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Template:inflection of

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The following documentation is located at Template:inflection of/doc. [edit]


This template was originally developed for use on the definition line of inflected forms of Latin nouns and adjectives. It may be used for any inflected form, but there is a more specific version for verbs: {{conjugation of}}.

The following grammar tags are available for shortcut use in entering descriptions:

m = masculine
f = feminine
n = neuter
c = common
s = singular
d = dual
p = plural
nom = nominative
gen = genitive
dat = dative
acc = accusative
abl = ablative
voc = vocative
loc = locative
ins = instrumental

Other items (such as "inessive" or "definite") may be used as needed, but should be spelled out in full (see examples).


Example 1: Latin inflected adjective form with alternative display form using macrons:

{{inflection of|anularis|ānulāris|nom|n|s|lang=la}}
  nominative neuter singular of ānulāris

Example 2: Romanian inflected noun form with no alternative display form:

{{inflection of|analiză||definite|p|nom|lang=ro}}
  definite plural nominative of analiză

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