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definition of the word Alberta

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Named after Princess Louise Caroline Alberta.




  1. Province in western Canada which has Edmonton as its capital.
  2. A female given name, a feminine form of Albert.
    • 1936, George Weller, Clutch and Differential, Ayer, 1970, ISBN 0836936590, page 196,
      Alberta is more like a man's name than any other name that comes from a men's, more than Georgianna which is just like a magnolia blossom or Henrietta which most people change to Etta or Geraldine which nobody ever thinks of coming from a man's Irish name like Gerald. Alberta also sounds sort of Canadian, and everything from Canada is masculine the way everything from Mexico is feminine, even the men. In saying it carelessly or reading it you hardly notice the a in the end.

Named after Princess Louise Caroline Alberta.

Alberta f.

  1. Alberta

Alberta f.

  1. A female given name, feminine form of Alberto.
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