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Runic letter ᚫ (a), “‘ansuz’”), source for Anglo-Saxon Futhorc letters replaced by A

From Middle English and Old English upper case letter A and split of Middle English and Old English upper case letter Æ.

  • Anglo-Saxon Futhorc letter ᚪ (a), “‘āc’”) Old English upper case letter A from 7th century replacement by Latin upper case letter A of the Anglo-Saxon Futhorc letter  (a), āc), derived from Runic letter  (a), Ansuz).
  • Anglo-Saxon Futhorc letter ᚫ (æ), “‘æsc’”) Old English upper case letter Æ from 7th century replacement by Latin upper case ligature Æ of the Anglo-Saxon Futhorc letter  (æ), æsc), also derived from Runic letter  (a), Ansuz).

A (upper case, lower case a)

  1. The first letter of the English alphabet.
    Apple starts with A.


  1. The highest rank on any of various scales that assign letters.
    We assign each item inspected a rating from A through G, depending on various factors.
  2. (education) The highest letter grade assigned (disregarding plusses and minuses).
    I was so happy to get an A on that test.
  3. (music) A tone three fifths above C in the cycle of fifths; the sixth tone of the C major scale; the reference tone that occurs at exactly 440 Hz.
    Orchestras traditionally tune to a concert A.
  4. A blood type that has a specific antigen that aggravates the immune response in people with type B antigen in their blood. They may receive blood from type A or type O, but cannot receive blood from AB or B.
    My blood type is A negative.
  5. (vehicle-distinguishing signs) Austria


  1. (Webster 1913) Adjective.
  2. (often with ‘Q’ for “Question”) Answer
  3. Asian
  4. Admit
  5. Application
  6. asynchron
  7. Augsburg
  8. (physics) angstrom
  9. (weaponry) atom
  10. (baseball) An assist.

French Sign Language letter a

From French Sign Language sign for the letter A.

A (Stokoe A)

  1. The letter A

A (capital, lowercase a)

  1. The first letter of the Dutch alphabet.


(G1) or

G1 Z1

(G1-Z1) A

  1. vulture
  2. bird in general

G1 D56

(G1-D56) A

  1. tread


  1. approbatur


  1. A (first letter of the alphabet)

Italian Wikipedia has an article on:

Wikipedia it

A m. and f. inv.

  1. The first letter of the Italian, and of the Latin alphabets

A (upper case, lower case A)

  1. (sometimes with littera) the first letter of the Latin alphabet.
    • C. Ennius Lucilius apud Terent, Scaur. p. 2255 P.:
      A primum est: hinc incipiam, et quae nomina ab hoc sunt
    • M. Tullius Cicero’s De Divinatione ad M. Brutum 1, 13, 23:
      sus rostro si humi A litteram impresserit
    • M. T. Quintilianus 1, 5, 61:
      ne in A quidem atque S litteras exire temere masculina Graeca nomina recto casu patiebantur


  1. (in dates) ante (“before”)
    A. D.ante diem
  2. (in dates) anno, annus (“year”)
    A. U. C.anno urbis conditae
    A. P. R. C.anno post Romam conditam
  3. Aulus (a Roman given name)
    • Inscriptiones Orelli 1530: A. A.Auli duo
  4. aquae (“waters”)
    • Inscriptiones Orelli 1643 sequens; 2620; 3011: A.A.Aquae Aponi (“Abano Terme”)
  5. auro, argento, or aeri (the three directors of the mint)
    • Inscriptiones Orelli 569; 2242; 2379; 3134 alia: III. VIRI A. A. A. F. F.auro, argento, aeri flando, feriundo
  6. agris (“fields”)
    • A. D. A. agris dandis adsignandis
    • A. I. A. agris judicandis adsignandis
  7. (upon the voting tablets in judicial trials) absolvo (“I free”, “I acquit”)
  8. (in the Roman Comitia) antiquo — “I leave in its former state”, “I reject” [e.g. the point in question]
  9. amicō (“friend”)
    A. O.amico optimo — “best friend”
  10. a (“to”)
    A. P.a populo
  11. aediliciae
    A. P.aediliciae potestatis
  12. aerario
    A. P. R.aerario populi Romani
  13. (in Cicero's Tusculanae Disputationes, “Tusculan Disputations”) adulescens or auditor, one of the disputants, as opposed to M. for magister or Marcus

A (capital, lowercase a)

  1. The first letter of the Romanian alphabet.

Old English .

A (first person singular, emphatic I)

  1. I

Slovene Wikipedia has an article on:

Wikipedia sl

A (capital, lowercase a)

  1. The first letter of the Slovene alphabet. Next letter: B.


  1. The first letter of the Vietnamese alphabet.


  1. hah!
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