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n- {prefix} [organic chemistry] :: n-; (normal-form )
n' {contraction} :: Prevocalic form of ne.
n {letter} :: letter
N {n} :: abbreviation of nord
N {letter} :: The fourteenth letter of the French alphabet
n'a {contraction} :: contraction of ne + a (third-person singular indicative present form of avoir)
nabab {m} :: nabob (an Indian ruler)
nabot {m} [pejorative] :: dwarf, midget
nabot {adj} :: dwarfish, tiny
nabuchodonosor {m} :: Nebuchadnezzar (wine bottle)
nacaire {f} [musical instruments] :: naker
nacelle {f} [literary] :: skiff
nacelle {f} :: gondola (of hot-air balloon etc.)
nacelle {f} :: pod (of spacecraft)
nacelle {f} :: cradle
nacelle élévatrice {f} :: cherry picker
nacelle élévatrice {f} :: aerial work platform, mobile elevating work platform
nacre {f} :: mother-of-pearl (the hard pearly inner layer of certain mollusk shells)
nacré {adj} :: pearly
nacrer {v} :: to give the appearance of mother-of-pearl
Nadeau {prop} :: surname
Nadège {prop} :: given name
Nadejda {prop} {f} :: A transliteration of the Russian female given name Надежда /Nadéžda/ (hope)
Nadia {prop} :: given name of Russian origin
Nadine {prop} :: given name, a diminutive of Nadia
nadir {m} [astronomy] :: nadir
nadsat {m} :: Nadsat
naevus {m} :: alternative form of nævus
nævus {m} :: naevus
NAFC {prop} {f} :: initialism of Navire auxiliaire des Forces canadiennes (Canadian Forces Auxiliary Vessel)
Nagant {prop} :: surname
nage {f} :: swimming
nageant {adj} :: swimming
nage libre {f} [swimming] :: freestyle
nageoire {f} :: fin (of fish)
nageoire {f} :: flipper (of dolphin, seal, walrus etc.)
nageoire adipeuse {f} :: adipose fin
nageoire anale {f} :: anal fin
nageoire caudale {f} :: caudal fin
nageoire dorsale {f} :: dorsal fin
nageoire pectorale {f} :: pectoral fin
nageoire pelvienne {f} :: pelvic fin
nager {v} :: to swim
nager comme un fer à repasser {v} [simile] :: to be a very poor swimmer
nageur {m} :: swimmer (one who swims)
nageuse {f} :: female equivalent of nageur
naguère {adv} :: not so long ago
naguère {adv} :: long ago
naguères {adv} :: alternative spelling of naguère
Nagy {prop} :: Nagy; surname
nahuatl {m} :: Nahuatl (language)
nahuatl {adj} :: Nahuatl
Nahum {prop} {m} [biblical character] :: Nahum (prophet)
Nahum {prop} {m} [book of the bible] :: Nahum (book of the Bible)
n'ai {contraction} :: contraction of ne + ai (first-person singular indicative present form of avoir)
naïade {f} :: naiad
naïba {m} :: A Moroccan tax paid to the Sultan
n'aie crainte {phrase} [literary] :: fear not, never fear, don't worry
naïf {adj} :: naive, dewy-eyed; gullible
Naigeon {prop} :: surname
n'aigle {m} [Louisiana French, Cajun French, ] :: alternative form of aigle, eagle
nain {m} :: dwarf
nain {m} :: gnome (decorative, in a garden)
nain de jardin {m} :: garden gnome (a small statue of a gnome used as a garden ornament)
nain de jardin {m} [colloquial, derogatory] :: a very small person
naine blanche {f} [star] :: white dwarf (white dwarf star)
naine brune {f} :: brown dwarf (sub-stellar object)
naine noire {f} [astronomy] :: black dwarf
naine rouge {f} [star] :: red dwarf (red dwarf star)
naissain {m} :: spat (of shellfish)
naissance {f} :: birth
naissance {f} [figuratively] :: birth; invention; creation
naissant {adj} :: nascent, incipient
naissant {adj} :: budding, dawning, awakening
naitre {v} :: alternative spelling of naître
naître {vi} :: (typically used in the passive voice) to be born
naïvement {adv} :: naively
naïveté {f} [usually, uncountable] :: innocence, naïveté
naja {m} :: cobra (venomous snake)
Nakajima {prop} :: surname
Nakamura {prop} :: surname
nakba {f} :: catastrophe
nakba {prop} {f} :: Nakba
namasté {interj} :: namaste (an interjection)
Namibie {prop} {f} :: Namibia
namibien {adj} :: Namibian
Namibien {m} :: Namibian
Namibienne {f} :: feminine noun of Namibien
Namur {prop} {m} :: Namur [province]
Namur {prop} {m} :: Namur [city]
namurois {adj} :: of or relating to Namur, Belgium
Namurois {m} :: person from Namur, Belgium
Namuroise {f} :: feminine noun of Namurois
nan {adv} [colloquial] :: nah, nope
nana {f} [slang] :: chick, bird (especially when attractive)
Nanami {prop} :: given name
nanar {m} [slang] :: crappy film
nanard {m} [slang] :: crappy film
nancéien {adj} :: of or from the city of Nancy
Nancéien {m} :: an inhabitant of the city of Nancy
Nancéienne {f} :: feminine noun of Nancéien
Nancy {prop} :: given name borrowed from English
Nancy {prop} :: Nancy (the city)
nandou {m} :: rhea
Nandrin {prop} :: Nandrin (town)
nandrolone {f} :: nandrolone
nanisme {m} :: dwarfism
Nankin {prop} {m} :: Nanjing
nano- {prefix} :: nano-
nano- {prefix} :: Relating to garden gnomes
nanoaimant {m} :: nanomagnet
nanoargent {m} :: nanosilver
nanobel {m} [physics] :: nanobel
nanobiotechnologie {f} :: nanobiotechnology
nanobiotechnologique {adj} :: nanobiotechnological
nanocanal {m} :: nanocanal
nanocandela {f} :: nanocandela
nanocandéla {f} :: alternative form of nanocandela
nanocapteur {m} :: nanosensor
nanocéphale {adj} :: microcephalic
nanocéphalie {f} :: nanocephaly
nanocéphalique {adj} :: microcephalic
nanocode {m} :: nanocode
nanoconducteur {m} :: nanoconductor
nanocormie {f} [pathology] :: nanocormia
nanocoulomb {m} [physics] :: nanocoulomb
nanocristal {m} :: nanocrystal
nanodiamant {m} :: nanodiamond
nanodisque {m} :: nanodisc / nanodisk
nanoélectrode {f} :: nanoelectrode
nanoélectronique {adj} :: nanoelectronic
nanoélectronvolt {m} :: nanoelectronvolt
nanoéponge {f} :: nanosponge
nanofarad {m} [physics] :: nanofarad
nanofil {m} :: nanowire
nanofiltrant {adj} :: nanofiltration (attributive)
nanogramme {m} :: nanogram
nanohenry {m} [physics] :: nanohenry
nanohm {m} :: alternative form of nanoohm
nanokatal {m} :: nanokatal
nanomaniaque {mf} :: A collector of garden gnomes
nanomanipulation {f} :: nanomanipulation
nanomatériau {m} :: nanomaterial
nanomécanisme {m} :: nanomechanism
nanomédicament {m} :: nanomedicine, nanodrug
nanomélie {f} [pathology] :: nanomelia
nanomètre {m} :: nanometre
nanométrique {adj} :: nanometric
nanométriquement {adv} :: nanometrically
nanomonde {m} :: nanoworld
nanomoteur {m} :: nanomotor
nanoohm {m} [physics] :: nano-ohm
nanoparticulaire {adj} :: nanoparticulate
nanoparticule {f} :: nanoparticle
nanophanérophyte {m} [botany] :: nanophanerophyte
nanophotonique {adj} :: nanophotonic
nanoporeux {adj} :: nanoporous
nanopoudre {f} :: nanopowder
nanoprocesseur {m} [computing] :: nanoprocessor
nanoproduit {m} :: nanoproduct
nanopuce {f} :: nanochip
nanorobotique {adj} :: nanorobotic
nanorobotique {f} :: nanorobotics
nanoruban {m} :: nanoribbon
nanoscopie {f} :: nanoscopy
nanoscopique {adj} :: nanoscopic
nanoseconde {f} :: nanosecond
nanostéradian {m} :: nanosteradian
nanotechnologie {f} :: nanotechnology
nanotechnologique {adj} :: nanotechnological
nanothermomètre {m} :: nanothermometer
nanotribologie {f} :: nanotribology
nanotube {m} :: nanotube
nanotunnel {m} :: nanotunnel
nanovoiture {f} :: nanocar
nantais {adj} :: of or relating to Nantes, France
Nantais {m} :: an inhabitant of Nantes, France
Nantaise {f} :: feminine noun of Nantais
Nanterre {prop} :: A commune in the western suburbs of Paris
Nantes {prop} :: Nantes
nanti {adj} :: paid, having received wages
nanti {adj} :: rich, well-off, well-to-do
nanti {m} :: one who is wealthy and privileged
nantir {v} [de] :: to provide somebody
nantir {v} [de, .pronominal] :: to provide, to get
nantissement {m} :: pledge
nantissement {m} :: collateral
naophore {adj} :: naophorous
napalmiser {v} :: To napalm
naphta {f} :: naphtha
naphtalène {m} [organic compound] :: naphthalene
naphtalénique {adj} [organic chemistry] :: naphthalenic
naphtaline {f} [organic compound] :: naphthalene
naphtalique {adj} [organic chemistry] :: naphthalic
naphte {m} :: naphtha
napiforme {adj} :: napiform (shaped like a turnip)
Naples {prop} {m} :: Naples (province/and/city)
Napoléon {prop} {m} :: Napoleon (Bonaparte)
Napoléon {prop} {m} :: given name; rare today
napoléonien {adj} :: Napoleonic
napolitain {adj} :: Neapolitan (relating to Naples)
napolitain {m} :: Neapolitan (language)
Napolitain {m} :: Neapolitan (inhabitant or resident of Naples)
Napolitaine {f} :: feminine noun of Napolitain
nappage {m} :: coating, topping
nappe {f} :: tablecloth
nappe {f} :: layer (of gas, oil etc.); sheet (of water)
nappe {f} :: ribbon cable
nappe phréatique {f} :: water table
napper {v} [cooking] :: to cover (to cover something with sauce)
napperon {m} :: doily
napperon {m} :: place mat
narbonnais {adj} :: Of or from Narbonne
Narbonnais {m} :: Native or resident of Narbonne
Narbonnaise {f} :: feminine singular of Narbonnais
Narbonne {prop} :: Narbonne (town and commune in the Languedoc-Roussillon region of southern France)
narcisse {m} :: narcissus [any of several bulbous flowering plants, of the genus Narcissus]
Narcisse {prop} {m} [Greek mythology] :: Narcissus
narcissique {adj} :: narcissistic
narcissiquement {adv} :: narcissistically
narcissisme {m} :: narcissism
narco- {prefix} :: narco-
narcodollar {m} :: narcodollar
narcolepsie {f} :: narcolepsy
narcoleptique {adj} :: narcoleptic
narcose {f} [medicine, pathology] :: narcosis
narcoterrorisme {m} :: narcoterrorism
narcothérapie {f} :: narcotherapy
narcotinique {adj} [organic chemistry] :: narcotinic
narcotique {m} :: a narcotic
narcotique {adj} :: narcotic
narcotisme {m} :: narcotism
narcotrafic {m} :: drug trafficking
narcotrafiquant {m} :: drug trafficker
narghilé {m} :: narghile
narghileh {m} :: alternative spelling of narguilé
narguer {v} :: to taunt
narguilé {m} :: narghile, water pipe (for smoking)
narille {f} [anatomy] :: nostril
narine {f} :: nostril
narquois {adj} :: ironic
narquois {adj} :: satirical; parodic
narquoisement {adv} :: ironically
narquoisement {adv} :: satirically
narrataire {m} :: narratee
narrateur {m} :: narrator
narratif {adj} :: narrative
narration {f} :: narration (account; story)
narration {f} :: narration (literary device)
narration {f} [rhetoric] :: narration
narratrice {f} :: female equivalent of narrateur
narrer {v} :: to narrate, to tell (e.g. a story)
narval {m} :: narwhal
narvalo {m} [slang] :: a crazy person
narvalo {m} [slang] :: guy, dude
narvalo {m} [slang] :: a despicable person
n'as {contraction} :: contraction of ne + as (second-person singular indicative present form of avoir)
nasal {adj} :: nasal
nasal {adj} [phonetics, phonology] :: nasal
nasalement {adv} :: nasally
nasalisation {f} :: nasalization
nasaliser {v} [phonetics] :: To nasalize
nasalité {f} :: nasality; nasalness
NASDAQ {prop} {m} :: NASDAQ
nase {adj} :: alternative spelling of naze
naseau {m} :: the nostril of an animal [usually a horse]
nasillard {adj} :: nasal (accent)
nasillardement {adv} :: nasally
nasillement {m} :: nasal sound
nasillement {m} :: quack (of a duck)
nasiller {v} :: to nasalise, nasalize
nasogénien {adj} [anatomy] :: nasogenian
nasolacrymal {adj} [anatomy] :: nasolacrimal
nasopharynx {m} [anatomy] :: nasopharynx
nasride {adj} :: Nasrid (attributive)
nasse {f} :: creel, lobster pot
nasse {f} :: hoop net
nasse {f} :: trap
nassérisme {m} :: Nasserism
nassériste {adj} :: Nasserist
nassériste {mf} :: Nasserist
Natacha {prop} :: given name
natal {adj} :: native
natalement {adv} :: natively
natalisme {m} :: natalism
nataliste {adj} :: natalist
nataliste {mf} :: natalist
natalité {f} :: birthrate
natation {f} :: swimming
natation synchronisée {f} :: synchronized swimming
natatoire {adj} :: swimming (attributive)
Natel {m} [Switzerland] :: mobile phone, cellphone
Nathalie {prop} :: given name derived from Late Latin Natalia, partly through Russian influence; popular in 20th century France
Nathan {prop} :: Nathan [biblical prophet]
Nathan {prop} :: given name, currently popular
Nathanaël {prop} :: Nathanael (Biblical figure)
Nathanaël {prop} :: given name of biblical origin
natif {adj} :: native (characteristic of or existing by virtue of geographic origin)
natif {adj} :: original
natif {adj} :: raw; in its original state
nation {f} :: nation
national {adj} :: national
nationalement {adv} :: nationally
nationalement {adv} :: nationwide
nationalisation {f} :: nationalization
nationaliser {v} :: to nationalize
nationalisme {m} :: nationalism
nationaliste {adj} :: nationalist
nationaliste {adj} :: national
nationaliste {adj} :: domestic
nationalité {f} :: nationality
Nations Unies {prop} {f} {p} :: United Nations
nativement {adv} :: natively
nativement {adv} :: originally
nativité {f} :: nativity (birth of Jesus Christ)
nativité {f} [obsolete] :: birth
natrémie {f} :: natremia
natrolite {f} [mineral] :: natrolite
natron {m} :: natron
Natsuko {prop} :: given name
Natsumi {prop} :: given name
natte {f} :: plait (of hair), braid [US]
natte {f} :: mat
natter {v} :: to plait; to braid
naturalisation {f} :: naturalisation
naturalisé {adj} :: naturalized
naturaliser {vt} :: to naturalize [all senses]
naturaliser {vt} :: to stuff [a dead animal]
naturalisme {m} :: naturalism
naturaliste {adj} :: naturalist; naturalistic
naturaliste {mf} :: naturalist
naturalité {f} :: naturality, naturalness
naturalité {f} :: wilderness
nature {f} :: nature
nature {f} [grammar] :: lexical category
nature {adj} :: plain, unseasoned
nature {adj} :: bareback, raw dog
naturel {adj} :: natural
naturellement {adv} :: naturally
nature morte {f} :: still life (work of art)
naturisme {m} :: naturism
naturopathe {adj} :: naturopathic
naturopathe {mf} :: naturopath
naturopathie {f} :: naturopathy
naufrage {m} :: shipwreck
naufragé {adj} :: marooned
naufragé {m} :: marooned person, castaway
naufrager {vi} [archaic, of a vessel] :: to sink, go down
naufrager {vi} [of a person] :: to be on a sinking vessel, go down
naufrager {vi} [figuratively] :: to be on a sinking ship
naupathique {adj} :: naupathic
nauruan {adj} :: Nauruan
nauruan {m} :: the Nauruan language
nauscopie {f} :: nauscopy
nauséabond {adj} :: foul (smelling)
nauséabond {adj} :: disgusting
nausée {f} [usually, in the singular] :: nausea
-naute {suffix} :: -naut
nautique {adj} :: nautical
nautique {m} :: nautical mile
nautisme {m} [sports] :: watersport, boating
nautonier {m} :: mariner
nautonière {f} :: feminine noun of nautonier
n'avait {contraction} :: contraction of ne + avait (third-person singular imperfect indicative form of avoir)
navajo {m} :: Navajo (language)
naval {adj} :: naval
navaliser {v} [nautical, military] :: To convert a vessel for military use
navarrais {adj} :: of or from Navarre or Navarrenx
Navarre {prop} {f} :: Navarre (autonomous community)
Navarre {prop} {f} :: Navarre (part of the Basque Country in France)
navet {m} :: turnip (white root of Brassica rapa)
navet {m} [colloquial, cinema] :: a very bad movie
navette {f} :: shuttle (in weaving)
navette {f} :: shuttle (land vehicle)
navette {f} :: shuttle (space vehicle)
navetter {v} :: to commute
navette spatiale {f} :: space shuttle
navetteur {m} [Belgium] :: commuter (a person who regularly travels to work)
n'avez {contraction} :: contraction of ne + avez (second-person plural indicative present form of avoir)
naviculaire {adj} [anatomy] :: navicular
navigabilité {f} :: navigability
navigable {adj} :: navigable
navigant {adj} :: airborne [used especially of aircrew]
navigateur {m} :: navigator
navigateur {m} [computing] :: browser
navigation {f} :: navigation
naviguant {adj} :: sailing, navigating
naviguer {vi} :: to navigate
naviguer {vi} :: to sail
naviguer {v} [internet] :: to browse
naviguer {v} [Louisiana French, Cajun French, ] :: to steer an automobile
navire {m} :: ship
navire capital {m} [military, nautical] :: capital ship
navire-citerne {m} :: tanker (vessel)
navire de croisière {m} :: cruise ship
navire de guerre {m} [military] :: warship
navire de ligne {m} [military] :: ship of the line
n'avoir cure {v} [formal, literary] :: [de] To have no interest in someone or something; to not care about something
n'avoir d'yeux que pour {v} :: to only have eyes for (someone)
n'avoir ni queue ni tête {v} :: to make no sense, to have no rhyme or reason
n'avoir que faire {v} [somewhat, formal] :: [de] To have no interest in someone or something; to not care about something
n'avoir que la peau sur les os {v} [figuratively] :: to be skin and bones (to be emaciated; to be very skinny)
n'avoir qu'une parole {v} [figuratively] :: to be as good as one's word, to be true to one's word
n'avons {contraction} :: contraction of ne + avons (first-person plural indicative present form of avoir)
navrance {f} [rare, dated] :: extreme sadness
navrant {adj} :: distressing, harrowing
navré {adj} :: sad; saddened
navré {adj} :: heartbroken
navré {adj} :: deeply or very sorry; distressed
navré {interj} :: sorry! (a heartfelt apology, usually for a death, loss, etc.)
navrer {vt} [obsolete or dialectal] :: to wound
navrer {vt} :: to cause great pain or affliction
navrer {vt} :: to upset; dismay
navrure {f} [rare, dated] :: wound; contusion
navrure {f} [rare, dated] :: extreme sadness
nawak {pron} [familiar, slang, verlan, backslang] :: Nonsense, rubbish, gibberish
naxalisme {m} [politics] :: Naxalism
naxaliste {adj} [politics] :: Naxalist
naxaliste {mf} [politics] :: Naxalist
naxalite {adj} :: Naxalite
naxalite {mf} :: Naxalite
nazaréat {m} :: alternative form of naziréat
nazaréen {adj} :: Nazarene
Nazaréen {prop} :: Nazarene
nazbol {adj} [politics] :: clipping of National-Bolchevik
nazbol {mf} [politics] :: clipping of National-Bolchevik
naze {adj} [colloquial] :: worthless; useless; lame
naze {adj} [colloquial] :: knackered; beat; exhausted
nazi {adj} :: Nazi
nazi {m} :: Nazi
nazification {f} :: Nazification
nazifier {v} :: to Nazify; to make more Nazi
nazir {m} :: Nazirite
naziréat {m} :: Nazarene
naziréen {m} :: Nazirite
nazirite {m} :: Nazirite
nazisme {m} :: Nazism (the ideology of Adolf Hitler’s NSDAP)
N.-B. {prop} {m} :: Nouveau-Brunswick, a province of Canada
N.B. {interj} :: n.b., N.B.
NB {prop} {m} :: initialism of Nouveau-Brunswick, a province of Canada
n-butane {m} :: n-butane
NCSM {n} [Canada, military, nautical] :: HMCS; initialism of Navire Canadien de Sa Majesté (His/Her Majesty's Canadian Ship). A designation for ships of the Canadian Forces Maritime Command
ND {adj} :: N/A (not available) abbreviation of non-disponible
ndlr {n} [journalism] :: alternative spelling of N.D.L.R.
N. D. L. R. {n} [journalism] :: alternative spelling of N.D.L.R.
N.D.L.R. {n} [journalism] :: initialism of note de la rédaction (—Ed., —Editor; editor's note; )
NDLR {n} [journalism] :: alternative spelling of N.D.L.R.
ndombolo {m} :: ndombolo
N.d.T. {n} [journalism] :: initialism of note du traducteur (—Translator; translator's note; )
NDT {f} :: initialism of note du traducteur
ne {particle} [literary] :: not (used alone to negate a verb; now chiefly with the verbs pouvoir, savoir, cesser and oser)
ne {particle} :: not, no (used before a verb, with a subsequent element following; see Usage Notes, below)
ne {particle} :: Used in a subordinate clause before a subjunctive verb (especially when the main verb expresses doubt or fear), to provide extra overtones of doubt or uncertainty (but not negating its verb); the so-called "pleonastic" or "expletive" ne
ne {particle} :: In comparative clauses usually translated with the positive sense of the subsequent negative
NE {n} :: abbreviation of nord-est; NE
né- {prefix} :: A form of néo- used before a vowel
{particle} :: eye dialect of ne
N.-É. {prop} :: abbreviation of Nouvelle-Écosse (a province in Canada)
{prop} :: alternative spelling of N.-É.
néandertalien {adj} :: Neanderthal
néanmoins {adv} :: however
néanmoins {adv} [conjunctive] :: nevertheless, nonetheless
néant {m} :: nothingness, void, emptiness
neantmoins {adv} :: obsolete spelling of néanmoins
Néapolis {prop} {f} :: Neapoli (any of various towns)
Néapolis {prop} {f} :: Naples
néapolitain {adj} :: alternative form of napolitain
néarctique {adj} :: Nearctic
néarthrose {f} [anatomy] :: nearthrosis
né avec une cuillère d'argent dans la bouche {adj} [figuratively] :: born with a silver spoon in one's mouth
né avec une cuillère en argent dans la bouche {adj} :: alternative form of né avec une cuillère d'argent dans la bouche
nébuleuse {f} [astronomy] :: nebula
nébuleusement {adv} :: nebulously
nébuleuse planétaire {f} [astronomy] :: planetary nebula
nébuleux {adj} :: nebulous (all meanings)
nébulisation {f} :: nebulization
nébuliser {vt} :: to nebulize, atomize, spray
nébuliseur {m} :: nebulizer, atomizer, spray
nébulosité {f} :: nebulosity
nébulosité {f} :: cloud cover
nécessaire {adj} :: necessary
nécessaire {m} :: kit
nécessairement {adv} :: necessarily, inevitably, consequently
nécessité {f} :: necessity; need
nécessité fait loi {proverb} :: necessity knows no law
nécessiter {v} :: to require
nécessiter {v} :: to call for
nécessiteux {adj} :: needy
NECM {prop} {f} :: initialism of Navire école des cadets de la Marine (Sea Cadet Training Ship)
ne connaître ni d'Ève ni d'Adam {vt} :: to not know someone from Adam
nec plus ultra {adj} :: state-of-the-art
nécro- {prefix} :: necro-
nécro {f} :: obit (short for obituary)
nécrologie {f} :: obituary
nécrologie {f} :: necrology
nécrologique {adj} :: obituary (attributive)
nécrolyse {f} [biology] :: necrolysis
nécromancie {f} :: necromancy (divination involving the dead)
nécromancien {m} :: necromancer
nécromancien {m} [by extension] :: magician
nécromancienne {f} :: feminine singular of nécromancien
nécromantique {adj} :: necromantic
nécromasse {f} :: necromass
nécrophage {adj} [biology, of insects] :: necrophagous
nécrophage {m} [biology, of insects] :: necrophage
nécrophilie {f} :: necrophilia
nécrophobie {f} :: necrophobia
nécrophore {m} :: necrophore, gravedigger, burying beetle
nécropole {f} :: necropolis
nécrose {f} [medicine] :: necrosis
nécrosé {adj} :: necrotic
nécrotique {adj} :: necrotic
nectaire {m} [botany] :: nectary (gland that secretes nectar)
nectar {m} :: nectar (all meanings)
néerl. {m} :: abbreviation of néerlandais
néerlandais {m} :: Dutch, the Dutch language
néerlandais {adj} :: Dutch, of the Netherlands
Néerlandais {m} :: Dutchman
Néerlandaise {f} :: feminine noun of Néerlandais; Dutchwoman
néerlandophone {adj} :: Dutchophone, Dutch-speaking
nef {f} [obsolete or poetic] :: barque, boat
nef {f} :: nave
ne faire aucun doute {v} :: to be a certainty, to be clear
ne faire ni chaud ni froid {v} [à] :: to leave (somebody) indifferent
ne faire qu'une bouchée {v} [de] :: to make short work of, to make mincemeat out of
néfaste {adj} :: harmful, toxic
néfaste {adj} :: saddening
nèfle {f} :: medlar
néflier {m} :: medlar (tree)
ne fût-ce que {phrase} [formal, literary] :: synonym of ne serait-ce que
nèg {m} [Louisiana French] :: alternative form of nègre, friend
négateur {m} :: detractor
négatif {adj} :: negative
négatif {adj} [mathematics] :: negative or zero. nonpositive
négatif {adj} [photography] :: negative
négation {f} :: denial (act of denying)
négation {f} [grammar] :: negative
négationnisme {m} [politics, philosophy] :: denialism, denial, negationism
négationniste {adj} :: denialist, denier, negationist
négationniste {mf} [politics, philosophy] :: denialist, denier, negationist
négativement {adv} :: negatively
négativité {f} [philosophy, psychology, grammar] :: negativity
négaton {m} [physics] :: negaton
négatrice {f} :: feminine singular of négateur
négligé {m} :: négligée (woman's nightgown)
négligé {adj} :: neglected
négligé {adj} :: slovenly
négligeable {adj} :: negligible (able to be ignored or excluded)
négligemment {adv} :: carelessly, negligently
négligence {f} :: negligence; carelessness
négligent {adj} :: negligent (culpable due to negligence)
négliger {v} :: to neglect
négliger {v} :: to ignore (a detail)
négoce {m} :: business
négociable {adj} :: negotiable
négociant {m} :: merchant, dealer
négociante {f} :: feminine singular of négociant
négociateur {m} :: negotiator
négociation {f} :: negotiation
négociatrice {f} :: feminine singular of négociateur
négocier {v} :: to negotiate
négraille {f} [Louisiana French, pejorative, ] :: a black person, a nigger
négraille {f} [offensive, pejorative] :: black people in general, niggers
négre {m} [Louisiana French, ] :: alternative spelling of nègre
nègre {m} [usually offensive] :: negro
nègre {m} :: ghostwriter
nègre {m} [colloquial, Louisiana French, Cajun French, ] :: friend, buddy
nègre {m} [colloquial, Louisiana French, Cajun French, ] :: [term of endearment] honey, baby, precious
nègre {adj} :: Of or pertaining to the Blacks of Africa or to African arts; black (color)
nègre littéraire {m} :: ghostwriter
négresse {f} [offensive] :: negress
négresse {f} [Louisiana French] :: girlfriend
négresse {f} [Louisiana French] :: wife
négresse {f} [Louisiana French] :: [term of endearment] honey, baby, precious
négrier {m} :: A slaver, slave trader, slaveholder, slave driver (specifically black slaves)
négrier {m} :: A slave ship
négrier {m} [figuratively] :: A slave driver
négrier {adj} :: proslavery, slave (Of or relating to the trade of black slaves)
négrillon {m} [dated, pejorative] :: pickaninny
négritude {f} :: negritude
négro {mf} [offensive, ethnic slur, vulgar] :: nigger
négroïde {adj} :: negroid
négrophobe {adj} :: negrophobic
négropolitain {adj} :: Born in France, of Afro-Caribbean ancestry
Néhémie {prop} {m} [bible] :: Nehemiah
neige {f} :: snow, crystalline frozen precipitation
neige {f} [colloquial] :: cocaine, crack
neige carbonique {f} :: dry ice, cardice
neige fondue {f} :: sleet (precipitation)
neige fondue {f} :: slush (on the ground)
neigeoter {v} [impersonal] :: to snow lightly
neiger {v} [impersonal] :: to snow
neiges d'antan {n} :: things past, forgotten, or out of date long ago.
neigeux {adj} :: snowy, snow-covered
n-éléphant {m} [Louisiana French, Cajun French, ] :: alternative spelling of n'éléphant
n'éléphant {m} [Louisiana French, Cajun French, ] :: alternative form of éléphant, elephant
nem {m} :: a type of Vietnamese spring roll
nem {m} :: more generally, any spring roll
nématique {adj} [physics, chemistry] :: nematic
nématode {m} :: nematode
nématologie {f} :: nematology
ne m'en parle pas {phrase} :: tell me about it
ne m'en parlez pas {phrase} :: tell me about it
némésis {f} :: Divine retribution
némoral {adj} :: nemoral
ne-m'oubliez-pas {m} :: forget-me-not (plant of the genus Myosotis)
n'empêche {adv} [colloquial] :: despite all, nevertheless, still
n'en {contraction} :: ne + en
nénaine {f} [Louisiana French, ] :: godmother, aunt
néné {m} [childish] :: boob, woman's breast
nénètse {m} :: Nenets (language)
nénette {f} [slang] :: girl
nénette {f} [archaic] :: head
n'en faire qu'à sa tête {v} [colloquial] :: to never listen to anyone else, to be pig-headed, to do as one pleases
nenni {interj} :: nay!
n'en pouvoir mais {v} [dated] :: to not be responsible for something
n'en pouvoir mais {v} [dated, literary] :: to be unable to take it any longer, to be unable to go on like this
nénufar {m} :: waterlily, nenuphar
nénuphar {m} :: alternative spelling of nénufar
néo- {prefix} :: neo-
Néo {prop} {m} :: given name
néoblaste {m} [biology] :: neoblast
Néo-Brunswickois {m} :: New Brunswicker (someone from New Brunswick)
Néo-Brunswickoise {f} :: feminine noun of Néo-Brunswickois
néo-calédonien {adj} :: New Caledonian
néocapitalisme {m} :: neo-capitalism
néoclassicisme {m} :: neoclassicism
néoclassique {adj} :: neoclassical
néocolonialisme {m} :: neocolonialism
néocolonialiste {adj} :: neocolonialist
néocommunisme {m} :: neocommunism
néocommuniste {adj} :: neocommunist
néocommuniste {mf} :: neocommunist
néoconservateur {adj} :: neoconservative
néoconservateur {m} :: neoconservative
néo-conservatisme {m} :: alternative spelling of néoconservatisme
néoconservatisme {m} :: neoconservatism
néoconservatrice {f} :: feminine noun of néoconservateur
néocyte {m} [biology] :: neocyte
néo-démocrate {mf} [politics, Canada] :: New Democrat - a member of the New Democratic Party (Nouveau Parti démocratique)
néodymate {m} [inorganic chemistry] :: neodymate
néodyme {m} :: neodymium
Néo-Écossais {m} :: Nova Scotian (native or inhabitant of Nova Scotia)
Néo-Écossaise {f} :: feminine noun of Néo-Écossais
néofascisme {m} :: neofascism
néofasciste {adj} :: neofascist
néogothique {adj} :: neogothic
néo-grec {adj} :: neo-Greek, Neo-Greek
néo-grec {adj} :: Modern Greek, New Greek
néo-grec {m} :: The Modern Greek language (New Greek)
néolamarckien {adj} :: neo-Lamarckian
néolamarckien {m} :: neo-Lamarckian
néolamarckienne {f} :: feminine singular of néolamarckien
néo-latin {adj} :: New Latin
néolatin {m} :: New Latin (Latin after the Middle Ages)
néolibéral {adj} :: neoliberal
néolibéral {m} :: neoliberal
néolibérale {f} :: feminine noun of néolibéral
néolibéralisme {m} :: neoliberalism (political ideology)
néolithique {adj} :: Neolithic (pertaining to the Neolothic era)
Néolithique {prop} {f} [history] :: The Neolithic or New Stone Age
néologique {adj} :: neological
néologiquement {adv} :: neologically
néologisme {m} [lexicography] :: neologism
néoménie {m} :: neomenia, new moon
néomenthol {m} [organic compound] :: neomenthol
néomoderne {adj} :: neomodern
néon {m} :: neon (the gas)
néon {m} :: neon (luminous tube)
néonatal {adj} :: neonatal
néonate {adj} [biology] :: synonym of néonatal
néonatologie {f} :: neonatology
néo-nazi {adj} :: neo-Nazi
néonazi {adj} :: alternative form of néo-nazi
néonazisme {m} :: neo-Nazism
néonicotinoïde {m} :: neonicotinoid
néopentane {m} [organic compound] :: neopentane
néophyte {mf} :: neophyte
néoplasie {f} :: neoplasm
néoplastique {adj} :: neoplastic
néoplatonicien {adj} :: Neoplatonic, Neoplatonist
néoplatonicien {m} :: Neoplatonist
néoplatonicienne {f} :: feminine singular of néoplatonicien
néoplatonisme {m} :: Neoplatonism
néoptère {m} :: neopteran
néoréalisme {m} :: neorealism
néoréaliste {adj} :: neorealist
néoréaliste {mf} :: neorealist
néorickettsie {f} :: synonym of chlamydie
néotectonique {adj} :: neotectonic
néoténie {f} [biology] :: neoteny (retention of juvenile characteristics in the adult)
néoténie {f} [biology] :: neoteny (sexual maturity of an organism still in its larval stage)
néoténique {adj} :: neotenic
néotestamentaire {adj} :: neo-testamentary, New Testament (attributive)
néo-zélandais {adj} :: New Zealand (attributive; relating to New Zealand)
néozélandais {adj} :: alternative form of néo-zélandais
Néo-Zélandais {m} :: a New Zealander
Néo-Zélandaise {f} :: feminine noun of Néo-Zélandais
Népal {prop} {m} :: Nepal
népalais {adj} :: Nepalese, Nepali (pertaining to Nepal)
népalais {m} :: Nepalese (the language)
Népalais {m} :: Nepalese (person)
Népalaise {f} :: feminine noun of Népalais
ne pas avoir froid aux yeux {v} [colloquial] :: not to be faint-hearted, not to be backward in coming forward, to have guts, to have plenty of nerves
ne pas avoir inventé la poudre {v} [figuratively, colloquial] :: synonym of ne pas avoir inventé le fil à couper le beurre
ne pas avoir inventé l'eau chaude {v} [figuratively, colloquial] :: synonym of ne pas avoir inventé le fil à couper le beurre
ne pas avoir inventé le fil à couper le beurre {v} [figuratively, colloquial] :: to not be the sharpest knife in the drawer
ne pas avoir la langue dans sa poche {v} :: alternative form of ne pas avoir sa langue dans sa poche
ne pas avoir les yeux dans sa poche {v} [colloquial, figuratively] :: not to miss a thing, to see everything, to notice everything
ne pas avoir les yeux en face des trous {v} [colloquial, figuratively] :: not to see something which is obvious, right under one's nose; to be dim-sighted because one is hungover and half-asleep; to be bleary-eyed
ne pas avoir mis la queue aux cerises {v} [figuratively, colloquial] :: synonym of ne pas avoir inventé le fil à couper le beurre
ne pas avoir sa langue dans sa poche {v} [colloquial, figuratively] :: to never be at a loss for words, to be very talkative, not to be shy; to have the gift of the gab
ne pas avoir sa langue dans sa poche {v} [colloquial, figuratively] :: to speak plainly, to be very frank
ne pas avoir ses yeux dans sa poche {v} :: alternative form of ne pas avoir les yeux dans sa poche
ne pas avoir son pareil {v} [pour] :: [colloquial] to be second to none, without equal when it comes to something; to be peerless for something; to do something like no one else
ne pas avoir un radis {v} [colloquial] :: not to have two pennies to rub together, to be penniless, to be broke
ne pas avoir un rond {v} [colloquial] :: not to have two pennies to rub together, not to have a sausage, to be penniless, to be broke
ne pas avoir un sou vaillant {v} [dated] :: not to have two pennies to rub together, to be penniless, to be broke
ne pas casser trois pattes à un canard {v} :: to be mediocre; to be nothing out of the ordinary; to be nothing special
ne pas desserrer les dents {v} [idiomatic] :: to remain silent
ne pas donner cher de la peau de {v} :: not to give much for someone's chances, to think someone is dead meat
ne pas en croire ses oreilles {v} [colloquial] :: not to believe one's ears
ne pas en croire ses yeux {v} [colloquial] :: not to believe one's eyes
ne pas en foutre une {v} [vulgar] :: not to lift a finger, not to do a damn thing, not to do a stroke of work, to do nothing
ne pas en foutre une rame {v} :: dated form of ne pas en foutre une
ne pas en rater une {v} [colloquial] :: to do every stupid thing possible, to commit every blunder conceivable, to make gaffe upon gaffe, to do one silly thing after the other
ne pas en toucher une {v} [colloquial] :: to be clueless, to be completely unskilled, not to know what one's doing
ne pas être au bout de ses peines {v} :: not to be out of the woods, not to be in the clear, to have still more trouble coming one's way
ne pas être dans son assiette {v} [colloquial, figuratively] :: to feel under the weather, to feel fragile
ne pas être la mer à boire {v} :: to not be an insurmountable task, an endeavour too large to handle, to not be so hard
ne pas être né de la dernière pluie {v} [colloquial, figuratively] :: not to be born yesterday, not to have fallen off the turnip truck, to have been around
ne pas être piqué des vers {v} [colloquial, figuratively] :: pretty good, excellent, quite something
ne pas être sans ignorer {v} [proscribed] :: to know full well
ne pas être sans savoir {v} :: to know full well, to know very well
ne pas être sorti de l'auberge {v} [colloquial] :: not to be out of the woods, not to be in the clear
ne pas faire dans la demi-mesure {vi} [figuratively, colloquial] :: not to go in for half-measures, not to half-ass it; not to embarrass oneself with manners
ne pas faire dans la dentelle {vi} [figuratively, colloquial] :: not to embarrass oneself with manners, be indelicate
ne pas faire de mal à une mouche {v} [colloquial] :: to not hurt a fly
ne pas fermer l'œil {v} [figuratively] :: not to sleep a wink
ne pas lâcher d'une semelle {vt} [colloquial] :: to follow (someone) everywhere, to stay close to (someone) all the time, to breathe down someone's neck, to stick to (someone) like glue, like a leech, to dog (someone's) footsteps
ne pas l'emporter au paradis {v} :: to live to regret it
ne pas mâcher ses mots {v} [figuratively, colloquial] :: not to mince words (to speak abruptly, frankly)
ne pas manger de ce pain-là {v} [colloquial] :: to want no part of it, not to be that kind of person, not to be interested
ne pas manquer d'air {v} [colloquial] :: to have some gall, to have a nerve, to have a cheek
ne pas manquer de sel {v} [figuratively] :: not to be lacking in spice, not to be without a certain piquancy, not to lack punch, not to be boring; to be interesting; to be witty; to be surprising; to be a bit rich, to be a bit cheeky
ne pas payer de mine {v} [colloquial] :: to be not much to look at
ne pas quitter d'une semelle {v} :: alternative form of ne pas lâcher d'une semelle
ne pas savoir à quel saint se vouer {v} [figuratively] :: Not to know where to turn, not to know what to do because one has exhausted all the possibilities
ne pas savoir sur quel pied danser {v} [figuratively] :: To be unsure of what to do, not to know where you stand
ne pas se bousculer au portillon {v} [figuratively, colloquial, of people] :: not to line up, not to queue up, not to crowd in, not to fall over each other (with the implied meaning that something meets with little success)
ne pas se fouler {v} [colloquial, pejorative] :: not to overstrain oneself, not to over-exert oneself, not to overdo it, not to wear oneself out, not to kill oneself over (something), to take it easy
ne pas se fouler la rate {v} :: dated form of ne pas se fouler
ne pas se moucher du pied {v} [colloquial] :: to think one is the business, to think one is the bee's knees, to think one is the shit, to think one is hot shit, to be full of oneself
ne pas se prendre pour de la merde {v} [vulgar, pejorative, figuratively] :: to think the sun shines out of one's arse, to think one's shit doesn't stink, to think one is the shit, to think one is hot shit (to be full of oneself, to think highly of oneself)
ne pas tourner rond {v} [colloquial] :: not to run smoothly
ne pas tourner rond {v} [figuratively, colloquial] :: to be wrong, to be amiss
ne pas tourner rond {v} [figuratively, colloquial] :: to have a screw loose
ne pas voir plus loin que le bout de son nez {v} [figuratively] :: not to see past the end of one's nose (be short-sighted)
ne pas y aller avec le dos de la cuillère {v} [colloquial] :: not to go in for half measures
ne pas y aller de main morte {v} [figuratively, colloquial] :: to be heavy-handed
ne pas y aller par quatre chemins {v} [figuratively, colloquial] :: not to beat around the bush, go straight to the point
ne pas y avoir photo {v} [figuratively, colloquial] :: to there be no doubt about it, to be a no-brainer
néper {m} :: neper
népérien {adj} [maths] :: Napierian
népéta {f} :: alternative form of népète
népétalactone {f} [organic compound] :: nepetalactone
népète {f} :: nepeta
néphéline {f} [mineralogy] :: nepheline
néphélomètre {m} :: nephelometry
néphélométrie {f} :: nephelometry
néphélométrique {adj} :: nephelometric
néphrectomie {f} [surgery] :: nephrectomy
néphrétique {adj} :: nephritic
néphrétique {adj} :: renal
néphrite {f} [pathology] :: nephritis
néphrite {f} [mineral] :: nephrite
néphrocyte {m} [biology] :: nephrocyte
néphrographie {f} :: nephrography
néphrologie {f} :: nephrology (science)
néphrologue {mf} :: nephrologist (physician)
néphron {m} :: nephron (basic structural and functional unit of the kidney)
néphropathie {f} [pathology] :: nephropathy
néphrotome {m} [biology] :: nephrotome
néphrotoxicité {f} :: nephrotoxicity (the state or condition of being nephrotoxic)
néphrotoxine {f} :: nephrotoxin
néphrotoxique {adj} :: nephrotoxic
ne plus avoir de secret {v} [pour] :: to hold no secret (for someone)
ne plus pouvoir voir en peinture {vt} [colloquial, figuratively] :: to be sick of (something/someone), not to be able to stand the sight of (something/someone) anymore
ne plus savoir où donner de la tête {v} [figuratively, colloquial] :: not know whether one is coming or going, not know which way to turn
ne plus se connaître {v} [colloquial] :: to be beside oneself with anger, to be furious
ne plus se sentir {v} [colloquial] :: to feel exhilarated; to be beside oneself with pride, to feel very proud (to the point of arrogance and haughtiness)
ne plus se sentir pisser {v} [vulgar] :: to feel exhilarated; to be beside oneself with pride, to feel very proud (to the point of arrogance and haughtiness)
népotique {adj} :: nepotic, nepotistic
népotiquement {adv} :: nepotically, nepotistically
népotisme {m} :: nepotism
népouite {f} :: nepouite
neptunate {n} [inorganic chemistry] :: neptunate
Neptune {prop} {m} :: Neptune (planet)
Neptune {prop} {m} :: Neptune (Roman god of the sea)
neptuneux {adj} [inorganic chemistry] :: neptunous
neptunien {adj} :: Neptunian
neptunique {adj} [inorganic chemistry] :: neptunic
neptunium {m} :: neptunium
néral {m} [organic compound] :: neral
néré {m} :: African locust bean (Parkia biglobosa)
Nérée {prop} :: Nereus
néréide {f} :: nereid
nerf {m} [anatomy] :: nerve
nerf {m} [figuratively] :: force, power, strength
nerf de bœuf {m} [archaic] :: cosh (type of truncheon)
ne rien dire qui vaille {v} [colloquial] :: not to look good, not to bode well
ne rimer à rien {v} :: to make no sense, to have no rhyme or reason
nérine {f} :: nerine
nérite {f} :: nerite (snail)
néritique {adj} :: neritic
nérol {m} [organic compound] :: nerol
néroli {m} :: neroli
Néron {prop} {m} :: Nero (the Roman emperor)
néronien {adj} :: Neronian
nerprun {m} :: buckthorn
nerte {f} :: myrtle
nervation {f} :: nervation, pattern of nerves, e.g. as seen on a leaf
nerver {v} :: to cord (cover with cords, ropes or strings)
nerveusement {adv} :: nervously
nerveux {adj} :: nervous (relating to the nerves of nervous system)
nerveux {adj} :: nervous (typified by nervousness)
nervin {adj} :: nervine
nervin {m} :: a nervine substance
nervonique {adj} [organic chemistry] :: nervonic
nervosisme {m} [medicine, rare] :: nervosism
nervosité {f} :: nervousness
nervosité {f} [finance] :: instability
nervure {f} :: nervure
n'es {contraction} :: contraction of ne + es (second-person singular indicative present form of être)
ne serait-ce que {phrase} :: in part because, not least because, partially because
ne serait-ce que {phrase} :: if only
ne serait-ce que {phrase} :: at least
ne serait-ce que {phrase} :: even
ne serait-ce que {phrase} :: not even
nésosilicate {m} [mineralogy] :: nesosilicate
ne souffler mot {v} [de] :: [figuratively] not to breathe a word (of something), not to say anything, to be quiet
n'est {contraction} :: contraction of ne + est (third-person singular indicative present form of être)
n'est-ce pas {phrase} :: Used as an expression of affirmation after a statement, often translated into English as a tag question
net {adj} :: clean, tidy
net {adj} :: clear
net {adj} :: neat
net {adj} :: net (as opposed to gross)
n'était {contraction} :: contraction of ne + était (third-person singular imperfect indicative form of être)
ne tenir qu'à un cheveu {v} [figuratively] :: to hang by a thread
ne tenir qu'à un fil {v} [figuratively] :: to hang by a thread
n'êtes {contraction} :: contraction of ne + êtes (second-person plural indicative present form of être)
nétheq {m} [obsolete] :: scale (on the skin)
nétiquette {f} [Internet] :: netiquette
nétiquettement {adv} :: nettiquettely
nettement {adv} :: Neatly, cleanly, clearly
netteté {f} :: clearness
netteté {f} :: neatness
nettoiement {m} :: cleaning
nettoiement {m} :: clearing
nettoyable {adj} :: cleanable (that one can clean)
nettoyage {m} :: cleaning
nettoyage à sec {m} :: dry cleaning
nettoyage de printemps {m} :: spring clean
nettoyant {m} :: cleaner (product)
nettoyant {adj} :: cleaning (attributive)
nettoyante {adj} :: cleaning (attributive)
nettoyante {m} :: cleaner
nettoyement {m} [obsolete] :: alternative form of nettoiement
nettoyer {v} :: to clean
nettoyer {v} :: to wipe clean
nettoyeur {adj} :: cleaning
nettoyeur {m} :: cleaner [person]
nettoyeur {m} :: cleaner [business]
nettoyeur {m} :: dry cleaner
nettoyeuse {f} :: feminine noun of nettoyeur
Neuchâtel {prop} :: Neuchâtel (canton)
Neuchâtel {prop} :: Neuchâtel (city)
neuf {num} :: nine
neuf {adj} :: brand new, very new
neuf cents {m} :: nine hundred
neuf-mille {num} :: nine thousand
neuneu {adj} :: inept
neural {n} :: neural
neurasthénie {f} [pathology] :: neurasthenia
neurasthénique {adj} :: neurasthenic
neurépine {f} [anatomy] :: neural spine
neuro- {prefix} :: neuro-
neurobiochimique {adj} :: neurobiochemical
neurobiologie {f} :: neurobiology
neurobiologiste {mf} :: neurobiologist
neuroblastome {m} [pathology] :: neuroblastoma
neurochimie {f} :: neurochemistry
neurochimique {adj} :: neurochemical
neurochirurgie {f} [surgery] :: neurosurgery
neurochirurgien {m} [surgery] :: neurosurgeon
neurochirurgienne {f} :: feminine noun of neurochirurgien
neurodégénératif {adj} :: neurodegenerative
neurodystonique {adj} [pathology] :: neurodystonic
neurofibrillaire {adj} :: neurofibrillary
neurofibrille {f} :: neurofibril
neuroglobine {f} [protein] :: neuroglobin
neuroïde {adj} :: neuroid
neurolemme {m} [anatomy] :: neurolemma
neuroleptique {adj} :: neuroleptic
neuroleptique {m} [medicine] :: neuroleptic
neurolinguistique {adj} :: neurolinguistic
neurologie {f} :: neurology
neurologique {adj} :: neurological
neurologiquement {adv} :: neurologically
neurologiste {mf} :: neurologist
neurologue {mf} :: neurologist
neuromédiateur {adj} :: neurotransmitting
neuromédiateur {m} :: neurotransmitter
neuromélanine {f} :: neuromelanin
neuromodulateur {m} :: neuromodulator
neuromusculaire {adj} :: neuromuscular
neuronal {adj} :: neuronal
neurone {m} :: neuron (a cell of the nervous system)
neuropathique {adj} :: neuropathic
neurophilosophie {f} :: neurophilosophy
neurophysiologique {adj} :: neurophysiological
neuroprotecteur {m} :: neuroprotector
neuroprotecteur {adj} :: neuroprotective
neuropsychiatre {mf} :: neuropsychiatrist
neuropsychiatrie {f} :: neuropsychiatry
neuropsychique {adj} :: neuropsychic
neuropsychologie {f} :: neuropsychology
neuropsychologue {mf} :: neuropsychologist
neuropsychopharmacologue {mf} :: neuropsychopharmacologist
neuroréhabilitation {f} :: neurorehabilitation
neuroscience {f} :: neuroscience
neuroscientifique {adj} :: neuroscientific
neuroscientifique {mf} :: neuroscientist
neurothéologie {f} :: neurotheology
neurotoxine {f} :: neurotoxin
neurotoxique {adj} :: neurotoxic
neurotransmetteur {m} :: neurotransmitter
neurotypique {adj} :: neurotypical
neurotypique {mf} :: neurotypical
neurovasculaire {adj} :: neurovascular
neutrale {adj} :: neutral
neutralement {adv} :: neutrally
neutralisant {adj} :: neutralizing
neutralisant {m} :: neutralizer
neutralisateur {adj} :: neutralizing
neutralisation {f} :: neutralisation
neutraliser {v} :: to neutralise
neutralisme {m} :: neutralism
neutraliste {adj} :: neutralist
neutraliste {mf} :: neutralist
neutralité {f} :: neutrality
neutre {adj} :: neutral
neutre {adj} [chemistry] :: neutral
neutre {adj} [grammar] :: neuter
neutrement {adv} :: neutrally
neutrinique {adj} [physics] :: neutrinic
neutrino {m} [particle] :: neutrino
neutroalcalin {adj} [chemistry, of a pH] :: neutral or slightly alkaline
neutrographie {f} :: neutrography
neutron {m} [particle] :: neutron
neutronique {adj} [physics] :: neutronic
neutropénie {f} :: neutropenia
neutrophage {adj} [physics] :: neutron (attributive)
neutrophile {m} [cytology] :: neutrophil
neutrophilique {adj} [biology] :: neutrophilic
neuvaine {f} :: novena
neuvième {adj} :: ninth
neuvième {mf} :: ninth
neuvième art {m} [idiomatic, singulare tantum] :: comics, graphic novels, comic art
neuvièmement {adv} :: ninthly
Neuville-lès-Lœuilly {prop} :: Neuville-lès-Lœuilly
Neuwiller {prop} :: A commune in the Haut-Rhin department of Alsace, eastern France, located on the Swiss border and less than 10km from the German-speaking city of Basel
neveu {m} :: nephew
Neveux {prop} :: surname
névralgie {f} :: neuralgia
névralgique {adj} :: neuralgic
névralgique {adj} [figuratively] :: key, important
névraxe {m} [anatomy] :: neuraxis
névrilème {m} :: neurilemma
névrite {f} :: neuritis
névroglie {f} [anatomy] :: neuroglia
névrographie {f} :: neurography
névrose {f} [psychology] :: neurosis
névrosé {adj} :: neurotic
névrotique {adj} :: neurotic
névrotiquement {adv} :: neurotically
névrotome {m} :: neurotome
news {m} :: news magazine or programme
newton {m} :: newton
newtonien {adj} :: Newtonian (related to Isaac Newton)
new wave {m} :: New wave, relating to the music genre
New York {prop} :: New York (city)
New York {prop} :: New York (state)
new-yorkais {adj} :: New York (attributive - from or of New York)
newyorkais {adj} :: alternative form of new-yorkais
Newyorkais {m} :: alternative form of New-Yorkais
New-Yorkais {m} :: New Yorker
Newyorkaise {f} :: feminine noun of Newyorkais
New-Yorkaise {f} :: feminine noun of New-Yorkais
nez {m} :: nose
nez {m} :: Someone who invents perfumes
nez à nez {adj} [idiomatic] :: face to face
nez en bec d'aigle {m} [figuratively] :: a hawknose
nez en trompette {m} [figuratively] :: a turned-up nose, a snub nose
nganda {mf} [Congo RDC] :: bar
nganga {m} :: An African witch doctor or specialist in traditional medicine
NGCC {prop} :: initialism of Navire de Garde côtière canadienne (Canadian Coast Guard Ship)
Nghiem {prop} :: surname
Ngo {prop} :: surname
Ngrs {p} :: abbreviation of Nosseigneurs
Nguyen {prop} :: surname
Nguyên {prop} :: alternative spelling of Nguyen
ni {conj} :: neither; nor
niable {adj} :: deniable
niais {adj} [falconry] :: Qualifies a falconry bird caught in the nest
niais {adj} :: vacuous, stupid
niais {m} :: buffoon, fool
niaisement {adv} :: inanely
niaisement {adv} :: foolishly
niaiser {v} [Quebec] :: to kid
niaiser {v} [Quebec] :: to act foolishly
niaiserie {f} :: silliness; foolish talk/behaviour
niak {mf} [countable, pejorative, ethnic slur] :: an East Asian or South Asian person;
niak {mf} [countable, pejorative, ethnic slur] :: a sub-Saharan African
niak {mf} [slang] :: joint, bun, marijuana cigarette
niakoué {mf} [offensive] :: Vietnamese
Niamey {prop} :: Niamey (capital city)
nibard {m} [slang] :: titty, boob (breast)
Nicandre {prop} {m} :: Nicander
Nicanor {prop} :: Nicanor
nicaraguayen {adj} :: Nicaraguan
Nicaraguayen {m} :: Nicaraguan
Nicaraguayenne {f} :: feminine noun of Nicaraguayen
niçard {adj} :: Of or from Nice
nice {adj} [archaic] :: candid, naive
Nice {prop} :: Nice (city)
nicéen {adj} :: Nicene
ni chair ni poisson {n} [dated] :: neither fish nor fowl (something or someone which is not easily categorized or neatly definable)
Nichapour {prop} :: Nishapur
niche {f} :: niche
niche {f} :: kennel (for dog)
nicher {v} :: to nest (bird)
nicher {v} :: to nestle
nicher {v} [slang] :: to hang out
nicheur {adj} :: nesting (of a bird, that builds its own nest)
nichoir {m} :: birdhouse, nest box
nichon {m} [slang] :: boob, tit, breast
nickel {m} [usually uncountable] :: nickel (metal)
nickel {m} [countable] :: atom of nickel
nickel {adj} [slang] :: spotless
nickel {adj} [slang] :: perfect, bang on
nickelage {m} :: nickel-plating
nickelé {adj} :: electroplated with nickel
nickélifère {adj} :: nickeliferous
nickéline {f} [mineral] :: nickeline
nickellement {adv} :: spotlessly
nickelure {f} :: nickel-plating
Nicodème {prop} {m} :: Nicodemus (biblical figure)
niçois {adj} :: From, or pertaining to, the town of Nice in France
Niçois {m} :: An inhabitant of Nice
Niçoise {f} :: feminine noun of Niçois
nicolaïsme {m} :: Nicolaism, Nicholaism, Nicolationism or Nicolaitanism (early Christian heresy)
Nicolaïtes {prop} :: Nicolaite
Nicolas {prop} {m} :: given name
Nicolas {prop} {m} :: surname
Nicole {prop} {f} :: given name
Nicolescu {prop} :: surname
Nicolette {prop} {f} :: given name, rare today
Nicoline {prop} {f} :: given name, feminine diminutive form of Nicolas, rare today. Short form: Coline
Nicomaque {prop} {m} [historical, Ancient Greece] :: Nicomachus (an Ancient Greek given name)
Nicopolis {prop} {f} :: Nicopolis
Nicosie {prop} {f} :: Nicosia, the capital of Cyprus
nicotine {f} :: nicotine (alkaloid)
nicotinique {adj} [organic chemistry] :: nicotinic
nictitant {adj} [zoology] :: nictitant
Niculescu {prop} :: surname
nid {m} :: nest
nid {m} [military] :: Some people or dangerous things, hidden or not
nidamentaire {adj} [biology] :: nidamental
nid d'amour {m} [idiomatic] :: love nest
nid de poule {m} :: pothole, a hole in the road
nid-de-poule {m} :: alternative spelling of nid de poule
nidicole {adj} :: nidicolous
nidification {f} :: nesting, nidification
nidifier {v} :: to nidify; to make a nest
nièce {f} :: niece
nielle {f} :: corncockle
nielle {f} :: blight, ear cockle
nielle {m} :: niello
niellé {adj} :: Decorated with niello
niellé {adj} :: blighted (cereals etc)
nieller {v} :: to blight (crops etc)
nieller {v} :: to niello
nième {adj} :: alternative form of énième
nième {mf} :: alternative form of énième
nier {v} :: to deny
niet-niet {m} :: utter denial or refusal
nietzschéen {adj} :: Nietzschean
Nièvre {prop} {f} :: Nièvre
nigari {m} [food] :: bittern: the liquor remaining after halite (common salt) has been harvested from saline water (brine), used as a coagulating agent in the manufacture of tofu
nigaud {adj} :: silly, dimwitted
nigaud {m} :: nincompoop, goof, nitwit
nigaudement {adv} :: dimwittedly
nigauderie {f} :: silliness
nigelle {f} :: nigella
nigelline {f} :: nigelline
Niger {prop} {m} :: Niger (country)
Nigeria {prop} {m} :: Nigeria
nigérian {adj} :: Nigerian
Nigérian {m} :: Nigerian (a person from Nigeria)
Nigériane {f} :: feminine noun of Nigérian
nigérien {adj} :: Nigerien (from or pertaining to Niger)
Nigérien {m} :: Nigerien (someone from Niger)
Nigérienne {f} :: feminine noun of Nigérien: Nigerien (female)
nightclubber {m} :: nightclubber
night shop {m} [Belgium, colloquial] :: a convenience store, a bodega
nigromance {f} :: alternative form of nécromancie
nihilisme {m} :: nihilism
nihiliste {adj} :: nihilist
nihiliste {mf} :: nihilist
Nikita {prop} {f} :: given name
Nikita {prop} {f} :: A transliteration of the Russian male given name Ники́та
Nil {prop} {m} :: Nile
niladique {adj} [maths] :: niladic
nilgaut {m} :: nilgai
nilghaut {m} :: obsolete spelling of nilgaut
nimbe {m} :: halo; nimbus
nimber {vt} :: to surround with a halo or nimbus
Nîmes {prop} :: Nîmes (city)
nîmois {adj} [attributive] :: of or relating to the city of Nîmes
Nîmois {m} :: someone of or from Nîmes
Nîmoise {f} :: feminine singular of Nîmois
nimphe {f} :: obsolete spelling of nymphe
n'importe {adv} :: No matter, never mind the, any, -ever
n'importe comment {adv} :: Haphazardly
n'importe lequel {pron} :: any one; no matter which; whichever
n'importe où {adv} :: anywhere, wherever
n'importe quand {adv} :: anytime, whenever
n'importe qui {pron} :: anybody, anyone
n'importe qui {pron} :: whoever
n'importe qui {pron} :: whomever
n'importe quoi {pron} :: anything (without discrimination)
n'importe quoi {pron} :: whatever
n'importe quoi {interj} :: nonsense!, rubbish!, hogwash!
Nina {prop} :: given name
nineties {fp} :: nineties (decade)
ninhydrine {f} [organic compound] :: ninhydrin
Nini {prop} :: given name
Ninive {prop} {f} :: Ninive (ancient city)
niobé {adj} [inorganic chemistry] :: niobium (attributive)
niobique {adj} [inorganic chemistry] :: niobic
niobium {m} :: niobium
niochon {m} [Quebec] :: imbecile
niochon {adj} [Quebec] :: imbecilic
Niort {prop} {m} :: Niort (commune in Deux-Sèvres, France)
niortais {adj} :: of or relating to Niort
Niortais {m} :: A person from Niort
Niortaise {f} :: feminine singular of Niortais
Nioué {prop} {f} :: Niue
niouéen {adj} :: Niuean
niouéen {m} :: Niuean (language)
ni oui ni non {m} :: A game whose aim is to answer yes-or-no questions without saying "yes" or "no"
NIP {m} :: PIN; PIN number
nippe {f} [especially in plural] :: cheap and worn-out clothing; frippery
nippon {adj} :: synonym of japonais; Nipponese
Nippon {m} :: A Japanese man, a male inhabitant of Japan
Nippone {f} :: feminine singular of Nippon
Nipponne {f} :: feminine singular of Nippon
niqab {f} :: a niqab
niquer {v} [slang, vulgar] :: to fuck, to shag
niquer {v} [slang] :: to deceive
niquer {v} [slang] :: to break, to destroy
niquer {v} [slang] :: to steal
niquer {v} [slang] :: to beat, to hit
Nishimoto {prop} :: surname
Nishimura {prop} :: surname
nissard {adj} :: alternative form of niçard
nitescence {f} :: clarity
nitescence {f} :: lucidity
nitide {adj} [rare, literary] :: nitid
nitranilique {adj} [organic chemistry] :: nitranilic
nitrate {m} :: nitrate
nitrater {v} :: to nitrate
nitre {m} [dated] :: saltpetre (potassium nitrate)
nitré {adj} :: nitrated
nitrer {v} :: to nitrate
nitreux {adj} :: nitrous
nitrifier {v} :: to nitrify
nitriler {v} [chemistry] :: To nitrilate
nitrine {f} :: synonym of nitroglycérine
nitrinique {adj} :: nitrinic
nitrique {adj} :: nitric
nitrium {m} :: synonym of nitrure
nitrium {m} :: synonym of natron
nitro- {prefix} :: nitro-
nitrobenzine {f} [organic chemistry] :: nitrobenzene
nitrochloroforme {m} [organic compound] :: synonym of chloropicrine
nitroéthane {m} [organic compound] :: nitroéthane
nitroforme {m} [organic compound] :: nitroform
nitrogénase {f} [enzyme] :: nitrogenase
nitrogéné {adj} :: nitrogenous
nitrogène {m} [obsolete] :: nitrogen
nitroglycérine {f} :: nitroglycerine (the compound glyceryl-tri-nitrate)
nitroglycérol {m} [organic compound] :: synonym of nitroglycérine
nitrométhane {m} [organic compound] :: nitromethane
nitromuriatique {adj} [obsolete, chemistry] :: nitromuriatic
nitrophénol {m} [organic compound] :: nitrophenol
nitrophényl {m} [organic chemistry] :: nitrophenyl
nitroser {v} [chemistry] :: To nitrosate
nitrosyle {m} [chemistry] :: nitrosyl
nitrotoluène {m} [organic compound] :: nitrotoluene
nitruration {f} :: nitriding (of a metal surface)
nitrure {m} [inorganic chemistry] :: nitride
nival {adj} [attributively] :: snow
niveau {m} :: level (general)
niveau {m} :: level (measuring instrument)
niveau à bulle {m} :: spirit level, bubble level
niveau à lunette {m} :: surveyor's level
niveau de la mer {m} :: sea level
niveau de vie {m} :: standard of living
nivelable {adj} :: levelable (able to be levelled)
niveler {v} :: to level, level out (ground)
niveler {v} :: to even, even out (put on the same level)
niveleur {f} :: leveler (all senses)
niveleuse {f} :: grader (road-making vehicle)
nivellement {m} :: leveling out, leveling
nivellement analogique {m} [linguistics] :: paradigm leveling, morphological leveling, analogical leveling
nivellement par le bas {m} [figuratively, pejorative] :: dumbing down, lowering of the standards, reducing to the lowest common denominator, levelling down, race to the bottom, downwards harmonisation
nivernais {adj} :: Of or from Nièvre
Nivernais {m} :: Native or inhabitant of Nièvre
Nivernaise {f} :: feminine singular of Nivernais
nivologie {f} :: the study of snow
nivologue {mf} :: someone who studies snow, snowologist
nivôse {m} [historical] :: Nivôse (the fourth month of the French Republican Calendar)
no {m} :: abbreviation of numéro
NO {n} :: NW; abbreviation of nord-ouest
{m} [uncountable] :: noh (Japanese theatrical genre)
{m} [countable] :: a noh play
{m} :: abbreviation of numéro, No.
nobélisable {adj} :: worth of a Nobel prize
nobélisé {adj} :: who has won a Nobel prize
nobélium {m} :: nobelium
nobiliaire {adj} :: noble (belonging to the nobility)
nobilité {f} :: nobleness; nobility
noble {adj} :: noble, aristocratic
noble {adj} :: (of material) non-synthetic, natural; fine
noble {adj} :: noble, worthy (thoughts, cause etc.)
noble {mf} :: noble (person who is noble)
noblement {adv} :: nobly (in a noble way)
noblesse {f} :: nobility
noblesse de robe {f} :: In the Ancien Régime, a status of nobility due to one's office, such as that of a judge, an arbiter, etc
noblesse oblige {phrase} :: Noble or more generally high-ranked people have honourable obligations towards lower-ranked or less fortunate ones, and should behave nobly towards them
noblesse oblige {m} :: noblesse oblige (the honourable obligation that is the responsibility of those of high rank)
nobliau {m} :: noble, nobleman
noce {f} [in the plural] :: wedding
noce {f} :: wedding party, reception
noce {f} [colloquial] :: party, knees-up
noceur {m} :: party animal, reveller
noceur {m} :: one who sleeps late or not at all; or, one who stays out late to revel or party
noceuse {f} :: feminine noun of noceur
nocicepteur {m} [biochemistry] :: nociceptor
nocif {adj} :: harmful, bad for one's health
nocivement {adv} :: harmfully
nocivité {f} :: noxiousness, harmfulness
no comment {interj} [idiomatic, ironic] :: no comment (a refusal to say the obvious impolite retort)
noctambule {adj} :: late-night
noctambule {mf} :: night owl (one who stays up late at night or goes to bed late)
noctiluque {adj} :: noctilucent
noctiluque {f} :: noctiluca
nocturne {adj} :: nocturnal
nocturne {adj} :: of night
nocturne {m} [music] :: nocturne
nocturne {f} :: opening hours at night
nocturne {f} :: match of sport at night
nocturnement {adv} :: nocturnally
nodulaire {adj} :: nodular
nodule {m} :: nodule, lump
Noé {prop} :: Noah [biblical character]
Noé {prop} :: given name of biblical origin
noël {m} :: Christmas gift
noël {m} :: Christmas song
noël {m} :: melody of a Christmas song
Noël {prop} {m} :: Christmas, Christmas time
Noël {prop} {m} :: given name
Noël {prop} {m} :: surname
Noël {interj} [archaic] :: huzzah, hurrah (cry of celebration in the Middle Ages)
Noëlle {prop} :: given name, feminine form of Noël. Equivalent to the English Noelle
noëlleux {adj} :: Christmassy
Noémi {prop} :: Naomi [biblical character]
Noémi {prop} :: given name, usually spelled Noémie
Noémie {prop} :: given name
noethérien {adj} [maths] :: Noetherian / noetherian
noeud {m} :: nonstandard spelling of nœud
nœud {m} :: knot (tangle)
nœud {m} :: knot (unit of speed, one nautical mile per hour)
nœud {m} [slang] :: penis
nœud {m} [slang] :: stupid person
nœud {m} [physics, music, computing] :: node
nœud {m} :: knot (muscular tension)
nœud coulant {m} :: slip knot, noose
nœud de batelier {m} [nautical] :: clove hitch
nœud de cabestan {m} [nautical] :: clove hitch
nœud de chaise {m} [nautical] :: bowline
nœud en huit {m} [nautical] :: figure of eight knot
nœud gordien {m} :: Gordian knot
nœud pap {m} [colloquial] :: clipping of nœud papillon
nœud papillon {m} :: bowtie
nœud plat {m} :: reef knot
nogaï {m} :: Nogai (language)
no-go zone {f} [Anglicism] :: no-go zone
nohantais {adj} :: of or from Nohant-Vic
Nohantais {m} :: Someone from Nohant-Vic
noinante {num} :: [Switzerland] alternative form of nonante
noir {adj} :: black in colour
noir {adj} :: drunk; inebriated
noir {adj} :: black, of black ethnicity
noir {m} :: a black person
noir {m} :: a person whose hair is dark
noir {m} :: dark; darkness
Noir {m} :: black (person)
noirâtre {adj} :: blackish
noiraud {adj} :: swarthy
noirceur {f} :: blackness
noirceur {f} :: black stain or mark
noirceur {f} [figuratively] :: blackness; darkness (quality of being bad or evil)
noirci {adj} :: blackened
noircir {v} :: to blacken (make black)
noircir {vr} :: to get drunk
noircissement {m} :: blackening, darkening
noir comme dans un four {adj} [simile] :: dark to the point where one can't see, pitch-dark
noir de monde {adj} [figuratively] :: black, heaving, packed, crammed, overcrowded
noire {f} [music] :: quarter note
Noire {f} :: feminine noun of Noir
noir et blanc {adj} :: black-and-white (displaying images in shades of grey/gray)
noirette {f} :: black-haired woman
noirien {m} :: pinot noir (grape variety, wine)
noir sur blanc {adv} :: in black and white (explicitly)
noise {f} [archaic or literary] :: quarrel, argument
noisetier {m} :: hazel, hazel tree
noisette {f} :: hazelnut
noisette {f} :: noisette
noisette {f} :: knob (of butter etc.)
noisette {f} :: espresso with a little milk
noix {f} :: walnut
noix {f} :: nut
noix de cajou {f} :: cashew nut (the seed of the cashew tree)
noix de coco {f} :: coconut
noix de Grenoble {f} [Quebec] :: walnut
noix de macadamia {m} :: macadamia nut
noix de muscade {f} :: nutmeg (seed)
noix de pécan {f} :: pecan (nut)
noix de pin {f} [Quebec] :: pine nut
noix de Saint-Jacques {m} :: great scallop; king scallop
noix du Brésil {f} :: brazil nut
nolisé {adj} :: chartered; charter (attributive)
nom {m} :: A name, especially a last name or family name
nom {m} :: A noun
nom abstrait {m} [grammar] :: abstract noun
nomade {adj} :: nomadic
nomade {mf} :: nomad
nomadisation {f} :: Conversion to living as a nomad
nomadiser {v} :: To nomadize
nomadisme {m} :: nomadism
nomadisme {m} :: (be extension) mobile working
nom adjectif {m} [grammar] :: adjectival noun
nom binomial {m} :: alternative form of nom binominal
nom binominal {m} [taxonomy] :: binomial name
nombre {m} :: number
nombre abondant {m} [mathematics] :: abundant number
nombre atomique {m} [physics, chemistry, rare] :: atomic number
nombre complexe {m} [mathematics] :: complex number
nombre d'Avogadro {m} [physics, chemistry] :: Avogadro's number
nombre d'or {m} [mathematics] :: golden ratio (irrational number)
nombre entier {m} [mathematics] :: whole number
nombre impair {m} :: odd number
nombre naturel {m} :: natural number
nombre pair {m} :: even number
nombre premier {m} [mathematics] :: prime number
nombrer {v} :: To number
nombre rationnel {m} :: rational number
nombre réel {m} :: real number
Nombres {prop} {mp} [bible] :: Numbers
nombreusement {adv} :: numerously
nombreux {adj} :: numerous, many
nombril {m} :: navel, belly button
nombril {m} :: middle
nombrilisme {m} :: navel-gazing
nombriliste {adj} :: self-absorbed; egocentric
nombriliste {adj} :: parochial
nom commun {m} :: common noun
nom complet {m} :: full name
nom concret {m} [grammar] :: concrete noun
nom d'agent {m} [grammar] :: agent noun
nom de baptême {m} :: baptismal name; Christian name
nom de bleu {interj} [Switzerland] :: my goodness; (oh) my God
nom de code {m} :: code name
nom de Dieu {interj} [blasphemous] :: bloody hell; Jesus Christ; goddammit (Indicates surprise, anger, indignation, etc.)
nom de Dieu de bordel de merde {interj} [France, vulgar, blasphemous] :: Jesus fucking Christ; holy fucking shit [indicates anger or surprise]
nom de domaine {m} [Internet] :: domain name
nom de famille {m} :: surname
nom de guerre {m} :: pseudonym
nom de jeune fille {m} :: maiden name
nom de marque {m} :: brand, brand name
nom d'emprunt {m} :: pseudonym
nom dénombrable {m} [grammar] :: countable noun, count noun
nom de personne {m} :: personal name
nom de plume {m} :: nom de plume, pen name, pseudonym
nom déposé {m} :: registered trademark
nom de scène {m} :: stage name
nom de temps {m} [grammar] :: temporal noun
nom d'oiseau {m} [figuratively, colloquial] :: insult
nom d'un chien {interj} :: synonym of nom de Dieu
nom d'une pipe {interj} [dated] :: flipping heck; bloody hell; cor blimey (or similar oath)
nom d'un petit bonhomme {interj} [dated] :: synonym of nom d'une pipe
nom d'utilisateur {m} [computing] :: username (a person’s identification on a computer system)
nomenclature {f} :: nomenclature
nom épithète {m} [grammar] :: noun adjunct, attributive noun
nom générique {m} [taxonomy] :: genus name
-nomie {suffix} :: -nomy
nominal {adj} :: nominal
nominal {m} :: nominal
nominalement {adv} :: nominally
nominalisation {f} :: nominalization
nominaliser {v} :: nominalize
nominalisme {m} :: nominalism
nominateur {m} :: nominator
nominatif {adj} :: nominative (giving a name, naming; designating)
nominatif {m} [grammar] :: the nominative case
nomination {f} :: nomination
nominativement {adv} :: by name
nominatrice {f} :: feminine noun of nominateur
nom indénombrable {m} [grammar] :: uncountable noun
nominé {adj} :: nominated, named
nominé {m} :: nominee
nominer {v} :: to nominate
nom latin {m} [biology, taxonomy] :: Latin name
nommage {m} :: naming
nom massif {m} [grammar] :: mass noun
nommément {adv} :: namely (specifically)
nommer {vt} :: to nominate
nommer {v} :: to name, to call
nommer {vr} [se nommer] :: to be called, to call oneself
nomographie {f} :: nomography
nomologie {f} :: nomology
nomothétique {adj} :: nomothetic
nom propre {m} :: proper noun
nom savant {m} :: scientific name
nom scientifique {m} [biology, taxonomy] :: scientific name, Latin name
nom spécifique {m} [taxonomy] :: specific name, specific epithet
nom substantif {m} [grammar] :: noun, substantive
nom systématique {m} [chemistry] :: systematic name
nom taxonomique {m} [taxonomy] :: taxonomic name
nom trivial {m} [chemistry] :: trivial name
Nomura {prop} :: surname
nom vernaculaire {m} [biology] :: vernacular name, common name
non {adv} :: no
non {conj} :: not
non {m} :: a no, a negative response
non {interj} :: no!
nona- {prefix} :: nona-
nonadécane {m} [organic compound] :: nonadecane
nonadécanoïque {adj} [organic chemistry] :: nonadecanoic
nonadécylique {adj} [organic chemistry] :: nonadecylic
nonagénaire {adj} :: nonagenarian
nonagénaire {mf} :: nonagenarian
nonagone {m} :: nonagon
non-aligné {adj} :: nonaligned
non-alignement {m} :: nonalignment (state of being nonaligned)
nonanoïque {adj} [organic chemistry] :: nonanoic
nonante {num} :: [Switzerland, Belgium, DR Congo, Rwanda, Acadia] ninety
nonante-et-un {num} :: [Switzerland, Belgium, DR Congo, Rwanda, Acadia] ninety-one
nonante-et-unième {adj} :: ninety-first
nonante-et-unième {mf} :: ninety-first
nonantième {adj} :: ninetieth
nonantième {mf} :: ninetieth
nonantièmement {adv} :: ninetiethly
non-assistance à personne en danger {f} [law] :: non observance of one's duty to rescue, failure to come to the rescue of a person in danger
nonatomique {adj} [chemistry] :: nonatomic
nonc {m} [Louisiana French, Cajun French, ] :: alternative form of oncle, uncle
nonce {m} :: nuncio
nonchalamment {adv} :: nonchalantly
nonchalance {f} :: nonchalance
nonchalant {adj} :: Marked by a lack of vivacity, vigour, liveliness; slow-moving; indolent
nonchalant {adj} :: Cool, relaxed
nonchaloir {m} [dated or poetic] :: indifference; nonchalance
nonciature {f} :: nunciature
non-figuratif {adj} [art] :: nonrepresentational
non-fumeur {m} :: non-smoker (somebody who does not smoke tobacco)
nonidi {m} [historical] :: The ninth day of the decade (ten-day week) in the French Republican Calendar
nonilliard {m} :: octodecillion
non-lieu {m} [legal] :: dismissal
non mais {interj} [colloquial] :: honestly! well, really! do you mind! (used to express indignation)
non merci {interj} :: no thanks, no thank you
non-métal {m} :: nonmetal (element that does not have the properties of a metal)
non-moi {m} [philosophy] :: nonself
nonnain {f} [obsolete or humorous] :: nun
nonne {f} [literary] :: nun
nono {n} :: fool, idiot
nonobstant {prep} [formal] :: despite, in spite of, notwithstanding
nonobstant {adv} [formal] :: however, nevertheless
non plus {adv} :: (not) either
non plus {adv} :: neither
non-résistance {f} :: unresistance
non-résistance {f} [dated, from Tolstoï] :: nonviolence
non-respect {m} :: failure to respect, disrespect
non-sens {m} :: A situation or statement that is completely absurd or illogical
non-sens {m} :: A statement that is semantically, etymologically, or logically improper or contradictory
non-sens {m} [biology] :: Nonsense, a type of damaged DNA sequence
n'ont {contraction} :: contraction of ne + ont (third-person plural indicative present form of avoir)
nonuple {adj} :: ninefold
nonuple {m} [Scrabble] :: A move whose score is multiplied by nine
nonuple {m} [Scrabble] :: An area on the board where such a move is possible
nonupler {v} :: to nonuple, to multiply by nine
nonupler {v} [Scrabble] :: to play a nine-timer
non-violence {f} :: nonviolence
nooanaleptique {adj} :: nooanaleptic
noologique {adj} :: noological
noosphère {f} :: noosphere
nope {f} :: A tuft of wool; a knot in a fabric; nap
nope {interj} [colloquial, neologism] :: nope
noraghe {m} :: alternative form of nuraghe
Norbert {prop} :: given name
norbornadiène {m} [organic compound] :: norbornadiene
nord {m} :: north
Nord {prop} {m} :: Nord (department)
nord-américain {adj} :: North American
nord-coréen {adj} :: North Korean
Nord-Coréen {m} :: North Korean (person)
Nord-Coréenne {f} :: feminine noun of Nord-Coréen
nord-est {m} :: north-east
nordestin {adj} :: (northeastern) Of or from Nordeste in Brazil
nord-est-quart-est {m} :: northeast by east (compass point)
nord-est-quart-nord {m} :: northeast by north (compass point)
nordique {adj} :: Nordic, Norse
nord-irlandais {adj} :: of or relating to Northern Ireland
Nord-Irlandais {m} :: person from Northern Ireland
Nord-Irlandaise {f} :: feminine noun of Nord-Irlandais
nordiste {adj} :: northern (relating to the north of a country)
nordiste {adj} :: of or relating to Nord, the French region
nord-nord-est {m} :: north-northeast (compass point)
nord-nord-ouest {m} :: north-northwest (compass point)
nord-ouest {m} :: northwest
nord-ouest-quart-nord {m} :: northwest by north (compass point)
nord-ouest-quart-ouest {m} :: northwest by west (compass point)
Nord-Pas-de-Calais {prop} :: Nord-Pas-de-Calais, former region of France
nord-quart-nord-est {m} :: north by east (compass point)
nord-quart-nord-ouest {m} :: north by west (compass point)
norfloxacine {m} [medicine] :: norfloxacin
noria {f} :: noria
Noriko {prop} :: given name
normal {adj} :: normal (according to norms, usual, pertaining to a school to teach teachers how to teach)
normal {adj} :: okay, alright
normale {f} [geometry] :: Line perpendicular to a curve
normalement {adv} :: in theory
normalement {adv} :: usually (most of the time)
normalement {adv} :: normally
normalien {m} [historical] :: student at a teacher training college
normalien {m} :: a student or graduate of the École normale supérieure
normalienne {f} :: feminine singular of normalien
normalisation {f} :: normalisation
normaliser {v} :: to normalise
normalité {f} :: normality
normand {adj} :: Norman (relating to Normandy)
Normand {m} :: Norman (person)
Normande {f} :: feminine noun of Normand
Normandie {prop} {f} :: Normandy
normatif {adj} :: normative
normativisation {f} :: normativization
normativiser {v} :: to normativize
normcore {m} :: normcore
norme {f} :: norm (normal state)
norme {f} [mathematics] :: norm
normer {v} :: to normalize
normique {adj} [topology] :: normal
normopathe {mf} :: A normopath; a person who conforms excessively to social norms
normopathie {f} :: Normopathy
normothermique {adj} :: normothermic
norois {m} :: alternative form of vieux norrois
norrois {m} :: alternative form of vieux norrois
norséthite {f} [mineral] :: norsethite
northumbrien {adj} :: Northumbrian
northumbrien {m} :: Northumbrian (dialect)
Norvège {prop} {f} :: Norway
norvégien {m} :: Norwegian (language)
norvégien {adj} :: Norwegian
Norvégien {m} :: Norwegian, someone from Norway
Norvégienne {f} :: feminine noun of Norvégien
norvégo- {prefix} :: Norvego-; Norwegian
nosémose {f} :: Nosema ceranae, a fungal parasite on Asiatic honeybees (Apis cerana), causing nosemosis
nosocomial {adj} :: nosocomial
nosographie {f} [pathology, medicine] :: nosography
nosographique {adj} :: nosographic
nosologie {f} [medicine] :: nosology
nosologique {adj} :: nosological
nosseigneurs {mp} :: our lords, your honours
Nosseigneurs {mp} :: alternative case form of nosseigneurs
nostalgie {f} :: nostalgia
nostalgique {adj} :: nostalgic
nostalgiquement {adv} :: nostalgically
nostre {pron} :: archaic spelling of notre
nota bene {interj} :: nota bene (used to add an aside or warning to a text)
notabiliser {v} :: To become well-known
notabilité {f} :: notability
notable {adj} :: notable
notable {m} :: notable
notablement {adv} :: notably
notaire {m} [law] :: notary
notaire {m} :: solicitor
notamment {adv} [rare] :: notably
notamment {adv} :: especially, in particular, not least
notamment {adv} :: for example, for instance
notarial {adj} :: notarial
notariat {m} :: The function or profession of a notary
notarié {adj} :: notarial, notarized
notation {f} :: rating (evaluation of status)
note {f} :: note [written or spoken]
note {f} :: mark [UK], grade [US]
note {f} :: bill [UK, US], check [US]
note {f} [music] :: note
note {f} :: touch, hint, note
note de bas de page {f} :: footnote
note de frais {m} :: expenses claim
note de frais {m} :: expense account
noter {v} :: to note
noter {v} :: to grade (an exam, an assignment, etc.)
notice {f} :: instruction
notification {f} :: notification
notifier {v} :: to notify
notion {f} :: notion
notochorde {f} [zoology] :: notochord
notocordal {adj} [zoology] :: notochordal
notoédrique {adj} :: notoedric
notoire {adj} :: well-known; notorious
notoirement {adv} :: notoriously (in a notorious or notable manner)
notoriété {f} :: reputation
notre {determiner} [possessive] :: Our
nôtre {adj} [archaic] :: our (belonging to us)
Notre Dame {prop} {f} :: Our Lady (the Virgin Mary)
Notre Dame {prop} {f} [by ellipsis] :: Cathédrale Notre-Dame de Paris
notredit {determiner} :: our said
nottinghamien {adj} :: Nottinghamian
nouba {f} :: party, festival
nouchi {m} :: Any of several French argots spoken in Africa
nouer {v} :: knot (form into a knot)
nouer {v} :: tie; bind; fasten
nouer {v} :: tie up
noueur {m} :: knotter; one who inserts knots into something
noueux {adj} :: gnarled
nougat {m} :: nougat
nouille {f} :: noodle (string or strip of pasta)
nouille {f} [colloquial] :: dumbhead
nouille {f} [vulgar, slang] :: cock, dick
nouille de piscine {f} :: pool noodle
Nouméa {prop} :: Nouméa, the capital of the French overseas possession New Caledonia
nouméen {adj} :: Of or from Nouméa
noune {f} [Canada, slang] :: pussy, vulva
nounou {f} :: nanny
nounours {m} :: teddy bear
nounours {m} [by extension] :: A very affectionate person
nouraghe {m} :: obsolete form of nuraghe
nourri {adj} :: fed, nourished
nourri {adj} [figuratively] :: heavy, sustained
nourrice {f} :: childminder, nanny
nourrice {f} :: wet nurse
nourricier {adj} :: nourishing, sustaining
nourrir {v} :: to feed (provide with nourishment), nourish
nourrir {v} :: to nurture, to fuel
nourrir {vp} :: to eat, to feed oneself
nourrissant {adj} :: nourishing
nourrisson {m} :: infant; baby (a child who breastfeeds)
nourrisson {m} :: infant; toddler (young child)
nourriture {f} :: food, nourishment
nous {pron} :: The plural personal pronoun in the first person:
nous {pron} :: [subject pronoun] we
nous {pron} :: [object pronoun] us, to us
nous {m} :: The nous, (divine) reason in philosophy
nous autres {pron} :: We: first-person exclusive plural pronoun (I and others but not you)
nous autres {pron} :: (Canada) We: inclusive or exclusive first-person plural (I and you; I, you, and others; or I and others)
nous de majesté {m} :: royal we, majestic plural (plural used by a sovereign)
nous-mêmes {pron} [emphatic] :: ourselves
nouveau {adj} :: new
nouveau {m} :: New person, new thing
Nouveau-Brunswick {prop} {m} :: New Brunswick, a province in Canada
nouveau départ {m} :: fresh start
Nouveau-Mexique {prop} {m} :: New Mexico (all senses)
Nouveau Monde {prop} :: New World
nouveau-né {m} :: newborn
Nouveau Parti démocratique {prop} {m} [Canadian politics] :: New Democratic Party
nouveauté {f} :: a specific thing that is new
nouveauté {f} :: newness; novelty
Nouveau Testament {prop} {m} :: New Testament
nouvel homme {m} :: a new man
nouvelle {f} :: news, a piece of information
nouvelle {f} :: novella
Nouvelle-Angleterre {prop} {f} :: New England
Nouvelle-Aquitaine {prop} {f} :: Nouvelle-Aquitaine
Nouvelle-Calédonie {prop} {f} :: New Caledonia
Nouvelle-Écosse {prop} {f} :: Nova Scotia (Province in eastern Canada)
Nouvelle-Galles du Sud {prop} {f} :: New South Wales (an Australian state)
nouvellement {adv} :: newly, recently
Nouvelle Rome {prop} :: A placename
Nouvelle Rome {prop} :: New Rome (Constantinople (Istanbul)); synonym of Constantinople (Istamboul)
Nouvelle Rome {prop} [obsolete] :: synonym of Paris
nouvelles {fp} :: news
Nouvelle York {prop} {f} [dated] :: synonym of New York
Nouvelle-Zélande {prop} {f} :: New Zealand
Nouvelle-Zemble {prop} {f} :: Nouvelle-Zemble (archipelago)
nouvelliste {mf} :: novelist
nov. {n} :: abbreviation of novembre Nov
nova {f} [astronomy] :: nova
novateur {m} :: an innovator
novateur {adj} :: innovative
Novatien {prop} {m} :: Novatian, the antipope against St. Cornelius in 251 AD, and schismatic heresiarch as founder of the sect known as Novatianism
novatrice {f} :: feminine noun of novateur
novembre {m} :: November
nover {vt} [legal] :: to novate
novice {mf} :: beginner, novice
novice {adj} :: inexperienced
noviciat {m} :: novitiate
novlangue {f} :: Newspeak (fictional language)
novocaïne {m} :: novocaine
Novossibirsk {prop} :: Novossibirsk (city)
novotestamentaire {adj} :: neo-testamentary, New Testament (attributive)
noyade {f} :: drowning
noyau {m} :: stone (of a fruit)
noyau {m} :: group (of artists etc.); cell (of terrorists etc.)
noyau {m} [geology] :: core
noyau {m} [biology, physics] :: nucleus
noyau {m} [computing] :: kernel
noyau {m} [phonetics, phonology] :: nucleus of a syllable
noyau atomique {m} [physics] :: atomic nucleus
noyautage {m} :: infiltration
noyauter {v} :: to infiltrate
noyau terrestre {m} :: Earth's core
noyer {m} :: walnut (tree)
noyer {vr} :: To drown; to drown oneself
noyer {vt} :: To drown
noyer {vt} [cooking] :: To water down
noyeraie {f} :: walnut orchard
noyer du Brésil {m} :: brazil nut (tree)
noyer le poisson {v} [figuratively] :: to elude a question, to kick into touch, to muddy the waters, to cloud the issue, to confuse
NP-complet {adj} :: NP-complete
NP-complétude {f} [computing theory] :: NP-completeness
NPD {prop} [Canada, politics] :: NDP; initialism of Nouveau Parti démocratique
NP-difficile {adj} [computing theory] :: NP-hard
NRBC {adj} :: NBC (nuclear, biological, chemical) abbreviation of nucléaire, radiologique, biologique, chimique (nulcear, radiological, biological, chemical)
NSDAP {prop} {mf} [history] :: NSDAP
n-simplexe {m} [geometry] :: n-simplex
nu {adj} :: (person) naked, nude
nu {adj} :: (body, tree) bare
nu {m} :: nu (Greek letter)
nuage {m} :: cloud
nuageusement {adv} :: cloudily
nuageux {adj} :: cloudy
nuance {f} :: nuance
nuance {f} :: gradation of colors
nuance {f} [music] :: dynamics
nuancé {adj} :: nuanced
nuancément {adv} :: nuancedly
nuancer {v} :: to moderate, to qualify (e.g., an opinion)
nuancier {m} :: colour chart (to match paint etc)
Nubie {prop} {f} :: Nubia
nubien {adj} :: Nubian
Nubien {m} :: Nubian person
Nubienne {f} :: feminine noun of Nubien
nubile {adj} :: nubile
nucal {adj} [anatomy] :: nuchal
nuciculteur {m} :: someone who grows walnuts
nucicultrice {f} :: feminine noun of nuciculteur
nucléaire {adj} :: nuclear
nucléariser {v} :: to nuclearise
nucléarité {f} [maths] :: nuclearity
nucléase {f} :: nuclease
nucléation {f} :: nucleation
nucléé {adj} [cytology] :: nucleated
nucléer {v} :: To nucleate
nucléide {m} [physics] :: nuclide
nucléidique {adj} :: nuclidic
nucléiforme {adj} [biology] :: nucleiform
nucléique {adj} :: nucleic
nucléocytoplasmique {adj} :: nucleocytoplasmic
nucléofuge {adj} [chemistry] :: nucleofugal
nucléoïde {m} [genetics] :: nucleoid
nucléolaire {adj} :: nucleolar
nucléole {m} [cytology] :: nucleolus
nucléon {m} [physics] :: nucleon (a proton or a neutron)
nucléophile {adj} :: nucleophilic
nucléophilie {f} [chemistry] :: nucleophilicity
nucléoplasme {m} [biology] :: nucleoplasm
nucléoside {m} [biochemistry] :: nucleoside
nucléosome {m} [genetics] :: nucleosome
nucléosynthèse {f} [physics] :: nucleosynthesis
nucléotide {m} [biochemistry] :: nucleotide
nucléotidique {adj} [biochemistry] :: nucleotidic
nucléus {m} :: nucleus
nu comme un ver {adj} [simile] :: stark naked; naked as a jaybird
nudisme {m} :: nudism
nudiste {adj} :: nudist
nudiste {mf} :: nudist
nudité {f} :: nudity
nue {f} :: [archaic, chiefly poetic] cloud
nuée {f} [chiefly formal or literary] :: thick cloud
nuée {f} :: cloud (of arrows, insects)
nuée {f} :: horde, host, swarm (of people, birds, enemies etc.)
nuée ardente {f} :: pyroclastic flow
nuement {adv} [dated] :: alternative spelling of nûment
nuire {vi} :: to harm, to spoil
nuisance {f} :: pollution
nuisette {f} :: (very short) nightie, nightdress
nuisible {adj} :: harmful, damaging, injurious
nuisiblement {adv} :: harmfully, damagingly, injuriously
nuit {f} :: night
nuitamment {adv} [rare] :: at night
nuit blanche {f} [idiom] :: sleepless night
nuit blanche {f} :: nuit blanche (an all-night celebration or festival)
Nuit des Longs Couteaux {f} :: Night of the Long Knives
nuitée {f} :: night (night spent at a hotel)
nuitée {f} :: night shift
nuit et jour {adv} :: day and night (all the time, unceasingly)
nuit polaire {f} :: polar night
nul {adj} [indefinite, singular only] :: no, nil
nul {adj} :: of poor quality, lousy, rubbish
nul {adj} :: lame
nul {m} [sports] :: draw
nul {pron} :: no one, nobody
nul à chier {adj} [vulgar] :: lame, lousy, shit, shitty, crappy (completely worthless)
nul de chez nul {adj} [colloquial] :: lousy, shit, shitty, crappy (completely worthless)
nul et non avenu {adj} :: null and void
nulla pœna sine lege {phrase} :: nulla pœna sine lege
nullard {adj} :: hopeless, useless, incompetent
nulle {f} :: feminine noun of nul
nullement {adv} [formal] :: used with ne to form negative statements
nulle part {adv} :: nowhere
nullité {f} :: The quality nullity, invalidity
nullité {f} [colloquial] :: A zero, insignificant or useless person or object
nul n'est censé ignorer la loi {proverb} :: Ignorance of the law is not a valid excuse
nul n'est parfait {phrase} :: nobody's perfect
nul n'est prophète en son pays {proverb} :: no man is a prophet in his own country, no one is a prophet in their own land
nûment {adv} :: naked; without clothing
numéraire {m} :: currency (money or other item used to facilitate transactions)
numéral {adj} :: numeral, numeric
numéral {m} :: numeral
numérateur {m} [mathematics] :: numerator (in a fraction)
numération {f} :: notation (numeric), numeration
numéricien {adj} [mathematics, computing] :: numerical, computational
numérique {adj} :: numeric
numérique {adj} :: numerical
numérique {adj} :: digital
numériquement {adv} :: numerically
numériquement {adv} :: digitally
numérisation {f} :: digitization
numériser {v} :: to digitize
numériser {v} [computing] :: to scan
numériseur {m} :: scanner (device which scans documents)
numéro {m} :: number
numéro {m} [by ellipsis] :: phone number
numéro atomique {m} [physics, chemistry, rare] :: atomic number
numérologie {f} :: numerology
numéron {m} [maths] :: internal instinctive representation of the number of elements of a set, not involving counting, and existing even before language acquisition [compare subitizing]
numérotage {m} :: numbering
numérotage {m} :: grading the quality of products by a system of numbers
numérotation {f} :: numbering
numéroter {vt} :: to number (to assign numbers to)
numéro vert {m} :: freephone number; toll-free number
numide {adj} :: Numidian
Numidie {prop} {f} :: Numidia
numismate {mf} :: numismatist
numismatique {adj} :: numismatic (pertaining to currency)
numismatique {f} :: numismatics (study of coins)
Nunavik {prop} {m} :: Nunavik
Nunavois {m} :: Nunavummiuq
Nunavoise {f} :: feminine noun of Nunavois
Nunavummiuq {mf} :: A person from Nunavut
Nunavut {prop} {m} :: Nunavut
Nunavutois {m} :: Nunavummiuq
Nunavutoise {f} :: feminine noun of Nunavutois
nuncupatif {adj} :: nuncupative
nuncupativement {adv} :: nuncupatively. orally, nominally
nunuche {adj} [colloquial] :: silly
nuptial {adj} :: nuptial
nuptialité {f} :: nuptiality
nuptialité {f} :: marriage (attributive)
nuque {f} :: nape, back of the neck
nuraghe {m} :: nuraghe (ancient megalithic structure from Sardinia)
nuraghique {adj} :: alternative form of nuragique
nuragique {adj} :: Nuragic
Nuremberg {prop} {m} :: Nuremberg
nutella {m} :: Nutella (sweet spread including hazelnut and chocolate)
Nutella {prop} {m} :: Nutella
nu-tête {adj} :: bareheaded
nutriment {m} :: nutrient (something providing nourishment)
nutritif {adj} :: nutritional
nutritif {adj} :: nutritious; nourishing
nutrition {f} :: nutrition
nutritionnel {adj} :: nutritional
nutritionnellement {adv} :: nutritiously
nutritionniste {mf} :: nutritionist (an expert or specialist in nutrition)
Nuuk {prop} :: Nuuk
n'y {contraction} :: contraction of ne + y
nyctalope {mf} :: An animal with night vision
nyctalopie {f} :: night vision (the ability for certain animals to see during the night)
nycthéméral {adj} :: nychthemeral
nycthémère {m} :: nychthemeron
nycturie {f} :: nocturia
nylon {m} :: nylon (material)
nymphal {adj} :: nymphal
nymphalidé {m} :: nymphalid
nymphe {f} :: nymph
nymphéa {m} :: waterlily
nymphée {f} :: nymphaeum
nymphette {f} :: A small nymph
nymphette {f} :: A sexually attractive adolescent girl or young woman; nymphet
nymphomane {adj} :: nymphomaniac
nymphomane {f} :: nymphomaniac
nymphomanie {f} :: nymphomania
nymphoplastie {f} :: labioplastie (labiaplasty)
nymphose {f} :: nymphosis
n'y voir que du feu {v} :: to be totally hoodwinked, not to spot a thing, to be taken in
Nzonzi {prop} :: surname