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c' {adv} [sometimes before a vowel or an h] :: apocopic form of ci
c' {pron} [sometimes before a vowel or an h] :: apocopic form of ci
c {n} :: See under C
C. {n} [music] :: abbreviation of grancassa
C {letter} /tʃi/ :: letter: ci
ca' {f} :: apocopic form of casa
ca' {f} :: apocopic form of casata
ca {prep} :: abbreviation of circa
cab {m} :: Hansom cab
cabala {f} :: cabal
cabaletta {f} :: cabaletta
cabalista {mf} :: cabalist
cabalistico {adj} :: cabalistic, cabbalistic
cabarè {m} :: tray
cabarè {m} :: cabaret
cabaret {m} :: cabaret
cabaret {m} :: nightclub
cabarettista {mf} :: cabaret artist
cabarettisticamente {adv} :: In the manner of a cabaret
cabarettistico {adj} :: cabaret (attributive)
cabbalistico {adj} :: cabalistic
caberù {m} /ka.beˈru/ :: Ethiopian wolf (Canis simensis)
cabestano {m} [nautical] :: capstan
Cabibbo {prop} :: surname
cabila {f} :: Kabyle (member of Berber people)
cabilo {adj} :: Kabyle
cabilo {m} :: Kabyle (person, language)
cabina {f} :: cabin (in an aircraft or ship)
cabina {f} :: cab (of a train)
cabina {f} :: cage (of a lift)
cabina {f} :: car (of a cablecar)
cabina {f} :: beach hut
cabina {f} :: cubicle (at a swimming pool etc)
cabina {f} :: box
cabina di pilotaggio {f} :: cockpit (of an aircraft); flight deck
cabina telefonica {f} :: telephone booth, telephone box
cabinato {adj} [nautical] :: Having a cabin
cabinato {m} :: cabin cruiser
cabinista {mf} :: projectionist
cabinista {mf} :: electrical technician
cabinotto {m} :: A bourgeois fashionable youngster of Turin
cabinovia {f} :: cablecar (with a small cabin, typically for two people)
cablaggio {m} :: wiring
cablante {v} :: present participle of cablare
cablare {vt} :: To cable
cablare {vt} :: To wire, to connect
cablatura {f} :: cabling (provision of cables for TV etc)
cablo {m} /ˈka.blo/ :: abbreviation of cablogramma
cablografia {f} :: The sending of cables (telegraphy)
cablografico {adj} :: cable (attributive)
cablogramma {m} :: cablegram
cabotaggio {m} [nautical] :: coasting (coastal navigation, from port to port)
cabotante {v} :: present participle of cabotare
cabotare {vi} [nautical] :: to coast (ply along a coast)
cabotiere {m} [nautical] :: coaster (vessel)
cabotiero {adj} :: coastal, coasting
cabotiero {m} [nautical] :: coaster (vessel)
Caboto {n} :: Cabot
Caboto {n} :: surname
cabrante {v} :: present participle of cabrare
cabrare {vti} [aeronautics] :: To zoom
cabrata {f} [aeronautics] :: zooming
Cabrini {prop} :: surname
Cabrini {prop} :: Francesca Saverio Cabrini, Italian religious sister
cabrio {f} [automobiles] :: cabriolet
cabriolè {m} :: alternative form of cabriolet
cabriolet {f} [automobiles] :: cabriolet
cacadubbi {mf} :: An indecisive person
cacante {v} :: present participle of cacare
cacantesi {v} :: present participle of cacarsi
cacao {m} :: cocoa
cacapo {m} :: kakapo (Strigops habroptilus)
cacare {vi} [vulgar] :: to shit, crap
cacare {vt} [vulgar] :: to give a shit [about somebody]
cacarella {f} [vulgar] /ka.kaˈrɛ :: the shits, diarrhoea
cacarella {f} [vulgar, figurative] :: fear
cacarsi {vr} [vulgar] :: To give a shit about (somebody)
cacarsi {vr} [followed by addosso, vulgar] :: To shit oneself
cacasenno {mf} :: know-all, know-it-all
cacasotto {mf} [colloquial] :: A very nervous or cowardly person
cacastecchi {mf} :: miser
cacastecchi {mf} :: incompetent person
cacata {f} [vulgar] :: shit
cacata {f} [vulgar, by extension] :: crap, bullshit, shit
cacatoa {m} :: Variant of cacatua
cacatoio {m} :: shithouse (outdoor toilet)
cacatosi {v} :: past participle of cacarsi
cacatua {m} :: cockatoo
cacatura {f} :: shit, crap
cacatura {f} :: frass
cacca {f} /ˈkak.ka/ :: poo (used familiarly, with children etc)
Caccamo {prop} / :: A town and comune in the metropolitan city of Palermo
cacchio {m} /ˈkak.kjo/ :: A non-fruit-bearing tendril (germoglio infruttifero)
cacchio {interj} :: darn! (Euphemistic variant of cazzo)
cacchione {m} :: flyblow
caccia {f} /ˈkat.tʃa/ :: hunting; shooting
caccia {f} :: look out
caccia {f} :: pursuit
caccia {m} :: fighter (aircraft)
caccia ai fantasmi {f} [figurative] :: wild-goose chase
cacciaballe {mf} :: bullshitter
cacciabile {adj} :: huntable
cacciabombardiere {m} :: fighter-bomber (aircraft)
cacciacarri {m} [military] :: tank destroyer
cacciafebbre {f} :: synonym of biondella
cacciagione {m} :: (Wild animals hunted for food) game, fowl venison
cacciamine {m} [nautical] :: minehunter, minesweeper
Caccianemico {prop} [rare] :: surname but especially that of Venedico Caccianemico, portrayed in the Divine Comedy
cacciante {v} :: present participle of cacciare
cacciantesi {v} :: present participle of cacciarsi
cacciar {v} :: apocopic form of cacciare
cacciare {vt} [of animals] /katˈtʃare/ :: to hunt, to prey on
cacciare {vt} [of man] :: to hunt, to shoot, to snare
cacciare {vt} :: to chase
cacciare {vt} :: to drive out, to throw out, to kick out, to expel
cacciare {vt} :: to sack, to fire, to throw out
cacciarsi {v} :: reflexive of cacciare
cacciarsi {vr} :: to get to, get oneself into
cacciarsi {vr} :: to hide
cacciarsi {vr} :: to plunge
cacciasommergibile {m} :: submarine chaser
cacciasommergibili {m} [nautical] :: submarine chaser
cacciata {f} /katˈt͡ʃa.ta/ :: expulsion
cacciatora {f} :: hunting jacket
cacciatora {f} :: cacciatora
cacciatore {m} :: hunter, huntsman
cacciatore {m} [by extension] :: chaser, hunter
cacciatore di taglie {m} :: bounty hunter
cacciatorino {m} :: A type of small salami
cacciatorpediniere {m} :: destroyer (warship)
cacciatosi {v} :: past participle of cacciarsi
cacciatrice {f} :: female equivalent of cacciatore
cacciavite {m} /kattʃaˈvite/ :: screwdriver
Caccioppoli {prop} :: surname
Caccioppoli {prop} :: Renato Caccioppoli, Italian mathematician
cacciucco {m} :: a spiced fish stew; an Italian equivalent of bouillabaisse
caccola {f} :: booger
caccola {f} :: sleep (in the eyes)
caccola {f} :: lump of feces attached to the coat of a sheep
caccoloso {adj} :: snotty
caccoso {adj} :: covered in poo; crappy, shitty
cache {adj} [computing] :: cache (attributive)
cache {f} [computing] :: cache
cache-col {m} :: cravat
cachemire {m} :: cashmere
cacherello {m} :: droppings
cachessia {f} [pathology] :: cachexia
cachet {m} :: tablet, capsule (medical)
cachet {m} :: fee
cachet {m} :: rinse (coloured, for the hair)
cachettico {adj} :: cachectic
cachi {m} [botany] :: persimmon (tree & fruit)
cachi {m} [color] :: khaki
cachi {adj} [color] :: khaki
caciaia {f} [Tuscan] /kaˈt͡ʃa.ja/ :: A room where cheese is left to mature
caciaia {f} [Tuscan] :: A shelf where cheese is left to mature
caciaia {f} :: feminine noun of caciaio
caciaio {m} /kaˈt͡ʃ :: cheesemaker
caciaio {m} :: cheesemonger
caciara {f} :: hubbub, din, free-for-all
caciaro {m} [Rome] /kaˈt͡ʃ :: alternative form of caciaio
caciarona {f} :: female equivalent of caciarone
caciarone {m} :: troublemaker
cacicco {m} :: cacique
cacimperio {m} [Central Italy and Southern Italy] /ka.tʃimˈpɛ.rjo/ :: synonym of pinzimonio
cacio {m} /ˈka.t͡ʃo/ :: cheese
caciocavallo {m} /ka.t͡ʃo.kaˈval.lo/ :: caciocavallo
cacio e pepe {m} :: A pasta dish made from pici, spaghetti or other pasta with a sauce of finely grated pecorino with pepper and olive oil, butter or cream
caciotta {f} :: A soft, flat cheese from central Italy
caciucco {m} :: alternative form of cacciucco
caco- {prefix} :: caco-
caco {m} :: alternative form of cachi (fruit)
Caco {prop} :: Cacus
cacodemone {m} :: cacodemon
cacodile {m} [organic compound] :: cacodyl
cacofemismo {m} :: cacophemism
cacofonia {f} :: cacophony
cacofonicamente {adv} :: cacophonously
cacofonico {adj} :: cacophonous
cacografia {f} :: cacography
cacografico {adj} :: cacographic
cacologia {f} :: cacology
cacona {f} :: shitter
cacone {m} [vulgar] :: shit (person)
cacosmia {f} :: cacosmia
cactus {m} :: cactus
cacume {m} /kaˈkume/ :: top, summit
cacuminale {adj} /ka.ku.miˈna.le/ :: summital, culminal, cacuminal
cacuminale {adj} [linguistics, phonetics] :: retroflex
cadauno {adj} :: each
cadauno {pron} :: each, each one
cadavere {m} :: corpse, body
cadavericamente {adv} :: cadaverously
cadaverico {adj} :: cadaverous, deadly
cadaverico {adj} :: wan
cadaverina {f} [chemistry] :: cadaverine
cadente {adj} :: falling
cadente {adj} :: decrepit
cadenza {f} :: cadence
cadenza {f} :: rhythm
cadenzale {adj} :: cadenza (attributive)
cadenzante {v} :: present participle of cadenzare
cadenzare {vt} :: To give a specified rhythm to a piece of music
cadenzatamente {adv} :: rhythmically
cadenzatamente {adv} :: with a specified cadence
cadenzato {adj} :: rhythmic
cadenzato {adj} :: having a specified rhythm or cadence
cader {v} :: apocopic form of cadere
cadere {vi} :: to fall
cadere {vi} :: to fall over, tumble
cadere {vi} :: to die
cadere {vi} :: to drop, crash
cadere addormentato {v} :: to fall asleep
cadere dalla padella nella brace {v} [idiomatic] :: to go out of the frying pan, into the fire
cadere dalle nuvole {v} :: to be astonished
cadere dalle nuvole {v} :: to marvel
cadere in catalessi {v} :: to fall asleep, nod off
cadere nella propria trappola {v} :: hoist by one's own petard
cadere sempre in piedi {v} [idiomatic] :: to land on one's feet
cadere sempre in piedi {v} :: to be lucky, or successful
cadetto {adj} :: younger
cadetto {adj} :: junior
cadetto {m} [military ranks] :: cadet
cadetto {m} :: junior
cadetto {m} [military ranks] :: trainee officer
cadetto {m} [military ranks] :: ensign (us navy rank)
cadì {m} :: cadi, kadi, qadi
Cadice {prop} :: Cadice (city)
Cadice {prop} :: Cadice (province)
Càdice {prop} :: alternative form of Cadice
cadicona {f} :: cadicone
cadimento {m} :: fall, drop
caditoia {f} :: trap door
caditoia {f} :: embrasure
caditoia {f} :: gutter
cadmiante {v} :: present participle of cadmiare
cadmiare {vt} :: To plate with a thin layer of cadmium
cadmiatura {f} :: cadmium plating or coating
cadmio {m} [chemistry] /ˈkadmjo/ :: cadmium
cadmioso {adj} [inorganic chemistry] :: cadmium (attributive)
cadmiuria {f} [pathology] :: cadmiuria
Cadmo {prop} [Greek mythology] :: Cadmus
Cadmo {prop} :: given name
Cadore {prop} :: Cadore (historic region) situated in the Dolomites near Belluno
cadorino {adj} :: Of or from Cadore
cadorino {m} :: Native or inhabitant of Cadore
cadorino {m} :: dialect spoken in the Cadore region (masculine singular only)
Cadorna {prop} :: surname
Cadorna {prop} :: Luigi Cadorna, Italian general
cadreghino {m} [northern Italy, colloquial, humorous] /ka.dreˈɡ :: A seat as a symbol of power
caducante {v} :: present participle of caducare
caducantesi {v} :: present participle of caducarsi
caducare {vt} [legal] :: To annul
caducarsi {vr} [legal] :: To lapse or expire
caducatosi {v} :: past participle of caducarsi
caducazione {f} [legal] :: lapse, expiring, expiration
caduceo {m} /ka.du.ˈtʃɛ.o/ :: caduceus
caducifoglio {adj} [botany] :: deciduous
caducità {f} :: caducity, transience
caduco {adj} [biology, anatomy] /kaˈdu.ko/ :: deciduous
caduco {adj} [figurative] :: transient, fleeting
caduta {f} :: fall (act of falling)
caduta {f} [figurative] :: drop (i.e. temperature drop)
caduto {adj} :: fallen
caduto {adj} :: dead
caduto {m} :: dead soldier
caendo {v} /kaˈɛ :: gerund of a defective verb that has no other form: seeking, looking for
Caetani {prop} :: surname
cafaggio {m} [archaic] :: An enclosed reserve in a woody area
Cafarchia {prop} :: surname
Cafarnao {prop} :: Capernaum, the biblical town in Galilee, archaeological site
café-chantant {m} :: café-chantant
caffa {f} :: feminine noun of caffo
Caffarelli {prop} :: surname
Caffarelli {prop} :: A noble family of Rome
caffè {m} :: coffee (plant and drink)
caffè {m} :: a café
caffè americano {m} :: an American-style black coffee (a normal espresso topped up with hot water)
caffeario {adj} :: coffee (attributive)
caffè corretto {m} :: an espresso coffee with a dash of grappa or other liqueur
caffè d'orzo {m} :: A drink, similar to coffee, made from roasted barley
caffè freddo {m} :: iced coffee as a long drink
caffeicolo {adj} :: coffee-growing (attributive)
caffeifero {adj} :: coffee-producing
caffeina {f} :: caffeine
caffeinico {adj} :: caffeinic
caffeinomane {m} [colloquial] :: coffee addict
caffeismo {m} :: coffee poisoning
caffè latte {m} :: alternative form of caffellatte
caffellatte {m} :: coffee and hot milk, served separately in two pots as a breakfast drink, or together in a glass when served at a bar etc
caffè lungo {n} :: a normal espresso coffee extracted for twice the period. Differentiated from an "americano" - which is with a little more hot water added
caffè macchiato {n} :: a normal espresso coffee with a very small amount of steamed milk
caffè solubile {m} :: instant coffee
caffè stretto {n} :: a normal espresso coffee but with less water
caffetano {m} :: Variant of caftano
caffettano {m} :: Variant of caftano
caffetteria {f} :: cafeteria, coffeehouse, café
caffettiera {f} :: coffee pot, coffee maker
caffettiere {m} :: Owner of a café or coffeehouse
caffo {adj} :: odd [of a number]
caffo {m} :: odd number
caffo {m} :: first one; most important one; foremost one
cafiso {m} [historical] /kaˈfi.zo/ :: A dry measure, equivalent to seven quarters of a bushel
cafiso {m} :: A liquid measure, equivalent to a mass of 11,026 kilograms, employed in Southern Italy
cafisso {m} /kaˈ :: alternative form of cafiso
cafona {f} :: female equivalent of cafone
cafonaggine {f} :: boorishness
cafonata {f} :: boorish action
cafone {m} :: peasant
cafone {m} [pejorative] :: boor
cafoneria {f} :: boorishness
cafonescamente {adv} :: boorishly, ill-manneredly
cafonesco {adj} :: boorish, ill-mannered
cafro {adj} :: Kaffir, Bantu
cafro {m} :: Kaffir, Bantu
caftano {m} :: caftan
cagante {v} :: present participle of cagare
cagantesi {v} :: present participle of cagarsi
cagare {vit} :: alternative form of cacare
cagarella {f} [colloquial] :: The runs, the shits
cagarsi {vr} :: Variant of cacarsi
cagata {f} [regional, vulgar] :: shit
cagata {f} [regional, vulgar, by extension] :: crap, bullshit, shit
cagatosi {v} :: past participle of cagarsi
caggiante {v} :: present participle of caggiare
caggiare {v} [obsolete] :: To fall
cagionante {v} :: present participle of cagionare
cagionare {vt} :: To cause
cagione {f} :: cause
cagionetto {m} :: A type of pastry from Abruzzo eaten especially at Christmas; fillings vary according to locality
cagionevole {adj} :: weak, poor, delicate
cagionevolezza {f} :: weakness
cagliante {v} :: present participle of cagliare
cagliare {vit} /kaʎˈʎaːre/ :: to curdle
Cagliari {prop} /ˈkaʎ.ʎa.ri/ :: Cagliari (province)
Cagliari {prop} :: Cagliari (a city, the capital of that province)
cagliaritano {adj} :: of or pertaining to Cagliari
cagliaritano {m} :: native or inhabitant of Cagliari
cagliaritano {m} :: the dialect of Cagliari
cagliato {adj} :: curdled
cagliatura {f} :: curdling, clotting
caglio {m} :: rennet
caglio {m} :: bedstraw, plant of the genus Galium
cagna {f} :: A female dog, canine, bitch
cagnaccio {m} :: An ugly and fierce dog
cagnara {f} :: Loud barking (of dogs)
cagnara {f} :: uproar
cagnaro {m} [nautical] :: awning
cagnazzo {adj} [obsolete] :: pug-nosed, deformed
cagnazzo {adj} [obsolete] :: purple-coloured
Cagnazzo {prop} :: A fictional devil in the Divine Comedy
cagnescamente {adv} :: in a hostile manner, menacingly
cagnesco {adj} :: doglike
cagnesco {adj} :: hostile, menacing
cagnetta {f} /kaɲˈɲet.ta/ :: (female) little dog, doggy, doggie
cagnetta {f} :: (female) puppy
cagnetta {f} [fish] :: freshwater blenny (Salaria fluviatilis)
cagnetto {m} :: little dog, doggy, doggie
cagnetto {m} :: puppy
Cagnin {prop} :: surname
cagnola {f} :: cubbyhole (on a boat)
cagnola {f} [regional] :: nursehound (fish)
cagnolina {f} :: female equivalent of cagnolino
cagnolino {m} :: little dog, doggy, doggie
cagnolino {m} :: puppy
cagnolino {m} [swimming, masculine singular only] :: dog paddle, doggy paddle
cagnolone {m} :: Affectionate term for a dog
cagnone {m} :: a big and usually also harmless dog
cagnotto {m} :: Hired ruffian
Cagnotto {prop} :: surname
Cagnotto {prop} :: Tania Cagnotto, Italian diver
cagotto {m} [colloquial] :: The runs (diarrhea)
cagou {m} :: kagu
caiaco {m} :: kayak
caicco {m} [watercraft] :: caique
Caienna {prop} :: Caienna (capital city)
Caifa {prop} :: Caiaphas
Caifas {prop} :: medieval spelling of Caifa
caimano {m} :: caiman
Caina {prop} :: medieval spelling of Canaan
Cainero {prop} :: surname
Caino {prop} :: Cain (eldest son of Adam and Eve)
Caino {prop} :: given name
Caio {prop} :: given name
Caironi {prop} :: surname
cairota {adj} :: Cairo (attributive), Cairene
cairota {mf} :: Native or inhabitant of Cairo
Čajkovskij {prop} /t͡ʃajˈkɔv.skji/ :: A transliteration of a Russian surname, usually applying to Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky
cala {f} :: inlet, cove
cala {f} [nautical] :: hold
calabassa {f} :: calabash (Crescentia cujete or Lagenaria siceraria)
calabra {f} :: female equivalent of calabro
calabrese {adj} /ka.laˈbre.ze/ :: Calabrian
calabrese {mf} :: Calabrian
calabresella {f} :: A card game somewhat similar to tressette
calabresità {f} :: The quality, state or characteristic of being Calabrian
calabresità {f} :: The Calabrian spirit or essence
Calabria {prop} /kaˈla.brja/ :: Calabria (region)
calabro {adj} :: Calabrian
calabro {m} :: Calabrian
calabrone {m} /ka.laˈ :: European hornet (Vespa crabro)
calafataggio {m} [nautical] :: caulking
calafatante {v} :: present participle of calafatare
calafatare {vt} :: To caulk, pitch
calafato {m} [nautical] :: caulker
calamaio {m} :: inkwell
calamarata {f} :: A smooth-broad tubular form of pasta half way between mezzi paccheri and mezze maniche, similar to calamari rings specific of Naples Campania region Italy
calamarata {f} :: A first course of calamarata pasta with a sauce of cherry tomatoes, calamari or totani traditional Christmas, Easter, New Year lunch in Naples Campania region Italy
calamaretto {m} :: Small or young squid
calamaro {m} [mollusks] :: squid, calamari
calambucco {m} [obsolete] :: aloe
calamina {f} :: calamine (mineral)
calaminta {f} :: Variant of mentuccia
calamita {f} /ˈmi.ta/ :: magnet; fridge magnet
calamita {f} :: lodestone, magnetite
calamita {f} :: compass needle
calamità {f} :: disaster, calamity
calamitante {v} :: present participle of calamitare
calamitare {vt} :: To magnetize
calamitazione {f} :: magnetization
calamitosamente {adv} :: calamitously
calamitoso {adj} :: disastrous, calamitous
calamo {m} :: quill
calanca {f} /kaˈlan.ka/ :: bay, cove, inlet
calanca {f} :: gully, ravine
Calanca {prop} :: A valley in the Swiss Alps
calanchifero {adj} :: Forming gulleys or furrows (by water action)
calanchismo {m} :: A series of furrows eroded by runoff water
calanco {m} :: gully, ravine
calanco {m} :: a furrow eroded by runoff water
calandra {f} :: calender (machine)
calandra {f} :: radiator grill (of a car)
calandra {f} :: fairing (on an outboard motor)
calandrante {v} :: present participle of calandrare
calandrare {vt} :: To calender
calandrato {adj} :: calendered
calandratore {m} :: calenderer
calandratura {f} :: calendering
calandrella {f} :: short-toed lark (of genus Calandrella)
calandro {m} :: tawny pipit
calante {adj} :: falling
calante {adj} :: setting (of the sun)
calante {adj} :: waning (of the moon)
calante {v} :: present participle of calare
calantesi {v} :: present participle of calarsi
calappio {m} :: slip knot
calappio {m} :: snare
calappio {m} :: ambush
calapranzi {m} :: dumbwaiter (small lift for moving food between floors)
calar {m} /kaˈlar/ :: setting (of a heavenly body)
Calarco {prop} :: surname
calare {vt} :: to lower something
calare {vt} :: to decrease something
calare {vt} :: to drop something
calare {vi} :: to drop, decrease, taper off
calare {vi} :: to set
calare {vi} :: to descend
calarsi {v} :: reflexive of calare
calarsi {vr} :: to lower oneself, let oneself down
calarsi {vr} :: to identify
calarsi {vr} :: to pull down
calascione {m} [musical instruments] :: alternative form of colascione
calata {f} :: invasion
calatide {f} [botany] :: capitulum, flower head (as of a daisy)
calatino {adj} :: Of or from Caltagirone
calatosi {v} :: past participle of calarsi
calaverite {f} [mineral] :: calaverite
calaverna {f} :: hoar frost, rime
calaza {f} :: chalaza
calazio {m} [medicine] :: chalazion
Calbo {prop} :: surname
calca {f} :: throng, press, scrum (of people)
calcabile {adj} :: That can be tread / treaded
Calcabrina {prop} :: A fictional devil in the Divine Comedy
calcagno {m} [anatomy] :: heel
calcagno {m} :: heel (of a shoe)
calcagnolo {m} [nautical] :: heel (tilt)
calcagnolo {m} :: chisel
Calcanta {prop} :: medieval spelling of Calcante
calcante {v} :: present participle of calcare
Calcante {prop} [Greek mythology] :: Calchas
calcantite {f} [mineral] :: chalcanthite
calcara {f} :: limekiln
calcare {m} :: limestone
calcare {vt} :: to press down on (something); to stomp
calcare {vt} :: to work (metal)
calcare {vt} :: to stress (something)
calcare {vt} :: to crowd, throng
calcare {vi} :: to push
calcare {vi} :: to lean
calcarenite {f} [geology] :: calcarenite
calcareo {adj} :: calcareous
calcatoio {m} :: ramrod
calcatreppola {f} :: The name of various thorny plants:
calcatreppola {f} :: The red starthistle (Centaurea calcitrapa)
calcatreppola {f} :: The yellow starthistle (Centaurea solstitialis)
calcatreppola {f} :: The field eryngo (Eryngium campestre)
calce {f} :: lime (from limestone)
calce {f} :: at the foot of
calcedonio {m} [mineralogy] :: chalcedony
calcemia {f} [medicine] :: calcemia
calceolaria {f} :: slipperwort (of genus Calceolaria)
calcescisto {m} [geology] :: calcareous schist
calce spenta {f} :: slaked lime
calcestruzzo {m} /kal.t͡ʃesˈtrut.t͡so/ :: concrete
calcetto {m} :: table football
calcetto {m} :: five-a-side football
calce viva {f} :: quicklime
Calchi {prop} :: Halki
calciante {v} :: present participle of calciare
calciare {v} :: to kick something, especially a football
calciatore {m} [soccer] :: footballer, football player, striker
calciatrice {f} :: feminine noun of calciatore
calciatura {f} :: butt (part of a gun that includes the handle)
calcico {adj} [chemistry] :: calcic (of, relating to, or containing calcium or lime)
calcicolo {adj} :: calcicolous
calcidiolo {m} [organic compound] :: calcifediol, calcidiol
calciferolo {m} [organic compound] :: calciferol
calcificante {v} :: present participle of calcificare
calcificantesi {v} :: present participle of calcificarsi
calcificare {vt} :: to calcify
calcificarsi {v} :: reflexive of calcificare
calcificarsi {v} :: to become calcified
calcificatosi {v} :: past participle of calcificarsi
calcificazione {f} :: calcification
calcina {f} :: lime mortar
calcinaccio {m} :: a fragment of mortar or plaster detached from a wall
calcinaccio {m} :: debris
calcinaio {m} :: vessel in which quicklime is slaked with water
calcinante {v} :: present participle of calcinare
calcinare {vt} :: to calcine
calcinato {adj} :: calcined
calcinato {adj} [of a silkworm] :: affected with the muscardine fungus
calcinatura {f} :: liming (immersion of skins in a bath of lime as part of the tanning process)
calcinazione {f} :: calcination
calcinculo {m} :: chairoplane (fairground ride)
calcinosi {f} [diseases] :: calcinosis
calcinoso {adj} :: having the appearance of lime
calcio {m} /ˈkal.tʃo/ :: a kick [with the foot]
calcio {m} [sports] :: association football, soccer
calcio {m} :: butt [of a gun]
calcio {m} [chemistry] :: calcium
calcio a 5 {m} :: futsal
calcio a 5 {m} :: five-a-side football
calcio a cinque {m} :: alternative form of calcio a 5
calcioantagonista {adj} :: calcium antagonist (attributive)
calcio-balilla {m} :: table football
calciocianammide {f} :: calcium cyanamide
calcio d'angolo {m} [football] :: corner, corner kick
calcio d'inizio {m} [football] :: kick-off
calcio di punizione {m} [football, rugby] :: direct free kick
calcio di rigore {m} [soccer and other sports] :: penalty kick, penalty
calcio di rigore {m} [in the plural, soccer and other sports] :: penalty shootout, shootout
calciofilo {m} [colloquial] :: lover of football
calcio fiorentino {m} [football] :: An early form of football once played in Florence
calcio laterale {m} [football] :: side kick (kick with the side of the foot, rather than the toe)
calciomercato {m} :: The market in buying, selling and transferring professional football players
calcione {m} :: A hard kick
calcione {m} :: A strong recommendation
calcio piazzato {m} [football, rugby] :: place kick
calciopoli {f} :: alternative case form of Calciopoli
Calciopoli {prop} :: A football scandal that occurred in Italy in 2006, involving several major teams in Italy's top professional football leagues
calcioscommesse {mp} :: illegal football pools
calciosoma {m} :: calciosome
calcio storico {m} [football] :: synonym of calcio fiorentino
calciotto {m} :: eight-a-side football
calcisticamente {adv} :: with regard to football
calcistico {adj} :: of or relating to football (soccer)
calcite {f} :: calcite
calcitico {adj} :: calcitic
calcitonina {f} :: calcitonin
calcitriolo {m} [biochemistry] :: calcitriol
calciuria {f} [pathology] :: calciuria
-calco {suffix} :: used in the names of several alloys of copper
calco- {prefix} :: chalco-
calco- {prefix} :: alternative form of calcio-
calco {m} :: cast (of sculpture)
calco {m} :: tracing (of a design)
calco {m} :: literal loan translation, calque (calco semantico), loanword
calco {m} :: mold
calcocite {f} [mineralogy] :: chalcocite
calcofilo {adj} [chemistry] :: calcophilic
calcofilo {adj} [botany] :: calciphilous
calcogeno {m} [inorganic chemistry] :: chalcogen
calcogenuro {m} [inorganic chemistry] :: chalcogenide
calcogenuro {adj} [inorganic chemistry] :: chalcogen (attributive)
calcoglifia {f} :: synonym of calcografia
calcografia {f} :: chalcography; engraving on copper
calcograficamente {adv} :: chalcographically
calcografico {adj} :: chalcographic
calcografo {m} :: chalcographer ; engraver on copper
calcolabile {adj} :: calculable
calcolabile {adj} [logic] :: decidable
calcolabilità {f} :: The quality of being calculable
calcolante {v} :: present participle of calcolare
calcolantesi {v} :: present participle of calcolarsi
calcolare {vt} :: to calculate, work out
calcolare {vt} :: to reckon
calcolarsi {v} :: reflexive of calcolare
calcolarsi {v} :: to include oneself in a calculation
calcolatamente {adv} :: calculatedly, deliberately
calcolativo {adj} :: calculative
calcolato {adj} :: calculated
calcolatore {adj} :: calculating
calcolatore {adj} :: shrewd, scheming
calcolatore {m} :: computer
calcolatore {m} :: calculating man, schemer
calcolatosi {v} :: past participle of calcolarsi
calcolatrice {f} :: a (mechanical or electronic) device used for mathematical operations, calculator
calcolatrice {f} :: female equivalent of calcolatore
calcolatricetta {f} :: a calculating young woman (young schemer)
calcolazione {f} :: calculation
calcolista {mf} :: an engineer who designs structures in reinforced concrete
calcolitico {adj} :: chalcolithic
calcolitografia {f} :: lithography from a chalcograph
calcolo {m} [mathematics] :: calculus
calcolo {m} :: (calculation) computation, calculation, estimate, reckoning
calcolo {m} [medicine] :: calculus, stone, gravel
calcolo meccanico {m} :: adding machine
calcolo renale {m} [pathology] :: kidney stone
calcolosi {f} [diseases] :: lithiasis, calculosis, stones
calcoloso {adj} [pathology] :: calculous
calcomania {f} :: Variant of decalcomania
calcopirite {f} [mineralogy] :: chalcopyrite
calcotipia {f} :: copperplate printing
caldaia {f} :: boiler
caldaia {f} :: cauldron
caldaico {adj} :: Chaldean
caldaio {m} :: cauldron
caldaista {m} :: boiler engineer
caldallessa {f} :: boiled chestnut (streetfood)
caldamente {adv} :: warmly
caldamente {adv} :: heartily
caldana {f} :: hot flush
caldana {f} :: fit of rage
caldano {m} :: brazier
caldara {f} :: synonym of caldaia
caldareria {f} :: boilerplate factory
caldarone {m} :: alternative form of calderone
caldarrosta {f} [mainly, in the plural] /kal.darˈrɔs.ta/ :: A roasted chestnut
caldarrostaia {f} :: female equivalent of caldarrostaio
caldarrostaio {m} :: A roasted chestnut seller
caldarrostara {f} :: female equivalent of caldarrostaro
caldarrostaro {m} [dialectal] :: alternative form of caldarrostaio
caldarrosto {m} [uncommon] :: alternative form of caldarrosta
Caldea {prop} :: Chaldea
caldeggiante {v} :: present participle of caldeggiare
caldeggiare {vt} :: To support warmly or enthusiastically
caldeo {adj} :: Chaldean
caldeo {m} :: Chaldean
caldera {f} :: caldera
calderaio {m} :: coppersmith
calderaio {m} :: tinker
calderaio {m} :: brazier
calderante {m} :: tar / bitumen sprayer (in roadmaking)
calderino {m} [Tuscany] /kal.deˈ :: synonym of cardellino
calderone {m} :: cauldron
calderone {m} :: hotchpotch
Calderone {prop} :: A glacier in Abruzzo
calderugia {f} [plant] /kal.deˈru.d͡ʒa/ :: common groundsel (Senecio vulgaris)
calderugio {m} [Tuscany] /kal.deˈru.d͡ʒo/ :: synonym of cardellino
caldissimo {adj} :: superlative of caldo
caldo {adj} /ˈkaldo/ :: warm, hot
caldo {m} :: heat
caldo {m} :: fervour, ardour
calduccio {m} :: warmth
caldura {f} :: heat, warmth (summer weather)
calebassiforme {adj} /ka.le.bas.siˈ :: gourd-shaped
caledoniano {adj} :: Caledonian
calefaciente {adj} :: calefacient
calefazione {f} :: calefaction
caleidoscopico {adj} :: kaleidoscopic
caleidoscopio {m} :: kaleidoscope
calendarietto {m} :: An illustrated, sometimes scented, card (typically of a pin-up) once given to their customers by barbers (in anticipation of a tip)
calendario {m} :: calendar
calendario dell'avvento {m} :: Advent calendar
calendario dell'Avvento {m} :: Advent calendar
calendario di lavoro {m} :: roster, rota
calendario di lavoro {m} :: duty roster
calendario gregoriano {m} :: Gregorian calendar
calendario lunare {m} :: lunar calendar
calendario solare {m} :: solar calendar
calendarista {mf} :: calendarist
calendarizzazione {f} :: scheduling
calende {f} {p} :: calends (first day of the month)
calendimaggio {m} /kaˈlɛn.di.mad.d͡ʒo/ :: May Day (the first day of May, or a spring festival held on that day)
calendola {f} :: calendula, marigold
calenzuolo {m} :: greenfinch (Chloris chloris)
calepino {m} :: A large vocabulary (especially of Latin)
calepino {m} :: A weighty work of scholarship
calepino {m} :: A notebook
calere {v} [impersonal, literary] :: To matter or care
calessabile {adj} :: Suitable for gigs (of a road)
calesse {m} /kaˈlɛ :: gig (two-wheeled horse-drawn carriage)
calessino {m} :: A small four-seater buggy
caletta {f} :: dovetail (joint); mortice and tenon
caletta {f} :: diminutive of cala; small cove
calettamento {m} :: synonym of calettatura
calettante {v} :: present participle of calettare
calettare {vit} :: to fit together (closely)
calettato {adj} :: fitted
calettatura {f} :: fitment
calettatura {f} :: lap joint
Calgari {prop} :: surname
calia {f} :: split hairs
calibe {m} [obsolete] /ˈ :: steel
calibe {m} [pharmacology, obsolete] :: iron
calibeato {adj} [obsolete, pharmacology] /ˈ :: Of a medicinal drink: containing iron salts
calibotipia {f} /ˈpia̯/ :: The process of printing by embossing a steel plate
calibrante {v} :: present participle of calibrare
calibrare {vt} :: to calibrate
calibrare {vt} :: to tailor
calibrato {adj} :: calibrated
calibratore {m} :: calibrator
calibratura {f} :: calibration
calibrazione {f} :: calibration
calibro {m} :: caliber, bore
calibro {m} :: callipers
calibro {m} :: template
calicanto {m} :: calycanthus, sweet shrub
calice {m} /ˈ͡ʃe/ :: cup or goblet (for drinking); large glass (of wine)
calice {m} :: chalice
calice {m} :: flute
calice {m} [botany, anatomy] :: calyx
calice a tromba {m} /ˈ͡ʃe a ˈ :: flute (type of glass)
caliciforme {adj} :: chalicine, calicinal, caliciform
calicino {adj} [botany] :: calyx (attributive)
calicò {m} :: calico
calicosi {f} [medicine] :: chalicosis, calcicosis
calidario {m} :: calidarium, caldarium
calidità {f} [literary] :: heat
calido {adj} [literary] :: hot
Calidone {prop} :: Calydon
calidonio {adj} :: Calydonian
califfale {adj} :: caliphate (attributive)
califfato {m} /kaliˈfːato/ :: caliphate
califfo {m} /kaˈlifːo/ :: caliph
California {prop} /ka.liˈfɔr.nja/ :: California (state)
californiana {f} :: feminine noun of californiano
californiano {adj} :: Californian
californiano {m} :: Californian
californidina {f} [organic compound] :: californidine
californio {m} [chemistry] :: californium
caligine {f} /kaˈli.d͡ʒ :: soot, smog
caligine {f} :: fog
caliginoso {adj} :: sooty
caliginoso {adj} :: foggy
Caligola {prop} :: Caligula
Calimero {prop} :: given name
Calimno {prop} :: Kalymnos (Greek island)
calipso {m} :: calypso (dance)
Calipso {prop} [Greek mythology] :: Calypso
caliptra {f} :: calyptra
calla {f} :: calla (Calla palustris)
calle {f} /ˈkal.le/ :: (narrow) path
calle {f} :: route, way, road
calle {f} [Venice] :: alley [especially in Venice]
Callegari {prop} :: surname
Callegaro {prop} :: surname (variant of Callegari)
calli- {prefix} :: calli-
callicreina {f} [biochemistry] :: kallikrein
callidamente {adv} :: shrewdly, astutely
callidità {f} [literary] /ˈta/ :: shrewdness, astuteness
callido {adj} [literary] /ˈ :: shrewd, astute
callifugo {m} :: corn plaster
calligrafia {f} :: handwriting
calligrafia {f} :: calligraphy
calligraficamente {adv} :: calligraphically
calligrafico {adj} :: handwriting (attributive)
calligrafico {adj} :: calligraphic
calligrafismo {m} :: Tendency to use excessive, formal affectations
calligrafo {m} :: calligrapher, calligraphist
calligramma {m} :: calligram
calliope {f} /kalˈlio̯.pe/ :: The bird Calliope calliope: Siberian rubythroat
calliope {f} :: calliope (musical instrument)
Calliope {prop} [Greek god] /kalˈlio̯.pe/ :: Calliope, the Muse of eloquence and epic or heroic poetry
Calliope {prop} :: given name
callipige {adj} :: callipygian
Callipigia {prop} :: Appellation of Venus
callista {mf} :: chiropodist
callistenia {f} :: calisthenics
callistenico {adj} :: calisthenic
callo- {prefix} :: Variant of calli- (beautiful)
callo {m} :: callus
callo {m} :: corn (on the feet)
callo {m} :: blister (on the hands)
callone {m} :: A lock (on a weir, that lets boats pass)
callorino {m} :: synonym of otaria
callorino dell'Alaska {m} :: northern fur seal (Callorhinus ursinus)
callosio {m} [biochemistry] :: callose
callosità {f} :: corn, callus, callosity
calloso {adj} :: callous, horny
callotipia {f} :: calotyping, talbotyping
callotipo {m} :: calotype, talbotype
calma {f} :: calm, stillness, peacefulness
calma {f} :: tranquility, peace and quiet
calma interiore {f} :: inner peace, peace of mind
calmante {v} :: present participle of calmare
calmante {adj} :: relaxing
calmante {adj} :: soothing
calmante {m} :: painkiller
calmante {m} :: sedative
calmante {m} :: tranquillizer
calmantesi {v} :: present participle of calmarsi
calma piatta {adj} [nautical] :: dead calm
calmare {vt} :: to calm, calm down
calmare {vt} :: to relieve, lessen, ease, soothe
calmare i bollenti spiriti {v} :: to draw in one's horns
calmare i bollenti spiriti {v} :: to pull in one's horns
calmare i bollenti spiriti {v} :: to cool one's jets
calmare i bollenti spiriti {v} :: to hold one's horses
calmare i bollenti spiriti {v} :: to calm down, chill, chill out, cool off, settle down
calmarsi {v} :: reflexive of calmare
calmarsi {v} :: to calm down or simmer down
calmarsi {v} :: to ease
calmarsi {v} :: to subside
calmatosi {v} :: past participle of calmarsi
calmeria {f} [nautical] :: synonym of bonaccia
calmieramento {m} :: price control
calmierante {v} :: present participle of calmierare
calmierare {vt} :: To control the price of something
calmiere {m} :: ceiling (highest permissible price)
calmissimo {adj} :: superlative of calmo
calmo {adj} :: calm, peaceful, quiet, still
calmucco {m} :: Kalmyk
calo- {prefix} :: Variant of callo-
calo {m} [archaic] :: fall
calo {m} [figurative] :: drop, loss, decrease
calocchia {f} :: A pole used to support vines
calocchia {f} :: The smaller stick of a flail
calocchia {f} :: A pruned branch
Calogero {prop} :: given name
calomelano {m} [inorganic compound] :: calomel
calore {m} /ka.ˈ :: warmth
calore {m} :: heat
calore {m} :: fervour
calore {m} :: glow
Calore {prop} :: Calore (river)
calori- {prefix} :: Used to form words related to heat
caloria {f} :: calorie
caloricamente {adv} :: calorically
calorico {adj} :: caloric, calorific, calorie (attributive)
calorifero {m} :: radiator (household radiator)
calorifico {adj} /ka.loˈ :: calorific (heat producing)
calorigenesi {f} :: calorigenesis
calorigeno {adj} :: calorigenic
calorimetria {f} [physics] :: calorimetry
calorimetrico {adj} :: calorimetric
calorimetro {m} [physics] :: calorimeter
calorizzazione {f} :: calorization (heat treatment for steel)
calorosamente {adv} :: warmly
calorosamente {adv} :: fervently
calorosissimo {adj} :: superlative of caloroso
calorosità {f} :: warmth
caloroso {adj} /ka.loˈro.zo/ :: warming
caloroso {adj} :: warm, hearty
caloroso {adj} :: peppery, spicy (food)
caloscia {f} :: Variant of galoche
calotipia {f} :: calotype
calotta {f} :: cap, cover
calotta {f} :: crown (of a hat)
calotta cranica {f} [skeleton] :: calvaria, skullcap
calpaina {f} [enzyme] :: calpain
calpestabile {adj} :: usable
calpestabile {adj} :: walkable
calpestamento {m} :: trampling
calpestamento {m} :: humiliation, contempt
calpestante {v} :: present participle of calpestare
calpestare {vt} :: to trample or tread on something
calpestato {adj} :: trodden
calpestio {m} :: tread, treading
calpestio {m} :: stamping trample
calta {f} :: marsh marigold (of genus Caltha)
Caltagirone {prop} :: Caltagirone (town)
caltagironese {adj} :: Of or from Caltagirone
Caltanissetta {prop} /kal.ta.nisˈset.ta/ :: Caltanissetta (city/and/province)
caltavuturese {mf} :: A native or inhabitant of Caltavuturo
calugine {f} :: down
calumante {v} :: present participle of calumare
calumare {vt} [nautical] :: to pay out (rope)
calunnia {f} :: slander, calumny
calunnia {f} :: aspersion
calunniabile {adj} :: That can be slandered
calunniante {v} :: present participle of calunniare
calunniare {vt} :: To slander
calunniatore {m} :: slanderer
calunniatrice {f} :: female equivalent of calunniatore
calunniosamente {adv} :: slanderously
calunnioso {adj} :: slanderous
calura {f} [weather] :: intense sticky heat
calura {f} :: sultry passion
calutrone {m} [physics] :: calutron
calva {f} :: bald woman
calvario {m} /kalˈ :: calvary
Calvario {prop} :: Calvary
calvinismo {m} :: Calvinism
calvinista {adj} :: Calvinist
calvinista {mf} :: Calvinist
calvinistico {adj} :: Calvinistic
Calvino {prop} :: Calvin
calvizie {f} [dermatology] :: baldness, calvity
calvo {adj} :: bald
calvo {m} :: bald man
Calvo {prop} :: surname
calza {f} :: sock
calza {f} :: stocking
calzamaglia {f} :: tights
calzamaglia {f} :: leotard
calzante {v} :: present participle of calzare
calzante {adj} :: appropriate
calzante {adj} :: fitting
calzante {m} :: shoehorn
calzare {vt} /kalˈt͡ :: to shoe
calzare {vt} :: To put on
calzare {vi} :: To fit (like a glove)
calzare {m} :: sandal
calzare {m} :: footwear
calzaretto {m} :: puttee
calzascarpe {m} :: shoehorn
calzatoia {f} :: chock, wedge
calzatoio {m} :: shoehorn
calzatura {f} :: footwear, shoe
calzaturiera {f} :: female equivalent of calzaturiero
calzaturiero {adj} :: footwear (attribute), shoe (attribute)
calzaturiero {m} :: worker in a shoe factory
calzaturificio {m} :: shoe factory, shoe manufacturer
calzerotto {m} :: ankle sock, short sock
calzetta {f} :: ankle sock
calzettaio {m} :: hosiery manufacturer
calzettaio {m} :: hosier
calzetteria {f} :: shoe shop
calzettone {m} :: knee-high sock
calzificio {m} :: hosiery factory
calzino {m} :: sock (covering for the foot)
calzolaia {f} :: female equivalent of calzolaio
calzolaio {m} :: shoemaker
calzolaio {m} :: shoe repairer, cobbler
calzoleria {f} :: shoe repair shop, cobbler's
calzoleria {f} :: shoemaker's
calzoleria {f} :: shoe shop
calzonciello {m} :: A light turnover of pastry filled with mozzarella (or similar cheese), anchovies and parsley
calzoncino {m} [chiefly in the plural] :: shorts, trunks
calzone {m} :: trousers (especially in plural)
calzone {m} :: calzone
calzoni alla zuava {m} {p} :: knickerbockers
calzonicco {m} :: (especially in plural) A type of pasta, in the form of a half-moon, stuffed with a meat filling of sweetbreads or brains etc
calzuolo {m} :: wedge
Cam {prop} [Biblical character] :: Ham
camaglio {m} :: aventail
camaldolese {adj} :: Of or pertaining to Camaldoli
camaldolese {adj} :: Of or pertaining to the Benedictine order of Camaldoli
camaldolese {mf} :: Native or inhabitant of Camaldoli
camaldolese {mf} :: Monk or nun of that order
Camaldoli {prop} :: A small town near Arezzo in Tuscany; the home of a Benedictine order
camaleonte {m} :: chameleon
camaleonticamente {adv} :: In the manner of a chameleon
camaleontico {adj} :: chameleon-like
camaleontismo {m} :: Being fickle; changing one's opinion as others wish (being chameleon-like)
camallo {m} :: docker, longshoreman
Camanni {prop} :: surname
Camanni {prop} :: Enrico Camanni, Italian writer
camarilla {f} :: camarilla
camauro {m} :: camauro
cambiabile {adj} :: exchangeable
cambiadischi {m} :: autochanger (on a record player)
cambiale {f} :: bill of exchange
cambiale {f} :: promissory note
cambiamento {m} :: A change or shift
cambiamento {m} :: A turn
cambiamento climatico {m} :: A climate change
cambiamento di paradigma {m} [physics, philosophy] :: paradigm shift
cambiamonete {m} :: moneychanger
cambiante {v} :: present participle of cambiare
cambiantesi {v} :: present participle of cambiarsi
cambiar {v} :: apocopic form of cambiare
cambiare {vt} /kamˈ :: to exchange
cambiare {vt} :: to change
cambiare casacca {v} :: to about-face
cambiare di mano {v} :: to change hands
cambiare idea {vi} :: to change one's mind
cambiario {adj} :: exchange (attributive)
cambiarsi {v} :: reflexive of cambiare
cambiarsi {v} :: to change (oneself)
cambiarsi {v} :: to get changed (change one's clothes)
cambiarsi {v} :: to change places, swap
cambiatensione {m} :: transformer (electrical)
cambiatosi {v} :: past participle of cambiarsi
cambiavalute {m} :: bureau de change
cambio {m} /ˈkam.bjo/ :: exchange
cambio {m} :: change
cambio {m} :: gear, stickshift (of a motor vehicle)
cambio della guardia {m} :: changing of the guard (also figuratively)
cambista {mf} :: foreign exchange dealer
Cambogia {prop} :: Cambodia
cambogiana {f} :: female equivalent of cambogiano
cambogiano {adj} :: Cambodian
cambogiano {m} :: Cambodian
cambogiano {m} [singular only] :: The Cambodian language
cambra {f} /ˈkam.bra/ :: cramp, clamp
cambratrice {f} :: A machine used for shaping the front part of the upper of a shoe
cambretta {f} :: staple
cambrì {m} :: cambric
cambriano {adj} :: Cambrian
cambriano {m} :: Cambrian
Cambriano {adj} :: Cambrian
Cambriano {m} :: Cambrian
Cambrici {prop} :: Cambrian mountains
cambusa {f} [nautical] :: galley, storeroom (storage for food on a ship)
cambusa {f} [Wiktionary and WMF jargon] :: archive (of a discussion page)
cambusada {f} [Wiktionary and WMF jargon] :: archival (of a discussion page)
cambusare {v} [Wiktionary and WMF jargon] :: To archive a discussion page
cambusiere {m} [nautical] :: storekeeper
cambusiere {m} [Wiktionary and WMF jargon] :: archiver (of a discussion page)
cameceraso {m} :: The Alpine honeysuckle (Lonicera alpigena)
camedrio {m} :: avens (Of genus Dryas)
camefita {f} :: chamaephyte
camelia {f} :: camellia
camelide {m} :: camel (any animal of the family Camelidae)
cameo {m} /kaˈmɛ.o/ :: cameo (short appearance)
camera {f} /ˈ :: room; chamber (all senses)
camera {f} :: bedroom
camera {f} :: assembly, parliament
camera {f} :: camera (for taking moving pictures)
camera a gas {f} :: gas chamber
camera da letto {f} :: bedroom
camera d'aria {f} :: inner tube
camera degli ospiti {f} :: guest room
camera di commercio {f} :: chamber of commerce
camerale {adj} :: chamber (attributive)
camerale {adj} :: chamber of commerce (attributive)
camerale {adj} :: financial
cameralismo {m} :: cameralism
cameralista {mf} :: cameralist
cameraman {mf} /ˈɛn/ :: cameraman
camera matrimoniale {f} :: master bedroom
camera matrimoniale {f} :: double bedroom (in a hotel)
cameramento {m} :: The loading of a cartridge or bullet into the chamber of a firearm
camera mortuaria {f} :: mortuary, morgue
camera mortuaria {f} :: mortuary chapel
camerante {v} :: present participle of camerare
camera oscura {f} :: darkroom
camera ottica {f} :: darkroom
camerare {v} :: To load a cartridge or bullet into the chamber of a firearm
camerata {f} /ka.meˈra.ta/ :: dormitory
camerata {mf} [archaic] :: companion, mate
camerata {mf} [chiefly historical] :: A fellow fascist or otherwise politically rightist person
camerata {mf} :: A title, functionally similar to "Mr.", "Mrs.", "Miss", "Ms." etc, in right-wing circles
cameratescamente {adv} :: comradely
cameratesco {adj} :: comradely
cameratismo {m} :: comradeship, camaraderie, fellowship
cameretta {f} :: diminutive of camera
cameretta {f} :: small room, especially a small bedroom (for a child)
cameriera {f} /ka.merˈjɛ.ra/ :: waitress
cameriera {f} :: maid, housemaid
cameriera {f} :: chambermaid
cameriere {m} /ka.merˈjɛ.re/ :: waiter
cameriere {m} :: valet, manservant, footman, lackey
camerino {m} :: dressing room (in a theatre)
Camerino {prop} :: Camerino (small town)
camerista {mf} :: musician who plays chamber music
cameristico {adj} [music] :: chamber, chamber music (attributive)
camerlengo {m} :: chamberlain
camerone {m} :: hall (large room, especially one in an institution used as a dormitory or refectory)
camerto {adj} :: Of or from Camerino
Camerun {prop} :: Cameroon
camerunense {adj} :: Cameroonian
camerunense {mf} :: Cameroonian
camerunese {adj} :: Variant of camerunense
camerunese {mf} :: Variant of camerunense
camice {m} /ˈkamitʃe/ :: white coat (of a technician, doctor etc)
camice {m} :: gown (of a surgeon)
camice {m} :: alb (of a priest)
camiceria {f} :: shirt factory or shop
camicetta {f} :: blouse
camicia {f} /kaˈmi.tʃa/ :: shirt, dress shirt
camicia da notte {mf} :: nightgown
camicia di contenzione {f} :: straitjacket
camiciaia {f} :: female equivalent of camiciaio
camiciaio {m} :: shirtmaker
camiciaio {m} :: shirtseller
camicino {m} :: bodice
camicino {m} :: nightshirt (infant)
camiciola {f} :: vest
camicione {m} :: chemise
Camicione {prop} :: surname most notably that of Camicione de' Pazzi
camiciotto {m} :: Loose, casual shirt
camiciotto {m} :: smock
Camilla {prop} :: given name
Camilleri {prop} :: surname
camilliano {adj} :: Camillian
camilliano {m} :: Camillian
Camillo {prop} :: given name
caminetto {m} :: fireplace
caminiera {f} :: fireguard, firescreen
caminiera {f} :: mantlepiece (or a mirror over a mantlepiece)
camino {m} :: fireplace
camino {m} :: chimney
camion {m} :: lorry [British], truck [US]
camionabile {adj} :: Suitable for heavy vehicles
camionabile {f} :: Such a road
camionale {adj} :: lorry / truck (attributive)
camionata {f} :: lorryload / truckload
camioncino {m} :: van (small trade vehicle)
camionetta {f} :: jeep
camionista {mf} :: lorry driver, trucker
Camiro {prop} :: Kameiros, Camirus
camisaccio {m} [nautical] :: Sailor's blouse
camiscia {f} :: obsolete form of camicia
Camiscion {prop} :: apocopic form of Camiscione
Camiscione {prop} :: surname alternative form of Camicione
camita {mf} :: Hamite (north African people)
camitico {adj} :: Hamitic
camma {f} :: cam
Cammarata {prop} :: Cammarata (village)
Cammarata {prop} :: surname
cammellata {f} :: camel trek
cammellato {adj} :: camel-borne
cammelliere {m} :: camel driver
cammello {m} :: camel
cammellotto {m} :: camlet
cammeo {m} /kam.ˈmɛ.o/ :: cameo
cammeo {m} :: cameo brooch
Cammilla {prop} :: given name
cammin {m} [poetic] :: journey (abbreviated form of camminata)
camminamento {m} [military] :: communication trench
camminante {v} :: present participle of camminare
camminar {v} :: apocopic form of camminare
camminare {vi} /kammiˈnare/ :: to walk, to tread, to travel, to wander, to stroll, to saunter
camminare {vi} :: to proceed
camminare {vi} :: to progress
camminare {m} :: walking
camminare {m} :: walk, gait
camminare a fatica {v} :: to slog
camminare a fatica {v} :: To walk slowly, encountering resistance
camminata {f} /kam.mi.ˈna.ta/ :: walk, especially a long one
camminata {f} :: style of walking
camminatore {m} :: walker
camminatrice {f} :: female equivalent of camminatore
cammino {m} /kam.ˈ :: walk, way, path (in idiomatic senses)
camo {m} [obsolete] /ˈ :: muzzle
camo {m} [obsolete, figuratively] :: (moral) restraint
camola {f} [entomology] /ˈ :: moth, clothes moth
camola {f} [entomology] :: woodworm
camomilla {f} [plant, beverage] :: camomile
Camonica {prop} :: An alpine region of northern Lombardy
camorra {f} [singulare tantum] /kaˈmɔr.ra/ :: Camorra (crime organization from Naples)
camorra {f} [countable, by extension] :: any criminal organization
camorrismo {m} [usually uncountable] /ka.morˈri.zmo/ :: Camorrism (the organization and mode of action of the Camorra)
camorrista {mf} /ka.morˈri.sta/ :: Camorrista; Camorrist (member of the Camorra)
camorristicamente {adv} /ka.morˌri.sti.kaˈmen.te/ :: in the manner of the Camorra
camorristico {adj} /ka.morˈri.sti.ko/ :: relating to the Camorra
camorristico {adj} :: done in the manner of the Camorra
camoscio {m} :: chamois (mammal)
camoscio {m} :: suede, chamois
camoscio {m} :: goat antelope
camoscio {m} :: caprid
camozza {f} :: chamois (female)
campa cavallo {idiom} :: (dated) Something, that is eagerly, but hopelessly, anticipated
campagna {f} :: rural area: country, countryside
campagna {f} :: cultivated land: farmland, land
campagna {f} [figuratively] :: campaign
campagna {f} [heraldry] :: base; lower part of the field
campagna elettorale {f} :: election campaign
campagnola {f} :: female equivalent of campagnolo
campagnolo {adj} /kampaˈɲɔlo/ :: country (attributive), rural
campagnolo {m} :: countryman, peasant, yokel, bumpkin, rustic
campale {adj} :: field (attributive, military)
campana {f} :: bell
campanaccio {m} :: cowbell
campanaccio {m} :: goat bell
campanario {adj} :: bell (attributive)
campanaro {m} :: bell ringer (especially in a church or convent etc)
campana subacquea {f} :: diving bell
campanella {f} :: small bell (in a school or factory)
campanella {f} :: campanula
Campanella {prop} :: surname
Campanella {prop} :: Tommaso Campanella, Italian philosopher and writer
campanelliano {adj} [philosophy] :: Relating to, or characteristic of Italian philosopher Tommaso Campanella
campanellino {m} /ˈ :: tintinnabulum (small bell)
campanellino {m} [botany] :: spring snowflake
Campanellino {prop} :: Tinkerbell (fictional fairy)
campanello {m} :: (doorbell) doorbell, bell
campanello {m} :: handbell
campanello {m} [of a bicycle] :: bell
campanello {m} :: (plural) glockenspiel
campanello d'allarme {m} [figuratively] :: alarm bell, warning signal (a sudden awareness of danger)
Campania {prop} /kamˈpa.nja/ :: Campania (region)
campaniforme {adj} :: campaniform
campanile {m} :: bell tower
campanile {m} :: belfry
Campanile di Giotto {prop} :: Giotto's Campanile (a belltower in Florence, Italy)
campanilismo {m} /ˈ :: parochialism
campanilista {adj} :: parochial
campanilisticamente {adv} :: parochially
campanilistico {adj} :: parochial
campano {adj} :: Of or from Campania
campano {m} :: Campanian (native or inhabitant of Campania)
Campano {prop} :: surname
campanone {m} :: Large bell
campanone {m} [military] :: bombard
campante {v} :: present participle of campare
campanula {f} :: bellflower
campanula {f} :: harebell
campanulare {adj} :: campanulate (bell-shaped)
campanulato {adj} :: bell-shaped (flower)
campare {vi} :: to live, manage or get by (on)
Campari e soda {n} :: an aperitif of Campari and soda water; sometime sold pre-mixed in a small conical bottle
campata {f} :: span (spread between supports)
campato {adj} :: Only used in the phrase campato in aria
campeggiamento {m} :: encampment
campeggiante {v} :: present participle of campeggiare
campeggiare {vi} :: to camp
campeggiare {vi} :: to stand out [of a picture]
campeggiatore {m} :: A camper (person who camps)
campeggiatrice {f} :: camper (woman who camps)
campeggio {m} :: camping
campeggio {m} :: campsite, campground
campeggista {mf} :: camper
campeggistico {adj} :: camping (attributive)
campente {v} :: present participle of campire
camper {m} :: campervan, camper
camperista {mf} :: campervan / recreational vehicle enthusiast
campestre {adj} :: country (attributive), cross-country, rural
campestremente {adv} :: In a country manner; rurally
campetto {m} [sports] :: Small field, especially a small sports field or training ground
campetto {m} :: croft, quillet
campicchiante {v} :: present participle of campicchiare
campicchiare {vi} :: To scrape along, scrape by, get along, get by
campicello {m} :: A small field
campicello {m} :: croft, quillet
campidanese {adj} :: Of or pertaining to Campidano
campidanese {mf} :: A native or inhabitant of Campidano
Campidano {prop} :: A fertile plain in Sardinia
Campidano {m} :: A red wine produced in this area
Campidoglio {prop} /kam.piˈdɔ.ʎo/ :: Capitolium
Campidoglio {prop} :: The Capitoline Hill, one of the Seven hills of Rome
Campidoglio {prop} [narrowing] :: An ancient square located on top of the hill
Campidoglio {prop} [narrowing] :: The Senatorial Palace, representative of the municipality of Rome
Campidoglio {prop} [metonymy] :: The mayor of the Rome municipality
campiello {m} :: A typical little Venetian square
camping {m} :: campsite
campionamento {m} :: sampling (all senses)
campionamento {m} :: calibration
campionante {v} :: present participle of campionare
campionare {vt} :: to sample
campionario {adj} :: trade (attributive, of a fair)
campionario {adj} :: sampling (attributive)
campionario {adj} :: sample (attributive)
campionario {m} :: sample book
campionario {m} :: samples, collection
campionario {m} [figuratively] :: range, cross section
campionato {m} :: championship
campionatore {m} [music, chemistry] :: sampler (device)
campionatura {f} :: sampling
campioncina {f} :: female equivalent of campioncino
campioncino {m} :: a young champion
campioncino {m} :: sample (generally of beauty products)
campione {m} [sports] :: champion, ace, master
campione {m} :: sample, specimen
campione {m} :: freebie
campione {m} :: swag
campione {adj} [sports] :: champion
campione {adj} [attributive] :: sample, model
campionessa {f} :: female equivalent of campione
campionissimo {m} :: great or true champion (champion of champions)
campionista {mf} :: sampler
campire {vt} [arts] :: to paint in (an area of background)
Campise {prop} :: surname
campito {adj} :: painted in
campitura {f} :: painting in (of a background)
campitura {f} :: a painted background
campo {m} [sports, agriculture] :: field
campo {m} :: battlefield, airfield
campo {m} :: range
campo {m} :: signal (mobile network)
campo {m} [film] :: shot
campo {m} [arts] :: background (of a painting)
campo {m} [in Venice] :: square (smaller than a piazza)
campo {m} :: tether (the limit of one's abilities, resources etc)
Campobasso {prop} :: Campobasso (province)
Campobasso {prop} :: Campobasso (town)
campochiaro {adj} [chess] :: light-squared
campo da calcio {m} [football] :: football pitch
campo da gioco {m} [sports] :: playing field
campo da golf {m} [golf] :: golf course
campo da tennis {m} [tennis] :: tennis court
campo d'aviazione {m} :: airfield, aerodrome
Campo de' Fiori {prop} :: A square in Rome having at its centre the bronze statue of Giordano Bruno burned alive in this square for heresy by the Roman Inquisition
campo di aviazione {m} :: airfield
campo di battaglia {m} :: battlefield
campo di concentramento {m} :: concentration camp
campo di cricket {m} [cricket] :: cricket field, cricket ground
campo di gioco {m} [sports] :: playing field
campo di grano {m} :: cornfield, wheatfield
campo di prigionìa {m} :: compound (enclosure within which workers, prisoners, or soldiers are confined)
campo di prigionìa {m} :: prison camp
campo di visibilità {m} :: field of vision
campo elettrico {m} [electricity] :: electric field
campofioritane {mf} :: A native or inhabitant of Campofiorito
campo giochi {m} :: playground
campo gravitazionale {m} [physics] :: gravitational field
campo lungo {m} [photography, cinema] :: long shot
campo magnetico {m} [physics] :: magnetic field
Campo Marzio {n} :: Campus Martius (literally Field of Mars and the most populous area of ancient Rome)
campo minato {m} :: minefield
campo petrolifero {m} :: oilfield
camporealese {adj} :: Of or from Camporeale
camporealese {mf} :: A native or inhabitant of Camporeale
camporella {f} :: Only used in the term andare in camporella
campo santo {m} :: alternative spelling of camposanto
camposanto {m} :: burial place or cemetery
camposcuro {adj} [chess] :: dark-squared
campo sportivo {m} [sports] :: sports field
campo vettoriale {m} [maths] :: vector field
camptodattilia {f} [pathology] :: camptodactyly
Camuccini {prop} :: surname
Camuccini {prop} :: Vincenzo Camuccini, Italian painter
camuffamento {m} :: disguise, camouflage
camuffante {v} :: present participle of camuffare
camuffantesi {v} :: present participle of camuffarsi
camuffare {vt} :: To disguise
camuffare {vt} :: To hide
camuffarsi {vr} :: To disguise oneself
camuffatosi {v} :: past participle of camuffarsi
camuna {f} :: female equivalent of camuno
camuno {m} :: Camun, Camunian
camuno {adj} :: Camun, Camunian
camuso {adj} :: snub
camuso {adj} :: snub-nosed
can {m} /kan/ :: obsolete spelling of khan
can {m} [poetic, literary] :: apocopic form of cane; dog
cana {f} [rare] /ˈ :: marijuana cigarette, joint
Canada {prop} :: Canada (country)
canadair {m} :: firefighting aircraft
canadese {adj} :: Canadian
canadese {mf} :: Canadian
canaglia {f} /kaˈnaʎa/ :: scoundrel, rogue
canagliata {f} :: dirty trick, mischief
canagliesco {adj} :: roguish
canagliume {m} :: rabble, motley crew
canaio {m} :: dog breeder
canaio {m} [regional] :: row, din, racket
canaiolo {m} :: A red wine made from Canaiolo grapes
Canaiolo {m} :: Cabaiolo
canale {m} :: channel
canale {m} :: canal
canale {m} :: conduit
canale {m} [anatomy] :: duct, canal
canale deferente {m} [anatomy] :: vas deferens
canale di drenaggio {m} :: gutter
canale di scolo {m} :: gutter
canaletta {f} :: raceway (conduit for organizing power cabling)
canaletto {m} :: A small canal
Canal Grande {prop} :: Grand Canal (canal in Venice, Italy)
Canali {prop} :: surname
canalicolo {m} [anatomy, botany] :: canaliculus
canalina {f} :: conduit (rectangular trunking for electrical cables)
canalino {m} :: A small channel
canalino {m} :: furrow, groove
canalizzante {v} :: present participle of canalizzare
canalizzare {vt} :: to canalize
canalizzare {vt} :: to channel
canalizzazione {f} :: canalization
canalone {m} [geology] :: gorge
cananaico {adj} :: Canaanitic
cananea {f} :: feminine noun of cananeo
cananeo {adj} :: Canaanite
cananeo {m} :: Canaanite
canapa {f} [plant, uncountable] /ˈ :: hemp (Cannabis sativa)
canapa {f} :: A hemp plant
canapa {f} [collective] :: The fibers of the hemp plant
canapa {f} :: A fabric made from the hemp fibers
canapa acquatica {f} [plant, uncountable] :: hemp-agrimony (Eupatorium cannabinum)
canapa acquatica {f} :: A hemp-agrimony plant
canapacciaia {f} /ˈt͡ʃa.ja/ :: A hemp field with chiefly female plants
canapacciara {f} /ˈt͡ʃa.ra/ :: alternative form of canapacciaia
canapaccio {m} [plant] /ka.naˈpat.t͡ʃo/ :: A female hemp plant
canapa del Canada {f} [plant, uncountable] :: hemp dogbane, [US] Indian hemp (Apocynum cannabinum)
canapa del Canada {f} :: One such plant
canapa di Manila {f} :: synonym of abacà
canapaia {f} :: hempland
canapa indiana {f} [plant, uncountable] :: Indian hemp (Cannabis indica)
canapa indiana {f} :: An Indian hemp plant
canapaio {m} :: hemp worker or seller
canape {f} /ˈ :: alternative form of canapa
canape {m} :: uncommon form of canapo
canapè {m} [furniture] :: settee, couch
canapè {m} [furniture] :: canapé
canapicolo {adj} :: Relating to the cultivation of hemp
canapicoltore {m} :: hemp grower
canapicoltura {f} :: hemp growing
canapiendola {f} :: swing
canapiendola {f} :: seesaw
canapiero {adj} :: hemp (attributive)
canapificio {m} :: hemp mill
canapiglia {f} /ka.naˈpiʎ.ʎa/ :: gadwall (Mareca strepera, syn. Anas strepera)
canapina {f} :: hemp cloth
canapino {adj} :: hempen
canapo {m} /ˈ :: A thick rope made out of hemp fibers
canapone {m} [plant] /ka.naˈ :: synonym of canapaccio
canapone {m} :: An old man with long unkempt hair
canapuccia {f} [botany] /ka.naˈput.t͡ʃa/ :: hempseed
canapule {m} :: hemp stalk (used as fuel)
canapulo {m} :: alternative form of canapule
canard {m} :: canard, hoax
canarese {adj} :: Kannada (attributive)
canarese {m} :: Kannada (language)
canaria {f} :: alternative form of canarino
Canarie {prop} :: Canaries
canarino {m} :: canary (Serinus canaria)
canarino {m} [colloquial] :: squealer, ear
canarino del Mozambico {m} :: yellow-fronted canary or green singing finch
canarino frontegialla {m} :: yellow-fronted canary or green singing finch
canarino petto giallo {m} :: lemon-breasted seedeater
canarino solferino {m} :: brimstone canary
canarino solforato {m} :: brimstone canary
canato {m} :: obsolete spelling of khanato
canavaccio {m} :: alternative form of canovaccio
canavesano {adj} :: Of or from Canavese
Canavese {prop} :: A region of north-west Italy mostly in present-day Piemonte
Canberra {prop} :: Canberra (capital city)
cancellabile {adj} :: erasable, deletable
cancellabilità {f} :: Property of being erasable or cancellable
cancellamento {m} :: cancellation
cancellamento {m} :: erasure, deletion
cancellante {v} :: present participle of cancellare
cancellantesi {v} :: present participle of cancellarsi
Cancellara {prop} :: Cancellara (small town)
cancellare {vt} :: to delete, to rub out
cancellare {vt} :: to cross out
cancellare {vt} :: to cancel, to scrub
cancellarsi {v} :: reflexive of cancellare
cancellarsi {vr} :: to be erased, deleted
cancellarsi {vr} :: to fade
cancellata {f} :: (especially in plural) railings
cancellato {adj} :: erased
cancellato {adj} :: removed
cancellato {adj} :: crossed out
cancellatosi {v} :: past participle of cancellarsi
cancellatura {f} :: erasure, deletion
cancellatura {f} :: crossing out
cancellatura {f} :: annulment
cancellatura {f} :: cancellation
cancellazione {f} :: cancellation
cancellazione {f} :: erasure, deletion
cancelleresco {adj} :: chancellery, chancery (attributive)
cancelleria {f} :: chancery
cancelleria {f} :: stationery (writing paper)
cancelletto {m} :: A small gate (door-like structure)
cancelletto {m} :: hash, hash sign, number sign, octothorpe, pound sign, square (the # symbol)
cancelliera {f} :: female equivalent of cancelliere
cancellierato {m} :: chancellorship
cancelliere {m} :: chancellor
cancelliere {m} :: clerk of the court
cancellino {m} :: rubber, eraser, duster (especially for a blackboard)
cancello {m} /kanˈtʃello/ :: gate, fence
cancerizzante {v} :: present participle of cancerizzarsi
cancerizzantesi {v} :: present participle of cancerizzarsi
cancerizzarsi {vr} :: To become cancerous
cancerizzatosi {v} :: past participle of cancerizzarsi
cancerizzazione {f} [oncology] :: cancerization
cancerofobia {f} :: cancerophobia (fear of developing a malignant growth)
cancerogenesi {f} :: cancerogenesis, carcinogenesis
cancerogenicità {f} :: carcinogenicity
cancerogeno {adj} :: carcinogenic
cancerogeno {m} :: carcinogen
cancerologia {f} :: oncology
cancerologo {m} :: oncologist
canceroso {adj} [oncology] :: cancerous
can che abbaia non morde {proverb} :: barking dogs never bite; barking dogs seldom bite
canchero {m} :: alternative form of cancro
cancrena {f} [pathology] :: A more common alternative form of gangrena; gangrene
cancrena {f} [figuratively] :: A damaging or corrupting influence
cancrenoso {adj} :: gangrenous
cancrizzante {adj} [music] :: crabwise, retrograde (in counterpoint)
cancro {m} [oncology] :: cancer
Cancro {prop} [zodiac constellations, astrology, astronomy] /ˈkaŋkro/ :: Cancer
candarere {m} :: alternative form of candeliere
candaria {f} /kan.daˈri.a/ :: An instrument of witchcraft; pentacle
candeggiante {v} :: present participle of candeggiare
candeggiante {m} :: bleach
candeggiante {adj} :: bleaching
candeggiare {vt} /kan.dedˈd͡ʒ :: To bleach
candeggina {f} :: bleach, disinfectant (domestic)
candeggio {m} :: bleaching
candela {f} /kanˈ :: candle
candela {f} :: ellipsis of candela di accensione
candela {f} :: candela (SI unit of luminous intensity)
candela {f} [slang] :: snot
candela {f} :: chandelle (aerobatic maneuver)
candelabro {m} :: candelabrum, branched candlestick
candela di accensione {f} /kanˈ di at.t͡ʃenˈ :: spark plug (part of an internal combustion engine)
candelaggio {m} :: candlepower
candelaio {m} :: chandler (candle maker)
Candelaro {prop} :: Candelaro (river)
candeletta {f} :: suppository
candeliere {m} :: candlestick
candeliere {m} [nautical] :: stanchion
candelina {f} :: birthday candle
candelina {f} :: small candle
Candelora {f} :: Candlemas
candelotto {m} :: a short candle, or candle-shaped object
candelotto di zolfo {m} :: sulfur candle
candente {v} :: present participle of candire
candi {adj} [archaic] /ˈkan.di/ :: candied, only used in zucchero candi
candida {f} :: candida (fungus)
candidabile {adj} :: That can be presented as a candidate
candidabilità {f} /ˈta/ :: eligibility, ability to be presented as a candidate
candidamente {adv} :: innocently
candidamente {adv} :: candidly
candidante {v} :: present participle of candidare
candidantesi {v} :: present participle of candidarsi
candidare {vt} :: to present someone as a candidate, especially for a public post
candidarsi {v} :: reflexive of candidare
candidarsi {vr} :: to present oneself as a candidate [especially for a public post]
candidata {f} :: female equivalent of candidato
candidato {m} :: candidate
candidato {m} :: applicant
candidato {m} :: pretender
candidatosi {v} :: past participle of candidarsi
candidatura {f} :: candidature, candidacy
candidatura {f} :: application
candidezza {f} :: whiteness
candidezza {f} :: purity, innocence
candidiasi {f} :: Variant of candidosi
candidissimo {adj} :: superlative of candido
candidissimo {adj} :: very white
candidissimo {adj} :: very pure
candidissimo {adj} :: very candid
candido {adj} /ˈ :: white (pure)
candido {adj} :: ingenuous, naive
candido {adj} :: candid, frank
candido {adj} :: pure, innocent
Candido {prop} :: given name
candidosi {f} [medicine] :: candidiasis
candire {vt} /kanˈ :: to candy (preserve fruit by boiling in syrup)
candire {v} :: to blanch, whiten
candito {adj} /kanˈ :: candied
candito {m} [countable] :: A single piece of candied fruit
candito {m} [in the plural] :: candied fruit
canditura {f} :: candying; The process, or the result of preserving fruit by boiling with syrup
canditura {f} [countable, rare] :: A single piece of candied fruit
canditura {f} [uncountable, rare, collective] :: candied fruit
candore {m} :: white (an immaculate or bright white colour)
candore {m} :: candor [US], candour [British]
candore {m} :: naivety, ingenuousness
cane {m} /ˈ :: dog, male dog
cane {m} [firearms] :: hammer
cane {adj} :: [of cold] freezing, biting
cane {adj} :: [of pain] terrible, dreadful, awful
canea {f} :: Loud barking (of dogs)
canea {f} :: (by extension) uproar, row, racket
cane che abbaia non morde {proverb} :: rare form of can che abbaia non morde
cane da caccia {m} :: hound, hunter, hunting dog
cane d'acqua {m} :: water dog
cane da ferma {m} :: pointer (dog)
cane da penna {m} :: bird dog, gun dog
cane da riporto {m} :: retriever (dog)
canederlo {m} [chiefly in the plural] :: Big round poached or boiled potato or bread dumplings, made without yeast, often filled
canefora {f} :: canephora
cane lupo {m} :: German shepherd, Alsatian
cane lupo {m} :: wolfdog
Cane maggiore {prop} [astronomy] :: Canis Major (constellation)
Cane minore {prop} [astronomy] :: Canis Minor (constellation)
Canepina {prop} :: Canepina (small town)
canepinese {adj} :: Of or from Canepina
cane poliziotto {m} :: police dog
cane sciolto {m} :: maverick person
canestra {f} :: (large) wicker basket
canestraia {f} :: female equivalent of canestraio
canestraio {m} :: basket maker
canestraio {m} :: basket seller
canestrato {m} :: A semi-hard Sicilian cheese
canestrello {m} :: grommet
canestrello {m} :: scallop
canestrello {m} :: a type of biscuit/cookie from Piedmont and Liguria
canestrino {m} :: A small basket
canestro {m} :: basket (normal, and in basketball)
canestro {m} :: hamper
Canetta {prop} :: surname
canettiere {m} :: huntsman (with dogs)
canevaccio {m} :: alternative form of canovaccio
Canevascini {prop} :: surname
canevazza {f} :: rag
canevazza {f} :: duster
canfora {f} :: camphor
canforaceo {adj} :: camphoraceous
canforante {v} :: present participle of canforare
canforare {vt} :: To treat with camphor, to camphorate
canforato {adj} :: camphorated
cangia {f} /ˈkan.d͡ʒa/ :: A kind of sailing boat of up to two masts used for housing and for pleasure-trips
cangiabile {adj} :: changeable
cangiamento {m} [literary] :: alternative form of cambiamento
cangiante {v} /kanˈd͡ʒan.te/ :: present participle of cangiare
cangiante {adj} :: shot, iridescent
cangiar {v} :: apocopic form of cangiare
cangiare {v} :: to change
cangiare {v} :: to exchange
cangiare {n} [rare] :: change
cangiarro {m} :: A type of Turkish dagger with a curved blade
canguro {m} /kanˈɡ :: kangaroo
canguro gigante {m} :: eastern gray kangaroo (Macropus giganteus)
canguro robusto {m} :: common wallaroo (Macropus robustus)
canguro rosso {m} :: red kangaroo (Macropus rufus)
canicola {f} /kaˈ :: dog days
canicolare {adj} :: scorching
canide {m} :: canid (dog, wolf etc.)
caniforme {m} /ka.niˈ :: Any member of the Caniformia taxonomic suborder
Caniformi {m} /ka.niˈfor.mi/ :: The Caniformia taxonomic suborder
Canil {prop} :: surname
canile {m} :: kennel
caninamente {adv} :: in a canine manner
canino {adj} :: canine
canino {adj} [anatomy] :: caninus
canino {m} :: canine (tooth)
canino {m} [muscle] :: caninus
canizie {f} /kaˈnit.t͡sje/ :: Whitening or greying of the hair
canizie {f} :: A white head of hair
canizie {f} [figurative] :: old age
canna {f} /ˈ :: cane
canna {f} :: barrel (of a gun)
canna {f} [fishing] :: rod
canna {f} :: tube, pipe (on a pump organ or a trachea)
canna {f} :: chute
canna {f} [slang] :: joint
canna {f} [historical] :: traditional unit of measure
cannabinoide {m} [organic chemistry] :: cannabinoid
cannabinoido {m} :: cannabinoid
cannabismo {m} [pathology] :: cannabism
canna da pesca {f} :: fishing rod, fishing pole
canna da zucchero {f} :: sugarcane
canna fumaria {f} :: flue
cannaiola {f} :: reed warbler
canna metrica {f} :: measuring rod
cannante {v} :: present participle of cannare
cannare {vt} :: to bungle, screw up
cannare {vt} :: to fail, flunk [an exam]
cannareccione {m} :: great reed warbler (Acrocephalus arundinaceus)
Cannaregio {prop} :: Cannaregio
Canne {prop} :: Cannae
canneggiante {v} :: present participle of canneggiare
canneggiare {v} :: to survey using a measuring rod and theodolite
canneggiatore {m} :: surveyor's assistant (who holds the measuring rod)
canneggio {m} [music] :: The tube that constitutes the horn or bell of a brass instrument
cannella {f} :: cinnamon (spice)
cannella {f} :: cinnamon (colour)
cannella {f} [Tuscany] :: faucet, household water tap, spigot
cannellato {adj} :: scalloped
cannellato {adj} [heraldry] :: invected
cannellino {m} [chiefly in the plural] :: cannellini bean
cannello {m} :: tube
cannello {m} :: stick
cannello {m} :: pipette
cannello {m} :: blowpipe
cannello ferruminatorio {m} :: blowpipe
cannellone {m} [chiefly in the plural] /kan.nelˈ :: A large tube of pasta with a savoury filling baked in the oven
canneté {m} :: grosgrain
canneto {m} :: reed bed, canebrake
cannetta {f} :: diminutive of canna
cannetta {f} :: small or thin reed, small or thin cane
cannetta {f} :: penholder
cannibale {mf} /kanˈ :: cannibal
cannibalescamente {adv} :: cannibalistically
cannibalesco {adj} /ˈles.ko/ :: cannibalistic
cannibalismo {m} :: cannibalism
cannibalistico {adj} :: cannibalistic
cannibalizzante {v} :: present participle of cannibalizzare
cannibalizzare {vt} /ˈd͡ :: to cannibalize
cannibalizzazione {f} /͡zaˈt͡ :: cannibalization
cannicciata {f} :: cane or slat fencing
cannicciata {f} :: lattice
canniccio {m} :: reed matting
cannista {mf} :: angler
Cannizzaro {prop} [feminine only] /kan.nitˈ :: Cannizzaro (small town)
Cannizzaro {prop} :: surname
Cannizzaro {prop} [masculine only] :: Stanislao Cannizzaro (1826–1910), Italian chemist noted for the Cannizzaro reaction
cannocchiale {m} :: telescope
cannocchiale {m} :: spyglass
cannolicchio {m} /kan.noˈlik.kjo/ :: grooved razor shell (Solen marginatus)
cannolo {m} [rare] /kanˈnɔ.lo/ :: little tube
cannolo {m} [chiefly in the plural] :: cannoli (tube of fried pastry filled with ricotta)
cannonare {v} [rare] /kan.noˈ :: To cannon (to bombard with cannons)
cannonata {f} /kan.noˈna.ta/ :: The firing of a cannon
cannoncino {m} :: light artillery gun
cannoncino {m} :: box pleat
cannoncino {m} :: cream horn (pastry)
cannone {m} [weaponry] /kanˈ :: cannon (all senses)
cannone {m} [rare] :: ace (person who excels)
cannone {m} [rare] :: large tube or pipe
cannone {m} [rare] :: box pleat
cannone {m} [smoking, slang] :: large joint
cannoneggiamento {m} /͡ʒaˈ :: cannonade
cannoneggiante {v} :: present participle of cannoneggiare
cannoneggiare {vt} /ˈd͡ʒ :: to cannon; to shell (with artillery)
cannone sparaneve {m} :: snowgun
cannoniera {f} /kan.noˈnjɛ.ra/ :: embrasure
cannoniera {f} :: gunboat
cannoniere {m} /kan.noˈnjɛ.re/ :: gunner
cannoniere {m} [soccer] :: striker
cannoniero {adj} [rare] /kan.noˈnjɛ.ro/ :: cannoned (furnished with cannon(s))
cannonissimo {m} :: Any of several very large artillery cannons (especially as used by the Germans in the Second World War)
cannoso {adj} :: reedy
cannuccia {f} /kanˈnut.t͡ʃa/ :: drinking straw
cannula {f} :: cannula
cano {adj} [obsolete, literary] /ˈ :: hoary-haired, white-haired
canoa {f} [nautical] /kaˈnɔ.a/ :: canoe
canoa {f} [sports] :: canoeing
canocchia {f} :: squill (Squilla mantis)
canocchiale {m} [colloquial] :: telescope
canoismo {m} :: canoeing
canoista {mf} [sports] :: canoeist, canoer
canoistico {adj} :: canoe (attributive)
canoncino {m} [printing, dated] :: 28-cicero type
canone {m} /ˈkanone/ :: rent, fee
canone {m} [music] :: canon, round
canone {m} [chiefly in the plural] :: canon, rule, norm
canone {m} [printing, dated] :: 40- and 44-cicero type, the later taken as equivalent to the English canon
canone cancrizzante {m} [music] :: crab canon
canonica {f} :: presbytery, manse
canonicale {adj} :: canon (person, attributive)
canonicamente {adv} :: canonically
canonicità {f} :: canonicity
canonico {adj} :: canonical
canonico {m} :: canon
canonista {mf} :: canonist
canonizzabile {adj} :: canonizable
canonizzante {v} :: present participle of canonizzare
canonizzare {vt} :: to canonize
canonizzazione {f} :: canonization
canopia {f} :: canopy
canopico {adj} :: canopic (all senses)
canopo {m} :: canopic jar
Canopo {prop} [star] :: Canopus (star)
canorità {f} :: melodiousness
canoro {adj} :: that sings well
Canosa di Puglia {prop} :: Canosa di Puglia (town)
canoscenza {f} :: Variant of conoscenza
canotta {f} :: vest [British], singlet
canottaggio {m} [sports, rowing, nautical] :: rowing
canottiera {f} :: vest [British], singlet
canottiera {f} :: chemise
canottiera {f} [rowing] :: rower {f}
canottiere {m} [sports, rowing, nautical] :: rower, oarsman
canotto {m} [nautical] :: dinghy
canova {f} /ˈ :: wineshop
Canova {prop} :: surname
Canova {prop} :: Antonio Canova, Italian sculptor and painter
canovaccio {m} :: canvas (cloth)
canovaccio {m} :: dishcloth
canovaccio {m} :: cloth (for cleaning)
canovaccio {m} :: plot
canovaccio {m} :: draft
canrenoato {m} [organic chemistry] :: canrenoate
cant {m} :: apocopic form of canto
cantabile {m} :: cantabile
cantabile {adj} :: cantabile
cantabile {adj} :: singable
cantabile {adv} :: cantabile
cantabilità {f} :: Property of being singable
cantabilità {f} :: Property of being cantabile
Cantabria {prop} :: Cantabria (autonomous community/and/province)
Cantabrici {prop} :: Cantabrian mountains
cantabrico {adj} :: Cantabrian
cantabrico {m} :: Cantabrian
cantabrico {prop} :: the Cantabrian language
cantafavola {f} :: rigmarole
cantambanco {m} :: balladeer, storyteller
cantambanco {m} :: charlatan
cantante {mf} :: singer
cantante {v} :: present participle of cantare
cantare {v} /kanˈtaːre/ :: to sing
cantarello giallo {m} [mushrooms] :: chanterelle, golden chanterelle, girolle (Cantharellus cibarius)
cantaride {f} :: Spanish fly (fly of genus Cantharis, and medicinal product)
cantaride {f} :: cantharides
cantaridina {f} [organic compound] :: cantharidin
cantaro {m} :: sea bream
cantaro {m} :: drinking vessel
cantaro {m} :: synonym of cantero, i.e., chamberpot
cantastorie {mf} /kan.tasˈtɔ :: storyteller
cantata {f} :: song
cantata {f} :: singalong
cantatore {adj} :: singing
cantatore {m} [rare] :: singer
cantatrice {f} :: female equivalent of cantatore
cantautorale {adj} :: singer-songwriter (attributive)
cantautore {m} [musician] /kan.tauˈ :: singer-songwriter
cantautrice {f} /kan.tauˈtri.tʃe/ :: female equivalent of cantautore
Cantello {prop} :: Cantello (small town)
cantera {f} :: drawer (of a chest)
cantera {f} :: A piece of furniture usually multiple parallel, horizontal drawers stacked one above each other, used mainly for the storage of clean clothes
canterano {m} [furniture] :: chest of drawers, commode
canterano {m} :: bureau [US]
canterano {m} :: dresser
canterano {m} [furniture] :: A piece of furniture which has multiple parallel, horizontal drawers stacked one above each other, used mainly for the storage of clean clothes
Canterbury {prop} /kanˈtɛr.bu.ri/ :: Canterbury (cathedral city)
canterellante {v} :: present participle of canterellare
canterellare {v} :: to hum or sing to oneself
canterino {adj} :: singing
cantero {m} [regional] :: chamber pot
cantica {f} :: A religious or narrative poem, for example The Inferno, the first book of Dante's epic poem The Divine Comedy. The epic is made up of three cantiche (cantica), The Inferno, Purgatorio, and Paradiso, each cantica being made up of multiple cantos
canticchiabile {adj} :: singable
canticchiante {v} :: present participle of canticchiare
canticchiare {vt} :: to hum, or sing to oneself
cantico {m} [music] :: canticle
Cantico dei Cantici {prop} [biblical] :: Song of Songs
cantierabile {adj} :: feasible; capable of implementation (of a building site)
cantiere {m} :: shipyard
cantiere {m} :: building site
cantiere navale {m} :: shipyard
cantieristica {f} :: shipbuilding (industry)
cantieristico {adj} :: shipbuilding (attributive)
cantierizzazione {f} :: construction site
cantilena {f} /kan.tiˈlɛ.na/ :: lullaby
cantilena {f} :: singsong
cantilena {f} :: whining, cant
cantilenante {v} :: present participle of cantilenare
cantilenare {vti} :: To singsong or chant
cantillazione {f} :: cantillation
cantimbanco {m} :: Variant of cantambanco
Cantimori {prop} :: surname
Cantimori {prop} :: Delio Cantimori, Italian historian
cantina {f} :: cellar, basement, winery
cantina {f} :: wine shop, wine cellar
cantinaro {m} :: A manufacturer of poor-quality products
cantiniere {m} :: cellarman
cantiniere {m} :: tavern or wine bar keeper
canto {m} /ˈkän̪ːt̪o/ :: song
canto {m} :: singing
canto {m} :: corner
canto {m} :: side
canto del cigno {m} :: swan song
Canton {prop} /kanˈtɔn/ :: Canton (caplc)
Canton {prop} :: Canton (province)
cantonale {adj} :: cantonal
cantonata {f} :: corner (of a building)
cantonata {f} :: blunder
cantone {m} :: canton
cantone {m} :: corner
cantone {m} [heraldiccharge] :: canton
cantonese {adj} :: Cantonese
cantonese {mf} :: Cantonese
cantonese {ms} :: Cantonese (language)
cantoniera {f} [furniture] :: corner cupboard, encoignure, commode
cantoniere {m} :: road or railway track inspector
cantore {m} :: cantor, precentor
cantore {m} :: singer, chorister
cantore d'africa {m} :: white-rumped seedeater (Crithagra leucopygius)
cantoria {f} :: choir (all senses)
cantorino {m} [music] :: choir book
cantucci e vin santo {m} {p} :: A dessert consisting of a glass of Vin Santo and a selection of almond biscotti to be dunked in the wine and eaten
cantuccino {m} [chiefly in the plural] /kan.tutˈtʃ :: crunchy biscuit made with almonds and/or hazelnuts, typical of Tuscany
cantuccio {m} :: small corner, nook
cantuccio {m} [by extension] :: a small piece of bread etc
cantuccio {m} [chiefly in the plural] :: crunchy biscuit made with almonds and/or hazelnuts, typical of Tuscany
canturino {adj} :: Of or relating to Cantù, an Italian town
canturino {m} :: A native or inhabitant of Cantù
canusino {adj} :: Of or from Canosa di Puglia
canutezza {f} :: hoariness
canutiglia {f} :: silver or gold border (to a uniform etc)
canutiglia {f} :: leads (for a window)
canuto {adj} [of hair] /kaˈ :: grey, hoary, white
canuto {adj} [by extension] :: hoary-haired
canuto {adj} [figurative, poetic] :: old, serious, staid
canuto {adj} [by extension, literary] :: covered in white, specifically:
canuto {adj} [of mountains] :: besnowed, snow-covered, snowy
canuto {adj} [of seawater] :: foamy, spumescent
Canuto {prop} :: Canute, Knut
canutola {f} [plant] /kaˈ :: synonym of polio
canzese {adj} :: Of or from Canzo
Canziano {prop} :: given name
Canzio {prop} /ˈkan.t͡sjo/ :: A region in Britain (now Kent)
Canzio {prop} :: given name
Canzo {prop} :: A small town in the Como province of Lombardia
canzon {n} :: apocopic form of canzone
canzonaccia {f} :: bawdy song
canzonante {v} :: present participle of canzonare
canzonare {vt} :: To tease, to make fun of, to laugh at, to ridicule
canzonatore {adj} :: teasing
canzonatore {m} :: tease, teaser
canzonatoriamente {adv} :: teasingly, mockingly
canzonatorio {adj} :: teasing, mocking
canzonatura {f} :: mockery, teasing
canzoncina {f} :: Little song, jingle, ditty
canzone {f} :: song
canzonetta {f} :: a simple or popular song
canzonettista {mf} :: singer (cabaret etc)
canzoniere {m} :: songbook
canzoniere {m} :: Collection of poetry or lyrics
cao {m} /ˈka.o/ :: obsolete form of caos
caociuc {n} [obsolete, rare] :: rubber
caodaisto {adj} :: Caodaiist (attributive)
caolinite {f} [mineralogy] :: kaolinite
caolinizzante {v} :: present participle of caolinizzare
caolinizzare {vt} :: to kaolinize
caolinizzazione {f} :: kaolinization
caolino {m} [mineralogy] :: kaolin
Caorle {prop} :: Caorle (town)
caorlina {f} [nautical] :: A type of rowing boat from Caorle
caorlotto {adj} :: Of or from Caorle
Caorsa {prop} :: Cahors
caos {m} /ˈka.os/ :: chaos
caosse {m} /kaˈɔ :: obsolete form of caos
caoticamente {adv} :: chaotically
caotico {adj} /kaˈɔ.ti.ko/ :: chaotic
Caotina {f} [Switzerland] :: hot chocolate
capa {f} :: head
capa {f} [often jocular] :: boss
capa {f} :: alternative form of kappa
capaccia {f} :: synonym of soprassata
capace {adj} /kaˈpaː.tʃe/ :: large, capacious
capace {adj} :: able, capable, clever
capacense {adj} :: Of or from Capaci
capacense {mf} :: Native or inhabitant of Capaci
capacissimo {adj} :: superlative of capace
capacità {f} :: capacity (to do something), ability, skill
capacità {f} :: capacity (amount something will hold)
capacitante {v} :: present participle of capacitare
capacitantesi {v} :: present participle of capacitarsi
capacitanza {f} [physics] :: capacitance
capacitare {vt} :: To persuade
capacitarsi {vr} :: To understand, to believe
capacitatosi {v} :: past participle of capacitarsi
capacitività {f} [physics] :: capacitivity, dielectric constant
capacitivo {adj} :: capacitive
capacitore {m} :: capacitor (electrical)
Capaneo {prop} [Greek mythology] :: Capaneus
capanna {f} :: hut
capannella {f} :: A pyramid of four walnuts in the game of nocino
Capannelle {prop} :: Capannelle (district)
capannello {m} :: knot, crowd, throng (of people) in a public place, especially as of on-lookers
capannello {m} [Tuscan] :: a small, often movable straw hut, as for housing chickens or for similar uses
capannicolo {adj} :: hut (attributive)
capanno {m} :: hide (for hunting etc)
capanno {m} :: bathing hut
capannone {m} :: shed
capannone {m} :: barn
capannone {m} :: hangar
capannone {m} :: shack
capannuccia {f} :: diminutive of capanna
capannuccia {f} :: a little hut [especially the one where Jesus was born]
caparbiamente {adv} :: stubbornly
caparbieria {f} :: stubbornness, obstinacy, doggedness
caparbietà {f} :: stubbornness, obstinacy
caparbio {adj} /kaˈpar.bjo/ :: stubborn, obstinate, dogged
caparra {f} [legal] :: down payment, deposit, earnest
capasanta {f} :: scallop (mollusc)
capata {f} :: head butt
capata {f} :: call (brief visit)
capatina {f} :: diminutive of capata; flying visit
Capecchi {prop} :: surname
capecchio {m} :: tow (bundle of fibres)
capeggiante {v} :: present participle of capeggiare
capeggiare {vt} :: To lead, to head
capeggiatore {m} :: ringleader
capella {f} :: synonym of capretta
Capella {prop} :: Capella
capelli a spazzola {m} :: alternative form of taglio a spazzola
capellini {n} :: A type of thin pasta like angel hair
capellino {m} :: diminutive of capello
capellino {m} [in the plural] :: synonym of capello d'angelo
capello {m} :: a single hair (on the head)
capello {m} [in the plural] :: head hair
capello d'angelo {m} [in the plural] :: angel hair (very thin type of pasta)
capellone {mf} :: hippie
capellone {mf} :: longhair
capelloso {adj} :: hairlike, hairy
capelluto {adj} :: hairy
capelomme {m} :: A type of salami from Abruzzo
capelvenere {m} [plant] /ka.pelˈvɛ :: Adiantum capillus-veneris; maidenhair fern
capentesi {v} :: present participle of capirsi
capestro {m} :: noose
capestro {m} :: halter (for animals)
capestro {adj} :: one-sided
capetingio {adj} :: Capetian
Capeto {prop} :: Capetus (Latin king)
capetoniano {adj} :: Capetonian
capetto {m} :: junior manager or boss
capezza {f} :: alternative form of cavezza
capezzagna {f} :: headland (strip of uncultivated land, at the edge of a field, where the plough turns)
capezzale {m} :: bolster (long pillow)
capezzale {m} :: bedside
capezzale {m} :: sickbed
capezzata {f} [architecture] :: coping
capezziera {f} :: A form of embroidered canvas used on the back of chairs etc
capezziera {f} [nautical] :: The bundle of ropes that support each end of a hammock
capezzolo {m} :: nipple (of the breast)
capezzone {m} :: longeing cavesson [US], lungeing cavesson [UK]
Caph {prop} :: Caph, the third brightest star in the constellation of Cassiopeia
capibara {m} /kapiˈbara/ :: capybara (Hydrochoerus hydrochaeris)
capibile {adj} :: understandable
capicollo {n} :: altenative spelling of capocollo
capidoglio {m} :: alternative spelling of capodoglio
capiente {adj} /kapˈjɛn.te/ :: capacious, roomy, ample, large
capienza {f} /kapˈjɛn.t͡sa/ :: capacity (the maximum amount that can be held)
capifosso {m} :: A large ditch or drain that others feed into
capigliatura {f} :: hair, head of hair
capillare {adj} :: capillary
capillare {adj} :: detailed, extensive
capillare {adj} :: vast, widespread
capillare {m} [anatomy] :: capillary
capillarità {f} [chemistry, physics] :: capillarity, capillary action
capillarizzante {v} :: present participle of capillarizzare
capillarizzare {v} :: To extend widely
capillarizzazione {f} :: capillarization
capillarmente {adv} :: extensively
capillarmente {adv} :: vastly
capillaroscopia {f} [medicine] :: capillaroscopy
capinera {f} :: blackcap
capintesta {mf} :: head, leader
capir {v} :: apocopic form of capire
capire {vit} /kaˈ :: to understand, fathom, get the point, take the point
capire {vi} [rare] :: to fit (in something)
capire che è vicina una fine infausta {v} :: to see the writing on the wall
capirossa {f} /ka.piˈ :: synonym of averla capirossa
capirsi {v} :: reflexive of capire
capirsi {vr} :: to know about something
capirsi {vr} :: to understand oneself or one another
capirsi {vr} :: to reach an understanding
capisteo {m} :: Any of various agricultural containers
capitagna {f} :: headland (of a field)
capitale {adj} /ka.piˈta.le/ :: Of or pertaining to the head
capitale {adj} [legal] :: capital
capitale {adj} [by extension] :: bitter
capitale {adj} [by extension] :: fierce
capitale {adj} :: primary, prime, chief, main, capital
capitale {f} :: capital city, capital
capitale {m} [economics] :: capital
capitalismo {m} :: capitalism
capitalista {adj} :: capitalist
capitalista {mf} :: capitalist
capitalisticamente {adv} :: capitalistically, in a capitalist manner
capitalistico {adj} :: capitalistic
capitalistico {adj} :: capitalist
capitalizzante {v} :: present participle of capitalizzare
capitalizzare {vt} :: to capitalize
capitalizzazione {f} :: capitalization
capitalmente {adv} [archaic, literary] /ka.pi.talˈmen.te/ :: capitally (by capital punishment)
capitalmente {adv} [rare] :: primarily, chiefly, mainly, capitally
capitan {m} :: apocopic form of capitano
capitana {f} :: female equivalent of capitano
capitana {f} :: flagship of a fleet under a capitano generale (pre-18th c.)
capitanante {v} :: present participle of capitanare
capitanare {vt} :: To head, to captain
capitaneggiante {v} :: present participle of capitaneggiare
capitaneggiare {vt} :: To captain or lead
capitaneria {f} :: captaincy
capitano {m} [military ranks] /ka.piˈ :: captain
capitano d'industria {n} :: captain of industry, tycoon, boss
capitante {v} :: present participle of capitare
capitare {vi} :: to happen
capitare {vi} :: to turn up, to arise, to occur
capitare {vi} :: to come, to get to, to chance, to end up
capitato {adj} [botany, skeleton] :: capitate
capitato {m} [skeleton] :: capitate, capitate bone
capitazione {f} :: capitation tax
capitellato {adj} [architecture] :: Having capitals
capitellato {adj} [botany] :: capitellate
capitello {m} [architecture] :: capital
capitergio {m} /ka.piˈtɛr.d͡ʒo/ :: A cloth for drying the head
capitolante {v} :: present participle of capitolare
capitolare {vi} :: to capitulate, surrender
capitolare {m} :: capitular
capitolato {m} :: (especially in plural) terms, specifications
capitolazione {f} :: capitulation
capitoletto {m} :: A short chapter
capitolino {adj} /ka.pi.toˈ :: Of or pertaining to the Capitol; Capitoline
capitolino {adj} [by extension] :: Of or pertaining to the municipality of Rome
capitolo {m} :: chapter
capitombolante {v} :: present participle of capitombolare
capitombolare {vi} :: To tumble; to fall headlong, to roll head over heels
capitombolo {m} :: tumble; headlong fall
capitombolo {m} :: head over heels
capitomboloni {adv} :: head over heels
capitone {m} :: A large eel, traditionally eaten at Christmas
capitosi {v} :: past participle of capirsi
capitozzante {v} :: present participle of capitozzare
capitozzare {vt} :: To pollard
capivolgente {v} :: present participle of capivolgere
capivolgere {vt} :: Variant of capovolgere
capivoltare {v} /ka.pi.volˈ :: alternative form of capovoltare
capo- {prefix} :: head, boss, leader
capo {m} /ˈkapo/ :: head
capo {m} :: boss, chief, leader, master
capo {m} :: end (of a rope etc)
capo {m} :: cape (especially when capitalised in placenames)
capo {m} :: ply
capo {m} :: buddy
capo {m} [heraldiccharge] :: chief
capoarea {mf} :: area manager (of an organization)
capoarma {m} [military] :: soldier responsible for the care of a machine gun or mortar
capobanda {f} [music] :: bandmaster
capobanda {f} :: ringleader, gang leader
capobarca {f} :: skipper (especially of a large boat)
capobastone {mf} :: Local 'Ndrangheta boss
capobranco {f} :: The leader (dominant animal) of a pack (especially a male one); alpha male
capoc {m} :: kapok
capocaccia {m} :: leader of the hunt
capocameriere {m} :: head waiter
capocannoniere {m} [nautical] :: Head of a gun crew
capocannoniere {m} [football] :: Top goal-scorer
capocantiere {f} :: construction foreman; yard foreman; site foreman
capocarceriere {m} :: head warder
capocarico {m} :: bookkeeper
capocarico {m} :: accountant
capocchia {f} :: head (of a pin, match, garlic etc)
capocchietta {f} :: pinhead (head of a pin etc)
capocchina {f} :: pinhead (head of a pin etc)
capocchio {m} :: sucker, chump
Capocchio {prop} :: An alchemist in the Divine Comedy
capocchiona {f} :: A large head (of a pin etc)
capocchione {m} :: sucker, chump
capocchiuto {adj} :: Having a large head
capoccia {m} :: head of the family
capoccia {m} :: overseer of labourers
capoccia {m} [colloquial] :: boss
capocciata {f} :: headbutt
capoccione {m} :: brainbox
capoccione {m} :: bigwig
capocellula {f} :: Leader of a cell (political)
capocentro {f} :: leader of a (technology, IT etc) centre
capocielo {m} :: canopy over a high altar
capociurma {f} [nautical] :: skipper
capoclan {m} :: leader of a clan (Mafia-type or Scottish)
capoclaque {f} :: ringleader of a claque
capoclasse {m} :: prefect
capoclasse {f} :: prefects
capoclasse {f} :: form captain [British], class president [US]
capoclassifica {adj} :: leading (first in a classification)
capoclassifica {f} :: leader (first in a classification)
capocollo {m} :: neck (pork cut)
capocollo {m} :: A type of salami made from neck and shoulder meat
capocomicato {m} :: theatre management
capocomico {m} :: leader of a theatre company
capocomitiva {f} :: group leader
capocommessa {f} :: prime contractor (company or person)
capocommesso {m} :: head of sales (in a large shop etc)
capocontabile {mf} :: chief accountant
capoconvoglio {m} [nautical] :: commander of a convoy
capocorda {m} :: terminal (electrical)
capocorda {m} :: Variant of capocordata
capocordata {f} :: leader of a party of mountain climbers roped together
capocorrente {f} :: leader of a political faction
capocorso {m} :: The student who gains the highest marks for a particular course
capocronaca {m} :: leader (leading article in a newspaper)
capocronista {mf} :: Chief news editor
capocuoco {m} :: head cook
capo d'abbigliamento {m} :: item of clothing
capo d'anno {m} :: alternative form of capodanno
capodanno {m} /kapoˈdanno/ :: New Year's Day
capodanno {m} :: New Year's Eve
capodecina {m} :: head of a decina (branch within a Mafia family)
capodelegazione {f} :: head of a delegation
capo del governo {m} [politics] :: head of government
capo dello stato {m} :: The head of state of a republic, a representative democracy and sometimes a dictatorship
capo dello stato {m} :: president
capo di abbigliamento {m} :: item of clothing
Capo di Buona Speranza {prop} :: Cape of Good Hope
Capodimonte {prop} :: An area of Naples famous for a Bourbon royal palace, the National Museum of Capodimonte, housed in the former Palace of Capodimonte, the Astronomical Observatory of Capodimonte and Capodimonte porcelain manufactory
Capodimonte {prop} :: A comune in Viterbo
capodipartimento {f} :: head of a department
capo di stato {m} :: head of state
capo di stato {m} :: the chief public representative of a nation having duties, privileges and responsibilities varying greatly depending on the constitutional rules; a monarch in a monarchy, and often styled president in a republic, but variations such as collegiality exist
capodistretto {adj} :: head of district
Capodistria {prop} :: Capodistria (city)
capo di vestiario {m} :: item of clothing
capodivisione {f} :: head of an administrative department
capodoglio {m} :: sperm whale (mammal)
capodopera {m} :: masterpiece
capofabbrica {f} :: manager or a factory or plant
capofabbricato {m} :: air-raid warden
capofacchino {m} :: head porter
capofamiglia {f} :: head of the family
capofficina {f} :: head of a workshop
capofila {f} :: Person at the head of a queue
capofila {f} :: leader (principle representative)
capofitto {adj} :: Having the head downwards
capofreddo {m} :: synonym of soprassata
capogabbiere {m} [nautical] :: foretopman
capogabinetto {f} :: cabinet secretary (or secretary to a minister)
capogatto {m} :: staggers (animal disease)
capogiro {m} :: dizziness
capogiro {m} [zoology] :: a disease afflicting young bees in which undigested pollen creates a swollen abdomen, e.g. chronic bee paralysis virus
capogruppo {f} :: group leader
capogruppo {f} :: parent company
capoguardia {f} :: leader of a guard
capoguardia {f} :: chief warder
capoinfermiera {f} :: head nurse
capok {m} :: alternative spelling of capoc
capolaboratorio {f} :: director of a laboratory
capolavoro {m} :: masterpiece
capolega {f} :: head of a league (local or regional association)
capolepre {m} :: oceanic pufferfish (Lagocephalus lagocephalus)
capolettera {m} :: Large capital letter at the beginning of a page or paragraph
capolinea {m} :: terminus (of a bus, tram or train route)
capolino {m} :: diminutive of capo
capolino {m} [botany] :: flower head, capitulum
capolista {m} :: head of a list
capolista {f} :: leader (team at the head of a division or league)
capoluogo {m} {m} :: Chief town or city of a region; capital, administrative centre
capomacchinista {f} :: chief engineer
capomafia {m} :: Mafia boss
capomandamento {m} [military] :: warrant officer
capomandamento {m} :: Mafia boss
capomanipolo {m} :: head of a small group of soldiers (especially in Fascist times)
capomanovra {m} [nautical] :: foretopman
capomastro {m} :: master builder
capomissione {m} :: head of a diplomatic mission
capomorto {m} [obsolete, chemistry] :: residue after distillation or calcining
capomovimento {f} :: director of train movements in a large station
capomusica {f} [music] :: musical director (especially of a military band)
caponaggine {f} :: obstinacy, stubbornness
caponante {v} :: present participle of caponare
caponare {vt} :: alternative form of capponare
caponare {vt} [nautical] :: to cat (raise the anchor onto the cathead)
caponata {f} :: caponata (Sicilian dish)
capone {m} :: augmentative of capo
capone {m} :: a large hat
capone {m} :: alternative form of cappone
capone {m} [nautical] :: a hoist for raising the anchor
Capone {prop} :: Capone; surname
caponeria {f} :: stubbornness, obstinacy
caponiera {f} :: stubbornness, obstinacy (Variant of: caponeria)
capoofficina {f} :: (chief) foreman
capooperaio {m} :: foreman
capopagina {m} :: headpiece (typographic)
capopartito {m} :: (political) party leader
capoparto {m} :: The first menstruation after childbirth
capopattuglia {f} :: patrol leader
Capo Peloro {prop} :: A promontory on the north-east of Sicily in the province of Messina
capopesca {f} :: lead fisherman (in a group of fishing boats)
capopezzo {m} :: chief gunner
capopopolo {f} :: rabble rouser
capopopolo {f} :: demagogue
capoposto {m} :: The head of a diplomatic mission
capoquarto {adj} :: head of a quarter (division of a town)
caporal {m} :: apocopic form of caporale
caporalato {m} :: office of a corporal
caporalato {m} :: illegal employment of agricultural workers for very little pay
caporale {mf} :: corporal, lance corporal
caporale {mf} :: bossy person
caporale {mf} :: illegal employer of agricultural workers for little pay
caporalesco {adj} :: bossy
caporalismo {m} :: bossiness
caporalmaggiore {m} :: corporal
caporchestra {f} :: conductor (of an orchestra)
caporedattore {m} :: editor in chief
caporedattrice {f} :: female equivalent of caporedattore
caporeparto {f} :: foreman, manager
caporeparto {f} :: head (of a department)
caporeparto {f} :: shopwalker, floorwalker
caporetto {f} [figuratively] /ka.poˈ :: A heavy defeat
Caporetto {prop} /ka.poˈ :: Caporetto (town)
caporione {m} :: ringleader, gang leader (local)
caporiverso {adv} :: With the head down
caporonda {m} :: patrol leader
caporovescio {adv} :: With the head down
caposala {m} :: charge nurse (male nurse in charge of a ward) (Note: This is very rare in Italy)
caposala {f} :: ward sister, charge nurse (female)
caposaldo {m} :: stronghold
caposaldo {m} :: datum point, trig point
caposaldo {m} [figuratively] :: cornerstone
caposardina {f} [neologism, politics] :: A leader of the Sardines movement
caposcala {m} /ka.po.ˈ :: landing (at the top of a staircase)
caposcala {m} :: caretaker (in condos with many staircases a guardian to each staircase)
capo scalo {m} :: air terminal manager
caposcalo {m} :: alternative form of capo scalo
caposcarico {m} :: jolly person
caposcorta {f} :: chief escort
caposcuola {f} :: founder (of an artistic movement etc)
caposervizio {m} :: head of a department or section
caposervizio {m} :: senior editor
caposezione {mf} :: head of a department or section
caposquadra {m} :: foreman, supervisor, team leader
caposquadra {m} [military] :: squad leader
caposquadra {f} :: forewoman; (female) supervisor, team leader
caposquadra {f} [military] :: squad leader (female)
caposquadriglia {f} :: flight lieutenant
capostalla {m} :: The person in charge of a cowshed
capostazione {m} :: stationmaster (The person in charge of a railroad station)
capostazione {f} :: station mistress
capostipite {m} /ka.posˈti.pi.te/ :: progenitor (any of a person's direct ancestors)
capostipite {m} [figurative] :: archetype
capostorno {m} :: staggers (animal disease)
capotante {v} :: present participle of capotare
capotare {v} :: alternative form of cappottare
capotasto {m} [music] :: capotasto
capotavola {m} :: The person who sits at the head of the table
capote {f} :: bonnet [British], hood [US] (of a car)
capote {f} :: soft top
capotecnico {m} {m} :: technical director
capotesta {m} [nautical] :: head link (first or last link of an anchor chain)
capotimoniere {m} [nautical] :: coxswain
capotreno {m} :: (railways) guard, conductor
capotreno {f} :: (railways) guard, conductor (female)
capotribù {mf} :: chief, chieftain (of a tribe)
capotronco {m} :: terminus of a branch line
capottante {v} :: present participle of capottare
capottare {v} :: Variant of cappottare
capoturno {f} :: shift supervisor (in a factory etc)
capoufficio {f} :: head clerk (in an office)
capovaccaio {m} :: Egyptian vulture (Neophron percnopterus)
Capo Verde {prop} :: Cape Verde
capoverdiana {f} :: female equivalent of capoverdiano
capoverdiano {adj} :: Cape Verdean
capoverdiano {m} :: Cape Verdean
capoverdiano {prop} :: The Cape Verdean language
capoverso {m} :: incipit (the first line of a text, or first verse of a poem)
capoverso {m} :: indent
capoverso {m} :: paragraph
capoverso {m} [law] :: section (of a legal statute)
capo villaggio {m} :: head man (leader of a village)
capovoga {f} :: stroke (person, in a rowing boat)
capovolgente {v} :: present participle of capovolgere
capovolgentesi {v} :: present participle of capovolgersi
capovolgere {vt} /ka.poˈvɔl.d͡ʒ :: to turn upside down
capovolgere {vt} :: to capsize, overturn
capovolgere {vt} :: to reverse [a situation, etc.]
capovolgersi {v} :: reflexive of capovolgere
capovolgersi {v} :: to capsize, overturn
capovolgersi {v} :: to be reversed
capovolgimento {m} :: reversal
capovolgimento {m} :: upset
capovolgimento {m} [nautical] :: capsizing
capovolgimento {m} :: overthrow
capovolta {f} :: turnover, upturn
capovolta {f} :: somersault
capovoltare {v} [rare] /ka.po.volˈ :: to turn upside down
capovoltarsi {v} [rare] /ka.po.volˈ :: reflexive of capovoltare
capovolto {adj} :: upside down
capovolto {adj} :: capsized
capovoltosi {v} :: past participle of capovolgersi
capozona {mf} :: The head person in a zone, but especially a local leader of an organized crime gang
capozzo {m} [Naples] /kaˈpɔt.t͡so/ :: Name of several species of fish in the Mugilidae family
capozzo {m} :: synonym of muggine
cappa {f} /ˈ :: sleeveless coat; cloak
cappa {f} :: cowl, hood
cappa {f} :: tarpaulin
cappa {f} :: alternative form of kappa
cappa {f} :: cape
Cappadocia {prop} /kap.paˈdɔ.t͡ʃa/ :: Cappadocia (region in Asia Minor, first a country and then a Roman province)
cappalunga {f} :: razor shell
cappare {v} [obsolete] /kapˈ :: to pick, to choose
cappasanta {f} :: alternative form of capasanta
cappella {f} :: A chapel (in all senses)
cappella {f} :: A choir and accompanying musicians assigned to a church
cappella {f} :: A cap (of a mushroom)
cappella {f} [slang, the apex of the penis] :: A head, a glans
cappellaccia {f} :: crested lark
cappellaccio {m} [mushrooms] :: parasol mushroom (Macrolepiota procera)
cappellaccio {m} :: A form of ravioli, typical of Ferrara, filled with pumpkin or similar gourd
cappellaccio {m} :: A grey volcanic tuff from Rome
cappellaccio {m} :: An overburden
cappellaia {f} :: female equivalent of cappellaio
cappellaio {m} [fashion] :: hatter
Cappellaio Matto {prop} [Alice in Wonderland] :: the Mad Hatter
cappellania {f} :: chaplaincy
cappellano {m} :: chaplain
cappellata {f} [colloquial] :: blunder, blooper, boo-boo
cappellata {f} :: blow with a hat
cappellata {f} :: hatful
cappelleria {f} :: hat shop
cappelletta {f} :: A small chapel
cappelletto {m} :: diminutive of cappello; small hat
cappelletto {m} :: helmet
cappelletto {m} :: the ferrule of an umbrella
cappelletto {m} :: the reinforcement on the tip of a sock or stocking
cappelletto {m} [chiefly in the plural] :: wide tube of pasta with a savoury filling baked in the oven
Cappelli {prop} :: surname
Cappelli {prop} [agriculture] :: ellipsis of Senatore Cappelli
cappelliera {f} :: hatbox
cappelliera {f} [automotive] :: parcel shelf
cappellificio {m} :: hat factory
cappellina {n} [mushrooms] :: Scotch bonnet, fairy ring mushroom (Marasmius oreades)
cappellino {m} :: Small hat; bonnet
cappello {m} /kapˈpɛl.lo/ :: hat
cappello a cencio {m} :: slouch hat
cappello a cencio {m} :: Australian bush hat
cappello a cencio {m} :: Kossuth hat
cappello di feltro {m} :: trilby
cappellone {m} :: Large hat
cappellone {m} [colloquial] :: cowboy (on film)
cappelluto {adj} :: hooded, crested, shaggy
cappereto {m} :: caper field
cappereto {m} :: caper bed
capperi {interj} :: a mild expression of surprise (such as gosh!)
cappero {m} :: caper (plant Capparis spinosa, and its edible flower bud)
cappia {f} :: alternative form of cappio
cappia {f} :: horseshoe
cappino {m} :: A stole placed around the neck of the dalmatic in the Ambrosian Rite
cappio {m} :: slip knot
cappio {m} :: noose
capponaia {f} :: coop (for fattening chickens)
capponaia {f} [colloquial] :: prison
capponante {v} :: present participle of capponare
capponare {vt} :: to castrate an animal; to caponize
cappone {m} :: capon
cappono {m} [nautical] :: caulker
cappotta {f} :: hood / bonnet (of a car)
cappottamento {m} :: overturning
cappottamento {m} [nautical] :: capsizing
cappottante {v} :: present participle of cappottare
cappottare {vt} :: to overturn
cappottatura {f} :: overturning
cappottatura {f} [nautical] :: capsizing
cappottino {m} /kap.potˈ :: overcoat (child clothing)
cappottino {m} :: Italian navy officer uniform (knee-length double-breasted gallooned uniform with stripes and golden buttons)
cappotto {m} [fashion] /kapˈpɔ :: coat, overcoat
cappotto {m} [fashion] :: greatcoat
cappotto {m} [sports] :: whitewash (complete victory or series of victories without suffering any losses; a clean sweep)
Cappuccetto Rosso {prop} :: Little Red Riding Hood
cappuccina {f} :: nasturtium (the flower is shaped like a Capuchin's hood)
cappuccino {m} :: Capuchin (member of an order of Roman Catholic friars)
cappuccino {m} :: cappuccino
cappuccino {m} [slang] :: French letter, rubber johnny (condom)
cappuccino {adj} :: Capuchin
cappuccio {m} :: hood
cappuccio {m} :: cowl (of a monk)
cappuccio {m} :: top (of a pen or biro)
cappuccio {m} [colloquial] :: cappuccino
capra {f} :: goat (mammal)
capra {f} :: nanny goat
capra {f} :: trestle
capraia {f} :: female equivalent of capraio
Capraia {prop} :: Capraia (island)
capraio {m} :: goatherd
caprareccia {f} :: A shed used to keep goats indoors during the winter
Caprarola {prop} :: Caprarola (small town)
capreolino {m} :: A type of North-American deer (of the subfamily Capreolinae)
caprese {mf} :: native or inhabitant of Capri
caprese {adj} :: of or relating to Capri, its people or its culture
capretta {f} :: diminutive of capra
capretta {f} :: kid (young female goat)
capretta {f} :: small goat
capretto {m} :: diminutive of capro
capretto {m} :: kid (young goat)
Capri {prop} /ˈkapri/ :: Capri (island and town)
Capriasca {prop} :: Capriasca (small town)
capriata {f} [architecture] :: truss (triangular bracket)
capriccio {m} :: whim, fancy, caprice, quirk
capriccio {m} :: tantrum
capriccio {m} [music, painting] :: capriccio
capricciosa {f} :: A pizza garnished with mushrooms, artichokes, ham and olives
capricciosa {f} :: A rich salad of mixed vegetables, often dressed with mayonnaise
capricciosamente {adv} :: capriciously, whimsically
capricciosamente {adv} :: naughtily
capricciosità {f} :: capriciousness whimsicality
capriccioso {adj} :: capricious, whimsical, finicky, naughty, unpredictable
capriccioso {adj} [music] :: capriccioso
caprico {adj} :: capric
capricorno {m} :: serow
Capricorno {prop} [zodiac constellations, astrology, astronomy] /kapriˈkɔrno/ :: Capricornus (sea-goat constellation)
Capricorno {prop} [astrology] :: Capricorn (constellation star sign)
caprificazione {f} :: caprification
caprifico {m} :: wild fig (Ficus carica)
caprifoglio {m} /kap.riˈfɔʎ.ʎo/ :: honeysuckle
caprigno {adj} /kaˈpriɲ.ɲo/ :: caprine, goat [attributive]
caprile {m} :: An enclosure for goats
caprilico {adj} :: caprylic
caprimulgo {m} :: nightjar, nighthawk, bullbat, goatsucker
caprinico {adj} [organic chemistry] :: capric
caprino {adj} :: caprine, cloven
caprino {m} [cheese] :: caprino (type of goat cheese)
caprino {m} :: Smell of goat
caprino {m} :: Member of the goat family
capriola {f} :: somersault, caper, capriole
capriola {f} :: female roe deer
capriolo {m} :: Any of several small European deer (but especially the roe deer)
capriolo {m} :: The flesh of these animals as meat
capripede {adj} :: Having goat's feet (describing several mythological characters)
capro {m} :: male goat. See capra
capro espiatorio {m} :: scapegoat, patsy
caproico {adj} :: caproic
caprolattame {m} [organic compound] :: caprolactam
caprolatto {adj} :: Of or from Caprarola
Caprona {prop} :: A village near Vicopisano in the province of Pisa
caprone {m} :: billy goat, billy
caprugginatoio {m} :: croze iron
capruggine {f} :: croze
capsico {m} :: capsicum, bell pepper (pepper of genus Capsicum))
capside {m} :: capsid
capsomero {m} :: capsomere
capsula {f} [botany, anatomy] /ˈ :: capsule (all senses)
capsula {f} :: crown (in a tooth)
capsula {f} :: pod, boll
capsulatrice {f} :: shrink-capsule application machine
capsulatura {f} :: capsule application (to bottles etc)
captabile {adj} :: That can be picked up (of a signal)
captante {v} :: present participle of captare
captante {adj} :: enhancing
captante {adj} :: concentrating
captare {vt} :: to skillfully obtain or capture
captare {vt} :: to pick up, receive [a radio, TV, telegraphic, etc. transmission]
captare {vt} :: to read [someone's mind or intentions]; to intuit
captatio benevolentiae {phrase} /kapˈtat.t͡sjoˈlɛn.t͡sje/ :: Used rhetorically to seek to win someone's sympathy or support by showing respect
captatività {f} [psychology] :: possessiveness
captativo {adj} [psychology] :: possessive
captazione {f} :: captation
captazione {f} :: reception (of radio etc)
captazione {f} :: purification (of polluted water etc)
Capua {prop} :: Capua (town)
Capuana {prop} :: surname
Capuana {prop} :: Luigi Capuana, Italian writer
capuano {adj} :: Capuan
capubastuni {m} :: alternative form of capobastone
capufficio {m} :: head clerk
Capuleti {prop} :: Capulet (literary surname)
capziosamente {adv} :: captiously
capziosità {f} :: captiousness
capzioso {adj} :: captious
cara {f} :: feminine noun of caro
carabattola {f} [chiefly in the plural] :: odds and ends
carabina {f} [firearms] :: carbine, rifle
carabiniere {m} :: (member of the Carabinieri force) carabiniere
carabiniere {m} [figuratively] :: martinet, dragon
carabiniere {m} :: carabinier
carabiniere {m} :: policeman
Carabinieri {prop} :: the Italian military police
carabo {m} :: carabid, ground beetle (of family Carabidae)
carabottino {m} [nautical] :: grating
caracal {m} :: caracal
Caracalla {prop} /ka.raˈ :: Caracalla (Roman emperor)
caracca {f} [nautical] /kaˈrak.ka/ :: carrack
Caracciolo {prop} :: surname
carachegno {adj} :: Of or from Caracas
carachiri {m} :: hara-kiri
caracollante {v} :: present participle of caracollare
caracollare {vi} :: to caracole
caracollare {vi} :: to trot
caracollo {m} :: caracole
caradriforme {m} :: charadriiform
caradriforme {adj} :: charadriiform
caradrio {m} :: caladrius
caradrio {m} :: plover
caraffa {f} :: carafe
caraffa {f} :: decanter (for wine etc)
caraffa {f} :: pitcher
caraffa {f} :: ewer
Caraibi {prop} :: The Caribbean
caraibico {adj} :: Caribbean
caraibico {prop} :: Carib (language)
carambola {f} /kaˈ :: cannon, carom (in snooker etc)
carambola {f} :: star fruit
carambolante {v} :: present participle of carambolare
carambolare {vi} :: To cannon or carom
caramella {f} :: sweet (UK), candy (US)
caramella {f} :: monocle
caramellaia {f} :: confectioner (female)
caramellaio {m} :: confectioner
caramella mou {f} :: toffee
caramellante {v} :: present participle of caramellare
caramellare {vt} :: to caramelize
caramellatura {f} :: caramelization (of heated food)
caramellizzante {v} :: present participle of caramellizzare
caramellizzare {vt} :: to caramelize
caramellizzazione {f} :: caramelization
caramello {m} :: caramel (heated sugar)
caramello {m} :: The colour of caramel
caramellometro {m} :: sugar thermometer
caramelloso {adj} :: (sickly) sweet
caramelloso {adj} :: cloying
caramente {adv} :: dearly
caramente {adv} :: affectionately
carampana {f} :: bag, old bag (ugly woman)
carampana {f} :: bitch, slut
carapace {m} :: carapace
Carapelle {prop} :: Carapelle (river)
carasau {adj} /ka.raˈzau/ :: only used in pane carasau
carasau {m} :: ellipsis of pane carasau
Carassai {prop} :: Carassai (small town)
carassanese {adj} :: Of or from Carassai
carassio {m} :: crucian carp (Of genus Carassius)
caratante {v} :: present participle of caratare
caratare {vt} :: To weigh in carats
caratello {m} :: keg
caratista {m} [nautical] /ka.raˈtis.ta/ :: part-owner (of a vessel)
caratista {m} :: shareholder
carato {m} :: carat
carato {m} :: share
caratteraccio {m} :: An irascible or temperamental person (or such a character)
carattere {m} /kaˈ :: (symbol for a word or a sound) character, letter
carattere {m} [typography] :: type, typeface, font, print
carattere {m} :: (distinctive psychological attitudes, qualities and features of a person or animal) character, nature, disposition, temper
carattere {m} :: (characteristic) characteristic, trait, character
caratteriale {adj} :: character (attributive)
caratteriale {adj} :: emotional
caratterialmente {adv} :: temperamentally
caratterino {m} :: A difficult or capricious nature or character (of a person)
caratteri somatici {n} :: features
caratterista {mf} :: character actor, character actress
caratteristica {f} :: characteristic, feature, trait, peculiarity
caratteristica {f} [in the plural, mechanics] :: specifications
caratteristica {f} [mathematics] :: characteristic
caratteristicamente {adv} :: characteristically, distinctively
caratteristico {adj} :: characteristic, distinctive, individual
caratteristico {adj} :: characteristic, local
caratteristico {adj} :: picturesque
caratterizzabile {adj} :: characterizable
caratterizzabile {adj} :: distinctive, particular
caratterizzante {v} :: present participle of caratterizzare
caratterizzante {adj} :: characterizing
caratterizzantesi {v} :: present participle of caratterizzarsi
caratterizzare {vt} :: to characterize
caratterizzare {vt} :: to be characteristic of
caratterizzarsi {v} :: reflexive of caratterizzare
caratterizzarsi {v} :: to be distinguished [by]
caratterizzatosi {v} :: past participle of caratterizzarsi
caratterizzazione {f} :: characterization
caratterologia {f} :: characterology
caratterologicamente {adv} :: characterologically
caratterologico {adj} :: characterological
caratteropatia {f} :: character disorder
caratura {f} :: carat weight
caratura {f} :: importance, status, standing
caravaggesco {adj} :: Of or pertaining to Caravaggio or his works
Caravaggio {prop} :: Caravaggio (small town)
Caravaggio {prop} :: Michelangelo Merisi da Caravaggio, Italian painter
caravaggismo {m} [art] :: The style of painting associated with Caravaggio and his followers
caravaggista {m} [art] :: A painter who painted in the style of Caravaggio
Caravanche {prop} :: Karawanks
caravanista {mf} :: caravan or recreational vehicle enthusiast
caravanserraglio {m} :: caravanserai
caravella {f} :: caravel
carbamazepina {f} [medicine] :: carbamazepine
carbammato {m} [organic chemistry] :: carbamate
carbammide {f} [organic compound] :: carbamide, urea
carbanione {m} [organic chemistry] :: carbanion
carbinolo {m} [organic chemistry] :: carbinol
carbo- {prefix} :: carbo-
carbocatione {m} [organic chemistry] :: carbocation
carbocementazione {f} [inorganic chemistry] :: carburizing
carbochimica {f} [chemistry] :: carbon chemistry (industry of generating chemicals from coal etc)
carbodotto {m} :: A conduit through which a mixture of crushed coal and water is transported at a coalmine
carboidrato {m} [organic chemistry] :: carbohydrate
carbolico {adj} :: carbolic
carbonado {m} :: carbonado (black diamond)
carbonaia {f} :: charcoal pit
carbonaia {f} :: coal cellar
carbonaio {m} :: charcoal burner
carbonaio {m} :: coalman
carbonaio {m} :: coal merchant
carbonamento {m} [nautical] :: coaling, bunkering
carbonante {v} :: present participle of carbonare
carbonara {f} /kar.boˈna.ra/ :: feminine noun of carbonaro
carbonara {f} [by ellipsis] :: carbonara sauce
carbonara {f} [by ellipsis and by extension] :: carbonara pasta or, more specifically, spaghetti
carbonare {vi} [nautical] :: to coal, bunker
carbonarismo {m} :: Carbonarism
carbonaro {m} :: A charcoal burner
carbonaro {m} :: A member of the carboneria secret society
carbonaro {adj} :: of, or relating to the carboneria secret society
carbonata {f} :: coal pile
carbonata {f} :: a stew of beef in red wine
carbonatazione {f} [chemistry] :: carbonation
carbonatico {adj} [geology] :: carbonatic
carbonatite {f} [geology] :: carbonatite
carbonato {m} [inorganic chemistry] :: carbonate
carbonatoapatite {f} [mineral] :: carbonated apatite (mineral found in bone)
carbonato di calcio {m} [inorganic compound] :: calcium carbonate
carbonato di magnesio {m} [inorganic compound] :: magnesium carbonate
carbonato di sodio {m} :: sodium carbonate
carboncello {m} :: A small piece of coal
carboncello {m} :: carbuncle (gem)
carbonchio {m} :: anthrax
carbonchio {m} :: smut (on plants)
carbonchioso {adj} :: carbuncular
carbonchioso {adj} :: smutty
carboncino {m} :: (stick of) charcoal
carboncino {m} :: charcoal drawing
carbone {m} /karˈbone/ :: coal
carbone {m} :: charcoal
carbonella {f} :: charcoal (in small pieces)
Carbonera {prop} :: Carbonera (small town)
carbonerese {adj} :: Of or from Carbonera
carboneria {f} :: a Neapolitan secret society instrumental in organizing revolution in the 19th century
Carbonia-Iglesias {prop} :: Province of Marche, Italy
carbonica {adj} :: carbonic
carbonicazione {f} :: carbonation (treatment of wine with charcoal)
carbonico {adj} :: carbonic
carboniera {f} [nautical] :: collier (ship)
carboniere {m} :: coal merchant or miner
carboniero {adj} :: coal (industry) (attributive)
carbonifero {adj} :: carboniferous
carbonifero {adj} :: of, or relating to coal
carbonificazione {f} [geology] :: coalification
carbonilazione {f} [chemistry] :: carbonylation
carbonilcianuro {m} [organic compound] :: carbonyl cyanide
carbonile {m} [organic chemistry] :: carbonyl
carbonilico {adj} :: carbonyl (attributive)
carbonio {m} [chemistry] /karˈbɔ.njo/ :: carbon
carbonioso {adj} :: carbon (attributive)
carbonioso {adj} :: carbonaceous
carbonitrurico {adj} :: carbonitride (attributive)
carbonitrurico {adj} :: cyanide (attributive)
carbonizzante {v} :: present participle of carbonizzare
carbonizzantesi {v} :: present participle of carbonizzarsi
carbonizzare {vt} :: to carbonize
carbonizzarsi {vr} :: to be carbonized
carbonizzato {adj} :: carbonized
carbonizzatosi {v} :: past participle of carbonizzarsi
carbonizzazione {f} :: carbonization
carborano {m} [organic chemistry] :: carborane
carborundo {m} :: carborundum
carborundum {m} :: Carborundum
carbosiderurgico {adj} :: coal and steel (attributive)
carbossammide {f} [organic chemistry] :: carboxamide
carbossi {adj} [organic chemistry, in combination] :: carboxy (attributive)
carbossichinasi {f} [enzyme] :: carboxykinase
carbossiemoglobina {f} [biochemistry] :: carboxyhemoglobin
carbossilante {v} :: present participle of carbossilare
carbossilare {vt} [chemistry] :: to carboxylate
carbossilasi {f} [enzyme] :: carboxylase
carbossilato {adj} [organic chemistry] :: carboxylated
carbossilato {m} [organic chemistry] :: carboxylate
carbossilazione {f} [chemistry] :: carboxylation
carbossile {m} [organic chemistry] :: carboxyl
carbossilico {adj} [organic chemistry] :: carboxylic
carbossilo {m} [organic chemistry] :: carboxyl
carbossiterminale {m} [biochemistry] :: C-terminus
carbuncolo {m} :: synonym of rubino (ruby)
carburante {v} :: present participle of carburare
carburante {adj} :: combustible
carburante {m} :: fuel
carburare {vt} :: To carburize
carburare {vi} :: To fire on all cylinders (also figurative)
carburatore {m} :: carburettor
carburazione {f} :: carburation
carburo {m} :: carbide
carburo di calcio {m} :: calcium carbide
carburo di tungsteno {m} [inorganic compound] :: tungsten carbide
carcadè {m} :: roselle (of genus Hibiscus)
carcadè {m} :: An infusion of its calyx used as a drink
carcame {m} :: carcass
carcante {v} :: present participle of carcare
carcare {v} :: obsolete form of caricare
carcassa {f} :: carcass
carcassa {f} :: hulk, shell
carcassa {f} :: framework, skeleton
carceramento {m} :: imprisonment
carcerante {v} :: present participle of carcerare
carcerare {vt} :: to imprison, jail
carcerario {adj} :: prison (attribute)
carcerata {f} :: prisoner (female)
carcerato {m} :: prisoner
carcerato {m} :: convict, con
carcerazione {f} :: detention
carcerazione {f} :: imprisonment
carcere {mf} [also figuratively] /ˈkar.tʃ :: jail, prison
carcere {mf} :: imprisonment
carcere mamertino {m} :: Mamertine prison
carceriera {f} :: female equivalent of carceriere
carceriere {m} [law enforcement] :: jailer, prison warder
carcino- {prefix} :: cancer, tumour
carcino- {prefix} :: crab, crustacean
carcino {m} [zoology, uncountable] /ˈkar.t͡ʃ :: The Carcinus taxonomic genus
carcino {m} :: A member of the Carcinus taxonomic genus
carcinogenesi {f} :: carcinogenesis
carcinogenicità {f} :: carcinogenicity
carcinogenico {adj} :: carcinogenic
carcinogeno {adj} :: carcinogenic
carcinoide {m} [medicine] :: carcinoid
carcinologia {f} :: oncology
carcinologia {f} :: arthropodology
carcinoma {m} [oncology] :: carcinoma
carcinomatoso {adj} [oncology] :: carcinomatous
carcinosi {f} :: carcinosis, carcinomatosis
carciofaia {f} :: artichoke bed
carciofaia {f} :: artichoke field
carciofeto {m} :: artichoke field
carciofeto {m} :: artichoke bed
carciofino {m} :: baby artichoke, small artichoke
carciofo {m} /karˈt͡ʃɔfo/ :: artichoke
carciofo di Gerusalemme {m} :: synonym of topinambur
carciofo romanesco {m} :: synonym of cimarolo
card {m} /kard̪/ :: card (identification, financial, SIM etc (but not playing card))
cardamomo {m} :: cardamom
cardanico {adj} :: Of or pertaining to Girolamo Cardano (Italian mathematician, inventor etc)
Cardano {prop} :: surname
cardante {v} :: present participle of cardare
cardare {vt} :: to card [wool]
cardare {vt} :: to tease (separate the fibres)
cardarella {f} :: A metal container in the shape of a truncated cone with two handles at the ends used by construction workers to mix materials
cardarello {m} [mushrooms] :: king trumpet mushroom, French horn mushroom, king oyster mushroom, king brown mushroom (Pleurotus eryngii)
cardatore {m} :: carder (person who cards wool etc)
cardatrice {f} :: carder (carding machine)
cardatrice {f} :: female equivalent of cardatore
cardatura {f} :: carding [of wool, etc.]
cardellino {m} :: goldfinch
cardellino d'America {m} :: American goldfinch
cardellino dell'Himalaya {m} :: European goldfinch
cardeto {m} :: thistle field
cardeto {m} :: thistle bed
-cardia {suffix} [medicine] :: -cardia
cardiaco {adj} [anatomy] :: cardiac, heart (attributive)
cardiale {adj} [anatomy] :: cardiac (relating to the cardia)
cardialgia {f} :: cardialgy, heartburn
cardias {m} [anatomy] :: cardia
cardinal {m} :: apocopic form of cardinale
cardinalato {m} :: cardinalate
cardinale {adj} /kardiˈnale/ :: cardinal
cardinale {m} :: cardinal (bird)
cardinale {m} [religion] :: cardinal
cardinale ciuffo rosso {m} :: red-crested cardinal
cardinale rosso {m} :: northern cardinal
cardinalino {m} :: alternative spelling of cardellino
cardinalino del Venezuela {m} :: red siskin
cardinalità {f} [set theory] :: cardinality
cardinalizio {adj} /kar.di.naˈlit.tsjo/ :: cardinal's; of or pertaining to a cardinal
cardine {m} /ˈ :: hinge, pivot
cardine {m} :: pintle
cardine {m} [figuratively] :: support, cornerstone
-cardio {suffix} :: -cardium (anatomy of the heart)
cardio- {prefix} [anatomy] :: cardio-
cardioangiografia {f} [medicine] :: cardioangiography, angiocardiography
cardioattivo {adj} [medicine] :: cardioactive
cardiocentesi {f} [surgery] :: cardiocentesis
cardiochirurgia {f} [surgery] :: cardiac surgery
cardiochirurgico {adj} [surgery] :: cardiac surgery (attributive), heart surgery (attributive)
cardiochirurgo {m} :: heart surgeon
cardiocinetico {adj} /kar.djo.t͡ʃiˈnɛ.ti.ko/ :: cardiokinetic
cardiocinetico {m} [medicine] :: cardiac stimulant
cardiocircolatorio {adj} :: cardiovascular, cardiocirculatory
cardiocita {m} :: cardiocyte
cardiodilatazione {f} [medicine] :: cardiodilation
cardiofrequenzimetro {m} :: heart rate monitor
cardiogenico {adj} :: cardiogenic
cardiogeno {adj} :: cardiogenic
cardiografia {f} [medicine] :: cardiography
cardiografico {adj} [medicine] :: cardiographic
cardiografo {m} [medicine] :: cardiograph
cardiogramma {m} [medicine] :: cardiogram
cardioide {adj} :: cardioid
cardioide {f} [geometry] :: cardioid
cardioipertrofia {f} [medicine] :: cardiohypertrophy
cardiolipina {f} [biochemistry] :: cardiolipin
cardiologa {f} :: female equivalent of cardiologo
cardiologia {f} [medicine] :: cardiology
cardiologico {adj} :: cardiological
cardiologo {m} :: cardiologist
cardiomegalia {f} [pathology] :: cardiomegaly, megalocardia
cardiomiocita {m} [cytology] :: cardiomyocyte
cardiomiopatia {f} [disease] :: cardiomyopathy
cardionevrosi {f} [medicine] :: cardioneurosis
cardiopalma {m} :: Variant of cardiopalmo
cardiopalmo {m} [pathology] :: palpitation (of the heart)
cardiopatia {f} [pathology] :: heart condition, heart disease, cardiomyopathy
cardiopatico {adj} :: cardiopathic
cardiopatico {m} :: person suffering from a heart problem
cardioplegia {f} [surgery] :: cardioplegia
cardiopolmonare {adj} [anatomy] :: cardiopulmonary
cardioradiologia {f} [medicine] :: cardioradiology
cardiorespiratorio {adj} :: cardiorespiratory
cardioreumatico {adj} :: cardiorheumatic
cardiosclerosi {f} [pathology] :: cardiosclerosis
cardioselettivo {adj} [medicine] :: cardioselective
cardiospasmo {m} [pathology] :: cardiospasm
cardiostenosi {f} :: cardiostenosis
cardiostimolante {adj} :: cardiokinetic, cardiostimulant
cardiostimolatore {m} [medicine] :: pacemaker
cardiotocografia {f} [medicine] :: cardiotocography
cardiotonico {adj} :: cardiotonic
cardiotonico {m} [pharmacology] :: cardiotonic agent, cardiotonic drug
cardiotoracico {adj} [anatomy] :: cardiothoracic
cardiotossico {adj} :: cardiotoxic
cardiovascolare {adj} [anatomy] :: cardiovascular
cardioversione {f} [medicine] :: cardioversion
cardite {f} [medicine] :: carditis
cardo {m} :: thistle
cardo {m} :: teasel
cardo {m} :: implement for carding wool with thistle-like bristles, card
cardo {m} :: The principal north-south street in Roman cities or encampments
cardoncello {m} [mushrooms] :: king trumpet mushroom, French horn mushroom, king oyster mushroom, king brown mushroom (Pleurotus eryngii)
cardone {f} :: cardoon
Carducci {prop} /karˈdut.tʃi/ :: surname
Carducci {prop} :: Giosuè Carducci (1835–1907), Italian poet
carducciano {adj} /kar.dutˈtʃ :: Of or pertating to Italian poet Giosuè Carducci (1835–1907) or his writings
Carelia {prop} :: Karelia
careliano {adj} :: Karelian
careliano {m} :: Karelian
carello {m} :: A padded cushion, typically placed on a toilet seat
carena {f} [nautical] :: keel (of a ship)
carenaggio {m} :: careening
carenaggio {m} :: streamlining
carenante {v} :: present participle of carenare
carenare {vt} :: to careen
carenare {vt} :: to streamline
carenatura {f} :: fairing, housing
carente {adj} /kaˈrɛn.te/ :: [with di to mean “in”] lacking
carenza {f} /kaˈrɛn.t͡sa/ :: shortage
carenza {f} :: deficiency
carenziale {adj} :: deficiency (attributive)
carestia {f} :: famine, dearth
carestia {f} :: scarcity, lack
caretta {f} :: loggerhead turtle
carezza {f} :: caress
carezza {f} :: pat, pet (on an animal)
carezzante {v} :: present participle of carezzare
carezzantesi {v} :: present participle of carezzarsi
carezzare {vt} :: Variant of accarezzare
carezzarsi {vr} :: Variant of accarezzarsi
carezzatosi {v} :: past participle of carezzarsi
carezzevole {adj} :: sweet, endearing
carezzevole {adj} :: affectionate, amorous
carezzevolmente {adv} :: sweetly, endearingly
Carfagna {prop} :: surname
carfologia {f} :: carphology
cargo {m} :: cargo boat
cargo {m} :: freighter (boat or plane)
cariante {v} :: present participle of cariare
cariantesi {v} :: present participle of cariarsi
cariare {vt} [dentistry] :: to decay teeth
cariare {vt} :: to corrode
cariarsi {v} :: reflexive of cariare
cariarsi {v} :: to decay [of teeth]
cariatide {f} [architecture] :: caryatid
cariatide {f} [figuratively] :: fogey
cariato {adj} :: decayed
cariato {adj} :: carious
cariatosi {v} :: past participle of cariarsi
caribico {adj} :: Caribbean, Carib (attributive)
caribù {m} :: caribou
carica {f} /ˈkarika/ :: position
carica {f} :: load
carica {f} [military] :: charge
caricabatterie {m} [electricity] :: battery charger, charger
caricabile {adj} :: loadable, chargeable
caricamento {m} :: loading (all senses)
caricamento {m} :: charging (a battery etc)
caricante {v} :: present participle of caricare
caricantesi {v} :: present participle of caricarsi
caricare {vt} /ka.ri.ˈ :: to load, to stow
caricare {vt} :: to take aboard, hoist, pick up
caricare {vt} :: to emphasize, overdo
caricare {vt} [figuratively] :: to rouse, fire, pep up
caricare {vt} :: to charge, attack
caricare {vt} [electricity] :: to charge
caricare {vt} :: to wind, wind up [of a watch, game, etc.]
caricare {vt} [computing] :: to upload
caricare {vt} [computing] :: to load (up) (of a program)
caricare con ipoteca {v} :: to encumber (to add a legal claim or other obligation)
caricarsi {v} :: reflexive of caricare
caricarsi {v} :: to burden oneself
caricarsi {v} :: to gear oneself up, psych oneself up
caricato {adj} :: loaded
caricato {adj} :: charged
caricato {adj} :: concentrated
caricatore {m} :: magazine (of a weapon)
caricatore {m} :: cartridge (photographic)
caricatore {m} :: loader (person or device)
caricatore {m} :: charger (for a battery)
caricatore {adj} :: loading (attributive)
caricatosi {v} :: past participle of caricarsi
caricatrice {adj} :: charging (electrical)
caricatrice {adj} :: charger (attributive)
caricatura {f} /ka.ri.kaˈtu.ra/ :: caricature, antic
caricaturale {adj} :: ridiculous
caricaturale {adj} :: grotesque
caricaturante {v} :: present participle of caricaturare
caricaturare {v} :: to caricature
caricaturato {adj} :: caricatured
caricaturato {adj} :: ridiculed
caricaturista {mf} :: caricaturist
caricaturizzante {v} :: present participle of caricaturizzare
caricaturizzare {v} :: to caricature
caricazione {f} [nautical] :: loading
carice {m} :: sedge (of genus Carex)
carico {adj} /ˈka.ri.ko/ :: loaded, laden
carico {adj} :: loaded (of a gun, etc.)
carico {adj} :: charged (of a battery, etc.)
carico {adj} :: wound up (of a clock, etc.)
carico {adj} :: intense (of a colour)
carico {adj} :: strong (of coffee, tea, etc.)
carico {m} :: load, loading, cargo
carico {m} :: shipment
carico {m} :: charge (of a battery etc.)
Cariddi {prop} :: Charybdis
carie {f} :: decay, caries, cavity (of the teeth)
carie {f} [botany] :: rot
carie {f} [pathology] :: caries (of bones)
carillon {m} :: musical box
carillon {m} :: carillon
carineria {f} :: sweet nothing (kind or caring word)
carini {f} :: A native or inhabitant of Carini
Carini {prop} /kariːniː/ :: A town and comune in the metropolitan city of Palermo
carinissimo {adj} :: superlative of carino
carinissimo {adj} :: very nice
carinissimo {adj} :: very pretty
carino {adj} :: nice
carino {adj} :: pretty
carino {adj} :: good-looking
Carinzia {prop} :: Carinthia
carinziano {adj} :: Carinthian
cario- {prefix} :: karyo-
carioca {adj} :: of or relating to the city of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
carioca {mf} :: an inhabitant of the city of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
carioca {mf} :: carioca (dance)
cariocinesi {f} [biology] :: karyokinesis
cariocinetico {adj} [biology] :: karyokinetic, mitotic
carioclasi {f} :: karyoclasis
cariofillaceo {m} :: carnation, pink or any other plant of the family Caryophyllaceae
cariofillata {f} :: herb bennet (Geum urbanum)
cariofillene {m} [organic compound] :: caryophyllene
cariogamia {f} [biology] :: karyogamy
cariogenesi {n} :: cariogenesis
cariogenetico {adj} :: karyogenetic
cariogeno {adj} :: cariogenic
cariogramma {m} [genetics] :: karyogram
cariolana {f} :: A traditional wheelbarrow race held at festivals in Como
cariologia {f} :: karyology
carioplasma {m} [cytology] :: karyoplasm, nucleoplasm
carioressi {f} :: karyorrhexis
carioso {adj} :: carious
cariosside {f} [botany] :: caryopsis (cereal grain)
cariotipico {adj} :: karyotypic
cariotipo {m} [genetics] :: karyotype
carisma {m} :: charisma
carismaticamente {adv} :: charismatically
carismatico {adj} :: charismatic
carissimo {adj} :: superlative of caro
carità {f} :: charity
caritatevole {adj} :: charitable, softhearted
caritatevolmente {adv} :: charitably
caritatevolmente {adv} :: kindly, lovingly
caritativo {adj} :: charitable
Carla {prop} :: given name, feminine form of Carlo
Carli {prop} :: surname
Carli {prop} :: Gian Rinaldo Carli, Italian writer and historian
carlina {f} :: carline (thistle of genus Carlina)
carlinga {f} :: fuselage
carlino {m} :: Any of several small coins minted until the 19th century
carlino {m} :: pug (dog)
Carlino {prop} :: Carlino (small town)
carlismo {m} :: Carlism
carlista {adj} :: Carlist
carlista {mf} :: Carlist
Carlo {prop} :: given name
Carlomagno {prop} :: alternative form of Carlo Magno
Carlo Magno {prop} :: Charlemagne (king of the Franks)
carlona {f} :: Only used in the phrase alla carlona
Carlopago {prop} :: Karlobag
Carlotta {prop} :: Charlotte
Carluccio {prop} :: given name
carme {f} :: a solemn song (especially those of the Roman poet Horace)
Carmela {prop} :: given name
Carmelina {prop} [colloquial] :: synonym of Carmela
carmelitano {adj} :: Carmelite
carmelitano {m} :: Carmelite
Carmelo {prop} :: given name of biblical origin, the masculine form of Carmela
carminativo {adj} :: carminative
carminativo {m} :: carminative
carminazione {f} :: flatulence
Carmine {prop} :: given name
carminico {adj} :: carminic
carminio {adj} :: carmine, crimson
carminio {m} :: carmine
carnaggio {m} [obsolete] /karˈnad.d͡ʒo/ :: butchered meat; animals which are to be slaughtered
carnaggio {m} [obsolete, by extension] :: massacre, carnage, slaughter
carnaggio {m} [obsolete] :: A compensation for the right of having animals graze on someone else's land
carnagione {f} :: complexion (appearance of the skin on the face)
carnaio {m} :: charnel house
carnaio {m} :: carnage, slaughter
carnaio {m} :: shambles
carnale {adj} :: carnal
carnale {adj} :: consanguineous
carnalità {f} :: carnality
carnalmente {adv} :: carnally
carnalmente {adv} :: sexually
carname {m} :: Mass of rotten flesh
Carnaro {prop} :: alternative form of Quarnaro
carnaroli {m} /kar.naˈrɔ.li/ :: carnaroli (medium-grain variety of rice)
carnascialesco {adj} :: carnival (attributive)
carnato {m} [regional] :: complexion (appearance of the skin)
carne {f} /ˈ :: meat, flesh
carneade {m} :: unknown (person)
carne di cervo {f} :: venison, deer meat, deerflesh
carnefice {m} /karˈ͡ʃe/ :: executioner
carnefice {m} :: torturer, tormentor, persecutor
carnefice {m} :: victimizer, brutal murderer
carnefice {m} [games] :: hangman
carneficina {f} :: A massacre, a carnage, a slaughter
carneficina {f} :: Torment, torture
carneo {adj} :: meaty
carnera {m} :: An exceptionally strong and physically imposing man
Carnera {prop} :: surname
Carnera {prop} :: Primo Carnera, Italian boxer
carnevalata {f} :: fun
carnevalata {f} :: tomfoolery, clowning
carnevale {m} :: carnival; festival in the week before Lent
carnevalesco {adj} :: carnival (attributive)
carnezzeria {f} :: butchershop
carnicino {adj} :: flesh-coloured
carnico {adj} :: Of or relating to the Carnia (which is part of the Friuli-Venezia Giulia) or the Carnia people; Carnic
carnico {m} :: A native or inhabitant of Carnia
carniere {m} :: game bag
carnificazione {f} [pathology] /ˈt͡ :: carnification
carnitina {f} [organic compound] :: carnitine
carnivora {f} :: feminine noun of carnivoro
carnivoro {m} :: carnivore
carnivoro {m} :: man-eater
carnivoro {adj} :: carnivorous
carnivoro {adj} :: man-eating
carnosauro {m} :: carnosaur
carnosità {f} :: fleshiness
carnosità {f} :: fullness (of the lips)
carnoso {adj} /karˈno.zo/ :: fleshy, carnose
carnoso {adj} :: full (of the lips)
carnoso {adj} :: meaty
carnoso {adj} :: pulpy, pulpous
caro {adj} :: dear [beloved, or in the salutation of a letter], sweetheart
caro {adj} :: dear, precious, expensive
caro {m} :: dear (darling)
Carocci {prop} :: surname
carogna {f} :: carrion (dead animal flesh)
carogna {f} [by extension] :: swine (vile person)
carognata {f} :: dirty trick
carola {f} :: carol
Carola {prop} :: given name
Carolina {prop} :: given name
Carolina del Nord {prop} :: Carolina del Nord (state)
Carolina del Sud {prop} :: Carolina del Sud (state)
carolingio {adj} :: Carolingian
carolingio {m} :: Carolingian
carolino {adj} :: Carolingian
Caron {prop} :: medieval spelling of Caronte
caroncola {f} /kaˈ :: alternative form of caruncola
caronte {m} :: alternative case form of Caronte
Caronte {prop} :: Charon
Caronte {m} :: ferryman
caropane {m} :: A steep rise in the price of bread following the Second World War
carosello {m} :: merry-go-round [British], carousel [US]
Carosone {prop} :: surname
carota {f} /kaˈrɔta/ :: carrot
carota {f} :: core, core sample
carotaggio {m} :: coring, core boring
carotamento {m} :: coring
carotante {v} :: present participle of carotare
carotare {vt} :: To core (extract a sample with a drill)
carotatura {f} :: carroting
carotenale {m} [organic chemistry] :: carotenal
carotene {m} [organic chemistry] :: carotene
carotenico {adj} :: carotenic
carotenoide {m} [organic chemistry] :: carotenoid
carotide {f} [anatomy] :: carotid
carotideo {adj} :: carotid
carotina {f} :: alternative form of carotene
carovana {f} :: caravan (in the desert)
carovana {f} :: convoy
carovaniere {m} :: caravaner
carovaniero {adj} :: caravan, convoy (attributive)
carovita {m} :: cost of living
carovita {m} :: allowance (for the cost of living) (properly indennità di carovita)
carpa {f} [zoology, ichthyology] :: carp (fish)
carpaccio {m} :: carpaccio
Carpaccio {prop} :: surname
Carpaccio {prop} :: Vittore Carpaccio, Italian painter
carpale {adj} [skeleton] :: carpal
carpatico {adj} :: Carpathian
Carpazi {prop} :: Carpathians
carpello {m} [botany] :: carpel
carpente {v} :: present participle of carpire
carpenteria {f} :: carpentry
carpentiere {m} :: carpenter
carpetta {f} :: folder
Carpi {prop} :: Carpi (town)
carpiato {adj} :: piked (bent at the hips, but with the knees straight)
carpigiano {adj} :: Of or from Carpi
carpine {m} :: Variant of carpino
carpinella {f} :: European hop-hornbeam (tree, Ostrya carpinifolia)
carpinella {f} :: Oriental hornbeam (tree, Carpinus orientalis)
carpineta {f} :: common hornbeam wood, European hornbeam wood (forest)
carpineta {f} :: hornbeam wood (forest)
carpineto {m} :: Variant of carpineta
carpino {m} :: common hornbeam, European hornbeam (tree, Carpinus betulus)
carpino {m} :: hornbeam (tree, genus Carpinus)
carpino bianco {m} :: common hornbeam, European hornbeam (tree, Carpinus betulus)
carpino nero {m} :: European hop-hornbeam (tree, Ostrya carpinifolia)
carpino orientale {m} :: Oriental hornbeam (tree, Carpinus orientalis)
carpionante {v} :: present participle of carpionare
carpionare {vt} :: To souse
carpionato {adj} :: soused
carpione {m} :: carp (freshwater fish)
carpione {m} :: escabeche
carpire {vt} :: to catch, grab [attention, etc.]
carpire {vt} :: to steal [a kiss]
-carpo {suffix} :: forms botanical terms concerning fruit
carpo- {prefix} [botany] :: forms terms concerning fruit
carpo- {prefix} [anatomy] :: forms terms concerning the bones of the wrist
carpo {m} [skeleton] :: carpus
carpocapsa {f} :: codling moth
carpodaco messicano {m} :: house finch
carpoforo {m} [biology] :: The fruiting body of a fungus
carpologia {f} [botany] :: carpology
carpon {adv} :: apocopic form of carponi
carpone {adv} :: rare form of carponi
carponi {adv} :: on all fours, on one's hands and knees
carrabile {adj} :: suitable for motor vehicles
carradore {m} :: cartwright, wheelwright
carraia {f} [archaic] :: a street, road, or path for carts, wagons, carriages, etc
carraio {adj} :: carriage, vehicle (attributive)
carrambata {f} [neologism, usually, humorous, from television] /kar.ramˈba.ta/ :: an unexpected reunion between people who have not seen each other, or have not kept in touch, for a long time
Carrara {prop} :: A town in the province of Massa e Carrara, Tuscany famous for its marble quarries
carrareccia {f} :: cart track
carrareccia {f} :: rut
carrarese {adj} :: Relating to Carrara
Carrarese {mf} :: A native or inhabitant of Carrara
Carrarese {mf} :: (singular only) The dialect of Italian spoken in the Carrara region
carrarmato {m} :: Variant of carro armato
carrarmato {m} :: A rubber sole (of a shoe) with indentations that help it grip
carrata {f} :: cartload, cartful
carratora {f} :: A frame with stretched wires, used to make spaghetti alla chitarra
carré {m} :: loin (of meat)
carré {m} :: a type of hairstyle in which the hair is all cut to the same length
carré {m} :: yoke (of a shirt)
carreggiabile {adj} [of a road] :: Open to traffic
carreggiabile {m} :: lane (of a road)
carreggiante {v} :: present participle of carreggiare
carreggiare {vt} :: To cart
carreggiata {f} :: carriageway (section of road)
carreggio {m} :: carting
carreggio {m} :: haulage
carrellabile {adj} :: trailerable
carrellante {v} :: present participle of carrellare
carrellare {vi} :: To track (cinematic technique)
carrellata {f} :: tracking (cinematic technique)
carrellata {f} :: tracking shot
carrellista {mf} :: platform vendor (at a railway station)
carrellista {mf} :: dollyman (cinema or TV)
carrello {m} :: trolley
carrello {m} :: hopper
carrello {m} :: shopping cart [supermarket]
carrello {m} :: serving cart [restaurant]
carrello {m} :: hand truck
carrello {m} [rail, aviation] :: undercarriage, landing gear
carrello {m} :: carriage (of a a machine, e.g. typewriter)
carrello {m} [film] :: dolly
carrello {m} [mining] :: hutch
carrello elevatore {m} :: forklift
carretta {f} :: cart
carretta {f} :: banger (old car)
carretta del mare {f} :: floating wreck
carrettaio {m} :: carter
carrettaio {m} :: cartwright, wheelwright
carrettata {f} :: cartload, cartful
carrettiere {m} :: carter
carrettiere {m} :: carrier (tradesman)
carretto {m} :: cart (small)
carretto {m} :: buggy
carretto siciliano {m} :: A decorated cart, normally drawn by a donkey, used in Sicily for carrying produce etc
carriaggio {m} [military] :: baggage wagon (or its contents)
carriera {f} /käˈrːjɛː.rä/ :: career
carriera {f} :: the fastest gait (both senses)
Carriera {prop} :: surname
Carriera {prop} :: Rosalba Carriera, Italian paintress
carrierismo {m} :: careerism
carrierista {mf} :: careerist
carrieristico {adj} :: careerist
carriola {f} :: wheelbarrow
carrista {m} :: tank driver or soldier
carrista {m} :: tanker
carro {m} :: a means of transport used to carry goods; a wagon, cart, van, lorry, wain or truck
Carro {prop} :: Carro (small town)
carro armato {m} :: tank (military vehicle)
carro attrezzi {n} :: tow truck, breakdown lorry, breakdown truck, recovery truck, wrecker
carro attrezzi {n} :: A motor vehicle typically equipped with winches, chains, and related equipment, and used to tow disabled vehicles
carroccio {m} [historical] /karˈrɔt.tʃo/ :: A large war chariot drawn by oxen
carroccio {m} [politics, in the singular, capitalized] :: synonym of Lega (symbol of the rightist Italian political party, formerly Lega Nord)
carro dispensa {m} [rail transport] :: chuck wagon
carro funebre {m} :: hearse (funeral vehicle)
carro merci {m} :: freight car, goods wagon, van
carronata {f} :: carronade
carroponte {m} :: overhead crane, bridge crane
carrozza {f} :: carriage [horse-drawn, or railway]
carrozza {f} :: railroad car, railcar
carrozzabile {adj} [of a road] :: Open to vehicles (especially to goods vehicles)
carrozzabile {f} :: Such a road
carrozza ferroviaria {f} :: coach, carriage (railroad car drawn by a locomotive)
carrozza funeraria {f} :: hearse
carrozzaio {m} :: coachbuilder
carrozzante {v} :: present participle of carrozzare
carrozzare {vt} [automobiles] :: To build the body for
carrozza ristorante {n} :: wagon-restaurant
carrozzato {adj} [automobiles] :: coach-built
carrozzato {adj} [colloquial] :: stacked, buxom, curvy
carrozzella {f} :: hackney cab, cab, karozzin
carrozzella {f} :: wheelchair
carrozzeria {f} :: body, bodywork (of a car)
carrozzeria {f} :: body shop (bodywork repair workshop)
carrozzetta {f} :: pram
carrozzetta {f} :: sidecar (of motorcycle)
carrozziere {m} :: coachbuilder
carrozziere {m} :: car designer
carrozzina {f} :: pram; perambulator; baby carriage; baby buggy
carrozzina {f} :: wheelchair
carrozzino {m} :: sidecar (of a motorcycle)
carrozzone {m} :: caravan (wheeled transport)
carruba {f} :: carob, locust bean
carrubeto {m} :: carob plantation
carrubeto {m} :: carob wood (forest)
carrubina {f} :: locust bean gum
carrubo {m} :: carob (tree)
carruca {f} /karˈru.ka/ :: coach, carriage
carrucola {f} /karˈ :: pulley
carruga {f} :: wine moth (of genus Oinophila)
carruggio {m} [Northern Italy, specifically Liguria] /karˈrud.dʒo/ :: An alley, especially one in Genoa
carseolano {adj} :: Of or from Carsoli
carsico {adj} :: karsic; karst (attributive)
carsismo {m} [geology] :: karst topography
Carso {prop} :: Karst
Carsoli {prop} :: Carsoli (small town)
carsolino {m} :: Native or inhabitant of Carso (in Italy or Slovenia)
carsolino {adj} [geology] :: carst, karst (attributive)
carsolino {adj} :: Of or pertaining to Carso
carta {f} :: paper (the material)
carta {f} :: map
carta {f} :: menu
carta {f} :: card
carta abrasiva {f} :: sandpaper
carta assorbente {f} :: blotting paper
carta autocopiante {f} :: carbonless copy paper
carta carbone {f} :: carbon paper
cartacarbone {f} :: Variant of carta carbone
cartaccia {f} :: wastepaper
cartaceo {adj} /karˈta.t͡ʃe.o/ :: paper (attributive), papery
carta da filtro {f} :: filter paper
carta da gioco {f} [card games] :: A playing card
carta da lettere {f} :: writing paper, notepaper
carta da musica {f} [literally] :: music paper
carta da musica {f} :: alternative form of carta musica
carta da parati {f} :: wallpaper (decorative material)
carta dei vini {f} :: A wine list
carta di credito {f} :: A credit card
carta di debito {f} [finance] :: debit card
carta d'identità {f} :: An ID card, an identity card
carta di riso {f} :: rice paper
carta geografica {f} :: map
carta geografica {f} :: chart
Cartagine {prop} /karˈta.dʒ :: Carthage
cartaginese {adj} /kar.ta.dʒiˈne.ze/ :: Carthaginian
cartaginese {mf} :: Carthaginian
cartagloria {f} :: altar card (used in the Tridentine mass)
carta igienica {f} :: toilet paper, bathroom tissue
cartaio {m} :: paper worker, manufacturer or dealer
carta millimetrata {f} :: graph paper, millimeter paper
cartamo {m} :: safflower
cartamodello {m} :: paper pattern (for a dress etc)
cartamoneta {f} :: paper money, bill, banknote
carta musica {f} :: A type of very thin, crisp flatbread from Sardinia
cartamusica {f} :: alternative spelling of carta musica
carta nautica {f} [nautical] :: navigational chart
cartapecora {f} :: parchment, vellum
cartapesta {f} [usually uncountable] /ˌkar.taˈpe.sta/ :: papier-mâché (paper mixed with glue used to create sculptures)
cartario {m} :: collection of documents
cartario {adj} :: paper (attributive)
carta SIM {f} :: A SIM card
cartastraccia {f} :: waste paper
cartastraccia {f} :: scrap paper
cartasuga {f} :: blotting paper
cartata {f} :: As much as a cone or paper will hold
carta velina {f} :: tissue paper
carta velina {f} :: carbon paper
cartavetrante {v} :: present participle of cartavetrare
cartavetrare {vt} :: To sandpaper
carta vetrata {f} :: sandpaper
carteggiante {v} :: present participle of carteggiare
carteggiare {vt} :: To sandpaper
carteggiare {vi} [aeronautics, nautical] :: To plot
carteggiare {vt} :: To correspond
carteggio {m} :: correspondence, letters
cartella {f} :: folder, file
cartella {f} :: briefcase, schoolbag, satchel
cartella {f} [computing] :: folder
cartella {f} :: typewritten page
cartella {f} :: scorecard (bingo)
cartellata {f} [usually, in the plural] /kar.telˈla.ta/ :: A Christmas pastry, typical of Apulia, made from deep-fried curly ribbons of dough
cartelletta {f} :: binder (holder for papers)
cartelliera {f} :: filing cabinet
cartellina {f} :: folder, binder
cartellinante {v} :: present participle of cartellinare
cartellinare {vt} :: To label, to tag
cartellino {m} :: label, tag
cartellino {m} :: timesheet, timecard
cartellino {m} :: card
cartellino {m} [sports] :: contract
cartellino giallo {m} [sports] :: yellow card
cartellino rosso {m} [sports] :: red card
cartellista {m} :: Member of a cartel
cartellistico {adj} :: cartel (attributive)
cartello {m} :: sign, notice, placard, signboard
cartello {m} :: signpost, road sign
cartello {m} :: shop sign
cartello {m} [economics] :: cartel, syndicate
cartellone {m} :: poster, bill, billboard, placard
cartellone {m} [theatre] :: playbill, programme, bill
cartellonista {mf} [arts] :: poster artist
cartellonistica {f} :: poster designing
cartellonistica {f} :: signage
carter {m} :: chain guard (on a bicycle or motorcycle)
carter {m} :: oil sump (in a car)
cartesianamente {adv} :: In a Cartesian manner
cartesianesimo {m} [philosophy] :: Cartesianism
cartesianismo {m} :: Cartesianism
cartesiano {adj} :: Cartesian
Cartesio {prop} :: Descartes
cartevalori {fp} [finance] :: Securities (tradeable financial assets).W
carthusiano {adj} :: Carthusian
carticino {m} :: A sheet of printed paper folded to form four pages
cartiera {f} :: A paper mill, a paper factory
cartificio {m} :: paper mill, paper factory
cartiglia {f} :: low card (in a card game)
cartiglio {m} :: scroll, title block
cartiglio {m} :: cartouche
cartilagine {f} [anatomy] /kar.tiˈla.dʒ :: cartilage, gristle
cartilagineo {adj} :: cartilaginous, gristly
cartilaginoso {adj} :: cartilaginous, gristly
cartina {f} :: A map or a small map
cartina {f} :: A cigarette paper, rolling paper
cartina tornasole {f} [chemestry] :: litmus paper
cartismo {m} :: Chartism
cartista {adj} :: Chartist
cartista {f} :: Chartist
carto- {prefix} :: Forms terms relating to paper or card/cards
cartocciata {f} :: bagful, bag (quantity)
cartoccio {m} :: paper bag
cartoccio {m} :: cornet (cone shaped container)
cartoccio {m} :: powder charge
cartografante {v} :: present participle of cartografare
cartografare {v} :: To map
cartografato {adj} :: mapped
cartografia {f} :: cartography
cartograficamente {adv} :: cartographically
cartografico {adj} :: cartographic
cartografo {m} :: cartographer
cartogramma {m} :: cartogram
cartolaia {f} :: female equivalent of cartolaio
cartolaio {m} :: stationer
cartolare {adj} :: securitized
cartolario {m} :: alternative spelling of cartulario
cartolarizzante {v} :: present participle of cartolarizzare
cartolarizzare {vt} :: To securitize
cartolarizzazione {f} :: securitization (of financial instruments)
cartoleria {f} :: stationer's (shop)
cartolibreria {f} :: stationer's shop that also sells books
cartolina {f} :: postcard
cartomante {mf} :: fortuneteller
cartomantico {adj} :: fortune telling, cartomancy (attributive)
cartomanzia {f} :: cartomancy, fortune-telling
cartonaggio {m} :: cardboard packaging
cartonante {v} :: present participle of cartonare
cartonare {vt} :: To bind in paperboard
cartonato {adj} :: stiffened
cartonato {adj} :: hardback (book)
cartoncino {m} :: Thin cardboard
cartoncino {m} :: paperboard
cartoncino {m} :: card or ticket
cartone {m} :: cardboard, paperboard
cartone {m} :: carton, box
cartone {m} :: cartoon (an artist's preliminary sketch or an animated cartoon)
cartone animato {m} :: An animated cartoon, a cartoon
cartone ondulato {m} :: corrugated cardboard
cartonfeltro {m} :: bituminized felt
cartongessista {mf} /kar.ton.dʒesˈsi.sta/ :: one who makes works from plasterboard; plasterboarder
cartongesso {m} [usually uncountable] /kar.tonˈdʒɛ :: plasterboard (material)
cartonificio {m} :: cardboard factory
cartonista {mf} :: cartoonist
cartoteca {f} :: map collection
cartotecnica {f} :: paper industry
cartotecnica {f} :: female equivalent of cartotecnico
cartotecnico {adj} :: paper industry (attributive)
cartotecnico {m} :: worker in the paper industry
cartuccia {f} /karˈtut.t͡ʃa/ :: cartridge
cartuccia a salve {f} :: blank cartridge
cartucciera {f} /kar.tutˈt͡ʃɛ.ra/ :: cartridge box
cartulario {m} :: cartulary (all senses)
Carullo {prop} :: surname
caruncola {f} [anatomy, botany] /kaˈ :: caruncle
caruso {m} [Sicily] :: baby
Caruso {prop} :: surname
Caruso {prop} :: Enrico Caruso, Italian tenor
carvacrolo {m} [organic compound] :: carvacrol
carvi {m} :: caraway (Carum carvi)
casa {f} /ˈ :: house
casa {f} :: home
casa {f} :: shop
casa {f} [board games] :: square
casa {f} :: family, dynasty, descent, extraction, stock, lineage, birth, origin, race (in the sense of the preceding words, not "human race")
casa {f} :: company, firm
casa a schiera {f} :: terraced house, rowhouse
casa barca {f} [nautical] :: houseboat
casa-barca {f} :: alternative spelling of casa barca
casa base {f} [baseball] :: home plate, home base
Casa Bianca {prop} :: the White House
casacca {f} :: coat, jacket
casaccio {m} :: chance (especially an unfortunate chance happening)
casa chiusa {f} [euphemistic] :: brothel
casa colonica {f} :: farmhouse - a square of buildings surrounding a courtyard (the aia)
casa costruttrice {f} :: manufacturer
casa da gioco {f} :: gambling house, gambling den
casa d'appuntamenti {f} :: brothel
Casadei {prop} :: surname
casa dello studente {f} :: hall of residence
casa di bambole {f} :: dollhouse
casa di correzione {f} :: house of correction
casa di cura {f} :: nursing home
casa di malaffare {n} :: brothel
casa di malaffare {n} :: house of ill fame
casa di moda {f} :: fashion house
casa di pena {f} :: prison
casa di piacere {f} :: brothel
casa di riposo {f} :: retirement home, rest home, nursing home
casa discografica {f} :: record company
casa discografica {f} :: record label (brand of a company that produces records)
casa di tolleranza {f} [euphemistic] :: (licensed) brothel, maison de tolérance
casa editrice {f} :: publishing house, publisher
casa farmaceutica {f} :: pharmaceutical company
casaforte {f} :: fortified house
casa generalizia {f} :: motherhouse
Casagrande {prop} :: surname
Casagrande {prop} :: An Italian publishing house
casa isolata {f} :: detached house
casa isolata {f} :: homestead
casalasco {adj} :: Of or from Casalmaggiore
casale {m} :: hamlet
casale {m} :: farmhouse
Casale {prop} :: surname
Casale {prop} :: (especially in combination) Any of several small Italian towns
Casaleggio {prop} :: surname
Casale Monferrato {prop} :: Casale Monferrato (town)
casalese {adj} /ka.zaˈ :: Of or pertaining to Casale Monferrato
casalese {adj} :: Of or pertaining to Casalmaggiore
casalese {adj} :: Of or pertaining to Casal di Principe
casalese {mf} :: A native or inhabitant of Casale Monferrato
casalese {mf} :: A native or inhabitant of Casalmaggiore
casalese {mf} :: A native or inhabitant of Casal di Principe
casalese {mf} [often in the plural] :: A member of a Camorra clan originally from Casal di Principe
casalinga {f} :: housewife
casalingo {adj} :: home, homely, house
casalingo {adj} :: homemade
casalingo {m} [humorous] :: househusband, house husband
casalingo {m} :: family man, family guy
Casalmaggiore {prop} :: A town in the Cremona province of Lombardia
Casalodi {prop} :: surname
casa madre {f} :: motherhouse
casamatta {f} [military] :: casemate
casamento {m} :: apartment building, tenement
casamicciola {f} :: disarray, confusion
casamobile {f} :: caravan, mobile home
casamobile {f} :: trailer (prefabricated home that could be towed to a new destination)
casanova {m} :: A great seducer
casarecce {f} :: A type of pasta in the form of short, narrow, twisted tubes
casareccio {adj} :: alternative spelling of casereccio
Casarin {prop} :: surname
casaro {m} :: dairyman
casata {f} /kaˈsa.ta/ :: noble family, house
casata {f} :: lineage
casato {m} :: family name
casba {f} :: casbah
cascame {m} :: waste (textile)
cascamorto {m} /kaskaˈmɔrto/ :: womanizer
cascamorto {m} :: lounge lizard
cascante {v} :: present participle of cascare
cascante {adj} :: drooping, droopy
cascarci {v} :: to fall for; to be fooled by
cascare {vi} :: To fall
cascasse il mondo {v} :: no matter what
cascata {f} :: cascade
cascata {f} :: waterfall
cascata {f} :: plunge waterfall (a waterfall forming a plunge pool)
cascata {f} :: punch bowl waterfall (a waterfall forming a plunge pool)
cascatella {f} :: A small waterfall
cascatore {m} :: stand-in (film double for action shots)
cascherino {m} :: baker's delivery boy
caschetto {m} :: A form of protective headgear used in alpinism
caschetto {m} :: bob haircut, shingled hair
caschi il mondo {v} :: no matter what
cascina {f} [agriculture, Northern Italy] :: farmstead
cascinaia {f} :: female equivalent of cascinaio
cascinaio {m} :: farmer
cascinaio {m} :: dairyman
cascinale {m} [agriculture] :: farmhouse
cascinale {m} [agriculture] :: farmstead
cascinetta {f} :: Small farmstead
cascino {m} :: wooden cheese mould
cascinotto {m} :: small farmhouse
cascinotto {m} :: hut, shed
casciolongo {m} [mineral] /kaʃ.ʃoˈlɔn.ɡo/ :: cacholong (variety of opal)
casciotta {f} :: A form of caciotta from the province of Pesaro e Urbino
casciubico {m} :: Kashubian (language)
casciubo {adj} :: Kashubian
casco {m} :: helmet
casco {m} :: crash helmet
casco {m} :: hair dryer
casco {m} [collective] :: bunch (of bananas)
casco blu {m} :: blue beret, blue helmet (UN peacekeeper)
cascola {f} :: Premature dropping of fruit due to disease or other factors
cascolante {v} :: present participle of cascolare
cascolare {v} [of chestnuts] :: To ripen, open and fall from the tree
caseario {adj} :: dairy (attributive)
case a riscatto {m} :: cheap housing leased to assignees with a future sales agreement
caseggiato {m} :: block of flats [British], apartment block [US]
caseggiato {m} :: block (group of buildings)
caseificazione {f} :: cheese making
caseificio {m} :: dairy, cheese company
caseiforme {adj} :: cheeselike
caseina {f} [protein] :: casein
caseinato {m} :: caseinate
casella {f} :: box
casella {f} :: square (of a chess board)
casella {f} :: pigeonhole
Casella {prop} :: Casella (small town)
casella di spunta {f} :: tickbox, checkbox
casellante {m} :: signalman (railway)
casellante {m} :: level crossing keeper
casellante {m} :: toll collector (motorway)
casella postale {f} :: post office box
casellario {m} [office, furniture] :: filing cabinet [British], file cabinet [US], pigeonhole
casellario {m} :: records, indexes
Casellati {prop} :: surname
casellista {mf} :: Holder of a safe-deposit box or similar
casello {m} :: toll booth, tollgate, tollbar
casello {m} :: signal box
casentinese {adj} :: Of or pertaining to Casentino
casentinese {mf} :: Native or inhabitant of Casentino
caseoso {adj} :: cheesy
casereccio {adj} :: homemade, home baked
casereccio {adj} [by extension] :: plain, simple
caserma {f} /kaˈzɛrma/ :: barracks
casermaggio {m} :: barracks furniture and fittings
casermesco {adj} :: barrack-like
casermetta {f} :: A subsection of a barracks
casermone {m} :: A large apartment building, a large tenement
Caserta {prop} :: Caserta (province)
Caserta {prop} :: Caserta (capital)
casertano {m} :: A native or inhabitant of Caserta
casertano {adj} :: Of or relating to Caserta or the Caserta people
casetta {f} :: Little house
Casilino {prop} :: Casilino (district)
Casimiro {prop} :: Casimir
casina {f} :: diminutive of casa; little house
Casini {prop} :: surname
Casini {prop} :: Pier Ferdinando Casini, Italian politician
casinista {mf} :: hellraiser
casinista {mf} :: trouble maker
casino {m} /kaˈziː.no/ :: brothel
casino {m} :: mess
casino {m} :: hunting lodge
casino {m} :: casino
casino {m} :: a particular card game
casinò {m} /ka.ziˈnɔ/ :: alternative form of casino
Casio {prop} :: Casium (titular see in north Africa)
casista {m} :: casuist
casistica {f} :: survey
casistica {f} :: case report, case study, case mix
casistica {f} :: casuistry
casistico {adj} [legal] :: Based on case law
casistico {adj} :: casuistic
caso {m} :: chance, fate
caso {m} :: chance, coincidence, accident
caso {m} :: case, circumstance, matter, affair
caso {m} :: possibility, opportunity, alternative
caso {m} [grammar] :: case
casolare {m} :: cottage, farmhouse, homestead
caso mai {conj} :: alternative spelling of casomai
casomai {conj} :: in case, perhaps, maybe, possibly
casoncello {m} /ka.zonˈt͡ʃɛl.lo/ :: a raviolo
casoncello {m} [chiefly in the plural] :: a dish of ravioli
Casoncello {prop} :: A place on the Bologna Apennines Loiano province Emilia-Romagna
casone {m} :: A type of peasant's house in the Veneto
casonseo {m} :: synonym of casoncello
caso obliquo {m} [grammar] :: oblique case
caso retto {m} [grammar] :: direct case
Casoria {prop} :: Casoria (town)
casotto {m} :: hut, cabin, shed
casotto {m} [obsolete] :: brothel
casotto {m} [figuratively] :: racket, fuss
casotto {m} [figuratively] :: mess
caspa {f} /ˈ :: stump (of a tree)
caspasi {f} [enzyme] :: caspase
caspio {adj} /ˈkas.pjo/ :: Caspian
caspio {interj} :: euphemistic form of cazzo
Caspio {adj} :: Caspian
caspita {interj} :: good heavens!
caspita {interj} :: for goodness' sake!
caspo {adj} /ˈkas.po/ :: alternative form of caspio
cassa {f} /ˈ :: case, crate, trunk
cassa {f} :: box
cassa {f} :: cash register, cash desk
cassa {f} :: fund (of money)
cassa {f} :: drum (music)
cassa acustica {f} :: loudspeaker (hi fi)
cassa armonica {f} [music] :: sound box, soundboard
cassa continua {f} :: night safe, night depository
cassa da morto {f} :: coffin
Cassa del Mezzogiorno {prop} :: A fund, set up in 1950, to stimulate the economy of southern Italy
cassa di risonanza {f} :: echo chamber
cassa di risonanza {f} [music] :: sound box, soundboard
cassa di risparmio {m} [finance] :: savings bank
cassaforma {f} :: mould (for a moulding)
cassaforte {f} :: safe
cassaforte notturna {f} :: night safe
cassaintegrato {adj} :: Variant of cassintegrato
cassaintegrato {m} :: Variant of cassintegrato
cassaintegrazione {f} :: redundancy (from work)
cassandra {f} :: storm petrel
Cassandra {prop} [Greek mythology] :: Cassandra
Cassandra {prop} :: given name
cassante {v} :: present participle of cassare
cassapanca {f} [furniture] /kas.saˈpan.ka/ :: settle (linen chest / seat)
Cassarà {prop} :: surname
cassare {vt} :: to delete, to cross out
cassare {vt} :: to reverse, to overturn
cassare {vt} :: to cancel
cassata {f} /kasˈsa.ta/ :: cassata
cassata siciliana {f} :: cassata siciliana
cassatella {f} :: A deep-fried sweet type of ravioli from Trapani in Sicily
cassa toracica {f} [anatomy] :: rib cage
cassatorio {adj} [legal] :: cassation (attributive)
cassazione {f} [legal] :: cassation
cassazione {f} [music] :: cassation
cassazionista {adj} :: cassationist
cassazionista {adj} :: cassation (attributive)
casseretto {m} [nautical] :: poop deck
cassero {m} [nautical] /ˈ :: quarterdeck
cassero {m} [architecture, archaic] :: keep, donjon
casseruola {f} :: casserole [utensil], saucepan
casseruola del latte {f} :: A milk saucepan
cassetta {f} :: box, (small) case, crate
cassetta {f} :: cassette
cassetta di sicurezza {f} :: safe
cassetta di sicurezza {f} :: safe-deposit box, safety-deposit box
cassettiera {f} :: chest of drawers
cassettiera {f} :: dresser (furniture)
cassettino {m} :: A small drawer
cassettista {mf} :: Holder of a safe-deposit box
cassetto {m} :: drawer
cassettone {m} [furniture] :: chest of drawers, bureau, buro
cassettone {m} [architecture] :: coffer, caisson
cassida {f} [entomology] /ˈ :: Any member of the Cassida taxonomic genus
cassida {f} [uncommon] :: alternative form of casside
cassida {f} /kasˈsi.da/ :: qasida (poem of Arabic origin)
cassida delle barbabietole {f} :: tortoise beetle (Cassida nebulosa)
cassida verde {f} :: green tortoise beetle (Cassida viridis)
casside {f} [historical, Ancient Rome] /ˈ :: A metal helmet
casside {f} [zoology] :: synonym of cassidide
cassidico {adj} :: Chassidic, Hassidic
cassidide {m} /kasˈ :: Any member of the Cassididae taxonomic genus
cassidismo {m} :: Chassidism, Hassidism
cassiera {f} :: See cassiere
cassiere {m} :: cashier
cassiere {m} :: teller
cassiere {m} :: check-out assistant (supermarket)
cassinato {adj} :: Of or from Cassino
cassinese {adj} :: Cassino / Monte Cassino (attributive)
cassino {m} :: A type of two-wheeled cart
Cassino {prop} :: Cassino (town)
cassintegrato {adj} :: Of, pertaining to, or receiving monies from the cassa integrazione
cassintegrato {m} :: A person who receives monies from this fund
cassio {m} :: purple of Cassius
Cassio {prop} :: Cassius
Cassio {prop} :: given name
Cassiopea {prop} :: Cassiopeia
cassiopeio {m} [obsolete] :: cassiopeium
cassiterite {f} [mineral] :: cassiterite
casso {adj} [obsolete] /ˈ :: useless, fruitless
casso {adj} [obsolete] :: deprived, devoid
casso {m} [obsolete] :: The concave area located below the chest
casso {m} [obsolete, by extension] :: thorax
cassoeula {f} /ka(s)ˈsø.la/ :: A Lombard dish made from pork and cabbage
cassoeura {f} :: rare form of cassoeula
cassola {f} :: A delicate cheesecake, traditionally served in Rome at Christmas
cassone {m} :: augmentative of cassa; large chest or case
cassone {m} :: cofferdam, caisson, pontoon
cassone {m} :: skip (for waste), dumpster
cassone {m} :: truck dumping / tipping body
cassonetto {m} :: rubbish bin, wheelie bin [British], trash can [US]
cassonetto {m} :: skip [British], dumpster [US]
cassula {f} :: alternative form of capsula
cast {m} /kast/ :: cast (group of actors performing together)
casta {f} :: caste
casta {f} :: establishment; the exclusive class of powerful people thought to really rule Italy
castagna {f} /kasˈtaɲ.ɲa/ :: chestnut
castagnaccio {m} :: A typical Italian chestnut flour cake
castagna d'acqua {f} :: synonym of terranoce
castagnaio {m} :: chestnut grower, picker or seller
castagne del prete {m} :: roasted chestnuts
castagneto {m} :: chestnut wood (forest)
castagnetta {f} :: firecracker
castagnetta {f} :: snap of the fingers
castagnetta {f} [in the plural] :: castanets
castagno {m} :: chestnut tree
castagno {m} :: chestnut wood
castagnola {f} :: firecracker
castagnola {f} [zoology, ichthyology] :: damselfish, Mediterranean chromis
Castagnola {prop} :: Any of several villages throughout Italy
castalderia {f} :: stewardship
castaldo {m} :: steward
castaldo {m} :: land agent
castale {adj} :: caste (attributive)
castalio {adj} :: Castalian (inspired by the Muses)
castalio {adj} :: poetic
castamente {adv} :: chastely
castanese {adj} :: Of or from Castano Primo
castanicolo {adj} :: chestnut-growing (attribututive)
castanile {adj} :: Of or from Castanea
castano {adj} :: chestnut (colour)
castano {adj} :: said of hair, brown in colour
Castano Primo {prop} :: A town in the Milano province of Lombardia
Casteggio {prop} :: Casteggio (town)
castel {m} :: apocopic form of castello
castelbuonese {adj} :: Of or from Castelbuono
castelbuonese {mf} :: A native or inhabitant of Catselbuono
casteldaccese {adj} :: Of or from Casteldaccia
casteldaccese {mf} :: A native or inhabitant of Casteldaccia
castellana {f} :: feminine noun of castellano
Castellana {prop} :: Any of several small towns in Italy
castellanese {adj} :: Of or from Castelsardo or Castellana
castellano {adj} /kastelˈlano/ :: castle (attributive)
castellano {m} :: lord of a castle; castellan
Castellanza {prop} :: A town in the Varese province of Lombardia
castellanzese {adj} :: Of or from Castellanza
castelletto {m} /kas.telˈ :: diminutive of castello; a small castle
castelletto {m} [typography] :: A part of a composing stick used to adjust text justification
castelletto {m} :: scaffold, scaffolding
castelletto {m} [finance] :: line of credit
castelletto {m} [lotto] :: A registry where the amounts of money both gambled and won are noted
castelletto {m} [northern Italy] :: A small heap of walnuts or hazelnuts
Castelli {prop} :: surname
Castelli {prop} :: (often in combination) Any of several small Italian towns
castelliere {m} :: A Bronze Age fortified habitation on a hill, typically found in Istria
Castellitto {prop} :: surname
Castellitto {prop} :: Sergio Castellitto, Italian writer
castello {m} /kaˈst̪ɛl.lo/ :: castle
Castello {prop} :: Castello
castello di carte {m} :: house of cards
castellologia {f} [architecture] :: The study of castles and similar fortifications
Castelnuovo Berardenga {prop} :: Castelnuovo Berardenga (small town)
Castelrosso {prop} :: Kastellorizo (Greek island)
Castel Sant'Elmo {prop} :: A medieval fortress located on a hilltop near the Certosa di San Martino, overlooking Naples, Italy
Castelsardo {prop} :: A small town in the province of Sassari in Sardegna
castigabile {adj} :: punishable
castigamatti {m} :: cudgel
castigamatti {m} :: martinet
castigante {v} :: present participle of castigare
castigare {vt} :: to punish, castigate, chasten, trounce
castigatamente {adv} :: chastely, soberly
castigatezza {f} :: faultlessness, sobriety, chasteness
castigato {adj} :: chasten, sober, pure
castigatore {m} :: chastiser, castigator, censurer, spanker
castigatrice {f} :: female equivalent of castigatore
castigazione {f} :: punishment
Castiglia {prop} :: Castile
castigliano {adj} :: Castilian
castigliano {m} :: Castilian (person)
castigliano {m} [masculine singular only] :: Castilian (language)
castiglion {m} :: apocopic form of castiglione
castiglione {m} [obsolete] /ka.stiʎˈʎ :: castle, fortress; walled/fortified town
Castiglione {prop} /ka.stiʎˈʎ :: The name of many towns in Italy
Castiglione {prop} :: surname
Castiglione {prop} :: Baldassare Castiglione, Italian diplomat and author
Castiglione della Pescaia {prop} :: A small town in the province of Grosseto, in Tuscany
castigo {m} :: punishment
casting {m} :: casting (selection of actors)
Castione {prop} :: Any of several villages throughout Italy
Castioni {prop} :: surname
castità {f} :: chastity
casto {adj} /ˈ :: chaste
casto {adj} [by extension] :: pure, innocent, virtuous
castone {m} /kasˈ :: collet, beazle (on a jewel)
castorchia {f} [regional] /kasˈtɔr.kja/ :: synonym of averla capirossa
castorchia bigiarella {f} :: synonym of averla piccola
castorchia tramontana {f} :: synonym of averla cenerina
Castore {prop} [Greek mythology] :: Castor
Castore {prop} [star] :: Castor
castoreo {m} :: castoreum
castorino {m} :: coypu
castoro {m} :: beaver (mammal)
castoro americano {m} :: American beaver
castoro di montagna {m} :: mountain beaver
castoro di montagna {m} :: boomer, Chehalis, mountain rat, sewellel, whistler
castoro europeo {m} :: European beaver, Eurasian beaver
castradina {f} :: A type of soup made from mutton and cabbage traditionally eaten in Venice on the feast of the Madonna della Salute
castrametazione {f} :: castrametation
castrante {v} :: present participle of castrare
castrare {vt} :: to castrate, geld, neuter
castrare {vt} :: to frustrate
castrato {adj} :: castrated, gelded, neutered
castrato {m} :: wether
castrato {m} :: mutton
castratoio {m} :: gelding or castrating knife or tool
castratore {m} :: castrator
castratura {f} :: castrating
castratura {f} :: gelding, spaying, neutering
castrazione {f} :: castration
castrense {adj} :: castrensian
castrica {f} [regional] /ˈkas.tri.ka/ :: synonym of culbianco
castrica {f} [regional] :: Vernacular name of various passerine birds of the family Laniidae:
castrica {f} :: synonym of averla capirossa
castrica {f} :: synonym of averla cenerina
castrica {f} :: synonym of averla piccola
castrice {f} /ˈkas.tri.t͡ʃe/ :: alternative form of castrica:
castrice {f} :: synonym of averla capirossa
castrice {f} :: synonym of averla cenerina
castrice {f} :: synonym of averla piccola
castrismo {m} :: Castrism
castrista {mf} :: Castroist
castrocchia {f} [regional] /kasˈtrɔk.kja/ :: synonym of averla cenerina
castrocchia {f} [regional] :: synonym of averla capirossa
castrocchia {f} [regional] :: synonym of averla piccola
castronaggine {f} :: foolishness, stupidity
castrone {m} :: gelding
castrone {m} :: wether
castrone {m} :: fool, blockhead
castroneria {f} :: rubbish, tosh
casuale {adj} :: accidental, chance [attributive], fortuitous, casual
casuale {adj} :: random
casualismo {m} :: casualism, fortuitism
casualità {f} :: chance
casualità {f} :: A chance happening
casualizzante {v} :: present participle of casualizzare
casualizzare {v} [computing] :: To randomize
casualmente {adv} :: by chance, casually, accidentally, by the way
casuario {m} :: cassowary
casuario australiano {m} :: southern cassowary or double-wattled cassowary
casuario di Bennett {m} :: dwarf cassowary or Bennett's cassowary
casuario uniappendicolato {m} :: northern cassowary or single-wattled cassowary
casuccia {f} :: diminutive of casa
casuccia {f} :: a small cosy house
casuccia {f} :: home
casuistica {f} :: casuistry
casula {f} :: chasuble
casupola {f} :: hovel, hut
casus belli {m} :: casus belli
cata- {prefix} :: cata- (all senses)
catabasi {f} :: katabasis (descent into the Underworld)
catabasi {f} :: retreat (military)
catabatico {adj} [meteorology] :: katabatic
catabolico {adj} [biochemistry] :: catabolic
catabolismo {m} [biochemistry] :: catabolism
catabolita {m} [biochemistry] :: catabolite
catabolito {m} [biochemistry] :: catabolite
catabolizzante {v} :: present participle of catabolizzare
catabolizzare {vt} [biochemistry] :: to catabolize
cataclasi {f} [geology] :: cataclasis
cataclastico {adj} [geology] :: cataclastic
cataclisma {m} :: cataclysm
cataclismo {adj} :: cataclysmic
catacomba {f} :: catacomb
catacombale {adj} :: catacomb (attributive)
catacresi {f} :: catachresis
catadiottrica {f} :: catadioptrics
catadiottrico {adj} :: catadioptric
catadiottro {m} :: A catadioptric lens or such an optical system
catadiottro {m} :: cat's eye (reflector)
catadromo {adj} [zoology, of a migratory fish] :: catadromous (going downstream)
catadromo {adj} [botany] :: catadromous (inflorescence starting from the bottom)
catafalco {m} :: catafalque (platform used to display or convey a coffin)
catafalco {m} :: hearse, bier
catafalco {m} [figurative, jocular] :: Something excessively voluminous or cumbersome
catafalco {m} :: stage (elevated platform for performances)
catafascio {m} :: wreck, ruin
catafora {f} :: cataphora
cataforesi {f} [physics, chemistry] :: cataphoresis (form of electrophoresis)
catafratta {f} [historical] /ka.taˈfrat.ta/ :: cataphract (defensive armor)
catafratto {adj} /ka.taˈ :: covered in armor
catafratto {m} [historical, military] :: cataphract
Catai {prop} /kaˈtai/ :: Cathay (historical name of northern China)
catalana {f} :: female equivalent of catalano
catalanità {f} :: Catalanness (identification with Catalan values and customs)
catalano {adj} :: Catalan
catalano {m} :: Catalan
Catalano {prop} :: surname
catalasi {f} [enzyme] :: catalase
Cataldo {prop} :: given name
catalessi {f} [pathology] :: catalepsy
catalessi {f} :: catalexis
catalessia {f} :: alternative spelling of catalessi
catalettico {adj} :: cataleptic
cataletto {m} :: coffin
cataletto {m} :: stretcher
cataletto {m} :: bier
cataletto {adj} :: catalectic
catalisi {f} [chemistry] :: catalysis
cataliticamente {adv} :: catalytically
catalitico {adj} /ka.taˈli.ti.ko/ :: catalytic
catalizzante {v} :: present participle of catalizzare
catalizzare {vt} :: to catalyse
catalizzato {adj} :: catalyzed
catalizzatore {m} :: catalyst
catalizzatore {adj} :: catalytic
catalizzazione {f} :: catalysis
catalogabile {adj} :: listable
catalogabilità {f} :: listability
catalogante {v} :: present participle of catalogare
catalogare {vt} :: to catalogue
catalogare {vt} :: to list
catalogatore {m} :: cataloguer / cataloger
catalogazione {f} :: cataloging / cataloguing
cataloghista {mf} :: cataloguer / cataloger
catalogico {adj} :: catalogue (attributive)
catalogna {f} :: A variety of chicory used in some regional dishes
Catalogna {prop} :: Catalogna (autonomous community)
catalogo {m} /kaˈta.lo.ɡo/ :: catalogue, catalog
catalogo {m} :: list
catalografico {adj} :: cataloguing (attributive)
catalpa {f} :: catalpa
catamarano {m} :: catamaran
catana {f} /kaˈ :: A type of short-barreled pistol used in Corsica
catana {f} [regional] :: A hunting jacket
catana {f} [regional] :: The large pocket in the back of such a jacket
catana {f} [regional] :: game bag
catana {f} :: alternative spelling of katana
catanese {mf} :: A native or inhabitant of Catania
catanese {adj} :: Of or relating to Catania or the Catania people
Catania {prop} :: Catania (metropolitan city)
Catania {prop} :: Catania (capital city)
catanzarese {adj} :: Of or pertaining to Catanzaro (town in southern Italy)
catanzarese {mf} :: Native or inhabitant of Catanzaro
catanzarese {m} :: the local dialect of Catanzaro
Catanzaro {prop} :: Catanzaro (province)
Catanzaro {prop} :: Catanzaro (town)
catapano {m} :: catepan
catapecchia {f} :: hovel, shanty
cataplasma {m} :: poultice
cataplessia {f} :: cataplexy
cataplettico {adj} :: cataplectic
cataptosi {f} [biology] :: cataptosis (cell death)
catapulta {f} :: catapult
catapulta {f} :: staff sling
catapultabile {adj} :: ejection (attributive)
catapultamento {m} :: catapulting
catapultamento {m} :: A shot from a catapult
catapultante {v} :: present participle of catapultare
catapultantesi {v} :: present participle of catapultarsi
catapultare {vt} :: To catapult
catapultarsi {vr} :: To throw oneself
catapultatosi {v} :: past participle of catapultarsi
cataratta {f} [pathology, waterfall] :: cataract
cataratta {f} :: sluice
cataratta {f} :: waterfall
catarifrangente {adj} /ka.ta.ri.franˈd͡ʒɛn.te/ :: reflecting
catarifrangente {m} :: reflector, cat's-eye
catarismo {m} :: Catharism
cataro {adj} :: Cathar (attributive)
cataro {m} :: Cathar
catarometro {m} :: katharometer
catarrale {adj} :: catarrhal
catarratto {m} :: A white grape variety from Sicily
catarrina {f} :: Catarrhine monkey (of taxon Catarrhini)
catarro {m} [pathology] :: catarrh, phlegm
catarro {m} :: mucus
catarroso {adj} :: catarrhal
catarsi {f} :: catharsis
catarsi {f} :: purification, redemption
catarticamente {adv} :: cathartically
catartico {adj} :: cathartic
catasta {f} :: pile, stack
catastale {adj} :: cadastral, land registry (attributive)
catastalmente {adv} :: in the land registry, at the land registry
catastazione {f} :: land registration
catastematico {adj} /ka.tas.teˈma.ti.ko/ :: katastematic
catasterismo {m} [Greek mythology, Roman mythology] /ka.tas.teˈ :: catasterism
catasto {m} :: cadastre, land register, land registry
catastrofale {adj} :: catastrophic
catastrofe {f} :: catastrophe, disaster
catastrofe imminente {f} :: the writing is on the wall
catastroficamente {adv} :: catastrophically
catastrofico {adj} :: catastrophic, disastrous
catastrofico {adj} :: pessimistic (forecast or person)
catastrofismo {m} :: catastrophe theory
catastrofismo {m} :: Excessive pessimism
catastrofismo {m} :: disaster movie
catastrofista {adj} :: very pessimistic
catastrofista {mf} :: pessimist, doomsayer, catastrophist
catastrofistico {adj} :: catastrophistic
catatonia {f} :: catatonia
catatonico {adj} :: catatonic
catechesi {f} :: catechesis
catechina {f} [organic compound] :: catechin
catechismo {m} :: catechism
catechista {mf} :: catechist
catechizzante {v} :: present participle of catechizzare
catechizzare {vt} :: to catechize
catechizzare {vt} :: to try to persuade
catechizzare {vt} :: to lecture, preach (at)
catechizzatore {m} :: catechizer
catechizzazione {f} :: catechization, indoctrination
catecolamina {f} [organic chemistry] :: catecholamine
catecolammina {f} [organic compound] :: alternative form of catecolamina
catecolo {m} [organic compound] :: catechol
catecù {m} :: catechu
catecù {m} :: cachou
catecù {m} :: cutch
catecumenale {adj} :: catechumenal
catecumenato {m} :: catechumen
catecumeno {m} :: catechumen
categoria {f} /ka.te.ɡoˈria̯/ :: category, topic
categoria {f} :: class
categoriale {adj} :: categorial
categoricamente {adv} :: categorically, flatly
categoricità {f} :: categoricalness
categorico {adj} :: categorical, flat, absolute
categorizzante {v} :: present participle of categorizzare
categorizzare {v} :: to categorize
categorizzato {adj} :: categorized
categorizzazione {f} :: categorization
catello {m} [literary] /kaˈtɛl.lo/ :: little dog
catello {m} [literary] :: the baby of other animals
catena {f} :: chain
catena {f} :: bond, fetter; subordination, repression
catena {f} :: tie, cord, bond
catena {f} :: tether (a rope, cable etc. that holds something in place whilst allowing some movement)
catena alimentare {f} [ecology] :: food chain
catenaccio {m} /ka.teˈnat.̚tʃo/ :: a bolt (for a door)
catenaccio {m} [football] :: a system of play in which defence is strengthened so much that little attacking play is possible
catena da neve {f} :: snow chain
catena montuosa {f} :: mountain range, mountain chain
catenaria {f} [mathematics] :: catenary
catenaria {f} :: caterpillar track
Catenazzi {prop} :: surname
catenella {f} :: Small or thin chain
catenella {f} :: watch chain
catenina {f} :: diminutive of catena
catenina {f} :: A small, fine chain; especially a decorative one
catenoide {f} [mathematics] :: catenoid
catepsina {f} [protein] :: cathepsin
cateratta {f} :: Variant of cataratta
Caterina {prop} :: given name
caterva {f} :: multitude
catetere {m} [medicine] :: catheter
cateterismo {m} [medicine] :: catheterization
cateterizzante {v} :: present participle of cateterizzare
cateterizzare {vt} :: to catheterize
cateto {m} [geometry] :: cathetus
Catilina {prop} /ka.tiˈ :: Catiline (Lucius Sergius Catilina)
catilinaria {f} /ka.ti.liˈna.rja/ :: Any one of Cicero's four orations against Catilina
catilinaria {f} [literary] :: bitter invective
catilinario {adj} /ka.ti.liˈna.rjo/ :: Catilinarian
catilinario {adj} [figurative] :: violent, grim, cruel
catilinario {m} [rare] :: conspirator, plotter
catinella {f} :: basin
catino {m} :: basin
catione {m} [chemistry, physics] :: cation
cationico {adj} :: cationic
catiuscia {f} :: alternative spelling of katiuscia
catodico {adj} [physics] :: cathodic
catodo {m} :: cathode
catodofono {m} :: kathodophone
Caton {prop} :: medieval spelling of Catone
catone {m} [often ironic] /kaˈ :: One who is austere and of strict conduct; martinet
Catone {prop} /kaˈ :: Cato, chiefly referring to:
Catone {prop} :: Cato the Elder (234 ca. BC–149 BC)
Catone {prop} :: Cato the Younger (95 BC–46 BC)
Catone {prop} :: given name
catoneggiare {v} /ˈd͡ʒ :: To show austerity and moral strictness
catorcio {m} :: banger (old, unreliable car)
catorcio {m} :: crock
catorcio {m} :: contraption
catottrico {adj} :: catoptric
catottromanzia {f} :: catoptromancy
catramante {v} :: present participle of catramare
catramare {vt} :: To tar
catramatrice {f} :: tar sprayer (road making)
catramatura {f} :: tarring (road making)
catrame {m} :: tar, coal tar
catramoso {adj} :: tarry
Cattaneo {prop} [chiefly Northern Italy, Central Italy] /katˈ :: surname
cattarino {adj} :: Of or from Cattaro
Cattaro {prop} :: Kotor
cattedra {f} :: desk [of a teacher]
cattedra {f} :: throne [in a church, for use by a bishop or pope]
cattedra {f} :: chair, professorship [teaching post in a university]
cattedrale {f} /katːeˈdrale/ :: cathedral
cattedrante {mf} :: pedantic professor
cattedraticamente {adv} :: pedantically
cattedratico {adj} :: university (attributive)
cattedratico {adj} :: pedantic
cattedratico {m} :: professor
cattivamente {adv} :: wickedly, naughtily
cattivello {adj} :: mischievous, naughty
cattiveria {f} :: wickedness, nastiness, spite
cattiveria {f} :: naughtiness
cattivissimo {adj} :: superlative of cattivo
cattività {f} :: captivity (especially of an animal)
cattivo {adj} /katˈti.vo/ :: bad
cattivo {adj} :: wicked, naughty
cattivo {m} :: villain
cattocomunista {adj} :: Catholic Communist (attributive)
cattocomunista {mf} :: Catholic Communist
cattolica {f} :: female equivalent of cattolico
Cattolica {prop} :: Cattolica (small town)
cattolicamente {adv} :: Catholically
cattolicesimo {m} :: Catholicism
cattolicissimo {adj} :: superlative of cattolico
cattolicità {f} :: catholicity
cattolicità {f} :: Catholics (as a group)
cattolicizzante {v} :: present participle of cattolicizzare
cattolicizzare {vt} :: to catholicize
cattolico {adj} :: Catholic
cattolico {m} :: Catholic
cattura {f} :: capture
catturabile {adj} :: capturable
catturante {v} :: present participle of catturare
catturare {vt} :: to capture or catch
catturatore {adj} :: catching, capturing (attributive)
catturatore {m} :: catcher, capturer
catuba {f} [musical instrument] :: bass drum
Catullo {prop} :: Catullus
caucasico {adj} :: Caucasian
caucasico {m} :: Caucasian
Caucaso {prop} :: Caucasus
caucciù {m} :: natural rubber, latex, caoutchouc
caudale {adj} :: caudal (all senses)
caudalmente {adv} :: caudally
caudatario {m} :: train-bearer
caudato {adj} :: caudate
caudato {adj} :: caudal
caudillismo {m} :: caudillismo
caudillista {adj} :: caudillo, caudillismo (attributive)
caudino {adj} :: Caudine
Caudio {prop} /ˈkau̯.djo/ :: alternative form of Caudium
Caudium {prop} /ˈkau̯.djum/ :: An ancient town on the Appian Way between Benevento and Capua
caudotomia {f} :: caudectomy
caule {m} [botany] :: stem (of a herbaceous plant)
caulerpa {f} /kau̯ˈlɛ :: A type of seaweed
caulinare {adj} [botany] :: cauline
causa {f} :: cause
causa {f} :: lawsuit
causale {adj} /kau̯ˈza.le/ :: causal
causale {f} :: reason [for a payment]
causalismo {m} [philosophy] /kau̯.zaˈ :: causalism
causalista {mf} /kau̯.zaˈlis.ta/ :: causalist
causalista {adj} :: synonym of causalistico: pertaining to causalism
causalistico {adj} /kau̯.zaˈlis.ti.ko/ :: Of or pertaining to causalism
causalità {f} :: causality
causalmente {adv} :: causally
causante {v} :: present participle of causare
causare {vt} :: to cause
causa scatenante {f} :: root cause
causativo {adj} :: causative
causatore {m} [rare] /kau̯.zaˈ :: Someone or something that causes or produces an effect; causer [male]
causatrice {f} [rare] /kau̯.zaˈtri.t͡ʃe/ :: female equivalent of causatore
causa ultima {f} :: root cause
causazione {f} [rare] /kau̯.zatˈt͡ :: causation
causerie {f} :: A light and polite conversation
causeur {m} :: converser
causeur {m} :: One who can converse elegantly
causeuse {f} :: feminine noun of causeur
causeuse {f} :: love seat, tête-à-tête (sofa)
causidico {adj} :: causidical
causidico {m} :: causidic, attorney
caustica {f} [mathematics] :: caustic
causticamente {adv} :: caustically
causticazione {f} [medicine] :: cauterization
causticità {f} :: causticity
causticità {f} :: mordacity
caustico {adj} :: caustic
caustico {adj} :: [figuratively] scathing
caustificazione {f} [inorganic chemistry] :: caustification
cautamente {adv} /kau̯.taˈmen.te/ :: cautiously
cautela {f} :: caution, care
cautela {f} :: precaution
cautelante {v} :: present participle of cautelare
cautelantesi {v} :: present participle of cautelarsi
cautelare {adj} :: precautionary
cautelare {v} :: to protect
cautelarmente {adv} :: in a precautionary manner; as a precaution
cautelarsi {v} :: reflexive of cautelare
cautelarsi {vr} :: to arm or protect oneself
cautelarsi {vr} :: to insure oneself
cautelativamente {adv} :: in a precautionary manner; as a precaution
cautelativo {adj} [legal] :: precautionary
cautelatosi {v} :: past participle of cautelarsi
cauteloso {adj} :: cautious
cauterio {m} /kau̯ˈtɛ.rjo/ :: cautery
cauterio {m} :: cauterization
cauterizzante {v} :: present participle of cauterizzare
cauterizzare {vt} :: To cauterize
cauterizzazione {f} :: cauterization
cauto {adj} /ˈkau̯.to/ :: prudent, cautious, sly
cauzionale {adj} :: cautionary
cauzionale {adj} :: security (attributive)
cauzionante {v} :: present participle of cauzionare
cauzionare {v} [legal] :: To pay bail (or similar legal guarantee)
cauzione {f} [law] /kau̯tˈt͡ :: security, guarantee
cauzione {f} :: bail, bail bond
cav. {n} :: abbreviation of cavaliere
cava {f} :: quarry, mine
cavachiodi {m} :: nail puller
cavadenti {m} :: tooth drawer
cavagna {f} :: basket
cavagno {m} :: A kind of basket
cavalcabile {adj} :: rideable
cavalcaferrovia {m} :: A railway flyover
cavalcante {v} :: present participle of cavalcare
cavalcante {adj} :: ridden
cavalcante {m} :: postilion
Cavalcanti {prop} :: surname
Cavalcanti {prop} :: An ancient Florentine family
cavalcare {vit} :: to ride
cavalcare {vt} [figurative] :: to span (to traverse the distance between, of a bridge etc.)
cavalcare {v} [figurative] :: to jump on the bandwagon, to ride the wave (to join a cause in order to take advantage of it)
cavalcata {f} :: ride
cavalcata {f} :: cavalcade
cavalcatore {m} :: rider
cavalcatrice {f} :: female equivalent of cavalcatore
cavalcatura {f} :: mount
cavalcavia {m} :: A flyover, an overpass
cavalcioni {p} :: only used in a cavalcioni
cavalierato {m} :: Sir (title of a knight)
cavaliere {m} :: rider or horseman
cavaliere {m} :: cavalryman or trooper
cavaliere {m} :: an escort or partner
cavaliere {m} :: a knight
cavaliere {m} :: a gentleman
cavaliere d'Italia {m} :: black-winged stilt
cavalierino {m} :: rider (on a balance)
cavalierino {m} :: tab (in a filing cabinet etc)
cavalier servente {m} :: synonym of cicisbeo
cavalla {f} :: female equivalent of cavallo
cavallaio {m} :: groom (person who cares for horses), hostler
cavallaio {m} :: merchant of horses
cavallaro {m} [regional] :: alternative form of cavallaio
cavallaro {m} [obsolete] :: messenger
cavalleggero {m} :: light cavalryman
cavallerescamente {adv} :: chivalrously
cavalleresco {adj} :: knightly
cavalleresco {adj} :: chivalrous, noble
cavalleria {f} :: cavalry
cavalleria {f} :: chivalry
cavalleria {f} :: gallantry
cavallerizza {f} :: riding school
cavallerizza {f} :: horse riding
cavallerizzo {m} :: circus rider
cavallerizzo {m} :: riding instructor
cavalletta {f} :: grasshopper
cavalletta {f} :: locust
cavalletto {m} :: tripod
cavalletto {m} :: easel
cavalletto {m} :: kickstand
cavalletto {m} :: trestle
cavallina {f} :: mare
cavallina {f} :: leapfrog
cavallina {f} :: vaulting horse
cavallino {adj} :: horsy
cavallino {adj} :: horse (attributive)
cavallino {m} :: colt, foal, young or small horse
cavallino {m} :: pony
cavallino {m} :: prancing horse (symbol of Ferrari)
cavallino {m} :: haircalf
cavallo {m} /kaˈvalːo/ :: horse
cavallo {m} :: horsepower [unit of measure]
cavallo {m} [chess] :: knight
cavallo {m} :: crotch, fork
cavallo {m} :: seat (of trousers)
cavallo a dondolo {m} :: rocking horse
cavallo da corsa {m} :: racehorse
cavallo da tiro {m} :: draught horse, draft horse
cavallo di battaglia {m} [idiomatic] :: forte, strong suit, strong point, flagship product/piece of art
cavallo di Troia {m} :: Trojan horse (wooden horse used by the Greeks; subversive thing or person)
cavallone {m} :: roller, breaker (wave)
cavallo vapore {m} :: horsepower
cavalluccio {m} :: small horse
cavalluccio {m} :: A traditional anise cookie from Siena typically consumed at Christmas
cavalluccio di legno {m} [toy] :: hobby horse
cavalluccio marino {m} :: seahorse
cavana {f} [nautical] :: A covered shelter for boats (typical of Venice and the Veneto)
Cavanna {prop} :: surname
cavante {v} :: present participle of cavare
cavantesela {v} :: present participle of cavarsela
cavantesi {v} :: present participle of cavarsi
cavare {vt} :: to take out, pull out, or extract forcefully
cavare {vt} :: to take off [an article of clothing]
cavare {vt} :: (with da) to get or obtain (from)
cavare {vt} :: to profit
cavare {vt} :: to deduce or come to a conclusion
cavare {vt} [familiar] :: to deduct or subtract
cavare le castagne dal fuoco {v} [idiomatic] :: to pull someone's bacon out of the fire, pull someone's chestnuts out of the fire
cavare sangue da una rapa {v} :: to get blood out of a stone
cavare un ragno dal buco {v} [idiomatic] :: to jump to conclusions
Cavargna {prop} :: A village, in a mountain valley of the same name, in the province of Como in Lombardia
cavargnone {adj} :: Of or from Cavargna
cavarsela {v} :: to get out [of trouble, danger, etc.]
cavarsela {v} :: to make the best of something
cavarsela {v} :: to be good at
cavarsela {v} :: to manage (to do something)
cavarsela {v} :: to carry off or get away with or get off
cavarsi {v} :: reflexive of cavare
cavarsi {vr} :: to satisfy a need or a want; to quench one's thirst (for something)
cavarsi {vr} :: to get out [of trouble, danger, etc.], to free oneself of, to get rid of
cavarsi gli occhi {vt} [hyperbolic, idiomatic] :: to kill (punish severely)
cavarsi gli occhi {vt} [idiomatic] :: to strain one's eyes from analyzing a text or doing precision work
cavarsi un dente {v} [idiomatic] :: to resolve a difficult or troublesome problem
cavastivali {m} :: bootjack
cavatappi {m} :: corkscrew
cavatappi {m} :: A type of pasta in the form of spiral macaroni
cavatasela {v} :: past participle of cavarsela
cavatore {m} :: quarryman
cavatosi {v} :: past participle of cavarsi
cavatrice {f} :: mortising machine
cavatura {f} :: extraction, excavation
cavatura {f} :: ditch, hollow
cavaturaccioli {m} :: corkscrew
cavazione {f} :: disengagement (in fencing)
cavea {f} /ˈ :: The seats in ancient theatres and amphitheatres
caveau {m} /kaˈvo/ :: vault (secure, enclosed area used to store valuables)
cavedagna {f} :: headland (at the edge of a field)
cavedagna {f} :: greenway (rural path)
cavedano {m} /kaˈ :: European chub (Squalius cephalus)
cavedine {f} /kaˈ :: alternative form of cavedano
cavedio {m} :: (inner) courtyard
cavedio {m} :: cavaedium
caveola {f} :: caveola
caverna {f} :: cave, cavern
cavernicola {f} :: female equivalent of cavernicolo
cavernicolo {adj} :: cavernicolous
cavernicolo {m} :: cave dweller, caveman
cavernosamente {adv} :: cavernously, deeply, hollowly
cavernosità {f} :: hollowness
cavernosità {f} :: cavern
cavernoso {adj} :: cavernous
cavernoso {adj} :: deep, hollow (voice, sound)
cavernoso {adj} :: cavernosum
cavetto {m} :: lead, cable (electrical)
cavezza {f} :: halter
cavia {f} /ˈkav.ja/ :: guinea pig
cavia brasiliana {f} [zoology] :: synonym of aperea
caviale {m} :: caviar
cavicchia {f} :: bolt
cavicchio {m} :: dowel (wooden pin)
cavicchio {m} :: dibble
cavicchio {m} :: toggle
caviciunetta {f} :: synonym of cagionetto
cavidotto {m} :: cable duct
caviglia {f} :: ankle
caviglia {f} :: pin, peg
cavigliatoio {m} :: spindle
cavigliera {f} :: anklet
cavigliera {f} [nautical] :: belaying rack (rack for belaying pins)
cavigliere {m} [music] :: pegbox (of a violin etc)
cavillante {v} :: present participle of cavillare
cavillare {vi} :: to quibble, or split hairs
cavillatore {m} :: quibbler
cavillazione {f} :: cavillation
cavillo {m} :: quibble
cavillo {m} :: loophole
cavillosamente {adv} :: captiously, quibblingly
cavillosità {f} :: captiousness
cavilloso {adj} :: quibbling, captious
cavità {f} :: hollow; cavity
cavità {f} [anatomy] :: cavity
cavitante {v} :: present participle of cavitare
cavità orbitale {f} [skeleton] :: eye socket
cavità orbitaria {f} [skeleton] :: eye socket
cavitare {vi} :: to cavitate
cavitazione {f} :: cavitation (all senses)
cavo {adj} :: hollow
cavo {m} :: hollow, cavity
cavo {m} :: cable
cavo {m} :: rope
cavo {m} :: wire
cavobuono {m} [nautical] /ka.voˈbwɔ.no/ :: hoist
cavo di fissaggio {m} :: tie rod
cavo di fissaggio {m} :: guy-wire, guy rope
cavo elettrico {n} :: wire
cavolaia {f} :: cabbage butterfly
cavolaia {f} :: cabbage bed, cabbage patch
cavolaia {f} :: cabbage field
cavolaia maggiore {f} :: large white (insect)
cavolaia minore {f} :: small white (insect)
cavolaio {m} :: cabbage bed, cabbage patch
cavolaio {m} :: cabbage field
cavolata {f} :: rubbish, foolishness, stupidity
cavolata {f} :: garbage
cavoletti di Bruxelles {m} :: Brussels sprouts
cavoletto {m} :: small cabbage
cavoletto di Bruxelles {m} :: Brussels sprout
cavolfiore {m} :: cauliflower
cavolino {m} :: small cabbage
cavolino di Bruxelles {m} :: Brussels sprout
cavolo {m} /ˈka.vo.lo/ :: cabbage
cavolo {m} [intensifier] :: euphemistic form of cazzo; the deuce, the dickens
cavolo cappuccio {m} :: white cabbage
cavolo cappuccio {m} :: spring greens
cavolo cinese {m} :: Chinese cabbage, bok choy
cavolo di Bruxelles {m} :: Brussels sprout
cavolo di Pechino {m} :: napa cabbage
cavolo nero {m} :: kale (Brassica oleracea var. acephala, edible plant similar to cabbage)
cavolo nero {m} [specifically] :: cavolo nero (Tuscan cultivar of kale)
cavolo rapa {m} :: kohlrabi
cavolo riccio {m} :: curly kale
cavolo riscaldato {m} [figurative] /ˈka.vo.lo ris.kalˈ :: something old, outdated or obsolete displayed as if it were new
cavolo riscaldato {m} :: See: it cavolo riscaldato
cavolo rosso {m} :: red cabbage
cavolo verzetto {m} :: Savoy cabbage
Cavone {prop} :: Cavone (river)
Cavour {prop} :: Cavour (small town)
Cavour {prop} :: Camillo Benso, conte di Cavour, Italian statesman in the movement towards Italian unification
cavouriano {adj} :: Of or relating to Cavour
cazaro {adj} :: Khazarian
cazzabubbolo {m} :: blockhead (stupid person)
cazzante {v} :: present participle of cazzare
cazzare {vt} [nautical] :: to frap
cazzarola {f} :: Variant of casseruola
cazzarola {interj} :: An indication of annoyance
cazzata {f} [vulgar] :: crap, bullshit, shit, rubbish, gibberish, garbage, nonsense, malarkey
cazzata {f} [vulgar] :: stupid fucking thing; fuckup, brain fart
cazzata {f} [vulgar] :: load of balls
cazzeggiante {v} :: present participle of cazzeggiare
cazzeggiare {vi} [slang, vulgar] :: to fuck around, mess around or waste time
cazzeggio {m} [slang, vulgar] :: the act of fucking around
cazziante {v} :: present participle of cazziare
cazziare {vt} :: To give someone a mouthful (tirade of abusive language)
cazziata {f} [vulgar] :: row, quarrel, shouting match, slanging match
cazziata {f} :: earful, reprimand, castigation, telling off
cazziatone {m} :: mouthful (severe talking to)
cazziatone {m} :: earful, reprimand, castigation or telling off
cazzimperio {m} /kat.tsimˈpɛ.rjo/ :: alternative form of cacimperio
cazzo {m} [vulgar] /ˈkat.t͡so/ :: dick, cock, prick
cazzo {m} :: [un cazzo] shit [US], jackshit [US], sod all [UK], bugger all [UK]
cazzo {m} [in the plural, followed by a possessive pronoun] :: business, affair
cazzo {interj} :: fuck!, shit! (expressing frustration, surprise, or anger)
cazzo {interj} :: Used as an intensifier, often replacing cosa or che, similar to "what the fuck"
cazzo {interj} :: good grief
cazzo {interj} :: my ass!
cazzo di {adj} [vulgar] :: fucking (used an an intensifier)
cazzola {f} :: alternative form of cazzuola
cazzone {m} :: A stupid person
cazzottante {v} :: present participle of cazzottare
cazzottantesi {v} :: present participle of cazzottarsi
cazzottare {v} :: Variant of scazzottare
cazzottarsi {v} :: Variant of scazzottarsi
cazzottatosi {v} :: past participle of cazzottarsi
cazzotto {m} /katˈt͡sɔ :: punch (in boxing etc)
cazzuola {f} /katˈtswɔ.la/ :: trowel (mason's tool)
cazzuola {f} :: float (plasterer's tool)
cazzuto {adj} [vulgar] :: ballsy, tough, fly, witty, sly
Cb. {n} [music] :: abbreviation of contrabasso
c/c {n} :: abbreviation of conto corrente
CdA {n} :: abbreviation of Consiglio di amministrazione
ce {pron} :: alternative form of ci
ce {adv} :: here
cebano {adj} :: Of or from Ceva
cebo {m} :: capuchin (monkey)
cecale {adj} :: caecal
cecamente {adv} /ˈt͡ʃe.kaˈmɛn.te/ :: alternative form of ciecamente
cecare {vt} [archaic, regional] :: to blind
cecare {vt} [archaic, regional] :: to darken, to obscure
cecare {vt} [archaic, regional] :: to block, to wall up
cecare {vt} [archaic, regional] :: to countersink
cecato {adj} :: blind
Cecchina {prop} :: Cecchina (small town)
cecchinaggio {m} /t͡ʃek.kiˈnad.d͡ʒo/ :: sniping (act of shooting from a concealed place)
cecchino {m} /t͡ʃekˈ :: sniper
Cecco {prop} /ˈt͡ʃek.ko/ :: given name
cece {m} :: chickpea [British], garbanzo [US]
cecena {f} :: feminine noun of ceceno
Cecenia {prop} :: Chechnya
ceceno {adj} :: Chechen
ceceno {m} :: Chechen
ceceno {prop} :: The Chechen language
Cechia {prop} [rare] :: Czechia
cechità {f} :: Variant of cecità
Ceci {prop} :: surname
cecidio {m} :: gall (of a plant); cecidium
cecidiologia {f} [botany] :: the study of galls
Cecilia {prop} :: given name
Cecilio {prop} :: Cecil
Cecina {prop} :: Cecina (town)
Cecina {prop} :: Cecina (river)
cecinese {adj} :: Of or from Cecina
cecio {m} :: chickpea
cecità {f} /t͡ʃe.t͡ʃiˈta/ :: blindness
ceco {adj} /ˈt͡ʃɛ.ko/ :: Czech
ceco {m} :: Czech
ceco {m} :: clipping of cecoslovacco - Czechoslovak
ceco {m} [singular only] :: The Czech language
cecoslovacca {f} :: feminine noun of cecoslovacco
Cecoslovacchia {prop} :: Czechoslovakia
cecoslovacco {adj} :: Czechoslovak
cecoslovacco {m} :: Czechoslovak
cecropio {adj} :: Athenian
cecubo {m} :: A red wine from Lazio
cecuziente {adj} :: almost blind, or having a significant eyesight disability
c'è del marcio in Danimarca {phrase} [aphorism] /ˈtʃɛ ddel ˈmar.tʃo in da.niˈmar.ka/ :: something is rotten in the state of Denmark (something is not right)
cedente {adj} :: transfer, handover (attributive)
cedere {vi} [but takes avere] /ˈt͡ʃɛdere/ :: to retreat
cedere {vi} [but takes avere] :: to