare {vt} [vulgar] :: to bugger
inchiappettare {vt} [colloquial] :: to screw, shaft
inchiavabile {adj} [vulgar] :: unfuckable (not worthy of being fucked)
inchiavardante {v} :: present participle of inchiavardare
inchiavardare {vt} :: To bolt
inchiedente {v} :: present participle of inchiedere
inchiedere {vt} [obsolete] :: to inquire or investigate
inchiesta {f} :: investigation, inquiry
inchiesta {f} :: survey, poll
inchiesta {f} :: report
inchinante {v} :: present participle of inchinare
inchinantesi {v} :: present participle of inchinarsi
inchinare {vt} :: to bend
inchinare {vt} :: to bow [the head]
inchinarsi {v} :: reflexive of inchinare
inchinarsi {v} :: to bow
inchinarsi {v} :: to curtsey
inchinato {adj} :: bent
inchinato {adj} :: bowed
inchinatosi {v} :: past participle of inchinarsi
inchino {m} :: bow (bending the body)
inchino {m} :: curtsey
inchiodante {v} :: present participle of inchiodare
inchiodantesi {v} :: present participle of inchiodarsi
inchiodare {v} :: to nail (to)
inchiodare {v} :: to nail down
inchiodarsi {v} :: reflexive of inchiodare
inchiodarsi {v} :: to be fixed, closed strongly
inchiodarsi {v} :: to be in debt
inchiodato alla sedia {adj} :: on the edge of one's seat
inchiodatosi {v} :: past participle of inchiodarsi
inchiodatrice {f} :: nailing machine
inchiodatura {f} :: nailing (down, up)
inchiodatura {f} :: nails (collectively)
inchiodatura {f} [chess] :: pin
inchiostrante {v} :: present participle of inchiostrare
inchiostrare {vt} :: to ink (apply ink to)
inchiostratore {m} :: ink roller
inchiostratura {f} :: inking
inchiostrazione {f} :: inking (application of ink)
inchiostro {m} /iŋˈkjɔstro/ :: ink (all senses)
inchiudere {v} [obsolete] /inˈ :: to lock in (to secure in a locked enclosure)
inchiudere {v} [obsolete, figuratively] :: to enclose, contain
inciampante {v} :: present participle of inciampare
inciampare {vi} :: to trip (over)
inciampare {vi} :: to run into
inciampo {m} :: obstacle
inciampo {m} :: stumbling block
incidentale {adj} :: accidental
incidentale {adj} :: incidental
incidentalità {f} :: road traffic accidents, accidents
incidentalmente {adv} :: accidentally
incidentalmente {adv} :: incidentally
incidentato {adj} :: damaged (especially in a road accident)
incidente {adj} :: incident
incidente {m} :: incident
incidente {m} :: accident, crash
incidente aereo {m} :: plane crash, aviation incident, aviation accident
incidente di percorso {m} :: teething troubles
incidente probatorio {n} :: evidentiary hearing
incidente probatorio {n} :: pretrial investigation
incidente probatorio {n} [legal] :: A preliminary trial held in advance of a court trial
incidente stradale {m} :: car crash, road crash, road accident, traffic accident
incidenza {f} :: The striking (of light etc) upon a surface; incidence
incidenza {f} :: The effect of some phenomenon
incidere {vt} /inˈt͡ʃ :: to carve, engrave, incise, monogram or cut
incidere {vt} :: to affect, to influence
incidere {vt} :: to record
incidere all'acquaforte {v} :: to etch
incile {m} :: inlet (for water)
incineratore {m} :: incinerator
incineratorio {m} :: incinerator
incineratorio {adj} :: incineration (attributive)
incinerazione {f} :: cremation
incinerazione {f} :: incineration
incingente {v} :: present participle of incingere
incingere {vt} [obsolete] :: To surround or encircle
incingere {vi} [rare] :: To become pregnant
in cinque minuti {adv} [idiom] :: In a short time; after a brief delay
incinta {adj} :: pregnant, expectant, with child
inciondolare {vt} [derogatory] /in.t͡ʃon.doˈ :: To ornate with pendants
incipiente {adj} :: incipient
incipriante {v} :: present participle of incipriare
incipriantesi {v} :: present participle of incipriarsi
incipriare {vt} :: To powder
incipriarsi {vr} :: To powder (one's face)
incipriatosi {v} :: past participle of incipriarsi
incirca {adv} :: about, approximately
incirconcisione {f} :: uncircumcision
incirconciso {adj} :: uncircumcised
incircoscrittibile {adj} :: not circumscribable
incisione {f} :: cut
incisione {f} :: incision
incisione {f} :: engraving
incisione {f} :: recording
incisivamente {adv} :: incisively
incisività {f} :: incisiveness
incisivo {adj} :: incisor (attributive)
incisivo {adj} :: incisive
incisivo {m} [anatomy] :: incisor (tooth)
incisivo {m} [muscle] :: incisivus (muscle)
inciso {m} :: parenthesis
inciso {m} :: aside
incisore {m} :: engraver
incisorio {adj} :: engraving, etching (attributive)
incisorio {adj} :: incisory
incistamento {m} :: encystment
incistante {v} :: present participle of incistarsi
incistantesi {v} :: present participle of incistarsi
incistarsi {vr} :: To encyst
incistatosi {v} :: past participle of incistarsi
incisura {f} [anatomy] :: incisure
incitabile {adj} :: That can be incited or spurred
incitamento {m} :: incitement
incitante {v} :: present participle of incitare
incitare {vt} :: to incite, urge, spur, egg on
incitatore {m} :: inciter, rabble rouser, agitator
incitazione {f} [rare] :: incitement
inciuccante {v} :: present participle of inciuccarsi
inciuccantesi {v} :: present participle of inciuccarsi
inciuccarsi {vr} [colloquial] :: to get plastered (drunk)
inciuccatosi {v} :: past participle of inciuccarsi
inciuchente {v} :: present participle of inciuchire
inciuchire {vi} :: To become stupid
inciuciante {v} :: present participle of inciuciare
inciuciare {vi} :: To plot or intrigue
inciucietto {m} :: A little ploy or scheme
inciucio {m} :: scam, gimmick, ploy, scheme
incivile {adj} :: uncivilized
incivile {adj} :: impolite, rude
incivile {mf} :: A rude or impolite person
incivilente {v} :: present participle of incivilire
incivilimento {m} :: civilization (process)
incivilire {vt} :: To civilize
incivilmente {adv} :: rudely, impolitely
inciviltà {f} :: barbarism
inciviltà {f} :: barbarity
inciviltà {f} :: incivility, rudeness
inclassificabile {adj} :: unclassifiable
inclemente {adj} /in.kleˈmɛn.te/ :: harsh, severe (justice etc)
inclemente {adj} :: inclement
inclemenza {f} :: severity
inclemenza {f} :: harshness
inclemenza {f} :: inclemency
inclinabile {adj} :: reclinable
inclinabilità {f} :: Property of being reclinable
inclinamento {m} :: inclining
inclinante {v} :: present participle of inclinare
inclinante {adj} :: inclined (all senses)
inclinante {adj} :: tilted
inclinare {vt} :: To tilt, tip or recline
inclinare {vi} :: To be inclined to
inclinato {adj} :: tilted, sloping, inclined
inclinazione {f} :: gradient
inclinazione {f} :: slope, slant
inclinazione {f} :: pitch (of a roof)
inclinazione {f} :: inclination (all senses)
incline {adj} :: inclined, prone
inclinometro {m} :: inclinometer
inclito {adj} /ˈiŋ.kli.t̪o/ :: illustrious, glorious
includente {v} :: present participle of includere
includere {v} :: to include (in)
includere {v} :: to enclose (by)
inclusione {f} :: inclusion
inclusivamente {adv} :: inclusively
inclusività {f} :: inclusivity, inclusiveness
inclusivo {adj} :: inclusive
incluso {adj} :: inclusive, included
incluso {adj} :: enclosed, attached
incoagulabile {adj} :: not coagulable; incoagulable
incoagulabilità {f} :: incoagulability
incoare {v} /in.ko.ˈ :: to begin, to commence
incoativo {adj} [grammar] :: inchoative
incoato {adj} :: inchoate
incoccante {v} :: present participle of incoccare
incoccare {vt} :: To notch or nock (a bow)
incocciante {v} :: present participle of incocciare
incocciantesi {v} :: present participle of incocciarsi
incocciare {vt} :: To bump or run into
incocciare {vt} :: To hook
incocciarsi {vr} :: To persist or insist
incocciatosi {v} :: past participle of incocciarsi
incocciatura {f} :: stubbornness, doggedness
incocciatura {f} :: rage, temper
incocente {v} :: present participle of incuocere
incoercibile {adj} :: irrepressible
incoercibile {adj} [physics] :: incompressible
incoercibilità {f} :: irrepressibility
incoercibilità {f} [physics] :: incompressibility
incoercibilmente {adv} :: irrepressibly
incoercibilmente {adv} [physics] :: incompressibly
incoerente {adj} :: loose (ground)
incoerente {adj} :: incoherent
incoerente {adj} :: inconsistent
incoerente {adj} :: handwavy
incoerentemente {adv} :: incoherently
incoerentemente {adv} :: inconsistently
incoerenza {f} :: looseness
incoerenza {f} :: incoherence
incoerenza {f} :: inconsistency
incogliere {vi} :: To befall; to happen
incognita {f} [mathematics] :: unknown (quantity)
incognita {f} :: uncertainty
incognito {adj} :: unknown
incognito {m} :: incognito
incoiante {v} :: present participle of incoiare
incoiare {v} :: To become leathery
incollaggio {m} :: pasting, sticking, gluing
incollante {v} :: present participle of incollare
incollantesi {v} :: present participle of incollarsi
incollare {vt} :: to stick, glue
incollare {vt} [computing] :: to paste
incollarsi {v} :: reflexive of incollare
incollarsi {v} :: to stick or stick together
incollato {adj} :: stuck or glued
incollato alla sedia {m} :: Variant of inchiodato alla sedia
incollatore {m} :: sizer (person)
incollatosi {v} :: past participle of incollarsi
incollatrice {f} :: glueing machine
incollatura {f} :: neck or head (winning distance in horseracing)
incollerente {v} :: present participle of incollerire
incollerire {vi} /in.kol.leˈ :: to lose one's temper
incollerirsi {vi} /in.kol.leˈ :: to lose one's temper
incolmabile {adj} :: unfillable (hole)
incolmabile {adj} :: overwhelming, unbridgeable (gap)
incolmabile {adj} :: irretrievable (disadvantage)
incolmabilità {f} :: Quality of being unbridgeable or irretrievable
incolmabilmente {adv} :: irretrievably
incolonnamento {m} :: tailback
incolonnamento {m} :: tabulation, alignment
incolonnante {v} :: present participle of incolonnare
incolonnantesi {v} :: present participle of incolonnarsi
incolonnare {vt} :: to arrange in columns
incolonnare {vt} :: to tabulate
incolonnarsi {v} :: reflexive of incolonnare
incolonnarsi {v} :: to draw up in columns [troops, etc.]
incolonnatosi {v} :: past participle of incolonnarsi
incolore {adj} :: colourless
incolore {adj} :: dull
incolore {adj} :: bleak
incolpabile {adj} [legal] :: indictable
incolpabile {adj} [literary] :: irreproachable, blameless
incolpabilità {f} [legal] :: The property of being indictable
incolpabilità {f} [literary] :: blamelessness
incolpante {v} :: present participle of incolpare
incolpantesi {v} :: present participle of incolparsi
incolpare {vt} :: To blame (for), to accuse or charge or put down to or chalk up to
incolparsi {vr} :: To blame or accuse each other
incolparsi {vr} :: To take the blame, to blame oneself
incolpatosi {v} :: past participle of incolparsi
incolpazione {f} :: blame
incolpazione {f} [legal] :: incrimination
incolpevole {adj} [legal] :: not guilty
incolpevolezza {f} :: innocence, guiltlessness
incolpevolmente {adv} :: innocently
incoltamente {adv} :: uneducatedly
incoltivabile {adj} :: uncultivable
incolto {adj} :: uncultivated (land), fallow
incolto {adj} :: neglected
incolto {adj} :: uneducated
incolume {adj} :: unhurt, safe
incolume {adj} :: undamaged, unscathed
incolumità {f} :: safety
incombente {v} :: present participle of incombere
incombente {adj} :: incumbent, imminent, impending
incombenza {f} :: task, duty
incombenza {f} :: errand
incombere {v} :: to hang (over)
incombere {v} :: to threaten
incombustibile {adj} :: incombustible
incombustibilità {f} :: incombustibility
incombusto {adj} :: unburnt
incominciante {v} :: present participle of incominciare
incominciare {vit} [auxiliary avere or essere] :: to begin, start, commence
incommensurabile {adj} :: incalculable, immeasurable, inestimable, incommensurable
incommensurabilità {f} :: immeasurability, incommensurability
incommensurabilmente {adv} :: incalculably, incommensurably
incommerciabile {adj} :: unmarketable
incommerciabilità {f} :: The property of being unmarketable; unmarketability
incommestibile {adj} :: inedible
incommutabile {adj} [literary] :: unchangeable
incommutabilità {f} :: unchangeability
incomodante {v} :: present participle of incomodare
incomodantesi {v} :: present participle of incomodarsi
incomodare {vt} :: to trouble, inconvenience
incomodarsi {v} :: reflexive of incomodare
incomodarsi {v} :: to take the trouble; to put oneself out
incomodatosi {v} :: past participle of incomodarsi
incomodità {f} :: discomfort
incomodo {m} :: trouble, inconvenience
incomodo {m} :: a fee (for a service)
incomodo {m} :: a medical indisposition that is annoying, but not serious or life-threatening
incomparabile {adj} :: incomparable, unique, unequalled
incomparabilità {f} :: incomparability
incomparabilmente {adv} :: incomparably
incompatibile {adj} :: incompatible, inconsistent
incompatibilità {f} :: incompatibility
incompatibilmente {adv} :: incompatibly
incompenetrabile {adj} [mathematics, physics] :: Not interpenetrative
incompenetrabilità {f} [mathematics, physics] :: The property of being not interpenetrative
incompensabile {adj} :: not compensatable
incompetente {adj} /in.kom.peˈtɛn.te/ :: incompetent
incompetente {adj} [law] :: lacking jurisdiction
incompetente {mf} :: incompetent
incompetentemente {adv} :: incompetently
incompetenza {f} :: incompetence (all senses)
incompiutamente {adv} :: incompletely
incompiutezza {f} :: incompleteness
incompiuto {adj} :: unfinished, incomplete
incompletezza {f} :: incompleteness, incompletion
incompleto {adj} :: incomplete, imperfect, unfinished
incomponibile {adj} :: irreconcilable
incomponibile {adj} :: irremediable
incomportabile {adj} :: intolerable, unbearable
incomportabilità {f} :: intolerableness
incompostamente {adv} :: in a disordered manner
incomposto {adj} :: split (up), disordered
incomposto {adj} :: lacking composure or decorum
incomposto {adj} :: simple (not compound or complex)
incomprendibile {adj} :: That can not be included or comprised
incomprendibile {adj} :: Variant of incomprensibile
incomprensibile {adj} :: incomprehensible, unintelligible
incomprensibilità {f} :: incomprehensibility, incomprehensibleness
incomprensibilmente {adv} :: incomprehensibly
incomprensione {f} :: incomprehension; lack of understanding
incomprensione {f} :: misunderstanding
incompreso {adj} :: misunderstood
incompreso {m} :: A misunderstood person
incompressibile {adj} :: incompressible
incompressibilità {f} :: incompressibility
incomprimibile {adj} :: incompressible
incomprimibile {adj} :: irrepressible, uncontrollable
incomprimibilità {f} :: incompressibility
incomprimibilità {f} :: irrepressibility, uncontrollableness
incomprimibilmente {adv} :: irrepressibly
incomputabile {adj} :: incalculable, incomputable
incomunicabile {adj} :: incommunicable
incomunicabilità {f} :: Lack of communication, incommunicability
incomunicabilmente {adv} :: incommunicably
inconcare {vt} [Tuscan] /in.konˈ :: To put in a basin
inconcepibile {adj} :: inconceivable, unthinkable, unimaginable
inconcepibile {adj} :: not bear thinking about
inconcepibilità {f} :: inconceivability
inconcepibilmente {adv} :: inconceivably
inconciliabile {adj} :: irreconcilable
inconciliabilità {f} :: irreconcilability, irreconcilableness
inconciliabilmente {adv} :: irreconcilably
inconcludente {adj} :: inconclusive, unsuccessful
inconcludente {adj} :: ineffectual, vague, vain
inconcludentemente {adv} :: inconclusively, unsuccessfully
inconcludentemente {adv} :: ineffectually, vaguely, vainly
inconcludenza {f} :: ineffectiveness, vagueness
in conclusione {prep} :: when all is said and done
inconcusso {adj} :: unshakeable, unwavering, steadfast
incondizionatamente {adv} :: unconditionally
incondizionato {adj} :: unreserved, unqualified, unconditional
inconferenza {f} :: irrelevance
inconferenza {f} :: inappropriateness
inconfessabile {adj} :: unmentionable
inconfessabilità {f} :: Property of being unmentionable
inconfessabilmente {adv} :: unmentionably
inconfessato {adj} :: unconfessed
inconfessato {adj} :: secret
inconfesso {adj} :: Who has pleaded not guilty
in confidenza {adv} :: in confidence, privately, secretly, inter nos, between ourselves
inconfondibile {adj} :: unmistakable, unique
inconfondibilmente {adv} :: unmistakably
inconfrontabile {adj} :: incomparable
inconfrontabilità {f} :: incomparability
inconfutabile {adj} :: irrefutable, indisputable, incontrovertible
inconfutabilità {f} :: indisputability
inconfutabilmente {adv} :: irrefutably, indisputably, incontrovertibly
inconfutato {adj} :: undisputed
incongelabile {adj} :: nonfreezable
incongruamente {adv} :: insufficiently, inadequately
incongruamente {adv} :: incongruously
incongruente {adj} :: inconsistent
incongruente {adj} :: incongruous
incongruente {adj} :: handwavy
incongruentemente {adv} :: inconsistently
incongruentemente {adv} :: incongruously
incongruenza {f} :: inconsistency
incongruenza {f} :: incongruity
incongruità {f} :: discrepancy
incongruità {f} :: incongruity
incongruo {adj} :: insufficient, inadequate
incongruo {adj} :: incongruous
inconoscibile {adj} :: unknowable
inconoscibile {m} :: The unknowable
inconoscibilità {f} :: unknowability
inconoscibilmente {adv} :: unknowably
inconquistabile {adj} :: unconquerable
inconquistato {adj} :: unconquered
inconsapevole {adj} /ˌin.kon.saˈpe.vo.le/ :: unaware, ignorant
inconsapevole {adj} :: unconscious, unwitting
inconsapevolezza {f} :: ignorance; lack of awareness
inconsapevolmente {adv} :: unconsciously, unwittingly, unknowingly
inconsciamente {adv} :: subconsciously, unconsciously
inconscio {adj} :: unconscious
inconscio {m} :: unconscious
inconseguente {adj} /in.kon.seˈɡwɛn.te/ :: inconsistent, inconsequent
inconseguentemente {adv} :: inconsistently, inconsequently
inconseguenza {f} :: inconsequence, inconsistency
inconsiderabile {adj} :: Not worthy of consideration
inconsideratamente {adv} :: inconsiderately
inconsideratezza {f} :: thoughtlessness, heedlessness
inconsideratezza {f} :: rashness
inconsiderato {adj} :: inconsiderate
inconsistente {adj} :: insubstantial, flimsy
inconsistente {adj} :: unfounded, unsound, groundless, insubstantial
inconsistentemente {adv} :: insubstantially, flimsily
inconsistentemente {adv} :: groundlessly, insubstantially
inconsistenza {f} :: Lack of substance, insubstantiality
inconsolabile {adj} :: inconsolable
inconsolabilità {f} :: inconsolability, inconsolableness
inconsolabilmente {adv} :: inconsolably
inconsuetamente {adv} :: unusually, unaccustomedly
inconsueto {adj} :: unusual, unaccustomed
inconsultamente {adv} :: rashly, heedlessly
inconsulto {adj} :: rash, impetuous
inconsumabile {adj} :: not consumable
inconsutile {adj} /in.konˈsu.ti.le/ :: Not sewn together; seamless
incontaminabile {adj} :: incontaminable
incontaminato {adj} :: uncontaminated, unpolluted, pure, clean
incontemplabile {adj} :: uncontemplatable
incontenibile {adj} :: uncontainable, uncontrollable, irrepressible
incontenibilmente {adv} :: uncontainably
incontentabile {adj} :: insatiable
incontentabile {adj} :: hard to please; fastidious, fussy
incontentabilità {f} :: fussiness, fastidiousness
incontentabilmente {adv} :: fussily, fastidiously
incontestabile {adj} :: incontestable, indisputable
incontestabilità {f} :: incontestability, indisputableness
incontestabilmente {adv} :: incontestably, indisputably
incontestatamente {adv} :: In an undisputed or uncontested manner
incontestato {adj} :: undisputed, uncontested
incontinente {adj} :: incontinent
incontinenza {f} :: incontinence
in continuazione {adv} :: continually, continuously, forever, nonstop
incontr {adv} :: apocopic form of incontro
incontraffattibile {adj} :: unfalsifiable
incontrante {v} :: present participle of incontrare
incontrantesi {v} :: present participle of incontrarsi
incontrare {vt} :: to meet, come across, bump into, run into, find, encounter
incontrare {vt} [sports] :: to play, fight
incontrario {adv} :: only used in all'incontrario
incontrarsi {v} :: reflexive of incontrare
incontrarsi {v} :: to meet
incontrarsi {v} :: to tryst
incontrastabile {adj} :: irresistible
incontrastabile {adj} :: inevitable, unavoidable
incontrastabile {adj} :: uncontestable, unquestionable
incontrastabilmente {adv} :: irresistably
incontrastabilmente {adv} :: inevitably, unavoidably
incontrastabilmente {adv} :: uncontestably, unquestionably
incontrastato {adj} :: uncontested, undisputed
incontratosi {v} :: past participle of incontrarsi
incontrista {mf} [boxing] :: a boxer who is able to fend off attacks
incontrista {mf} [football] :: a player who is able to keep possession of the ball when challenged
incontro {adv} [followed by a or used with a dative pronoun] /inˈkon.tro/ :: towards
incontro {m} :: encounter, meeting
incontro {m} [sports] :: match
incontro {m} :: junction (of roads)
incontro {m} [maths] :: intersection (point of)
incontro {m} :: arrangement
incontrollabile {adj} :: uncontrollable
incontrollabile {adj} :: unverifiable
incontrollabilità {f} :: uncontrollableness, uncontrollability
incontrollabilmente {adv} :: uncontrollably
incontrollato {adj} :: uncontrolled, unchecked, unrestrained
incontrollato {adj} :: unverified, unconfirmed
in controtendenza {adj} :: offbeat
in controtendenza {adj} :: against a trend; trending in opposite direction
incontroverso {adj} :: uncontroversial
incontrovertibile {adj} :: incontrovertible
incontrovertibilità {f} :: incontrovertibility
incontrovertibilmente {adv} :: incontrovertibly
inconveniente {m} :: problem, trouble, hassle, hitch
inconveniente {m} :: drawback, disadvantage
inconvertibile {adj} :: nonconvertible
inconvertibilità {f} :: Property of being nonconvertible
incoordinazione {f} :: uncoordination (lack of coordination)
incoraggiamento {m} :: encouragement, cheering
incoraggiante {adj} :: encouraging, cheering
incoraggiantesi {v} :: present participle of incoraggiarsi
incoraggiare {vt} :: to encourage
incoraggiare {vt} :: to cheer up
incoraggiarsi {v} :: reflexive of incoraggiare
incoraggiarsi {vr} :: to become encouraged
incoraggiarsi {vr} :: to become courageous
incoraggiatosi {v} :: past participle of incoraggiarsi
incordamento {m} :: stringing
incordamento {m} :: strings
incordamento {m} :: stiffening (of a muscle)
incordante {v} :: present participle of incordare
incordantesi {v} :: present participle of incordarsi
incordare {vt} :: To string
incordarsi {vr} :: To become stiff; to stiffen
incordatore {m} :: stringer (person who strings racquets, etc)
incordatosi {v} :: past participle of incordarsi
incordatrice {f} :: stringer (woman who strings racquets, etc)
incordatura {f} :: stringing
incordatura {f} :: strings
incordatura {f} :: stiffening (of a muscle)
incornante {v} :: present participle of incornare
incornare {vt} :: To gore (stab with horns)
incorniciabile {adj} :: That can be framed
incorniciante {v} :: present participle of incorniciare
incorniciare {vt} :: To frame (to add a decorative border to a painting or picture)
incorniciatura {f} :: framing (of pictures)
incorniciatura {f} :: frame (of a picture)
incoronante {v} :: present participle of incoronare
incoronare {vt} :: To crown (also figuratively)
Incoronata {prop} :: Incoronata (island)
incoronazione {f} :: coronation, crowning
incorporabile {adj} :: incorporable
incorporale {adj} :: incorporeal
incorporante {v} :: present participle of incorporare
incorporante {adj} :: incorporating
incorporare {vt} :: to incorporate
incorporare {v} :: to embed
incorporazione {f} :: incorporation
incorporeità {f} :: The property of being incorporeal; immateriality
incorporeo {adj} :: incorporeal
incorreggibile {adj} :: incorrigible, incurable, inveterate
incorreggibile {adj} :: uncorrectable
incorreggibilità {f} :: incorrigibility
incorreggibilmente {adv} :: incorrigibly
incorrente {v} :: present participle of incorrere
incorrere {vi} :: To run into or come up against (danger etc)
incorretto {adj} :: incorrect
incorretto {adj} :: uncorrected
incorrotto {adj} :: uncorrupted
incorrotto {adj} :: unspoiled
incorrotto {adj} :: undefiled
incorruttibile {adj} :: incorruptible
incorruttibile {adj} :: unshakeable (belief)
incorruttibile {adj} :: unfading (beauty etc)
incorruttibilità {f} :: incorruptibility
incorruttibilmente {adv} :: incorruptibly
in corso {adj} :: ongoing, in progress, underway, on the go
in corso {adj} :: current (year, month, etc)
incosciente {adj} :: unconscious
incosciente {adj} :: irresponsible reckless, foolhardy, mad
incosciente {mf} :: irresponsible person, mad person
incoscientemente {adv} :: unconsciously
incoscientemente {adv} :: recklessly, heedlessly
incoscienza {f} :: unconsciousness
incoscienza {f} :: irresponsibility, recklessness
incostante {adj} :: inconstant, changeable, uneven, unsteady
incostantemente {adv} :: inconstantly, changeably, unevenly, unsteadily
incostanza {f} :: inconstancy, fickleness
incostituzionale {adj} :: unconstitutional
incostituzionalità {f} [law] :: unconstitutionality
incostituzionalmente {adv} :: unconstitutionally
in costume adamitico {adj} :: (literally: in Adam's suit) in the altogether; in one's birthday suit
incravattante {v} :: present participle of incravattare
incravattare {vt} :: To put on a tie
incravattato {adj} :: wearing a tie
increato {adj} :: uncreated
incredibile {adj} :: incredible, unbelievable
incredibile {interj} :: wow (An indication of excitement or surprise)
incredibilità {f} :: incredibility
incredibilmente {adv} :: incredibly, unbelievably, fantastically, amazingly
incredula {f} :: female equivalent of incredulo
incredulità {f} :: incredulity
incredulo {adj} :: incredulous, disbelieving
incredulo {adj} [religion] :: unbelieving
incredulo {m} [religion] :: unbeliever
incrementabile {adj} :: increasable
incrementale {adj} :: incremental
incrementalmente {adv} :: incrementally
incrementante {v} :: present participle of incrementare
incrementare {v} :: to increase
incrementare {v} :: to increment
incremento {m} :: increase, growth, increment
increscente {v} :: present participle of increscere
increscere {vi} :: to regret, be sorry
incresciosamente {adv} :: unpleasantly
incresciosamente {adv} :: regretfully, unfortunately, sadly
increscioso {adj} :: unpleasant
increscioso {adj} :: regrettable
increspamento {m} :: rippling, ruffling
increspamento {m} :: frizzing, frizziness (of the hair)
increspamento {m} :: gathering, puckering
increspante {v} :: present participle of increspare
increspantesi {v} :: present participle of incresparsi
increspare {vt} [hair] :: to curl
increspare {vt} :: to gather [material]
increspare {vt} :: to ripple [water]
incresparsi {v} :: reflexive of increspare
incresparsi {v} :: to ripple [water]
increspatosi {v} :: past participle of incresparsi
increspatura {f} :: small wave
increspatura {f} :: pleat, gather (in material)
increspatura {f} :: dimple
incretina {f} :: incretin
incretinente {v} :: present participle of incretinire
incretinentesi {v} :: present participle of incretinirsi
incretinimento {m} :: stultification (mental decay)
incretinire {vt} :: To stultify
incretinire {vi} :: To go barmy
incretinirsi {vr} :: To go barmy
incretinitosi {v} :: past participle of incretinirsi
increto {m} :: incretion
incriminabile {adj} :: chargeable (for a crime)
incriminabilità {f} :: chargeability (for a crime)
incriminante {v} :: present participle of incriminare
incriminante {adj} :: incriminating, incriminatory
incriminantesi {v} :: present participle of incriminarsi
incriminare {v} :: to charge (with), chalk up to, put down to
incriminare {v} :: to incriminate
incriminarsi {vr} :: To blame oneself
incriminatore {adj} :: incriminatory
incriminatosi {v} :: past participle of incriminarsi
incriminazione {f} :: incrimination, accusation
incrinamento {m} :: cracking
incrinante {v} :: present participle of incrinare
incrinare {vt} :: to crack
incrinare {vt} :: to spoil, deteriorate
incrinarsi {v} :: reflexive of incrinare
incrinarsi {v} :: to crack
incrinarsi {v} :: to deteriorate
incrinatura {f} :: crack
incrinatura {f} :: rift
incriticabile {adj} :: unobjectionable, unquestionable
incrociante {v} :: present participle of incrociare
incrociantesi {v} :: present participle of incrociarsi
incrociare {v} :: to cross
incrociare {v} :: to fold [one's arms]
incrociare {v} :: to meet, come across
incrociare {v} :: to cruise
incrociare le dita {v} :: to keep one's fingers crossed
incrociarsi {v} :: reflexive of incrociare
incrociarsi {v} :: to meet
incrociarsi {v} :: to cross each other, intersect
incrociarsi {v} :: to crossbreed, interbreed
incrociato {adj} :: crossed, cross (attributive)
incrociato {adj} :: crossover
incrociato {adj} [biology] :: crossbred
incrociatore {m} :: cruiser (warship)
incrociatore pesante {m} [nautical] :: heavy cruiser
incrociatosi {v} :: past participle of incrociarsi
incrocio {m} :: crossroads
incrocio {m} :: junction
incrocio {m} :: crossing
incrocio {m} :: cross (of animals or plants)
incrollabile {adj} :: firm, unshakeable, indestructible
incrollabilità {f} :: firmness, indestructibility
incrollabilmente {adv} :: firmly, unshakeably
incrostamento {m} :: encrustation, incrustation
incrostamento {m} :: concretion
incrostante {v} :: present participle of incrostare
incrostante {adj} :: encrusting
incrostare {vt} :: To encrust
incrostato {adj} :: incrusted
incrostazione {f} :: incrustation
incrostazione {f} :: scale, fur (in a kettle etc)
incrudelente {v} :: present participle of incrudelire
incrudelire {v} :: to be cruel or pitiless
incrudente {v} :: present participle of incrudire
incrudimento {m} :: work hardening, cold working (of metal)
incrudire {vi} :: To become harsh or severe
incrudire {vt} :: To embitter or aggravate
incruentemente {adv} :: bloodlessly
incruento {adj} :: bloodless
incruscante {v} :: present participle of incruscare
incruscare {vt} :: To cover with bran
incubante {v} :: present participle of incubare
incubare {vt} :: to incubate
incubatoio {m} :: incubator (for chicks etc)
incubatore {m} :: incubator
incubatrice {f} :: incubator (for newborn babies)
incubazione {f} :: incubation
incubo {m} :: nightmare, incubus
incude {f} /inˈ :: synonym of incudine
incudine {f} /inˈ :: anvil
incudine {f} [skeleton] :: anvil, incus
inculante {v} :: present participle of inculare
inculare {vt} :: To bugger or sodomize
inculata {f} :: An act of sodomy
inculata {f} :: A rip-off
inculcante {v} :: present participle of inculcare
inculcare {vt} :: To inculcate, instill or drum or beat into
in culo alla balena {interj} [vulgar] :: good luck!, break a leg!
incultura {f} :: a lack of culture
inculturazione {f} :: enculturation
incunabolo {m} :: incunabulum
incuneante {v} :: present participle of incuneare
incuneantesi {v} :: present participle of incunearsi
incuneare {vt} :: To wedge (in)
incunearsi {vr} :: To wedge oneself in
incuneatosi {v} :: past participle of incunearsi
incuocente {v} :: present participle of incuocere
incuocere {vt} :: To cook slowly or superficially
incuoiante {v} :: present participle of incuoiare
incuoiare {v} :: alternative form of incoiare
incuorante {v} :: present participle of incuorare
incuorare {v} :: To hearten, encourage
incupente {v} :: present participle of incupire
incupimento {m} :: darkening
incupire {vti} :: to darken
incurabile {adj} :: incurable
incurabilità {f} :: incurability, incurableness
incurabilmente {adv} :: incurably
incurante {adj} :: ignoring, regardless, careless, indifferent
incurantemente {adv} :: regardlessly, carelessly, indifferently
incuranza {f} :: heedlessness, recklessness
incuranza {f} :: oblivion
incuria {f} :: negligence
incuriosente {v} :: present participle of incuriosire
incuriosentesi {v} :: present participle of incuriosirsi
incuriosire {vt} :: to arouse curiosity, to make curious, to intrigue
incuriosirsi {vr} :: To become curious, to be intrigued
incuriositosi {v} :: past participle of incuriosirsi
incurioso {adj} :: incurious
incurioso {adj} :: negligent, careless
incursione {f} :: incursion, foray, raid
incursione aerea {f} :: air raid
incursore {adj} :: incursive
incursore {m} :: raider, commando
incurvabile {adj} :: bendable, flexible
incurvabile {adj} :: unbendable
incurvamento {m} :: bending, curving, bulging
incurvamento {m} :: bend, curvature, bulge
incurvante {v} :: present participle of incurvare
incurvantesi {v} :: present participle of incurvarsi
incurvare {vt} :: to curve, bend
incurvarsi {v} :: reflexive of incurvare
incurvarsi {v} :: to curve, bend
incurvarsi {v} :: to warp [of wood]
incurvarsi {v} :: to develop a stoop
incurvato {adj} :: curved, bowed, bent, bulged
incurvatosi {v} :: past participle of incurvarsi
incurvatura {f} :: bending, curving, bulging
incurvatura {f} :: bend, curvature, bulge
incustodito {adj} :: unattended
incustodito {adj} :: unmanned
incutente {v} :: present participle of incutere
incutere {vt} :: to incite
indaco {m} :: indigo
indaco {adj} :: indigo
indaffarato {adj} :: busy, rushed
indagabile {adj} :: investigable
indagante {v} :: present participle of indagare
indagare {vt} :: to investigate, scrutinize something
indagare {vi} :: to investigate, to inquire, to carry out an investigation
indagata {f} :: Woman under investigation
indagato {adj} :: under investigation
indagato {m} :: Man or person under investigation
indagatore {adj} :: searching
indagatore {adj} :: inquiring
indagine {f} /inˈda.dʒ :: investigation, inquiry, probe, enquiry
indagine {f} :: research, search
indagine {f} :: survey, poll
indagine {f} :: hearing
indagine conoscitiva {n} :: hearing
indagine conoscitiva {n} [countable, legal] :: A legal procedure done before a judge, without a jury, as with an evidentiary hearing
indagine probatoria {n} :: evidentiary hearing / investigation
indagine probatoria {n} [legal] :: Of or pertaining to evidence
indaginoso {adj} :: difficult
indantrene {m} [organic compound] :: indanthrene
indarno {adv} :: in vain
indarno {adv} :: fruitlessly
indarno {adv} :: unnecessarily
indarno {adv} :: needlessly
indebitamente {adv} :: undeservedly
indebitamente {adv} :: wrongfully, erroneously
indebitamento {m} :: debt, borrowing, indebtedness
indebitante {v} :: present participle of indebitare
indebitante {v} :: present participle of indebitarsi
indebitantesi {v} :: present participle of indebitarsi
indebitare {adj} :: undeserved
indebitare {vt} :: to burden with debts
indebitarsi {v} :: reflexive of indebitare
indebitarsi {v} :: to get into debt
indebitatosi {v} :: past participle of indebitarsi
indebito {adj} :: undeserved
indebolente {v} :: present participle of indebolire
indebolentesi {v} :: present participle of indebolirsi
indebolimento {m} :: weakening
indebolire {vt} :: to weaken
indebolirsi {vr} :: To weaken (grow weak)
indebolitosi {v} :: past participle of indebolirsi
indecente {adj} /in.deˈt͡ʃɛn.te/ :: indecent, obscene
indecente {adj} :: shocking, disgraceful, outrageous
indecente {adj} :: indecent, untidy, shabby, dirty
indecentemente {adv} :: indecently
indecenza {f} :: indecency
indecenza {f} :: scandal, disgrace
indecidibile {adj} :: undecidable
indecidibilità {f} :: undecidability
indecifrabile {adj} :: indecipherable, illegible
indecifrabile {adj} :: unintelligible, incomprehensible
indecifrabilità {f} :: indecipherability
indecifrabilmente {adv} :: indecipherably
indecifrato {adj} :: undeciphered
indecisione {f} :: indecision, hesitation
indeciso {adj} :: indecisive, irresolute, wavering, uncertain, hesitant
indeciso {adj} :: undecided, unsettled, unresolved
indeclinabile {adj} [grammar] /ˈ :: indeclinable
indeclinabile {adj} [literary, rare] :: unavoidable, inescapable
indeclinabilità {f} [grammar] :: Property of being indeclinable
indeclinabilità {f} :: unavoidability
indeclinabilmente {adv} [grammar] :: In an indeclinable manner
indeclinabilmente {adv} :: unavoidably, inescapably
indecomponibile {adj} :: undecomposable
indecorosamente {adv} :: indecorously
indecoroso {adj} :: indecorous, unseemly
indecoroso {adj} :: undignified
indeducibile {adj} :: nondeductible
indeducibilità {f} :: The quality of being nondeductible
indefessamente {adv} :: indefatigably, tirelessly
indefesso {adj} :: indefatigable, tireless
indefettibile {adj} :: indefectible, unfailing, unswerving
indefettibile {adj} :: immutable
indefettibilità {f} :: indefectibility, perfection
indefettibilmente {adv} :: indefectibly, without failing
indefinibile {adj} :: indefinable, vague, indescribable
indefinibilità {f} :: indefinability, undefinability
indefinibilmente {adv} :: indefinably
indefinitamente {adv} :: indefinitely
indefinitamente {adv} :: unresolvedly
indefinitezza {f} :: indefiniteness
indefinitezza {f} :: elusiveness
in definitiva {adv} :: to sum up, to summarize, ultimately, all things considered, when all is said and done
indefinitivamente {adv} :: indefinitely
indefinito {adj} /ˈ :: indefinite, vague, indeterminate
indefinito {adj} :: undefined, unresolved
indeformabile {adj} :: crushproof
indeformabile {adj} :: not-deformable
indeformabilità {f} :: non-deformability
indegnamente {adv} :: undeservingly
indegnamente {adv} :: disgustingly, despicably
indegnità {f} :: shamefulness
indegnità {f} :: unworthiness
indegno {adj} :: unworthy, undeserving
indegno {adj} :: disgusting, despicable
indeiscente {adj} [botany] :: indehiscent
indeiscenza {f} [botany] :: indehiscence
indelebile {adj} /in.deˈlɛ.bi.le/ :: indelible
indelebilmente {adv} :: indelibly
indelicatamente {adv} :: indiscreetly, tactlessly
indelicatezza {f} :: tactlessness
indelicatezza {f} :: indiscretion, indelicacy
indelicato {adj} :: indiscreet, indelicate
indelicato {adj} :: tactless
indelimitabile {adj} :: That can not be delimited
indelimitabile {adj} :: indefinable
indemagliabile {adj} :: ladder-proof
indemaniante {v} :: present participle of indemaniare
indemaniare {vt} [legal] :: to escheat (incorporate into State property)
indemoniato {adj} :: possessed (by the devil)
indenne {adj} /inˈdɛ :: unharmed, unhurt, uninjured, undamaged, intact, whole
indenne {adj} :: immune, certified
indenne {adj} :: unscathed, safe and sound
indennità {f} :: allowance (financial)
indennità {f} :: indemnity
indennitario {adj} [legal] :: indemnifying; compensatory