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The Italian printer Aldus Manutius established the practice of using the semicolon mark to separate words of opposed meaning, and to indicate interdependent statements. The earliest, general use of the semicolon in English was in 1591.


  1. A semicolon.


( ( ) ) ( [ ] ) ( { } ) ( )

; or ;

  1. ? (the Greek question mark)
    Με συγχωρείτε· πού είναι οι τουαλέτες; (Excuse me, where are the toilets?)

While there is a specific character for solely the Greek question mark (; – U+037E) the regular semicolon (U+003B) is preferred. In Greek a semicolon is represented by · (U+0387) named the άνω τελεία (áno teleía) or upper stop.

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