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definition of the word Acheron

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From Latin Acheron from Ancient Greek Ἀχέρων (Acherōn) from ὁ ἄχεα ῥέων (ho akhea rheōn), the stream of woe)

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  1. (mythology) A river in the Nether World or infernal regions; also, the infernal regions themselves. By some of the English poets it was supposed to be a flaming lake or gulf.
    • And pull her out of Acheron by the heels - Shakespeare, Titus Andronicus, IV-iii

From Ancient Greek Ἀχέρων (Acherōn) < ὁ ἄχεα ῥέων (ho akhea rheōn), the stream of woe)

Acherōn (genitive Acherontis); m, third declension

  1. Acheron, a river in the underworld
  2. The underworld

Number Singular Plural
nominative Acherōn
genitive Acherontis
dative Acherontī
accusative Acherontem
ablative Acheronte
vocative Acherōn

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