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Template:plural of

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Plural form of {{{1}}}.

The following documentation is located at Template:plural of/doc. [edit]



Use this template to show the simple definition for an entry that is the plural inflection of a primary entry.

For most plural entries, use in the definition line:

# {{plural of| }}

E.g., on "words":

# {{plural of|word}}


  1. Plural form of word.
[[Category:English plurals]]

And on "stanas":

# {{plural of|stan|stān|lang=ang}}


  1. Plural form of stān.
[[Category:Old English plurals]]

Note that users can customize how the output of this template displays by modifying their monobook.css files. See “Form of” templates for details.



This template is not language specific, but, if used with the lang parameter the relevant category can be applied to the article in which the template is included. The language name may be used, but the code is preferred.

lang = used to specify the language code i.e. es for Spanish, sco for Scots

For the French word bagues (plural of bague):

{{plural of|bague|lang=fr}}

This would place the article bagues in Category:French plurals.


By default, this template's output looks like a complete sentence, in that the word "plural" is capitalized at the beginning and a period (full stop) appears at the end. To suppress these behaviors, the boolean options nocap and nodot exist:

code result
{{plural of|word}} Plural form of word.
{{plural of|word|nocap=1}} plural form of word.
{{plural of|word|nodot=1}} Plural form of word
{{plural of|word|nocap=1|nodot=1}} plural form of word

These parameters are useful for prefacing or following the template with more explanation.


By default this template will place entries the appropriate language's plural category. If this is not desired add the parameter nocat=1.

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