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The following documentation is located at Template:l/doc. [edit]

This template is designed to generate a link to a specific language-section on the target page.


Use this template in sections that list entries, such as “Related terms” and “Descendants”, as an alternative to {{term}}, which italicizes terms.

You might also find it useful to link to individual words or subphrases in the head of (idiomatic) phrases, as in: {{infl|xx|phrase|head=...}}. See discussion.

As with other Wiktionary link templates, please do not use subst:.


The template takes two required positional parameters, and three optional parameter:

{{{1}}} : the language code of the desired target link
{{{2}}} : the page name to be linked
{{{3}}} (optional): alternate text to display for the links
This is particularly for diacritics when the head term does not use diacritics, as in Latin.
{{{tr}}} (optional): transliteration, for nont-Latin-script words
{{{g}}} (optional): gender/number, can be m, f, s, or p
{{{gloss}}} (optional): gloss


{{l|hr|mač}} yields:

Showing alternate text:

{{l|la|gustus|gustūs}} yields:
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