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g {letter} :: letter
G {letter} :: The seventh letter of the Spanish alphabet
gabacha {f} [Central America] :: A work shirt (usually short-sleeved and not tucked in), or a smock or apron worn by people such as kindergarten children, gardeners, doctors, physiotherapists, spa workers, chefs, or housekeepers
gabacha {f} :: feminine noun of gabacho
gabacho {adj} [geography] :: Pyrenean
gabacho {adj} :: Gallic, frenchified
gabacho {m} :: a villager from the Pyrenees
gabacho {m} [colloquial, pejorative] :: a Frenchman, a frog
gabacho {m} [colloquial, mildly pejorative, Texas] :: A white man of any nation. Originally the word for rutabaga
gabacho {m} [colloquial, pejorative, Mexico] :: foreigner, gringo
Gabaldón {prop} {m} :: surname
gabán {m} :: overcoat
gabapentina {f} [medicine] :: gabapentin
gabardina {f} :: gabardine (type of resistant cloth)
gabardina {f} :: raincoat
gabarra {f} :: barge, boat
gabela {f} :: tax
gabinete {m} :: cabinet (all senses)
gabinetito {m} :: diminutive of gabinete
gablete {m} :: gable
Gabo {prop} {m} :: A diminutive of the male given name Gabriel
Gabo {prop} {m} [colloquial] :: Colombian writer Gabriel García Márquez
Gabón {prop} :: Gabon (Gabonese Republic)
gabonés {adj} :: Gabonese
gabonés {m} :: Gabonese
Gaborone {prop} :: Gaborone (capital city)
Gabriel {prop} :: Gabriel (Archangel)
Gabriel {prop} :: given name
Gabriela {prop} {f} :: given name, feminine form of Gabriel
gabro {m} :: gabbro
gacel {m} :: male gazelle
gacela {f} :: gazelle
gacela de Thomson {f} :: Thomson's gazelle
gaceta {f} :: gazette; newspaper
gaceta {f} :: A kind of container used in cooking
gacetilla {f} :: short piece of news
gacetilla {f} :: gossip (in a newspaper)
gacetillera {f} :: feminine noun of gacetillero
gacetillero {m} :: writer of short news articles
gacha {f} :: liquid mass
gacha {f} [in the plural] :: porridge, gruel, mush
gachas {fp} [colloquial] :: mud
gachas {fp} :: porridge, gruel, mush (food comprising cracked or rolled grains cooked in water or milk)
gachas {fp} :: plural of gacha
gachí {f} :: chick; broad (woman)
gachito {adj} :: diminutive of gacho
gacho {adj} :: bent, crooked downwards
gacho {adj} [Mexico] :: bad, mean, nasty, sleazy, raunchy, gross
gacho {m} [Argentina] :: fedora hat
gachó {m} [pejorative] :: man; fellow
gachupín {m} [Mexico, offensive, derogatory] :: Spaniard
Gad {prop} :: Gad (Biblical character and tribe)
gadafista {adj} :: pro-Gadafi
gadafista {mf} :: Gadafi supporter
gadget {m} :: gadget
gaditana {f} :: feminine noun of gaditano
gaditano {adj} :: From Cádiz, Gaditanian
gaditano {m} :: Someone from Cádiz, a Gaditanian
gadolinio {m} :: gadolinium
gaélico {m} :: Any Goidelic language (Irish, Scottish Gaelic, or Manx Gaelic)
gaélico {adj} :: Gaelic (relating to the Gaels or their language)
gaélico escocés {m} :: Scottish Gaelic
gaetana {f} :: feminine noun of gaetano
gaetano {adj} :: Of or pertaining to Gaeta
gaetano {m} :: Someone from Gaeta
gafa {f} :: grapple
gafa {f} :: clamp
gafa {f} [chiefly in the plural] :: eyeglasses
gafapasta {m} :: hipster
gafapasta {m} :: nerd
gafar {v} :: to jinx, put a jinx on [a person or thing supposed to bring bad luck]
gafar {vr} :: to be jinx, be put a jinx on
gafas de sol {fp} :: sunglasses
gafe {adj} :: jinxed (bringing bad luck)
gafe {mf} :: jinx (something or someone believed to bring bad luck)
gafete {m} :: identification badge
gafotas {m} :: four-eyes; specky
gafuda {f} [pejorative] :: four eyes; specky
gafudo {m} [pejorative] :: four eyes; specky
gag {m} :: gag (joke)
gagá {adj} :: gaga
Gagauzia {prop} {f} :: Gagauzia (autonomous region)
gagauzo {adj} :: Gagauz
gagauzo {m} :: Gagauz (language)
gago {m} :: stutterer (one who stutters)
gago {adj} :: stuttering
gaguear {v} :: to stutter
gaiense {adj} :: of or pertaining to Vila Nova de Gaia, Portugal
gaiense {mf} :: native or resident of Vila Nova de Gaia, Portugal
gaita {f} [musical instruments] :: bagpipes
gaita {f} [colloquial] :: tripe, nonsense
gaita {f} :: gullet
gaita {f} [colloquial] :: gullet (neck)
gaitera {f} :: feminine noun of gaitero
gaitero {m} :: bagpiper
gaje {m} :: pay; salary
gajes del oficio {mp} [idiom] :: all in a day's work
gajes del oficio {mp} [idiom] :: occupational hazards
gajo {m} :: tree branch
gajo {m} :: slice or segment of a fruit
gajo {m} :: small cluster of grapes
gajo {m} :: tine, prong, jag
gajo {m} :: spur of mountains
gajo {m} [Argentina, botany] :: cutting
gajudo {adj} :: jagged (having jags)
gala {f} :: gala
gala {f} :: elegant dress, male clothes, specially those used in a gala
galacho {m} :: oxbow lake
galactagoga {f} :: galactagogue
galáctico {adj} :: galactic
galáctico {m} [soccer] :: A huge star signing, especially one signing for Real Madrid
galactómetro {m} :: lactometer
galactoquinasa {f} :: galactokinase
galactorrea {f} :: galactorrhea
galactosa {f} [carbohydrate] :: galactose
galactosamina {f} [organic compound] :: galactosamine
galactosemia {f} :: galactosemia
galactosiltransferasa {f} [enzyme] :: galactosyltransferase
galacturónico {adj} :: galacturonic
gálago {m} :: galago
galaica {f} :: feminine noun of galaico
galaico {adj} :: Galician
galaico {m} :: Galician (person)
galaicoportugués {m} :: Galician-Portuguese
galán {adj} :: gallant
galán {adj} [colloquial, Mexico, El Salvador] :: nice, enviable, without worries (said of a situation)
galán {m} :: an attractive young man, gallant
galán {m} :: beau
galán {m} [drama] :: protagonist
galán {adv} [colloquial, Mexico, El Salvador] :: copiously, in a great and unmeasured quantity
galán {adv} [colloquial, El Salvador] :: without worries, enjoying it [said of an enviable situation]
Galán {prop} {mf} :: surname
galana {f} :: feminine noun of galán
galanamente {adv} :: elegantly, gracefully
galano [archaic] :: smart; elegant; prim
galante {adj} :: gallant, charming
galante {adj} :: erotic
galanteador {adj} :: flirty
galanteador {m} :: flirter
galanteadora {f} :: feminine noun of galanteador
galantear {v} :: to court
galantear {v} :: to make love with
galantear {v} :: to flirt with
galantemente {adv} :: gallantly
galanteo {m} :: courtship, flirting
galantería {f} :: gallantry
galantina {f} :: galantine
galanura {f} :: prettiness, elegance
galápago {m} :: Any of several species of turtle
galápago {m} [Ecuador] :: giant tortoise
Galápagos {prop} :: Galápagos
galapagueño {adj} :: Galapagoan
galapaguito {m} :: diminutive of galápago
galardón {m} :: award, prize
galardón {m} :: reward
galardonar {v} :: to award
gálata {adj} :: Galatian
gálata {mf} :: Galatian
Gálatas {prop} {fp} [bible] :: Galatians (the book of the Bible)
galaxia {f} :: galaxy
galdosiano {adj} :: Related to, or in a style similar to Benito Pérez Galdós
galdosista {mf} :: A supporter, or expert of Benito Pérez Galdós
gálea {f} :: galea (a Roman helmet)
galeaza {f} :: galleass
galena {f} [mineral] :: galena
galénico {adj} :: Galenic
galeno {m} [Latin America] :: doc (doctor)
galeón {m} :: galleon
galeota {f} :: galliot
galeote {m} :: galley slave
galera {f} :: galley
galerada {f} :: galley proof
galería {f} :: gallery
galería {f} :: passage
galerismo {m} :: gallery art
galerista {mf} :: galerist (art gallery owner)
galerista {mf} :: art dealer
galerón {m} :: a kind of folk song from Venezuela
Gales {prop} {m} :: Wales (country)
galés {adj} :: Welsh (from or native to Wales)
galés {adj} :: Welsh (pertaining to Wales)
galés {m} :: a Welshman
galés {m} :: the Welsh language
galesa {f} :: feminine noun of galés
galga {f} :: greyhound
galgo {m} :: greyhound
galguear {v} [dialect, Central America, Mexico, Argentina] :: to be hungry
galguería {f} [colloquial] :: snack
gálgulo {m} :: azure-winged magpie (Cyanopica cyanus)
Galia {prop} {f} :: Gaul [region]
Galia Bélgica {prop} {f} [historical] :: Gallia Belgica
gálibo {m} [transport] :: An arch or similar structure used to determine the clearance of a moving vehicle (in a drive-through, a railway station, etc.)
galicano {adj} :: Gallican
Galicia {prop} {f} :: Galicia (autonomous community)
Galicia {prop} {f} :: surname
galicismo {m} :: gallicism
gálico {adj} :: Gallic
gálico {m} :: syphilis
Galilea {prop} {f} :: Galilea (region)
galileano {adj} :: Galilean
galillo {m} :: uvula
galimatías {m} :: jabber
Galindo {prop} :: surname
galio {m} :: gallium
galipanera {f} :: feminine noun of galipanero
galipanero {adj} :: Of or from San Isidro de Galipán
galipanero {m} :: Someone from San Isidro de Galipán
Galitzia {prop} :: Galitzia (historic kingdom)
galla {f} [Chile, colloquial] :: feminine noun of gallo, broad [US], chick, gal (woman)
gallada {f} :: crew; gang; (group of) people
gallarda {f} [printing, dated] :: Galliard, a size of type between miñona and breviario, standardized as 7 point
gallardamente {adv} :: gracefully
gallardamente {adv} :: nobly
gallardear {v} :: to strut about
gallardete {m} :: pennon; pennant
gallardía {f} :: gracefulness
gallardía {f} :: nobility
gallardísimo {adj} :: superlative of gallardo
gallardo {adj} :: gallant; brave; strapping; dashing
gallardo {adj} :: sleek; elegant
Gallardo {prop} :: surname
gallareta {f} :: coot
galleanista {adj} :: pro-Luigi Galleani
galleanista {mf} :: A supporter of Luigi Galleani
gallear {v} :: to show off
gallega {f} :: feminine noun of gallego
gallego {adj} :: Galician
gallego {m} :: Galician
gallego {m} [Argentina, Uruguay, pejorative, ethnic slur] :: a Spanish person
gallegohablante {adj} :: Galician-speaking
gallegohablante {mf} :: Galician speaker
Gallegos {prop} :: surname
galleguiña {f} :: feminine noun of galleguiño
galleguiño {m} :: diminutive of gallego
galleguismo {m} :: Galicianism
galleguista {adj} :: Galicianist
galleguista {mf} :: Galicianist
galleguito {m} :: diminutive of gallego
gallera {f} :: feminine noun of gallero
gallera {f} :: henhouse for gamecocks
gallera {f} :: cockfight arena
gallero {adj} [Latin America] :: enthusiastic about cockfighting
gallero {m} [Latin America] :: cockfighting enthusiast or participant
galleta {f} :: cookie / biscuit
galleta de mar {f} :: sea biscuit
galletica {f} :: diminutive of galleta
galletina {f} :: diminutive of galleta
galletita {f} :: diminutive of galleta; small cookie
gallillo {m} :: alternative form of galillo
gallina {f} :: hen
gallina {f} [colloquial] :: chicken (coward)
gallináceo {adj} :: galliform
gallináceo {adj} :: gallinaceous
gallina ciega {f} :: blind man's bluff
gallina ciega {f} :: nightjar
gallina ciega {f} :: June beetle larva
gallinaza {f} :: hen droppings (used as fertilizer)
gallinazo {m} :: vulture
gallinazo {m} :: turkey vulture
gallinejas {fp} :: chitterlings
gallinejera {f} :: feminine noun of gallinejero
gallinejero {m} :: chitterlings seller
gallinejero {m} :: chitterlings cook
gallinero {m} :: henhouse, chicken coop
gallinero {m} :: kip (very untidy house or room)
gallinero {m} :: nosebleed section
gallinero {m} :: one who treats in hens
gallineta {f} :: Any of a number of species of bird, including some coots, moorhens, rails, crakes. See Spanish Wikipedia
gallinita {f} :: diminutive of gallina
gallinita ciega {f} :: synonym of gallina ciega
gallipavo {m} :: A turkey
gallito {m} :: diminutive of gallo, little cock
gallito {m} [Venezuela, chiefly in the plural] :: popcorn
gallitos {mp} [Venezuela] :: popcorn
gallo {m} :: rooster, cock (male domestic chicken)
gallo {m} :: megrim (genus Lepidorhombus, a kind of fish)
gallo {m} :: John Dory (edible marine fish; Zeus faber or Zeus ocellata)
gallo {m} :: common poppy (Papaver rhoeas)
gallo {m} :: corn tortilla sandwich, usually filled with meat and/or beans, and other ingredients
gallo {m} [boxing] :: bantamweight (weight class ranging from 112 to 118 pounds)
gallo {m} :: voice crack (sudden, unintentional change in register, especially during puberty or while singing)
gallo {m} [Mexico] :: serenade (love song sung directly to one's love interest)
gallo {m} [Chile, colloquial] :: guy, dude
Gallo {prop} {m} :: surname
gallo de la peña {m} :: cock-of-the-rock
gallofear {v} [colloquial] :: To blag; scrounge
gallo lira {m} :: The black grouse, a type of bird
gallo pinto {m} :: alternative spelling of gallopinto
gallopinto {m} [Costa Rica, Nicaragua] :: A food made of rice and beans mixed together, and fried with onions, garlic, and sometimes other herbs
galo {adj} :: Gallic
galo {adj} [colloquial, Spain] :: French
galo {m} :: Gaulish (Celtic language)
galoitaliano {adj} :: Gallo-Italic
galón {m} :: braid
galón {m} :: gallon
galón {m} [military] :: stripe, chevron
galonear {v} :: to decorate with braids
galonera {f} [Peru] :: petrol can
galopante {adj} :: galloping
galopante {adj} :: rampant, runaway, breakneck (i.e. spiraling out of control)
galopar {vi} :: to gallop
galope {m} :: gallop, the fastest gait of a horse
galopear {v} :: To gallop
galopín {m} :: cabin boy
galorromano {adj} :: Gallo-Roman
galorromano {m} :: Gallo-Roman
galpón {m} [Latin America] :: barn, shed
galpón {m} [Latin America] :: storehouse
galpón {m} [historical, in the plural] :: slave quarters
galvánico {adj} :: galvanic
galvanización {f} :: galvanization
galvanizador {adj} :: galvanizing
galvanizar {v} :: to galvanize
galvanométrico {adj} :: galvanometric
galvanómetro {m} :: galvanometer
galvanoplastia {f} :: galvanoplasty
Gálvez {prop} :: surname
gama {f} :: color scale, palette
gama {f} :: range, array, variety, spectrum, gamut
gama {f} :: a series or line of products, items or services belonging to same category
gama {f} :: musical scale
gama {f} :: (female) fallow deer
gamado {adj} :: having the shape of an uppercase gamma
gamarrista {adj} :: of or relating to Agustín Gamarra, Peruvian soldier and politician
gamarrista {mf} :: A supporter of Agustín Gamarra
gamba {f} [Argentina, colloquial] :: leg
gamba {f} [Spain] :: shrimp
gamba {f} [Chile, colloquial] :: 100 pesos
gámbaro {m} :: lobster; shrimp
gamberra {f} :: feminine noun of gamberro
gamberrada {f} :: vandalism, mischief
gamberrada {f} :: twist, turn (unexpected outcome)
gamberrear {vi} :: to act up; cause trouble
gamberrismo {m} :: hooliganism
gamberro {adj} :: loutish, yobbish
gamberro {m} :: hooligan, yob, lout (troublemaker)
gambeta {f} [sports] :: dribbling, dribble
gambetear {v} [sports] :: to dribble
Gambia {prop} {f} :: Gambia
gambiana {f} :: feminine noun of gambiano
gambiano {adj} :: Gambian (of, from or relating to the Gambia)
gambiano {m} :: Gambian (person from the Gambia)
gambito {m} [chess] :: gambit
Gamboa {prop} {f} :: Gamboa (mountain)
Gamboa {prop} {f} :: Gamboa (village)
Gamboa {prop} {f} :: surname
gamborimbo {m} [vulgar] :: dingleberry (Mexico: a piece of excrement or dirty toilet paper stuck to the anus or the hairs of the anus)
gambusino {m} :: prospector
game {m} [tennis] :: game
gamelán {m} :: gamelan
gamello {m} :: obsolete form of camello
gameplay {m} :: gameplay
gamer {mf} :: gamer
gameto {m} [cytology] :: gamete
gametocito {m} [cytology] :: gametocyte
gametofítico {adj} :: gametophytic
gametofito {m} [biology] :: gametophyte
gametófito {m} [botany] :: gametophyte
gametogénesis {f} [biology] :: gametogenesis
gamezna {f} :: The fawn of the fallow deer
gamezno {m} :: The fawn of the fallow deer
-gamia {suffix} :: -gamy
gamificación {f} :: gamification
gamín {m} [Colombia] :: little kid
gamín {m} [Colombia, pejorative] :: street urchin
gamita {f} :: young female fallow deer
gamitana {f} :: the tambaqui (Colossoma macropomum)
gamma {f} :: gamma; the Greek letter Γ, γ
gammagrafía {f} :: scintigraphy
gamo {m} :: fallow deer
gamonal {m} :: white asphodel plantation or wood
gamonal {m} :: cacique
gamonalismo {m} :: caciquism
gamusino {m} :: An undefined fictitious animal that can only be hunted at night, often used to prank strangers or children
gamuza {f} :: chamois (goat-antelope)
gamuza {f} :: chamois (leather)
gana {f} [often, in the plural] :: desire (to do something)
ganable {adj} :: winnable
ganache {f} :: ganache
ganada {f} [Argentina] :: profit, gain, earnings
ganadera {f} :: feminine noun of ganadero
ganadería {f} :: stockbreeding, animal husbandry, livestock farming, cattle raising, ranching, cattle breeding, livestock raising
ganadería {f} :: livestock
ganadero {m} :: livestock or cattle farmer
ganado {adj} :: earned, gained, beaten
ganado {m} :: livestock, cattle
ganado {m} :: herd (group of animals)
ganado {m} :: swarm (group of bees)
ganado {m} [colloquial] :: swarm (mass of people in a turmoil)
ganador {adj} :: winning
ganador {m} :: winner
ganadora {f} :: feminine noun of ganador
ganadora {f} :: feminine noun of ganador
gañán {m} [pejorative, Spain] :: Stupid and bad-mannered rural man from the Spanish countryside; yokel, hick
gañán {m} :: farmhand
ganancia {f} :: profit
ganancia {f} :: gain
ganancia {f} :: earnings
ganancial {adj} :: related to profits
gananciales {mp} :: joint property
ganancioso {adj} :: profitable
ganancioso {adj} :: winning
gañanía {f} :: (group of) farmhands
ganapán {m} :: odd-jobber
ganapán {m} [pejorative] :: lout; brute
ganar {vt} :: to gain
ganar {vt} :: to earn
ganar {v} [sports] :: to win
ganar {vt} :: to defeat, to beat
ganar {vt} :: to reach; to attain
ganar {vr} [Chile] :: to position oneself, to situate oneself
ganar la partida {v} [idiomatic, ganarle la partida a alguien] :: to get one up (over someone)
ganar peso {v} :: to put on weight
ganar peso {v} [idiomatic] :: to gain ground
ganarse {vt} :: to earn (something) for oneself
ganarse las lentejas {v} [idiom] :: to make a living
ganarse la vida {v} [idiomatic] :: to make a living
ganarse los garbanzos {v} [idiomatic] :: to make a living
ganchera {f} :: feminine noun of ganchero
ganchero {m} :: rafter; raftsman
ganchillo {m} :: crochet, crocheting
gancho {m} [tools] :: hook, peg
gancho {m} [clothing] :: clothes hanger
gancho {m} :: difficult situation
gancho {m} [boxing] :: hook
gancho {m} [boxing] :: uppercut
gancho {m} :: pulling power
gancho {m} :: attracting object or argument (true or fraudulent)
gancho al mentón {f} [boxing] :: uppercut
ganchoso {adj} :: hooked
ganchudo {adj} :: hooked, hooklike
gandhismo {m} :: Gandhism
gandola {f} [Latin America] :: articulated lorry
gandujar {vt} :: to pleat
gandujar {vt} :: to shirr
gandul {adj} :: loafing, lazy
gandul {mf} :: loafer, idler
gandul {mf} [Puerto Rico] :: pigeon pea
gandula {f} :: feminine noun of gandul
gandulear {v} :: to loaf
gandulear {v} :: to idle
gang {m} :: gang
ganga {f} :: sandgrouse (bird of the family Pteroclididae)
ganga {f} :: bargain (advantageous purchase)
ganga {f} [Puerto Rico] :: gang
ganga {f} :: gangue
Ganges {prop} {m} :: Ganges (the sacred river)
ganglio {m} [anatomy] :: ganglion
ganglio basal {m} :: basal ganglion
ganglio linfático {m} [anatomy] :: lymph node
ganglionar {adj} :: ganglial
gangliósido {m} :: ganglioside
gangoso {adj} :: nasal
gangoso {adj} :: That speaks nasally
gangrena {f} :: gangrene
gangrenar {vt} :: to gangrene
gangrenoso {adj} :: gangrenous
gangster {m} :: alternative spelling of gángster
gángster {m} :: gangster
gangsteril {adj} :: gangsterlike
gangsterismo {m} :: gangsterism
Gangtok {prop} :: Gangtok (capital)
ganguear {v} :: to speak nasally
gangueo {m} :: A nasal voice
ganguera {f} :: feminine noun of ganguero
ganguero {adj} :: That searches for good deals
ganguero {m} :: Bargain hunter
gañido {m} :: yip, yelp, yap
Ganimedes {prop} {m} [Greek god] :: Ganymede
Ganimedes {prop} {m} [astronomy] :: Ganymede (satellite of Jupiter)
Ganímedes {prop} {m} :: alternative form of Ganimedes
gañir {v} :: to yelp
gañir {v} :: to caw
ganitas {fp} :: diminutive of ganas
gañivete {m} [obsolete] :: penknife
ganosamente {adv} [rare] :: desiringly
ganoso {adj} :: eager; willful
ganoso {adj} [Colombia, Mexico] :: sexually aroused
gañote {m} :: throat
gañote {m} [Venezuela] :: loud voice
gansa {f} :: feminine noun of ganso
gansada {f} :: stupid action
gansada {f} :: carp; joke
ganso {adj} :: stupid, slow-witted
ganso {m} :: goose, gander
ganso {m} :: idiot, fool (stupid or slow-witted person)
ganso bravo {m} :: greylag goose
ganso común {m} :: wild goose (Ansar ansar)
ganso de Magallanes {m} :: upland goose
ganso overo {m} :: magpie-goose
ganso urraco {m} :: magpie-goose
gánster {m} :: alternative form of gángster
gansteril {adj} :: gangsterlike
ganta {f} [Philippines, historical] :: a ganta
Gante {prop} {m} :: Gante (city)
ganzúa {f} :: lock pick (device)
ganzúa {f} :: lock pick (person)
gaonera {f} [bullfighting] :: a move in which the bullfighter holds the cape behind himself to represent wings, calls the bull to charge him, and then passes the bull through one side of the cape
gapo {m} [colloquial, Spain] :: spittle
Gara {prop} {f} :: A legendary Guanche woman from the island of La Gomera
Gara {prop} {f} :: given name from the Canary Islands
garabatear {v} :: to scribble
garabato {m} :: doodle, scribble (small mindless sketch)
garabato {m} :: swearword
garabato {m} :: A type of hook
garabato {m} :: A type of hoe
garage {m} :: garage (music genre)
garaje {m} :: garage (domestic storage for a car or motor repair facility)
garaje {m} :: garage (car repair shop)
Garalde {prop} :: surname
garamanta {adj} :: alternative spelling of garamante
garamanta {mf} :: alternative spelling of garamante
garamante {adj} :: Garamantian
garamante {mf} :: Garamantian
garañón {m} :: an ass, camel, or horse that is a stud
garañón {m} :: a machoman; a sexually successful and virile man
garañón {m} :: a goat chosen to become a sire
garante {mf} :: guarantor
garantía {f} :: guarantee
garantir {v} [rare] :: to guarantee
garantismo {m} [legal] :: The guarantee of civil liberties
garantista {adj} :: respectful of civil liberties
garantista {adj} :: with guarantes
garantista {mf} :: advocate of civil liberties
garantista {mf} :: with guarantes
garantizado {adj} :: guaranteed, secured
garantizar {v} :: to guarantee
garapiña {f} :: frozen particles (of certain liquids)
garapiña {f} :: frozen cream
garapiña {f} :: scalloped galloon (type of braid, a lace trim with scallops)
garapiña {f} [Caribbean, Mexico] :: drink made with fermented pineapple juice
garapiñada {f} :: sugared almond
garapiñar {vt} :: to coat with sugar
garata {f} [Latin America] :: fight, brawl
Garay {prop} :: surname
garbanzo {m} :: chickpea; garbanzo (plant, seed)
garbanzo {m} [figurative] :: bottom dollar, dosh
garbanzo negro {m} [idiomatic] :: black sheep
garbar {v} [agriculture] :: to sheave, form sheaves of grain and gather them up
garbeo {m} :: stroll, wander
garbo {m} :: grace
garbo {m} :: style
garbosamente {adv} :: gracefully
garbosamente {adv} :: stylishly
garboso {adj} :: jaunty, airy
garboso {adj} :: magnanimous, generous
Garca {prop} :: surname
garceta {f} :: egret
garceta grande {f} :: great egret
garchar {v} [vulgar, Argentina] :: to fuck
Garchitorena {prop} :: surname
García {prop} :: surname
garciamarquiano {adj} :: Marquezian, of or pertaining to Gabriel García Márquez (1927–2014), Colombian author, or to his style of writing
garcíamarquiano {adj} :: alternative spelling of garciamarquiano
garcilasiano {adj} :: Of or relating to Garcilaso de la Vega, 16th century Spanish poet and soldier
garcilasismo {m} :: Garcialisismo
garcilla {f} :: Any of a number of species of heron or egret
garcilla bueyera {f} :: cattle egret
garcita {f} :: Any of a number of small herons
gardeliano {adj} :: In the style of Carlos Gardel, tango musician
gardenia {f} :: gardenia
garduña {f} :: beech marten
garduño {m} :: thief
garete {m} :: only used in irse al garete
garfa {f} [archaic] :: claw
garfio {m} :: hook
garfio {m} :: gaff
gargajo {m} :: phlegm
garganega {m} :: Garganega
garganta {f} [anatomy] :: throat
garganta profunda {f} :: deepthroating
gargantilla {f} :: choker (necklace)
gárgara {f} :: gargle
gargarismo {m} :: gargle
gargarismo {m} :: gargling solution
gargarizar {v} :: to gargle
gárgola {f} :: gargoyle
garibaldina {f} :: A type of military cloak popularised by Giuseppe Garibaldi
garibaldino {adj} :: Garibaldian
garibaldino {m} :: Garibaldian
garífuna {adj} :: Garifuna
garífuna {mf} :: Garifuna
garita {f} :: watchtower, guard post
garita {f} :: hut, cabin, lodge
garito {m} :: gambling den, gambling house (especially an illicit one)
garito {m} [colloquial, jocular] :: club, nightclub
garitón {m} :: augmentative of garita
garlar {v} :: To waffle; to talk nonstop
garlopa {f} :: jack plane
garnacha {f} :: grenache
garnacha {f} [historical] :: A type of clerical collar
garnacha {f} :: A type of food made from corn tortilla (not rolled up) filled with various ingredients
garnatí {adj} :: Granadan
garnatí {mf} :: Granadan
garompa {f} [Argentina] :: cock; dick
garpar {vt} [Argentina, Chile, backslang, vesre] :: to cough up; pay for
garra {f} :: claw, talon
garra {f} :: paw
garra {f} [figuratively] :: clutches
garra {f} :: hook
garra {f} [figuratively] :: passion, dedication, effort or audacity someone shows in action
garrafa {f} :: carafe
garrafal {adj} [of an error] :: huge, colossal, glaring
garrafina {f} :: A four-player variant of dominoes
garrafina {f} :: A round of this game
garrafón {m} :: demijohn
garrafón {m} :: tampered drink
garrapata {f} :: tick (parasitic arachnid)
garrapatear {v} :: to scrawl, scribble
garrapateo {m} :: scribble
garrapatero {m} :: ani (bird)
garrapato {m} :: scribble; doodle
garrapiñada {f} :: alternative form of garapiñada
garrapiñar {v} :: alternative form of garapiñar
garridamente {adv} :: beautifully
garridamente {adv} :: gracefully
gárrido {adj} :: garish
garriga {f} :: garrigue
garrobo {m} [Central America] :: caiman
garrobo {m} [Central America] :: iguana
garrocha {f} :: pole (used in pole vault)
garrocha {f} :: goad
garrochista {mf} :: pole vaulter
garronear {vi} [Argentina, Uruguay] :: to mooch off of others
garrotazo {m} :: hit with a stick
garrotazo {m} [colloquial, Latin America] :: rip-off/ripoff, overcharge (an unfair or exorbitant price or rate)
garrote {m} :: garrote
garrote {m} :: club, cudgel
garroteada {f} [Latin American] :: clubbing, beating, cudgeling
garrotear {v} [Latin America] :: to cudgel, club
garrotera {f} :: feminine noun of garrotero
garrotería {f} :: clubbery (club shop or factory)
garrotería {f} [Honduras] :: nerdiness, nerdism
garrotería {f} [Cuba] :: usury
garrotero {m} :: brakeman
garrotillo {m} :: diphtheria
garrucha {f} :: pulley
garrulidad {f} :: garrulity
garrulo {adj} :: loutish; brutish
gárrulo {adj} :: garrulous
garúa {f} [Latin America] :: drizzle (very light rain)
garúa {f} :: garua (a very fine mist or drizzle that visits the Andean region, especially Ecuador and Peru)
garza {f} :: heron
Garza {prop} :: surname
garza azulada {f} :: great blue heron
garza blanca {f} :: great egret
garza bruja {f} :: black-crowned night heron
garza ceniza {f} :: great blue heron
garza imperial {f} :: purple heron
garza real {f} :: grey heron
garzo {adj} [literary] :: blue-eyed
garzón {m} :: waiter
garzón {m} :: young man, boy
garzonier {m} [especially Bolivia] :: flat for one person; bachelor pad
gas {m} :: gas (matter between liquid and plasma)
gas {m} :: gas (an element or compound in such a state)
gas {m} :: gas (flammable gas used for combustion)
gas {m} [in the plural] :: gas (waste gases trapped in one's belly)
gasa {f} :: gauze
gasa {f} :: chiffon
gascón {m} :: Gascon
Gascón {prop} :: surname
gascona {f} :: feminine noun of gascón
Gascuña {prop} {f} :: Gascuña (former region)
gaseamiento {m} :: gassing
gasear {v} :: to gas
gaseoducto {m} :: alternative form of gasoducto
gaseosa {f} [El Salvador, Spain] :: soda pop (US), soda (US), pop (US), fizzy drink (UK), soft drink (Aus)
gaseoso {adj} :: gaseous
gaseoso {adj} :: gassy
gasero {adj} [attributive] :: gas
gasfitera {f} :: feminine noun of gasfitero
gasfitería {f} :: plumbing
gasfitero {m} [Peru, Ecuador] :: plumber
gas hilarante {m} :: laughing gas
gasífero {adj} :: gas-producing
gasificación {f} :: gasification
gasificar {v} :: to gasify
gas inerte {m} :: inert gas
gasista {adj} [attributive] :: gas
gasista {mf} :: gas mechanic or engineer
gasístico {adj} [attributive] :: gas
gas lacrimógeno {m} :: tear gas
gas mostaza {m} :: mustard gas
gas natural {m} :: natural gas
gas nervioso {m} :: nerve gas
gas noble {m} :: noble gas
gasoducto {m} :: gas pipeline
gasógeno {m} :: wood gas
gasohol {m} :: gasohol
gasoil {m} :: diesel fuel
gasóleo {m} :: diesel fuel
gasolina {f} :: petrol / gasoline
gasolinazo {m} [Mexico, Venezuela] :: gasoline price gouge (artificial rise in prices)
gasolinera {f} :: petrol station, garage, filling station, gas station, service station
gasolinería {f} [Mexico] :: petrol station, garage, filling station, gas station, service station
gasolinero {m} :: pump attendant; petrol station worker; someone who works in a gas station
gasolinero {m} :: petrol can
gasolinero {m} :: petrol station; gas station
gasolinero {m} :: petrol-powered boat
gasometría {f} :: gasometry
gasómetro {m} :: gasometer; gasholder
gastable {adj} :: expendable, disposable
gastado {adj} :: hackneyed
gastado {adj} :: used up
gastado {adj} :: worn out
gastador {adj} :: spendthrift
gastador {m} :: big spender
gastador {m} [military] :: sapper
gastadora {f} :: feminine noun of gastador
gastamiento {m} :: spending, consumption
gastamiento {m} :: waste
gastar {vtr} :: to spend (money, time, resources)
gastar {vtr} :: to wear, wear out (deteriorate by using)
gastar {vt} :: to use up, to expend, to consume (energy, water etc.)
gastar {vt} :: to play (jokes)
gastar {vt} :: to have or wear
gastar {vt} :: to waste (e.g. gas, money, energy, one's breath)
gastarse {v} :: reflexive of gastar
gasteiztarra {adj} :: Of, from, or relating to Vitoria, Basque Country
gasteiztarra {mf} :: Someone from Vitoria
gasterópodo {m} :: gastropod
gastito {m} :: diminutive of gasto
gasto {m} :: expenditure, cost
gasto {m} :: spending, expense
gasto cardíaco {m} :: cardiac output
gastos generales {mp} :: overheads
gastrectomía {f} [surgery] :: gastrectomy
gástrico {adj} :: gastric
gastrina {f} [organic compound] :: gastrin
gastritis {f} [pathology] :: gastritis
gastro- {prefix} :: gastro-
gastrobar {m} :: gastropub
gastrocnemio {m} [muscle] :: gastrocnemius
gastrodiccionario {m} :: dictionary of food terms
gastroduodenal {adj} [anatomy] :: gastroduodenal
gastroenteritis {f} [pathology] :: gastroenteritis
gastroenteróloga {f} :: feminine noun of gastroenterólogo
gastroenterología {f} [anatomy, biology, science] :: gastroenterology
gastroenterólogo {m} :: gastroenterologist
gastroepiploico {adj} [anatomy] :: gastroepiploic
gastroesofágico {adj} :: gastroesophageal
gastroesplénico {adj} [anatomy] :: gastrosplenic
gastrofrénico {adj} [anatomy] :: gastrophrenic
gastrointestinal {adj} :: gastrointestinal
gastrolito {m} :: gastrolith
gastromancia {f} :: gastromancy
gastroneta {f} :: food truck
gastrónoma {f} :: feminine noun of gastrónomo
gastronomía {f} :: gastronomy
gastronómicamente {adv} :: gastronomically
gastronómico {adj} :: gastronomic, gastronomical
gastrónomo {m} :: gastronome; gourmet (a person who appreciates good food)
gastrópodo {m} :: alternative form of gasterópodo
gastroscopia {f} [medicine] :: esophagogastroduodenoscopy, EGD
gastrosplénico {adj} :: alternative form of gastroesplénico
gastrosquisis {f} :: gastroschisis
gastrostomía {f} [surgery] :: gastrostomy
gastrotrico {m} [zoology] :: gastrotrich
gastrulación {f} :: gastrulation
gata {f} :: female cat
gata {f} :: car-jack, jack
gatazo {m} :: Huge cat
gateamiento {m} :: crawling, creeping
gatear {v} :: to crawl (on hands and knees like a baby or toddler)
gatear {v} :: to walk like a cat
gatera {f} :: cat flap (small hinged panel cut into a door where a cat can come in)
gatera {f} [nautical] :: fairlead
gatico {m} :: diminutive of gato, kitten (little cat)
gatillar {v} [Argentina, colloquial] :: to shell out, fork out (pay)
gatillar {vt} :: to trigger
gatillazo {m} :: Recoil of a trigger
gatillazo {m} [colloquial] :: Inability to get it up; floppiness (said of a man who loses his erection at the moment of coitus)
gatillero {m} :: gunman
gatillo {m} :: trigger [of a gun]
gatita {f} :: feminine noun of gatito
gatito {m} :: diminutive of gato
gatito {m} :: kitten (young cat)
gato {m} :: cat (unspecified gender)
gato {m} :: tomcat (male cat)
gato {m} [Mexico] :: servant
gato {m} :: G-clamp, C-clamp
gato {m} :: jack (mechanical device)
gato {m} [Mexico] :: tic-tac-toe
gato {m} [colloquial] :: Madrilenian (a person from Madrid)
gato atigrado {m} :: tabby cat
gato colorado {m} :: kodkod
gato de Borneo {m} :: bay cat; Bornean cat
Gato de Cheshire {prop} {m} :: Cheshire cat (fictional character)
gato del desierto {m} :: sand cat
gato escaldado del agua fría huye {proverb} :: once bitten, twice shy
gato montés {m} :: wildcat (Felis silvestris)
gato montés {m} :: bobcat (Lynx rufus)
gato montés {m} [southern Mexico] :: gray fox (Urocyon cinereoargenteus)
gatopardiano {adj} :: Of or pertaining to The Leopard, a novel written by Giuseppe Tomasi di Lampedusa
gatopardismo {m} [politics, derogatory] :: The political philosophy or strategy of advocating for revolutionary changes, but in practice only superficially modifying existing power structures
gatopardo {m} :: snow leopard
gato solo {m} [Panama] :: a solitary adult male white-nosed coati (Nasua narica)
Gatúbela {prop} {f} :: Catwoman
gatuno {adj} :: catlike
gatuno {adj} [attributive] :: cat
gauchesco {adj} :: gauchesque
gauchismo {m} :: The gauchesque literary movement
gauchito {m} :: diminutive of gaucho
gaucho {adj} :: possessing traditional, especially Argentine, cowboy virtues; noble, valiant, generous
gaucho {adj} [South America, colloquial] :: helpful
gaucho {m} [Argentina] :: cowboy
gaudiano {adj} :: Of or relating to Antoni Gaudí
gaudiniano {adj} :: Of or pertaining to Antoni Gaudí, Spanish architect
gauilan {m} :: obsolete spelling of gavilán
gaullista {mf} :: Gaullist
gaulteria {f} :: teaberry
gaussiano {adj} :: Gaussian
gaveta {f} :: A drawer
gavetero {m} :: chest of drawers
gavia {f} [nautical] :: topsail
gavial {m} :: gavial, gharial
gavilán {m} :: sparrow hawk
gavilán {m} :: nib of a pen
gavilán {m} [Latin America] :: ingrown toenail
Gavilán {prop} {m} :: surname
gavilán herrumbroso {m} :: ferruginous hawk
gavilán pescador {m} :: osprey (Pandion haliaetus)
gavilla {f} :: sheaf
gavilla {f} :: mob
gavilla {f} [heraldiccharge] :: garb
Gaviola {prop} :: surname, a rare Hispanic surname
gavión {m} :: gabion
gaviota {f} :: gull, seagull
gaviota cocinera {f} :: kelp gull
gaviota dominicana {f} :: kelp gull
gaviota reidora {f} :: The black-headed gull. A seabird
gaviotín {m} :: tern (any of a number of tern species, or similar species)
gaviotín negro {m} :: The black tern. A seabird
gay {adj} :: gay, homosexual
gay {mf} :: a homosexual person, gay person
gayar {v} :: to decorate with coloured stripes
gayo {m} :: Eurasian jay, jay (Garrulus glandarius)
Gayo {prop} {m} :: Gaius
gayola {f} [dated] :: cage
gayola {f} [colloquial] :: clink (prison)
gayola {f} [colloquial] :: handjob, wank
gayumbos {mp} [colloquial, Spain] :: underpants, pants
gaza {f} :: eye splice
Gaza {prop} :: Gaza (city)
gazapa {f} :: feminine noun of gazapo
gazapatón {m} :: blunder; slip-up; cock-up
gazapo {m} :: bunny, young rabbit
gazapo {m} :: misprint, error
gazapo {m} :: gaffe, blooper, error
gazapón {m} :: augmentative of gazapo
gazatí {adj} :: Gazan
gazebo {m} :: gazebo
gazeta {f} :: obsolete spelling of gaceta: newspaper
gazmoñería {f} :: prudery, sanctimony
gazmoño {adj} :: prudish, sanctimonious
gaznápira {f} :: feminine noun of gaznápiro
gaznápiro {m} :: simpleton, yokel, dolt
gaznate {m} :: gullet, throat
gaznávida {adj} :: Ghaznavid
gaznávida {mf} :: Ghaznavid
gazpacho {m} :: gazpacho
gazuza {f} [colloquial] :: intense hunger; famishment
GB {prop} {f} :: acronym of Geroa Bai
GC {m} [medicine] :: initialism of gasto cardíaco
Gdansk {prop} {m} :: Gdansk (capital city)
ge {f} :: letter: g
ge {pron} :: obsolete form of se (as a dative pronoun)
Gea {prop} {f} [Greek mythology] :: Gaea (Earth goddess)
geco {m} :: gecko
geek {mf} :: geek
gefatura {f} :: obsolete spelling of jefatura
gefe {m} :: obsolete spelling of jefe
gefilte {adj} :: gefilte
Gehena {prop} {f} :: Gehenna (one of various hells in Abrahamic religions)
géiser {m} :: geyser
geisha {f} :: geisha
gel {m} :: gel (semi-solid colloid of a solid and a liquid)
gel {m} :: gel (cosmetic gel, especially body wash)
gelada {m} :: gelada (monkey)
Gelasiano {prop} {m} :: Gelasian
Gelasiense {prop} {m} :: Gelasian
gelatería {f} :: gelateria (gelato shop)
gelatina {f} :: gelatine
gelatinizar {v} [rare] :: to gelatinize
gelatinoso {adj} :: gelatinous (jelly-like)
gelidez {f} :: coldness, iciness
gélido {adj} :: gelid, frosty [temperature]
gélido {adj} :: distant [of a person]
gelificante {m} :: gelling agent
gelificarse {v} :: to gel
gelignita {f} :: gelignite
geliofobia {f} :: geliophobia
gelsolina {f} [protein] :: gelsolin
gema {f} :: gem
gema {f} [botany] :: bud, shoot
Gema {prop} {f} :: given name
gemación {f} :: gemmation, budding
gemcitabina {f} [pharmaceutical drug] :: gemcitabine
gemebundo {adj} :: groaning, moaning, wailing
gemela {f} :: (female) twin
gemela {f} [heraldiccharge] :: gemel
gemelar {adj} :: of twins
gemelaridad {f} :: multiple birth
gemelo {adj} :: twin
gemelo {m} :: twin; identical twin
gemelo {m} :: calf (leg)
gemelo {m} :: cuff link, cufflink
gemelo {m} [in plural] :: binoculars
gemido {m} :: moan, groan
gemidor {adj} :: groaning, moaning, wailing
geminación {f} :: gemination
geminar {v} :: to geminate
Géminis {prop} [astrology] :: Gemini (astrological sign)
gemir {v} :: to groan, to moan, to wail
gemóloga {f} :: gemologist
gemólogo {m} :: gemologist
gen {m} :: gene
gén. {m} :: abbreviation of género
Genaro {prop} {m} :: given name
genciana {f} :: gentian
gendarme {m} [police] :: policeman (armed)
gendarmería {f} :: gendarmerie
gene {m} :: gene
genealogía {f} :: genealogy
genealógicamente {adv} :: genealogically
genealógico {adj} :: genealogical
genealogista {mf} :: genealogist
generación {f} :: generation
generacional {adj} :: generational
generacionalmente {adv} :: generationally
generador {adj} :: generating (that generates)
generador {m} :: generator
general {adj} :: general
general {m} [military ranks] :: general
generala {f} :: feminine noun of general
generalato {m} :: generalship
generaleño {m} :: Someone from San Isidro de El General
generalidad {f} :: a generalization, a generality, an unspecific or vague statement
generalidad {f} :: the general mass of people; the majority
generalidad {f} :: generalness; non-specificness
generalísimo {m} :: generalissimo
Generalísimo {prop} {m} :: The official title of Francisco Franco, Spanish dictator between 1939 and 1975
generalismo {m} :: generalism
generalista {adj} :: general; of general interest
generalitat {f} :: alternative form of Generalitat
generalizable {adj} :: generalizable
generalización {f} :: generalization
generalizadamente {adv} :: generally speaking; generally
generalizar {v} :: to generalize
generalmente {adv} :: generally, normally
generalote {m} :: augmentative of general
generar {v} :: to generate, to create, to produce, to cause
generar {v} [figurative] :: to engender, to breed
generativista {adj} :: generative
generativo {adj} :: generative
generatriz {f} :: generatrix
genéricamente {adv} :: generically
genérico {adj} :: generic
géneris {particle} :: only used in sui géneris
género {m} [classification] :: kind
género {m} [music, cinema, theatre, TV, literature] :: genre
género {m} [taxonomy] :: genus
género {m} [biology] :: gender, sex
género {m} [grammar] :: gender
género {m} :: produce, merchandise
género {m} [clothing] :: cloth, material (woven fabric)
género humano {m} :: humankind, mankind, humanity
generosamente {adv} :: generously
generosidad {f} :: generosity
generosísimo {adj} :: superlative of generoso
generoso {adj} :: generous
-génesis {suffix} :: -genesis
génesis {f} :: genesis
Génesis {prop} {m} [bible] :: Genesis (the book of the Bible)
genética {f} :: genetics
genéticamente {adv} :: genetically
genético {adj} :: genetic
genetista {mf} :: geneticist
Gengis {prop} {m} :: Genghis
Gengis Kan {prop} {m} :: Genghis Khan
genial {adj} :: splendid, gorgeous
genial {adj} :: ingenious
genial {adj} :: genial, pleasant
genial {adj} :: great, cool, neat
genialidad {f} :: ingeniousness, ingenuity
genialmente {adv} :: ingeniously
genialmente {adv} :: genially
genialoide {mf} :: eccentric or superficial genius
genialoide {n} :: (often ironic) Demonstrative of an eccentric or superficial genius
geniazo {m} :: stroke of genius
geniazo {m} :: augmentative of genio
génico {adj} :: genic
geniculado {adj} [anatomy, botany] :: geniculate (bent abruptly)
geniecillo {m} :: diminutive of genio
geniecito {m} :: diminutive of genio
genio {m} :: temper, mood
genio {m} :: genius
genio {m} [folklore, mythology, fantasy] :: jinn, genie
geniogloso {m} :: genioglossus
geniohioideo {m} :: geniohyoid
genio y figura hasta la sepultura {proverb} :: a leopard cannot change its spots
genista {f} :: broom (plant)
genista {f} :: genista (plant)
genital {adj} :: genital
genital {m} [Usually plural] :: genital
genitalidad {f} :: genitalia
genitivo {adj} [grammar] :: genitive (of or pertaining to the case of possession)
genitivo {m} [grammar] :: genitive case
genito- {prefix} :: genito-
genitofemoral {adj} [anatomy] :: genitofemoral
genitourinario {adj} [anatomy] :: genitourinary
geniudo {adj} :: bad-tempered, stroppy
geniudo {m} :: bad-tempered person
-geno {suffix} :: -genic, -genous [scientific adjectives]
-geno {suffix} :: -gen [scientific nouns]
genocida {mf} :: genocider
genocidio {m} :: genocide
genol {m} [nautical] :: futtock
genoma {m} :: genome (complete genetic information of an organism)
genómica {f} :: genomics
genómico {adj} :: genomic
genotipar {vt} :: to genotype
genotípico {adj} :: genotypic
genotipificación {f} :: genotypification
genotipo {m} [genetics] :: genotype
genotoxicidad {f} :: genotoxicity
génova {f} [nautical] :: genoa
Génova {prop} {f} :: Génova (city)
genovés {adj} :: Genoese
genovés {m} :: Genoese (person)
genovés {m} :: Genoese (dialect)
genovesa {f} :: feminine noun of genovés
gentamicina {f} [pharmaceutical drug] :: gentamicin
gente {f} :: people
gentecilla {f} [pejorative] :: The proletariat
gentil {adj} :: kind, nice
gentil {adj} :: gentile (non-Jewish)
gentil {mf} :: gentile (non-Jew)
gentileza {f} :: kindness, courtesy
gentilhombre {m} :: gentleman
gentilicio {m} :: demonym
gentilidad {f} :: paganism
gentilísimo {adj} :: superlative of gentil
gentiliza {f} :: nonstandard form of gentileza
gentilmente {adv} :: kindly
gentío {m} :: throng, crowd
gentleman {m} :: British gentleman
gentrificación {f} :: gentrification
gentrificar {v} :: to gentrify
gentualla {f} :: despicable person, lowlife, rabble
gentuza {f} [pejorative] :: rabble, riffraff, the common people
genuflexión {f} :: genuflection
genuflexo {adj} :: genuflected
genuinamente {adv} :: genuinely
genuino {adj} :: genuine, sincere
geo- {prefix} :: geo-
geo {mf} :: a member of the Grupo Especial de Operaciones
Geo {prop} {f} :: given name
geoarqueología {f} :: geoarchaeology
geobloquear {v} :: to geo-block
geobloqueo {m} [computing, internet] :: geoblocking, geo-blocking
geobotánica {f} :: geobotany
geobotánico {adj} :: geobotanic, phytogeographical
geocéntrico {adj} :: geocentric
geocentrismo {m} :: geocentrism
geociencia {f} :: geoscience
geoclimático {adj} :: geoclimatic
geocronología {f} :: geochronology
geocronológico {adj} :: geochronological
geocronólogo {m} :: geochronologist
geocultural {adj} :: geocultural
geoda {f} :: geode
geodesia {f} :: geodesy
geodésico {adj} :: geodetic
geodesta {mf} :: geodesist
geodinámica {f} :: geodynamics
geoeconómico {adj} :: geoeconomic
geoespacial {adj} :: geospatial
geoestacionario {adj} :: geostationary
geoestadística {f} :: geostatistics
geoestratégico {adj} :: geostrategic
geófago {adj} :: geophagous; earth-eating
geofísica {f} :: geophysics
geofísica {f} :: feminine noun of geofísico
geofísico {adj} :: geophysical
geofísico {m} :: geophysicist
geoforma {f} :: geoformation
geogenia {f} :: geogeny
geoglifo {m} :: geoglyph (large-scale drawing made on the ground)
geognosía {f} [obsolete] :: geognosy
geógrafa {f} :: feminine noun of geógrafo
geografía {f} :: geography
geográficamente {adv} :: geographically
geográfico {adj} :: geographic
geógrafo {m} :: geographer (a specialist in geography)
geoide {m} :: geoid
geoingeniería {f} :: geoengineering
geolocalización {f} :: geolocation
geolocalizador {m} :: geolocator
geolocalizar {v} :: to geolocate
geóloga {f} :: feminine noun of geólogo
geología {f} :: geology (the study of earth and land)
geológicamente {adv} :: geologically
geológico {adj} :: geologic (relating to geology)
geólogo {m} :: geologist
geomagnético {adj} :: geomagnetic
geomancia {f} :: geomancy
geomecánica {f} :: geomechanics
geomembrana {f} :: geomembrane
geómetra {mf} :: geometer
geometría {f} :: geometry (branch of mathematics)
geometría algebraica {f} [mathematics] :: algebraic geometry (branch of mathematics that studies solutions of systems of algebraic equations using both algebra and geometry)
geometría analítica {f} :: analytic geometry
geometría euclidiana {f} :: Euclidean geometry
geometría plana {f} :: plane geometry
geometría tropical {f} [mathematics] :: tropical geometry
geométricamente {adv} :: geometrically
geométrico {adj} :: geometric
geometrismo {m} [art] :: geometrism; a focus on geometric forms in visual art or the various movements, especially in Mexico, that have supported it
geometrización {f} :: geometrization
geomórfico {adj} :: geomorphic
geomorfología {f} :: geomorphology
geomorfológicamente {adv} :: geomorphologically
geomorfológico {adj} :: geomorphological
geón {m} :: geon
geonemia {f} :: geonymy
geoparque {m} :: geopark
geopolítica {f} :: geopolitics (the study of the effects of geography on international politics)
geopolíticamente {adv} :: geopolitically
geopolítico {adj} :: geopolitical
geoponía {f} :: geoponics
geopónica {f} :: geoponics
geoposicionamiento {m} :: geopositioning
geoquímica {f} [uncountable] :: geochemistry (branch of chemistry that deals with the chemical composition of the Earth)
geoquímica {f} :: feminine noun of geoquímico
geoquímico {adj} :: geochemical
geoquímico {m} :: geochemist
georeferenciar {v} :: to georeference
Georgetown {prop} :: Georgetown (capital city)
Georgia {prop} {f} :: Georgia (country)
Georgia {prop} {f} :: Georgia (state)
georgiana {f} :: feminine noun of georgiano
georgiano {adj} :: Georgian [all senses]
georgiano {m} :: Georgian [all senses]
georgiano {prop} {m} :: Georgian (language)
geórgico {adj} [formal] :: agricultural
georradar {m} :: GPR (ground-penetrating radar)
georreferenciación {f} :: georeferencing
georreferenciar {v} :: to georeference
georregión {f} :: georegion
geosinclinal {adj} :: geosynclinal
geosíncrono {adj} :: geosynchronous
geosmina {f} [organic compound] :: geosmin
geostrófico {adj} :: geostrophic
geotécnica {f} :: feminine noun of geotécnico
geotécnico {adj} :: geotechnical
geotécnico {m} :: geotechnical engineer
geotermal {adj} :: geothermal
geotermia {f} :: geothermal science and technology
geotérmico {adj} :: geothermal
geotextil {m} :: geotextile
geotropismo {m} [biology] :: geotropism
gépido {m} :: Gepid
Geraldo {prop} {m} :: Gerald
geranio {m} :: geranium, pelargonium
geranio {m} :: geranium, cranesbill
geraniol {m} [organic compound] :: geraniol
Gerardo {prop} {m} :: given name
gerbera {f} :: gerbera
gerencia {f} :: management
gerenciador {m} :: manager
gerencial {adj} :: managerial; of or relating to management
gerenciamiento {m} :: management
gerenciar {v} :: to manage
gerenta {f} :: feminine noun of gerente
gerente {mf} :: manager
geriatra {mf} :: geriatrician
geriatría {f} :: geriatrics
geriátrico {adj} :: geriatric
geriátrico {m} :: nursing home, rest home
gerifalte {m} :: gyrfalcon, Falco rusticolus
gerifalte {m} :: bigwig; big cheese
gerigonza {f} :: alternative form of jerigonza
Germán {prop} {m} :: given name, in Spanish speaking countries
germana {f} :: feminine noun of germano
Germania {prop} {f} [historical] :: Germania
germanía {f} :: guild
germanía {f} :: argot, jargon
germánicamente {adv} :: Germanically
germánico {adj} :: Germanic
germanio {m} :: germanium
germanista {mf} :: Germanist
germanística {f} :: German studies
germanístico {adj} :: German
germanización {f} :: Germanization
germanizar {v} :: to Germanize
germano {adj} :: Germanic, German
germano {m} :: German
germanófilo {adj} :: Germanophile
germanófilo {m} :: Germanophile
germanófona {f} :: feminine noun of germanófono
germanófono {adj} :: German-speaking
germanófono {m} :: Germanophone
germanohablante {adj} :: German-speaking
germanohablante {mf} :: German speaker
germanoparlante {adj} :: German-speaking
germanoparlante {mf} :: German speaker
germen {m} :: germen
germen {m} :: microbe, microorganism
germicida {adj} :: germicidal
germicida {m} :: germicide
germinación {f} :: germination
germinal {adj} :: germinal
germinal {m} :: Germinal
germinar {v} :: to germinate
germinativo {adj} :: germinative
germoplasma {m} :: germ plasm
gernikés {adj} :: Of, from, or relating to Gernika
gernikés {m} :: Someone from Gernika
gernikesa {f} :: feminine noun of gernikés
Gerona {prop} :: Gerona (province)
Gerona {prop} :: Gerona (city)
Gerona {prop} :: The letter G in the Spanish phonetic alphabet
Gerónimo {prop} {m} :: alternative spelling of Jerónimo
geronte {mf} [historical] :: Member of the Gerousia
geronto- {prefix} :: geronto-
gerontocracia {f} :: gerontocracy
gerontofilia {f} :: gerontophilia
gerontóloga {f} :: feminine noun of gerontólogo
gerontología {f} :: gerontology
gerontólogo {m} :: gerontologist
Geronymo {prop} {m} :: obsolete spelling of Jerónimo
Gershu {prop} :: given name, diminutive of Germán
Gertrudis {prop} :: given name
gerundense {adj} :: of or pertaining to Girona
gerundense {mf} :: someone from Girona
gerundese {adj} :: Gironan
gerundese {mf} :: Gironan
gerundio {m} [grammar] :: A certain impersonal form of a verb in various languages
gerundio {m} [grammar] :: Specifically, a Spanish verbal adjective, ending in -ando, -iendo, or -yendo
gerundio {m} [grammar] :: Specifically, a Latin gerund
gerundismo {m} :: The incorrect use of gerunds in Spanish
gerundivo {m} [grammar] :: The Latin gerundive
gesta {f} :: feat, achievement, heroic deed
gestación {f} :: gestation; pregnancy
gestacional {adj} :: gestational
gestante {adj} :: expectant, gestating (pregnant)
gestante {f} :: A pregnant woman
gestar {v} :: to gestate
gestar {v} :: to develop, generate (a feeling)
gestar {v} :: to carry out (progeny)
gestecillo {m} :: diminutive of gesto
gesticulación {f} :: gesticulation
gesticular {v} :: to gesticulate
gestión {f} :: process
gestión {f} :: management
gestión {f} :: step
gestionar {v} :: to prosecute
gestionar {v} :: to negotiate
gestionar {v} :: to manage
gestionar {v} :: to file (commit official papers to some office)
gesto {m} :: gesture
gesto {m} :: expression
gestor {m} :: solicitor, attorney, barrister
gestora {f} :: feminine noun of gestor
gestoría {f} :: an office of the gestor
gestual {adj} [attributive] :: gesture
gestualidad {f} :: gestures, body language
geta {f} [footwear] :: geta
geta {mf} [demonym] :: Geat
Getafe {prop} :: Getafe (city)
getafense {adj} :: Of or from Getafe
getafense {mf} :: Someone from Getafe
Ghana {prop} {f} :: Ghana
ghanés {adj} :: Ghanaian (of, from, or pertaining to Ghana or the Ghanaian people)
ghanés {m} :: Ghanaian (person)
ghanesa {f} :: feminine noun of ghanés
gheada {f} :: gheada
ghrelina {f} :: ghrelin
Giannuzzi {prop} {mf} :: surname
giardiasis {f} [disease] :: giardiasis
giba {f} :: hump
giba {f} [colloquial] :: nuisance
gibar {v} [colloquial] :: to bug; pester; hack off
gíbara {f} :: feminine noun of gíbara
gibareña {f} :: feminine noun of gibareño
gibareño {adj} :: Of or from Gibara
gibareño {m} :: Someone from Gibara
gíbaro {m} :: obsolete form of jíbaro
gibelina {f} :: feminine noun of gibelino
gibelino {m} :: Ghibelline
giberelina {f} [hormone] :: gibberellin
gibón {m} :: gibbon
giboso {adj} :: humped
Gibraltar {prop} {m} :: Gibraltar: overseas territory of the United Kingdom at the southern end of the Iberian peninsula
gibraltareña {f} :: feminine noun of gibraltareño
gibraltareño {adj} :: Gibraltarian
gibraltareño {m} :: Gibraltarian
giennense {adj} :: alternative spelling of jiennense
giennense {mf} :: alternative spelling of jiennense
gif {m} :: GIF
gifiti {m} :: gifiti
giga {f} [dancing] :: jig
giga {m} :: gigabyte; giga
gigabyte {m} :: gigabyte
gigámetro {m} :: gigametre
giganta {f} :: feminine noun of gigante
gigante {adj} :: giant, gigantic
gigante {m} :: giant
gigante azul {f} :: blue giant
gigante gaseoso {m} :: gas giant
giganteo {adj} :: giant, gigantic
gigante roja {f} :: red giant
Gigantes {prop} {mp} [baseball] :: The baseball team, the San Francisco Giants
gigantesco {adj} :: gigantic, gigantesque; of a giant
gigantez {f} :: hugeness
gigánticamente {adv} :: gigantically
gigantismo {m} :: gigantism
gigantografía {f} :: blow-up, giant poster
gigantón {adj} :: very huge
gigantón {m} :: huge giant
gigantona {f} :: feminine noun of gigantón
gigatón {m} :: gigaton
gigatonelada {f} :: gigaton
gigavatio {m} :: gigawatt
gigavoltio {m} :: gigavolt
gigoló {m} :: gigolo
Gijón {prop} {m} :: Gijón
gijonense {adj} :: Of or pertaining to Gijón
gijonense {mf} :: Someone from Gijón
gijonés {adj} :: Of or pertaining to Gijón
gijonés {m} :: Someone from Gijón
gijonesa {f} :: feminine noun of gijonés
gil {adj} [Argentina, Chile, Uruguay] :: naïve, innocent, dumb, dummy
Gil {prop} :: surname
Gilberto {prop} {m} :: given name
gileki {m} :: Gilaki
Gilgamés {prop} {m} :: alternative form of Gilgamesh
Gilgamesh {prop} {m} :: Gilgamesh (legendary king of Uruk)
gilí {adj} [colloquial, Spain] :: stupid
gilipollas {adj} [Spain, vulgar, derogative] :: silly, fatheaded
gilipollas {mf} [Spain, vulgar, derogative] :: dickhead, dumbass, wanker
gilipollear {v} [colloquial] :: to dick around, dick about
gilipollez {f} [Spain, vulgar] :: stupidity, foolishness, silliness, asshattery, arseholery
gillete {m} :: razor
gillette {m} :: razor
Giménez {prop} :: surname
gimnasia {f} :: gymnastics
gimnasia aeróbica {f} :: sport aerobics, aerobic gymnastics
gimnasia artística {f} :: artistic gymnastics
gimnasia rítmica {f} [gymnastics] :: rhythmic gymnastics
gimnasio {m} [exercise] :: gymnasium (a room or building equipped for indoor sports)
gimnasta {mf} :: gymnast
gimnástico {adj} :: gymnastic
gimnospermo {adj} [botany] :: gymnospermous
gimotear {v} :: to whine
gimoteo {m} :: whine, whining
gin {m} :: gin
gincana {f} :: gymkhana
ginebra {f} [drinks] :: gin
Ginebra {prop} {f} :: Ginebra (city)
Ginebra {prop} {f} :: given name
Ginebra {prop} {f} :: Queen Guinevere
ginebrés {adj} :: Genevan
ginebrés {m} :: Genevan
ginebresa {f} :: feminine noun of ginebrés
ginebrino {adj} :: Genevan
ginebrino {m} :: Genevan (native or resident of Geneva, Switzerland)
gineceo {m} [botany] :: gynoecium
gineco- {prefix} :: gyneco-
ginecobstetricia {f} [medicine] :: gynecology and obstetrics
ginecóloga {f} :: feminine noun of ginecólogo
ginecología {f} :: gynecology
ginecológico {adj} :: gynecological (pertaining to gynecology)
ginecólogo {m} :: gynecologist
Ginés {prop} {m} :: given name
gineta {f} :: alternative form of jineta (the mammal)
gingivitis {f} :: gingivitis
ginkgo {m} :: ginkgo
ginóforo {m} :: gynophore
ginoide {adj} :: gynoid
ginoide {m} :: gynoid
gintonic {m} :: gin and tonic; G&T
gintónic {m} :: gin and tonic; G&T
Giovanny {prop} {m} :: given name
gira {f} :: tour (a journey through a list of places)
giradiscos {m} :: record player
girador {adj} :: spinning
girador {m} :: drawer (someone who writes checks etc.)
giradora {f} :: feminine noun of girador
giralda {f} :: weathercock
giramiento {m} :: turning
girar {v} :: to turn, to pivot
girar {v} :: to spin, to rotate, to revolve, to gyrate
girasol {m} [flower] :: sunflower
giratorio {adj} :: revolving, turning
gírgola {f} :: oyster mushroom (common edible mushroom of the species Pleurotus ostreatus)
giro {m} :: turn, spin
giro {m} :: tour
giro {m} [finance] :: giro, a money transfer
giro {m} [economics] :: economical activity type or kind
giro {m} [chemistry] :: spin number
girobirrotonda {f} [geometry] :: gyrobirotunda
girobús {m} :: gyrobus
girocompás {m} :: gyrocompass
giroelongar {v} :: to gyroelongate
giroide {adj} [geometry] :: gyrate
girola {f} [architecture] :: ambulatory
girolando {m} :: Girolando (breed of cattle)
Girón {prop} :: surname
girondina {f} :: Girondist
girondino {m} :: Girondist
giroscópico {adj} :: gyroscopic
giroscopio {m} :: gyroscope
giróscopo {m} :: gyroscope
gis {m} [education] :: piece of chalk
Gisel {prop} {f} :: Gisele
Gispert {prop} :: surname
gitana {f} :: feminine noun of gitano
gitanada {f} [pejorative] :: action of a gypsy; gippo act
gitanada {f} :: group of gypsies
gitanamente {adv} :: fawningly, flatteringly
gitanear {v} :: to wheedle
gitanear {v} :: to gyp someone of
gitanería {f} :: gypsyism
gitanilla {f} :: diminutive of gitana
gitano {adj} :: of or like a Gypsy
gitano {m} :: Gypsy
glabela {f} [anatomy] :: glabella (space between the eyebrows)
glabrescente {adj} :: glabrous
glabro {adj} :: hairless, glabrous
glaciación {f} :: glaciation
glacial {adj} :: glacial
glacial {adj} [figuratively] :: frigid, chilly, not cordial
glacialmente {adv} :: coldly
glacialmente {adv} :: glacially
glaciar {m} :: glacier
glaciarismo {m} :: study of glaciars
glaciarizado {adj} :: glacierized
glaciología {f} :: glaciology
gladiador {m} :: gladiator
gladiadora {f} :: feminine noun of gladiador
gladio {m} :: bulrush, cattail
gladiolo {m} :: gladiolus
glagolitsa {m} :: Glagolitic (alphabet)
glam {m} :: glam
glamoroso {adj} :: glamorous
glamour {m} :: alternative spelling of glamur
glamouroso {adj} :: glamorous
glamur {m} :: glam, glamour (charm), glitz
glamuroso {adj} :: glamorous
glande {m} [anatomy] :: glans penis
glandiforme {adj} :: glandiform
glándula {f} [anatomy] :: gland
glándula adrenal {f} [anatomy] :: adrenal gland (endocrine gland situated above the kidney)
glándula de Skene {f} [anatomy] :: Skene's gland
glándula lagrimal {f} [anatomy] :: lacrimal gland
glándula mamaria {f} [anatomy] :: mammary gland
glándula pineal {f} [anatomy] :: pineal gland
glándula pituitaria {f} :: pituitary gland
glándula prostática {f} [anatomy] :: prostate gland, prostate
glandular {adj} :: glandular
glándula salival {f} [anatomy] :: salivary gland
glándula sebácea {f} [anatomy] :: sebaceous gland
glándula sudorípara {f} [medical] :: sweat gland
glándula tiroides {f} :: thyroid gland
glandulífero {adj} :: glanduliferous
glanduloso {adj} :: glandular
glas {adj} :: only used in azúcar glas
glasé {m} :: glaze
glasear {v} :: to glaze
Glasgow {prop} :: Glasgow (major city/and/council area)
glásnost {f} :: glasnost
glauco {adj} [literarty] :: glaucous; having a green colour
glauco {m} :: Glaucus atlanticus, a species of sea slug
glaucofana {f} [mineral] :: glaucophane
glaucoma {m} :: glaucoma
glauconita {f} [mineral] :: glauconite
gleba {f} :: clod (lump of earth)
gleba {f} :: arable land; soil
glena {f} [anatomy] :: socket (a hollow in a bone)
glenohumeral {adj} [anatomy] :: glenohumeral
glenoideo {adj} :: glenoid
glera {f} :: gravelly area
glera {f} :: sandy area
Glez {prop} :: abbreviation of the surname González
glía {f} :: glia
gliadina {f} [protein] :: gliadin
glial {adj} :: glial
glicación {f} :: glycation
glical {m} [organic compound] :: glycal
glicano {m} :: glycan
glicemia {f} :: glycemia
gliceraldehído {m} [organic compound, carbohydrate] :: glyceraldehyde
glicérido {f} [organic compound] :: glyceride
glicerina {f} :: glycerine
glicerol {m} [organic compound] :: glycerol
glicina {f} [amino acid] :: glycine
glicocolato {m} :: glycocholate
glicocólico {adj} :: glycocholic
glicol {m} [organic compound] :: glycol
glicólico {adj} :: glycolic
glicolípido {m} :: glycolipid
glicólisis {f} :: glycolysis
glicoproteína {f} [protein] :: glycoprotein
glicósido {m} :: synonym of glucósido
glicosil {m} [organic compound] :: glycosyl
glicosilación {f} :: glycosylation
glicosilado {adj} :: glycated
glicosiltransferasa {f} [enzyme] :: glycosyltransferase
glicosoaminoglicano {m} [carbohydrate] :: glycosaminoglycan
glífico {adj} :: glyphic
glifo {m} :: glyph
glifosato {m} [organic compound] :: glyphosate
glioblastoma {m} :: glioblastoma
glioma {m} :: glioma
glioxilato {m} :: glyoxylate
glioxisoma {m} [cytology] :: glyoxysome
gliptodonte {m} :: glyptodont
gliptografía {f} :: glyptography
glitter {m} :: glitter
global {adj} :: global (concerning all parts of the world)
globalidad {f} :: globality
globalismo {m} :: globalism
globalista {adj} :: globalist
globalista {mf} :: globalist
globalización {f} :: globalisation, globalization
globalizador {adj} :: globalising
globalizar {v} :: to globalize
globalmente {adv} :: globally
globina {f} [protein] :: globin
globito {m} :: diminutive of globo, little balloon
globo {m} :: balloon
globo {m} :: globe
globo {m} [tennis] :: lob
globo aerostático {m} :: hot-air balloon
globoflexia {f} :: balloon modelling
globo ocular {m} :: eyeball
globoso {adj} :: globose
globo terráqueo {m} :: globe (spherical model of the Earth)
globotriaosilceramida {f} [biochemistry] :: globotriaosylceramide
globular {adj} :: globular
globulina {f} [protein] :: globulin
globulito {m} :: diminutive of glóbulo
glóbulo {m} :: globule (small round particle of substance)
glóbulo {m} :: blood cell (cell found in blood)
glocal {adj} :: glocal
glomerular {adj} :: glomerular
glomérulo {m} [anatomy] :: glomerulus
glomeruloesclerosis {f} :: glomerulosclerosis
glomerulonefritis {f} [medicine] :: glomerulonephritis
glóquida {f} :: glochid
gloquidio {m} :: glochid
gloria {f} :: glory
Gloria {prop} {f} :: given name
gloria de la mañana {f} :: morning glory
gloriar {v} :: to glorify
glorieta {f} :: roundabout, traffic circle (road junction at which traffic streams circularly around a central island)
glorieta {f} [horticulture] :: arbor, bower
glorieta {f} :: summerhouse, alcove, pavilion
glorificación {f} :: glorification
glorificar {v} :: to glorify, exalt, extol
glorificar {v} :: to adore
gloriosamente {adv} :: gloriously
gloriosísimo {adj} :: superlative of glorioso
glorioso {adj} :: glorious, proud
glosa {f} :: gloss (brief explanatory note or translation)
glosador {m} :: glossator
glosadora {f} :: feminine noun of glosador
glosar {v} :: to gloss (annotate)
glosario {m} :: glossary
glosofaríngeo {adj} [anatomy] :: glossopharyngeal
glosolalia {f} :: glossolalia, speaking in tongues
glosopeda {f} :: foot-and-mouth disease
glotal {adj} :: glottal
glotalización {f} :: glottalization
glotalizar {v} :: to glottalize
glotis {f} :: glottis (organ of speech)
glotón {adj} :: gluttonous
glotón {m} :: glutton (one who eats voraciously, obsessively, or to excess)
glotón {m} :: glutton, wolverine (mammal)
glotonamente {adv} :: gluttonously
glotonear {v} :: to gormandize
glotonear {v} :: to be gluttonous
glotonería {f} :: gluttony
glubs {interj} :: gulp (Indication of an involuntary fear reaction)
glucagón {m} :: glucagon
glucal {m} [organic compound, carbohydrate] :: glucal
glucano {m} :: glucan
glucemia {f} :: glycemia
glucémico {adj} :: glycemic
glúcido {m} [carbohydrate] :: carbohydrate
glucocorticoide {m} [organic chemistry] :: glucocorticoid
glucógeno {m} [carbohydrate] :: glycogen
glucogenosis {f} :: glucogenosis
glucólisis {m} [biochemistry] :: glycolysis
glucómetro {m} :: glucometer
gluconato {m} :: gluconate
gluconeogénesis {f} :: gluconeogenesis
glucoproteína {f} :: glycoprotein
glucosa {f} [carbohydrate] :: glucose
glucosamina {f} [organic compound] :: glucosamine
glucosaminaglicano {m} [carbohydrate] :: glycosaminoglycan
glucosaminoglucano {m} [organic compound] :: glycosaminoglycan
glucosidasa {f} [enzyme] :: glucosidase
glucosídico {adj} :: glycosidic
glucósido {m} [organic compound] :: glycoside
glucosilación {f} :: glycosylation
glucosilado {adj} :: glycosylated
glucuronato {m} :: glucuronate
glucurónico {adj} :: glucuronic
glucuronidasa {f} [enzyme] :: glucoronidase
glucuronolactona {f} [organic compound] :: glucuronolactone
gluglú {m} :: gurgle
gluglú {m} :: gobble (the sound a turkey makes)
gluma {f} [botany] :: glume
gluon {m} :: gluon
gluón {m} :: superseded spelling of gluon
gluónico {adj} :: gluonic
glup {interj} :: gulp
glutamato {m} [organic chemistry] :: glutamate
glutamato monosódico {m} :: monosodium glutamate
glutámico {adj} :: glutamic
glutamil {m} :: glutamyl
glutamina {f} [amino acid] :: glutamine
glutaminasa {f} [protein] :: glutaminase
glutatión {m} :: glutathione
gluten {m} [protein] :: gluten
glutenina {f} [protein] :: glutenin
glúteo {m} :: gluteal
glúteo {adj} [anatomy] :: gluteal
glutetimida {f} :: glutethimide
glutinoso {adj} :: glutinous
gnatoplastia {f} :: gnathoplasty
gnatostomúlido {m} [zoology] :: gnathostomulid
GNC {m} [petrochemistry] :: CNG (compressed natural gas)
gneis {m} :: gneiss
gnetal {m} :: gnetophyte
gnómica {f} :: gnomic poetry
gnomo {m} [alchemy, folklore, fantasy] :: gnome
gnomónica {f} :: gnomonics
gnoseología {f} :: epistemology
gnoseológico {adj} :: gnosiological
gnosis {f} [gnosticism] :: gnosis
gnosticismo {m} :: Gnosticism
gnóstico {m} :: gnostic
gnóstico {adj} :: gnostic
Goa {prop} :: Goa (state)
gobernabilidad {f} :: governability
gobernable {adj} :: governable
gobernación {f} :: government, governance
gobernador {m} :: governor
gobernadora {f} :: feminine noun of gobernador
gobernamiento {m} :: governing, government
gobernanta {f} :: housekeeper
gobernante {adj} :: ruling
gobernante {mf} :: ruler, leader
gobernante {mf} [colloquial] :: governor
gobernanza {f} :: governance
gobernar {v} :: to govern
gobernar {v} :: to steer [a vehicle or watercraft]
gobernar {v} :: to guide
gobernárselas {v} [idiom] :: to cope, get by, get along
gobernatura {f} :: governership
gobiernero {adj} [attributive] :: governmentese
gobiernero {adj} :: governmental
gobiernista {adj} :: governmental
gobiernista {mf} :: governmentist
gobierno {m} :: government
gobio {m} :: gudgeon
goce {m} :: enjoyment
gocho {m} [colloquial] :: pig (animal)
Godard {prop} {mf} :: surname
godello {m} :: Godello, a variety of grape from Spain used to make white wine
godet {m} :: godet
Godíñez {prop} :: surname
godo {m} :: Goth
godo {m} [Latin American Spanish, pejorative] :: Spaniard, loyalist
godo {m} [Canary Islands, pejorative] :: someone from mainland Spain
godo {adj} :: Gothic
Godofredito {prop} {m} :: diminutive of Godofredo
Godofredo {prop} {m} :: given name
Godoy {prop} :: surname
goebbelianamente {adv} :: in a manner like Joseph Goebbels or his way of propaganda
goebbeliano {adj} :: of or pertaining to Joseph Goebbels or his way of propaganda
goethita {f} [mineral] :: goethite
goetita {f} :: alternative spelling of goethita
gofio {m} [culinary, Canary Islands] :: gofio (flour made from roasted grains)
gofo {adj} :: foolish; wacko; zany
gofre {m} [Spain] :: waffle (flat pastry)
gofrera {f} :: waffle iron
Gógol {prop} :: Gogol
goizuetarra {adj} :: Of, from, or relating to Goizueta, Navarre
goizuetarra {mf} :: Someone from Goizueta
gol {m} [soccer] :: goal
gola {f} :: throat
gola {f} :: collar
gola {f} [clothing] :: ruff
gola {f} [architecture] :: cornice
gola {f} [geography] :: canal
gola {f} [archaic] :: gorget (a piece of armor for the throat)
golaveraje {m} :: goal average
golazo {m} [football] :: spectacular goal, scorcher
Goldfarb {prop} {mf} :: surname
goldre {m} :: quiver (for arrows)
Goldstein {prop} {mf} :: surname
goleada {f} [soccer] :: barrage of goals
goleador {adj} :: high-scoring; freescoring
goleador {m} [soccer] :: goalscorer; attacker (who scores many goals)
golear {v} [soccer] :: to hammer, trash, destroy (win scoring many goals)
goledor {m} :: goalscorer
golem {m} [mythology] :: golem
gólem {m} [folklore] :: golem
golero {m} [Uruguay, sports] :: goalie
goleta {f} :: schooner, clipper [sailing boat]
golf {m} :: golf
golfa {f} [pejorative, Mexico, Spain, slang] :: a slut, tramp, or whore
gol fantasma {m} [soccer] :: ghost goal, phantom goal
golfillo {m} :: diminutive of golfo
golfín {m} :: dolphin
golfín {m} :: gangster
golfista {mf} :: golfer
golfo {m} [geography] :: gulf
golfo {adj} :: dishonest
golfo {adj} :: nasty
golfo {adj} :: promiscuous
golfo {m} :: scoundrel
golfo {m} :: sluggard
golfo {m} :: slut
golfo de Bengala {prop} {m} :: Bay of Bengal
golfo de Botnia {prop} {m} :: Gulf of Bothnia (arm of the Baltic)
golfo de Finlandia {prop} {m} :: Gulf of Finland
golfo de México {prop} {m} :: Gulf of Mexico (gulf between USA and Mexico)
golfo de Tailandia {prop} {m} :: Gulf of Thailand (body of water)
golfo Pérsico {prop} {m} :: Persian Gulf
Goliat {prop} {m} :: Goliath
golilla {f} [colloquial] :: ruff (collar)
golito {m} :: diminutive of gol
goliza {f} [Latin America, football] :: goalfest; thrashing
gollete {m} :: gland; neck
golondrina {f} :: swallow (bird)
golondrina {f} :: A type of tourist boat found mostly in Barcelona
golondrina chilena {f} :: Chilean swallow
golondrinaje {m} [Latin America, politics] :: changing the vote in voters' homes
golondrina patagónica {f} :: Chilean swallow
golondrino {m} :: young swallow
golondrino {m} :: boil under the armpit
golosamente {adv} :: greedily
golosear {v} :: to stuff oneself with sweets (candy)
golosina {f} :: candy
goloso {adj} :: greedy, gluttonous (given to excessive eating)
goloso {adj} :: sweet-toothed, having a sweet tooth (fond of sweets)
golpazo {m} :: thump, whack
golpe {m} :: hit, blow, strike
golpe {m} :: punch, jab
golpe {m} :: knock [door]
golpe {m} :: bump, bang, bash, slam, thump, whack
golpe {m} :: crowd, multitude [of people]
golpe {m} :: gush [of water], gust [of wind]
golpe {m} :: blast [of music]
golpe {m} :: heartbeat
golpe {m} :: beat; rhythm
golpe {m} :: bunch of seedlings [in one hole]
golpe {m} :: hole [for planting seedlings]
golpe {m} :: shot, stroke [in billiards]
golpe {m} :: stroke [heat, of luck, of genius, etc.]
golpe {m} :: surprise
golpe {m} :: heist, job
golpe {m} :: swing [golf, baseball]
golpe {m} :: clipping of golpe de estado coup d’état
golpeado {adj} :: beaten
golpeador {m} :: kicker; hitter (someone who kicks or hits)
golpear {v} :: to hit
golpearse {v} :: reflexive of golpear
golpe bajo {m} :: low blow
golpecillo {m} :: diminutive of golpe
golpecito {m} :: diminutive of golpe
golpe de estado {m} :: coup d'état, putsch
golpe de gracia {m} :: coup de grâce
golpe de palacio {m} :: palace coup
golpeo {m} :: hit, hitting, beating
golpetazo {m} :: augmentative of golpe
golpetear {v} :: to rattle
golpeteo {m} :: drumming, rapping, rat-a-tat-tat
golpismo {m} :: tendency to military coups
golpismo {m} :: coup d'état mentality
golpista {m} :: leader of a coup
golpiza {f} [Latin American] :: beating, bashing
goma {f} :: rubber (substance, material)
goma {f} :: gum (substance exuded by certain plants)
goma {f} [Costa Rica, Ecuador, Guatemala, Panama, Peru, Uruguay] :: glue
goma {f} :: rubber band
goma {f} :: rubber (UK), eraser (North America)
goma {f} :: chewing gum
goma {f} :: condom
goma {f} [Central America] :: hangover (illness caused by a previous bout of heavy drinking)
goma {f} [Spain] :: drunkenness
goma de borrar {f} :: eraser (thing used to erase or remove something written or drawn by a pen or a pencil)
gomaespuma {f} :: An industrial product made of latex, spongy and soft to the touch
gomecismo {m} :: The era when Juan Vicente Gómez was president of Venezuela
gomecista {adj} :: Relating to Juan Vicente Gómez, former ruler of Venezuela
gomecista {mf} :: Supporter of Juan Vicente Gómez
gomero {adj} :: Of or from La Gomera, one of the Canary Islands
gomero {m} :: Someone from La Gomera
Gómez {prop} :: surname
gomía {m} [vesre, back slang] :: friend
gomígrafo {m} :: official seal (the stamp, not the animal)
gomina {f} :: gel, hair cream
góming {m} :: bungee jumping
gominola {f} :: any gummy candy (wine gum, gumdrop, jelly bean)
gomita {f} :: rubber band
gomita {f} [Mexico] :: gummy, jelly candy
gomoso {adj} :: gummy
gomoso {adj} :: gelly; gelled
gomoso {m} :: dandy; toff
gónada {f} [anatomy] :: gonad
gonadal {adj} :: gonadal
gonadotrofina {f} [hormone] :: gonadotropin
gonadotropina {f} [hormone] :: gonadotropin
góndola {f} :: gondola (boat)
gondolera {f} :: gondolier
gondolero {m} :: gondolier
Gondwana {prop} {f} :: Gondwana (southern supercontinent)
gondwanaterio {m} :: gondwanatherian
gonfoterio {m} :: gomphothere
gong {m} :: gong
gongo {m} :: alternative form of gong
gongo {m} [Puerto Rico] :: bell or cowbell
gongorino {adj} :: Of or relating to Luis de Góngora, Spanish poet
gongorismo {m} :: Gongorism
goniométrico {adj} :: goniometric
goniómetro {m} :: goniometer
gonópodo {m} :: gonopod
gonorrea {f} :: gonorrhea
Gonzaga {prop} {f} :: surname
Gonzales {prop} :: surname, variant of González, from the Spanish male given name Gonzalo
González {prop} :: surname, son of Gonzalo
gonzalista {adj} :: Of, pertaining to, or supporting, Manuel del Refugio González Flores, Mexican soldier and politician
gonzalista {mf} :: A supporter of Manuel del Refugio González Flores
Gonzalo {prop} {m} :: given name
Gonzalo {prop} {m} :: surname
googlear {v} :: to google (search using Google)
Goradnia {prop} {f} :: Grodno (city)
gorda {f} :: feminine noun of gordo
gordete {adj} :: plump, stout
gordezuelo {adj} [pejorative] :: tubby; plump
gordi {m} [colloquial] :: honey, darling
gordiano {adj} :: Gordian
gordibuena {f} [slang] :: chubby, attractive and pleasant woman
gordiflón {m} :: fatso
gordiflona {f} :: feminine noun of gordiflón
gordinflón {adj} [colloquial] :: chubby
gordinflón {m} [colloquial] :: chubby, fatso (overweight person)
gordinflona {f} :: feminine noun of gordinflón
gordísimo {adj} :: superlative of gordo
gordita {f} [Mexico] :: a thick tortilla, frequently stuffed and made of corn flour
gordito {adj} :: diminutive of gordo
gordo {adj} :: fat
gordo {adj} :: coarse
gordo {m} :: fat man
gordo {m} :: the grand prize in a lottery
gordo {m} [affectionate] :: Honey
gordo {m} [colloquial, euphemistic] :: feces, the act of defecation, number two
gordofobia {f} :: fatphobia (fear, dislike or discrimination of obese people)
gordolobo {m} :: The common name of a number of plants. See Spanish Wikipedia for the individual species
gordote {adj} :: augmentative of gordo
gordura {f} :: fatness
gorgiblanco {adj} :: white-throated (said of a number of species of bird)
gorgojo {m} :: grub
gorgojo {m} :: weevil
gorgojo {m} [colloquial] :: small person
gorgona {f} [Greek mythology] :: gorgon
gorgonia {f} :: gorgonian
gorgor {m} :: gurgle
gorgorán {m} :: grogram
gorgorito {m} :: trill (when singing)
górgoro {m} [Mexico] :: sip, small drink
gorgotear {v} :: to gurgle
gorgoteo {m} :: gurgle
gorguera {f} :: ruff (of clothes)
gorguera {f} :: ruff (of birds)
gorila {m} :: gorilla (ape)
gorila {m} :: bouncer; heavy
gorila {m} [pejorative] :: bodyguard
gorila {m} [Argentina, politics, pejorative] :: One who opposes Peronism
gorja {f} :: gorge; gullet; throat
gorjal {m} :: gorget
gorjear {v} :: to chirp
gorjeo {m} :: tweet, twirp (bird song)
gorjeo {m} :: gurgle, gurgling (sound)
gorjirrojo {adj} :: red-throated
Gorospe {prop} :: surname
gorra {f} :: cap, baseball cap
gorrear {v} :: to scrounge
gorrear {v} :: to cheat (on one's spouse or partner)
gorrilla {f} :: diminutive of gorra
gorrilla {f} [Spain] :: illegal and often aggressive valet
gorringo {m} [Navarre] :: Caesar's mushroom
gorrino {m} :: pig (especially a pig less than four months old)
gorrino {m} :: pig (slovenly person)
gorrión {m} :: sparrow
gorrión común {m} :: house sparrow
gorrita {f} :: beanie (type of hat)
gorrito {m} :: bonnet, baby's bonnet
gorrito {m} [Latin America] :: condom
gorro {m} :: cap
gorro {m} :: hat
gorro {m} [Chile] :: condom
gorrón {m} :: freeloader
gorrona {f} :: freeloader
gorronear {v} :: to scrounge, sponge
Gorski {prop} {mf} :: surname
Gorstiense {prop} {m} :: Gorstian
gosipol {m} [organic compound] :: gossypol
gospel {m} [music] :: gospel music
góspel {m} [music] :: gospel music
góspel {m} :: A song in the gospel music tradition
góspel {adj} :: Relating to gospel music
gostear {v} [slang, neologism] :: to ghost, perform an act of ghosting
gota {f} :: a drop or small amount of
gota {f} [medicine] :: gout
gota {f} [heraldiccharge] :: goutte
gota china {f} :: Chinese water torture
gota de lluvia {f} [usually, in the plural] :: raindrop
gota fría {f} [idiom] :: A very heavy downpour, or cloudburst
gotear {v} :: to drip
Gotemburgo {prop} {m} :: Gotemburgo (city)
gotemburgués {adj} :: From or native to Gothenburg, Sweden
gotemburgués {adj} :: Gothenburger, pertaining to Gothenburg
gotemburgués {m} :: Gothenburger, a resident of native of Gothenburg, Sweden
gotemburguesa {f} :: feminine noun of gotemburgués
goteo {m} :: dripping, drip
goteo {m} :: trickle
gotera {f} :: leak (hole which lets escape a fluid)
gotera {f} :: leak in the roof which lets water drop into the house)
gotera {f} :: A gutter
gotero {m} :: eyedropper
goticismo {m} :: Gothicism
goticista {mf} :: gothicist
gótico {adj} :: Gothic (of or relating to the Goths)
gótico {m} :: Gothic language
gotita {f} :: diminutive of gota, little drop
gotoso {adj} :: gouty; suffering from gout
gouda {m} :: gouda
gourmet {adj} :: gourmet
Govern {prop} {m} :: The Government of Catalonia
Goya {prop} :: surname
Goya {prop} :: Francisco Goya, a Spanish painter
goyesco {adj} :: Goyaesque
gozadera {f} :: party; binge
gozadera {f} :: joy; enjoyment
gozador {adj} [Latin America, colloquial] :: funloving
gozador {adj} [Latin America, colloquial] :: sex-mad
gozar {v} :: to enjoy oneself
gozar {v} :: to enjoy
gozarla {v} [idiom] :: to live it up; have a whale of a time
gozne {m} :: hinge
gozo {m} :: joy
gozo {m} :: pleasure, enjoyment
gozosamente {adv} :: joyfully, joyously
gozoso {adj} :: pleasurable, joyful, enjoyable (causing happiness)
gozoso {adj} :: pleased, joyous (happy)
gozque {m} :: small yappy dog; yapper
gozquecillo {m} :: diminutive of gozque
GPS {m} [cartography] :: GPS, Global Positioning System
GPS {m} [technology] :: GPS receiver, satnav
GR {prop} :: abbreviation of Guerrero (Mexican state)
grabable {adj} :: recordable
grabación {f} :: recording (an activity or result)
grabado {adj} :: recorded
grabado {m} :: An engraving
grabador {m} :: tape recorder
grabador {m} :: sculptor
grabadora {f} :: recorder (device that records)
grabar {v} :: to record
grabar {v} :: to engrave
gracejo {m} :: wit
gracejo {m} :: fluency (competence of language or speech)
gracejo {m} :: gift of the gab
gracia {f} :: grace, charm
gracia {f} :: mercy
gracia {f} :: good humor
gracia {f} :: punch line of a joke or story
gracia {f} :: pardon
Gracia {prop} {f} :: given name
graciable {adj} :: gracious
graciable {adj} :: generous; abundant
graciana {f} :: feminine noun of graciano
graciano {adj} :: Of or from Gracias a Dios
graciano {m} :: Someone from Gracias a Dios
Graciano {prop} {m} :: Gratian
gracias {interj} :: thank you
Gracias {prop} :: A colonial town in the Lempira department of Honduras
gracias a {prep} :: thanks to
gracias a Dios {adv} :: thanks be to God, thank God
gracias de antemano {adv} :: thank you in advance, thanks in advance
gracias por su ayuda {phrase} [polite] :: thanks for your help
gracias por tu ayuda {phrase} [familiar] :: thanks for your help
gracias un montón {phrase} :: thanks a lot
Graciela {prop} {f} :: given name
gracieta {f} :: joke
grácil {adj} :: graceful
grácil {adj} :: delicate
grácil {adj} :: slender
gracilidad {f} [rare] :: gracefulness
graciosamente {adv} :: funnily, wittily (in a funny manner)
graciosamente {adv} :: gracefully, elegantly
graciosidad {f} :: gracefulness
graciosísimo {adj} :: superlative of gracioso
graciosito {adj} :: diminutive of gracioso
graciosito {mf} :: diminutive of gracioso
gracioso {adj} :: funny, amusing
gracioso {adj} :: silly (playful; giggly)
gracioso {adj} :: facetious, cute
gracioso {adj} :: graceful
gracioso {adj} :: pleasing
gracioso {adj} [colloquial] :: cute, rich
gracioso {adj} [sarcasm] :: annoying; graceless
gracioso {mf} [colloquial] :: joker
gracioso {mf} [historical, theatre] :: gracioso (bawdy clown or jester in 16th-century Spanish comedy)
Graco {prop} {m} :: Gracchus (Roman cognomen)
grada {f} :: step (of a staircase)
grada {f} :: stands, terraces (of a sports stadium)
gradación {f} :: gradation
gradado {adj} :: graded; having gradings or steps
gradar {v} :: to harrow
gradería {f} :: stands, bleachers (of an amphitheater or stadium)
gradería {f} [by extension] :: The people in the stands
graderío {m} :: stand, seat (around a sports field or other venue)
gradiente {m} :: gradient
gradilla {f} :: test tube holder
grado {m} :: degree
grado {m} :: grade
grado {m} :: level
grado {m} :: step
grado {m} [Venezuela] :: graduation
grado {m} :: will, wish
grado {m} :: liking, preference
grado Celsius {m} :: degree Celsius
grado centígrado {m} [colloquial] :: degree Celsius
grado de asociado {m} :: associate's degree
graduable {adj} :: adjustable
graduación {f} :: graduation
graduada {f} :: feminine noun of graduado
graduado {adj} :: graduated
graduado {m} :: graduate
graduador {m} :: graduator, gauger
gradual {adj} :: gradual
gradual {m} [Roman Catholic Church] :: gradual
gradualidad {f} :: gradualness
gradualismo {m} :: gradualism
gradualista {adj} :: gradualist
gradualista {mf} :: gradualist
gradualmente {adv} :: gradually
graduando {m} :: graduand
graduar {v} :: to graduate
graduar {v} :: to calibrate, adjust (an instrument)
grafema {m} :: grapheme
grafeno {m} :: graphene
graffitear {v} :: alternative spelling of grafitear
graffitera {f} :: feminine noun of graffitero
graffitero {m} :: alternative spelling of grafitero
graffiti {m} :: graffiti
-grafía {suffix} :: -graphy
grafía {f} :: spelling
gráficamente {adv} :: graphically
graficar {v} :: to sign (communicate using sign language)
gráfico {adj} :: graphic
grafiosis {f} :: Dutch elm disease
grafismo {m} :: graphism
grafista {mf} :: graphic artist
grafitear {v} [colloquial] :: to graffiti
grafitera {f} :: feminine noun of grafitero
grafitero {m} :: graffitist
grafiti {m} :: graffiti
grafito {m} :: graphite
-grafo {suffix} :: -graph
-grafo {suffix} :: -grapher
grafo {m} :: graph
grafolecto {m} :: grapholect
grafología {f} :: graphology
grafólogo {adj} :: graphologist
grafómana {f} :: feminine noun of grafómano
grafomanía {f} :: graphomania
grafómano {m} :: One affected with or exhibiting graphomania
grafómetro {m} :: graphometer, semicircle (surveying instrument)
gragea {f} :: a sugar-coated pill
gragea {f} :: a small piece of candy
graja {f} :: feminine noun of grajo
grajilla {f} :: jackdaw
grajo {m} :: A kind of bird:
grajo {m} :: rook (Corvus frugilegus)
grajo {m} :: jay, grackle (general term)
grajo {m} :: San Blas jay (Cyanocorax sanblasianus)
grajo {m} :: great-tailed grackle (Quiscalus mexicanus)
grajo {m} [Colombia, Cuba, Ecuador, Peru, Dominican Republic] :: body odour
grajo {m} :: A kind of plant:
grajo {m} [Cuba, Puerto Rico] :: Eugenia axillaris
grajo {m} [Cuba] :: Auerodendron cubense
grajo {m} [Dominican Republic] :: white twinevine (Funastrum clausum)
grajo {m} [rare] :: charlatan
gral. {n} :: abbreviation of general
gral {m} :: abbreviation of general
Gral. {n} :: abbreviation of general
-grama {suffix} :: -gram
grama {f} :: grass (mostly varieties intended for cattle fodder)
grama {f} [Caribbean, Guatemala, El Salvador] :: lawn
gramado {m} [Latin America] :: pitch; field (for sports)
gramaje {m} :: grammage
gramática {f} :: grammar (rules for speaking and writing a language)
gramatical {adj} :: grammatical
gramaticalidad {f} :: grammaticality
gramaticalmente {adv} :: grammatically
gramático {adj} :: grammatical
gramático {mf} :: grammarian
gramilla {f} [Latin America] :: grass
gramínea {f} [botany] :: a gramineous plant, a grass (plant of the family Poaceae)
graminoso {adj} :: grassy
gramito {m} :: diminutive of gramo
grammatica {f} :: obsolete spelling of gramática
gramnegativo {adj} :: gram-negative
gramo {m} :: gram
gramófono {m} :: gramophone
gramola {f} :: gramophone
gramola {f} :: jukebox
grampositivo {adj} :: gram-positive
gramsciano {adj} :: Gramscian
granada {f} :: pomegranate (fruit)
granada {f} :: hand grenade
granada {f} :: shell (artillery)
Granada {prop} {f} :: Granada (province)
Granada {prop} {f} :: Granada (city)
Granada {prop} {f} :: Grenada (country)
granada de mano {f} :: hand grenade
granadazo {m} :: grenade attack
granadero {m} :: grenadier (soldier)
granadero {m} :: grenadier (fish)
granadí {adj} :: Granadan
granadí {mf} :: Granadan
granadilla {f} [Bolivia, Colombia, Costa Rica, Ecuador, Mexico, Peru] :: passion fruit, sweet granadilla, grenadia (specifically Passiflora ligularis)
granadillo {m} :: Brya ebenus, a Caribbean tree species in the legume family
granadillo {m} :: Dalbergia nigra, a Brazilian tree species in the legume family
granadillo {m} :: Hypericum canariense, a species of St. John's wort native to the Canary Islands
granadina {f} :: feminine noun of granadino
granadino {adj} :: Grenadian
granadino {adj} :: Grenadinese
granadino {adj} :: Of or pertaining to Granada
granadino {m} :: Grenadian
granadino {m} :: Grenadinese
granadino {m} :: Someone from Granada
granado {adj} :: grained
granado {m} :: pomegranate tree
gran almacén {m} :: department store
granar {vi} :: to produce or develop grains or seeds
granar {v} :: to become rich
granate {adj} :: garnet
granate {m} [mineral] :: garnet
granate {m} :: garnet (color)
granatorio {m} :: synonym of granatario
Gran Barrera de Coral {prop} {f} :: Great Barrier Reef
Gran Bretaña {prop} {f} :: Great Britain
Gran Canaria {prop} {f} :: Gran Canaria
grancanario {adj} :: of or from Gran Canaria
grancanario {m} :: Someone from Gran Canaria
Gran Cañón {prop} {f} :: Grand Canyon (large national park and gorge)
Gran China {prop} {f} :: Greater China (Chinese-speaking world)
Gran Colapso {prop} {m} [astronomy] :: Big Crunch (hypothetic eventual collapse of the universe)
Gran Colombia {prop} {f} [historiography, South America] :: A former South American republic that lasted from 1819 to 1831
grancolombiana {f} :: feminine noun of grancolombiano
grancolombiano {adj} :: Gran Colombian
grancolombiano {m} :: Gran Colombian
gran danés {m} :: Great Dane
grande {adj} :: [after the noun or predicatively] big, large
grande {adj} :: [before a plural noun] great
grande {adj} :: [about human age] aged, old
grande {m} :: grandee
grandecito {adj} :: diminutive of grande
grandeliga {m} [baseball] :: major leaguer
grandemente {adv} :: greatly, largely
Grandes Lagos {prop} {mp} :: Great Lakes (a group of five lakes on the United States-Canada border)
grandeza {f} :: grandeur
grandeza {f} :: grandeeship
grandilocuencia {f} :: grandiloquence
grandilocuente {adj} :: grandiloquent
grandílocuo {adj} :: grandiloquent
grandiosamente {adv} :: grandly, magnificently
grandiosidad {f} :: grandiosity
grandioso {adj} :: great
grandísimo {adj} :: superlative of grande
grandón {adj} :: well-built
grandor {m} :: size; largeness
grandote {adj} [colloquial] :: huge
grandote {adj} [colloquial] :: grown-up
Gran Ducado de Luxemburgo {prop} {m} :: Grand Duchy of Luxembourg (official name of Luxembourg)
grandullón {adj} :: augmentative of grande: very large (especially of children)
grandulón {m} [Latin America] :: alternative form of grandullón
grandulona {f} :: feminine noun of grandulón
gran duque {m} :: grand duke
granear {v} :: to grain
granear {v} :: to sow
granel {m} :: bulk (unpackaged goods)
granelero {m} :: bulk carrier
granerino {adj} :: from the Chilean city of Graneros
granero {m} :: granary
granero {m} :: barn (farm building)
Graneros {prop} {m} :: Graneros (city)
granguiñolesco {adj} :: Grand Guignol [attributive]
granguiñolesco {adj} :: melodramatic, exaggerated
Gran Hermano {prop} {m} :: Big Brother
granillo {m} :: diminutive of grano
Gran Implosión {prop} {f} [astronomy] :: Big Crunch (hypothetic eventual collapse of the universe)
granítico {adj} :: granitic
granito {m} :: granite
granitoide {m} :: granitoid
granizada {f} :: hailstorm
granizado {m} :: A semi-frozen soft drink, a typical summer drink, usually made with crushed ice and citric juice (the most popular being lemon juice, which is called: granizado de limón)
granizar {vi} [impersonal] :: to hail
granizo {m} [uncountable] :: hail
granizo {m} [countable] :: hailstone
granja {f} :: farm
granjear {v} :: to earn; get; get hold of
granjera {f} :: feminine noun of granjero
granjería {f} :: income; earnings
granjero {m} :: farmer
granjita {f} :: diminutive of granja
gran jurado {m} :: grand jury
Gran Londres {prop} {m} :: Greater London (city of London, Westminster and 31 other London boroughs)
Gran Manzana {prop} {f} :: the Big Apple (New York City)
granmense {adj} :: Of or related to Granma, a Cuban newspaper
granmense {mf} :: Someone connencted with Granma
Gran Muralla China {prop} {f} :: Great Wall of China (Chinese fortification)
grano {m} :: grain (the seed of grass food crops)
grano {m} :: grain, seed, kernel, bean (a single seed of certain crops)
grano {m} :: grain (single particle of a substance)
grano {m} :: pimple, blackhead (inflamed spot on the surface of the skin that is usually painful and fills with pus)
grano {m} :: point (the focus of a conversation)
grano {m} [photography] :: grain (visual texture in processed photographic film)
grano {m} :: grain (linear texture of a material or surface)
grano de arena {m} [idiom] :: little bit of help
granodiorita {f} [geology] :: granodiorite
granodiorítico {adj} :: granodioritic
grano en el culo {m} [idiomatic] :: pain in the ass
granola {f} :: granola
granota {adj} [soccer] :: associated with Levante UD, a Spanish soccer team
granota {mf} [soccer] :: Someone associated with Levante UD, a Spanish soccer team
gran pantalla {f} :: silver screen
Gran Pirámide de Giza {prop} {f} :: Great Pyramid of Giza (the largest and most famous of the Egyptian pyramids)
Gran Polonia {prop} {f} :: Gran Polonia (region)
Gran Premio {m} :: Grand Prix
Gran Revolución Cultural Proletaria {prop} {f} :: Cultural Revolution (Great Proletarian Cultural Revolution)
Gran Salto Adelante {prop} {m} :: Great Leap Forward (great Leap Forward (in China))
gran simio {m} :: great ape
gran tiburón blanco {m} :: great white shark
granuja {f} :: grains (especially of grape)
granuja {f} [colloquial] :: rabble, riffraff (group of rascals)
granuja {adj} :: roguelike, rough around the edges
granuja {mf} :: scoundrel, rascal, yob
granulación {f} :: granulation
granular {adj} :: granular
granular {v} :: to granulate
granularidad {f} :: granularity
granulita {f} :: granulite
gránulo {m} :: granule
granulocítico {adj} :: granulocytic
granulocito {m} [cytology, immunology] :: granulocyte
granuloma {f} [pathology] :: granuloma
granulomatosis {f} [pathology] :: granulomatosis
granulomatoso {adj} [pathology] :: granulomatous
granulometría {f} :: granulometry
granulométrico {adj} :: granulometric
granulopoyesis {f} [biology] :: granulopoiesis
granuloso {adj} :: granular
grapa {f} :: staple (fastener)
grapa {f} :: clamp
grapa {f} [medicine] :: stitch
grapadora {f} [chiefly Spain] :: stapler
grapar {v} :: to staple
grapo {mf} :: A member of GRAPO,a Spanish clandestine Maoist group aiming for the formation of a Spanish Marxist-Leninist Republican state, based on the model of Maoist China
graptolito {m} :: graptolite
grasa {f} :: fat or grease used in cooking
grasa {f} :: nutritional fat
grasera {f} :: grease bowl
grasería {f} :: A factory making products from tallow (soap, candles etc.)
grasiento {adj} :: greasy
graso {adj} :: greasy, fatty
grasoso {adj} :: fatty, greasy
gratamente {adv} :: pleasingly
gratificación {f} :: gratification
gratificador {adj} :: gratifying
gratificador {adj} :: rewarding
gratificante {adj} :: gratifying
gratificar {v} :: to gratify
gratificar {v} :: to reward
grátil {m} [nautical] :: luff (edge of sail)
gratín {m} :: gratin
gratinar {v} :: to grill or toast
gratis {adj} :: free, without charge
gratis {adv} :: free, without charge
gratísimo {adj} :: superlative of gratis
gratitud {f} :: gratitude
grato {adj} :: grateful
grato {adj} :: pleasing
gratuidad {f} :: The quality of being free
gratuidad {f} :: gratuity, freebie
gratuitamente {adv} :: for free, gratis, free of charge
gratuitamente {adv} :: gratuitously; without basis or cause
gratuito {adj} :: free, free of charge, gratis
gratuito {adj} :: unjustified, unwarranted, gratuitous, uncalled for
gratulación {f} :: congratulation
grauvaca {f} :: greywacke
grava {f} :: gravel
gravable {adj} :: taxable
gravamen {m} :: tax
gravamen {m} :: encumbrance
gravar {v} :: to tax
gravar {v} :: to encumber
grave {adj} :: serious, grave
grave {adj} :: bass [sound]
grave {adj} :: solemn
grave {adj} [grammar] :: stressed in the penultimate syllable; paroxytone
gravedad {f} :: seriousness
gravedad {f} [physics] :: gravity
gravemente {adv} :: severely, seriously
gravidez {f} :: pregnancy, gravidity
gravidez {f} :: heaviness
gravídico {adj} [attributive] :: pregnancy
grávido {adj} :: heavy
grávido {adj} :: pregnant
gravilla {f} :: gravel (small fragments of rock)
gravimétrico {adj} :: gravimetric
gravímetro {m} :: gravimeter
gravísimamente {adv} :: superlative of gravemente
gravísimo {adj} :: superlative of grave
gravitación {f} :: gravitation (fundamental force of attraction)
gravitacional {adj} [physics] :: gravitational
gravitacionalmente {adv} :: gravitationally
gravitante {adj} :: threatening; menacing
gravitar {v} :: to gravitate
gravitatoriamente {adv} :: gravitationally
gravitatorio {adj} :: gravitational
gravitón {m} :: graviton
gravitropismo {m} [botany] :: gravitropism
gravoso {adj} :: heavy
gravoso {adj} :: onerous
gravy {m} :: gravy
grax {interj} [text messaging, colloquial, internet slang] :: informal form of gracias
Graz {prop} :: Graz (city)
graznar {v} :: to squawk
graznar {v} :: to caw
graznido {m} :: caw (the sound a crow makes) or squawk
graznido {m} :: croak
graznido {m} :: cackle
greba {f} :: grieve
grecbactriana {f} :: feminine noun of grecobactriano
Grecia {prop} {f} :: Greece
Grecia antigua {prop} {f} :: Ancient Greece (the ancient civilization of the Mediterranean)
greco- {prefix} :: Greco-
greco {adj} :: Greek
grecobactriano {adj} :: Greco-Bactrian
grecobactriano {m} :: Greco-Bactrian
grecochipriota {adj} :: Greek-Cypriot (of Greece and Cyprus)
grecochipriota {mf} :: Greek-Cypriot (a person of Greece and Cyprus)
grecolatino {adj} :: Greco-Latin
grecorromano {adj} :: Greco-Roman
greda {f} :: fuller's earth
grega {f} [Louisiana] :: teapot
gregaria {f} :: feminine noun of gregario
gregario {adj} :: gregarious, sociable
gregario {m} [cycling] :: domestique
gregarismo {m} :: gregariousness
gregoriano {adj} :: Gregorian
Gregorio {prop} {m} :: given name
greguería {f} :: outcry, uproar
greguería {f} :: short statement, usually one sentence, in which the author expresses a philosophical, pragmatic, or humorous idea in a witty and original way
greguescos {mp} :: alternative spelling of gregüescos
gregüescos {mp} :: A kind of breeches in fashion in Spain in the 16th and 17th century
grelina {f} :: ghrelin
grelo {m} :: turnip greens
gremial {adj} :: labor union [attributive]
gremialismo {m} :: unionism, trade unionism, guildism, craftsmen's guilds system, system of associations, collectivism, tendency to form associations, tendency to form guilds, old boy networking
gremialista {adj} :: Of or relating to gremialismo
gremialista {mf} :: A supporter of gremialismo
gremio {m} :: union, guild (of workers)
greña {f} :: tangled mess of hair
greña {f} :: entanglement
grenetina {f} [Mexico] :: gelatin
greñudo {adj} :: tangled; in a tangle; in knots
greñudo {adj} :: shaggy
grequiano {adj} [attributive] :: El Greco
gresca {f} :: uproar, din, wrangle
Gretel {prop} {f} :: Gretel
Gretel {prop} {f} :: given name
greutunga {f} :: feminine noun of greutungo
greutungo {adj} :: Greutungi
greutungo {m} :: Greutungi
grévol {m} :: hazel grouse
grey {f} [obsolete, poetic] :: flock, herd
grey {f} [religion] :: flock (people served by a pastor, priest, etc., also all believers in a church or religion)
grial {m} :: grail
griega {f} :: feminine noun of griego
griego {adj} :: Greek, Grecian (from or native to Greece)
griego {adj} :: Greek, Grecian (pertaining to Greece)
griego {m} :: a Greek
griego {m} [slang, vulgar] :: anal sex
griego {m} :: the Greek language
griego {m} [colloquial, masculine] :: an unintelligible language
griego antiguo {m} :: Ancient Greek
grieta {f} :: crack, chink, crevice
grieta {f} :: chap
grifa {f} [colloquial] :: grass, weed (marijuana)
grifería {f} :: fittings or taps of a bathroom
grifo {m} :: griffin
grifo {m} [heraldiccharge] :: griffin
grifo {m} :: tap, faucet (device used to dispense liquids)
grifo {m} [Peru] :: petrol station, garage, filling station, gas station, service station
grifo {adj} [colloquial] :: intoxicated [by alcohol, cannabis]
grifón {m} :: griffin (mythological creature)
grifón {m} :: griffon (dog breed)
grill {m} :: grill
grilla {f} :: A female cricket
grilla {f} :: grill
grilla {f} :: grid
grillar {v} [of a cricket] :: to sing, chirp; to make noise
grillete {m} :: shackle
grillete {m} [in the plural] :: jougs
grillito {m} :: diminutive of grillo
grillo {m} :: cricket (insect)
grillo topo {m} :: mole cricket
grima {f} :: disgust, uneasiness
grime {m} :: grime (music genre)
grimorio {m} :: grimoire
grímpola {f} :: telltale
gringa {f} :: feminine noun of gringo
gringa {f} [Mexico] :: a type of taco
gringo {m} [sometimes, pejorative, Latin America] :: foreigner, outlander
gringolandia {f} :: Gringolandia
Gringolandia {prop} {f} :: Gringolandia
Gringotenango {prop} :: Derogatory nickname for Panajachel, Guatemala, due to the large number of foreign expats living and running businesses there
griñotar {v} :: to nibble, to snack
gripa {f} [Colombia, Mexico] :: alternative form of gripe
gripado {adj} :: fluey, with the flu
gripal {adj} :: flulike
gripal {adj} :: flu (attributive)
gripe {f} [disease] :: flu, influenza
gripe aviar {f} :: avian influenza
gripe española {n} :: Spanish influenza
gripe porcina {f} :: swine flu (influenza caused by orthomyxoviruses)
gris {adj} :: grey, gray
gris {m} :: grey, gray
grisáceo {adj} :: grayish (somewhat gray)
grisalla {f} :: grisaille
grisín {m} [chiefly Argentina] :: breadstick
grisón {m} [zoology] :: grison, greater grison
grisú {m} :: firedamp
grisura {f} :: greyness
grisura {f} :: lifelessness, dullness
gritador {adj} :: shouting
gritador {m} :: shouter
gritadora {f} :: feminine noun of gritador
gritar {v} :: to shout, to scream, to cry out, to call out
gritar {v} :: to jeer at
gritería {f} :: outcry, uproar
griterio {m} :: uproar
griterío {m} :: clamor, uproar (loud, confused shouting)
gritito {m} :: diminutive of grito
grito {m} :: a cry, a yell, a scream
gritón {adj} :: loudmouthed; loudmouth; screaming; obstreperous
gritón {m} :: screamer
gritona {f} :: feminine noun of gritón
grivna {f} :: hryvnia (Ukrainian currency)
grocería {f} [Louisiana] :: grocer
grocería {f} [Louisiana, in the plural] :: groceries
groenlandés {adj} :: Greenlandic
groenlandés {m} :: Greenlander
groenlandés {m} [uncountable] :: Greenlandic (language)
Groenlandia {prop} {f} :: Greenland
grogui {adj} :: groggy
Groninga {prop} :: Groninga (province)
Groninga {prop} :: Groninga (city)
grooming {m} :: grooming
groove {m} :: groove (music style)
grosella {f} :: currant (fruit of bushes of the genus Ribes)
grosella negra {f} :: blackcurrant
grosella roja {f} :: redcurrant
grosellero {m} :: gooseberry (plant)
groseramente {adv} :: with rudeness; rudely
grosería {f} :: discourtesy, lack of respect
grosería {f} :: crudeness, rudeness
grosería {f} :: stupidity
grosería {f} :: vulgarity, curse word
groserísimo {adj} :: superlative of grosero
grosero {adj} :: rude, cheeky, fresh
grosísimo {adj} [rare, superlative] :: very thick
grosor {m} :: thickness
grosularia {f} [mineral] :: grossular
grosura {f} :: synonym of grasura
grotescamente {adv} :: grotesquely
grotesco {adj} :: grotesque
grotesquería {f} :: grotesquerie
groupie {f} :: groupie
Grozni {prop} :: Grozni (city)
grúa {f} :: tow truck
grúa {f} :: crane (machine)
grúa {f} :: obsolete form of grulla
grúa horquilla {f} :: forklift (a small industrial vehicle with a power-operated fork-like pronged platform that can be raised and lowered for insertion under a load, often on pallets, to be lifted and moved)
gruera {f} :: crane driver
gruero {m} :: crane driver
gruesa {f} :: gross (group of 144)
gruesamente {adv} :: thickly; coarsely
gruesísimo {adj} :: superlative of grueso
grueso {adj} :: thick, fat
grueso {adj} :: wide
grueso {m} [uncountable] :: width, breadth
grueso {m} [uncountable] :: majority
gruista {mf} :: crane operator
grulla {f} :: crane [bird]
grullo {adj} [Mexico, said of horses] :: having an ashen color
grumete {m} [nautical] :: crew (non-officer nautical personnel)
grumete {m} [nautical] :: cabin boy
grumo {m} :: lump
grumoso {adj} :: lumpy
grunge {m} :: grunge
gruñido {m} :: oink
gruñido {m} :: grunt
gruñido {m} :: growl
gruñimiento {m} :: grunting
gruñir {v} :: to grunt
gruñir {v} :: to growl
gruñón {adj} :: grumpy, grouchy
gruñón {m} :: grouch, grump, grumbler
gruñón {m} :: growler, grunter
gruñón {m} [fish] :: grunion
gruñona {f} :: feminine noun of gruñón
grupa {f} :: haunch (of horse)
grupal {adj} :: group [attributive]
grupazo {m} :: augmentative of grupo
grupera {f} :: pillion
grupero {m} :: grupero
grupero {m} :: grupero musician
grupete {m} :: group; bunch; batch
grupeto {m} :: gruppetto
grupienta {f} :: feminine noun of grupiento
grupiento {adj} [Chile] :: lying, mendacious
grupiento {m} :: liar, deceiver, pretender
grupito {m} :: diminutive of grupo
grupo {m} :: group
grupo {m} :: party, team, crew, gang, squad, [when interchangeable with "group"]
grupo {m} :: cluster, bunch, clump, pool, grouping, lot, batch
grupo {m} :: bracket (range)
grupo {m} :: caucus [non-electoral] (i.e. a grouping of members)
grupo {m} :: circle, collection (social, of people)
grupo {m} [music] :: band
grupo {m} [Chile, Argentina, Uruguay, colloquial] :: guile, lie
grupo abeliano {m} :: abelian group
grupo corona {m} [phylogenetics] :: crown group
grupo de la muerte {m} :: group of death
grupo étnico {m} :: ethnic group
grupo funcional {m} [organic chemistry] :: functional group
Grupo Local {prop} {m} [astronomy] :: Local Group (cluster of galaxies that contains the Milky Way)
grupo saliente {m} [chemistry] :: leaving group
grupo social {m} :: social group
grupúsculo {m} :: small group, clique, groupuscule
Grus {prop} [constellation] :: Grus (spring constellation of the southern sky)
gruta {f} :: grotto, (small) cave
grutesco {m} :: grotesque
gruyere {m} :: gruyere
GT {prop} :: abbreviation of Guanajuato (Mexican state)
guabina {f} :: A kind of Andean musical style
guabina {f} :: wolf fish; tiger fish (Hoplias malabaricus)
guabinear {v} [Venezuela] :: to fanny about
guabineo {m} [Venezuela] :: fannying about
guabinoso {adj} [Venezuela] :: indecisive, irresolute, wavering, uncertain, hesitant
guabinoso {adj} [Venezuela] :: undecided, unsettled, unresolved
guaca {m} :: alternative spelling of huaca
guacal {m} :: wooden crate
guacal {m} :: calabash tree (Crescentia cujete)
guacal {m} [Central America] :: tub (vessel of about equal height and width for storing or washing things in)
guácala {interj} [Latin America, colloquial] :: To indicate displeasure, disgust, or revulsion
guacamaya {f} [Central America, Colombia, Mexico, Venezuela] :: macaw
guacamaya {f} [Cuba, Honduras] :: candle bush (Senna alata)
guacamayo {m} [El Salvador, Honduras] :: macaw
guacamol {m} [Central America and Cuba] :: alternative spelling of guacamole
guacamole {m} :: guacamole
guácara {f} :: vomit (In Mexico)
guácara {f} :: cave, old Taino word from Puerto Rico
guacarear {v} [Mexico, colloquial] :: to vomit
guachaca {adj} [Chile, slang] :: rascal
guacharaca {f} :: Any bird of the genus Ortalis
guacharaca de agua {f} [Venezuela] :: hoatzin
guache {mf} [Colombia, slang] :: lout, troublemaker
guachichil {adj} :: Guachichil
guachichil {mf} :: Guahchichil
guachimán {m} :: bodyguard, security guard
guachimán {m} :: servant
guachinango {m} [Cuba, Mexico] :: red snapper
guacho {adj} [Latin America] :: orphaned
guacho {adj} [Latin America] :: fatherless
guacho {adj} [Latin America] :: bastard
guacho {adj} [Chile] :: wild-growing (plant)
guacho {adj} [Chile] :: single, mismatched, odd (orphaned part of a pair)
guacho {m} :: orphan
guacho {m} :: bastard
guacho {m} [Mexico, slang] :: a soldier
guacho {m} :: A soupy rice dish from Panama, containing various ingredients
guácima {f} :: bay cedar (Guazuma ulmifolia)
guacuco {m} [Venezuela] :: Polymesoda artacta (a species of clam)
Guadalajara {prop} {f} :: Guadalajara (province)
Guadalajara {prop} {f} :: Guadalajara (city/capital)
Guadalajara {prop} {f} :: Guadalajara (city/capital)
guadalajareño {adj} :: From Guadalajara, Spain
guadalajareño {m} [demonym] :: Someone from Guadalajara, Spain
guadalajarense {adj} :: From Guadalajara, Mexico
guadalajarense {mf} :: Someone from Guadalajara, Mexico
Guadalcanal {prop} :: Guadalcanal (Pacific island)
Guadalquivir {prop} {m} :: Guadalquivir (river)
guadalupano {adj} :: Of or pertaining to Our Lady of Guadalupe
Guadalupe {prop} {f} :: given name
Guadalupe {prop} {f} :: [rare] given name
Guadalupe {prop} {f} :: Guadalupe (overseas department)
Guadalupe {prop} {f} :: Guadalupe (island off Baja California)
guadalupeño {adj} :: Guadeloupean
guadalupeño {m} :: Guadeloupean
guadaña {f} :: scythe
guadañar {v} :: to scythe; mow
guadañazo {m} :: slash with a scythe
guadañazo {m} [figurative] :: blow
guademecí {m} :: embossed leather
Guadiana {prop} {m} :: Guadiana (river)
guadua {f} :: A variety of bamboo, in the Guadua genus
guadúa {f} :: alternative spelling of guadua
guagua {f} [regional, Caribbean, Canary Islands, Spain, Louisiana] :: bus (with a fixed route)
guagua {f} [Andean] :: baby, infant, or child
guaguancó {m} :: guaguanco
guaireña {f} :: feminine noun of guaireño
guaireño {adj} :: Of or from Guairá Department in Paraguay
guaireño {adj} :: Of or from the city of La Guaira in Venezuela
guaireño {m} :: An inhabitant of Guairá Department in Paraguay
guaireño {m} :: An inhabitant of the city of La Guaira in Venezuela
guajalote {m} :: alternative form of guajolote
guaje {adj} :: foolish, stupid
guaje {mf} :: kid, child, kiddy
guaje {mf} :: fool, useless person, good-for-nothing
guaje {mf} :: bottle gourd
guaje {mf} :: Leucaena esculenta
guajillo {m} :: guajillo
guajira {f} :: guajira (rural Cuban music)
guajira {f} :: feminine noun of guajiro
guajiro {adj} [Cuba] :: rural
guajiro {m} :: Wayuu
guajiro {m} [Cuba] :: peasant, farmer, rural person
guajolote {m} [Honduras, Mexico, El Salvador, Louisiana, Texas] :: turkey (bird)
guajolote {m} [Honduras, El Salvador] :: fool, simpleton
guajolotero {m} [Mexico, slang] :: tightly-packed passenger bus [cheap public transport for the lowest classes, used in conurbation areas]
guajolotero {adj} [Mexico, slang] :: in very powerful and continuous volley
gualardón {m} :: Obsolete form of galardón
gualdinegra {f} :: feminine noun of gualdinegro
gualdinegro {adj} :: gold and black
gualdinegro {adj} :: Related to any club playing in a gold and black strip
gualdinegro {adj} :: Club The Strongest, a football club from La Paz, Bolivia
gualdinegro {adj} :: Club Deportivo Getxo, a football club from Guecho, Spain
gualdinegro {adj} :: Iberia Sport Club, a football club from Zaragoza, Spain
gualdinegro {adj} :: Real Club Coruña, a former club from La Coruña, Spain
gualdinegro {adj} :: Club Deportivo La Muela, a former football club from La Muela, Spain
gualdinegro {adj} :: Barakaldo Club de Fútbol, a football club from Barakaldo, Spain
gualdinegro {m} :: Someone connected with any of the above teams, as a coach, player, fan etc
gualdo {adj} :: golden yellow
gualdrapa {f} :: horse blanket; horse rug
gualiche {m} [rare] :: alternative form of gualicho
gualicho {m} [Argentina, Chile, Uruguay] :: witchcraft
gualicho {m} [Argentina, Chile, Uruguay] :: curse, spell, malediction
gualicho {m} [Argentina, Chile, Uruguay] :: devil, demon (evil spirit)
gualicho {m} [Argentina, Chile, Uruguay] :: talisman, fetish (magical object)
Gualtierre {prop} {m} :: given name
Guam {prop} :: Guam
guambra {mf} [Ecuador] :: kid; boy; lad
guameño {adj} :: Guamanian
guameño {m} :: Guamanian
guamil {m} :: fallow, bush fallow, forest fallow (cultivated land that has been abandoned to natural regrowth for at least five years; the vegetation consists of tall grasses, thorny shrubs and small trees)
guamo {m} :: ice-cream bean tree (Inga feuilleei)
guampa {f} [Southern Cone] :: drinking horn
guampuda {f} :: feminine noun of guampudo
guampudo {adj} :: horned
guampudo {m} :: large-horned bull
guampudo {m} :: cuckold
guamúchil {m} :: The tree Pithecellobium dulce
guanábana {f} :: soursop, custard apple (fruit, Annona montana)
guanábano {m} :: soursop tree
guanacasteca {f} :: feminine noun of guanacasteco
guanacasteco {adj} :: Of or from Guanacaste Province, Costa Rica
guanacasteco {m} :: An inhabitant of Guanacaste Province, Costa Rica
guanaco {m} :: guanaco
guanaco {adj} [colloquial, Central America] :: Salvadoran, pertaining to El Salvador
guanajo {m} [Cuba] :: turkey (bird)
guanajo {m} [Cuba] :: fool (moron)
guanajuatense {adj} :: Of or pertaining to the Mexican state of Guanajuato
Guanajuato {prop} {m} :: Guanajuato (state)
guanay {m} :: Guanay cormorant; Guanay shag
guanche {mf} [demonym] :: Guanche (ancient inhabitant of the Canary Islands)
guanche {mf} [languages] :: Guanche language
guanchismo {m} :: A word, especially in Spanish, from the Guanche language
guandú {m} :: the pigeon pea (Cajanus cajan)
guandul {m} :: pigeon pea
guane {adj} :: Guane
guane {mf} :: Guane
guanentina {f} :: feminine noun of guanentino
guanentino {adj} :: Of or from Guanentá
guanentino {m} :: Someone from Guanentá
guanero {adj} :: relating to guano
guanidina {f} [organic compound] :: guanidine
guanilato {m} :: guanylate
guanina {f} [organic compound] :: guanine
guano {m} :: guano
guanosina {f} [biochemistry] :: guanosine
guanta {f} [Ecuador] :: lowland paca (Cuniculus paca)
guantada {f} :: slap
guantanamera {f} :: feminine noun of guantanamero
guantanamero {adj} :: Of or pertaining to the province of Guantánamo, Cuba
guantanamero {m} :: Someone from the province of Guantánamo, Cuba
Guantánamo {prop} :: Guantánamo (province)
Guantánamo {prop} :: Guantánamo (city)
guantazo {m} :: slap
guante {m} :: glove (hand-wear)
guante blanco {m} [idiom] :: kid gloves
guantelete {m} :: gauntlet (hand armour)
guantera {f} [automotive] :: glove compartment, glove box
guantero {m} :: glover
guao {interj} :: wow
guapamente {adv} :: beautifully
guaperas {m} [slang] :: spunk (good-looking man)
guapetón {adj} :: handsome, pretty (person)
guapetón {m} :: Adonis (handsome man)
guapeza {f} :: good looks
guapileña {f} :: feminine noun of guapileño
guapileño {adj} :: Of or from Guápiles
guapileño {m} :: Someone from Guápiles
guapín {adj} :: diminutive of guapo
guapinol {m} :: jatobá
guapísimo {adj} :: superlative of guapo, very beautiful, gorgeous
guapito {adj} :: diminutive of guapo
guapito {m} :: diminutive of guapo
guapo {m} :: arrowroot
guapo {adj} :: good-looking; handsome, pretty [describes a man or a woman]
guapo {adj} :: smart or elegant
guapo {adj} :: bold, fearless
guapo {adj} [Dominican Republic] :: angry, upset
guapurú {m} [Bolivia] :: jaboticaba (Plinia cauliflora, a fruit-bearing tree)
guar {m} :: guar
guara {f} :: guara (bird)
guará {m} :: Falkland Islands wolf (Dusicyon australis)
guaraca {f} [Latin America] :: whip
guaraca {f} [Latin America] :: catapult, slingshot
guaracha {f} :: guaracha
guarache {m} :: alternative form of huarache
guarachear {v} :: to go on a spree
guarachuda {f} :: feminine noun of guarachudo
guarachudo {m} [Mexico, pejorative] :: bumpkin
guaraguao {m} [Cuba, Dominican Republic, Puerto Rico] :: red-tailed hawk (Buteo jamaicensis)
guaraná {m} :: guarana
guaraní {adj} :: Guaraní
guaraní {m} :: Guaraní (language)
guaraní {mf} :: Guaraní (person)
guaraní {m} :: guaraní (currency)
guarania {f} :: A style of music from Paraguay, generally in a minor key
guaranítico {adj} :: Guaraní (attributive)
guarapita {f} [Venezuela] :: Venezuelan alcoholic drink made with rum and fruit juice (mainly passion fruit)
guarapo {m} :: juice made from sugar cane
guarapo {m} [Panama] :: moonshine made from sugar cane
guaraya {f} :: feminine noun of guarayo
guarayo {adj} :: Of or from Guarayos
guarayo {m} :: Someone from Guarayos
guarda {mf} :: guard, ward, keeper
guarda {mf} :: endpaper
guarda {mf} [Argentina] :: conductor (on public transportation)
guardabanderas {mf} :: flag keeper
guardabarranca {m} :: motmot
guardabarranco {m} :: motmot (tropical bird in the family Momotidae)
guardabarros {m} :: fender, mudguard (shield to protect a vehicle from mud)
guardabosque {m} :: A park ranger
guardabosques {m} :: gamekeeper, game warden
guardabosques {m} :: forester, ranger
guardabosques {m} [baseball] :: outfielder
guardabrisas {adj} :: breeze-proof
guardacaminos {m} :: nightjar
guardacárcel {m} :: alternative form of guardiacárcel
guardacaza {m} :: A game warden
guardacoches {mf} :: car park attendant
guardacostas {m} :: coastguard
guardacostas {m} :: coastguard boat
guarda de seguridad {mf} :: bodyguard
guardado {m} [Mexico] :: hoard, secret saving
guardado {m} :: stashed, stashed away
guardador {adj} :: keeping
guardador {m} :: keeper
guardaespaldas {mf} :: bodyguard
guardafangos {m} :: fender (of car)
guardafrontera {mf} :: border guard
guardagujas {mf} [railway] :: switchman, switchwoman
guardajoyas {m} :: master of the jewels
guardajoyas {m} :: jewelry box
guardamanos {m} :: handguard (of a weapon)
guardamenta {mf} :: alternative spelling of guardameta
guardameta {mf} :: goalkeeper (player that protects a goal)
guardamiento {m} :: saving, keeping
guardamonte {m} :: trigger guard
guardamuebles {m} :: furniture storage space
guardaparque {m} :: A park ranger
guardapelo {m} :: locket
guardapesca {m} :: game warden
guardapolvo {m} :: something that keeps dust off a surface
guardapolvo {m} :: overalls
guardapolvos {mp} :: alternative form of guardapolvo
guardapolvos {mp} :: plural of guardapolvo
guardar {vt} :: to save (to store for future use)
guardar {v} [computing] :: to save (to write a file to disk or other storage medium)
guardar {v} :: to keep
guardar {v} :: to order
guardar {v} :: to clean
guardar {v} :: to put away
guardarraíl {m} :: guardrail, crash barrier, traffic barrier
guardarrecursos {mf} :: forest warden
guardarrío {m} :: kingfisher
guardarropa {m} :: wardrobe
guardarse {v} :: reflexive of guardar
guardársela {v} [idiom] :: to have it in for
guardatinaja {m} :: lowland paca; spotted paca (Cuniculus paca)
guardavallas {mf} :: goalkeeper
guardavidas {mp} {fp} [Latin America] :: lifeguard
guardería {f} :: nursery school
guardia {m} :: custodian, warden (male)
guardia {m} [military] :: guard, guardsman
guardia {f} :: watch, guard, guarding, guard duty, sentry duty
guardia {f} [military] :: guard (unit or squad)
guardia {f} :: custody
guardia {f} :: shift (in certain professions such as for medical staff)
guardia {f} [martial arts] :: guard (ground grappling position)
guardiacárcel {m} :: prison guard
guardia civil {m} :: A civil guard. A military style national police force which evolved from 1844 to 1855 in Spain
guardiamarina {m} :: second lieutenant
guardián {m} :: guardian (someone who guards, watches over, or protects)
guardián {m} :: guardian (a superior in a Franciscan monastery)
guardiana {f} :: feminine noun of guardián
guardianía {f} :: guardianship
guardianía {f} :: the office of guardian, a superior in a Franciscan monastery
guardianía {f} :: the territory ministered to by a Franciscan guardian
guardieña {f} :: feminine noun of guardieño
guardieño {adj} :: Of or from La Guardia
guardieño {m} :: Someone from La Guardia
guardilla {f} :: attic
guardoso {adj} :: stingy
guarecer {v} :: to give shelter, protect, preserve from harm
guarecerse {v} :: reflexive of guarecer
guarén {m} [Chile] :: big rat
guarida {f} :: a lair, cave, den, or thicket that an animal uses to hide
guarida {f} :: a shelter or safehouse
guarida {f} :: a hideout, hangout, lair, hiding place
guarida {f} [archaic] :: medicine, refuge
guarijío {m} :: Guarijio
guarilla {f} :: feminine noun of guarrillo
guarimba {f} [Venezuela] :: A protest against Nicolás Maduro
guarimba {f} [Venezuela] :: A street blockade used in protest against the government, often set on fire
guarimba {f} [Venezuela, uncommon, old] :: A social building, specifically to protect children from bad weather
guarimba {f} [Venezuela, uncommon] :: A "safe" location in children's chasing games
guarimbera {f} :: feminine noun of guarimbero
guarimbero {m} [Venezuela, slang] :: A protester (especially when perceived as violent or disruptive) against Nicolás Maduro (president of Venezuela)
guariqueña {f} :: feminine noun of guariqueño
guariqueño {adj} :: Of or from the state of Guárico, Venezuela
guariqueño {m} :: An inhabitant of the state of Guárico, Venezuela
guarismo {m} :: figure, character
guarismo {m} :: number, digit
guarnecer {v} :: to garnish
guarnición {f} :: garrison
guarnición {f} :: garnish
guarnición {f} :: side, side-dish (especially vegetables or mushroom)
guarnicionera {f} :: feminine noun of guarnicionero
guarnicionero {m} :: saddler (someone who makes, repairs and sells saddles, harnesses etc)
guarnir {v} :: to garnish
guarnir {v} [nautical] :: to reeve
guaro {m} [colloquial, El Salvador] :: booze, rotgut (cheap alcoholic drink)
guaro {m} [colloquial, Mexico, El Salvador, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Colombia, Ecuador, Honduras, Guatemala] :: guaro, a clear liquor distilled from sugar cane juice
guaro {m} [ornithology] :: small parrot
guarra {f} :: feminine noun of guarro
guarrada {f} [colloquial] :: dirty talk
guarrada {f} [colloquial] :: disgusting thing
guarrería {f} :: filth, crap, junk
guarrilla {f} [vulgar] :: slut, slag
guarrillo {m} :: diminutive of guarro
guarrindongada {f} :: A food made with leftovers of others foods, resulting in a dish that may appear disgusting to most people, but tastes good to a particular person
guarro {m} :: pig
guarro {m} [figuratively] :: pig (dirty, disgusting or obscene person)
guarro {adj} :: filthy, dirty
guarro {adj} :: obscene
guarro {m} :: southern crested caracara
guarrón {m} :: augmentative of guarro
guarura {mf} [Mexico] :: bodyguard
guarura {f} :: queen conch, Lobatus gigas
guasa {f} :: dullness
guasa {f} :: joking
guasacaca {f} [Venezuela] :: A particular sauce found in Venezuelan cuisine, based on avocado
guasapear {v} :: alternative spelling of wasapear
guasasa {f} [Cuba] :: A fly of the genus Liohippelates
guásima {f} :: West Indian elm, bay cedar (Guazuma ulmifolia)
guaso {adj} :: impolite; coarse; rude
guaso {m} :: impolite or coarse person; foulmouth
guasón {adj} :: dull, boring
guasón {adj} :: funny, joking
guasón {m} :: joker
guata {f} [colloquial, Latin America, especially Argentina, Bolivia, Chile, Ecuador, Peru] :: belly
guata {f} [colloquial, Latin America, especially Argentina, Bolivia, Chile, Ecuador, Peru] :: paunch
guata {f} :: padding, cotton padding
guataca {f} :: hoe
guataca {f} :: ear
guataca {f} :: shovel
guatambú {m} :: Balfourodendron riedelianum
guataquear {v} [Cuba] :: to hoe
guataquear {v} [Cuba] :: to kiss the ground someone walks on
guate {m} [Caribbean] :: corn plantation
guate {m} [Venezuela] :: highlander
Guatemala {prop} {f} :: Guatemala (country)
Guatemala {prop} {f} :: Guatemala (capital city)
Guatemala {prop} {f} :: Guatemala (department)
guatemalense {adj} :: synonym of guatemalteco
guatemalense {mf} :: synonym of guatemalteco
guatemalteco {adj} [obsolete] :: Kaqchikel (people)
guatemalteco {adj} [obsolete] :: Kaqchikel (language)
guatemalteco {adj} :: Guatemalan (pertaining to the nation of Guatemala)
guatemalteco {adj} :: Guatemalan (pertaining to Guatemala City)
guatemalteco {m} [obsolete] :: Kaqchikel
guatemalteco {m} :: Guatemalan (from the nation of Guatemala)
guatemalteco {m} :: Guatemalan (from Guatemala City)
guateque {m} [Spain, Cuba] :: party (social gathering)
guatero {m} :: hot water bottle
guatireña {f} :: feminine noun of guatireño
guatireño {adj} :: Of or from the city of Guatire, Venezuela
guatireño {m} :: An inhabitant of the city of Guatire, Venezuela
guatita {f} :: guatita
guatón {adj} [colloquial, Latin America, especially west of the Andes] :: fat
guatón {m} [colloquial, Latin America, especially west of the Andes] :: fat man, fatso
guatón {m} [Chile] :: one million pesos (currency)
guatoncita {f} :: feminine noun of guatoncito
guatoncito {m} :: diminutive of guatón, a fatty, fatso
guatusa {f} :: Central American agouti (Dasyprocta punctata)
guau {interj} :: woof, bow wow (the sound a dog makes when barking)
guau {interj} :: wow (all senses)
guay {interj} [Spain] :: cool, terrific
guay {adj} [Spain, colloquial] :: cool, terrific
guay {adv} [Spain, slang] :: cool, terrific
guay {interj} [obsolete] :: woe! (expresses grief)
guaya {f} [Venezuela] :: metallic wire
guayaba {f} :: guava [fruit]
guayabazo {m} :: guava juice
guayabera {f} :: guayabera
guayabo {m} :: guava tree
guayacán {m} :: Any tree of the genus Guaiacum
guayaco {adj} :: guaiac
Guayana {prop} {f} :: Guyana
Guayana Francesa {prop} {f} :: Guayana Francesa (overseas department)
guayanés {adj} :: Guianan
guayanés {m} :: Guianan
guayanesa {f} :: feminine noun of guayanés
Guayaquil {prop} {m} :: Guayaquil (city)
guayaquileño {adj} :: From Guayaquil
guayar {v} :: to grate
guayar {v} :: to bump and grind
guayasense {adj} :: Of or from the province of Guayas Province, Ecuador
guayasense {mf} :: An inhabitant of the province of Guayas Province, Ecuador
guaycurú {adj} :: Guaycuru
guaycurú {mf} :: Guaycuru
guay del Paraguay {adj} [idiom] :: cool; awesome
guay de Paraguay {adj} [idiom] :: cool; awesome
guáyiga {f} :: coontie palm (Zamia pumila)
guaymeño {adj} :: Of or pertaining to Guaymas
guaymeño {m} :: Someone from Guaymas
guaymense {adj} :: Of or pertaining to Guaymas
guaymense {mf} :: Someone from Guaymas
guayo {m} [Puerto Rico, Dominican Republic, Cuba, slang] :: grater
guayoyo {m} [Venezuela] :: caffè americano, espresso diluted with hot water
guayusa {f} :: Ilex guayusa (a tree of the holly genus, brewed as a tea)
gubernamental {adj} :: governmental (relating to a government)
gubernamentalización {f} :: governmentalization
gubernativamente {adv} :: governmentally
gubernativo {adj} :: governmental
gubernatura {f} :: governorship, post of governor
gubernista {adj} :: synonym of gubernamental
gubia {f} :: gouge (chisel)
gubilete {m} :: obsolete spelling of cubilete
gudari {mf} :: A soldier in the Euzko Gudarostea
guedeja {f} :: lock (long hair)
guego {m} :: Gheg (language)
güelfa {f} :: feminine noun of güelfo
güelfo {adj} :: Guelph
güelfo {m} :: Guelph
güeno {adj} :: eye dialect of bueno
guepardo {m} [felid] :: cheetah
güera {f} :: feminine noun of güero
guercha {f} :: feminine noun of guercho
guercho {adj} [obsolete] :: cockeyed
guercho {m} [obsolete] :: cockeyed person
güereja {f} :: blondie; blond bimbo
güerita {f} :: feminine noun of güerito
güerito {adj} :: diminutive of güero
güerito {m} :: diminutive of güero
Guernesey {prop} {f} :: Guernsey (island)
Guernsey {prop} :: Guernsey
güero {adj} [Mexico] :: having pale skin and/or blond hair
güero {m} [Mexico] :: a person with light skin and/or blond hair
guerra {f} :: war, warfare
Guerra {prop} :: surname
guerra biológica {f} :: biological warfare
guerra civil {f} :: civil war
Guerra Civil estadounidense {prop} {f} :: American Civil War (civil war in the United States (1861-1865))
guerracivilismo {m} :: The state of being in a civil war
guerracivilista {mf} :: Someone or something promotes or creates a state of being in a civil war
guerra coreana {f} :: Korean War
guerra de ediciones {f} :: edit war
Guerra de las Malvinas {prop} {f} :: Falklands War
guerra de precios {f} :: price war
Guerra de Secesión {prop} {f} :: American Civil War (civil war in the United States (1861-1865))
guerra de trincheras {f} :: trench warfare
guerra digital {f} :: digital war
guerra fría {f} :: cold war (a period of hostile relations)
Guerra Fría {prop} {f} :: Cold War (a period of history from 1945-1991)
guerra mundial {f} :: world war
guerra púnica {f} :: Punic War
guerrear {v} :: to wage war
guerrear {v} :: to fight
guerrera {f} :: (female) warrior
guerrera {f} :: Army jacket
guerrerense {adj} :: Of or pertaining to the Mexican state of Guerrero
guerrerista {mf} :: warmongerer
guerrerista {adj} :: warmongering
guerrero {adj} :: bellicose, warlike
guerrero {m} :: warrior
Guerrero {prop} :: surname
Guerrero {prop} {m} :: Guerrero (state)
Guerreros de terracota {prop} {mp} :: Terracotta Army (the Terra Cotta Warriors and Horses of the First Emperor of China)
guerrilla {f} :: guerrilla (small official or unofficial military troop)
guerrilla {f} :: guerrilla war
guerrillero {adj} :: guerrilla, guerilla
guerrillero {m} :: guerrilla, guerilla
guerrista {adj} :: combative, fighting
guerrista {adj} [Mexico] :: very bad, very naughty, very mischievous
guerrista {mf} [Spain, politics] :: supporter of Alfonso Guerra or Rafael Guerra
gueto {m} :: ghetto
Guevara {prop} {f} :: Guevara (village)
Guevara {prop} {f} :: surname
guevariana {f} :: feminine noun of guevariano
guevariano {adj} :: Of, relating to, or supporting, Che Guevara, Argentinian revolutionary
guevariano {m} :: A supporter of Che Guevara
guevarista {mf} :: Guevarist
guevarista {adj} :: Guevarist
Guevarra {prop} {m} :: surname, a variant of Guevara
guevo {m} [vulgar] :: penis
güevón {adj} :: alternative form of huevón
güevón {m} :: alternative form of huevón
güey {mf} [Mexico, colloquial slang] :: chump, punk, dumbass, idiot, jerk
güey {mf} [Mexico, colloquial slang] :: dude, guy, buddy
guglear {v} :: to google (search using Google)
gúgol {m} :: A googol
guía {mf} :: guide (person)
guía {f} :: guidebook
guía {f} :: directory
guía {f} :: cocket
guía de viaje {f} :: guide book
guiador {adj} :: guiding
guiador {m} :: guider
guiadora {f} :: feminine noun of guiador
guianza {f} :: guidance
guiar {v} :: to guide
guiar {v} :: to lead, to conduct
guiar {v} :: to show the way
guiar {v} :: to drive, to steer
guiar {v} :: to train [plants]
guiar {v} :: to advise, to counsel, to guide
guiar {v} :: to sprout [of plants]
guiarse {v} :: reflexive of guiar
guía turística {f} :: guide book
guía turística {f} :: tour guide
guía turístico {m} :: tour guide
guiffity {m} :: alternative spelling of gifiti
guífiti {m} :: alternative spelling of gifiti
guija {f} :: pebble
güija {f} :: Ouija
güija {f} :: Ouija board
guijarro {m} :: pebble (stone)
guijarroso {adj} :: pebbly
guijuelense {adj} :: of or from Guijuelo
guijuelense {mf} :: Someone from Guijuelo
güila {mf} [Costa Rica, slang] :: child, kid
güila {f} [Mexico, slang] :: prostitute
guilindajo {m} [Venezuela] :: A banner displayed on the street, usually political in nature
guilindajo {m} [Honduras, Venezuela, pejorative] :: rags (tattered clothes)
Guille {prop} {m} :: A diminutive of the male given name Guillermo
Guillén {prop} :: surname
Guillermina {prop} {f} :: given name
Guillermo {prop} {m} :: surname denomination from Guillaume
Guillermo {prop} {m} :: given name
guillomo {m} :: shadbush, shadwood
guillotina {f} :: guillotine
guillotinar {v} :: to guillotine
guimbarda {f} :: Jew's harp
guímel {f} :: gimel; the Hebrew letter ג
güiña {f} :: kodkod
guiñapo {m} :: rag (cloth)
guiñar {vti} :: to wink (blink with only one eye as a message, signal, or suggestion)
guinchar {v} :: to pierce; prick
guincho {m} :: osprey
guinda {f} :: sour cherry (fruit of Prunus cerasus)
guinda de la tarta {f} [idiom] :: icing on the cake
guindar {v} :: to hang up
guindilla {f} [Spain] :: chili pepper
guindo {m} :: sour cherry tree (Prunus cerasus)
guindo {m} :: Magellan's beech tree
guindol {m} [Bolivia] :: A cherry liquor
guinea {f} :: guinea (British gold coin)
guinea {f} :: feminine noun of guineo
Guinea {prop} {f} :: Guinea
Guinea-Bisáu {prop} {f} :: Guinea-Bissau
Guinea Ecuatorial {prop} {f} :: Equatorial Guinea
Guinea Española {prop} {f} :: Spanish Guinea
guineano {adj} :: Guinean (relating to Guinea)
guineano {adj} :: of, from, or relating to Guinea-Bissau
guineano {m} :: Guinean (from Guinea)
guineano {m} :: Guinean (from Guinea-Bissau)
guineo {adj} :: Guinean
guineo {m} [Panama, El Salvador, Colombia, Puerto Rico, Dominican Republic, Ecuador] :: short for plátano guineo; banana (fruit)
guineo {m} :: Guinean
guineocuatoriana {f} :: feminine noun of guineocuatoriano
guineocuatoriano {adj} :: alternative form of guineoecuatoriano
guineocuatoriano {m} :: alternative form of guineoecuatoriano
guineoecuatorial {adj} :: Equatorial Guinean
guineoecuatorial {mf} :: Equatorial Guinean
guineoecuatoriana {f} :: feminine noun of guineoecuatoriano
guineoecuatoriano {adj} :: Equatorial Guinean
guineoecuatoriano {m} :: Equatorial Guinean
guiño {m} :: wink, blink
guiñol {m} :: guignol
guion {m} [cinema, theatre] :: script, scenario
guion {m} [orthography] :: hyphen, dash
guion {m} [programming] :: script
guión {m} :: superseded spelling of guion
guionar {v} [Argentina, Uruguay] :: to script
guion bajo {m} :: underscore
guión bajo {m} :: superseded spelling of guion bajo
guión de codornices {m} :: corncrake
guionismo {m} :: scriptwriting
guionista {mf} [film] :: screenwriter
guionizar {vt} :: to script
güipil {m} :: huipil
guipur {m} :: guipure
Guipúzcoa {prop} {f} :: Guipúzcoa (province)
guipuzcoano {adj} :: Of or pertaining to Gipuzkoa
guipuzcoano {m} :: Someone from Gipuzkoa
güira {f} :: feminine noun of güiro, female kid, girl
güira {f} [Dominican Republic] :: güira (percussion instrument)
güira {f} [Antilles] :: guira, a tropical tree of the family Bignoniaceae, e.g. Crescentia cujete
güira {f} [Antilles] :: the fruit of the guira
guiri {mf} [dated] :: A supporter of Queen Isabella II of Spain, a cristino
guiri {mf} [Spain] :: A foreign tourist, normally referring to fair-skinned tourist on package holidays on the Spanish Mediterranean coast from the mid-twentieth century
guiri {mf} :: gorse, furze
guiri {mf} [dated, Spain] :: police agent from la Guardia Civil
guirigay {m} [colloquial, Spain] :: uproar; hullabaloo
guirigay {m} [colloquial, Spain] :: gibberish; claptrap
guirigay {m} [colloquial, Spain] :: chaos, disorder; bedlam
guirnalda {f} :: garland
guirnalda {f} :: wreath
guirnalda {f} :: worm (something helical, especially the thread of a screw)
güiro {m} [South America] :: gourd
güiro {m} [South America, musical instruments] :: guiro
güiro {m} [Mexico] :: kid
guisa {f} :: manner, guise, way
guisa {f} :: habit
guisado {m} :: stew
guisado {m} [Mexico] :: casserole (meal)
guisandera {f} :: stewer (person who stews food)
guisante {m} [Spain] :: pea
guisar {v} :: to stew
guiso {m} :: stew
guisote {m} :: pejorative of guiso
güisquería {f} :: alternative form of whiskería
güisqui {m} :: alternative spelling of whisky
güisquil {m} :: chayote
guita {f} [Argentina, Uruguay, Spain, colloquial] :: money
guitarra {f} :: guitar
guitarra acústica {f} [musical instrument, retronym] :: acoustic guitar
guitarra eléctrica {f} :: electric guitar
guitarrear {v} :: to play guitar
guitarrear {v} [Argentina, colloquial] :: to waffle, bullshit
guitarrera {f} :: feminine noun of guitarrero
guitarrero {m} :: guitar maker
guitarrero {m} :: guitarist
guitarrista {mf} :: guitarist
guitarrístico {adj} [attributive] :: guitar
guitarrón {m} :: guitarrón
guiverno {m} :: wyvern
Guiza {prop} {f} :: Guiza (city)
Gujarat {prop} {m} :: Gujarat (state)
gujaratí {m} :: Gujarati (language)
gula {f} :: gluttony (habit of eating in excess)
gula {f} :: gourmandizing
gulag {m} :: gulag
gülenista {mf} :: Gülenist
gules {adj} [heraldry] :: gules
gulosa {f} [carbohydrate] :: gulose
guloya {m} :: A theatrical dance from Dominican Republic
gulusmear {v} :: To go about eating candy
gulusmear {v} :: To sniff and taste something that's cooking on the pot
gulusmear {v} :: To snoop around
gunner {mf} :: Gunner (someone associated with Arsenal Football Club)
gupta {adj} :: Gupta
gupta {mf} :: Gupta
gurí {m} [Argentina, Uruguay, Paraguay] :: kid, baby
gurja {mf} :: Gurkha
gurmé {adj} :: gourmet
gurmet {adj} :: gourmet
gurú {m} :: guru
gusanera {f} :: worm farm
gusanera {f} :: revolutionaries
gusanería {f} :: loads of worms
gusanillo {m} :: diminutive of gusano
gusanillo {m} :: spiral binding
gusanillo {m} :: bug, bugbear
gusanito {m} :: diminutive of gusano; little worm
gusano {m} :: worm
gusano {m} :: insect larva, such as a grub, caterpillar, or maggot
gusano {m} [Chicano, derogatory] :: a Hispanicized Mexican
gusano {m} [Cuba, derogatory] :: a Cuban reactionary or counter-revolutionary
gusano de seda {m} :: silkworm
gusano plano {m} [zoology] :: flatworm
gusano redondo {m} [zoology] :: roundworm
gusarapa {f} :: tadpole
gusarapa {f} :: bug; (water-based) creepy crawly
gusarapo {m} :: tadpole
gusarapo {m} :: bug; (water-based) creepy crawly
gustación {f} :: tasting, gustation
gustar {vi} :: (followed by a or preceded by an indirect object) to be pleasing to (usually translated into English as like with exchange of the subject and object)
gustar {vi} [dated] :: to taste
gustativamente {adv} :: gustatorily
gustativo {adj} :: taste (attributive)
Gustavo {prop} {m} :: given name
gustazo {m} :: a great pleasure
gustillo {m} :: flavor, taste
gustito {m} :: diminutive of gusto
gusto {m} :: taste (sense)
gusto {m} :: taste (flavour)
gusto {m} :: liking, preference, aesthetic preference
gusto {m} :: pleasure, enthusiasm
gusto {m} :: fancy, whim
gustosamente {adv} :: tastily
gustosamente {adv} :: willingly
gustosísimo {adj} :: superlative of gustoso
gustosito {adj} :: diminutive of gustoso
gustoso {adj} :: tasty, delicious
gustoso {adj} :: glad, willing
Guta {prop} :: Ghouta
gutapercha {f} :: gutta-percha; an inelastic natural latex, produced from the sap of several tropical trees of the genera Palaquium and Payena
Gutierre {prop} {m} :: given name
Gutiérrez {prop} :: surname
gutural {adj} :: guttural
Guyana {prop} :: Guyana
guyanés {adj} :: Guyanese
guyanés {m} :: Guyanese
guyanesa {f} :: feminine noun of guyanés
Guyarat {prop} {m} :: alternative form of Gujarat (state in India)
guyarati {m} :: Gujarati
Guzmán {prop} :: surname
gym {m} :: gym, gymnasium
gyr {m} :: Gyr (breed of cattle)
Gzheliano {prop} {m} :: Gzhelian
Gzlez {prop} {mf} :: abbreviation of González, a surname