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a {article} (an) SEE: an ::
a {n} (name of the letter A, a) :: a
A {abbr} (playing card) :: A [as]
aa {n} (a form of lava flow associated with Hawaiian-type volcanoes) :: apalhraun {n}
Aalborg {prop} (city in northern Denmark) :: Álaborg {f}
aardvark {n} (mammal) :: jarðsvín {n}
aardwolf {n} (the mammal species Proteles cristatus) :: jarðúlfur {m}
Aarhus {prop} (Danish city) :: Árósar
aback {n} (abacus) SEE: abacus ::
abacus {n} (device for performing arithmetical calculations) :: talnagrind {f}
a bad workman always blames his tools {proverb} (not the tools but how they're employed) :: árinni kennir illur ræðari [a bad rower blames his oar]
abalone {n} (edible univalve mollusc) :: sæeyra
abandon {v} (to give up control of, surrender) :: hætta (við)
abandon {v} (to leave behind or desert; to forsake) :: yfirgefa
abandoned {adj} (wicked, self-abandoned, given to sin) :: gjörspilltur
abandoned {adj} (no longer maintained, forsaken, deserted) :: yfirgefinn
abandoned {adj} (free from constraint, uninhibited) :: taumlaus, hóflaus
abandonware {n} (software which has been abandoned by its developer) :: eftirlegubúnaður {m}
abase {v} (to lower so as to cause pain or hurt feelings) :: auðmýkja, niðurlægja
abasement {n} (the act of abasing) :: auðmýking {f}, lítillækkun {f}
abashed {adj} (embarrassed) :: vandræðalegur
abattoir {n} (public slaughterhouse) :: sláturhús {n}
abbess {n} (female superior of a nunnery) :: abbadís {f}
abbot {n} (superior or head of an abbey or monastery) :: ábóti {m}
abbreviate {v} (to make shorter) :: skammstafa, stytta
abbreviation {n} (shortened or contracted form of a word or phrase) :: skammstöfun {f}
abbreviation {n} (act or result of shortening or reducing) :: stytting {f}
abbreviation {n} (music: one or more dashes through the stem of a note) :: stytting {f}
abbreviature {n} (abbreviation) SEE: abbreviation ::
ABC {n} (alphabet) SEE: alphabet ::
abdomen {n} (belly) :: kvið {n}, magi {m}
abduction {n} (logic: type of syllogism) :: fráleiðsla {f}
abductor {n} (muscle) :: fráfærir
abearance {n} (behavior) SEE: behavior ::
abelian {adj} (math: of a group) :: Abel- {m}, abelskur {m}
abelian group {n} (group in which the group operation is commutative) :: Abel-grúpa {f}, víxlgrúpa {f}, abelsk grúpa {f}, víxlin grúpa {f}
abessive case {n} (case used to express the lack of something) :: fjarverufall {n}
abet {v} (to assist or encourage in crime) :: aðstoða
abiogenesis {n} (origination of living organisms from lifeless matter) :: uppruni lífs
a bird in the hand is worth two in the bush {proverb} (small but certain advantage is preferable) :: betri er einn fugl í hendi en tveir í skógi
a bit {adv} (a little) SEE: a little ::
Abkhaz {prop} (a Northwest Caucasian language spoken in Abkhazia) :: abkasíska {?}
Abkhazia {prop} (territory in the Caucasus, see also: Republic of Abkhazia) :: Abkasía
Abkhazian {adj} (Of or pertaining to Abkhazia) SEE: Abkhaz ::
Abkhazian {n} (Abkhaz) SEE: Abkhaz ::
Abkhazian {prop} (Abkhazian language) SEE: Abkhaz ::
ablative {n} (ablative case) SEE: ablative case ::
ablative case {n} (grammatical case used to indicate movement away from something, removal, separation, source) :: sviftifall {n}
ablaut {n} (substitution of one root vowel for another) :: hljóðskipti {n-p}
able {v} (enable) SEE: enable ::
abomasum {n} (fourth or digestive stomach of a ruminant) :: vinstur {f}, vigur {m}
A-bomb {n} (atomic bomb) :: atómsprengja {f}
aborigine {n} (aboriginal inhabitant of a country) :: frumbyggi {m}
abortion {n} (induced abortion) :: fóstureyðing
about {prep} (concerning) :: um
above ground {prep} (on or above the surface of the ground) :: ofanjarðar
Abraham {prop} (prophet in the Old Testament) :: Abraham {m}
Abraham {prop} (male given name) :: Abraham {m}
Abraham {prop} (surname) :: Abraham {m}
abroad {adv} (in foreign countries) :: í utlöndum, erlendis
abscess {n} (cavity filled with pus) :: kýli {n}
absence makes the heart grow fonder {proverb} (when someone or something is faraway, you realise how much you love or miss them or it) :: fjarlægðin gerir fjöllin blá
absinthe {n} (liquor) :: malurtarbrennivín {n}
absolute address {n} (identification of a fixed location) :: eiginlegt vistfang {n}
absolute assembler {n} (generator of absolute addresses) :: eiginlegur smali {m}
absolute code {n} (code using absolute addresses) :: eiginlegur kóði {m}
absolute loader {n} (loader that places absolute code into main memory) :: vistfestuhleðsluforrit {n}
absolute magnitude {n} (intrinsic luminosity of a celestial body) :: reyndarbirta {f}, reyndarbirtustig {n}
absolute majority {n} (A number of votes totalling over 50 per cent) :: hreinn meirihluti {m}
absolute monarchy {n} (state) :: einveldi {n}
absolute zero {n} (coldest possible temperature) :: alkul {n}
abstract {adj} (art: free from representational qualities) :: abstrakt
abstract algebra {n} (branch of mathematics) :: hrein algebra {f}
abstract away {v} (to ignore, omit) SEE: ignore ::
abstract class {n} (in software - a class which cannot be instantiated) :: hugrænn klasi {m}
abstract data type {n} (data type defined only by data properties and operations) :: hugræn gagnagerð {f}, hugræn gagnategund {f}, hugrænt gagnatag {n}
Abu Dhabi {prop} (capital of UAE) :: Abú Dabí
abundance {n} (ample sufficiency) :: gnægð {f}
abuse {n} (physical maltreatment) :: misþyrming
Abydos {prop} (ancient city in Egypt) :: Abýdos
Abyssinian {prop} (Amharic) SEE: Amharic ::
academic year {n} (time period) :: skólaár {n}
academy {n} (learned society) :: akademía {f}
academy {n} :: æðri menntastofnun
acanthesthesia {n} (tingling, numbing sensation as of being pierced) :: náladofi {m}, tindadofi {m}
acceleration {n} ((physics)) :: hröðun
accent {n} (stronger articulation) :: áhersla {f}
access control {n} (practice of restricting entrance to a property) :: aðgangsstýring {f}
access control {n} (in technology) :: aðgangsstýring {f}
access control list {n} (security scheme) :: aðgangsstýringalisti {m}
accessibility {n} (the quality of being accessible, or of admitting approach) :: aðgengileiki {m}
accessibility {n} (feature that increases software usability) :: aðgengileiki {m}
accessory {adj} (having a supplementary function) :: fylgihlutur {m}
accessory {adj} (assisting a crime) :: vitorðsmaður {m}
accessory {n} (that which belongs to something else deemed the principal, attachment) :: fylgihlutir
accessory fruit {n} (A fruit with tissue not derived from ovary) :: skinaldin {n}
accident {n} (unexpected event with negative consequences) :: slys {n}, óhapp {n}
accoil {v} (nautical sense) SEE: coil ::
according to {prep} (based on statement) :: samkvæmt
account {n} (a registry of pecuniary transactions) :: reikningur {m}
accountable {adj} (capable of being accounted for; explicable) :: skýranlegur {m}
accountant {n} (a reckoner, or someone who maintains financial matters for a person(s)) :: endurskoðandi {m}
Accra {prop} (capital of Ghana) :: Akkra
accusative {adj} (producing accusations; accusatory) :: ásakandi
accusative {adj} (related to accusative case) :: þolfalls-
accusative {n} (accusative case) :: þolfall {n}
accusative case {n} (case used to mark the immediate object) SEE: accusative ::
accuse {v} (attribute blame to someone) :: kæra
ace {n} (single point or spot on a card or die) :: ás {m}
ace {n} (card with a single spot) :: ás {m}
ace {n} (die face with a single spot) :: ás {m}
acetone {n} (the organic compound (CH3)2CO) :: asetón {n}
acetylation {n} (reaction of a substance with acetic acid) :: asetýling {f}
acetylene {n} (acetylene) :: kolvetnisgas {n}, logsuðugas {n}, asetýlen {n}
achalasia {n} (problem where a ring of muscles is unable to fully relax.) :: vélindislokakrampi {m}
Achilles tendon {n} (strong tendon in the calf of the leg) :: hásin {f}
acid {adj} (sour, sharp, or biting to the taste) :: súr, beiskur
acid {adj} (sour-tempered) :: meinhæðinn {m}, meinhæðin {f}, meinhæðið {n}
acid {n} (a sour substance) :: sýra {f}
acid {n} (in chemistry) :: sýra {f}
acid {n} (LSD) :: sýra {f}
acidity {n} (quality or state of being acid) :: sýrustig {n}
acidness {n} (acidity) SEE: acidity ::
acid rain {n} (unusually acidic rain) :: súrt regn {n}
acme {n} (the highest point) :: hápunktur {m}
acorn {n} (fruit of the oak tree) :: akarn {n}
Acropolis {prop} (Athenian Acropolis) :: Akrópólishæð {f}
acrostic {n} (poem or text in which certain letters spell out a name or message) :: gripla {f}
acrylic {adj} :: akríl
actinium {n} (chemical element) :: aktín
action word {n} (verb) SEE: verb ::
activate {v} (to activate a software functionality) SEE: enable ::
activation {n} (making active) :: virkjun {f-p}
activation record {n} (programming: data structure containing state information) :: vakningarfærsla {f}
active voice {n} (the form in which the subject of a verb carries out some action) :: germynd {f}
activist {n} (one who is politically active) :: aðgerðasinni {m}
activistic {adj} (activist) SEE: activist ::
actor {n} (person who performs in a theatrical play or film, see also: actress) :: leikari {m}, leikkona {f} [actress]
actor {n} (plaintiff) SEE: plaintiff ::
actress {n} (female actor, see also: actor) :: leikkona {f}
Acts {prop} (Book of Acts) SEE: Acts of the Apostles ::
Acts of the Apostles {prop} (fifth book of the New Testament) :: Postulasagan {m}
actually {adv} (In act or in fact; really; in truth; positively) :: reyndar, raunar
actuator {n} (The mechanism that moves the head assembly on a disk drive) :: armstjóri {m}
acumen {n} (quickness of perception) :: skerpa {f}, skarpskyggni {f}, skarpur skilningur {m}, skörp greind {f}, [business acument] viðskiptavit {n}
acupuncturation {n} (acupuncture) SEE: acupuncture ::
acupuncture {n} (insertion of needles for remedial purposes) :: nálastungulækningar {m}
acute {n} (acute accent) SEE: acute accent ::
acute accent {n} (acute accent) :: broddur, broddur yfir bókstöfum
Adam {prop} (first man in Abrahamic religions) :: Adam {m}
Adam {prop} (male given name) :: Adam {m}
Adam and Eve {prop} (the first man and woman (according to Genesis)) :: Adam og Eva {n-p}
adamant {n} (magnet or loadstone) SEE: magnet ::
Adam's apple {n} (lump in the throat) :: barkakýli {n}, adamsepli {n}
addend {n} (any of various terms added together) :: samleggjandi {m}, liður {m}
adder's tongue {n} (fern of the genus Ophioglossum) :: naðurtunga {f}
add fuel to the fire {v} (worsen a conflict) :: (to pour oil unto the fire) hella olíu á eldinn
addict {n} (person who is addicted, especially to a harmful drug) :: fíkill {m}
addict {n} (adherent or fan) :: aðdáandi {m}
add insult to injury {v} (to further a loss with mockery or indignity) :: bæta gráu ofan á svart, gera vont verra, bæta móðgun við meingjörð, blammera
addition {n} (act of adding) :: viðbót {f}
addition {n} (thing added) :: viðbót {f}
addition {n} (arithmetic: process of adding) :: samlagning {f}
address {n} (direction for letters) :: viðfang
addressing {n} :: viðfenging
Adelaide {prop} (female given name) :: Aðalheiður
Adele {prop} (language spoken in Ghana and Togo) :: adelska {f}
adenine {n} (base that pairs with thymine or uracil) :: adenín {n}
adessive case {n} (noun case used to indicate adjacent location) :: nærverufall {n}
adhesive tape {n} (adhesive tape generally) :: límband {n}, teip {n} [informal; usually refers to thicker tape such as duct tape or medical tape]
ad hoc {adj} (for this particular purpose) :: sértækur {m}, sérsniðinn {m}
adieu {interj} (farewell, goodbye) SEE: goodbye ::
adios {interj} (goodbye) SEE: goodbye ::
adjectival {adj} (functioning as an adjective) :: lýsingarorð {n}
adjective {n} ((grammar) a word that modifies a noun or describes a noun’s referent) :: lýsingarorð {n}
adjective {adj} (adjectival) SEE: adjectival ::
adjustable {adj} (capable of being adjusted) :: stillanlegur
administration {n} :: stjórnun
admirable {adj} (deserving of the highest esteem or admiration) :: aðdáanlegur
admiral {n} (naval officer of the highest rank) :: aðmíráll {m}
admissible {adj} (capable or deserving to be admitted, accepted or allowed; allowable, permissible, acceptable) :: leyfilegur {m}, heimill {m}
ad nauseam {adv} (to a sickening degree) :: up að flökurleika; að flökurleika; svo oft að manni býður við því; svo oft að manni þyki meira en nóg um
Adolf {prop} (male given name) SEE: Adolph ::
Adolph {prop} (male given name) :: Adolf {m}
Adolphus {prop} (male given name) SEE: Adolph ::
adore {v} (worship) :: dýrka
adult {n} (fully grown human) :: fullorðinn {m}
adultery {n} (sexual intercourse by a married person with someone other than their spouse) :: hjúskaparbrot {n}
adult star {n} (porn star) SEE: porn star ::
advancement {n} (act of advancing) :: framfarir
advent {n} (Christianity) SEE: Advent ::
Advent {prop} (season before Christmas) :: aðventa {f}, jólafasta {f}
adventure {n} (that which happens without design) :: ævintýri
adverb {n} (lexical category) :: atviksorð {n}
adversary {n} (opponent) :: andstæðingur {m}; óvinur {m}
advert {n} (advertisement) SEE: advertisement ::
advertently {adv} (on purpose) SEE: on purpose ::
advertise {v} :: auglýsa
advertisement {n} (commercial solicitation) :: auglýsing {f}
advertising agency {n} (business which handles advertising) :: auglýsingastofa {f}
advice {n} (opinion recommended or offered, as worthy to be followed; counsel) :: ráð {n}, ábending {f}
advise {v} (to give advice to; to offer an opinion; to counsel; to warn) :: ráða
adviser {n} (advisor) SEE: advisor ::
advisor {n} :: ráðgjafi {m}
advocacy group {n} (people who use various forms of advocacy to influence public opinion) :: þrýstihópur {m}
aeolian harp {n} (type of harp) :: vindharpa {f}
aerial {n} (device for receiving or transmitting) :: loftnet {n}
aerobiology {n} (the study of the dispersion of airborne biological materials) :: loftlíffræði {f}
aerodynamics {n} (The science of the dynamics of bodies moving relative to gases) :: loftaflfræði {?}
aeroembolism {n} (condition) SEE: air embolism ::
aeroplane {n} (airplane) SEE: airplane ::
aerosol {n} (gaseous or airborne cloud of particulate matter) :: úðaefni {n}, agnúði {m}
aerostatic {adj} (pneumatic) SEE: pneumatic ::
aesir {n} (Æsir) SEE: Æsir ::
Aesop {prop} (ancient Greek author) :: Esóp {m}
aesthetic {adj} (concerned with beauty) :: sjónrænn {m}
aesthetic {n} (the study of art or beauty) SEE: aesthetics ::
aesthetics {n} (study or philosophy of beauty) :: fagurfræði {f}
affidavit {n} (legal, signed document wherein an affiant makes a sworn statement) :: eiðsvarin yfirlýsing {f}, skrifleg yfirlýsing {f}, eiðfest yfirlýsing {f}
affine geometry {n} (branch of geometry) :: vildarrúmfræði {f}
affine group {n} (the group of all affine transformations) :: vildargrúpa {f}
affine space {n} (vector space having no origin) :: vildarrúm {n}
affine transformation {n} (linear transformation followed by a translation) :: vildarvörpun {f}, vildarmótun {f}
affix {n} (linguistics: a bound morpheme added to a word’s stem) :: aðskeyti
affix {n} (suffix) SEE: suffix ::
affixoid {n} (regular word that also works as an affix) :: aðliður
affluent {n} (tributary) SEE: tributary ::
Afghan {n} (person from Afghanistan) :: Afgani {m}, Afganar {m-p}
Afghani {n} (citizen or native of Afghanistan) SEE: Afghan ::
Afghani {adj} (relating to Afghanistan) SEE: Afghan ::
Afghanistan {prop} (country) :: Afganistan
A-flat {n} (tone four fifths below C) :: as {n}
A-flat {n} (mechanism for producing an A-flat) :: as-takki {m}, as-klappi {m}
A-flat major {n} (A-flat major) :: as-dúr {m}
Africa {prop} (continent south of Europe) :: Afríka {f}
African elephant {n} (Loxodonta africana or Loxodonta cyclotis found in Africa) :: afríkufíll {m}
African Union {prop} (multinational organisation) :: Afríkusambandið {n}
a friend in need is a friend indeed {proverb} (someone who helps you in your time of need is a real friend) :: sá er vinur, sem í raun reynist
Afrikaans {prop} (language) :: afríkanska {f}, afríkaans
after {adv} (behind; later in time; following) :: eftir
after {prep} (subsequently; following in time; later than) :: eftir
afterbirth {n} (material expelled after childbirth) :: fósturfylgja {f}, hildir {f-p}
afternoon {n} (part of the day between noon and evening) :: síðdegi {n}, eftirmiðdagur {m}, seinnipartur {m}
afterword {n} (appendix) SEE: appendix ::
again {adv} (another time) :: aftur, á ný
agate {n} (mineral) :: agat {m}
agave {n} (genus) :: þyrnililjuætt {f}, eyðimerkurliljuætt {f}
age {n} (century) SEE: century ::
age {n} (one of the stages of life) :: aldur {m}
age {n} (part of the duration of a being or thing between its beginning and any given time) :: aldur {m}
age {n} (time of life at which one attains full personal rights and capacities) :: sjálfræðisaldri
age {v} (intransitive: become old) :: verða gamall, eldast, [dated] kemba hærurnar
ageful {n} (eternity) SEE: eternity ::
age-mate {n} (one who is the same age as another) :: jafnaldri {m}
age of consent {n} (an age at which one is legally mature enough to have sex) :: samræðisaldur {m}, lögriðilsaldur {m} (used colloquially and jokingly)
age of majority {n} (age at which the rights and privileges of an adult are legally granted) :: sjálfræðisaldur {m}, (sometimes used with definite; sjálfræðisaldurinn {m})
aglet {n} (catkin) SEE: catkin ::
ago {adv} (past; gone by; since) :: fyrir
agony {n} (violent contest or striving) :: kvöl {n}, þjáning {f}
agony {n} (extreme pain of mind or body) :: kvöl {n}, þjáning {f}
agora {n} (a place for gathering) :: samkomustaður {m}
agora {n} (a marketplace) :: markaðstorg {n}
agoraphobia {n} (fear of open spaces) :: víðáttufælni {f}, torgageigur {m} [rare]
agree {v} :: samþykkja
agreement {n} (grammatical agreement) :: samræmi {n}
agriculture {n} (the art or science of cultivating the ground) :: landbúnaður {m}, jarðyrkja {f}
agrometeorology {n} (branch of meteorology dealing with agriculture) :: búveðurfræði {f}
ague {n} (malaria) SEE: malaria ::
ahorse {adv} (on the back of a horse) SEE: horseback ::
ahorseback {adv} (on the back of a horse) SEE: horseback ::
aide {n} (assistant) SEE: assistant ::
AIDS {n} (acquired immune deficiency syndrome) :: alnæmi {n}, eyðni {f}, AIDS {n}
air {v} (to bring into contact with the air) :: lofta
air {n} (historical: one of the basic elements) :: loft {n}
air {n} (mixture of gases making up the atmosphere of the Earth) :: loft {n}
air ambulance {n} (an aircraft equipped as an ambulance) :: sjúkraþyrla {f}
airbag {n} (protective system in automobiles) :: loftpúði {m}
aircraft {n} (machine capable of atmospheric flight) :: loftfar {n}
aircraft carrier {n} (warship for launching aircraft) :: lugmóðurskip {n}
air embolism {n} (condition caused by bubbles of gas) :: loftbólurek {n}, loftstífla {f}
airfield {n} (place where airplanes can take off and land) :: flugvöllur {m}
airfoil {n} (wing of an aircraft) SEE: wing ::
air force {n} (branch of the military devoted to air warfare) :: loftvopn {n}
air force {n} (unit in the U.S. Air Force) :: loftvopn {n}
airline {n} (company that flies airplanes) :: flugfélag {n}
airliner {n} (passenger aircraft) :: farþegaflugvél {f}
airmail {n} (the system of conveying mail using aircraft) :: flugpóstur {m}
airplane {n} (powered aircraft) :: flugvél {f}
airport {n} (place designated for airplanes) :: flugvöllur, flughöfn {f}, flugstöð {f}
airship {n} (aircraft) SEE: aircraft ::
airship {n} (self-propelled lighter-than-air aircraft that can be steered) SEE: dirigible ::
airsickness {n} (form of motion sickness) :: flugveiki {f}
air terminal {n} (terminal at an airport) :: flugstöð {f}
airtight {adj} (impermeable to air or other gases) :: loftþéttur
airtight {adj} (having no weak points or flaws) :: óhrekjandi
air traffic control {n} (system designed to give assistance to aircraft) :: Flugumferðarstjórn {f}
air traffic controller {n} (operator of air traffic control system) :: flugumferðarstjóri {m}
aitch {n} (name of the letter H, h) ::
ajar {adv} (slightly turned or opened) :: í hálfa gátt
ajar {adj} (slightly turned or opened) :: opinn til hálfs; opinn í hálfa gátt
ajar {adv} (Being at variance or in contradiction to something) :: úr samræmi, í ósamræmi, úr takti
Ajax {prop} (either of two heroes of the Trojan War) :: Ajas
Akhenaten {prop} (Pharaoh in 14th century BCE, founder of Atenism) :: Akhenaten
akimbo {adj} (with a crook or bend; with the hand on the hip and elbow turned outward) :: með hendur á mjöðmum
Akureyri {prop} (city on the north coast of Iceland) :: Akureyri {f}
alalia {n} (loss of the ability to speak) :: málhelti {n}
Aland {prop} (archipelago) :: Álandseyjar {f-p}, Áland {n}
alarm clock {n} (type of clock) :: vekjaraklukka {f}
Alaska {prop} (US state) :: Alaska {n}
alb {n} (a long white robe worn by priests and other ministers) :: alba {f}
Albania {prop} (country in south-eastern Europe) :: Albanía
Albanian {adj} (of or pertaining to Albania) :: albanskur
Albanian {n} (person from Albania) :: Albani {m}
Albanian {prop} (language) :: albanska {f}
albatross {n} (seabird) :: súlukóngur {m}, stormfugl {m}
Albert {prop} (male given name) :: Aðalbjartur
Alberta {prop} (province) :: Alberta
album {n} (book for photographs, stamps, or autographs) :: albúm {n}
albumen {n} (white part of an egg) :: eggjahvíta {f}, hvíta í eggi {f}
alchemist {n} (one who practices alchemy) :: gullgerðarmaður {m}
alchemy {n} (ancient chemistry) :: gullgerðarlist {f}
alcohol {n} (organic chemistry sense) :: alkóhól {n}
alcohol {n} (intoxicating beverage) :: áfengi {n}
alcohol-free {adj} (containing no alcohol) :: óáfengur, áfengislaus
Alcoholics Anonymous {prop} (proper noun) :: AA-Samtökin
Aldebaran {prop} (star) :: Aldebaran
alder {n} (any tree or shrub of the genus Alnus) :: elri, ölur {m}
ale {n} (beer produced by warm fermentation) :: öl {n}
Alejandro {prop} (cognates of Alejandro) SEE: Alexander ::
Aleutian Islands {prop} (archipelago) :: Aleuteyjar {f-p}
Alexander {prop} (male given name) :: Alexander
Alexander the Great {prop} (King of Macedonia) :: Alexander mikli {m}
alfresco {adv} (outdoors) :: undir berum himni, úti
alga {n} (any of many aquatic photosynthetic organisms) :: þörungur {m}
algae {n} (plural of alga) :: þörungar {m-p}
algal bloom {n} (dense spread of algae) :: þörungablómi {n}
algebra {n} (system for computation) :: merkjamálsfræði
algebra {n} (universal algebra) SEE: universal algebra ::
algebraic number {n} (element of a number field that is a root of a polynomial with integer coefficients) :: algebruleg tala {f}, algebrutala {f}
algebraic structure {n} (sets with operations) :: algebrumynstur {n}, algebrulegt mynstur {n}
Algeria {prop} (country) :: Alsír {n}
Algerian {n} (person from Algeria) :: Alsíringur {m}
Algerian {adj} (of Algeria or its people) :: alsírskur {m}
Algiers {prop} (the capital of Algeria) :: Algeirsborg
algorithm {n} (well-defined procedure) :: reiknirit, algrím {n}, reiknisögn {f}, algóriþmi {m}
Ali Baba {prop} (a fictional character) :: Alí Baba {m}
alibi {n} (criminal legal defense) :: fjarvistarsönnun {f}
Alice {prop} (female given name) :: Lísa {f}
alienation {n} (emotional isolation or dissociation) :: firring {f}
alienist {n} (psychiatrist) SEE: psychiatrist ::
a little {adv} (to a small extent or degree) :: smá, svolítið, örlítið, eilítið
alive {adj} (having life) :: lifandi, á lífi
alkaloid {n} (organic heterocyclic base) :: beiskjuefni {n}
all {determiner} (every individual of the given class) :: allur {m}
all {pron} (everything) SEE: everything ::
allative case {n} (case used to indicate movement onto, or to the adjacency of something) :: tilgangsfall {n}
all cats are gray at night {proverb} (all cats are grey in the dark) SEE: all cats are grey in the dark ::
all cats are grey in the dark {proverb} (proverb) :: í myrkri eru allir kettir gráir
alleged {adj} (asserted) :: meintur
allele {n} (variant of a gene) :: samsæta {f}, genasamsæta {f}, tvenndargen {n}
allelomorph {n} (allele) SEE: allele ::
allergen {n} (substance) :: ofnæmisvaldur {m}, ofnæmisvaki {m}
allergy {n} (disorder of the immune system) :: ofnæmi {n}
alleviate {v} (make less severe) :: létta
alley {n} (narrow street) :: sund {n}, húsasund {n}, öngstræti {n}
alleyway {n} (narrow street) SEE: alley ::
alliance {n} (state of being allied) :: bandalag {n}
alligator {n} (large amphibious reptile of genus Alligator) :: krókódíll
alliteration {n} (the repetition of consonants) :: stuðlun {f}, stafrím {n}
all of a sudden {adv} (colloquial: suddenly, see also: suddenly) :: allt í einu
all of the sudden {adv} (all of a sudden) SEE: all of a sudden ::
allowance {n} (a child's allowance; pocket money) SEE: pocket money ::
alloy {n} (metal combined of more elements) :: málmblanda {f}
all right {adj} (in good health) :: ágætur
all rights reserved {phrase} (copyright notice formula) :: öll réttindi áskilin
all roads lead to Rome {proverb} (different paths can take to the same goal) :: allir vegir liggja til Rómar
allspice {n} (spice) :: allrahanda {n}, negulpipar {m}
all's well that ends well {proverb} (A happy ending makes up for everything that has gone before...) :: allt er gott sem endar vel
all that glitters is not gold {proverb} (things that appear valuable or worthwhile might not actually be so) :: ekki er allt gull sem glóir
all there {adj} (negative form, "not all there": mentally incompetent) :: ekki með öllum mjalla
all too {adv} (way too) SEE: way too ::
almighty {adj} (unlimited in might) :: almáttugur
almond {n} (nut) :: mandla {f}, sætmandla {f}
alms {n} (something given to the poor as charity) :: ölmusa {f}
aloha {interj} (hello) SEE: hello ::
aloha {interj} (goodbye) SEE: goodbye ::
along {prep} (by the length of; in a line with the length of; lengthwise next to) :: meðfram
along {prep} (in a line with, with a progressive motion on; onward on; forward on) :: eftir
along {adv} (in company, together) :: með
along {adv} (onward, forward) :: áfram
alpha {n} (name of the letter Α, α) :: alfa {n}
alpha and omega {n} (the first and the last) :: upphaf og endir
alphabet {n} (an ordered set of letters used in a language) :: stafróf {n}, rittáknakerfi {n}
alphabetisation {n} (act of arranging in alphabetical order) :: stafrófsröðun
Alpha Centauri {prop} (brightest star in the southern constellation of Centaurus) :: Alfa í Mannfáki {n}
alpha decay {n} (radioactive decay by emitting an alpha particle) :: alfasundrun {f}, alfahrörnun {f}
alpha particle {n} (positively charged nucleus) :: alfaögn {f}, alfa-ögn {f}, alfaeind {f}
alpha ray {n} (stream of alpha particles) :: alfageislar {m-p}
alpha wave {n} (electrical signal produced by the brain) :: alfa-bylgja {f}
alpine chough {n} (alpine chough) :: fjallkorpungur
alpine clubmoss {n} (Diphasiastrum alpinum) :: litunarjafni {m}
Alps {prop} (a mountain range in Western Europe) :: Alpafjöll {n-p}, Alparnir {m-p}
al-Qaeda {prop} (The global network of militant Islamic extremists.) :: Al-Kaída
al-Quds {prop} (Jerusalem) SEE: Jerusalem ::
already {adv} (prior to some time) :: þegar
Alsace {prop} (region on the west bank of the upper Rhine) :: Elsass {n}
Alsatian {prop} (language of Alsace) :: alsatíska {f}
also {adv} (in addition; besides; as well; further; too) :: líka, einnig
altar {n} (flat-topped structure used for religious rites) :: altari {n}
altercation {n} (dispute) :: bræta {f}, rifrildi {n}, deila {f}, orðakast {n}, orðahnippingar {f-p}, orðaskak {n}, orðasenna {f}
alter ego {n} (alternate personality or persona) :: annað sjálf {n}
alternation {n} (ablaut) SEE: ablaut ::
although {conj} (in spite of the fact that) :: þó að, enda þótt
altostratus {n} (cloud type) :: gráblika {f}
altruistic {adj} (regardful of others; beneficent; unselfish) :: ósérplæginn, óeigingjarn, fórnfús
aluminium {n} (silvery metal) :: ál {?}
aluminum {n} (aluminium) SEE: aluminium ::
alveolar {adj} (formed with the tongue touching or approaching the ridge behind the upper teeth) :: tannbergsmæltur
always {adv} (at all times) :: alltaf
always {adv} :: alltaf, ætíð
Alwin {prop} (male given name meaning "noble friend") :: Aðalvinur
a.m. {adv} (before noon) :: árdegis, fyrir hádegi, f.h., a.m.
amazing {adj} (very good) SEE: good ::
Amazon {prop} (river) :: Amasónfljót {f}
amœba {n} (amoeba) SEE: amoeba ::
ambassador {n} (minister) :: sendiherra {m}, [dated] ambassadör
ambassador {n} (representative) :: sendiherra {m}
amber {n} (fossil resin) :: raf {n}
ambient {adj} (encompassing on all sides) :: umlykjandi {m}, allt um kring, umhverfis-
ambiguous {adj} (open to multiple interpretations) :: óskýr
ambivalence {n} (coexistence of opposing attitudes) :: tvíveðrungur {m}, tvíbendni {f}
amble {v} (to stroll or walk slowly and leisurely) :: labba
ambulance {n} (emergency vehicle) :: sjúkrabíll {m}, sjúkrabifreið {f} [formal]
amebicide {n} (substance that kills amoebae) :: angalýjudrepandi {n}
amen {adv} (so be it) :: amen
amen {adv} :: amen
amends {n} (compensation for a loss or injury) :: sárabætur {f-p}, miskabætur {f-p}
amerce {v} (to impose a fine on) SEE: fine ::
America {prop} (United States of America) SEE: United States of America ::
America {prop} (Americas) SEE: Americas ::
American {n} (person born in, or a citizen of, the U.S.) :: Bandaríkjamaður {m}, [colloquial] Ameríkani {m}
American {adj} (of or pertaining to the Americas) :: amerískur
American {adj} (of or pertaining to the U.S. or its culture) :: bandarískur
American bison {n} (mammal) :: vísundur
American bittern {n} (Botaurus lentiginosus) :: reyrþvari {m}
American Bulldog {n} (American Bulldog) :: amerískur bolabítur {m}
American Civil War {prop} (civil war in the United States (1861-1865)) :: Þrælastríðið {n}, Bandaríska borgarastríðið {n}
American football {n} (American football) :: amerískur fótbolti {m}
American Indian {n} (a member of some indigenous peoples of the Americas) SEE: Indian ::
American Revolutionary War {prop} :: Bandaríska frelsistríðið {n}, Bandaríska byltingin {f}
Americas {prop} (North and South America) :: Ameríka {f}
americium {n} (chemical element with atomic number 95) :: ameríkín
Amerindian {n} (an American Indian) SEE: Indian ::
Amharic {prop} (language) :: amharíska {f}
amigo {n} (friend) SEE: friend ::
aminobutyric {adj} (of or pertaining to any of several isomeric univalent radicals) :: amínósmjör-
amiss {adj} (wrong) SEE: wrong ::
a mite {adv} (to a small extent) SEE: a little ::
ammeter {n} (device that measures an electric current) :: straummælir {m}
ammonium bicarbonate {n} (ammonium bicarbonate) :: hjartasalt {n}
ammonium hydroxide {n} (compound) :: ammóníumhýdroxíð {n}
amniotic fluid {n} (fluid that surrounds a developing embryo or fetus) :: legvatn {n}
amniotic sac {n} (sac in which foetus develops, see also: amnion) :: líknarbelgur {m}
amoeba {n} (member of a genus of unicellular protozoa) :: amaba {f}, amba {f}, slímdýr {n}
Amos {prop} (figure mentioned in the Old Testament) :: Amos {m}
Amos {prop} (book of the Old Testament) :: Amos {m}
amount {n} (number of elements in a set) SEE: number ::
ampere {n} (unit of electrical current) :: amper {?}
ampersand {n} (the symbol &) :: táknið &; og-lykkja; tengilykkja; hlíðskipulykkja
ampersat {n} (at sign) SEE: at sign ::
amphetamine {n} (amphetamine) :: amfetamín {n}
amphibian {n} (vertebrate) :: froskdýr {n}
amplitude modulation {n} (method of sending information) :: styrkmótun {f}
ampoule {n} (small glass vial hermetically sealed) :: ampúla {f}, púla {f}, lyfjabiða {f}, lykja {f}
amputation {n} (surgical removal of a limb) :: aflimun {f}
amygdala {n} (region of the brain) :: möndlungur {m}
amyotrophic lateral sclerosis {n} (disease) :: blönduð hreyfitaugahrörnun {f}, hliðarstrengjavista {f}
an {article} (indefinite article) :: Not used in Icelandic
anabolic steroid {n} (class of steroid) :: vefaukandi steri {m}
anaesthesia {n} (anesthesia) SEE: anesthesia ::
anaesthetist {n} (anaesthetist) SEE: anesthesiologist ::
anagram {n} (word or phrase created by rearranging letters from another word or phrase) :: raðhverfa {f}, orðarugl {n}, stafabrengl {n}, stafarugl {n}
anal cleft {n} (groove between buttocks) SEE: gluteal cleft ::
analog {adj} (represented by a continuously variable physical quantity) :: hliðrænt
analogue {n} (analog) SEE: analog ::
anal sex {n} (sex involving the anus) :: endaþarmsmök {n-p}
analysis {n} (decomposition into components in order to study) :: greining {f}
analysis {n} (in mathematics) :: stærðfræðigreining {f}, stærðfræðileg greining {f}, greining {f}
analyst {n} (person who analyses) :: sérfræðingur {m}
analytic function {n} (mathematical function) :: raunfágað fall {n}
analyze {v} (to subject to analysis) :: greina
ananas {n} (pineapple) SEE: pineapple ::
anaphora {n} (repetition of a phrase used for emphasis) :: klifun {f}, runklifun {f}, anafóra {f}
anaphora {n} (linguistics: expression that refers to another expression) :: vísiorð {n}
anaphoric {adj} (relating to an anaphora) :: endurvísandi
anaphrodisiac {adj} (antaphrodisiac) SEE: antaphrodisiac ::
anaphrodisiac {n} (antaphrodisiac) SEE: antaphrodisiac ::
an apple a day keeps the doctor away {proverb} (apples are good for you) :: epli á dag kemur heilsunni í lag
anarchism {n} (belief that proposes the absence and abolition of government in all forms) :: stjórnleysisstefna {?}
anarchy {n} (absence of any form of political authority or government) :: stjórnleysi {n}
anarchy {n} (political disorder and confusion) :: stjórnleysi {n}
anatomy {n} (art of studying the different parts of any organized body) :: líffærafræði {f}
anchor {n} (tool to moor a vessel into sea bottom) :: akkeri {n}
ancient {adj} (having lasted from a remote period) :: forn
ancient {adj} (existent or occurring in time long past) :: forn
ancient {adj} (history: relating to antiquity) :: fornaldar-
Ancient Greece {prop} (ancient civilization of the Mediterranean) :: Grikkland hið forna
Ancient Greek {prop} (the Greek language of classical antiquity) :: forngríska {f}
Ancient Rome {prop} (civilization associated with Rome from the 9th century BC to the 5th century AD) :: Róm til forna {f}
and {conj} (used to connect two similar words, phrases, et cetera) :: og
and {conj} (used at the end of a list to indicate the last item) :: og
and how {phrase} (strong confirmation of preceding) :: svo sannarlega
and/or {conj} (inclusive "or") :: og/eða
Andorra {prop} (country) :: Andorra {n}
Andorran {n} (person from Andorra) :: Andorramaður {m}
Andorran {adj} (pertaining to Andorra) :: andorrskur {m}
Andrew {prop} (male given name) :: Andrés
androgen {n} (androgen) :: karlhormón {n}, andrógen {n}
and so forth {phrase} (indicating a list continues similarly) :: og svo framvegis, o. s. frv. / og þar fram eftir götunum, og þess háttar
and so on {phrase} (indicating a list continues) SEE: and so forth ::
anecdotal {adj} (relating to or of the nature of an anecdote) :: atvikssögulegur; anekdótískur
anecdote {n} (short account of an incident) :: atvikssaga {f}, anekdóta {f}
anecdotic {adj} (anecdotal) SEE: anecdotal ::
anecdotive {adj} (anecdotal) SEE: anecdotal ::
anemia {n} (medical condition with decreased oxygen transport) :: blóðleysi {n}, blóðskortur {m}
anemic {adj} (of or pertaining to anemia) :: blóðlaus {m}
anemometer {n} (an instrument for measuring and recording the speed of the wind) :: vindmælir {m}
anesthesia {n} (loss of bodily sensation) :: deyfing {f}
anesthesiologist {n} (physician specializing in anesthesiology) :: svæfingarlæknir {m}
anesthetic {n} (a substance for the reduced perception of pain) :: deyfilyf {n}
aneuploid {adj} (having number of chromosomes that is not a multiple of the haploid number) :: ójafnlitna {m}
aneuploidy {n} (the condition of being aneuploid) :: ójafnlitnun {f}
aneurysm {n} (abnormal blood-filled swelling) :: slagæðargúlpur {m}, gúlpur {m}
anew {adv} (again) :: á nyju
angel {n} (messenger from a deity) :: engill {m}
angel {n} (in Christian angelology, the lowest order of angels) :: engill {m}
angel {n} (selfless person) :: engill {m}
angelica {n} (plants of genus Angelica) :: hvönn {f}
angel of death {n} (personification of death in fiction and in art) :: maðurinn með ljáinn {m}, dauðinn {m}, engill dauðans {m}
anger {n} (A strong feeling of displeasure, hostility or antagonism towards someone or something) :: reiði {f}
anger {v} (to cause such a feeling of antagonism) :: gera reiðan, reita til reiði
anger {v} (to become angry) :: reiðast
angle {n} (geometrical figure) :: horn {n}
angle {n} (corner where two walls intersect) :: horn {n}
angle {n} (viewpoint) :: sjónarhorn {n}
angle grinder {n} (power tool) :: slípirokkur {m}
Anglican {n} (member of an Anglican church) :: biskupakirkjumaður {m}
Anglish {prop} (variety of English) :: anska
Anglo-Saxon {prop} (Old English) SEE: Old English ::
ang moh {n} (white person) SEE: white ::
Angola {prop} (country in Southern Africa) :: Angóla {n}
angry {adj} (displaying anger) :: reiður
angular {adj} (relating to or forming an angle; sharp-cornered) :: hyrndur, skarphyrndur, horn
angular {adj} (figurative: sharp and stiff in character) :: beinaber
angular velocity {n} (angle turned in a given time) :: hornhraði {m}
anhimid {n} (screamer) SEE: screamer ::
animal {adj} (of animals) :: dýrslegur
animal {adj} (unhindered by social codes) :: dýrslegur
animal {n} (organism) :: dýr {n}
animal {n} (organism other than man) :: dýr {n}
animal {n} (person who behaves wildly) :: dýr {n}, óargadýr {n}
anime {n} (an animated work originated in Japan) :: anime
anise {n} (fennel) SEE: fennel ::
anisomorphism {n} (differences between two languages) :: missvörun
anisotropic {adj} (exhibiting anisotropy) :: misátta {m}, stefnuháður {m}, stefnuhneigður {m}
anisotropy {n} (the property of being directionally dependent) :: stefnuhneigð {m}, misáttun {f}
ankle {n} (joint between foot and leg) :: ökkli {m}
ankylosaurus {n} (large herbivorous dinosaur of the Cretaceous) :: gaddeðla
Ann {prop} (female given name) :: Anna
Anna {prop} (given name) SEE: Ann ::
Anne {prop} (given name) SEE: Ann ::
annihilate {v} (to reduce to nothing, to destroy, to eradicate) :: tortíma
anniversary {n} (day an exact number of years since an event) :: afmæli {n}, [anniversary of death] dánarafmæli {n}, [anniversary of death] ártíð {f}, [anniversary of death] dánardægur {n}
anniversary {n} (wedding anniversary) :: brúðkaupsafmæli {n}
anno Domini {n} (in the year of our Lord) SEE: Anno Domini ::
Anno Domini {adv} (in the year of our Lord) :: á því herrans ári, á því Guðs ári
annoy {v} (to disturb or irritate) :: trufla
annoying {v} (causing irritation or annoyance; troublesome; vexatious) :: truflandi
annual {adj} (of a plant) :: einær
annually {adv} (once every year) :: árlega
annual report {n} (company report of activities for the preceding year) :: ársskýrsla {f}
annular {adj} (having the form of a ring) :: hringlaga
annular eclipse {n} (type of solar eclipse) :: hringmyrkvi {m}
anocracy {n} (political system which is neither fully democratic nor fully autocratic) :: herraræði {n}
anoda {determiner} (another) SEE: another ::
anode {n} (the electrode through which current flows into a cell) :: forskaut {f}, plússkaut {n}, jákvætt skaut {n}, jáskaut {n}, anóða {f}
anomalistic {adj} (irregular) SEE: irregular ::
anomia {n} :: nefnistol {n}, nafnstol {n}
anophelicide {n} (that which kills mosquitos) :: moskítóeitur {n}
anorexia {n} (anorexia nervosa) SEE: anorexia nervosa ::
anorexia nervosa {n} (disorder) :: lystarstol, anorexía
another {determiner} (one more, in addition to a former number) :: annar {m}, önnur {f}, annað {n}
another {determiner} (not the same; different) :: annar {m}, önnur {f}, annað {n}
another {determiner} (any or some) :: annar {m}, önnur {f}, annað {n}
answer {n} (response) :: svar {n}, ans {n}
answer {n} (solution) :: svar {n}
answer {v} (to make a reply or response to) :: svara, ansa
answer {v} (to respond to a call) :: svara
answering machine {n} (device that automatically records voice mail) :: símsvari {m}
answerphone {n} (answering machine) SEE: answering machine ::
answer to {v} (to be responsible to) :: ábyrgur {m}, ábyrgur fyrir {m}, [when negated] óábyrgur {m}
ant {n} (insect) :: maur {m}
antagonist {n} (opponent) :: andstæðingur {m}, mótstöðumaður {m}
Antananarivo {prop} (city) :: Antananarívó
antaphrodisiac {adj} (capable of reducing the sex drive) :: lostakælandi {m}, sem dregur úr kynhvöt {m}
antaphrodisiac {n} (substance capable of reducing the sex drive) :: lostakælir {m}
Antarctica {prop} (southernmost continent) :: Suðurskautslandið {n}, Suðurheimskautslandið {n}, Antarktíka {f}, Suðurskautsálfa {f}
anteater {n} (mammal) :: mauraæta {f}
antecedent {adj} (earlier in time or order) :: undanfari {m}
antecedent {n} (any thing that precedes another thing) :: undanfari {m}
antecedent {n} (word, phrase or clause referred to by a pronoun) :: undanfari {m}
antecedent {n} (conditional part of a hypothetical proposition) :: forliður {f}
antenna {n} (feeler organ) :: fálmari {m}
antenna {n} (device to receive or transmit radio signals) SEE: aerial ::
anthem {n} (national anthem) :: þjóðsöngur {m}
anther {n} (pollen-bearing part of the stamen) :: frjóhnappur {m}
ant-hill {n} (anthill) SEE: anthill ::
anthill {n} (home of ants and termites) :: mauraþúfa {f}
anthology {n} (collection of literary works) :: sýnisbók {f}, safnrit {n}
anthrax {n} (disease) :: miltisbrandur {m}
anthropology {n} (the study of humanity) :: mannfræði {f}
anthropomorphism {n} (the attribution or ascription of human characteristics to something not human) :: manngervastefna {f}
antiandrogen {n} (any substance that inhibits the release or biological effects of an androgen) :: andkarlhormón {n}
antibiotic {n} (substance that destroys or inhibits bacteria) :: sýklalyf {n}
anticathode {n} (anode) SEE: anode ::
antichrist {n} (someone that works against the teachings of Christ) :: Antíkristur {m}
anticommutative {adj} (math) :: andvíxlinn {m}, andvíxlanlegur {m}
anticommutator {n} (a function of two elements A and B, defined as AB + BA) :: andvíxill {m}
antidepressant {n} (agent that prevents or counteracts depression) :: þunglyndislyf {n}
antidepression {adj} (antidepressant) SEE: antidepressant ::
antidepressive {adj} (antidepressant) SEE: antidepressant ::
antidepressive {n} (antidepressant) SEE: antidepressant ::
antiderivative {n} (function whose derivative is a given function) :: stofnfall {n}
Antigua and Barbuda {prop} (country) :: Antígva og Barbúda
antihistamine {n} (drug or substance) :: ofnæmislyf {n}, andhistamín {n}
antihistaminic {n} (antihistamine) SEE: antihistamine ::
antimatter {n} (matter composed of antiparticles) :: andefni {n}
antimony {n} (chemical element) :: antímon {?}
antineutron {n} (the antiparticle corresponding to a neutron) :: andnifteind {f}
antinomy {n} (contradiction) :: gagnkvæði {n}
Antioch {prop} (Antioch on the Orontes) :: Antíokkía {f}
antiparticle {n} (a subatomic particle) :: andeind {f}
antipathy {n} (contrariety or opposition in feeling) :: andúð {f}, ógeð {n}, óbeit {f}
antiproton {n} (antiparticle of the proton) :: andróteind {f}
antisepsis {n} (countering microbial infection) :: smitvörn {f}
antisepticism {n} (antisepsis) SEE: antisepsis ::
antisocial {adj} (unwilling or unable to associate normally with other people) :: andfélagslegur
antisymmetric {adj} ((order theory; of a binary relation on a set)) :: andsamhverfur {m}
antisymmetrical {adj} (antisymmetric) SEE: antisymmetric ::
antonym {n} (word which has the opposite meaning) :: andheiti {n}, andrætt orð {n}
antonymic {adj} (of or relating to an antonym or antonyms) :: andheitis-
antonymy {n} (semantic relation between antonyms) :: andræðni
anus {n} (lower opening of the digestive tract) :: endaþarmsop, bakrauf
anvil {n} (block used in blacksmithing) :: steðji {m}, ambolti {m}
anvil {n} (bone in inner ear) :: steðji {m}
anxietude {n} (anxiety) SEE: anxiety ::
anxiety {n} (concern) :: kvíði {m}, órói {m}, áhyggja {f}
anxiety {n} (pathological condition) :: angist {f}, kvíði {m}
anxiety disorder {n} (disorder characterised by excessive anxiety) :: kvíðaraskanir
anxiousness {n} (anxiety) SEE: anxiety ::
anyhow {adv} (in any case) SEE: in any case ::
any more {adv} (not any more) SEE: no longer ::
anytime {interj} (you're welcome) SEE: you're welcome ::
anytime {adv} (at any time) :: hvenær sem er
Aomen {prop} (Macau) SEE: Macau ::
Aosta {prop} (city in Italy) :: Ágústa {f}
Aosta Valley {prop} (Valle d'Aosta) SEE: Valle d'Aosta ::
apartment {n} (domicile occupying part of a building) :: íbúð {f}
apartment building {n} (residential building with multiple flats) :: fjölbýlishús {n}, íbúðablokk {f}, blokk {f}
apathetic {adj} (void of feeling) :: áhugalaus
apatheticness {n} (apathy) SEE: apathy ::
apathistical {adj} (apathetic) SEE: apathetic ::
apathy {n} (lack of emotion or motivation) :: áhugaleysi {n}, sinnuleysi {n}, tilfinningaleysi {n}
ape {n} (animal) :: api {m}
ape {v} (to imitate) :: apa eftir
aphasia {n} (pathological speech disorder) :: málstol {n}
aphelion {n} (the point in the elliptical orbit of a planet where it is farthest from the Sun) :: sólfirð {f}
aphid {n} (insect) :: blaðlús {f}
aphis {n} (aphid) SEE: aphid ::
aphorism {n} (short phrase conveying some principle or concept of thought) :: kjarnyrði {n}, spakmæli {n-p}, orðskviður {f-p}
aphrodisiac {adj} (intensifying sexual desire) :: lostavekjandi {m}, kynorkuaukandi {m}, kynorkuaukandi {m}, lostaörvandi {m}
aphrodisiac {n} (food or drug) :: ástalyf {n}, frygðarlyf {n}, kynorkulyf {n}, frygðarauki {m}
aphroditic {adj} (venereal) SEE: venereal ::
aphthous ulcer {n} (ulcer in the mouth caused by break in mucous membrane) :: munnangursbólga {f}
aplenty {adj} (in an overlarge quantity) :: í miklum mæli, í ofgnótt
aplenty {adv} (more than enough) :: í miklum mæli, í ofgnótt
Apocalypse {prop} (the written account of a revelation of hidden things given by God to a chosen prophet) :: Opinberunar {m}
Apocalypse {prop} (book of the Bible) :: Opinberunarbókin {m}
apocope {n} (loss or omission of a sound or syllable from the end of a word) :: brottfall {n}
apocryphal {adj} (of doubtful authenticity) :: vafasamur að uppruna {m}, vafasamur {m}, af vafasömum uppruna, apókrýfur {m}
apologetic {adj} (having the character of apology) :: afsakandi
apologetical {adj} (apologetic) SEE: apologetic ::
apophony {n} (alternation of sounds within a word) SEE: ablaut ::
apostate {n} (person who renounces a religion or faith) :: trúníðingur {m}
apostatic {adj} (apostate) SEE: apostate ::
apostatical {adj} (apostate) SEE: apostate ::
apostolic {adj} (pertaining to apostles, or to the apostles) :: postullegur
apostolic {adj} (according to the doctrines of the apostles) :: postullegur
apostolical {adj} (apostolic) SEE: apostolic ::
apostolic succession {n} (chain of consecrations of bishops) :: postulleg vígsluröð {f}
apostrophe {n} (the character ’) :: úrfellingarmerki {n}
apothecary {n} (pharmacy) SEE: pharmacy ::
apothecary {n} (pharmacist) SEE: pharmacist ::
app {n} (small computer application) :: app {n}
apparatus {n} (firefighting: vehicle for emergency response) SEE: fire engine ::
appeal {v} (to accuse) SEE: accuse ::
appear {v} (to appear, to seem) SEE: look ::
appear {v} (To come or be in sight; to be in view; to become visible) :: birta, birtast
appellative {n} (common noun) SEE: common noun ::
appendectomy {n} (surgical procedure) :: botnlanganám {n}, botnlangaskurður {m}
appendicectomy {n} (appendectomy) SEE: appendectomy ::
appendicitis {n} (inflamation of the vermiform appendix) :: botnlangabólga {f}
appendix {n} (text added to the end of a book or an article) :: bókarauki {m}, viðauki {m}
appendix {n} (vermiform appendix) :: botnlangi {m}, botnlangatota {f}
appetite {n} (desire of or relish for food) :: matarlyst
appetite {n} :: lyst, matarlyst, löngun
apple {n} (fruit) :: epli {n}
apple {n} (tree) SEE: apple tree ::
apple juice {n} (the juice of apples, often used as a drink) :: eplasafi {m}
apple of discord {n} (object which sows anger and dissension) :: þrætuepli
apple pie {n} (pie with apple filling) :: eplabaka {f}
apple sauce {n} (a food) :: eplamauk {n}, eplamús {f}
applesauce {n} (apple sauce) SEE: apple sauce ::
apple tree {n} (tree that bears apples) :: eplatré {n}
applewood {n} (apple) SEE: apple ::
application {n} (a computer program) :: forrit {n}, tölvuforrit {n}
application {n} (a verbal or written request, especially for assistance or employment or admission to a school, course or similar) :: umsókn {f}
applied mathematics {n} (area of mathematics) :: heimfærð stærðfræði {f}, nytjastærðfræði {f}
apply {v} (employ, apply) SEE: use ::
apply oneself {v} (to put forth a concerted effort) :: leggja sig fram (leggja sig fram)
apportion {v} (to apportion) SEE: distribute ::
apprentice {n} (trainee, especially in a skilled trade) :: lærlingur {m}
approach {v} (to come or go near, in place or time; to draw nigh; to advance nearer) :: nálgast, færast nær, færa sig nær, fara nær, koma nær
approach {v} (To come near to in place, time, or character) :: nálgast, færast nær, færa sig nær
approach {n} (a way, passage, or avenue by which a place or buildings can be approached; an access) :: aðgönguleið {f}
approach {n} (a manner in which a problem is solved or policy is made) :: nálgun {f}
approach {n} (the way a plane comes in to land at an airport) :: aðflug {n}
appropinquation {n} (approach) SEE: approach ::
approximant {n} (mathematics: approximation) SEE: approximation ::
approximant {n} (consonant made by slightly narrowing the vocal tract) :: nálgunarhljóð {n}, nándarhljóð {n}
approximation {n} (act of approximating) :: nálgun {f}
approximation {n} (imprecise solution) :: nálgun {f}
apricot {n} (fruit) :: apríkósa {f}
April {prop} (fourth month of the Gregorian calendar) :: apríl {m}, aprílmánuður {m}
apron {n} (clothing) :: svunta {f}
apse {n} (obsolete or dialectal: aspen tree) SEE: aspen ::
apse {n} (case in which the relics were kept) SEE: reliquary ::
Apulia {prop} (region of Italy) :: Apúlía {f}
apurpose {adv} (on purpose) SEE: on purpose ::
aquaponics {n} (system that combines aquaculture with hydroponics) :: samrækt
Aquarian {n} (Aquarius) SEE: Aquarius ::
aquarium {n} (tank for keeping fish) :: fiskabúr {n}
Aquarius {prop} (constellation) :: Vatnsberinn {n}
Aquarius {prop} (astrological sign) :: Vatnsberinn {n}
aquavit {n} (Scandinavian liquor) :: ákavíti {n}
Arabia {prop} (a peninsula between the Red Sea and the Persian Gulf;) :: Arabía {f}
Arabian camel {n} (dromedary) SEE: dromedary ::
Arabic {prop} (language) :: arabíska
Arab Republic of Egypt {prop} (Official name of Egypt) :: Arabíska lýðveldið Egyptaland
Arab Spring {prop} (movement) :: Arabíska vorið {n}
arachnophobia {n} (an abnormal or irrational fear of spiders) :: köngullóafælni {f}
arbitrariness {n} (the state of being arbitrary) :: geðþóttaháttur {m}
arbitrariousness {n} (arbitrariness) SEE: arbitrariness ::
arbitrary {adj} (based on individual discretion or judgment) :: geðþóttalegur
arboraceous {adj} (arboreal) SEE: arboreal ::
arborary {adj} (arboreal) SEE: arboreal ::
arboreal {adj} (living in or among trees) :: trjábýll {m}
arboretum {n} (place of many varieties of tree) :: trjásafn {n}
arborical {adj} (arboreal) SEE: arboreal ::
arboricole {adj} (arboreal) SEE: arboreal ::
arboricolous {adj} (arboreal) SEE: arboreal ::
arborway {n} (avenue) SEE: avenue ::
arcane {adj} (understood by only a few; obscure) :: hulinn {m}, dulinn {m}
arch {n} (architectural element) :: bogi {m}
archaeastronomy {n} (The archeological study of astronomy) :: fornleifastjörnufræði {f}, forsögustjörnufræði {f}
archaebacterium {n} (archaeon) SEE: archaeon ::
archaeology {n} (scientific study of past remains) :: fornleifafræði {f}
archaeon {n} (microorganism) :: fornbaktería {f}
archaic {adj} (old-fashioned or antiquated) :: gamaldags
archangel {n} (angel who leads other angels) :: erkiengill {m}
archbishop {n} (senior bishop) :: erkibiskup {m}
archduke {n} (rank) :: erkihertogi {m}
archebiosis {n} (abiogenesis) SEE: abiogenesis ::
archegonium {n} (multicellular reproductive structure in certain plants) :: egghirsla {f}
archenemy {n} (a principal enemy) :: erkióvinur {m}, erkifjandi {m}
archeology {n} (archaeology) SEE: archaeology ::
archeopteryx {n} (ancient bird) :: öglir {m}
archer {n} (one who shoots an arrow from a bow or a bolt from a crossbow) :: bogmaður {m}
archfiend {n} (Satan) SEE: Satan ::
archipelago {n} (group of islands) :: eyjaklasi
architect {n} (designer of buildings) :: arkitekt {m}
architecture {n} (art and science of designing buildings and other structures) :: byggingarlist, húsagerðarlist {f}
archiver {n} (archivist) SEE: archivist ::
archivist {n} (one who creates, maintains or controls archives) :: skjalavörður {m}
Arctic {adj} (Pertaining to the northern polar region of the planet) :: arktískur {m}, hánorrænn {m}, norðurheimskauts-, norðurskauts-, norðurpóls-
Arctic {prop} (a region of the Earth) :: Norðurslóðir {f-p}, Norðurskautssvæðið {n}, Norðurheimskautssvæðið {n}
arctic fox {n} (Vulpes lagopus) :: heimskautarefur {m}
arctic hare {n} (Lepus arcticus) :: pólhéri
Arctic Ocean {prop} (the smallest of the five oceans of the Earth, on and around the North Pole) :: Norður-Íshaf {n}
Arctic skua {n} (Stercorarius parasiticus) :: kjói {m}
are {v} (be) SEE: be ::
area {n} (maths: measure of extent of a surface) :: flatarmál {n}
area {n} (soccer: penalty area) SEE: penalty area ::
arenarious {adj} (sandy) SEE: sandy ::
arenose {adj} (sandy) SEE: sandy ::
areola {n} (circle around the nipple) :: vörtubaugur {m}
Ares {prop} (the god of war, son of Zeus and Hera) :: Ares
argent {n} (silver or metal tincture) :: silfur
Argentina {prop} (Argentine Republic) :: Argentína {?}
Argentine {prop} (Argentina) SEE: Argentina ::
argon {n} (a chemical element) :: argon
argue {v} :: rífast
argyle {n} (pattern) :: skoskt tíglamynstur {n}
aristocracy {n} (the nobility or the hereditary ruling class) :: aðalsveldi {n}, úrvalsveldi {n}
aristocracy {n} (government by such a class) :: aðalsveldi {n}, úrvalsveldi {n}
Aristotle {prop} (ancient Greek philosopher) :: Aristóteles {m}
arithmetic mean {n} (measure of central tendency) :: meðaltal {n}, hreint meðaltal {n}, venjulegt meðaltal {n}
arity {n} (number of arguments) :: stæðafjöldi {m}
Arizona {prop} (a state of the United States of America) :: Arisóna
arm {n} (baseball: pitcher) SEE: pitcher ::
arm {n} (upper appendage from shoulder to wrist) :: handleggur, armur {m}
armadillo {n} (burrowing mammal covered with bony, jointed, protective plates) :: beltisdýr {n}
Armageddon {prop} (site) :: Harmagedón {n}
armed police {n} (police) SEE: police ::
Armenia {prop} (ancient kingdom and country) :: Armenía {?}
Armenian {adj} (of, from, or pertaining to Armenia, Armenians, the language or alphabet) :: armenskur
Armenian {n} (person) :: Armeníumaður {m}, Armeníukona {f}, Armeníumenn {p}, Armeni {m}, Armenar {m-p}
Armenian {prop} (language) :: armenska
armhole {n} (armpit) SEE: armpit ::
armistice {n} (formal agreement to end combat) :: vopnahlé {n}
armor {n} (tank) SEE: tank ::
armor {n} (protective layer over a body, vehicle, or other object intended to deflect or diffuse damaging forces) :: brynja {m}
armour {n} (tank) SEE: tank ::
armpit {n} (cavity beneath the junction of the arm and shoulder) :: handarkriki {m}
arm up {v} (arm) SEE: arm ::
arm wrestling {n} (a sport) :: sjómaður {m}
army {n} (military force concerned mainly with ground operations) :: her {m}
army {n} (government agency in charge of a state's army) :: her {m}
army {n} :: hópur {m}, her {m}
arrangement {n} (act of arranging) :: röðun {f}, skipan {f}, uppsetning {f}, uppröðun {f}, uppstilling {f}
arrangement {n} (manner of being arranged) :: skipan {f}, uppsetning {f}, uppröðun {f}, uppstilling {f}
arrangement {n} (plural: preparations for some undertaking) :: ráðstafanir {f-p}
arrangement {n} (agreement) :: samkomulag {n}
arrangement {n} (music: adaptation of a piece of music) :: útsetning {f}
array {n} (large collection) :: fylki {n}
array {n} (any of various data structures) :: fylki {n}
array {v} (to clothe, ornament) :: klæða
arrival {n} (act of arriving or something that has arrived) :: koma {f}
arrive {v} (to reach) :: koma
arriviste {n} (upstart) SEE: upstart ::
arrogance {n} (act or habit of arrogating, or making undue claims in an overbearing manner) :: gikksháttur
arrogant {adj} (having excessive pride) :: hrokafullur
arrondissement {n} (an administrative division) :: hverfi {n}, sýsluhverfi {n}
arrow {n} (projectile) :: píla {f}
arse {n} (arse) SEE: ass ::
arsenic {n} (chemical element) :: arsen {n}
arsonphobia {n} (pyrophobia) SEE: pyrophobia ::
art {n} (human effort) :: list {f}
art {n} (conscious production or arrangement) :: list {f}, kúnst {f}
art {n} (artwork) :: list {f}
art {n} :: list {f}
arteriosclerosis {n} (hardening, narrowing or loss of elasticity in arteries or blood vessel) :: æðakölkun {f}
artery {n} (blood vessel from the heart) :: slagæð {f}
art form {n} (form of art) :: listgrein {f}
arthritis {n} (inflammation of a joint) :: gigt {f}
arthropod {n} (animal of Arthropoda) :: liðdýr {n}
artichoke {n} (vegetable) :: ætiþistill {m}
article {n} (story, report, or opinion piece) :: grein {f}
article {n} (part of speech that specifies a noun) :: greinir {m}, gr. {m}
article {n} (object) SEE: object ::
artificer {n} (artisan) SEE: artisan ::
artificial intelligence {n} (intelligence exhibited by an artificial entity) :: gervigreind {f}
artificial intelligence {n} (branch of computer science) :: gervigreind {f}, gervigreindarfræði {f}
artificial turf {n} (artificial grass surface) :: gervigras {n}
artiodactyl {n} (any ungulate mammal with an even number of toes) :: klaufdýr {n}
artisan {n} (skilled manual worker) :: handverksmaður {m}
artist {n} (person who creates art) :: listamaður {m}, listakona {f}
artmaker {n} (artist) SEE: artist ::
arugula {n} (herb) :: klettasalat {n}
Arvanitic {prop} (form of Albanian spoken in Greece) SEE: Arvanitika ::
Arvanitika {prop} (form of Albanian) :: arvaníska {f}
Arvanitika Albanian {prop} (form of Albanian spoken in Greece) SEE: Arvanitika ::
as {conj} (in the same way that) :: eins og, svo sem, sem
as {conj} (at the same instant that) :: er, þá, þegar
as {conj} (relative conjunction) SEE: that ::
as {conj} (expressing concession) SEE: though ::
as {conj} (than) SEE: than ::
as {adv} (for example) SEE: for example ::
asafoetida {n} (resinous gum from wild fennel) :: djöflatað {?}
as a matter of fact {prep} (actually) :: reyndar, frómt frá sagt, í raun og veru
ascaricide {n} (any pesticide intended to kill roundworms) :: iðraþráðormalyf {n}
Ascension {prop} (holiday celebrating Ascension of Jesus) SEE: Ascension Day ::
Ascension Day {prop} (the fortieth day of Easter) :: uppstigningardagur {m}, [rare, archaic] hvíti þórsdagur {m}
ascertain {v} (find out; discover or establish) :: ganga úr skugga um, fá fullvissu um, komast eftir, komast að
ascetic {n} (devotee to the practice of self-denial) :: meinlætamaður {m}
ascorbic acid {n} (the white crystalline organic compound, C6H8O6) :: askorbínsýra {f}
ASEAN {prop} (Association of Southeast Asian Nations) :: ASEAN, Samband Suðaustur-Asíuríkja
asepsis {n} (state of being free from sepsis) :: smitgát {f}
asepticize {v} (sterilize) SEE: sterilize ::
asexual {adj} (without sexual action) :: kynlaus {m}
asexual {adj} (having no distinct sex) :: kynlaus {m}
asexuality {n} (state of not experiencing sexual attraction) :: ókynhneigð
asexual reproduction {n} (form of reproduction that involves neither meiosis nor fusion of gametes) :: kynlaus æxlun {f}
Asgard {prop} (the abode of gods in Norse mythology) :: Ásgarður {m}
ash {n} (solid remains of a fire) :: aska {f}
ash {n} (ae ligature) :: æ {n}
ash {n} (tree) SEE: ash tree ::
ashen {adj} (made of ash-wood) :: úr eski
Ashoka {prop} (emperor) :: Ashoka
ashtray {n} (receptacle for ashes) :: öskubakki {m}
ash tree {n} (Fraxinus tree) :: askur {m}, eski {n}
Asia {prop} (the continent of Asia) :: Asía
Asian {adj} (of, relating to or from Asia) :: asískur
Asian elephant {n} (an elephant, Elephas maximus, found in Asia) :: asíufíll {m}
ask {v} (request an answer) :: spyrja
ask {v} (make a request) :: spyrja, biðja
asocial {adj} (antisocial) SEE: antisocial ::
Asoka {prop} (Ashoka) SEE: Ashoka ::
asp {n} (aspen) SEE: aspen ::
asparagus {n} (asparagus plant) :: spergill {m}
asparagus {n} (asparagus shoots (food)) :: aspas {m}, spergill {m}
aspen {n} (tree of genus Populus sect. Populus) :: ösp {f}, espi {n}, espitré {n}
Asperger's syndrome {n} (autism related developmental disorder) :: Asperger helkenni
aspergillum {n} (holy water sprinkler) :: kvöstur {m}, stökkull {m}
as per the usual {adv} (as usual) SEE: as usual ::
as per usual {adv} (as usual) SEE: as usual ::
asphalt {n} (asphalt concrete) :: malbik {n}, asfalt {n}
aspirate {adj} (aspirated) SEE: aspirated ::
aspirated {adj} (pronounced with an audible breath) :: fráblásinn
aspiration {n} (burst of air that follows the release of some consonants) :: áblásning {f}
aspiration {n} :: útsog {n}
ass {n} (animal, see also: donkey) :: asni {m}
ass {n} (stupid person) :: asni {m}, hálviti {m}, fífl {n}
ass {n} (buttocks) :: rass
assailant {n} (an attacker; someone who attacks another violently, or criminally) :: árásarmaður {m}
assassin {v} (assassinate) SEE: assassinate ::
assassin {n} (one who, motivated by political reasons, intentionally kills a particular person) :: launmorðingi {m}
assassinate {v} (to murder by sudden or obscure attack) :: ráða af lífi, ráða af dögum
assassinate {n} (assassin) SEE: assassin ::
assault {n} (a violent onset or attack) :: áhlaup {n}
assault rifle {n} (a rifle) :: hríðskotariffill, árásarriffill {m}
assemble {v} (to put together) :: samansetja
assemble {v} (to gather as a group) :: flykkjast
assemble {v} (computing: to translate from assembly language to machine code) :: smala
assembler {n} (program that converts assembly language to machine code) :: smali
assembler {n} (assembly language) SEE: assembly language ::
assembly language {n} (programming language) :: smalamál {n}
assfucker {n} (jerk) SEE: jerk ::
asshole {n} (anus) :: rassgat {n}
asshole {n} (mean or rude person) :: asni {m}, fífl {n}, hálfviti {m}
assist {n} (statistical recognition of making a pass) :: stoðsending {f}
assistance {n} (aid; help; the act or result of assisting) :: aðstoð {f}, hjálp {f}
assistant {n} (an auxiliary software tool) SEE: wizard ::
assistant {adj} (having a subordinate or auxiliary position) :: aðstoðar-
assistant {n} (person who assists) :: aðstoðarmaður {m}
associative {adj} (algebraic property of an operator) :: tenginn {m}, tengi-
associativity {n} (condition of being associative) :: tengni {f}
as soon as {conj} (immediately after) :: strax og
as soon as possible {adv} (as soon as is possible) :: sem fyrst, eins fljótt og auðið er
as such {prep} (per se) SEE: per se ::
astatine {n} (the chemical element) :: astat {n}
asterisk {n} (symbol used to highlight words or sentences) :: stjörnumerki {n}
asteroid {n} (astronomy) :: smástirni
asteroseismology {n} (the study of oscillations in stars) :: stjarnskjálftafræði {f}
astonishing {adj} (causing astonishment) :: undraverður {m}
astonishment {n} (amazement, great surprise) :: undrun {f}
astride {adv} (with one’s legs on either side) :: klofvega
astrology {n} (star divination) :: stjörnuspeki {f}, stjörnuspáfræði {f}
astronaut {n} (member of the crew of a spaceship or other spacecraft, or someone trained for that purpose) :: geimfari {m}
astronomic {adj} (pertaining to astronomy) SEE: astronomical ::
astronomic {adj} (incredibly large) SEE: astronomical ::
astronomical {adj} (of or relating to astronomy) :: stjarnfræðilegur
astronomical unit {n} (measure of distance) :: stjarnfræðieining {f}
astronomy {n} (study of the physical universe beyond the Earth's atmosphere) :: stjörnufræði {f}
astrophobia {n} (fear of stars and celestial space) :: stjörnufælni {f}
astrophysicist {n} (one who studies astrophysics) :: stjarneðlisfræðingur {m}
astrophysics {n} (interdisciplinary branch of astronomy and physics) :: stjarneðlisfræði {f}
AstroTurf {n} (synthetic material) SEE: artificial turf ::
astute {adj} (Quick at seeing how to gain advantage) :: slyngur, kænn, séður
as usual {adv} (as is usually the case) :: að venju, eins og vant er
as well {adv} (in addition, also) :: líka
asylum seeker {n} (person who has applied for asylum) :: hælisleitandi {m}
asymmetric {adj} (not symmetric) :: ósamhverfur {m}, ósamloka {m}
asymmetrical {adj} (not symmetrical) :: missamhverfur {m}, mishverfur {m}
asymmetric cryptography {n} (type of cryptography) :: ósamhverf dulritun {f}
asymptote {n} (a straight line which a curve approaches arbitrarily closely) :: aðfella {f}, ósnertill {m}
asynchronous {adj} (not synchronous) :: ósamstilltur {m}
asynchronous {adj} ((computing) allowing the client to continue during processing of a request or a message) :: ósamstilltur {m}
asynchronous transfer mode {n} (broadband voice and data technology with quality of service transmission for sending and receiving data) :: ósamstilltur flutningshamur {m}
asystole {n} (absence of systole) :: sláttarstöðvun {f}, samdráttarleysi í hjarta {n}, rafleysa {f}
at {prep} (in or very near a particular place) :: í, á
at {prep} (indicating time) :: á, í
at {prep} (in the direction of) :: , til
at {prep} (denoting a price) :: á, í
at {prep} (occupied in (activity)) :: við, í, á
at {n} (at sign) SEE: at sign ::
a tad {adv} (a little) SEE: a little ::
at all {prep} (at all) :: yfirleitt, yfirhöfuð [informal]
at a loss {prep} (below the cost or price of purchase) :: með tapi, [running at a loss] hallarekstur {m}, [operation at a loss] taprekstur {m}
at a loss {prep} (not sure; uncertain; lacking further ideas, direction, or ability) :: ráðþrota {m}, ráðvilltur {m}, ráðalaus {m}, [at a loss for words] vefjast tunga um tönn, [be at a loss] fallast hendur, [completely at a loss] eins og álfur út úr hól, [be at a loss] koma af fjöllum, [be at a loss for words] verða orðfall, [be at a loss for an answer] verða svarafátt, [he was at a loss] það komu vöflur á hann
at any rate {prep} (in any case) SEE: in any case ::
atavism {n} (reappearance of an ancestral characteristic) :: áalíking {f}
at death's door {prep} (about to die) :: dauðvona {m}, liggja fyrir dauðanum, vera langt leiddur, vera í andarslitrunum, berja nestið
at first glance {prep} (after only a superficial examination or review) :: við fyrstu sýn
at first sight {prep} (at first glance) SEE: at first glance ::
atheism {n} (rejection of belief that any deities exist (with or without a belief that no deities exist)) :: trúleysi {n}, guðleysi {n}
atheist {n} (a person who believes that no deities exist) :: trúleysingi {m}, guðleysingi {m}, heiðingi {m}
Athens {prop} (capital city of Greece) :: Aþena {f}
atherosclerosis {n} (clogging or hardening of blood vessels caused by plaques) :: fituhrörnun slagæða {f}
athlete {n} (participant in one of several sporting activities) :: íþrottmaður {m}
at home {prep} (In one's place of residence) :: heima, heima við, [not at home] að heiman, [not at home] fjarverandi {m}, [not at home] fjarstaddur {m}
at home {prep} (Comfortable) :: afslappaður, eins og heima hjá sér
at home {prep} (With parents) :: heima, heima við
Atlantic herring {n} (Clupea harengus) :: Atlantshafs síld {f}, síld {f}
Atlantic Ocean {prop} (the ocean lying between the Americas to the west and Europe and Africa to the east) :: Atlantshaf {n}
at least {prep} (at a lower limit) :: að minnsta kosti
at least {prep} (anyway) :: að minnsta kosti
at loggerheads {prep} (unable to agree; opposing) :: elda grátt silfur
ATM {n} ((banking) Automated Teller Machine) :: hraðbanki {m}
atmosphere {n} (gases surrounding the Earth) :: andrúmsloft {n}, lofthjúpur {n}
at no time {prep} (never) SEE: never ::
atom {n} (chemistry, physics: smallest possible amount of matter retaining its chemical properties) :: frumeind {f}, atóm {n}
atom {n} (mathematics: member of a Boolean algebra) :: atóm {n}
atomic bomb {n} (nuclear weapon) :: atómsprengja {f}, kjarnorkusprengja {f}
atrophy {n} (reduced functionality) :: rýrnun {m}
at sea {prep} (at the ocean or sea) :: á sjó, úti
at sign {n} (name of the symbol @) :: at merkið, hjá
at-sign {n} (at sign) SEE: at sign ::
at sixes and sevens {prep} (in a state of dispute or disagreement) :: elda grátt silfur
at symbol {n} (at sign) SEE: at sign ::
attempt {v} (to try) :: reyna
attention {n} :: athygli {f}
attestation {n} (linguistics: appearance in records) :: heimildardæmi {n}
at the moment {prep} (right now) :: sem stendur, núna
at the top of one's lungs {prep} (very loudly) :: fullum hálsi
at the top of one's voice {prep} (very loudly) :: fullum hálsi
attic {n} (space, often unfinished and with sloped walls, directly below the roof) :: háaloft {n}, þakhæð {f}, loft {n}, ris {n}, rishæð {f}, [informal] hanabjálki {m}
attorney {n} (lawyer) :: lögfræðingur {m}
attorney {n} (agent/representative) :: fulltrúi {m}, umboðsmaður {m}
aubergine {n} (eggplant) SEE: eggplant ::
au contraire {adv} (on the contrary, see also: on the contrary) :: þvert á móti, á hinn bóginn, hins vegar
auction {n} (public sales event) :: uppboð {n}
audacity {n} (insolent boldness) :: ofdirfska {f}, ósvífni {f}, ófyrirleitni {f}, bíræfni {f}
audacity {n} (fearless daring) :: dirfska {f}, fífldirfska {f}
audiobook {n} (audiobook) :: hljóðbók {f}
auditor {n} (one who audits bookkeeping accounts) :: endurskoðandi {m}
Audouin's gull {n} (Ichthyaetus audouinii) :: kóralmáfur {m}
August {prop} (eighth month of the Gregorian calendar) :: ágúst {m}, ágústmánuður {m}
aulete {n} (flautist) SEE: flautist ::
aunt {n} (a parent’s sister or sister-in-law) :: föðursystir {f} (paternal), móðursystir {f} (maternal)
aural {adj} (of or pertaining to the ear) :: eyrna-, heyrnar-
aurist {n} (one skilled in treating and curing disorders of the ear) :: eyrnalæknir {m}
aurochs {n} (European bison) SEE: European bison ::
aurora {n} (atmospheric phenomenon) :: segulljós {n-p}
aurora australis {n} (southern lights) SEE: southern lights ::
aurora borealis {n} (aurora of the northern hemisphere) SEE: northern lights ::
austerity {n} (severity of manners or life) :: strangleiki {m}, harka {f}
Australasia {prop} (Oceania) SEE: Oceania ::
Australia {prop} (Commonwealth of Australia) :: Ástralía {f}
Australia {prop} (continent of Australia) :: Ástralía {f}
Australian {n} (a person from the country of Australia or of Australian descent) :: Ástrali {m}, Ástralíubúi {m}
Australian {adj} (of or pertaining to Australia, the Australian people or languages) :: ástralskur
Austria {prop} (country in Central Europe) :: Austurríki {n}
Austria-Hungary {prop} (former country in Central Europe) :: Austurríki-Ungverjaland
Austrian {adj} (related to Austria) :: austurrískur {m}
Austrian {n} (Austrian person) :: Austurríkismaður {m}, Austurríkismenn {m-p}
authentic cadence {n} (cadence where dominant resolves to tonic) :: aðalendir {m}
author {n} (writer) SEE: writer ::
author {n} (originator or creator of a work) :: höfundur {m}, rithöfundur {m}
autism {n} (neurological disorder) :: einhverfa {f}, sjálfhverfa {f}
autistic {adj} (having or pertaining to autism) :: sjálfhverfur
autocratic {adj} (of or pertaining to autocracy or an autocrat) :: einræðis-
autocratic {adj} (of or pertaining to the manner of an autocrat) :: ráðríkur, einráður
autofellatio {n} (Oral stimulation of one's own penis) :: sjálftott {n}, sjálftottun {f}
autograph {n} (signature) :: eiginhandaráritun {f}
autograph {n} (hand-written manuscript) :: eiginhandarrit {n}
autograph {v} (to sign, or write one’s name or signature on a book) :: árita
automated teller machine {n} (banking) :: hraðbanki {m}
automatic {adj} (capable of operating without external control) :: sjálfvirkur {m}
automatic {adj} (acting without conscious thought) :: sjálfvirkur {m}
automatic {adj} (describing a firearm which fires continuously) :: sjálfvirkur {m}
automatic {n} (A car with automatic transmission) :: sjálfskiptur bíll {m}
automatic teller machine {n} (automated teller machine) SEE: automated teller machine ::
automaton {n} (machine or robot designed to follow a precise sequence of instructions) :: sjálfvirki {m}, vélmenni {n}
automobile {n} (passenger vehicle) :: bifreið {f}
automorphism {n} (isomorphism of a mathematical object or system of objects onto itself) :: sjálfmótun {f}
autonomy {n} (self-government) :: sjálfræði {n}, sjálfsstjórn {f}
autonomy {n} (capacity for individual decision) :: sjálfræði {n}, sjálfsstjórn {f}
auto racing {n} (sport) :: bílakappakstur {m}
autoteller {n} (automated teller machine) SEE: automated teller machine ::
auto transport truck {n} (truck that carries other motor vehicles) :: bílaflutningabíll {m}
autumn {n} (season) :: haust {n}
autumn {adj} (autumnal) SEE: autumnal ::
autumnal {adj} (of or relating to autumn) :: haust-, haustlegur {m}
autumnal equinox {n} (moment) :: haustjafndægur {n-p}
autumnal equinox {n} (point) :: haustpunktur {m}
autumn equinox {n} (autumnal equinox) SEE: autumnal equinox ::
auxiliary {n} (auxiliary verb) SEE: auxiliary verb ::
auxiliary verb {n} (a helping verb) :: hjálparsögn {f}
available {adj} (capable of being used) :: laus
avalanche {n} (large sliding mass of snow and ice) :: snjóflóð {n}
Avar {prop} (language) :: avarska
avenge {v} (to take vengeance for) :: hefna
avenue {n} (broad street) :: troð {?}, breiðstræti {n}
Avernus {prop} (underworld) SEE: underworld ::
avert {v} (to turn aside) :: snúa frá, snúa undan, beina frá, snúa sér undan, líta undan
avert {v} (to ward off) :: afstýra, koma í veg fyrir
avian flu {n} (avian influenza) SEE: avian influenza ::
avian influenza {n} (strain of influenza) :: fuglaflensa {f}
avocado {n} (fruit) :: lárpera {f}, avókadó {n}
Avogadro constant {n} (number of atoms present in 0.012 kilograms of isotopically pure carbon-12) SEE: Avogadro's number ::
Avogadro's number {n} (number of atoms present in 0.012 kilograms of isotopically pure carbon-12) :: Avogadrosartala {f}
Avraham {prop} (given name) SEE: Abraham ::
await {v} (transitive: to wait for) :: bíða
awakening {n} (the act of awaking) :: uppvakning {f}
away {adj} (not here; gone) :: fjarverandi
away {adj} (unavailable) :: ekki við, fjarverandi
away {adj} (traveling; on vacation) :: fjarverandi, í fríi (on holiday)
awfully {adv} (very) SEE: very ::
awkward {adj} (lacking dexterity in the use of the hands) :: klunnalegur
awkward {adj} (not easily managed or effected; embarrassing) :: vandræðalegur, pínlegur
awl {n} (pointed instrument) :: alur {m}
a woman without a man is like a fish without a bicycle {phrase} (a woman is capable of living a complete and independent life) :: kona án manns er eins og fiskur án reiðhjóls
axe {n} (tool) :: öxi {f}, exi {f}
axilla {n} (armpit) :: handarkriki {m}, holhönd {f}
axiom {n} (mathematics: fundamental assumption) :: frumsenda {f}, frumsetning {f}
axis {n} (geometry: imaginary line) :: ás {m}, möndull
axis {n} (basis of space or part of graph) :: ás {m}
axle {n} (the pin or spindle on which a wheel revolves, or which revolves with a wheel) :: öxull {m}
Aymara {prop} (language of South America) :: aímaríska
Azerbaijan {prop} (country) :: Aserbaídsjan
Azerbaijani {n} (Azerbaijani person) :: Aseri {m}, Aserar {m-p}
Azerbaijani {prop} (language of Azerbaijan) :: Aserbadsjaníska
Azeri {n} (Azerbaijani) SEE: Azerbaijani ::
Azeri {prop} (Azerbaijani) SEE: Azerbaijani ::
azure {n} (colour of the sky) :: fagurblár {m}, himinblár {?}, heiðblár {?}
Åland {prop} (Åland) SEE: Aland ::
Ålesund {prop} (Norwegian municipality in Møre og Romsdal) :: Álasund {n}
Æsir {prop} (the principal Norse gods) :: æsir {p}