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definition of the word -ate

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From the Latin perfect passive participle suffixes of first conjugation verbs -ātus, -āta, and -ātum.


  1. (in adjectives) having the specified thing
    lobate — “having lobes”
  2. (in adjectives) characterized by the specified thing
    Italianate — “characterized by Italian features”
  3. (in adjectives) resembling the specified thing
    palmate — “resembling the palm”
  4. (in nouns) a thing characterised by the specified thing
    apostate — “one who is characterized by dissent”
  5. (in nouns) a rank or office
    rabbinate — “the office of a rabbi”
  6. (chemistry, in nouns) a derivative of a specified element or compound; especially a salt or ester of an acid whose name ends in -ic
    acetate — “a salt or ester of acetic acid”
  7. (in verbs) to act in the specified manner
    abbreviate — “to act by making (something) brief”

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-ate m.

  1. (chemistry, in nouns) -ate.


  1. Used with a stem to form the second-person plural present and imperative of regular -are verbs
  2. Used with a suffix to form the feminine plural past participle of regular -are verbs
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