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definition of the word -el

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Proto-Germanic *-ilaz (agent suffix) from Proto-Indo-European *-(i)lo-, -(u)lo-, -(e)lā-

-el m.

  1. (causes i-mutation) agent and instrumental suffix creating nouns from verbs
    crypel "cripple" < crēopan "to creep"
    bydel "herald, messenger" < bēodan "to command"
    spitel "shovel" < spittan "to dig"
    hlædel "ladle" < hladan "to lade"
    þripel "instrument of punishment, cross"

Singular Plural
nominative -el -(e)las
accusative -el -(e)las
genitive -(e)les -(e)la
dative -(e)le -(e)lum

Latin -ellus and -ellum


  1. Suffix that usually denotes a masculine noun

French : -al, -eau, -el

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