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Appendix:Romanian 4-form adjective declension

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Most adjectives in Romanian are variable, meaning that they have different forms for masculine, feminine, singular and plural. Adjectives with four forms are the most numerous.

Although there are irregular 4-form adjectives in Romanian (such as greu and rău) most follow this pattern.

m & n singular f singular m plural f & n plural
consonant endings {{ro-adj-4}}
no change +i +e
bun bună buni bune
lingvistic lingvistică lingvistici lingvistice
Don't forget phonetic mutations!
frumos frumoasă frumoşi frumoase
-u endings {{ro-adj-4-u}}
no change -u becomes -ă -u becomes -i -u becomes -e
mândru mândră mândri mândre
continuu continuă continui continue


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