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Administration and management[edit]

advised initiated prioritized approved inspired processed authorized installed promoted chaired instituted recommended consolidated instructed redirected counseled integrated referred delegated launched reorganized determined lectured represented developed listened responded diagnosed managed reviewed directed mediated revitalized disseminated mentored routed enforced moderated sponsored ensured monitored streamlined examined motivated strengthened explained negotiated supervised governed originated taught guided oversaw trained headed pioneered trimmed influenced presided validated

Communications and creativity[edit]

acted edited proofread addressed enabled publicized arranged facilitated published assessed fashioned realized authored formulated reconciled briefed influenced recruited built initiated rectified clarified interpreted remodeled composed interviewed reported conducted introduced revitalized constructed invented scheduled corresponded launched screened costumed lectured shaped created modernized stimulated critiqued performed summarized demonstrated planned taught designed presented trained developed produced translated directed projected wrote

Financial management[edit]

adjusted economized reported administered eliminated researched allocated exceeded reshaped analyzed financed retailed appraised forecast returned audited funded saved balanced gained shopped bought generated secured budgeted increased sold calculated invested solicited computed maintained sourced conciliated managed specified cut marketed supplemented decreased merchandised systematized developed planned tested disbursed projected tripled dispensed purchased underwrote distributed quadrupled upgraded doubled reconciled upsized downsized reduced vended

Helping and caregiving[edit]

advanced encouraged reassured advised expedited reclaimed aided facilitated rectified arbitrated familiarized redeemed assisted fostered reeducated attended furthered referred augmented guided reformed backed helped rehabilitated balanced instilled repaired boosted liaised represented braced mentored served clarified ministered settled collaborated negotiated supplied comforted nourished supported consoled nursed stabilized consulted nurtured streamlined contributed obliged translated counseled optimized treated demonstrated promoted tutored diagnosed provided unified

Office support[edit]

adhered distributed managed administered documented operated allocated drafted ordered applied enacted organized appropriated enlarged packaged assisted evaluated planned assured examined prepared attained executed prescribed awarded followed up processed balanced formalized provided budgeted formulated recorded built hired repaired charted identified reshaped completed implemented resolved contributed improved scheduled coordinated installed screened cut instituted searched defined justified secured determined liaised solved dispensed maintained started

Research and analysis[edit]

administered detected interviewed amplified determined invented analyzed discovered investigated applied documented located articulated drafted measured assessed edited obtained audited evaluated organized augmented examined pinpointed balanced exhibited planned calculated experimented prepared charted explored processed collected extracted proofread compared focused researched compiled forecast reviewed composed found riveted concentrated generated screened conducted grouped summarized constructed identified surveyed consulted integrated systematized critiqued interpreted unearthed

Sales and persuasion[edit]

arbitrated judged purchased catalogued launched realized centralized lectured recruited consulted led reduced dissuaded liaised reported documented maintained repositioned educated manipulated researched established marketed resolved expedited mediated restored familiarized moderated reviewed identified negotiated routed implemented obtained saved improved ordered served increased performed set goals influenced planned sold inspired processed solved installed produced stimulated integrated promoted summarized interpreted proposed surveyed investigated publicized translated


acquainted designed influenced adapted developed informed advised directed initiated answered dispensed innovated apprised distributed installed augmented educated instituted briefed effected instructed built empowered integrated certified enabled lectured chaired enacted listened charted enlarged originated clarified expanded persuaded coached facilitated presented collaborated fomented responded communicated formulated revolutionized conducted generated set goals coordinated grouped stimulated delegated guided summarized delivered harmonized trained demonstrated implemented translated

Technical ability[edit]

analyzed expedited operated broadened fabricated packaged charted facilitated pioneered classified forecast prepared communicated formed processed compiled generated programmed computed improved published conceived increased reconstructed conducted inspected networked coordinated installed reduced designed instituted researched detected integrated restored developed interfaced revamped devised launched streamlined drafted lectured supplemented edited maintained surveyed educated marketed systematized eliminated mastered trained excelled modified upgraded expanded molded wrote

Action words for many skills[edit]

accomplished evaluated overhauled achieved executed performed adapted facilitated prioritized adhered forecast promoted allocated founded proposed appraised governed reconciled arbitrated guided rectified arranged illustrated remodeled articulated improved repaired assured increased reshaped augmented initiated retrieved collected integrated solved communicated interpreted stimulated composed invented streamlined conceptualized launched strengthened conserved led trained contributed navigated upgraded coordinated optimized validated demonstrated organized won dispensed originated wrote

A neat list of action words for resumes, from

Just using checking to make sure they are all in wiktionary, and reviewing some random ones to see if I can improve them.