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definition of the word ABC

by the Wiktionnary


  1. Australian Broadcasting Corporation
  2. American Broadcasting Company
  3. (Japan) Asahi Broadcasting Corporation
  4. Alcoholic Beverage Control
  5. (of chewing gum) Already been chewed
  6. (Business Management) Activity-Based Costing
  7. American-born Chinese
  8. African Basketball Confederation
  9. ABC (B), a Belgian car market
  10. Atlanta, Birmingham & Coast Railroad
  11. Aural brevity code
  12. (military) Atomic, Biological and Chemical
  13. American Book Center
  14. ABC ( Brazil ) An acrostic for Saint Andre, Saint Bernardo and Saint Caetano, satellite cities around Sao Paulo City , a very important industrial area.
  15. anything but Chardonnay

The first three letters of the Latin alphabet, standing for the whole alphabet



ABC (plural ABCs)

  1. (US also ABCs) (uncountable) The alphabet.
    Do you know your ABCs?
  2. (obsolete) A primer for teaching the Latin alphabet and first elements of reading.
  3. The rudiments of any subject.
    the ABC of finance

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